28 January 2023

David Zublick 2:08
Greetings. I see you have found your way to the dark outpost and excursion to the darkest outposts of the human mind and beyond welcome travelers. I’m David Zubik, your host on this excursion that have you folks with us. It is time to bring in our very special guest who joins us every week at this time. And that, of course, is Jesse’s the border of illuminate the darkness and kingdom living with Jesse, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wearing glasses before.

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Nope. I don’t wear him often. They’re my readers. But today

David Zublick 2:49
are you normally? Contact lens wear?

Jessie Czebotar 2:53
No, no, I just need a more reading every now and then. Yeah. So

David Zublick 2:59
little eyes.

Jessie Czebotar 3:01
Yeah, I usually have them on. But today, I just got to where I’m so.

David Zublick 3:06
Okay, that’s cool. This is beautiful as ever without, you know, with weather without glasses doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’m glad you’re with us. It’s been a couple of weeks. And we have a lot to talk about. There’s so much news breaking this blockbuster bombshell story. And Timothy Charles Holmes has website we’re gonna get to that in a couple moments. Before we do any of that, why don’t you update us on what is going on and who needs our help and who you want to thank for the help that they have given us. Just kind of updated views on what’s been happening with illuminate the darkness and kingdom living with Jesse?

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Yeah, we’ll start with the thankfulness. You know, we’re always appreciative, we get so many people who give donations in and really, you know, we are on a month to month basis right now, for a lot of our Veterans and survivors. So, you know, the Christmas time tends to hit people hard. So I encourage people, you know, please keep giving. But, you know, so far we’ve God’s always been good. And we’ve always had just what we need to help individuals that we help month to month. But we do have some special needs. We have a vet who has some car payments that need to get made that are kind of backlogged. We also have a survivor who needs extra help with gas every month. So you know, she has to do a little bit of a long distance commuting situation. And then we have we we kind of support some groups where, you know, it’s individuals that help work with women who are coming out of trafficking, and we also have some larger groups that work with multiple veterans and things like that. So, you know, we’re always open to receiving those larger gifts and I want to remind people too, that we have a lot of, you know, a lot of times that those people who are running different programs like that? You know, they’re working off of sponsorships. So sometimes we’re keeping them going month to month too. So every little bit helps. And it’s all of us putting in, you know what we have each month to share that gets everybody through. So, again, I want to just thank everybody who helps because we’ve done some miraculous things this past year, you know, we were able to supply a couple of heating units for different individuals, we were able to help with vehicle repairs, we were able to help with furnaces and heating units, and then also dental, and some medical bills and some legal bills. So, you know, those are extra things that go above and beyond, you know, the monthly rent and bills, which we, you know, that’s kind of the basics of what we try to help with. So I’m greatly appreciated specifically for all your viewers. And then I do have another cute little update, just because your viewers were the ones that helped the most with this. But I had gotten some special notes from that pastor friend of mine, he’s, he’s very old. But he’s so cute. He’s been doing ministry, I think they said his family said close to 60 years on the Indian reservations. And they’re trying to get him to settle down and retire. Because, you know, he’s up there in years, but he just won’t quit. And he was so thankful for all the gifts that we had sent the past, you know, few months, this last year. And so he kept sending me all these letters around Christmas time, repeating, you know, thank you, thank you so much. And then he’d have these cute little notes with it, and just how meaningful it was to him. And he would write me everything that he bought with that money, because his house had burned down, get into a new new trailer and stuff. And then had to buy furniture and everything new. So he was really excited to be able to do that, and so thankful. And, you know, so I thought I’d share that update, because that was a pretty fun one.

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Now, you said he’s How old is he?

Jessie Czebotar 7:23
He is in his 90s

David Zublick 7:25
that is old. Okay, okay. Yeah. 65, I was gonna say, Well, I’m 65. And

Jessie Czebotar 7:34
he is in his 90. So imagine, like having everything upheaved you know, at that age and losing everything that you’ve had for generations, you know, not having, because he’s always just lived very, like, you know, I’ve known him since I was, I think I was probably around 810. When I first met him, somewhere in there, and multiple times a year, we would always go in and help do ministry at his church, when he did events, and we’d help do like the outreaches and puppet shows and clowning. And he just was always such a sweet, humble person. And I remember, you know, we’d be up there doing puppet shows, and he would just be sitting there crying. Like he was a very quiet person, but he would be so moved by kids participating in ministry. So, you know, he’s been a longtime friend since I was really young.

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Well, I’m glad that things are turning around for him after especially having gone through that, and we’ll keep him on our prayers. One of the things I want to remind my viewers to, is the fact that, you know, you get hit up by everybody and his brother during the holiday season on or about from Thanksgiving up through the end of the year for donations. And people are very generous and very kind and very giving. But they don’t realize that the needs go on all year long. And usually what happens is wait after the first of the year, nobody is really in your face with requests and needs. But it’s not that those needs have gone away. It’s just that for some reason, the impetus to put that stuff out there that people need help, for some reason is missing. This is an opportunity for you the viewer to help Jessie’s people out by remembering that even though it’s January, now we’re into the coldest part of the year. And this is when people really need food, shelter, clothing, warmth, heat, you know, that can help with heating bills or providing them with a heater of transportation, anything that you can do. Why don’t you give that that address out that people can send donations to and how they can specifically say where that they want that have money to go

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absolutely. Please send to illuminate the darkness peel box 10 443 Fargo, North Dakota five a 106. And it’s helpful if you you know, if you have a certain area you want that donation to go to, please make sure you label it a veteran’s champions, survivors. If you want to spend send a special gift to a little pastor friend of mine, you can label that Pastor Lonnie. But most of our needs right now are really with the veterans and the champions, and the survivor. So, you know, we just tried to, again, provide those basics, you know, everybody deserves to have, you know, their housing, they deserve to have food, household things, and they deserve help with their utility bills. So you know, that’s what we help come alongside them for. So.

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Very good. I will give that address out again at the conclusion of today’s show. Yes, very important, very important.

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One more because he is in today, but let me see if I can send you the Gibson gold link. Timothy, Charles Home, Seth has put up. I’ve had it up on my Twitter and stuff and can repost it there today as well. But he has put up a Gibson go in his war against the weaponization of the justice system in the military and stuff. So if people can please help donate for that, that I think is going for his costs as he’s bringing this stuff forward in what we’re going to talk about today. So I’ll give you that. That link that you can maybe put up today.

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I would love to, that’d be that’d be absolutely fantastic. There you go. It’s emailed your way. Alright, sounds great. So we will definitely get that out there and put that out in front of the people so that they can help him out because there isn’t a more credible reporter, in my view, than Timothy Charles Home says, and of course, that link is Gibson, weaponized federal government. So if you want to, to contribute again, give him weaponize federal government, we’ll put that in the description of this video. Now, a couple of blockbuster stories that he’s broken even in recent days. Let’s get to those first. And then any other news afterwards. This is really a huge one. us judge sealed records of the federal government torturing, raping and murdering children in medical experiments. Tell us about this. Just

Jessie Czebotar 13:00
hold that one up. Yeah, so yeah, I’m just gonna read it straight. So Timothy put that out January 21 24th, of 2023. And he’s got a picture there of Adrian Wells, who is a another childhood witness against stuff with the military. But it says by the Pentagon pedophile Task Force on January 24 2023, records of crimes against humanity and inhumane medical experiments on children connected to Ukraine going back as far as 1983. Now remember, that whole timeframe is the big timeframe that I’ve learned as well from 1981 to 1987. With specific experiments and projects, you know, or specific events with the buying, selling and trading of children in 1984. So it says appeared to have been hidden from the world. So there’s these are records that have been hidden. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Documents sealed by the US judge Eric C. Tao stryd In Minnesota, contain details of alleged war crimes committed against children, who were used for inhumane medical experiments, rape, torture, murder and cannibalism. Here’s what we know so far. Court records never be foreseen by the American public detail eyewitness accounts from victims who described being subjected to unspeakable torture as part of the experiments by the US military as well as foreign military of US allies. Preliminary journalistic investigation has revealed the US court in explicitly sealed motions, affidavits and evidence filed by former Buda judge pertaining to US special forces and federal agents who traffic children in and out of the US military bases and around the world. Eyewitness testimony we have identified thus far come from Adrienne John Wells out of Australia. Jessie Marie Czebotar, USA, and Tracy Joe Remington, USA. Some of the testimony details infant rape porn created and peddled on the dark web by the Clinton Foundation. Expanded journalistic investigation not connected to the Minnesota Court file, detail heinous crimes against humanity by the CIA and US military against child victim John Hillary Hanley out of California. Evidence of unspeakable atrocities committed upon John Hanley by Nazi Dr. Luigi Jolin West, and by US special forces at Coronado military base. were turned over to US Secret Service Agent David Lester straight, who said he was serving on three presidential commissions under Trump, including human trafficking, judicial corruption, SpaceForce and reporting to Joint Special Operations Command straight said he viewed videos by former vice president Michael pence raping a little boy evidence eventually emerged that indicated straight I guess I’m gonna choose not to read that section right now. Well, I guess we’ll read it as it is. Eventually, evidence emerged that indicated Straight is human trafficker foreign agent and a spy. Conspiracy at the highest levels of government evidence shows there may be a conspiracy at the highest levels of the federal government to conspire with foreign powers to suppress the evidence and assassinate all the witnesses. That conspiracy some of which is detailed in the federal RICO claim home stuff versus page at all. 322 C. V as in Victor 00912, Tennessee, shows the operations may involve retired General Michael Flynn and others. Then it goes into some of the things about Adrienne John Wells and show some of the evidences it says well, wells names his traffickers who he said raped and tortured him and used him in medical experiences, or sorry experiments, which included the weaponization of a child Wells is able to provide specific details of top secret government programs and area 51. And the evidence is given there

Unknown Speaker 18:10
and then right now.

Jessie Czebotar 18:14
So that says General David John Hurley Australian Army year of active duty 1983 He says I got kidnapped by Australian Defense Department. Madness of men in the army will never make sense to the strategy he planned. Area 51 USA. We entered illegally by memory with the American citizen, a US Army soldier and he gives the name in 1983 through 1984. I was the only I was only four and a half years old yet still expected by rough men to pay attention to the situation. When I did meet US AF staff on site at Area 51 USA. We’re in the months October to December 1983 Tacit Blue Whale test spy plane during my stay at Area 51 USA David John Hurley, Army Officer of Royal Military College Dunton AC T. Your of 1983 we covered the United States of America as he shared Secret Intelligence Service Information, also known as cyber futures 911 In the year of the active duty 1983 Already an active duty service in that cybersecurity intelligence service departments have five eyes spy agency. So he’s saying that four and a half that he literally was part of cybersecurity intelligence services. Right. We came from Australia I was enlisted as Major General Security Intelligence clearance at age four Are my master dragging me around the world like a rag doll? David John Hurley commanding officer of the child existence within secret synthetic biology, telepathy Security Intelligence Service. head of the CIA, William Casey, I believe ended up granting authorized security clearance for David Hurley army officer and Australian child to enter military underground facilities in the United States of America for research inspection. So, you know, it gets it gets deeper, you know, he says CIA torture arrangements by Michael Flynn, US Army soldier of 1984 for CIA secret service agent, well said and documents found online. He also recalled being raped in a bed that may have been in the New York apartment of Senator Joe Biden. The evidence is given there. The US court action has a plea for help by a targeted judge who it was and isn’t hiding from SEAL Team Six operative. That’s trout. What is it? How stryd out of Minnesota federal court action being investigated, was originally initiated by Randy Lynn Erickson in Minnesota. After Erickson and Timothy Charles Holmseth received threats of kidnap and murder from former Navy SEALs, cartel operatives and federal agents including ominous messages from retired US Navy Vice Admiral Charles W. Moore, or contacted Holmseth and said he was close with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, retired General Michael Flynn and President Trump and told him set to stop his news reporting tower stryd also sealed and refuse to hear a motion filed by Ericsson wherein Ericsson filed a motion to declare status of military special operators. This is a developing story.

David Zublick 22:17
Wow, this is this is this is bombshell, let’s go over it with your permission piece by piece as we go paragraph by paragraph because this is this is huge, basically, that there was a boy who was what four and a half years old at the time in the early 1980s. Correct? Correct. Okay. And he was he was being utilized for what I would assume that he have some some sort of special powers.

Jessie Czebotar 22:48
I believe, you know, it’s, it’s under the military project. So he has detailed his story. I believe Chantelle still has it up. I think he’s spoken at least twice on Chantelle’s show where he goes into the details of of what exactly happened to him. But from some of this, it says research technology of NASA with the N ro National Reconnaissance Office, my brain and skull was used in secret DOD. So the DoD is also their secret experiments, programs and projects is also what I was engaged in right there secret DoD cyber warfare to create an inter content to nantel ballistic missile, false alarm in 1983, where the USSR had been tricked by advanced research technology in NASA satellite technology been tested via my brain in SIGINT. Now I’m gonna tell you this sounds very similar to to my specific project, but with a few differences. I know that I didn’t receive any we’ll say, you know, special devices or implants or things like that in my brain. But what the projects they were doing with the voice of God project was that they were teaching us, you know, through different forms of remote viewing. There’s two types of remote viewing others those who, you know, their spirit separates from their body and they enter into, you know, spirit, the spirit world or spirit warfare with their spirit body, and their physical body is stored somewhere or put someplace safe so that nobody hijacks it. And then there’s those like me where my spirit doesn’t leave my body, I see everything in vision. And I see both the spirit and the physical world at the same time. So I can be somewhere, and also be seeing what’s happening in the spirit world someplace else at the same time. So I think that the difference is that if he, if he was one of the other types, where, you know, they had to access his remote viewing skills in a different way, that may have been why he had received medical implants and devices, whereas I did not. With those projects, you know, they were teaching us about the spiritual gates and how to operate those gates and open them at the same time, that did include speaking, you know, telepathically or connecting telepathically, with satellites or other things that were remote, being able to send or focus energy towards those things. And, you know, they were testing children to see how far you know, those skills could go, like, could you know, could you see what was happening in another country, were you able to send a beam of energy through, you know, a portal in the United States over to a receiving portal in another country, we know that as energy flows through portals, you lose power in that energy. So what they’re looking for are those who can somehow mark all those connecting pieces and keep that energy beam strong. So it sounds like almost like studying

David Zublick 27:01
it, forgive me for interrupting. But I just want to see if I, if I understand this, what basically is happening here is that these people who have the implants, these kids or whoever, I’m assuming adults, as well, in some cases, are basically acting like routers, for an internet connection, or like a telephone giant telephone pole, where signals are sent from the remote viewer, and where they might lose power between where they are and the destination of which there’s remote viewing. These people act as a conduit or a midway point to boost the energy signal and make sure that the the the energy can be sent forward and back. It’s kind of like and their input, they have to have physical implants inside their body in order to act as a substation if that’s the impression I’m getting.

Jessie Czebotar 27:56
Yeah, and I mean, if they’re doing this with intercontinental ballistic missiles, you know, where those children are controlling those outside of, you know, think about usually those are done on the Navy ships, the Air Force planes. But if they’re sending those having a child be able to remotely do that in a way where it’s not trackable, and nobody can tell where that missile came from. That’s pretty serious. Yeah, that’s pretty serious stuff. And, you know, it confirms that, you know, I brought out that testimony to that my training also began around that same timeframe, age four and a half. You know, some of the other connecting pieces. You know, he had Nazis also that were overseeing his programs. And I’ve talked about, you know, Michael Karkoc, who was the Legion of defense leader for Hitler will say, the Ukrainian Legion defense leader for Hitler, he was my main trainer, and it looks like, you know, this kid had that as well. And then I’ve talked about, you know, some of this therapists and, you know, the biofeedback individuals, the psychologists, that also worked along with these programs and one of the other boys here, John Henley had the same thing and Nazi doctor who was working with psychiatry there named Louis Jolin, red West, and, you know, that had connections also to the US special forces at Coronado. So, you know, there seems to be a running theme in those years that you know, I’m not the only child that this was happening to.

David Zublick 29:55
Obviously not but while I’m out now is part of this. It seems like Like this individual witnessed as you did, the children being a tortured, raped you know all of the unspeakable lies cannibalized and the biggest bombshell in this whole thing, the two biggest bombshells number one that it’s been the government records have been sealed on this, but also the people that are have been considered on the forefront of the white hat movement, namely, people like General Flynn. And according to a subsequent article, if I’m not mistaken Devin Nunez are somehow black hats, not white hats now. Can you expand on that a little bit, I mean, I realized that the newness is is not tied in with this particular thing seems to be tied in with something to happen to the state of Ohio. But these are still two good guys, allegedly. What can you tell us about these

Jessie Czebotar 31:04
is happening in Ohio, you know, we know Timothy’s case here in Tennessee is against Levi Paige, who is one of the individuals who has been, you know, part of the coordinated, organized threatening to try to silence him. And, you know, from what we know, individuals connected to Paige that are listed in that Tennessee affidavit you know, in attempts to silence Timothy and they, and Randy, they, you know, made up a fake, I’ll just call it a fake case. You know, they said that the, they were being stalked by Randy and, and Timothy, and tried to pull him into the Ohio court, when these are two individuals that their lives are on the line. They’re being threatened. They’re being hunted by, you know, military, Navy Seals and other individuals. And, you know, these people subpoena them into the Ohio family court, on this stalking case charge. You know, I’m just gonna put it out there as it is. And so, you know, there may be more to Ohio, we know that after, you know, that case that Timothy and Randy filed a countersuit. And you know, and shortly after that, there was a reports of a teacher that had been involved in a child pornography ring that got that got arrested. And somehow that seems to be connected to all of this stuff, with the individuals who are connected to that to what’s happening there in Ohio. And it really shows, you know, that there’s a weaponization. And he’s brought out in some of his other articles that, you know, that these people who have been targeting, that they are connected to individuals who are in the US military, they’re connected with certain Navy SEALs, particularly SEAL Team Six, and that there may even be some connections with foreign governments and militaries. So, you know, this is, this is pretty big stuff. You know,

David Zublick 33:43
it’s extremely, it’s extremely frightening. So, so all of these individuals who keep for example putting General Flynn or talking to I know that one individual was talking to Michael Flynn’s sister had had her on their broadcasts and that sort of thing. You know, talking about what Flynn has allegedly been doing to help in this effort to restore a nation which is under this false government right now this this. What do you want to call it shadow government control? Flynn is not a good guy in this is that what you’re saying?

Jessie Czebotar 34:27
I believe that that still needs to be investigated. I think right here. Let me look for the line. I think that this right here is what should scare more most people. I fully believe that Flynn, you know, say like for the past few years. We know that Flynn General Milley others were working with Trump and I Do believe that they were participating in, you know, the good military going through the underground and rescuing kids? Right. You know, I have it straight from the horse’s mouth that you know that the number of children in the United States that were rescued through those bases was 400,000. And that was this was last September. Worldwide, I was told that it was 1.7 5 million children that were rescued. You know, what are some of the evidences that that have been brought forward? You know, there’s the wall with the handprints. Lots of other evidences, I’ll just say, as they went through, you know, with these believes, rescues, there’s evidences of, of the crimes that are being committed to those children. You know, evidences of these programs that are in operations, that it says that evidence shows there may be a conspiracy, at the highest levels of the feather, federal government, to conspire with foreign powers, to suppress the evidence that’s important to suppress the evidence and assassinate all witnesses. That’s where I think right now, we need to question the people that we’re talking about, what is their involvement in that suppression of the evidence? And were they doing things, you know, setting things up are things that we see them putting in motion now? You know, we really can’t talk about it here. But, you know, David, you and I know, there were some further things going on with that individual, and his sister, and there was some shady stuff, and there was some, you know, decisions that that were made in connection to that. But, you know, what is their purpose all along, to use that as a way to suppress evidence to, you know, take down and, you know, maybe put people in positions where they could easily take them out, and, and not have that witness against themselves or against the truth? That, you know, the about the crimes with the US military. So, you know, whether, I guess, you know, we can’t assume the intentions and people’s hearts. Right, but we have to fully ask, you know, this really is not an act towards the, you, US citizens, you know, they’re really not acting on our behalf. If, you know, we get to that point where they go through, they use information to help them, you know, move shift or change things up. But then, you know, they really suppress the truth and that never gets to come out or come towards justice. That’s an, you know, that cover up, is it even bigger injustice than the initial crime?

David Zublick 38:33
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that’s so so perhaps somehow these individuals are involved in the cover up of these crimes, as opposed to being directly involved in the crimes themselves. But

Jessie Czebotar 38:47
it’s an ongoing investigation

David Zublick 38:51
by the great by by one of the probably the greatest reporters of our time, who’s very underestimated and undervalued by by a lot of people within the journalistic and of course, he, his life has been threatened. He’s on the run constantly. So again, I want to let me give that gives him Again, gifts And, of course, we’ll put this in the, again, the description of today’s program gives him, forward slash weaponized federal government, you’re going to want to check that out and contribute to a Timothy Charles Home set. They’re very important.

Jessie Czebotar 39:29
You want to help the survivors you want to help the whistleblowers. I help those who are seeking justice, for the truth to come out. You know, this is your chance to help with that. And, you know, it really is for many of us, you know, every day is a matter of life and death. You know, we’re risking everything to bring forward to fight, to even have to fight for art for proofs and evidences in the court. You know, it’s crazy, you know. So, you know, there’s hardly any as there is that we can get a hold of, but this is huge, you know, this is huge, we’ve had to fight at the very top to secure our evidences, which, you know, much of it with that millet with the military was put under different types of, you know, classified information or national security. And it’s considered treason, you know, to to make it public but we are asking for all of it. We’re asking for the pictures, we’re asking for the, you know, unredacted or unchanged reports, we’ve talked about how, you know, they would have to reports, the real reports they had filed at the transformation project, which is a building that has a project name, so literally, it has no, you know, accountability, there’s nobody auditing that in the US government. So that’s where they were hiding a lot of these pictures and true project reports that included the children, and then, you know, these different programs, they would turn in to, you know, the government a foe report, where they would use the term potential a lot, which was their term for children, and, you know, make it seem like it was something that it wasn’t. And, you know, so it’s time for all of that to come out and, you know, be revealed in full. So the American people understand the vastness of the crimes that were being committed to children, by the military and our government all the way. You know, it, it goes, I’m sure it goes even far before World War Two, but from World War Two on, you have several generations of survivors that have had to endure these horrific crimes and experiments.

David Zublick 42:18
For all we know, it could have been going on even prior to World War Two, it could have been going on another thing I want to just to see if there’s any possible tie into this, we know about, you know, when they raided Donald Trump’s home and took some documents from him. And I had speculated that some of the documents that had been taken from his home were information that he had that you had supplied to the former president, implicating a lot of these people in the horrific crimes that they that they’re now being accused of. And then we find out that Joe Biden has documents in his garage classified documents in his home in his former office when he was vice president. Now we’re seeing that Vice President, former Vice President Pence has had documents all of a sudden surfaces that are allegedly classified. I guess the question, the two questions that I would ask are, number one, do you believe that the documents that are in question regarding both Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence are in any way related to what we’re talking about here in could, the impetus for searching Joe Biden’s home and office and in the situation with Mike Pence have been what was in the documents taken from Trump’s home? In other words, could this have pointed the finger at pence and Biden?

Jessie Czebotar 43:55
I’m gonna say it I’m gonna say gently, we’re gonna kind of joke a little bit but um, you know, let’s clarify first that Timothy put up, somebody had asked if for the article that we just went through if the evidence and if you know, the information, there was the stuff taken from Mara Lago and he put up a very clear statement and said, No, so what he’s talking about in that article is more. You know, he’s talking about the sealed Minnesota documents and evidences affidavits and other things that have not been seen yet by the public. Okay, so it that’s different. But we do have to ask what happened all those papers that were taken from Mar a Lago? i It is my personal belief that it did include some of my affidavits because I had

David Zublick 44:58
it had and If nothing else, additional evidence on top of whatever else, they have some of what? And head over and included

Jessie Czebotar 45:07
it. I don’t think it’s like all inclusive just my stuff. I mean, I think that there was other stuff that they were gathering, taking. And, you know, because you have to ask like, after all these years, why suddenly like, is it just popping up out in the forefront? And, you know, what, what’s really behind it? And, you know, I wouldn’t put it past them because we know that DRO law firm, after they put up, you know, made the unsealed unlawfully unsealed those documents out of the Minnesota Court. What did they do, they published on the record on Pacer, and then it, you know, YouTube creators got a hold of it, and begin to publish it online. You know, and we know, in their publishing, they directly say, you know, and I’m paraphrasing their words, but, you know, basically, well, let’s call these people named, you know, they said they were calling pence, he’s one of the people all of a sudden, it’s got things documents at his house, right? And think about, you know, if

David Zublick 46:20
the news stories would let you lead you to believe that Pence discovered his own classifier, oh, I just got my got some documents in my house.

Jessie Czebotar 46:30
Right, they just, maybe they’re connected to those sealed documents from our log, you know, who knows, but oh, it may be they were supplied to him, David will give a little extra credit to these publishers. Maybe they supplied him with copies of those documents. And then he realized, Oh, crap, I have these unsealed documents that guess what, they’re matters of national security. supplied to me by YouTube creators. Thank you very much. You know, we’re joking, because we don’t really know the full extent. But I would laugh if that is indeed what happened. And you know, what happens to these people who made copies of these documents and distributed us to try to, you know, harass, targeted, coordinated threats at at whistleblowers and witnesses, you know, what happens to all of those documents that they that they may be published where they shouldn’t have?

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Yeah, yeah, no.

Jessie Czebotar 47:43
So how many people who are named in my affidavits? Did they supply copies to you know, that’s something just on a personal note, I’d be interested in knowing. You know, I saw Devin Nunez had a fire at his house, or one of his houses. I mean, what’s he doing with that burning documents? I mean, come on people. Like maybe he’s placed diamonds or something, because he’s not getting his supplies from the Vatican. I don’t know. About that, but

David Zublick 48:18
I have to laugh to the you know, this thing here, about pants. You know, it’s interesting, we remember when he came out. And a big deal was made over the fact that he said he would never be alone in a room with a woman other than his wife at dinner. But I guess he wouldn’t have a problem being alone with a little boy. Because it looks like he might have according to straight view. He viewed videos of former vice

Jessie Czebotar 48:54
boys. Yes, as he viewed that, and we know that that is, you know, many politicians are blackmailed. So, you know, we don’t know, yet the full extent of that evidence. I have heard from other situations, or even, you know, my own experience that you know, that there are other ‘s who have witnessed him engaging in you know, opposite sexual encounters, you know, dealing with magic and stuff like that. So, there is a possibility that, you know, I, I’ll just say I personally, you know, believe that he engages in that stuff outside of blackmail. So

David Zublick 49:46
yeah, we’ve said it, okay. All right, let’s real quickly, just a couple of other quick headlines. I would like to just get your take on just these crazy A California pediatrician argues that cutting the breasts off for teenage girls is no big deal. us to host the largest ever satanic gathering that is coming up real soon to you probably heard about this as the Satanic Temple is announced on social media that Satan con Satan con 2023 will take place at the end of April, in Boston, Massachusetts, dubbed the largest satanic gathering in history, anything about that?

Jessie Czebotar 50:30
Yeah, I mean, it’s gonna be pretty big. I’ve heard so

Unknown Speaker 50:36
I know you won’t be there.

Jessie Czebotar 50:38
I was offered, I was nicely extended the invitation. So I will thank them for that invitation. I had to decline this year. But I do, you know, I really care about the people who are there, there’s a lot of them that, you know, I’ve gotten to know throughout the years, and I do care about those individuals. But you know, the way it’s sounding there, you know, it looks like things are really heating up, you have, you know, if you follow kind of that argument, looks like there’s going to be several Christian pastors who are gathering together to go against that.

David Zublick 51:17
You might be anointing that land and sprinkling the anointing oil on there. And

Jessie Czebotar 51:24
while I was there, I could have some jolly good fun with that, but we Yeah, you know, it sounds like some pastors are going to be they’re going against it, you know, I kind of always have taken that route of, you know, you have to look at the whole situation. And, you know, building relationships, I do more of, you know, getting to know, people, I don’t know, if, you know, just targeting and, you know, protesting against an event is really going to impact or make a difference, or make these individuals change their worldview. So to me, you know, I’m not saying that people who are doing that are wrong, I’m just saying that that may not be the most effective strategy to deal with the solutions that they are to get the solutions that they want to get. What are the big? Yeah, I mean, the big things that they’re going against are that, you know, the, the satanists trying to have a voice in the schools and in the local councils, because that’s what T S T stands for, as well, as you know, they’re adamant fight for abortion rights. So that’s really what the Christians are coming against them for. You know, to me, protests never seem to be something that really make a huge difference to impact those things. You know, you really got to get into the fight more meaning that, you know, if you don’t want the, you know, the abortion rights in your local area, you have to be getting involved in the government yourself, you have to really be working with the laws, the legislators, the senators, you know, that’s where you need to make that impact. You also need to be connecting at the schools, you know, connecting with the girls connecting at the hospitals, where abortions are going to happen or at the clinics. You know, so I don’t know that one protest really makes a huge difference. But yeah, that’s kind of what’s going on there. I think so.

David Zublick 53:45
Any other quick news items that you want to bring to our viewers attention?

Jessie Czebotar 53:52
Um, I did a really great Yeah, we had a, I had a great decode with David Nino Rodriguez, which is up on rumble now that dealt with the Vanity Fair. Madonna pictures. Did you happen to see those?

Unknown Speaker 54:09
Yes, I did. I’m ashamed to say.

Jessie Czebotar 54:13
So. Yeah. So did you get to watch the decode yet?

David Zublick 54:17
No, I did not. I will, though, check it out. For sure. Yeah, you’ll

Jessie Czebotar 54:20
have to check that out. So basically, it’s really a simple decode. But she’s sending out messages about three feasts that are coming up the feasts of suffering in the month of February. They’re on in the on the third on the 11th. And on the 14th. So three distinct days that the Jesuit Catholic Church celebrates those fees. But there’s much much more. You know, from things that are in the pictures, there are things that were similar to what I went through as a child and experience. And so I would propose that actually we’ve got Grand High Priest commissioning is coming up this month in February. And Madonna so graciously informs us as to where those ceremonies are going to be happening. Yes. So we put those we put that out and you know, she

David Zublick 55:18
actually canceled her bio. She cancelled her movie about her biography right or her life story.

Jessie Czebotar 55:25
I just don’t you know, I gotta be honest, David. I I don’t believe it’s her. It’s not Madonna, whoever’s masquerading as her right now, but it’s not her. Okay.

David Zublick 55:37
Maria Medina has left the building.

Jessie Czebotar 55:40
I do. Yeah. I just don’t think that sir. And okay. You know, I was a huge fan as a kid man. I had to fight with some of my older relatives, you know, over and they’d come home and it was Sesame Street versus MTV. MTV, but only if she was watching Madonna or Cyndi Lauper was my favorite. I would settle for Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. But so I grew up watching Madonna quite a lot and was a huge, you know, fan of her music in the 80s and stuff. And I’m telling you this this one, the posture is all wrong. The movements the body. Yeah. But it’s not it’s just not

David Zublick 56:34
keen insight. Once again, why don’t you give out that address where people can send donations to all the people who need our help?

Jessie Czebotar 56:43
Yes, so that’d be eliminate the darkness doc. Sorry, just eliminate the darkness peel box 10 443. Fargo, North Dakota 58106.

David Zublick 56:55
Very good. And we will make sure that we post that address along with the link to Timothy Charles Home says give sand account. Please contribute as generously as you can, folks. And we appreciate it. And of course, Jesse, you will be back with us again next week, I would assume. Yes. Well, we look forward to talking to you. Thank you so much for being with the program. We love you. Love you too. Bye bye. Jesse’s a border illuminate the darkness that come Kingdom living with Sign up to watch her shows on there as well. And of course, please contribute generously to the causes that she is involved in. People need our help. And we you know, we want to make sure that as many people as possible, get that help again, to reiterate the top story that we’re talking about here today huge information. us judge has sealed records of the federal government torturing, raping and murdering children in medical experiments at Area 51 Including people at the highest levels, like former Vice President Mike Pence, and perhaps involved in the cover up of this job General Michael Flynn, Devin Nunez and many others. So this is a huge bit of information folks and stuff that you are probably not going to hear any place else you only get to hear on the dark outpost inner circle. So those of you that are members, please renew your membership now because we have lowered the price back to the original $29.99 For a limited time to the end of February. So please renew your membership before it goes up. Those of you who are not members but who are watching this on paper have you sign up today at dark apples that TV and get that price of $29.99 For a limited time only. That is going to do it for this edition of The Dark outpost inner circle. Thank you for watching and thank you for listening Zubik

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