Richard Sauder Ph.D. has written 4 books, one of which I borrowed from a friend and read last week titled Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-files. Originally published in 2012, it was reprinted in 2020/2021. It’s about 200 pages long, and includes a nice index.

Having been published in 2012 initially, there was no way for Sauder to know about the more recent revelations by Gene Decode and others that in their experiences, human and submarine tunnels exist beneath the surface of the earth, and that the Brotherhood uses them for their purposes.

What I love about Sauder’s book is that he comes to an accurate conclusion by taking the human accounts, personal contacts who give him bits about their experience, and the paper trail left by the government and other corporations engaged in building underground facilities and comes up with an amazing analysis and conclusion that yes, these tunnels and vast spaces have been created underground. More than that, he comes to the conclusion that there is a nefarious enterprise running the below-ground spaces, and, that it includes both human and non-human entities.

Having come to such an accurate conclusion, it’s difficult to know if Sauder is a complete outsider, or if he has been designated someone who acts as a doorkeeper, telling some truths and misdirecting on others. Some of what he has written in this book coincides with information about underground locations that have been identified by whistleblowers, others I haven’t heard of before, and seem to be based only on his contacts and digging.

Sauder has identified underground military bases at China Lake, California (coincides with Cisco Wheeler’s book and testimony), beneath the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland, Beneath White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Burlington Massachusetts, Under the Gulf of Mexico, in hollowed-out mountains in Norway and under California’s National Forests.

Sauder devotes an entire section to underground Maglev (Magnetic Levetation) trains, which have also been talked about by Brotherhood SRA survivors, including Robert Vandriest Mitchell, who says this about how they connect virtually all military bases underground:

But underneath (Brecon Beacons in Wales) there’s another major base, what is, by the way, not out what is not operated and controlled by the United States by the United Kingdom Government, and military, but it’s operated and controlled by by the United States National Security Agency, this base. And this base is all interconnected through the maglev system that we may have talked about earlier with other bases around the world. And this maglev runs under the ocean and got various stop, stops along the way, that goes all the way to the United States, and also it goes to other areas within Europe as well. And various castles because one of the way how not only are people that attend rituals are flown in, sometimes they also been flown in or brought in, depending on where the rituals are, as in through the maglev system.

Robert Vandriest Mitchell in a podcast with Dan Duvall titled “The Depths of the Illuminati part 7

So maglev trains exist, even Cisco (RoR 205) says she has been on one. Sauder goes back to the WWII era, and Hermann Kemper, who coined the term “Rohrbahn” that referred to a “magnetic-levitation train designed to zoom through underground vacuum tunnels at hundreds, or even thousands of miles per hour.” Sauder also names Germany at the forefront of maglev technology post-WWII.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the book for me was the reproduction of original illustrations by Walter Koerschner of the US Navy’s planned large underground manned bases beneath the sea floor in the Pacific Ocean. The descriptions of “high profile VIP” observation bubbles had me thinking about a blog I wrote about underwater bubble cities last year.

Sauder talks in a podcast about his books and himself here:

Another podcast with Sauder from 2010:

And all of his books are available for purchase from

But I recommend getting them directly from his publisher instead, to be sure that he is actually getting the sales proceeds:

If you’re inclined more towards free, there are 2 free downloads available, and a link to donate to him below that, because no book is free to generate.

There’s a free .pdf of Underground Bases and Tunnels available for download here:

Hidden in Plain Sight is available from this website for download:

Sauder accepts donations, contact him to find out how to donate:

YouTube review of Underground and Underwater Bases:

Another long 2-hour interview with Sauder on YouTube:

Richard Sauder’s archived blog:

Sauder’s current blog:

11 January 2024 Dr. Sauder sent me a short and pleasant email regarding this post, and let me know that he was:

“a total outsider. I have never worked for the military/government/corporate/secret society agencies and organizations. I live in exile in South America.”

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