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Soulutions with Aquarius Rising Africa – (taken off, no txt)

13 Sept 2023

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Chantelle Meyburgh 0:25
Hello, everybody and welcome to Aquarius rising. has wonderful Wednesday double dose JCD again. So we are very happy to have you back again. Jess, thank you so much for being here again, for double dose cigars with the lights. How are you? Anna Monet?

Jessie Czebotar 0:46
Hello, hello?

Chantelle Meyburgh 0:48
Well, it’s been it’s quite an interesting time indeed. Right? When we’re looking at the times and the recent floods at Burning Man, which, well, I’m not really sure how much floods those really were. But it’s really definitely bringing up a lot of food for thought, as well as the wicked man. Right, the movie that we commend that was from the 70s that kind of is bringing forward a lot of those old pagan rituals and sacrifices. And I think we’re just seeing a lot more of it now, as well. So I’d be interested to hear just what you have to say about that as well. And I’m gonna you’ve watched the movie and didn’t get to watch it yet. But I certainly will. But as what is happening, though, that I really couldn’t watch it, we downloaded it. And it just was sticking. So at some point, I will watch it, but I’m glad you watch the porn. So yeah, let’s have a look to see the correlations. And as well, because you know, Burning Man is also related to Africa burn Yeah, in South Africa. So I have a friend who for many years, he was very high up in the organizing of Africa burn. So I had a little conversation with him a couple of days ago, which is also a few interesting correlations. So let’s see what today holds for us. Interesting.

Morne Venter 2:15
Yeah, yeah. Well, for those who doesn’t know what the weak man is, it’s a movie from 1973. Basically, a police guy arrived in the Scottish island in search of a missing girl. When the locals They basically come in to be sacrificed for a good harvest. But yeah, it goes through it. And I’ll just look and just scan through it see all the symbolism. And it’s crazy how it actually corresponds to the Burning Man. But we’ll see. Yeah. Just share screen. Also, that’s very good. To know, perfect. So that’s the beginning.

Jessie Czebotar 3:04
Yeah, and with that, like you have an imagery, it kind of looks like it’s carved out wood, because they’ve got that theme of the wicker, which is a type of, you know, wood. But with that, also, when we see that imagery, it also looks like a sun god or a fire god. And within the system, you know, there are regular sacrifices that are two different were considered fire deities. And, you know, one of the biggest ones that is behind the scenes is actually Vulcan. And the story behind that is that you have hepatitis who, you know, is kind of, he’s considered the biggest of the Greek fire gods, he was known for forging for doing different types of metal work things around technology. He was the son of Zeus and his wife, and you know, he was known for his craft, and, you know, would bless and create weapons, armory different stuff. So you have Vulcan, then who, you know, is considered that counterpart to have a have a status and, you know, and kind of the two working together and the festivals in Rome that would be for Vulcan. We’re usually around August 23. And it says that, you know, they would, they would, they would set a statue on fire to represent him. And they often would throw fish into that fire, which we know you know, Burning Man festival takes place in an area and Black Rock. Where, you know, they’re, they’re close to water. So just kind of the parallels with some of the worship of entities or deities are really going to come out.

Morne Venter 5:23
Yeah, there’s actually bought in the movie way that one guy needs to put on a salmon suit. A fish Ooh, suit part of the cool is gone.

Jessie Czebotar 5:36
Yeah, so that comes from the Balkan mythology in the worship of Vulcan.

Morne Venter 5:44
Interesting. I’m not going to give away this. So yeah, okay, cool. So it starts basically just want to get that date. So the movie starts there, which is, I think, just very relevant, because it’s just before Mayday.

Jessie Czebotar 6:05
What also what’s significant about the 29th is that you know, we know that it within the system, you have major sacrificial days to ball that began on April 18, and go through the 28th. And those are considered the High Holy Days of ball. So basically, you know, this takes place supposedly right after that, as you’re going into a next series of holy days.

Morne Venter 6:37
Yeah, okay. That’s our system. That’s very interesting. So basically, this this is not a cop going to this island in Scotland to find the missing girl the next scene. That’s very interesting. Is that nine? Yeah. So it’s just a shock where the girls smallness. Well, look at that.

Jessie Czebotar 6:59
It’s just Oh, you see the little, little demonic spirit. It looks like a cutie pie doll. That they have kind of made look demonic.

Morne Venter 7:14
Yeah, yeah, it is. When you look through this, like a cake this cake of a little kid. Well, we see the rabbit Oh, yeah.

Jessie Czebotar 7:25
There’s another one have a baby too, right.

Morne Venter 7:28
Yeah. This morning, and then look at those rabbits have the red eyes unicorn.

Jessie Czebotar 7:34
Yeah, yeah.

Morne Venter 7:39
So yeah, it comes comes to visit the mother of the child that’s missing. So anyways, yeah, it

Jessie Czebotar 7:47
happens after Easter, which is interesting, because they’re showing like all these like Easter candies type things. Yeah,

Morne Venter 7:56
yeah. Yeah, exactly. It’s so the past is so honest. Just so anyway, since we’re looking for questions everybody makes like, this girl doesn’t exist at 1514. Now you will see in the back there is a photos here we go. Of all the harvest girls. So it’s every year harvest. You see the sun? The sun, God is always say, the one that is missing. Now the one picture that is missing is this girl. Well, he doesn’t know it yet. But the one picture that is missing this way to go. But it’s fascinating how they put the pictures of every harvest with a girl. They say if you and they usually are you they sacrifice animals or stuff like that. Okay, fruits. But when there’s a very low harvest, they will sacrifice kids.

Jessie Czebotar 9:09
Okay, but the female? Yeah,

Morne Venter 9:13
yeah. But the question that I’ve asked you is like, okay, cool, but they have these photos with all the girls with each bountiful harvest. Why would they take the photo of a girl? Is it connected to? Is that harvest connected to a girl? Not all of them are sacrifice or oh, maybe all of them were luring somebody else to be sacrificed.

Jessie Czebotar 9:36
Right maybe that’s really what what it was was that yeah, there was a luring of others and maybe this girl had refused to lose somebody. So they had to make her go missing or whatever. But you wonder like, you know, I think that there’s a reality to the concept. That’s being presented, like, you know, how many ways do they publicly make known their sacrifices or those who are going to be in connection with with ritual things that they’re doing? You know, we’ve talked about, like some of the different parades and the connection between individuals in the system in those parades and how they will sponsor scholarship you know, pick certain students to kind of focus on they’ll display you know, there’s like a display and adorning a parading of some of these students, so you know, how much of that is really connected with either the Spring or the Fall Equinox? Yeah, yeah. They’re doing

Morne Venter 10:52
it funny in Africa we’ve got the African burn and we have it in April when the Burning Man is moved to spring so we’ve got Yeah, we’ve got it in you guys who could be spring but we haven’t a year in autumn. And then when you guys had up there you guys have an autumn in the fastest spring again. So it’s those times of year where they gather and do all kinds of but I have to skip through this thing. So then this then this bar right now, which is called the Green Man, and the blonde girl is this blonde ghost? They call it the Aphrodite. She’s the Aphrodite. At this scene, they lured the light ring in a little Okay, there we go. Let’s go back again. Anyways, they bring in a little boy that goes upstairs refer and they call it they sacrifice Aphrodite so they make him a man so it’s a teenage boy that they did it to a man by sending it to her to go you know have sex with basically so this couple really sees that and when he goes outside the spot they have it there’s like like I said they’re having an orgy or orgy basically like all the people are having an orgy outside so I’m going to skip through that but I thought that like the sacrifice Aphrodite making a boy into a man that sounds like very like the Romans did pretty well the men did with the boys so it’s

Jessie Czebotar 12:43
kind concept of the Aphrodite or the Astra the goddess figure which is highly connected with, you know, the different fire gods that you know, you have a lot of the fire priestesses to or goddesses who come up that go along with you know, the fire god deity. So

Morne Venter 13:10
yeah, that’s setting the next scene. After we go past that, then we get to this festival that that’s the boy that went to Aphrodite. And he put that little thing on top of the ribbons. So they just really fall. Yeah.

Jessie Czebotar 13:30
You know, we’ve talked about the maypole, the ribbons, and that timeframe in this, you know, May when they do these festivals

Morne Venter 13:42
and the funny thing is, the boys are doing this while the girls are in the classroom learning about because they say what that pole represents is the male singer. You know what I said out loud? Yeah.

Chantelle Meyburgh 14:05
Yeah, someone actually asking about that. The maple Can you elaborate on the maple dynamics and mute and root meaning of the movie? Jesse? I’m not sure if you can do that.

Jessie Czebotar 14:18
Yeah, well, I can give the occultic interpretation of it. Not necessarily what they were meaning for it in the movie, but you know, if that’s representing the phallic symbol, you know, I brought out like how the ribbons in the system represent contracts to certain deities. You know, you’ve kind of within it, you have a lot of imagery because you know, the first layer of imagery is that with all those ribbons hanging over a pole, it’s kind of like you have a skirt. And so within that you kind of have a blending of that. symbol of the male with the female and that image of Baphomet the ribbons you in this one you have white and red, but you’re going to represent you know the red representing that spirit of lust but also at a nother level representing you know the female cycle of life the menstrual period and you have the white representing Lucifer but that’s one of the things that in the old code that is set you know, put upon the altar is is a girl’s first menstrual blood so that’s highly connected with the you know, the May pole rituals and that can also be connected to the first time that you know there’s there’s certain times they’ll some girls are kept virgins for more you know for longer periods of time. But there are certain ceremonies that are done around you know that first time that a girl will be you know, sexually abused. And her first menstrual blood so from Yeah,

Morne Venter 16:27
that that’s what I was thinking with those previous photos it was those girls those were that made sure blood that was sacrificed on the ceremony each year that gave good crops. And when there’s no good crops, they actually have to sacrifice the person itself and prints it is all the boys dancing outside says all the teenage boys dancing outside, all the girls are inside

Jessie Czebotar 17:00
JC froze just a bit. I’m ready to take notes. We can keep keep going. And we can come back when she comes back in. Yeah.

Morne Venter 17:17
Yeah, it’s like, the boys outside and the girls are inside. Learning about that being the fetters of demand and what it represents. So basically, the cop comes in here and realizes she’s teaching them about the feta sauce which is next one.

Jessie Czebotar 17:46
You wonder why, like cuz she was doing it so publicly. You know? I mean, you’re like,

Morne Venter 17:51
Yeah, it’s like normal. He shocked? Because he’s like a Christian, very Christian. Is that okay, cool. Who’s this missing girl? That you see look is she’s looking for this missing girl. And everybody that makes like, she doesn’t exist, although there’s a table open and stuff in there. And but then he finds the register with her name in the school register. So then this acknowledging the existence, I think the next one is 34 Almost yet. And then they say, okay, cool. She’s buried in the grave. And then he realizes that the old graveyard is destroyed. There’s no it’s not Christian anymore. I must say I want to say Christian, but there’s no respect for the deaf or anything like that in the graveyard. And now we’ve passed the grave. Okay. 3450s the next year? Oh, by the way, that is the placenta.

Jessie Czebotar 18:48
Interesting. And in that picture of the girl, they had the cherry blossoms which we see you know, outside the school, but the deeper symbolism of that, I mean, think about that, you know, what do they call that actual first penetration is, you know, deals with the cherry. That’s some of the terminology that they’ll use. And so, you know, to see the hidden subliminal things that are coming out with that, you know, just take losses.

Morne Venter 19:20
Yeah, that’s okay, I didn’t make this is the funny part. So Danny is into this room, where this woman is like literally giving this girl a frog

just for a while to keep it in a mouth. And then out it comes.

Jessie Czebotar 19:48
Okay. Yeah, that’s, you know, that’s interesting, too, because sometimes you’ll have the manifestation of spirits that will come as for frogs through the mouth so

Morne Venter 20:06
that’s very interesting shot Do you miss this you just missed me

Chantelle Meyburgh 20:10

Morne Venter 20:13
not too much not too much you just miss this part with this lady was pretty a frog into this girl’s mouth to keep in her mouth for a while but what it also what it also when I thought about was like the hallucinogenic effects of frogs. And if you look at Burning Man when they take drugs or steroids yeah get to the place of heightened thing before they dance in our ceremonies. But what you said now is the Spirit the frog Spirit coming out of the mouth, that’s,

Jessie Czebotar 20:44
that’s yeah, you get the Spirit coming out of the mouth. It very well could be a hallucinogen. You know that they’re preparing the girls to lick the frogs before ceremony’s who knows what does it say actually though the block set forth

Morne Venter 21:08
locks with blocks with viral bail

Jessie Czebotar 21:13
be interesting to look into that book to see more what that was because it’s like distinctly pointed out kind of there Yeah, water oh it says up on top there for water color water maybe it’s an art type thing

you just get the biggest kick out of

Morne Venter 21:49
it anyway so let’s go on so then we’re gonna have to be careful that weren’t just in case there is some nudity and what tell us so I discussed like what the woman where this goes you basically wants to get permission to dug up a girl grave to see her body so he’s trying to get permission

Jessie Czebotar 22:17
snow candles and to say you got the formaldehyde the animals like yeah, okay, a pocket theory kind of imagery there.

Morne Venter 22:33
Yeah, it’s very basic blossoms again. So okay, yeah, now they it goes to the British and then it gets to the circle where a lot of women there’s so I’m going to skip this to 46 So they basically having all festival there in the bushes. Naked dancing around naked women is interesting. Then he meets the, the basically the mayor of the town. And he discussed they discuss stuff so he basically says like, they don’t want Christianity. They’re happy with everything. Everything works perfectly the way they does. Everybody’s happy. Nope, they don’t understand what it takes to sacrifice and stuff like that. We’re gonna go to the emoji. What is six so they just have a long discussion. So ducks up the body of that girl gets permission and within the grave. You find the Harrogate says nothing rabbit. I just liked the rabbit hair in the Chrome vibes with this bunny everywhere it’s just I just gave a kid a lot in the Chrome vibes with bunnies everywhere so in the girls grave a body is not theirs to budding it’s almost like are they play with this guy’s mind you know? Yeah, or town just playing with the cool invaders. Cool so then it goes on and we discuss where’s the body with school? He goes into old photos trying to find this girl Oh yes. And he finds this photo of the girl and there’s no harvest the one that was missing? Okay. And then he starts spitting want to get a start researching that. This is the bed okay, this part is crazy. Now this Aphrodite lady is sleeping next door and she’s singing beautiful music naked. And she starts pounding on the walls and she’s luring this guy and this guy’s urges this takes over and he like goes against the wall. It’s almost like he wants to go to bed. It keeps himself back. He reads this Bible and trying to stop his urges and the Swimming is singing and dancing on the other side. almost reminds me of his sights, the siren music that

Jessie Czebotar 25:06
yeah, the luring spirit of Incubus. Yeah.

Morne Venter 25:12
And I mean, we all know that when we have, like, you have these festivals as well, when they start taking the drugs, everybody have naked people learn each dodging in that. But he didn’t indulge, you stand strong. So let me just skip the sport.

Jessie Czebotar 25:31
The Word of God, that’s the most important. He pulled out his Bible and it worked. He was able to avoid the temptation.

Morne Venter 25:41
He struggled a lot the poor guys shave. But it was just funny in the fact once he went down I just see I can’t see it from Yeah, I just want to do that. We just left it. And if you look at the background, look at the door. You see across the three angers? I thought that was like, you see the cross?

Jessie Czebotar 26:06
Oh, yeah, no way. Yeah. Okay.

Morne Venter 26:10
I was very interested in seeing that now. It’s just like

Jessie Czebotar 26:16
because yeah, that is definitely a cross. It’s up higher.

Morne Venter 26:21
Yeah. And then she comes back the next morning and like I called you last night you didn’t come? So therefore it was everything. Okay.

Jessie Czebotar 26:36
Of course I did not I read my Bible. Let me read it to you.

Morne Venter 26:42
This is this is with these kids next morning now these kids walking down the street

Jessie Czebotar 26:57
they got a lot it’s interesting. Like a lot of the duck the doll symbology almost looks like mummified where you’ve got the legs wrapped? And she just was caring adult to in the bottom half of the dollar the baby’s wrapped up like a mummy.

Morne Venter 27:16
Yeah, exactly.

Jessie Czebotar 27:18
And are those all little? Like yes it’s weird that she’s like holding up the doll and they’re all walking behind her

Morne Venter 27:29
Okay, now he’s starting to learn about the rituals what happens when they crawl so using sacrifice to stay needed so now you wanted to go back but something didn’t work with his plan he wanted to go back and get more authorities no space at work and so yeah, to go back again. And this is like creepy that’s the basis people to get these people staring at in all the masks Okay, yeah,

Jessie Czebotar 28:00
you’ve got the kinda like the same thing with the rituals, the Rothschilds hunting parties and we’re they’ll wear animal masks

Morne Venter 28:16
they hide again if he looks back said I had to go back which was the next one when I was three so he’s tailoring back back and I get to the festival no way when I was three is the sun again

Jessie Czebotar 28:47
you’ve got the animals like the druid symbology you’ve got the cherries white flags

Morne Venter 29:02
say this again back was the doll and the cake you got cut together

Jessie Czebotar 29:12
which is similar to you know Marina Abrahamic with some of the ceremonies they you know where they had the bodies and as cakes and would cut into him

Morne Venter 29:24
Yeah, it’s it’s funny because the movie started just that kid cake and now they’re cutting the cupcake and all the bunnies and stuff. It’s

Jessie Czebotar 29:35
the other thing too, is almost like, you know, people have that sweet tooth and that draw, like there’s a lot of symbolism in the oculta of you know, candy, or, you know, that kind of the addiction to you know, not being able to decline the urges for your sweet tooth. And all of that connects then with See, you know, the Adreno in the other concepts that they bring out the consumption of, you know, engaging in evil.

Morne Venter 30:11
Well as you’re looking at clothes as well, I’m just noticing the spirals. I love spirals in this.

Jessie Czebotar 30:19
Oh yeah, this is my rose. You also just as you were saying that, you know, it’s interesting too, because Pink is the color for abduction. But then on that cake also at the feet, it looks like a cord or the tying of the feet that they did the frosting. And then you’ve got over to the right there. Like a very subtle one. It’s not fully formed but you have like this image that looks also like another baby

Yeah, yeah, I mean, they will do that in the system. Like, there’s always kind of like a cover up for what really happens. And a lot of times they’ll do that and allow it to be seen, you know, they’ll have this symbolism like this, but then the real stuff happens underground. But then if any children tried to tell about what happened, they’re like oh, no, you know, like it was for a joke and there was a cake and it did look like a baby but it wasn’t a real baby. It was a cake we’ve got pictures of it right here. And they’ll you know cover up stuff that way use it so

Morne Venter 31:39
yeah, if you just look at this talk right now look at this graphic you have the right eyes in the right corner while she’s cutting the baby cake I mean now that like your face it’s like I’m carrying a baby cake. Yes the rabbit with red eyes which is our code words freedom to grow we big smile the shit from this old lady that looked like this and that’s the most trafficking that I’ve realized yep cool And now and now he’s looking for the kid again. Checking everywhere looking in every house

Jessie Czebotar 32:31
it was interesting that girls were cats almost like the beta kitty

Morne Venter 32:36
Yeah, that is interesting. They buy this one goes playing like she’s a kid and this is like that’s not me this is well so why are they really playing with this cops My

pleasure wanted to see basically everywhere to try to find this girl casket caskets go crazy

so he decides to go undercover into the festival this guy’s gonna find them so he’s undercover now

Jessie Czebotar 33:21
so the Tim in the way right there. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
The clown

Jessie Czebotar 33:32
Well, he’s not too much undercover. He’s the only none are the second only non animal

Oh yeah, there’s the fish costume guy, which we talked about connection between Volker Vulcan and fish throwing the fish as part of the sacrifice

yeah so what’s interesting with some of that too is then you get I don’t let me see if I can. I was trying to remember

keep going and I’ll bring it back in about the fish here in a minute st Blaze who you know around that time we brought out like I had done a Madonna decode on when the slight delays festival was and that honors Saint Blaise who supposedly February 3 or Around that time is when they do it in February, but saved a child from choking on a fishbone. So, but then when you think about it, you know, why was the child choking on a fishbone did that have anything to do with other festivals or the honoring of foreign Gods that they were worshipping on top of, you know, because a lot of them, you know, they include the Christianity aspect, Jesus ends up becoming just another idol that they’re worshipping along with all the other deities that they’re worshipping to behind the scene

because created chicken. Now, this means you have like the Stonehedge type symbol, which is known as a gene ritual ground.

Morne Venter 36:12
Also the same place where the ladies to dancing naked earlier, during this,

Jessie Czebotar 36:18
right there, we see almost as though the imagery of like, if you go back just a tad bit, you see them entering in through the gate, you know, represented by the two poles, the Ashtaroth, and the ball, and then you’ve got the head piece over that representing the gate, a ball that they’re entering into to, you know, so sacred spaces considered a temple that now they’ve just entered into the spirit world, even though they’re in the physical, it’s representing the spirit world as well, that they’re entering into the deities Temple to worship the deities and to sacrifice. And we see kind of, you know, dressed up as the mayor is dressed up as like a priestess, you see the Egyptian type of knife or cutting tool. You know, you’re seeing an animal like it’s like a horse. But it’s interesting that that almost looks like a circus tent. And we talked about how, you know, the circus theme with the animal sacrifice to be sociality, the the imagery of also the skirt. You know, something that’s going to be lifted up. You have a blending of imagery, you know, man and beast together in one tent. Or under a skirt. Hmm, oh

it’s just does not look good. I mean, if we’re just doing a raw interpretation, you know, it’s, it’s like, what is that little dragon, Beast head or horse? Represent when the man’s heads above it looks like they’re speaking out through a skirt, you know, right. There’s just a lot of liminal sexual imagery in this.

Morne Venter 38:43
So years where they play basically, rule Belenko what’s the word? When they just take chances with people’s lives? I’d say each one has to put their head inside. And yeah, but

Jessie Czebotar 38:57
did you see how it forms the Solomonic star there? Exactly, yeah, yeah, they formed this Solomonic ritual star

Morne Venter 39:11
and it will determine who needs to be sacrificed what head needs to be chopped off

Unknown Speaker 39:31
the fish guy

Morne Venter 39:37
so eventually, somebody said it’s chopped off.

Jessie Czebotar 39:41
Yeah, so they already chose one guy and it looks like they choose a couple huh? Like he gets it to the eyes

Morne Venter 39:51
also in the think this one’s a but it’s just an Animal Aid. It’s my hair and the bunny but it’s not the it’s not the person it’s just the animal hate on top of the person. I think they’re still playing with him I think they’re still playing with this guy. So eventually they go away from this go to the beach give a sacrifice to the ocean they give like I think it’s beer or ale or whiskey or something they give to the ocean as a sacrifice

and there’s the girl that he’s been looking for way on top of that mountain series goes savor she goes with him that goes through the cave.

Jessie Czebotar 40:49
Yeah, he sees her in her costume there and we see that throughout like the Mayflower days you see a lot of the you know white robes representing the Virgin the purity you see the flowers on top of the head that you know the floral head dress you also see that same symbology with the young girls like for a lot of the Scandinavian festivals around Christmas and Easter you know where they’ll have the girl come out with the hot the candles the wreath on top of her head for Christmas time

Morne Venter 41:34
on top of a is also the flowers this big flowers again so yeah, they know they’ve lured him on top of the mountain she was part of the now I can’t go off and they explained everything I love what they said yes they said you came Free Will you came with your free will became as a king authority you said policeman and you came as a virgin because he was not giving into those depredations of Aphrodite so to say so yeah, it came through willing is a king so you met all the attributes so instead of sacrificing the daughter now there could sacrifice him because he places that innocent child avatars

Jessie Czebotar 42:34
like the replacement for

Morne Venter 42:37
for the girl yeah, because he fits those came from three well is God authority King and he’s a virgin. He doesn’t get into his desires so to say

Jessie Czebotar 42:53
see it’s kind of interesting to his costume actually from that angle looking at it you’ve got that centerpiece that the red centerpiece that looks like a pole and then you have what kind of looks like the ribbons coming out of it around but it also could looks kind of like a chest being cut open as well. So just interesting all the different subtleties

Morne Venter 43:22
and again great in White Day.

Jessie Czebotar 43:25
Mm hmm And he’s got his costume is kind of muddied up you know kind of like the dirty and then that drip of blood around his mouth area was kind of interesting because you had that too with the little girl that was playing dead that blood right at the corner of the mouth

Morne Venter 43:53
Denise says something meaning with blood dripping in the side of the month is there like a specific

Jessie Czebotar 44:02
No, I just I noticed the like I noticed that was sick. You know that was kind of pointed out when he found the girl and he thought was dead you know?

Morne Venter 44:12
Yeah, it’s like okay, cool. Remember so then they capture him. Tell them his fate cuts they sting places him

put on some white roads

Chantelle Meyburgh 44:44
I’m sure he must feel really good about being blessed. Right?

Jessie Czebotar 44:49
Not in this situation. fixes everything.

Morne Venter 44:58
Yeah, gay was just like proclaimed. think that Jesus is Lord and this year he works here and

Jessie Czebotar 45:07
the reality that you have like a whole community involved you know that that’s very significant

Morne Venter 45:19
they goes to Burning Man and inside that altar or statue there’s animals in the arms and the head speaks goats

Jessie Czebotar 45:34
in flesh inside there

Morne Venter 45:36
yeah this animals this idea and luckily you guys can’t hear this like there was a goose there’s goats pigs luckily because hear the sounds when this fire starts burning so horrible song

see there’s a little cattles who calls okay now very for the gods

Jessie Czebotar 46:17
Wow crazy you wonder you know I know like some of the imagery for the Burning Man you know it doesn’t quite look like they you know it looks more flat doesn’t quite look like they have an area like this where they could fit someone but it’s not saying they don’t you know they there’s reports that at the one festival you know literally a man goes running into the Burning Man fire in you know doesn’t come out that was one of the deaths reported

Chantelle Meyburgh 46:55
Yeah, there were a few deaths in the burning

Jessie Czebotar 46:59
every year every year yeah.

Chantelle Meyburgh 47:02
The I think the one you’re talking about happened in 2017 just ran and

Jessie Czebotar 47:14
that’s it yeah. So we have you know, it’s like why do they you know, why are they sacrificing it’s because they believe that it will bless the crops you know that they have to give life to the deities to to be able to have a crop you know, otherwise you what what happens if they don’t you know, if there is no crop then that means that everybody’s going to be suffering you know from pestilence, disease famine plague so in a way that you know, these contracts are made because they believe that it will bring about their good and blessings you know, and you know who’s the highest Egyptian fire deity you have raw which is the god of the sun and you know, their contracts would be you know, basically with these deities instead of receiving God’s goodness or trusting the Lord to provide even in bad times or to get them through those bad times you know, they they turned to what was the easy route you know, oh we can we can send we can sacrifice a life and you know, then the rest of us are saved and and we can have all of our blessings and you know, the best of the crops and you know,

Morne Venter 49:06
quick fix or like the big fix

Chantelle Meyburgh 49:08
Yeah. Human beings literally look for the quick fix. I mean, if we just looking at society nowadays, I mean, I’ve always maintained every become a very narcissistic society, right? Where we everything has to be done quick, quick, quick, quick, quick meals. Quick jobs, quick money, quack, quack, quack. So we’ve lost the connection. And that will really symbolize the same thing. Which is interesting, though. So when we’re looking at the burning, the Burning Man Festival, and that’s on Black Rock, isn’t it? It’s built on Black Rock, right,

Jessie Czebotar 49:47
which is also in that pentagon shape. So you have, you know, like we saw that shape when they were doing this kind of modified when they’re Doing the swords. And that center part kind of looks like that pentagon shape. And, you know, then the Burning Man festival you have that shape in the ground or the land. Does, you know designating it as ritual? You know, ritual land?

Chantelle Meyburgh 50:23
Yeah. And also, I mean, there’s a lot of stuff there. There’s like an orgy den or something. So I think a lot of the stuff that is there, but correct me if I’m wrong. Was the Burning Man always owned by Blackrock organized, if you will, or was that more later on? Then it became an acquisition of Blackrock? I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure if anyone actually knows about that was burning man. Always a black rock?

Jessie Czebotar 50:54
Yeah, I’m not sure. The history is that you have the two men who kind of bury founded? Yeah. Yeah, every other guy dies

Morne Venter 51:08
in 1986.

Jessie Czebotar 51:11
Right, you have the two guys who founded it. So the, you know, really the, the unspoken questions are, you know, were those guys in the system? If so, how interconnected were they? Were they connected to the military and US programs that, you know, Black Rock is connected to? You know, because with it being in that Nevada area to you know, what do we have there, you have that connection to area 51, which, you know, is huge, massive ritual grounds. And underneath there, you have OSI on. So the imagery, the connection to Israel, and, you know, the mountains of Israel, and you have three pyramids under there representing those mountains. And you know, then the major rituals that are happening there.

Morne Venter 52:18
That’s funny because they have like Blackberry, like create, like blackberry and that pretty much the festival structures, but I just Googled now in April of 2019, Google purchase 51.2% of Burning Man. So Google is the main holder of the betting man right now.

Jessie Czebotar 52:46
Yeah. Wow. So connected to that Google, you know,

Chantelle Meyburgh 52:54
well, yes, the planter you know, how am I saying that correctly? The Burning Man festival started in San Francisco, I think 1987 And then it moved to United States federal land as got larger, which makes sense. And what blue Muse is saying is the Ukraine took over this year’s Burning Man festival. Wow, I have no idea about that. So very, very interesting. Yeah. So now carry on.

Morne Venter 53:28
Yeah, it’s it started off as a non non nonprofit organization the same as African burn one, but African burn and Burning Man is connected. It’s all this nonprofit getting people together, living back into nature. But after I beat after watching that movie last night, I was like, I know why we needed Jesus to do 1000 years in our lives. Because of you really stuff like the people were dead, it’s like, and a lot of people go to these festivals because they want to escape life. They want to extend life they want to let go indulge connect I mean, there’s probably good people there’s definitely good people that are you know, they’re saying the outskirts of Burning Man but what’s going on in the center, the core of this? It was scary. It’s like, what are we following? We’re getting into that energy we’re giving that energy to it. It’s like a really a mess ceremony and I’m sure there are sacrifices happening underneath. Because we’re following the same even in the same time of yours then the pagans work because it’s basically a pagan festival. It’s kinda like it is it is. If he’s going naked. I mean, I’ve no problem with going naked delegate out. I mean, sometimes it’s fun. But sometimes it’s not good when you do it with the wrong intentions. You do get for ya

Chantelle Meyburgh 54:49
ever did everything. You know, the thing is, when you bring together the group of people like that, right, and especially when these guys have actually not understood, humans are tired. They’re tired of this mainstream mundane life that we’ve been living for so long. So they’re marketed as this beautiful, alternative way of living. So can you be free, take your clothes off, there’s a sex orgy tent there, you can screw as many people as you like, while you’re here, you can take as many drugs as you like, now, that immediately is bringing in energies that are not good. I’ve seen enough of that stuff to know that and even if it’s not having promiscuous, in advertising, promiscuity and stuff like that, you know, the minute you bring music drags, and frustrated people together, that’s not a good combination. It depends on the setting. So, you know, my opinion is if you want to do stuff like that, if you wanted, love the alternative lifestyle, and live it with your family, you know, good friends, or whatever that might be. But the minute you bringing people together in places like this, when those energies are conjoined, and they create, they create a life of their own. That’s the thing. You know, when you bring something like that together, it really brings on a life of its own. And that’s why JC when you were talking because that guy in 2017, I know, there were a couple that died before that. But that particular one, I mean, from all reports, they’ve got broke through all security, and just ran into the fire. Now, he was obviously possessed by something, or something happened in him, you know, that made him do such a drastic thing. But and again, I said crowd frenzy, I think as well. So all of these things are, in my opinion, you got to be aware of it aren’t add, and subtract. I don’t think it’s fun. I think they very cool things that happen at these places, you know, there’s nice activities, it’s amazing to see the cars or whatever it is these guys bold, these flying machines. I mean, that’s really cool. You know, if you just look at it from the surface, it’s nice.

Jessie Czebotar 57:18
That’s how they recruit. That’s how they pull it. artistically. They mix it with family on offense, the the events themselves, so think about the dynamic with that, you know, they they draw in with with wholesome events, you know, things that, that you want to come, you know, you’re like, Yeah, this is cool. You bring your kids, you’re bringing all your energy, your fingerprints, your soul prints, you’re walking around the event, like we talked it, you know, I brought out, you know, how they’ll, you know, they would do field trips they would do, you know, they’ll set up tourism places in these ritual grounds, so that people are coming, you’re paying money, which means that you’re willingly entering into contracts you don’t even know about with whoever, you know, rules that quadrant, that region. So you’re entering under their headship, and then, you know, some of those people then are drawn further to return for the evening events and for more of the ritual type events. But yeah, it’s it’s a, it’s a mass draw. And, you know, because you’ve entered into that willingly. You know, if you pray, you know, you gotta be mindful to pray when you leave, because otherwise whatever they’ve tried to attach to you, while you’re there is gonna follow you home. And then you wonder why, you know, all of a sudden, now, your children are fighting your cars or breaking your fridge, your stove, you know, you started this paranormal act, paranormal activity.

Morne Venter 59:08
who tries to extend the library tries to escape you come back, it’s even worse.

Jessie Czebotar 59:14
Exactly. That is that’s important to you.

Chantelle Meyburgh 59:19
Yeah. The thing you try to get away from is exactly what follows you. did was, I spoke to a friend of mine, who has had many years of also part of the senior organizing in Africa burned I don’t want to mention names or anything. It’s very easy to find these guys names wherever they are. But I really wanted to get an inside view of what he had to say. of the event itself. Yeah. Now again, let’s think about portals. Let’s think of energy leylines and stuff like that. The thing that got me thinking for South Africa was that they have it in a place called Tamko, which is in the Kuru. Now, that’s the area I grew up in. It’s one of the oldest sacred areas because if you again, go back there, you’re gonna see all the ancient Bushman paintings, everything was there. So there’s definitely sacred portals, ley lines, whatever they have to, you know, they’re going to obviously do at these places. So it wouldn’t be in my opinion, with people are susceptible to that. But what he did say to me was that it did start off with guys going there, there were two of them that originally really liked the idea of Africa of Burning Man. So they went over and checked it out. And yeah, did have a couple of deals. Or I don’t know what the deal was. But obviously, there would have been some kind of synergy that occurred, which is not sure. That good, but what he didn’t say was that after a couple of years, they were definitely not happy with the way that America was doing it. And I would imagine, because the Africa burden started in 2007. And I mean, everyone, you know, Africa, bernia, you’re not you haven’t lived until you’ve been to Africa verb, you know, in this country. So it’s like, yeah, I haven’t lived whatever. And I don’t, I’m not drawn to that. So it’s interesting for me to see what people are saying about it. So now, I know there was a girl from around here, the area that I lived that actually also died at Africa burn maybe a decade ago now. But what he tells me he was that, before that there was a girl, and you know, when these big trailer truck things are going around, jumped on the ledge or the area where she obviously was meant to be. The track suddenly turned, she fell, the one didn’t die, but the one I know got hurt very badly. And she died. And he also told me before that someone died of dehydration, someone died of a snake bites. And another one climbed on a high building think you could fly because he was high. He made it very clear to be but that guy didn’t die, the one that could fly and he was just as good. Okay. But he’s definitely saying there’s a lot of rain, a lot of a casting a lot of drug abuse, drink spiking. But, you know, as one of the organizers, you know, what he’d said to me was that it was just like, is they saw that as sort of childish immaturity. So it wasn’t, I think anything. And that’s why I say, you know, anytime you go to these places where there’s drugs, there’s music, there’s people getting wild, there’s no boundaries, you can be who you are, do what you want, there and have OG tents and things. And Africa burn. I mean, Dr. Africa burn, but they do definitely have these things where you burn and you know, everyone has their float, and they come in, you know, from the pictures I’ve seen, it’s pretty cool. You know, the way people look, and it’s really something people look forward to every year. And I’ve met, I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve been to Africa burn. And according to them, nothing nefarious or anything like that. They have been bad. I do find it interesting. The deaths, you know, and as you say, one guy was running into the fire and that other one jumped off the highest polling, thinking he could fly. So to me, there’s, you know, the That in itself is the synergy

Jessie Czebotar 1:03:44
where there’s a lot of similarities.

Chantelle Meyburgh 1:03:47
Yeah, whether they are actually nefariously connected with dodgy Blackrock crowd. I can’t see how it’s not connected. I can’t see how it’s not connected. That’s just the feedback I’ve had from

Jessie Czebotar 1:04:06
and I wonder if there’s a difference. And we’ve kind of talked in the past about, you know, some of the differences in I guess we’ll call it the culture. You have more on the American side or the state side. You have the very distinguished, you know, Luciferian brotherhood orders, and you have more of that Germanic blend with the Scandinavian blend type of Druidism but yet you still have like a lot of different cultures that are coming in with the Druidism the witchcraft and how, you know how those times are formulated. You know, kind of what’s done at those times. You know, like in the United States culture, you kind of still have, even though some of it is open and brazen, you know, where you’ll get the covens. And, you know, they’ll be doing the dancing in the woods or in the moon, you know, before the moon, you got more of the, you know, covens awakened groups coming in, in on the shores, you know, at High Moon times, doing their thing. And, and really, it’s like a recruitment tool, you know, where they’re drawn people into the good aspects of, you know, this is your body, you’re realizing who you are, you know, they’re learning how to live in that physical existence with this spiritual x expression, going along with that physical expression. You know, we’ve talked about how, you know, a sex magic, one of the biggest, or their aim is, is the ecstasy, which is what’s closest to thankfulness, which opens that gate between the physical and the spiritual realms. So that’s what they’re trying to replicate. But then, Africa, you have that deeper, you know, it goes back to more of the, you know, they stick more with the ancient traditional routes, which are just slightly different because you you have a defined structure, not not necessarily a coven, or druid like structure, but you have more of that community, family, bloodline tribe, culture, and, you know, kind of more of that focus of togetherness in it versus that individualistic yet, you know, they’re kind of drawing people to come together, but there’s still that individualism more on the state side. So it’s just kind of interesting when you look at the differences. But I wonder if that, you know, plays a role because, you know, would you say that the sacrifices in that cultural aspect are more? out in the open versus, you know, being hidden?

Chantelle Meyburgh 1:07:29
Yeah. Yeah, I would definitely say, you know, I mean, when we looking at? I would say, Yeah, I would say they would probably be more out and open, right? If you’re looking at it like that, we wouldn’t have kind of be covering it more, though, if you know what I’m saying, when things are more out. It’s like, what they always say, it’s right in your face, they’re putting it right, right in our faces. So it’s, it’s so in your face, that you’re not even seeing what it is. And I think that’s why stuff like this is so important that we can actually start recognizing and noticing what the symbolism is, how are they speaking? How are they getting permission? How are they getting consent from us. And that’s exactly what you say, just by the mere fact that you going to a concert or function or chance party or a festival, and paying money to go there. At your free world you’ve gotten in your vehicle, you’ve traveled there, you’ve paid your petrol money to get in, you know, you pay your gate fee, you putting up your tent, you dressing up, you can have the purest little heart with a grater. And if we think about it, it’s the innocents that are really targeted there. What is dodgy morons, you’ve got all this nasty energy sticking to them like, like toxins, right? They want the pure, innocent, beautiful people souls, whether it’s men or women, right, so that they can re those in

Jessie Czebotar 1:09:07
those who are saying, oh, you know, what a great fun activity for me and my family. And, you know, it’s a wholesome event. And, you know, we’re gonna go look at the cars, we’re gonna go to the parade, you know, and, and you do you know, there’s that natural drawl to participate and to, you know, and we’re not saying the events themselves or the activities themselves are evil. You know, there are good people who are really attending to just be that a part of that community to have good quality family time. And that’s not a sin. You know, it’s not a sin. Yet, in a way behind the scenes, you’re kind of being pulled into the overall saying of those who are behind the scenes, who really are doing something, and you know, they’re going to pull on that to say, you know, Lord, we have every right to now, you know, have the spirits claim legal ground in that home because this person willingly entered into our unrighteous ground, which put them into an unclean state, a state of unrighteousness. And, you know, I mean, this is what the enemy does when he goes before the courts of heaven, and accuses us before the Father and says, you know, I have every right to put this stronghold in that home in that community, because they have, they have willingly entered unclean ground and are considered unclean.

Chantelle Meyburgh 1:10:56
And I think that’s why it’s important. You know, it’s also I mean, I also think it’s important that we don’t now suddenly lock ourselves in our houses and not go anywhere, fun. But

Jessie Czebotar 1:11:07
create, yeah, or create events or fun activities, because that’s the natural, we’re like, we don’t want to be accused, we don’t want to engage on anything. And that’s the enemies second employee is that he wants, you know, all of us to shut down and withdraw and not do anything, because we think everything is evil, and we call everything the devil. And, you know, then it’s, it’s still, what does it do? It renders us ineffective, and not, you know, not bearing good fruit for the kingdom of God. God desires us to bear good fruit. You know, exactly.

Chantelle Meyburgh 1:11:50
And I mean, it’s so true that and, you know, I want to just say, if you want to go to these places, check your satanic calendar, check the leylines, check the portals, really, this is the information that we need to know now, literally. So if you don’t want to go

Morne Venter 1:12:09
and be your draping well, and bring your

Chantelle Meyburgh 1:12:17
minority? No, that’s what I’m saying. So just check these things, check these things, to see where it’s at, who runs them and who they connected to. We have enough information out there right now, to be able to observe these things. And on that note, I’m going to say let’s call it quits for this session with Jess and we’re going to meet you back on solutions. And I think in about 15 minutes time. What are we good with that? Jess? Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, just as we winding up yet, before you end up for us in prejudice, anything you just want to say before ending off?

Jessie Czebotar 1:13:06
Yeah, I think, you know, the encouragement is that, you know, this show is all about really equipping. And, you know, the question or, you know, our focus is not to cause fear or caused people to, you know, shut down and say what, you know, kind of have that hopeless feeling like, what can I do now, our goal is to equip in and to say, you know, we need to be wise we need to think through what’s happening. You know, what I love most is that with everything, you know, Scripture says that all of us fall short. That means all of us are going to make mistakes, all of us are going to do things that in a way displease God or offend others. But yet, within all of that, there’s grace. You know, the Lord sees our heart and the Lord also sees the innocent of our heart. And really, you know, that thought ministered to me, you know, as I even continued to work through my healing journey, is that there’s grace and the Lord sees, you know, our hearts and situations, there may be places we’ve gone, things that we’ve done in our past that, you know, bring us shame and guilt and, you know, fear and deeper than that, those feelings of unworthiness. You know, not being good enough, not being able to make things right or, you know, not being able to overcome things that you know, we’re in our past, but today’s the day that we lay that down at the Lord’s feet, and all the Lord asks us to do is receive you know, receive His Love, receive grace. And, you know, he spoke something over me as I was going through, you know, some of the things that I brought forward in my testimony. And it was really important. The one The Lord said, you know, my people need to hear that in those moments, you know, whether you were a kid, and it was something you had to participate in, that you didn’t want to, you know, maybe somebody was perpetrating abuse on you. Maybe you had to do something you didn’t want to in order to survive or to, you know, help somebody else out through a situation. But the Lord, the words the Lord spoke, were the moment you cried out to me, I made you claim you were clean? Well, why is that? It’s because the Lord sees our heart that the moment we cry out to Him in those situations, he knows that we’re not wanting to participate, we’re not wanting to be in that place. And so, you know, that’s where we’re gonna kind of enough and prayer here today. Lord, we just give to you, all of the things, the memories, the past, the things that we have engaged in, that are displeasing to you, the things that Dishonored you, and ourselves and one another. Lord, we just lift those up today. And we ask that You would take them from us. And we ask now just to receive your grace, your love, your mercy, we thank you that every day, your mercies are new. And today’s the day we start receiving those. And we ask that You would just apply that healing balm over our souls, that you would take the guilt, the shame, that maybe at times the rebellion, Lord, that we’ve had in our hearts, that desire for evil, that desire to engage in sinful activities, Lord, take all of that. And we ask that You would just wash all that away with Your precious blood that you would cleanse us from deep within. And that, as your Word says that the wellsprings of living water would flow that everybody who would see us or who would hear us speak, or hear or share our testimonies, that they would receive life. From the words that we speak and the things that we share. Lord, we ask that whatever the enemy meant for harm in our lives would become those very things that you use to bring life to others. We ask this in your powerful name, Jesus, amen. Amen. All right, blessings.

Chantelle Meyburgh 1:18:07
Thank you, Jesse. Thank you, Monet, and a huge thank you to everybody for joining us here on Aquarius rising Africa today. And we’re going to see, I think it’s even 10 minutes now. Maybe just after 330 and solutions we just gonna take a little break. Indeed, God bless you guys. Thank you so much. See you soon.

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