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The Bermuda Triangle: Military? Occult? Location shifting portals? What is the real

The head of one of the Luciferian Brotherhood families died, supposedly this past week. His death raises some interesting

The ship that the military wanted to hide with a cloaking device actually disappeared through a portal

Guest blogger Thorny Justice delves into the rising Twitter/X star Ariel. Though his following includes a large number of Christians, Ariel seems to

Three stories of medical abuse tied to the Luciferian System. There are so many stories it's hard to imagine that a focus on a lack of healing isn't

Abprallen is a company that appears to be dedicated to Baphomet and the Luciferian Brotherhood

An Illuminati Primer: Understanding the Brotherhood in the Eyes of its Whistleblowers by Veronica Swift

Looking for a great book to read? Look no further!

An Illuminati Primer

Understanding The System
Through the Eyes of its Whistleblowers

This book is a two-fold attempt to understand the worldwide religious System frequently called the Illuminati, and to put it in a form and structure so that other people can understand it. As a result, it’s not meant to be comprehensive, but rather an overview.

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