10 Feb 2023

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Intruder alert.

David Zublick  2:08
Greetings everyone I see you have found your way to the dark outpost inner circle and excursion to the darkest outposts of the human mind. And beyond welcome members and visitors. I’m David zoo Blake, thank you for being with us today. We have a great show coming up for you today. Jesse, the voter of illuminate the darkness and kingdom living with Jessie will be with us in just a moment to talk about more bombshell information they teach keeps coming out of the great reporter Timothy, Charles Home, Seth, and so much more. We got a lot to talk about today. Hope you can stick around for the next hour. Let me set this up a little bit before we bring Jesse in by saying that. Back on the 10th of January of this year, there was a new committee set up the United States House Judiciary select Subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. Now this is a select subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee created by the house on January the 10th. As I said of this year now, it was established to investigate alleged abuses by federal authority including collusion between federal agencies, for example, in the private sector working together to damage people’s reputation go after them personally, to suppress conservative viewpoints. It’s also about ongoing criminal investigations. The chairman of the subcommittee is none other than Jim Jordan, who also chairs the Judiciary Committee. So this should be a fascinating committee investigating attacks by the government using their authority and their power to go after ordinary people in a form that is scorched earth, shall we say? According to reporter Timothy Charles Home, Seth, there are going to be several people testifying before that subcommittee and one of them may be our own Jesse Sobota. So let’s bring her in to the mix here and say Jessie, welcome back to the show. Glad to have you with us. How are you?

Jessie Czebotar  4:36
Yeah, Kevin. Good, David. So I’ve been busy, lots of shenanigans across several states.

David Zublick  4:42
I I’ve been hearing about some of these shenanigans. And I love the way you cryptically send me information. I think it was was the headline that Timothy used in his in his little article or something about like, threw her to the grave line or something is happening or something along that line. And you kind of like we sent that to me. So that’s what I’m here. So before we before we get to that that’s the meat and potatoes of our conversation today. But kind of give us an update first of all, what’s going on in with illuminate the darkness and with Kingdom living with Jessie and those people who need our help right now, let’s start with that.

Jessie Czebotar  5:23
Absolutely, you know, we we always have a lot of needs. But our ministry and my passion really is about serving those who, you know, have either been veterans are whistleblowers, or survivors who are going against high level members of the Brotherhood system in the military, like I myself am. So you know, every person deserves to have their rent, their bills, their household items, their groceries, and emergency needs, taken care of. So that really is our focus with illuminate the darkness is helping those people to have what they need just to survive. We do have many needs right now. We have a veteran that had a vehicle repair, for about $1,450, we have another veteran who has a monthly need of about 1200 a month, we have a survivor who has a monthly need of about 1000 a month. And we have several champions, you know, needs always vary for some of these people. So anything any little bit helps, and you know, I love this audience, because, you know, really, they’ve been the backbone of this ministry. And I know there’s a lot of people, they just give what they can, whether it’s, you know, $1, whether it’s $10, whether it’s more, every little bit helps us as we put it all together to meet these needs each month. So a special thank you for everybody who has been helping and who continues to help, you know, we really are the lifeline for many of these people that we’re supporting. So, you know, let’s keep being that lifeline. With that said, you know, as we begin to talk about the weaponization, we know, you know, our favorite journalists, Timothy Charles Holmes said he has needs to be able to bring the information that he has before the courts, he has a GoFundMe that we gave out last week. So if people could continue to give to that, that helps in this fight. You know, as things shift to, we’ll say, a legal level where testimonies are getting into the court. So just anything anybody can give us appreciated.

David Zublick  7:45
You know, it is people like Tim, that are bringing this information to the forefront. And he is a very brave individual, not afraid to take on government, big corporations, of politicians, criminals of every stripe, and to defend those like yourself, who are bringing, you know, helping to get this message out there. You have been so instrumental in your mission, first coming out and on programs such as this one another’s, talking about the things that happened to you growing up in the system, and what you went through. And now when people have attacked you, and your credibility coming forth with the documentation, releasing this information proving it is 100% true. And now it sounds like the next step in this process is about to take place. Is there a possibility as Timothy has written that you’re going to be testifying before Congress?

Jessie Czebotar  8:52
There Absolutely. Is that possibility, and I do I need a lot of help with that right now. I’m going to be trying to start a petition so that I can go before Congress. So I encourage people for two things, watch for that petition going up. Number two, you can reach out and contact Jim Jordan, and let him know that you want to hear my testimony before Congress. So I know Timothy I was trying to look which article it was that he had. One of them he had put the link there that gave the link to the website. So you could email Jim Jordan, and let him know that you want to hear my testimony before Congress. So I’ll get I’ll look through through and find that again for you David, and then we can make sure we add that in.

David Zublick  9:47

Absolutely. I’ve got it right here. I got it right here. Praise So if you just go to that, I mean there’s it’s a little bit longer, because he takes your right to the contact form. But if you go to, which is United States Congressman Jim Jordans official website, his congressional website, there is a link to contact him. If you go to that contact page, you can send you know, fill out your, your name, address, whatever information is asked then, of course, he represents Ohio’s fourth district. But even if you’re not in his district, it’s important that you get out there because this is not about raising campaign money right now. And of course, even you can you can contribute to I’ve got a guest that appears regularly on the program is currently running for City Commission in Miami and she, you’re able to contribute to $1,000 to these people’s campaigns. Jim is not asking for that right now. He wants people to come forward and say, Look, how is the government abusing their privilege? Show us what they have done to you, to someone you love to someone you work with? Are you a whistleblower who’s been targeted by the government for coming forward. And this is what Jesse, this is what Jesse, this is what you are, you are a whistleblower. And of course, you have become the target of your detractors. And this is what Jordan is trying to fight. So anyone, whether they’re in his district or not, if you’re not in the state of Ohio, please contact And, you know, saying that, we want to hear from Jesse’s a boater. And if you have any information at all, you know, from Jesse’s website, whether it’s Kingdom living with Jesse, the many videos that she’s done, the many shows she’s been on, let him know, please take a look at these put the links in there. Let him take a look at these interviews that she’s done. See how credible she really is, and that she needs to be heard. So I recommend that.

Jessie Czebotar  12:03

Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, there’s, I just the other thing I really need is a lot of prayer, because it’s it really is a hand to hand fight right now, trying to get the testimonies heard, you know, in Congress and in the courts. So, you know, pray because that, you know, that battle is it’s just so intense, you know, and this is a stage where really no one has ever been before. You know, trying to bring their testimony against the Luciferian Brotherhood and the connections with that to our government and to our military. So, you know, pray as I go against that, and as you know, Timothy and others are standing firm against that as well. And, you know, more than ever, we need people to come alongside and help support. One of the biggest ways you can do that is by sharing the information, keep it going. Because the enemy is literally trying to stop, you know, stop me from putting it out on shows stop me from putting it out on Twitter or to social or other social media sites. So I need people to help keep that information going.

David Zublick  13:18

Now, according to Timothy’s article, he said, I can confirm Randy Lynn Erickson, retained attorney Steven s. This, too, from Virginia to represent you and US District Court for multiple issues, including a RICO action can you get in? I know there’s probably certain things because of legal considerations you cannot talk about. We certainly are not going to ask you to talk about anything you can’t discuss. attorney client privilege, that sort of thing. But can you give us a brief overview of what that’s about there?

Jessie Czebotar  13:53

Yeah, you know, what Timothy Holmseth is putting out is is the crux of the issue, that as a child victim of this Luciferian Brotherhood and the US government and military, they are doing everything within their ability to prevent my testimony from coming forward. And there has been so much denial of due process that it is ridiculous. Any individual who has experienced you know, we’ll just say severe forms of trauma, abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking. You know, satanic ritual abuse. Anyone who has seen crimes committed against children or against humanity. Our voice has the right to come forward and tell our story. We have the right to, you know, ask people to help step in and intervene and to make sure that Did you know these generational abuses are not continuing into the next generation.  And that’s really where my, you know, my passion is, is that I don’t desire any child to experience even one aspect or one part of the types of abuse that I experienced as a kid, and it needs to stop. So, you know, the question really is where or when is it going to stop? We need due process to be working in order to get this to stop.

So you know, it’s absolutely true with Timothy’s saying that yes, he’s confirming I did have or will say Randy did secure a lawyer for me to represent me and my my affidavits. My case, my evidence is this is not the first one, David. And, you know, we’ve talked about some of the other ones that, you know, these affidavits are in several courts. They’re sealed in the Minnesota courts were, you know, Droel law firm, and others those they were representing broke notary and affidavit seal, in order to view and read those affidavits. Not just mine, but the other witnesses as well. After they did that they began to publish. First they published—on the record, I was not in that courthouse, I did not give permissions to that law firm to you. You know, so you have to ask, you know, why has nobody been held accountable for that crime? After they published it on the, you know, records, immediately, it was picked up by YouTube creators who began to publish it online. Not only do they begin to publish the names of individuals that I have named, and the crimes that I was accusing them of, particularly satanic ritual, trafficking, sexual exploitation, torture, rape, and cannibalism, but then they begin to call those high level politicians and US military individuals, and notify them that I had set those things about them, and that I had an affidavit against them.

You know, I believe that they have sent those affidavits to individuals or pieces, so that they could see it. So distributing besides publishing. Then they went ahead and began to call victims that I have named as well. Now, you know, so I guess with all that said, the due process has, hasn’t just been denied me, it’s been denied every single individual, whether they were a perpetrator named, or a victim named, you know, so this has to be corrected. On top of that we have, you know, there’s individuals within I’ll just say, that whole situation, who are currently in unsafe situations, they still are connected to the Brotherhood system. Some of those individuals are children, you know, so really, it’s endangering people, it’s making it so that, you know, children cannot be brought out of that darkness. And it puts their lives in danger as well as the lives of their family members. You know, so that’s part of the problem. But then it’s continued because it wasn’t just the Minnesota courts, you know, a lawyer being retained, and then all of a sudden, he has a conflict of interest after many months of holding, you know, being retained. You know, that’s a denial of rights. Then you have the Tennessee courts where things are there. You also have, you know, the Florida courts where things are being held in the Rico and the crimes against humanity cases. So, you know, Where is justice going to prevail? And, you know, I’m fighting right now. You know, I am definitely walking forward pursuing being heard before Congress. I’m fighting to get, you know, my testimony to bring out my charges and claims in the courts as well. So, we just need to, I need lots of prayer for that. Your eyes on my pages as well as Timothy Charles Holmseth. Okay. As you know, he’ll be the one putting out anything at or putting out the updates as, as things progress. So

David Zublick  20:09

it’s interesting that you know, again, this, this not only puts your life in danger again, it puts the endanger the lives of everyone who’s ever been a victim. And it also gives what these people have done is also given the perpetrators of this a heads up to, to prepare for some put up some wall of defense, as phony as it may be some alibi, some whatever it takes with corroborating witnesses, and blah, blah, blah, to make it look like this is some sort of these are trumped up charges, when in fact, they really did occur. Now we know that you were in

Jessie Czebotar  20:50

it’s worse than that, David, I haven’t even been able to get protection orders, right, either from the courthouse or, you know, when I’ve made calls, you know, it’s the courthouse I’ve attempted to call military Jags to ask for some of those things I’ve attempted to call the courthouses. You know, I was passed around to eight different people who could not give me the policy, the procedure or the forms for requesting, you know, protection orders? And it’s like, isn’t there a process? You know, I have everything that I need to show that, yes, I need protection. But I couldn’t even get through to somebody who could walk me through the process. And that included outside people’s to, you know, I even went to some women’s shelters and some of those advocate groups and said, How would I go about getting this? And those are the people who do those things every day. So I have to ask, you know, is it is it my name is my name already, on a blacklist, where anybody I call to try to get help, is literally going to deny me that help. You know, when I was getting tossed around, it was surprising that all of a sudden, the phone was not working, that people couldn’t hear me or I couldn’t hear them. It was scratchy. You know, I would leave messages people do not call me back. If I call again. They’re like, Let me transfer you. So you know, I have to ask, have they already blacklisted My name within a system? Where nobody will help me?

David Zublick  22:40

Why do you think people who have been in the same situation you have been and some of you know many of whom you know, and women shelters, for example? Would not what could have possibly happened to them with a threatened with a blackmail, where they bribed to keep their mouth shut with a promise some sort of relief for the trauma that they went through some some sort of payment to keep their mouths shut? Or? Or what do you think is the reason that you can understand the law enforcement agencies, you can understand the judicial system turning their backs on you, you can understand politicians turning their backs on you, because some of them are probably going to be named and what you’re going to be talking about, but, but why the victims themselves? Why can’t you get help from these people? Right?

Jessie Czebotar  23:30

I don’t have an answer to that, you know, that’s part of the question is why? You know, and, and with all everything that I have, you know, you have to wonder how much more difficult is it for those who are literally escaping with nothing? You know, how hard is it really for an individual who’s trying to break free from that human trafficking or from, you know, that world of sexual exploitation? How hard is it for them to get somewhere where they’re safe, where they can tell their story, and where they can turn around and prosecute? The truth is the majority of all survivors ended up having to live underground, off grid, change their names, their identities, certainly movie

David Zublick  24:21

their prisoners for the rest of their lives. They really, they may have gotten out of quote unquote, the system, but they’re still prisoners of the system.

Jessie Czebotar  24:30

Until the next you know, they’re prisoners from one place to the next, you know, it’s just a matter of time. You know, how long can you be somewhere before somebody recognizes you, or before somebody, you know, who’s who’s really in the system turns in where your location is. And that really isn’t living our you know, our children, these children that belong to our country as well as other countries. They deserve more than that, you know, they deserve to have freedom, they deserve to not have to be afraid every day that somebody’s going to come and pull them back into that horrific system. You know, they deserve to really live to enjoy life to go out to be able to freely play outside and not have a care in the world not have to be looking over their shoulders, not having to be afraid that, you know, the people who are the safe people in their lives are all of a sudden one day gonna turn and they’re gonna find out, you know, oh, no, they really weren’t safe or good people. You know. So how do we ensure that for our children of this country?

David Zublick  25:45

That’s enough, it’s an uphill battle. Again, you know, you’ve talked about, and you have named names, some of the things you have seen, you witnessed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, direct her protector to change children to to the floor, scald them with hot water, rape them. And were upon Hillary again. And this is a lot a lot, very difficult for people to fathom and absorb. But Clinton ripped a gland out of the child’s head and ate it. This is, this is real folks. I know. It sounds like Oh, you gotta be kidding, but it’s not. And that’s what Jesse’s fighting this uphill battle,

Jessie Czebotar  26:26

let’s add some details. Because it, you know, really, things get watered down, especially in our legal system. You know, they like to kind of monetize, or, you know, make terms that are kind of patent or like, it’s almost like a stamp, like they like to put on stamped terms. You know, so So let’s put some unstamped on it today. You know, I witnessed Hillary Clinton and my proctor rape four little girls with hoses that had hot, scalding hot water running through them in a basement. What was the purpose of that? Was it just for rape and torture? No. They literally know how long it takes to stretch skin, so that they can rip and tear it apart. You know, and they were timing these things. You know, how does she get the gland out of the head? You know, it’s not impossible. And she did it with her hands. She literally use the nose, like, you know, somebody eating crab legs, removing, you know, knowing exactly where to move the cartilage to be able to access behind, you know, so these people, these aren’t just one time things that they engage in, Hillary Clinton knew exactly how to procure what she wanted to get access to. And, you know, to them, it wasn’t a little girl, you know, it was just her her meet her. It was her delicacy she was engaging in. And that’s the even sicker part is that, you know, here you have a little girl that was in pain wasn’t given drugs, you know, being ripped apart, piece by piece consumed in front of her own eyes, knowing that she’s going to die, and what is being done to help her or other children in the same situation. You know, this is more than a religion.

This literally is an organized system, a business, they make money off of these deaths. And they continue to make money off of the deaths. They do it for their own personal pleasure as well. But in my book, nobody should have the right to practice a business that commits crimes against other people on a regular basis. And it’s time that we you know, in the courts that they recognize this, that say, you know, we’re not saying every single group that claims to be satanic is connected to this Luciferian brotherhood. You know, so there are select groups that are not connected. There are select groups that have the right to claim their religion. But what we are going against is, you know, the the Luciferian brotherhood, who claims to be engaged in the religion, of Satanism of Luciferianism. You know, they get away with it because you can’t convict people for crimes of religion. The courts cannot But we need to change things we need to redefine that this brotherhood is, although they are a religion, they also are a system and a business. And we can convict businesses, we can convict systems for engaging in, you know, crimes against children, whether they be sexual exploitation. You know, cannibalism, rape, torture, satanic ritual you know. So that’s my goal is to help redefine those things so that there can be just justice and do prosecution.

David Zublick  30:44

How widespread is this?

Jessie Czebotar  30:49

This is worldwide

David Zublick  30:50

worldwide. So So So would it be almost safe to say that you if you were on, let’s say, walking down a street in any town, USA corner, your hometown, whatever it is, the chances are, you’re going to pass somebody walking in the other direction. On that same street? One of the people that you’re going to pass somehow is involved in something like this. Would that be a fair statement?

Jessie Czebotar  31:21

Absolutely. When I was a child in the 80s, and even into the 90s, I would easily say that, you know, six out of every 10 people that, you know, were in my community, my neighborhood, my city, or my state, easily six out of 10 were involved in this system.

David Zublick  31:46

Wow, that’d be that is. That’s, that’s huge. And you can see, folks, if you’re listening to Jesse here, why that makes it even a more uphill battle. It’s like, you know, when I was a kid growing up, uh, you know, we’d watch a show about someone trying to convince somebody that something is going on, and nobody would believe them. An example of that would be what is that? Oh, that movie. With Kevin. I can’t remember his name. But you know, it’s Kevin McCarthy, where he’s trying to prove that you know that their seed pods and these aliens are hatching in the scene pods and are taking over humanity because they look just like us, or television series, like the invaders where this architect is driving along a country road, sees a spacecraft land sees people get out of it that look human. And he’s trying to convince people that they’re here that they’re walking among us, and nobody believes him trying to find somebody. That’s what that’s what you’re going through is that basically Jessie, me, you got those who believe, but for the most part, were to those either people who don’t believe you, or they’re involved in it, so they have to discredit you.

Jessie Czebotar  33:00

I think that’s what it comes down to is that, you know, if they’re involved, they have to discredit, and then you got those who don’t believe and I do thankfully have some of those who do believe, but that it’s a fight to you know, have people really acknowledge the truth. Many of those who don’t believe they believe in the problems. You know, they believe that sexual exploitation is happening and trafficking, they believe that, you know, that there’s select instances of satanic ritual. You know, so they believe some of those things that they, what they struggled to really grasp is how deep how vast this system is, and that it really is not just all of these select groups, with individuals where stuff happens, but really, this is an organized, coordinated business that is in full operation worldwide.

David Zublick  34:01

Or how horrific it is, for example.

Jessie Czebotar  34:07

The other thing they don’t but grasp how how bad it is. 

David Zublick  34:10

They’ll maybe have seen I’m trying to remember the they’ve had movies on television about child prostitution, or some teenager that runs away from home and she ends up there was a movie I believe it was started George C. Scott back in the 80s called hardcore. He plays this religious father. He’s got this girl’s daughter’s like 16 or 17 she runs away from home he finds out she’s starring in pornographic movies or or you have a movie of the week on ABC about some girl that becomes a call girl and get in people say yeah, I know that goes on. I believe that there’s childcare I get but you try to tell them about people ripping people’s faces off and eating Oh, come on. That’s not happening. You know, that’s like that. They can’t fathom the reality of But so as a result, they have to say, you know, this credit union, you know, they’ll they’ll say, and they’ll throw out, not trying to sound gross here but the baby with the bathwater, because because they don’t believe the most horrific aspect of it, they decide I don’t want to hear about it at all, none of this is happening all of a sudden see.

Jessie Czebotar  35:20

Yeah, that all or nothing mentality, which, you know, that’s, that’s really rough, too. Because how do you get justice in the long run? How do you get to the place where, you know, the survivors coming out can really tell their stories, if people are struggling to, you know, even grasp the concepts that, you know, the things that the survivors are talking about are true, that it’s what they experienced. And, you know, their experience, experiences are validated through generations that, you know, that there are many survivors who have come out each generation attempting to break that code of silence into let people see into that dark secret world that has been kept secret for so long.

David Zublick  36:13

Now, there’s also this that in some cases, and I don’t know if I’ve never, I don’t think we’ve ever discussed this with you, because as far as I’m aware, from all of the discussions that we’ve had on this program in the past, you were never tell me if I’m wrong, brainwashed or mind controlled, to forget what happened to you, you always knew, right? Correct. Yes. We’re as some people who have been through the system, on top of everything else they’ve gone through their, their their memories of it have been, I don’t want to say erased because they’re never completely erased. And some people through either some sort of regression therapy or through some sort of self discovery, something triggers them, they get a memory back, and then they start doing some research, or they’ll see something on television, which sets off a memory of something that happened and the slowly begins to come back to them. But but because they were at one point, mind controlled, they’ll they’ll even be people who will say, well, she’s just making that up, she she couldn’t remember half of it. So this must be you know, something that’s in her mind. She’s schizophrenic, but mentally ill, whatever it is. So that makes it even harder for people who have had this happen to him, but who have had their mind temporarily erased, gain any credibility. You on the other hand, remember everything quite vividly how we do you know, if there was ever any attempt to erase your memory of this, as you were growing up so that you wouldn’t be in the position, you are now to speak out against us and expose these people.

Jessie Czebotar  37:55

You know, there was a lot of threats, and there certainly was that fear for both me and my training partner that they would do that. So, you know, the only way we knew how to get around that was to, you know, basically rote memory, we would, you know, go through every detail, thinking through things, you know, what happened afterwards? You know, being in the biofeedback for the experiments and projects was something that helped us, because we use some of those same tools. You know, that the interrogators, when they would ask questions, they wanted every single detail of that experience. So we would, you know, talk through those things, and, you know, just repeatedly go over memories, as we were walking tour from our training sessions or other things. Excuse me, we also would randomly ask each other questions. And those questions were meant to test. And we knew that if the other one didn’t have the answer, because we had gone over those things so many times, then we knew that the system had got to one of us. So that was some of the way that we, you know, worked through that. We also would do that with some of the other children you know, to know if they were safe or not to confide in, because any, any other person who kind of entered into our inner circle, who had been brainwashed or memory swiped was a dangerous person, because that means that they could be there, you know, collecting information.

So we had to be very careful about who we connected to and what we said. There were times that we had to act or pretend like we didn’t remember certain things. You know, there were things that I’ll just say there were times where they attempted to do some things and you know, we would You know, I was usually the stinker in that where, you know, I would sometimes play coy or, you know, tease or joke. But later, I would use it as ammo against, particularly my Proctor and the high priest Thomas Brady. You know, where I would start repeating back stuff at ill opportune moments when he didn’t want stuff repeated back. And so that’s usually how I would break to him, you know that, hey, like, whatever you tried to do didn’t work. You know, one of the things that they like to particularly use was frankincense drops, and they would use these last cinches. And so as they spoke to you, like you would start to smell the frankincense, and that was supposed to make you forget stuff. But, you know, the Lord was really good. That, you know, there were things that he allowed us to retain whether they attempted to or not, so, I never had any big of, you know, big events like where, you know, some of the other kids that I saw experienced electroshock therapy, or hypnotism, or different channels like that, to forget things. Also, there were children, I did experience this one, you know, where they would do even just the worst horrific stuff to another child. And they would tell you what the narrative was. So like, it didn’t matter what really happened, you know, they would, they would commit these horrific things, these horrific crimes, and they would say to you, you know, this is what you saw, this is what happened. And if you went along with the story, great, if you didn’t go along with the story, then more horrific things would happen. And even to the point where they would start torturing you individually.

You know, for me, a lot of times, they would stick me, I just called all these places the pit. But I’d get thrown into the pits. So it could be a grave, it could be a basement, it could be a closet somewhere. But they would, you know, if I didn’t go along with the narrative, they would haul me into the pit. And I’d be there for an hour or two in complete silence, you know, not knowing what was gonna happen, not having food or water, not knowing if I was gonna live or die. And as soon as that door would open, you know, the narrative would be fed to me again, that, you know, the biggest one usually was coming out of the basements, you know, my proctor would say to me, you know, Jesse, what if I told you about playing hide and seek on me, you know, I can’t find you. And I was so worried about you all day, I searched the whole house. And, you know, your mother’s gonna find out about it when you get home. And so the story, you know, wasn’t that I had just witnessed, you know, this mass amount of murders, that I just watched them torture children, that I watched them take children’s lives, because I didn’t want to follow their narrative. None of that mattered, all of a sudden, now, the narrative was, I had been a bad girl, I had been hiding from them. And I was gonna get in trouble for it. And if I fought that narrative, you know, then usually it was the last straw where, you know, they’d stand there with knives, with my, you know, little cousins or siblings. And, you know, I knew that if I did not go along with that narrative that they they would take life.

So, that’s a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of different ways that the system you know, threatens to keep that code of silence and to really, you know, define to find the narrative. You know, they also like to play the crazy game, that if you go against the narrative, well, you know, you’re You must be crazy or or you were dreaming or, you know, you have a the one I would get was I had a vivid imagination, you know, so they would just no matter who I tried to tell, you know, they would their excuse was, Oh, my she has such a vivid imagination. We can’t control her. And she loves to watch horror movies and sneak some at night. And, you know, it was that part was true. I did like horror movies. I liked thriller. I’ll watch them once in a while, not as much as I used to. But as a kid I did, you know, I guess probably because it was safe. For, you know, like it, there’s something about, for me about watching it, that it allows me to process some of my own things that I went through, but in a safe way, you know, but it brings up the hardest thing I have. The hardest time I have is processing the motion, I have a really hard time connecting with those deeper things. And so some times those movies are, are what, like, brings those emotions or allows me to process them. You know, so it’s not, it’s not the horror, or the gore, or anything like that, that I like about, you know, that it’s, it’s more of that I feel like I can connect with what I’m seeing. And it allows me to actually feel emotions that, you know, I can’t always access on my own.

David Zublick  46:07

There is someone post a posted this picture on the online with Timothy Charles Holmseth we posted. This is some sort of a threat against you and Tim, for exposing the truth. You. You want to talk about this a little bit and tell me, what can you tell us about this?

Jessie Czebotar  46:26

Yeah, well, I guess I’m not going to assume but you know, there were several individuals who felt that that was a threat. From how it looks, you know, it looks like it’s depicting me, as, you know, in Salem, witch clothing or stuff like that. And, you know, it’s depicting that scene of the crucifixion, with Jesus. So, you know, I don’t know, the the original, I don’t know, who made it, and what their original intent was in that. But I know that, you know, those who saw it definitely felt like there was a threat there. And, you know, so I guess that’s all I’ll say about it. But

David Zublick  47:16

you do get death threats all the time. Yeah. And I can’t

Jessie Czebotar  47:19

say, you know, I can’t say for sure that that’s what that one was, but I do get a lot of death threats. You know, I get people that send me images of, you know, but here’s the thing, David, this is the sick part is that when people send these threats, like it’s not, you know, memes like that one, I get literal pictures that people send to me of, you know, decapitated bodies with arms and feet removed, I get pictures of, you know, people that have been burned alive, I get pictures of people that have their throats cut. I get pictures of animals, you know, so, and with it, you know, their words, whatever the threat is that they’re posing, and they make it real to life. You know, they put the scenes in hospitals and grocery stores, you know, in schools, so it really makes one feel like, you know, every little area of their life is being targeted. And, you know, I’ve had people send me direct pictures of, you know, that are taken from different views from my places of residence. You know, someone who obviously had to have been in the trees to get the shot that they got, you know, I’ve had people to send pictures from street side. You know, all sorts of stuff. I’ve I’ve had vehicles that would, you know, literally be parked in front of my house taking pictures, you know, all sorts of stuff.

David Zublick  49:12

And then, of course, not I this is gonna be a little bit sensitive, but you use suspect and I don’t know if there’s any further information, revelations coming out about your son’s death. But you believe that that he perhaps or you were targeted via his death, correct. I mean, were they trying to do something there?

Jessie Czebotar  49:33

I do believe that. Yeah. You know, there was a lot that went into that situation, more than I’ve been able to come out with. But I’ll just say, you know, it’s not by chance that, you know, we had individuals calling family members of mine, two days prior to that event. Asking for funeral home information. You know, that individual already has funeral home and everything about their end of life taken care of. So why would they need to call? Yeah, and you know, that individual has a history of calling in and talking about end of life arrangements before somebody’s life is taken. So that was, you know, probably her fourth or fifth time calling in kind of having that same conversation right before somebody in the family died. So we have that. And then, you know, it happened to be the day that I, you know, literally sent off to several different places, including, you know, military checks, as well as US courts with lawyers and stuff, the affidavit that, that just so happened to contain the information about the area where Josiah was living. And, you know, to the point that, you know, I even talked about two specific roads in that area.

And it was on one of those roads that Josiah died that day, you know, less than five hours after I had turned that in, which, you know, in turning in, it’s not just mailing it, you know, I always sent copies as well via the internet. So there is, you know, possibility with monitoring, that individuals are getting that information ahead of time. I also believe they were at, you know, in our place the residents. So that, you know, they very well could have gotten it that way. And it was those before those were turned over to Jackson to the courts, those affidavits were given to several military bases. That very well could have been part of a compromise as well as part of the targeting. Right before those returned in, you know, we spent a good two weeks in in the area of having to, you know, be underground and being someplace safe. And, you know, we had individuals that definitely were in pursuit of us enough where we eventually had to evacuate other state. And even after, you know, Josiah’s funeral, we had just gotten back, and I, you know, had finally sent in, got those affidavits sent off. And then that’s when Josiah died, and we were gone two weeks for that. We came back and we had no water. And it wasn’t the water company was it? You know, I had paid my bill. But somebody had, you know, somebody was monitoring and had, you know, the ability and the skills to try to control the situation even through that. And whether they were trying to get us into a hotel or not, so that they could then, you know,

David Zublick  53:29

do it you do something?

Jessie Czebotar  53:31

Yeah, I don’t know. But, you know, that originally was when we, when we had to evacuate that area. We originally were in a hotel, and somebody compromised that hotel, we had operatives who, you know, I had a direct confrontation with them. And, you know, we had to get somebody to come in and get us out. So, you know, it’s a dangerous game with this. And I want people to remember that, you know, if something ever were to happen to me, you know, or more of my children, the greatest thing you can do is keep the information going, keep the truth and step into the fight. You know, I can’t do this alone. And, you know, if something were to happen to me, please, you know, pick up the fight, because we can’t afford to allow this stuff to continue to happen to any child. You know, and I’ll say it directly here because I get threats all the time. People you know, making comments about, you know, why don’t you just kill yourself or, you know, look at how, you know, look at they’ll make comments that you know, off my videos with my hair, you know, even where, you know, I can’t help my hair. It just likes to go hover, which way it’s gonna go. But they’ll make comments about that about oh, look, her hair’s messy. Jesse’s not taking care of herself, I wonder if she’s suicidal. So I’m going to make an official statement a fit here, which you already know the truth of, but I have not been, nor am I, nor have I ever been suicidal, if you ever hear of if something happens to me and they claim it suicide, Somebody, please play this video over and over and over again, and fight for my death to be classified as a murderer because I am not suicidal. And I would not do that. So

David Zublick  55:38

we know that and we don’t want anything, anything bad to happen to you only good. So as we wrap up for today, please remind our viewers give out that address where if they do want to contribute to the veterans or any of the projects that you’re currently helping people with, where they can send the money and how to make sure that it is allocated to the correct person or persons?

Jessie Czebotar  56:05

Yes, please make sure you label where you would like your donation to be applied to. We have the champions, the veterans and their survivors. And you can send that to illuminate the darkness peel box 10 443, Fargo, North Dakota 58106. If if you can just for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to put this out there. We have had individuals targeting our business mailboxes, and I’m pretty sure that they are watching to see who goes and gets the mail. So you know, we you can donate online, on illuminate the darkness. If you’re able to do that for the next, you know, week or two that would be appreciated just because, you know, we don’t want to be picking up mail and being monitored and tracked right now. So either way is fine. It’s just if you wonder, you know, if you’ve sent stuff through the mail, and you’re wondering why, you know, we haven’t gotten it yet. That’s why is because we’ve had some issues with our Pio box being compromised. So

David Zublick  57:25

go, okay, so pulled, please, please contribute. And Jesse, of course, you’ll keep us posted. You join us pretty much every week unless you’re on assignment or doing a seminar or something. But again, we look forward to talking to you again next week, please visit Kingdom living with where you have videos posted and what’s coming up on there was what’s happening on their website.

Jessie Czebotar  57:52

Yeah, every, every Sunday and Wednesday evenings, Wednesday, it’s at 7pm. Sundays at 6pm. Eastern, we have the show’s rise up and writing the storms, X rise that is all about training, equipping, preparing, I really encourage you to get into that, you know, this past week while I was gone, I was traveling, doing a lot of training with pastors. So a lot of those trainings come out on rise up. And you know, we’ve got churches that are just on fire for the Lord right now, David, they’re going before the kingdoms of heaven, the Lord has been raising authority for people where literally, we are seeing the physical manifestation of science, miracles and wonders. You know that I mean, I just can’t even explain all that’s happening. It’s just been amazing. So encourage people, you know, catch rise up every week, Wednesday at 7pm. We also have variety in the storms, which focuses on, you know, the challenges, the trials and the temptations we face? And what are our tools? What do we have to help us get through those things? And, you know, I make it very applicable. I’m the type of person that I do better if I can see something modeled out. So, you know, whatever we teach on there, we literally try to model it out. You know, we’re not trying to be silly or mock or goof, the goofy about processes, we’re trying to make it very tangible because, you know, people, you know, I can say, well, you pray, you know, just go pray. But that can mean so much. You know, we want you to know, how do you go about praying, you know, how do you engage in different types of prayers. How do you advance from the basic stages of fear of prayer to be advanced stages of intercession and spiritual warfare prayer So you know that the show is meant to help you grow, help you understand and to really equip you, so that you’re living for the kingdom of God.

David Zublick  1:00:11

Outstanding. All right, well, yeah, and one last thing,

Jessie Czebotar  1:00:13

David, if I can squeeze it in there, be listening probably sometime this next week, I’m going to put out my ticket sales. For the next course launch. This is going to the course will be available on my website Kingdom living with after the course launch, but the course launch, I want it to be, you know, a really fun, unique event. We have we do the filming for the course live and have a live audience, we offer times to ask questions on there. And it’s always a good time and a good experience. So watch for that event. And, you know, in the meantime, if you haven’t caught the first course, I encourage you to engage with that it comes with several free coaching sessions that are meant to kind of, you know, show you what to do in between the courses, and to really get you actively involved in, you know, tearing down the wickedness stopping the things that we’re seeing happening in our communities that are dishonouring to God, as well as teaching you how to build up, establish things that are of God in your communities and in your home. So

David Zublick  1:01:32

Outstanding, outstanding Kingdom living with Kingdom Living with Jessie. Jessie will look forward to talking to you again next week. Thank you for coming on the program as always, and God bless you. You too. Bye, bye, bye. Jesse’s a boarder again Kingdom living with and illuminate the and please contribute to the causes that she talks about. The Veterans really do need our help. Please, please be a part of that. Don’t forget to join us Monday through Saturday from 10am to 1pm. Eastern on rumble. Saturdays we’re on from 10am to 2pm. Eastern, the fourth hour of our Monday through Friday show is always the inner circle hour. And that is where we present stuff like this, but you’re not going to see even on our regular show. But please join us for the regular weekday show as well. We would certainly appreciate it. For printing LA’s every time David Zubik. We’re at a time so we’re already here. Soup, look out

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