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Logos used by the Luciferian Brotherhood contain all sorts of meaningful symbols. In part 3 we cover snakes, laurels, beavers, beehives and

Child Advocacy Centers (CAC's) use very interesting symbology in their public social media postings. Are they in some way related to the

The New World Order oligarchs have been working on ways to brainwash the general public for many, many decades so that we willingly accept the New

Book Blog Day 31: Lebensborn Symbol Book Blog Day 32: Althea the Willow Tree Book Blog Day 33: Cell Phones and Programming Book Blog Day 34:

The Order of Preceptors is a division of the Sovereign Military of the Great White

Dr. William Schnoebelen is an ex-occultist and specialist on Freemasonry. In this clip, he discusses that Satanists prefer killing Christians. This

An Illuminati Primer: Understanding the Brotherhood in the Eyes of its Whistleblowers by Veronica Swift

Looking for a great book to read? Look no further!

An Illuminati Primer

Understanding The System
Through the Eyes of its Whistleblowers

This book is a two-fold attempt to understand the worldwide religious System frequently called the Illuminati, and to put it in a form and structure so that other people can understand it. As a result, it’s not meant to be comprehensive, but rather an overview.

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