Jesus has provided a lifeline for us, and it is not via an Ascended Master. –Carolyn Hamlett

The Great Invocations”
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men—
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
— 1945, Alice Bailey in Externalization of the Hierarchy

Carolyn Hamlett was born into an (Illuminati) Brotherhood bloodline family, and her family served the “White Lodge” or “White Brotherhood” division of what some call “The System” and Carolyn’s family called “The Organization”. Lucifer has both humans and non-human entities that work for him called “servers”. These servers follow the orders of their superiors within the Organization, and their work revolves around Lucifer’s desire to take over the world and install himself as ruler over earth. The “to do list” of Lucifer’s in order to achieve this goal is called “The Plan.”

As a very young child, Carolyn realized that she could see entities that others could not see. Her mother could as well. Her mother was a server of the age-old Plan, as was her father before her. The Plan as crafted by Lucifer and his inner circle of close subordinates was designed to culminate in the spiritual and governmental takeover of the world in a scheme The Organization calls “The New World Order.”

As a child, Carolyn was contacted by non-corporeal beings from the spirit world. She found out later that these were high-level servers of The Plan. They tested her and chose her for a very high-level position within their hierarchy serving alongside her mother. As Carolyn grew, she was taught and guided by these non-corporeal spiritual entities, which she and The Organization call Ascended Masters. Carolyn never really wanted to be part of the plan or initiated into the Brotherhood; her involvement was something that the Ascended Masters chose for her and she went along with it until she decided to no longer be a server of The Plan.

What Ascended Masters actually are, and what they claim themselves to be are two very different things.

“They claim to be highly evolved spiritual beings that have moved beyond the earth’s total cyclic law of karma of birth and rebirth. Some of them claim to have come from stars, some from other planets, and others claim to have come from other realms or planes of existence. Their proposed ‘benevolent’ purpose is to raise the unified consciousness of mankind to a higher spiritual level and to bring about an era of global peace and equality.”

Carolyn, in her blog post Beyond the Physical Realm – Ascended Masters (1)

What Ascended Masters actually are, according to Carolyn, are “masters of deception”. They are evil spiritual beings, fallen angels, what some call demons. Their plan, The Plan isn’t about the betterment of humanity, it’s about the destruction of humanity into a slave state, where they are the slave masters. The “global peace and equality” they speak of is where they have total control, and humans are their slaves, with no free will, no ability to move about, no ability to make choices for themselves, trapped in a system that uses them for the purposes of Lucifer and his chosen few. ‘Equity’ is the word that is used in the modern day for this kind of equality of slavery. What equality/equity means under a New World Order/The Plan framework is that all humans will be equally poor, equally trapped, equally cold, and equally unable to better their condition beyond the restrictions that are imposed on them.*

The Plan, the New World Order, is about concentrating power and control in the hands of the upper echelon of the Brotherhood. They want to have total control over humanity. Lucifer sits over his high-level Ascended Masters and is the one being who is running the Luciferian show. It might be easier to think of these beings as Demon Masters instead of Ascended Masters. (1, CH 034) Carolyn has stated, however, that she doesn’t believe that these highest entities of Lucifer’s Organization are demons. She doesn’t know what they actually are, but posits that they are “fallen stars” or fallen angels, and that fallen angels are of a higher rank than demons. She claims that demons exist and are also part of Lucifer’s spiritual hierarchy, although Carolyn claims they are of a lower level than those ‘Ascended Masters’ in Lucifer’s inner circle. (CH 041)

Carolyn compares Lucifer’s Ascended Masters and their subordinates to a military-style organization, where “there’s a pecking order. It’s it’s a hierarchy. And it’s in the supernatural.” Also, “It’s it’s kind of like a military where you have your different levels (and) your generals.” (CH 034) These Ascended Masters also run both the dark and the light sides of The Organization, the Satanic side and the white magick side, what people in Carolyn’s circles called the Dark Lodge and the White Lodge. (CH 035)

Alice Bailey, an author for the Luciferian Brotherhood and someone whose books Carolyn had to study as a child also talks about Ascended Masters in her book Externalization of the Hierarchy, which was published in 1957 by Lucis Trust, the publishing arm for the United Nations (It used to be called Lucifer Trust). Bailey also refers to the Black Lodge and White Lodge of the Brotherhood.

“In Atlantean days, it was stated that the battle was between the Forces of Darkness (the so-called “Black Lodge of Adepts”) and the Forces of Light (the so-called Great White Lodge, the Hierarchy of Masters).
–Alice Bailey, Externalization of the Hierarchy

Carolyn’s Ascended Master teachers were of the very highest level of Lucifer’s Organization, in what she calls Lucifer’s “inner circle.” Carolyn’s mother had equally high-level Ascended Master teachers, but they were different beings than Carolyn’s. (CH 041)

Nobody except the very highest of individuals serving The Plan get to know this truth about the true nature of the Ascended Masters until they are very, very high in the organization and have proven themself obedient and trustworthy to these beings. That’s when they learn that the true nature of the Ascended Masters is evil, and not at all good. (CH 042)

Physical/Spiritual Bodies

Carolyn says that these Ascended Masters have the ability to appear in human form, dress like humans, and that they have the ability to walk among us. Other times they appear in spirit form, like apparitions, or ghosts. (CH 024) She describes meeting with them and other humans on the physical earth while she was in her astral body, when the Ascended Masters were in their spiritual form, and other people were in their physical bodies. (CH 038) It was a combined fallen angelic and human meeting in the spirit world and the physical world… simultaneously.

One time when Carolyn was working within Lucifer’s Organization, she was taken by some of these Ascended Masters to airplanes or buses that were going to crash and people would be killed. Those Ascended Masters would be attempting to lure the people’s spirits/souls out of their bodies before the plane or bus crashed, by telling them if they came with them they would feel no pain. As those individuals died and left their bodies, the Ascended Masters would go to them and tell them to leave their bodies and come to the light, or to come to them. Carolyn says, “It wasn’t the light of God, it wasn’t Jesus Christ. So what I tell people now, and what I said in this one program is– don’t go to the light. If any of these beings come to you, just call on the name of Jesus Christ” (CH 024, CH 038)

To appear in physical form in a dense physical realm like Earth takes a lot of energy for these Ascended Masters. Carolyn puts it this way, “It takes a great deal of energy for them to manifest physically for any demonic form to manifest physically, it takes a great deal of energy.” So, they don’t do it terribly often. That’s also why they rely on bloodline generational hierarchy families, as those individuals are more likely to be able to see spiritual beings in their non-physical/spirit/astral form than non-hierarchy, non-bloodline individuals. That ability is probably partly genetic. Carolyn could see the Ascended Masters in spirit form, and her mother could also, and so both of them more frequently interacted with the Ascended Demon Masters by viewing them in their spiritual form, not in physical form (CH 034)

Carolyn’s mother had her own personal Ascended Masters that she worked with when Carolyn was young. They were training Carolyn’s mother how to raise Carolyn within the Organization. Later when Carolyn was a little older, she had her own Ascended Masters as her teachers and guides. She said when she was a child she had to be careful about what she said to others, to her friends and family. She claims she could literally feel the presence of Ascended Masters when they were thinking about her, and if she didn’t watch her words, she would be in trouble with them later. (CH 035) Carolyn also said that in her particular group within the Brotherhood that she had to be in constant telepathic communication with the Ascended masters, continuously receiving their instruction. (CH 037)

Lower Level Demons are subject to the higher-level Ascended Masters. Carolyn believes that the lower level demons are the ones that individuals channel, or who are described as poltergeists. She thinks they are “very devious, evil entities that thrive on causing trouble, and that’s the way they hang around here on earth is that they have to draw energy, and they draw that energy by creating turmoil.” The lower-level demons were afraid of the Ascended Master demons. Carolyn experienced that the higher-level demons use the lower-level demons as their slaves, and when they “snap a finger those things would just be like whimpering little dogs.” (CH 034)

When Carolyn’s mother decided to stop working for the Organization, the lower-level demons were unleashed on her and Carolyn. Carolyn describes it as being worse than the Exorcist movie. The demons threw tables at her, chairs at her, they levitated her bed, shouted obscenities, and beat her up. (CH 034) The way Carolyn describes it sounds almost exactly like what Rebecca Brown described with her ordeal getting Sister of Light Elaine out of the Brotherhood, as well. They were both thrown across rooms and beaten up by demons. (2)

Ascended Masters and the New Age

For those of you who are thinking, hey, this Ascended Master vocabulary sounds a lot like a New Age spiritual terminology, you are right. Carolyn states that “You can’t separate this New Age stuff from the New World Order, because they were created by the same group.” (CH 036). She’s talking about Lucifer’s Brotherhood. “It’s a tool, it’s a package… to funnel them into the total deceptive plan.” (Ch 038) The deception involves taking people away from Jesus Christ and Gospel Christianity.

According to the Ascension Glossary, Ascended Masters are “human spiritual brothers and sisters,” and they exist in the 5th to 7th dimensions. Carolyn’s experience of Ascended masters is in direct opposition to this definition. She experienced them as fallen angelics.

The Ascended Masters make it a point to their trainees to try to push Jesus Christ to the bottom level of mastery, to the “master” level instead of Ascended Master level. Like other religions that claim that Jesus Christ is good, but not top-level good, that’s also what the Luciferian Ascended Masters attempt to do with Jesus Christ. When she was young, Carolyn went to a Christian Church with a friend of hers and was confused about why Jesus was such a big deal there. “They want you to listen to THEM, not about Jesus,” Carolyn says of the Ascended Masters. (CH 035)

Naming the Ascended Masters

One Ascended Master was called Saint Germain, or sometimes called by members of the Brotherhood White Lodge, the “Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain.” Carolyn describes some ascended masters as taking on the appearance of being “sweet, calm and beloved”, but she says that Saint Germain was not like that, that he was “one of the worst.” (CH 038)

Saint Germain appeared to me–when I walked in the room he was sitting on the floor cross legged, like Yogi style, he was sitting at a low table. He had like wall-to-wall books, ceiling-to-floor books behind him. It’s like his library. I don’t remember that I sat down, I can just remember how he it’s he had like a feel it was like a new agers type of a feel sometimes I guess Christians can kind of sense this about some people. He had that feeling about him. Naturally you would think that he might, but he–so, that was a lot of what he did in the plan was Working with the New Age movement, the New Age Movement is a creation of the Ascended Masters. It’s a tool, it’s a package. And there’s, it’s like an operation, you know, you hear the titles of ‘operation’ this-or-that or ‘project’ this-or-that when New Age Movement was is all part of that to bring a whole group of people in to funnel them into the, the total deceptive plan. So Saint Germain was one of those has been one of the ones that’s been in the mysticism area, and also with the New Age movement. So he had more of a stern, businesslike thing about him when I first met him. I didn’t, I haven’t seen it didn’t see him much after that. But he, at that point, he was–it was business. So he talked with me, he seemed to be happy enough without showing emotion, you know, happy enough that I seemed to be in with what they wanted. I had the desire to please. And I didn’t ask questions. I was ready to just follow any requirements, you know, I wanted to serve my God, I thought in this organization were highly evolved beings in God’s kingdom, helping humanity. And that’s what my mother had believed also, that’s what other people in my family had believed. 

Carolyn Hamlett, Interview with a Former Illumined One, part 5. (CH 038)

Carolyn describes the Ascended Master Saint Germain as one of her “spiritual mentors”, along with other Ascended Masters including The Master DK/The Tibetan/The Master Djwhal Khul, The Master Hilarion, The Master KH/The Master Kuthumi/The Master Koot Hoomi, and the Master Adonai/Adonias. (These names were spoken not written and I tried to verify spellings but there may be multiple ways to spell them. Carolyn also mentions she heard them pronounced differently at different times.) These Ascended Masters were Carolyn’s teachers until she reached her final initiation into the Brotherhood of the White Lodge. That final initiation is called Illumination by the Organization. (3) It was at that point when she realized who they really are and when she found out exactly who Jesus Christ was, that she ended up defecting and leaving The Organization. (CH 026)

Master Chi Chief, Master Jason, Master Adonai/Adonis, Master Jesus Christ/The Most Illumined of All are also names of Ascended Masters named by Carolyn. (CH 015, CH 038) Her take on them and their names was that it sounded like they were the 200 fallen watchers from the Book of Enoch. (CH 015)

Alice Bailey says that Master Hilarion is active “in the field of America” and that Master KH works with Catholic and Protestant Churches and prominent leaders in social communities. Master Moyra works on coalescing the nations into a single whole under the New World Order goal of internationalism and a lack of individual nation-states. Bailey even talks about the “Master Jesus” who works in Western countries with individuals who identify as Christians. Carolyn would likely tell us that this particular namesake is NOT the true Jesus Christ but is in fact a fallen angel.

Melchizedek & The Robe

Carolyn took a spiritual body trip (Carolyn calls it her astral body) to ancient Rome, to an old temple, where Master Hilarion was presiding as High Priest over a ceremony. She was told that he was the one and only Melchizedek from the Bible. “He’s not, but they want us to believe he was,” Carolyn says. “None of these (Ascended) Masters were anybody in the Bible unless they were fallen angels,” she says. (CH 038)

In that ceremony, Master Hilarion was wearing a robe that captivated Carolyn. It had embroidery around the neck and the hem of the robe, and it was seamless, made out of off-white linen, and floor length. The embroidery told the story of creation, and the embroidery included birds, flowers, and other symbols. Carolyn investigated the type of embroidery it might be and came up with ancient Hebrew as the closest style of embroidery and writing. (CH 038)

Fallen Angels & Sexuality

“As a child, I was taught that I was material for the future,” says Carolyn. She was told that the Ascended Masters in Lucifer’s hierarchy “were actual Greek and Roman Gods.” She was told that in the end days, “they would also take wives,” and at age 7 Carolyn was told that she was a candidate being groomed to be the wife of an Ascended Master during the end times. (CH 038)

As a child, she was told to stay away from any sexual aspect in a relationship with them, and she noted that “they can definitely give off that vibe.” She said she had to learn how to block that “vibe” so she wouldn’t get sucked into a physical relationship with them. (CH 038)

Eventually, she said the Ascended Master she worked with let her know that they were ready for her to consider them as romantic partners. Carolyn felt that this was when she had finally achieved the status of being “on their level.” The first Ascended Master to approach her in that way was Ascended Master Jason. Perhaps multiple Ascended Masters were to be partnered with Carolyn; she believed that the Organization had chosen Master Hilarion to be her partner in the end times. Hilarion was the Ascended Master “closest to Lucifer.” (CH 038)

Ascended Master Authority

Carolyn found out that Ascended Masters had contacted and were speaking to her son when he was a young boy, similar to how they had come to her and recruited her as a young child. (CH 015)

When Carolyn defected from The Organization and became a Christian after learning that the ascended masters were working to further an evil plot against humanity in lockstep with Lucifer, the Ascended Masters told her son that they had to go and could no longer speak to him. He was still a minor child at that time. (CH 015)

Carolyn reiterates the importance of the authority of the parents over young children, and how she believes that leaving The Organization and becoming a Christian also removed the authority of the fallen angelic ascended master beings over her underage child. The Ascended Masters made up an excuse and fed it to (CH 015)

The Ascended Masters also told Carolyn’s son that they would “come back” and see if he wanted to join The Organization and study and learn with them when he was older. Carolyn thinks that this is because he would be of adult age by then and no longer a child under the authority of his parents. She reiterates that as an adult, this is one reason it’s important to pray for your adult children. (CH 015)

(update 30 April 2023) Hello Dear Readers,

Many of you have contacted me to notify me about Caryolyn’s falling out with Dan Duval. I am aware of what happened, both from her point of view, and also from Dan’s point of view (he has a rebuttal video) well before I published this and other articles about her. I do not, however, think that her assertion to not look at those videos any more holds any merit for my interests here. Her information does not seem to change, whether it is from the Zen Garcia interviews, the Tony Koretz interviews, or the Dan Duval interviews. She shares the same stories and general information. Some, including Dan, believe that it was possible that Carolyn was re-accessed by The Organization and further programmed or instructed to try to take down Dan. That was one of her family’s jobs was to infiltrate and take down Christian Churches. I’m not saying Dan Duval is 100% perfect. I like his prayers. I like his interviews. But I don’t know the totality of his ministry and I’m not interested, really. What I am interested in is the structure, function, and practices of the Luciferian Organization, and I believe that Carolyn’s interviews with Dan are a good source of information for those 3 topics. Blessings to you all, Veronica.


(1) Beyond the Physical Realm – Ascended Masters

(2) Rebecca Brown. He Came To Set the Captives Free

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{*} an interesting article that goes over some of the slavery that is planned for humanity by the Brotherhood just came out a few days ago. This article focuses on the UK net zero goal (Net zero emissions). Restrictions are eye-opening, like no more beef or lamb by 2050, reduction of driving to 60% of current levels by 2050, all but 3 airports in the UK to close by 2030, food cooking and transport restricted to 60% of current levels by 2050.

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