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What is the psychic power that the occult individual holds and the occult prizes so much? Is it

Were the girls murdered at Delphi, Indiana a part of the same group that was accused of having a hand in their

Here are a variety of prayers designed to assist you in detaching yourself from evil bloodlines and

Gods and their realms and symbols and mythologies. They are different to the Brotherhood than they are for regular people. Odin is a god in the

The ancestry of Queen Elizabeth the second is filled with Brotherhood myth and tradition. Some of her ancestors are truly

Ancestors. Descendants. Gods. Are some people related to gods? Can we tell? A dive into the genealogy of Kerth Barker helps explain some of the

An Illuminati Primer: Understanding the Brotherhood in the Eyes of its Whistleblowers by Veronica Swift

Looking for a great book to read? Look no further!

An Illuminati Primer

Understanding The System
Through the Eyes of its Whistleblowers

This book is a two-fold attempt to understand the worldwide religious System frequently called the Illuminati, and to put it in a form and structure so that other people can understand it. As a result, it’s not meant to be comprehensive, but rather an overview.

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