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23 December 2023

David Zublick  0:01

Some viewers may find the following video disturbing viewer discretion is advised? Greetings my friends, I see you have found your way to the dark outposts and excursion to the darkest outpost of the human mind and beyond. Welcome. I’m David Zubik. Thank you for being with us today. Well, we’ve got a lot to talk about. With our guests in just a moment Jesse’s the border of Kingdom living with Jesse and illuminate the darkness. Demonic portals over the White House Navy SEALs involved in child trafficking and the Pope saying Jesus is Satan. What is this all about? are we falling apart completely? Is the world about to come to an end? I don’t know. Maybe so maybe no, let’s hope not. Let’s bring into the mix the great Jesse’s a boulder of illuminate the darkness and kingdom living with Jesse. Jesse, how are you?  

Jessie Czebotar  2:53

I’m good, David. Good to be back. And good to see you.  

David Zublick  2:56

It’s good to see you too. Are you ready for to celebrate Christmas and the holidays?  

Jessie Czebotar  3:02

Yeah, we are ready for the holidays. So it’s ready as anybody can ever be.  

David Zublick  3:06

I know isn’t isn’t that the truth? We’re never quite right. I just I go with the flow. No, we’re expecting but as of today where I live, but they’re calling Well, the other day they were calling it the storm of the century a once in a generation snowfall. You know, we like the blizzard of 1978  

Jessie Czebotar  3:28

It’ll be interesting to see if it is you know, that too. And I can remember as a kid, you know, seeing the snow falls that literally, you know, we’d go up the sides of our house and I can remember my dad opening the door and there was so much snow that he literally had to shovel a tunnel out to the car.  

David Zublick  3:48

Yeah, 98 I’ll never I’ll never forget. I mean, it was it was it was a blizzard. But now, as of just about a couple of hours ago, I mean, oh, well, maybe it won’t be more than a couple of inches, but there’s going to be a lot of wind. But this before this thing is over, it’s going to be a tropical breeze. We’ll see. Anyway,  

Jessie Czebotar  4:10

it turns out. But I do want to speaking of Christmas, I want to say a special thank you to our audience here. This week, I was able to get out all of our Christmas packages to our vets and survivors that we were sending to and a special thank you to all who who helped with that. They started receiving and it’s just so precious, some of the, you know, confirmations they send back. You know, sending pictures of receipt, you know, opening some of the gifts and getting the Afghans that we send along with them that are squares with prayer team makes. So they were just all so happy and delighted to get those so I just want to say thank you to everybody who’s who was a part of that and helped make that happen. So  

David Zublick  4:56

fantastic. And this this knee It continues. So obviously,  

Jessie Czebotar  5:03

I have a special need this month. Okay, well,  

David Zublick  5:05

let’s, let’s hear about what people need and what can our viewers do?  

Jessie Czebotar  5:11

Yeah, so we’ve got, well, we’ve got a pretty regular need for champions of about, we’ll just say 500 a month for one of them, then we have a special need for a vet who has to have some auto repairs. And that’s, we’ll just round it up to about 1300 total. And then we have a survivor who has a monthly need of gas for $425 a month. So if people can help out with those gifts, that is greatly appreciated.  

David Zublick  5:43

Yeah. And this really, these people served our country, our nation with honor and distinction, and they need the help so and of course, the need goes, a lot of people become very generous during the holidays, for a number of different reasons, number one, some, some, some of them to be, to be honest, are looking for tax write offs, or whatever. But a lot of people even if they’re in the real spirit, which boasts I believe most people who donate  

Jessie Czebotar  6:13

most enjoy giving and watching people receive, you know,  

David Zublick  6:17

but they forget, come January 2, the need continues. So we want people to be generous, not only now, but after the first of the year as well. And to remember that the need goes on all year long. You know, it’s just like, if you drive by any church at this time of the year, one of the things I will say in the Midwest are, we’re inclement weather exists. You see warming shelters, you know, at this church, and, yeah, blankets and all kinds of things. You know, come February, March or April, these people, a lot of them, the veterans suffering from PTSD, they might be homeless, they may be on the streets, and they’re forgotten about, you know, and we can’t forget. So  

Jessie Czebotar  7:01

that’s why, you know, our ministry with illuminate the darkness, our main purpose is to help those who have indeed been whistleblowers, particularly against will say they, you know, the government or high level individuals, or the US military, and, you know, those aren’t the only people we help, but that’s the majority of them. And so they’re cut off from other means, you know, these are people who, you know, there’s a target on their name, they’re not able just to go down and get public assistance, like, you know, someone else may be able to, several of them have had pensions that they’ve completely lost. But, you know, the deep state kibosh is for them, they’ve had disability, you know, kabocha. So they’ve lost all means, you know, they’re not able just to go out and get a job, you know, and do that with safety. So, you know, just like the rest of us, they have basic needs that, you know, they need their rent paid, they need their utilities, feel able to have food and household items. And, you know, that’s what we think, you know, I mean, that’s the minimum that anybody deserves, and not even that they deserve it. It’s, it’s our basic rights as human beings to have those things met. And so, you know, I believe that, you know, collaboratively, we can show our appreciation by supplying those needs, you know, for them and, and lifting that burden where, you know, they know that, that they get it because we appreciate them, and they don’t have to beg or plead or, you know, do other things to try to make those needs met, you know, they’ve taken care of a lot of a lot of others and, you know, put their lives on the line. And I think it’s the least we can do to show appreciation for them.  

David Zublick  8:52

Not all of them become homeless because they were alcoholics or you know, whatever. Man, you know, that’s the assumption that a lot of people make is that well, there’s here’s some guy in a corner, you know, begging for food, he’s probably making living it. Look, there are some scam artists out there. But for the most part, a lot of people I’ve heard stories of corporate executives who fell on hard times and ended up being in the streets, you know, it can happen to me, you see someone who you know, was a veteran and served our country. We need to help them so why don’t you give out the address once again, I know you give it out every week, but please give it off. Again.  

Jessie Czebotar  9:35

Please make sure you label your check if you want. If you want to direct where it goes either to the champions, the survivors of the veterans and if you want to help with that survivors special need, just label it or I’m sorry, the veteran special need that goes towards car repair, just put veteran car repair on it, and then send that to illuminate the door. Darkness peal box 10 443, Fargo, North Dakota five a 106.  

David Zublick  10:06

All right, well give that address again at the end of the interview now. Just 15 minutes prior to us going on the air today, you tweeted a story by Timothy Charles Holmes and I took a look at it. My eyes bogged down and went, oh my god, US court, former Navy Seals and US special forces trafficking humans with the cartel, the border. What is this all about? I mean, obviously Moses in most of the needs of the people of serving in our Armed Forces serve with so with honor and distinction, but there are a small faction that are assisting in some of these trafficking crimes. is Timothy uncovering something big about the navy seals that we need to know about? And if so, what?  

Jessie Czebotar  10:58

Yeah, I believe he is uncovering something pretty big. And I think it’s been going on for quite a while, you know, some of the things that he’s brought out previously, in some of his other posts, bring out the issues at the border that, you know, there is a ridiculously high amount of immigrants coming through, it began far, you know, before, we’ll just say this mass exodus hit us just this past month. But, you know, there’s been a lot of issues with children being brought in through the border being dumped at the border, border control, you know, picking them up every night, because they’re being dropped by the cartel in the desert. You know, with that, you know, I’m very aware of one of the biggest issues being that nobody is documenting or taking accountability for these children. You know, so how can we be bringing, you know, hundreds of children in every night? And not following through as to what’s happening to them? where they’re going? Who has them? Are they even still alive? You know, who are these children’s legal? Parents in what countries? Do they really belong to? These, you know, this really is a crisis for all of America, not just, you know, these border states. You know, I applaud, there has been a lot of individuals, especially along the Texas border, and some of those other states where, you know, they, they really are stepping in, a lot of the ranchers have been, you know, taking efforts to, you know, try to contact people to report stuff that they’re seeing, you know, there’s been efforts to try to hold DHS and, and border patrol accountable. I just think that we need something bigger, you know, and I believe that’s what Timothy’s bringing out is that, you know, that we as Americans really need to be crying out that something bigger is being done with that. And, you know, I’m praying that he’s, you know, got solutions up his sleeve, and that, we’re going to start seeing how we can come together to really impact that issue. You know, I think that we know, you know, before Trump left office, he was highly involved with that issue. He had been down to El Paso and other areas where it was happening. You know, we know he’s made efforts against human trafficking and, and children being trafficked. You know, he instituted quite a lot of things during his presidency, including the building, or we’ll say, the building of certain embassies, as well as putting people in charge of those embassy special committees that are run by by women and individuals who formerly have been trafficked. So, you know, they’re very aware of the issues. They’re aware of the risk it takes for a traffic victim to try to flee their situation and get help. You know, a lot of times, what would happen is, as these people would try to flee their situations, they would end up, you know, it is in a further situation where they would just be re trafficked. So, you know, Donald J. Trump was making a lot of efforts to end that. And, you know, so I’m hoping that this developing story is going to really bring us back around to that loop of what’s been really going on with this whole rigged election, with Donald J. Trump having won the presidency and having you know, We’ll just say somebody pretending to be the president, you know, claiming that so  

David Zublick  15:06

there’s, there’s a screenshot of an email that Timothy HomeSafe posted on his website more to come. This is still a developing story I, you know, I It’s we’ve talked about, you know, a rather famous or may I please use the word infamous, former Navy SEAL by the name of Craig Sawyer, who claims to have rescued hundreds of children. He’s made quite a name for himself, he ends up on most of the V ends up on a lot of alternative news programs similar to this one, but not this one. In which he claims he’s done a lot of things and but information that people like Timothy Charles Homesmith have uncovered in which you have verified indicate that he himself has not only perhaps not rescued the children that he claims to have, but may himself have been involved in some of this. And now we’re seeing this story. Do you want to say anything about Craig in association with us? Could he possibly be involved in any of this, even though he’s no longer a Navy SEAL at the moment?  

Jessie Czebotar  16:20

You know, I have, I believe Timothy has brought out several Navy SEALs names. You know, so I’m not going to directly target. Sure that individual, but I think that there are several that are working in cohorts together. I fully believe that those individuals, you know, their names are in affidavits. I believe that they are, indeed, being pulled into the cases that Timothy Charles Home, Seth and Donald J. Trump and others have, you know, I can confirm for sure that Timothy Charles Home set the Tennessee one. And, you know, he’s brought that out that that individual has been pulled into that. So, you know, I think that we’re just waiting for more of this story to unfold as to exactly, is that individual’s involvement in these things,  

David Zublick  17:20

you know, knowing Tim, he will uncover it. I mean, the guy is tenacious in his coverage of all things, and he’s had, you know, documents from yourself to backup, everything that’s been reported. So we support Timothy 100%. Had an individual on my show earlier today. He’s a whistleblower. He has worked with James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. And we were talking a little bit about the border and trafficking of children, and Planned Parenthood. And he said, There is a lot going on with that, you know, the kids are trafficked across the border. In many cases, with the help of border patrol is Timothy has indicated and which we pretty much knew about that. And that they ended up first of all, they take the the mothers, or in some cases, teen mothers who are either pregnant, or kids themselves, and they put them into situations where it labor camps, or they go, you know, there, you wouldn’t necessarily call them camps, but they put them into labor. From there, they are pimped out, trafficked. Then, when these girls get pregnant, they’re taken to Planned Parenthood where in many cases, they are told that they are being given an abortion. And in many cases, the baby is not aborted, but rather born and their organs are then harvested piecemeal, while the babies are kept alive. So they’ll take a liver out, but they’ll keep the baby on blood transfusions and everything else to keep it alive so that as other organs are needed and requested. This still living breathing, but suffering baby can still have more organs harvested. And this individual has reported on it. Would you care to comment on that? And Sandy, what do you know about that plan?  

Jessie Czebotar  19:37

I mean, from my own personal experience, you know, I can confirm the things that are being reported. You know, I witnessed through the breeder programs in the Chicago Illinois area that were underground, that in fact they you know, they were working with underground abortion clinics at the time. I believe that You know, those underground programs then became some of the are working with the above ground ones, which were, you know, Planned Parenthood. And, you know, back in my days in the early 80s, you know, we did witness, you know, the human harvesting, not not just for organs, but they were harvesting humans for consumption as well. Yes. Yeah. You know, also for ritual, they were harvesting, you know, humans for diamonds, for trophies, that they then would sell for more money for different types of magic use or dimensional use. You know, so there was a lot of different things that they were doing, they also would do that to, you know, separate mothers from their infants, and then adopt some of those infants out if they didn’t want them for organ harvesting. And, you know, I talked about in one of my affidavits, I talked about, you know, seeing these rooms that were built off of those underground areas, which basically, were off of underground military bases. And I can remember, you know, Nazis, scientists that were part of these breeder programs that, you know, were posing as doctors or therapists, and, you know, they had a monthly rotation. Some of the places, you know, were larger than others, but the one in Chicago, you know, one of their rooms had at least 30 beds, 15, lined on one side of the wall and 15 on the other. And, you know, they would impregnate the girls around either the fall or the spring equinoxes, it would pull them, you know, around the same time, you know, they would pull them into those rooms to start premature labor to take those babies early. And, you know, I can remember that, you know, these doctors would go through delivering these babies, and, you know, there would be buckets that if they decided that was an expendable child that, you know, wasn’t one they were going to use for exploitation. You know, I, I guess I’ll just say, you know, sometimes it was even pieces, you know, where, where they would just member the events, and, you know, they would throw organs and body parts in buckets. And, you know, those buckets were used to feed kids down in cages in the, you know, that were connected to that area. I remember to one of the connecting rooms, had just like all these, it was like this hexagon are kind of pentik gone type shaped room with lots of weird sides and angles, and it had this stair like wood slats that formed like kind of walkways, but it funneled down into the center of the room, down into this hole that, you know, I would miss some of the living babies be dropped down in there, but this that room was for living babies, I can remember Nazi nurses who spoke German, us taking care of the babies, they literally had cribs that, you know, were double stacked around the room. And, you know, had infants, several infants in each of those cribs. You know, and they would have them there until they were usually, I would say, probably at least a year old before they would be moved to the next area. But they would be, you know, fed cared for by those Nazi nurses. And, you know, so, you know, this isn’t something new. You know, these individuals have been doing it. And when we say these individuals, we mean the Luciferian Brotherhood has been running these types of things ever since they came into our country after World War Two.  

David Zublick  24:22

That’s, that’s just it’s my and of course, you know, we hear about this thing going on and other countries like China, have a organ harvesting and that sort of thing, especially if you if you’re in China and you practice something called Falun Gong, which is some sort of a spiritual thing that some of the Chinese people are involved in, that is strictly verboten, and they they will harvest both adults and children for their organs and they do it alive they remove these organs while their children people and and and nuns ties in You know, oh my God,  

Jessie Czebotar  25:02

no painkillers given and you know, China is worse. I mean, you know, I’ve seen videos, live videos of some of their workstations where, you know, they’ve just got all these infant carcasses and they’re picking the meat off, and I’ve got the video on it. I’ve shown it. Yeah, I think I might have said, or you sent it to me when?  

David Zublick  25:24

Yeah, yeah, I think you sent it to me. It’s incredible. I want to turn to the next another topic here. And that, of course, is the Roman Catholic Church, you know, we, you and I are on the same page with we’re both committed Christians, except Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We also know that the Roman Catholic Church is completely corrupt. It is it I don’t think it is even a it’s not even a church anymore. So much. And the, you know, the Pope is Francis this. Jorge Bergoglio, who has, you know, said some of the most outrageous, blasphemous things since it’s becoming Pope’s, I think, I heard somewhere that Pope Benedict is somehow I don’t know how he’s still involved some way as the wreath is the real Pope. And I don’t know if that’s true or not. And that, you know, that Bergoglio really, though, but he comes out with these horrific things. And the one of the most First he said, you can’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then he said, he tried to change the wording of the Our Father. Now he’s saying that he wants to create a one world religion called Chrislam, which is kind of like, Islam Christianity combo? I don’t know, I don’t know what it is. I mean,  

Jessie Czebotar  27:01

there is so much more. I mean, people can look into this really what they’re pushing is the house of one. Yeah, which they’ve already set up temples, both in, you know, Germany, as well as I think California is the other area. They’re already built. And, you know, it’s this massive centers, where they’re combining, you know, Judaism, the Jewish faith, as well as Islamic, Muslim, and all sorts of other faiths. They got room for every faith and for Christianity, as long as you’re not pushing Jesus. You know, it gets interesting that, you know, we’ve talked about this that, you know, I’ve said that, you know, part of that end time agenda of the Luciferian Brotherhood is, in fact, to create, you know, that what we call the system of the beasts out of the book of Revelation. And, you know, what’s going to happen in there is that, you know, these people are working towards an agenda that is, catered to raise up the Antichrist. And in order to do that, you know, they’re preparing his kingdom, which is going to, you know, be one world, one government, one economy. You know, besides just the Catholic Church’s involvement, what we’re really going to see is a shift in authority and power. You know, I believe, because, you know, the part of the agenda that I’ve shared is that you’ve got several big players that I call the four P’s who are being moved into position. These are the individuals whose job is to bring in that one world system. So we have, you know, the Phoenix of the Council of the satanic Council, we’ve mentioned that that’s, you know, Barack Obama is already in place. We have if I cut out there, I’ll keep going. We have, you know, the priest who’s going to be the, the Jewish High Priest, we already see all that happening in Israel. You know, they’re getting ready with their temple, they’ve had it built up. You know, they’re finishing up the top parts of it, they’re getting ready for sacrifices, bringing in the heifers, the red heifers that they need, you know, to have ashes to sprinkle around the temple and on the priests to consecrate them to God. So all that’s already happened, you know, in October this year. Then you’re going to have we’re gonna see the Prophet arise. That’s going to be the major player out of that Muslim faith. You know, we’re really going to watch him come up this next year, I believe, and you know, he’s gonna join forces with the priest and the Phoenix and the Pindar, which the Pindar is the head of the Masonic brotherhood side, that department. And his job is to really oversee the finances, the economy. You know, we knew George Soros has passed, we know, Obama took his position as the Phoenix on the council. And now we’re going to, you know, he was just a placeholder between that Phoenix and that Pindar position. So now we’re going to see that Pindar person stepping forward as well. So, you know, we can watch as these major players begin to move into position. But with all that said, you know, we don’t need to be afraid. We know above all things that, you know, the enemies coming with false church, false religion, false everything, to turn people’s hearts away from God. So you know, it’s nothing to fear, we already know the plan. The question is, Lord, what do we do? In spite of this? You know, what do we do in our lives to live in such a way that, you know, we’re fulfilling his word, because even as the beast system is being raised up, we know His word says in in First Corinthians, you know, for 20, that his kingdom is not just a matter of talk, and that’s the kingdom of God. His kingdom is not a matter of talk, but it’s a matter of power. He’s given us as his sons, the authority to rule and to govern, and to reign with him. He says in Zachariah three, that if you will be faithful, if you will be obedient in your service, the Lord says, I will give you charge of my house, and you shall have a seat in my courts. So, you know, we’re not powerless in this. And you know, that’s part of my goal with the kingdom living with jesse.com is really to provide, you know, videos, materials, teachings, courses, that are going to teach people how to live through these times. Again, I’ll say it, you know, we are not powerless, God has created us to bear his full authority, we have authority over these individuals, who are going forward with the enemy’s agenda. And we have the ability to really shift things. So, you know, I encourage people, get involved, learn what you can do, and really start living your faith. Yep, there it is. So weekly.  

David Zublick  32:52

So yeah, I just want the flavor of your website.  

Jessie Czebotar  32:55

There’s a couple of things on there. So if you go up towards the top, again, there’s a conversation button. If you go there, and it gives lots of, you know, hours worth of video clips that, go back to former shows that I’ve done. And it’ll take you to the whole videos. But a lot of the teachings that I’ve given another shows are on there. And then if you go back out, you can find the link to purchase the course, which there’s four sessions in there so far. And that course is the foundations of Kingdom living. We’re getting ready, you know, I’m gearing up to start launching the second course series that’s coming out now. This, the foundations course is vital to understanding the second phase. I’m putting this out in phases so that we really can begin to live, who God’s made us to be so that, you know, in this course, I kind of introduce some different topics. The first one talks about our identity. Who are we, you know, we’re the bride, we’re the priest were the sons of the living God. What does that mean? You know, how do we really begin to live this Christian life? Then we talk about the kingdom of the enemy. How is that operating? How does it work? Then we begin to talk about, you know, what are our Commission’s What are we supposed to do with this faith? How do we begin to live it? Now, the next course gets even more intense because, you know, we learn that God’s given us tools He’s given us not just tools, like, you know, prayer and Bible reading and fellowship and worship. But he’s given us weapons that are not of this world that you know, we don’t even understand how to use it. Things like spiritual disciplines. So we’re going to really break down, you know, how do we apply those disciplines as the bride as the priest, and as the Son of the living God in a way where we’re beginning to grow in the confidence of our faith, and not being afraid to take on the enemy in his kingdom. So I encourage people to check it out lots of good stuff on there,  

David Zublick  35:27

shouldn’t about about you. And there’s that lovely picture that  

Jessie Czebotar  35:31

you like that one.

Unknown Speaker  35:34

I like all the pictures.  

Jessie Czebotar  35:36

I mean, I also want to say for those who purchased the course, by the end of this, or we’ll say, at the beginning of January, it’s going to qualify you to attend the coaching sessions that go along with the course. In those, you know, we, we have people come to the coaching sessions prepared with some of their city symbols and other things. And I show you how to break those down how to read those, so that you can learn, you know, who has authority in your community? Who are, you know, the groups or the Luciferian brotherhood departments that are operating in your area? How do you turn that information into prayer intercession that’s targeted in a way where, you know, you’re making efforts to build relationships with these individuals, and bring them into the kingdom of God. So  

David Zublick  36:35

outstanding. Again, the website, folks is Kingdom living with jesse.com, I highly recommend check it out. And just it’s fantastic. Now, one other topic I want to bring up today, and that is this. I don’t know if you heard about this, you probably have I mean, you’re pretty much on top of it. I’ve never, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed anything with you, you said I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have no idea what I’m talking about. A little bit different. So this is about this alleged demonic portal over the White House. It’s been talked a lot about by Roger Stone, former Trump advisor, who claims that there is a constant, non moving cat, it looks like a Red Cloud. Over the White House, it’s supposed to be some sort of a demonic portal. According to Capitol Police, a lot of people have seen it. It’s it’s it’s visible both day and night, more so at night, and you can actually see it from the, from the camera, the White House camera. What do you make of all that? What do you make about that? And what do you think it is? Or do you have any sources that have told you what it is?  

Jessie Czebotar  37:56

Well, I think, you know, there is a lot of Portal connections in that area, a lot of spiritual gates. We know, you know, like, when you’re looking at demographics, we know not too far from that areas, the mass of Liske, and a massive amount of water in front of it. You know, all of those areas are strategically built by the Brotherhood, in order to control and to manipulate and maneuver, the energy that comes from those spiritual gates, which they want to access. They want to be able to open or close those gates. So you know, I have heard several different theories I’ve heard, you know, it could be a spiritual gate. I’ve heard that it may be like, you know, a hovering spaceship or something above that, you know, where we’ve got aliens in a UFO hanging out over a White House. You know, I’ve heard lots of different things. But I think, you know, if we look at the reality of it, if it is a spiritual gate, the good news is, is that, you know, that can be closed. You know, the second thing we need to figure out is why they want to access it and where it goes to. In that area. Let’s see, when was it it was back in 2000, I think 18 or 19 when the Smithsonian actually brought into that Washington DC area, the at an actual gate of fall that came from the temple all over in the Middle East. And they brought that into that area. And what was even more interesting is when they brought it in. It was during some you know, I guess we’ll say some very interesting moon cycle times and planetary things that were going on. And the pope just so happened to have to go to DC during that time to during a high ritual time, when Solstice is are happening and you know who gets to come through that ball gate, you know, you better believe balls, you’re tempted to come through that gate. But I think that there’s a direct connection with with the moving gait and with the gait that they’ve had there. And that there’s been, you know that that was a time where they attempted to sync or align the energy between those two gates so that they could be used interchangeably. So that’s what I would propose is actually going on with that.  

David Zublick  40:45

We are here on the holiday season, this is we just passed yesterday, the probably the one of the worst moments of the year, the winter solstice, we’re now heading back toward the other way toward the light literally, as the day start to get longer and everything. But as we celebrate Christmas, and I know that you’re going to be gone next week. You’ll be back in two weeks after today. But let’s What’s it Jesse suborder asked to give a message to all of our viewers, things that you’ve been talking about on some of the shows you’ve been doing? What would you like to address our audience with today and make sure that they remember, as we head into this sacred time of the year for most Christians? Yeah, definitely.  

Jessie Czebotar  41:35

You know, with all of the things going on, I guess what I would say is, you know, remember that every day is the day to really invest in our relationship with the Lord, and create those moments where, you know, you’re just spending time with the Lord and with your loved ones. This is a great time, you know, especially if you’ve got little ones in your family, to really just draw together to share the gospel truths with them. I want to share a very special story actually, as we talk about this, but it shows the power of God. I don’t talk much about my family members. But you know, my Proctor’s husband was an individual who was a very high level Mason was somebody that, you know, part of their cover life was that they had to go to Mass regularly at the Catholic Church, and they always did that with high devotion, but as to having a relationship with God, he was not somebody who had that is, you know, when I was growing up, and I can remember, in my early adult years, I had a very horrifying dream. And it was a dream that just really gripped me. I dreamed I had been, you know, someplace I didn’t know. But I had come around a corner and I had run into him. And I had found him crying. And, you know, this was somebody who was a very strong, you know, firm character, I had never seen him cry in my entire life. And I said, Why are you crying? And he said, it was because he had lost his mind. And he did not know the Lord. And so that dream gripped me and from that moment on, you know, I continued to just passionately try to find ways to, to share the gospel with him. And really, there was just a lot of closed doors. I can remember, you know, one time he and my proctor had come to church to see an event that I was doing, I did a lot of evangelistic outreaches. So, I had invited them to one and after, you know, my performance, the pastor had come up and had gave given an invitation for people to come to the altar. And my proctor actually stood up, she stood up, and he pulled her back down into her seat. So, you know, that kind of just showed where his heart was. But as he got older, the Lord brought to fulfillment that dream. He in fact, did, was diagnosed with dementia and began to, you know, lose his mind. And in that became, you know, he had been a very brilliant engineer, his entire life, very passionate about sailing, you know, taught charters at the universities, things like that. But in that state, he became very childlike. And, you know, that really was a blessing because it opened the door for my mom and my aunt to share the gospel with him. had one Christmas, as they did that he accepted Jesus, he came to the Lord. Now the greater miracle and that was that in his innocence. Um, after that, every night for the next two and three years, he would ask my proctor to read him the Bible. So imagine that these high level individuals in the so called, who don’t, you know, didn’t have an necessarily relationship with God, they knew who God is, but God used, you know, the holidays, he used obedience to share the gospel to bring one of them to Christ. And in that, you know, in his innocence, just asking my proctor to read the gospels to him, and the Bible, you know, that ended up becoming an an evangelistic tool, where she had to be in the word every night, reading that to him. So God sometimes works in mysterious ways. And, you know, I just encourage people, if there’s people in your family that you have issues with, you know, there’s no better time to forgive and to, you know, work on those relationships, you know, work on sharing your stories, your testimony of, you know, things that the Lord’s doing in your life, because you never know, who God wants to bring into His kingdom during this time.  

David Zublick  46:35

Is this going to be your what is it your second Christmas without your son? It is? How are you holding up? How are you doing?  

Jessie Czebotar  46:45

You know, pretty good. There’s, there’s good days, there’s bad days, you know, I’ve had some individuals harassing about, you know, that as Christians, we need to forsake everything that resembles Christmas, because of the symbology behind it. You know, I’ve always been one that, you know, I grew up in that Luciferian world, I knew the Luciferian meaning for things, but I also knew the true meaning that you know, all things God has created. And, you know, I enjoyed this holiday. With that in mind. And, you know, it’s very special time, especially with Josiah you know, so I’ll keep it there that, you know, I still choose to enjoy this time into, I do special things. You know, both years, we’ve gotten this family and picked out special ornaments that remind us of Josiah. That was one of his favorite things to do with me, we would go shopping every year. For a couple of things, we had a couple of traditions. For me, one of my favorite traditions was always decorating the tree. So, you know, we make it a very special time where every year everybody would get to pick a special ornament that we would put on it. And then we also, I would, you know, scalf age the thrift stores for these old Christmas mugs, and I would get you know, everybody a brand new, you know, well reused Christmas mug each here. Because usually the kids, they would break them throughout the year, right, but I get them each a special mug and then we’d have hot chocolate and apple cider as we decorated the tree. So we still you know, that tradition is very special to us. And you know, it’s interesting out of all the places in the world. You know, our favorite place to really spend time together when we were living in Oregon was the beach. And we we do a lot of egg hunting and a lot of walks on the beach. And so it was funny when we moved to North Dakota. You know, you wouldn’t think that the middle of the United States would have beach Christmas ornaments. But I have to say North Dakota, like they have ample supply of the most interesting beach ornaments you can find  

David Zublick  49:21

well because people are on their wish list just to get to a beach somewhere probably. Maybe that’s mermaid ornaments David. What the heck. I know you can’t reveal the identity of the Antichrist but you could tell me are mermaids real?  

Jessie Czebotar  49:44

Maybe Maybe I’ll leave you with a riddle. Maybe the heir to Christ has mermaid blood. I don’t know how to get on that but  

David Zublick  49:55

people think about that one more time before We wrap things up today, please give out the address or people can contribute if they would like to help out the veterans.  

Jessie Czebotar  50:10

Yeah, definitely. And remember to label your text champions, survivors, veterans, but you can send that to illuminate the darkness peal box 10 443, Fargo, North Dakota 58106.  

David Zublick  50:25

Very good. And we’ll post that in the description of today’s program. I you know, I want to wish you and all that you love, have a very blessed, I know you’re going to be doing a little bit of traveling will not be with us next week. But we’ll have you back following first week of the new year, and maybe some resolutions we can come up with to get closer to the Lord might be the first thing that we discuss. That’d be the first episode of the new year. And as well as of course, keeping on top of all of the news, how long things in the the Netherlands and all that. Do we have any updates on? Oh, yeah, yeah,  

Jessie Czebotar  51:02

yeah. I mean, you gotta get marry in on the show? Yeah. Yeah, it will send her your email. There’s a lot of huge updates that are really affecting survivors and not not so good. You know, we’ll just say the Luciferian brotherhood that are in government there. You know, it looks like they were doing some things that might be for the good of survivors, but they just came out with something just I think it was just a couple of days ago here. Really, it’s not a good thing. And it just allows those individuals to cover up the crimes that they’ve committed instead of being accountable. So we really need to be in prayer for the Netherlands be in prayer for the survivors there who are in the crux of this fight. You know, they’re putting their lives on the line to make their voices heard. And, you know, they’ve been fighting directly with that government to try to make shifts and laws that prevent them from really receiving true justice in the matters of the crimes that have been committed against them. So we’ll talk to Mary and seeing if we can get her on here. At the same time, this new year  

David Zublick  52:22

will be awesome. Jesse, thank you so much. I invite everyone to go to Kingdom living with jesse.com Pick the courses sign up watch all of her shows, which he does when you broadcast your shows when normally Wednesdays,  

Jessie Czebotar  52:36

Wednesdays at 7pm. Eastern is our show rise up which is all about equipping you and how to live. And then Sunday evening 6pm. Eastern is the show writing the storms, which is you know where we talk about the challenges, the trials and the temptations we face and how to navigate those by applying biblical principles.  

David Zublick  53:01

Outstanding. All right, we will wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and blessed New Year. And we will talk to you again in two weeks. Sounds good? Have  

Jessie Czebotar  53:11

a Merry Christmas Day. Merry Christmas.  

David Zublick  53:12
Thank you so much Jesse’s a boater Kingdom living with jessie.com and illuminate the darkness.com Please check out Kingdom living with jessie.com and subscribe to her classes and watch her videos. It’s fantastic. All right, a couple of quick announcements before we wrap up this edition of The Dark outpost inner circle first. This is really cool. Beginning Monday, January 2 2023. The dark outpost inner circle will be live Monday through Friday at 2pm Eastern Time 1pm Central noon mountain and it would be at the 10 9:10pm am Central time. I mean pacific time look at the check the various times I’ll just check away it’s just remember it’s going to be 2pm Eastern time. Okay 2pm Eastern time so we 1pm Central noon, Mountain Time and 11am 11am Pacific time. Please check that out. There’ll be an hour every day immediately following the live broadcast of the regular edition of The Dark outpost so you’re gonna get five your dark apples inner circle members, you can have five hours of dark outpost each and every day. The first four hours are free and live on rumble and then archived on our rumble and bitchute channels. And then if you’re a dark outpost inner circle member is immediately following the conclusion of the live broadcast at 2pm. Eastern head on over to dark outpost.tv And you’ll be able to join the Live inner circle we’re gonna call it The Fifth Element broadcast from two to 3pm. Eastern Time with even more interesting topics. Our very first guest on the first edition of The Dark outpost inner circle live will be Dr. James Fetzer. And we’re going to have a very interesting conversation will tell you what that’s going to be about. But it’s something you really can’t talk about on a regular dark outpost channel. The stuff that we bring you on the inner circle is even more intimate, sometimes a little bit more terrifying, horrifying, if you will, and sometimes just a little bit too sensitive for even something on rumble and bitchy, which are pretty good platforms for not censoring, but this is something even more so you’re going to want to be if you’re a dark outpost, inner circle member cognizant of that beginning Monday, January the second 2023 All right. Now, the second thing I want to remind you is that it is the Christmas season. And right after the first of the year, a lot of people are going to make New Year’s resolutions to stay healthy. What can we do about that? Well, one of the things you can do is lose a little weight with this great product right here. It’s called Zenith a company called awakened nation Zenith is a clinically proven, tested and proven to be effective formula, patented formula that accelerates fat loss by working through the body’s leptin system. This breakthrough product gently decreases leptin levels to restore accurate communication between fat cells in the brain, allowing your brain to hear the stop eating and burn fat messages. In an eight week University conducted double blind and placebo controlled study participants on Zenith lost 21.3 pounds of fat, at least 3.96 inches off of their waist. Reduced serum leptin by 43% and 100% of the weight loss was fat loss. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to head on over to the special website just for my viewers. All right, just for my viewers. And here it is awakened nation.com forward slash dark outpost that’s awakened nation.com forward slash dark outpost and in this case awakened is spelled awak e n d so awakened nation.com forward slash dark outpost to purchase this great product you take two capsules, with the two largest meals of the day about 30 minutes before you consume those meals. You take two of these capsules. And you’re going to start to see takes time takes about five or six weeks to burn in. But it really does work. It’s continuing or some people have been losing one to five pounds a week right from the beginning. But within eight weeks you should see about a 2020 pound weight loss okay and the turning of that waistline so this should be absolutely fantastic. Please check it out awakened nation Awa ke N D nation.com. Forward slash dark of post. Okay you will not I promise you be disappointed. My friends that is going to do it for this edition of The Dark outpost inner circle. I want to thank you for watching. I want to thank you for listening. Please join us Monday through Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Eastern for the regular edition of The Dark outpost and join us here on the dark outpost inner circle and beginning Monday January 2 live every day. The dark outpost inner circle for members only from 2pm to 3pm. Eastern time. That’s it for us. We’re out of time. So we’re out of here. Zubik out

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