June 2, 2023

A secret underground military base exists near a major Roman Catholic church in Chicago where children are tortured, raped and harvested. Target is being reimbursed for any money being lost due to the Satanic lines of clothing they are carrying in their stores and their donations to the gay organization GLSEN. The missing $2.3 Trillion from the Pentagon just prior to the attacks of 911 may have been accounted for. Was Field McConnell really “swatted” by Jessie Czebotar?

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Some viewers may find the following video disturbing viewer discretion is advised.

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And welcome to dark outpost an excursion to the darkest outposts of the human mind and beyond. Welcome. I’m David Zublick. Glad to have you folks with us today. We really appreciate it. Joining us today as she does as often as possible, we haven’t had an opportunity to get together with him for the last couple of weeks for her schedule for my schedule for some crazy things that happened around here. But we’re back. And so she just he’s a boater her websites illuminate the darkness.com and kingdom living with jessie.com. Jessie, welcome back to the show. How are you?

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Hey, great to see you, David. I know it feels like so long, huh?

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Ah, just too long, too long. There’s so many things that we absolutely need to catch up on, we got a good hour to do it. Let’s begin, first of all by you indicated that every time you come on the show, I know that you work with a lot of organizations and veterans groups and that sort of thing. There’s always needs that people have. And since we haven’t had you on for a few weeks, Let’s update our viewers on who needs help and how they can do it.

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Yeah, absolutely. You know, illuminate the darkness, we want to help those who have been whistleblowers, veterans survivors, we particularly focus on those that are kind of in positions where they need more long term help. So you know, it’s a really great cause we help to pay rent bills, emergency needs, whether you know, that’s vehicle repairs, dental, medical, whatever comes up, you know, we try to help with that. So if you’re interested in helping and donating, you can send that to illuminate the darkness. And that’s PO Box 10443, Fargo, North Dakota 58106.

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All right, we of course, will mention that again at the conclusion of today’s program. Now, the last time you and I kind of communicated off the air, you indicated that there was something about the city of Chicago and some things that you wanted to update our viewers on or at least bring to their attention, something that either is going on there or has been going on there. So I’m going to kind of turn the floor over to you for a little while and let you tell us what you have to tell us. I’m very interested if I

Jessie Czebotar 4:11
can pull that up really quick here. Yeah, we had there was a lot that was breaking there with the Archdiocese. So let me see if I can get the article up. But as you know, that’s an area where I’ve turned in a lot of information about you know, my own experiences being you know, we’ll just say victimized through the Luciferian brotherhood that was there in that area. And you know, I’ve turned in a lot about the the diocese and one particular church that’s there in Rockford, Illinois, and how, you know, they were one of the training programs. You know, that was there in that system. And we just see, I think I got it here. So, you know, it’s, it’s really important to keep your eyes on because, you know, I’ve brought out things that underneath that area, you know, extends quite far, not just the Rockford area, but you’ve got, you know, Chicago itself and beyond where you have an underground military base that, you know, is pretty much undesignated. And you know, they’re highly connected with the diocese, the churches in those areas, who are committing crimes against children, whether that’s Adrenochrome production, whether that’s the breeder programs that they had there that, you know, in the 1980s, I’m sure they go far beyond that, but that’s when I experienced those things. You know, in the 1980s, they had those breeder programs that were set up by German Nazi soldiers who came in whether it was through Project Paperclip or other projects, but it come into the United States. I’ve named you know, one of them, the Nazi Michael Karkoc who is the Ukrainian legion of defense leader for Hitler, and he was one of the Nazis that was being hid in the Rockford, Illinois, Chicago area. And, you know, as part of my training and several other children in that area, but you know, as things come forward as to the crimes that have been committed there, you know, I’ve testified of things such as, you know, in all these crimes against children, rape, torture, cannibalism. You also have satanic ritual, as well as Adrenochrome production so the article came out on May 23. By I team, and it’s by Jessica D’onofrio to chuck booty and Liz Nagy and a few others, but basically it says a long awaited five year investigation has turned up hundreds of new horror stories of child sexual sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic priests in Illinois. The Attorney General alleged Tuesday morning, Illinois Attorney General reported that the Catholic clergy child sex abuse in Illinois is 696 pages long. And then it was unveiled at a downtown Chicago briefing with reporters. The report focuses on decades of old and new abuse cases in the state six diocese which include Belleville, Joliet, Peoria, Rockford and Springfield and Chicago, which is known as the Archdiocese due to its large size. Nearly 2000 survivors of the Catholic Church sexual abuse in Illinois, were documented by state investigators, according to the Attorney General, nearly every survivor visited some form of mental health challenge in the years, their abuse.

8:30 So I want people to take note of that one line. And that’s kind of kind of be where I end reading for now that it says nearly every survivor exhibited some form of mental health challenge. In the years after their abuse, they’re through that, that diocese, you know, I’ve brought forward how, you know, individuals that are connected to mental health programs. In that area, were also original people that I knew to be running those breeder programs to be committing, you know, they, they were very aware of the abuse that was happening to young women in that area. And they were very aware of the mental health challenges, which I believe is part of why they set up, you know, mental health facilities, and, you know, began to focus on that because, you know, the trauma was so severe, and the mental health complications so severe that they had no choice but to find a way to manage that, to keep it under control. But it really is, you know, it’s a serious issue and something that, you know, we really need the good military to continue to expose and bring to light those things. And, you know, I mean, when you think about 2000 cases, that’s a lot.

David Zublick 10:04

Yeah. It’s a ton. Now, let’s break this down a little bit. So what you’re saying is that in this Archdiocese, especially at this one particular church that you’re aware of in Rockford, Illinois, though the church was using, was it in a abandoned underground military base? The where they were torturing these kids and breeding these kids, or were they was the church working in conjunction with the United States military to abuse these kids at this? Under under designated? Yes,

Jessie Czebotar 10:40
I I’m, I’m bringing forward that cert, was working with the US military and intelligence programs, to abuse and weaponize children.

David Zublick 10:53
With some of the big names high up within the United States military, some of which I understand you can’t name. But let’s talk about, you know, your your, your people, you know, who have been in charge of the military and in the CIA and other three letter agencies in the past such as your John Brennan’s, and that sort of thing, the late supposedly, Michael Aquino, and that sort of thing, would these people have been participating in this? At least during some of those years? And because I’m sure this went on for many, many, many years, if you’re talking 2000? Kids, yeah. off on it?

Jessie Czebotar 11:32
From my understanding, yes, you you had, you know, the primary individual in that area was Michael Karkoc And from my understanding, he trained both Michael Aquino to oversee the military programs in the West, he also trained John Brennan to oversee, you know, the programs that were going on in the east that revolved around children, both of them had the little bit different aspects, you know, Michael Kino, was more focused on, you know, kind of the operational side, the Department of Defense, and, you know, putting the children into operational mode, and doing training that promoted them being able to use be used as weapons, whereas John Brennan was more involved in the programs where they’re going to kind of be in charge of the breeding. You know, kind of like the background of creating children that have the spiritual gifts, the bloodline, the demonic connections, to be able to perform, you know, in that operational roles that were needed. And then, you know, you had certainly other individuals. You know, I fully believe that the intelligence communities were involved. And I think that there’s proof going forward. In my situation that shows that, you know, in 1984, after the massive weapons display, I’ve talked about that happened there in Chicago. You know, the funding for the programs and experiments that I was involved in, switched hands, you know, it was paid for by the DOD, and after that weapons display, who who purchased, we won’t say, necessarily the programs or the experiments, even though the DoD at that point stopped paying for them. And I believe that, you know, intelligence picked up the bill on that. But, you know, was intelligence just picking up the bill for the projects and experiments? No, I believe that they fully purchased, you know, some of those children to be able to use them operationally, from that moment on.

David Zublick 14:06
Now, you also indicated that they set up some sort of mental health clinics for the kids coming out or year after they’ve been used that those that were not killed, you know, who suffered these traumatic injuries emotional injuries? And I think what you’re trying to say is that they were doing a cya operation, in other words with a brainwashing or MK Ultra’ing these children to forget just how bad it had been to them, because it so so that they would not recall what had happened to them after it happened.

Jessie Czebotar 14:49
I think, you know, they’ve always used different forms of methods where, you know, they would try to suppress the traumas for a period of Time, you know, they found that no matter what method they use to suppress, it seemed around, you know, age 30, to 45, where those memories would start to resurface. And so part of that managing program for mental health was that they begin to train different health specialists. Now, originally, the people who founded this, these were the individuals that were in charge of the biofeedback you know, in my situation, as well as other kids situations, you know, they were very aware of what was being done in the projects, and experiments, and, you know, whether it was through the dissociative disorders that were being created, or, you know, like, in my situation where, you know, they were doing more of the construction, mind constructs where, you know, they use positive reinforcement, trying to get the child to choose, you know, willingly to do what they want him to do. Either way, you know, they ended up where, you know, they had to can provide continuous care. So, you know, they did set up those things, you know, I know that they worked specifically with hospitals in the area, you know, they begin to put out materials through, you know, psychology and other things. And, you know, really, we are talking about, you know, the institution of ISSTD and the therapists, they’re, you know, they’re the big ones that, that I’ve named, who are involved with that stuff.

David Zublick 16:46

Now, I have another question regarding this, and that’s the fact that, you know, obviously, there is part of a military budget, you know, there’s always these black budgets and all this sort of thing. But some of which goes obviously, from what you’re saying, into funding what they’re doing to these kids. Now, I’m going to throw a conspiracy out here and see if you have any information, or at least a comment, or an opinion about it, you know, just before the attacks of 911, the day before. Donald Rumsfeld, head of the Pentagon at that time, indicated that $2.3 trillion, had suddenly gone missing from the Pentagon. And this was, you know, obviously about to be investigated after this announcement, when all of a sudden, we had the suppose that attacks of 911, which kind of wiped out that that news story took it off the front page. It’s only in recent years as people have begun to investigate the psyop of 911. And what really happened, that some of this information is once again, coming forward, do you have any knowledge in any of the contexts, I know you can’t discuss names, and so they we get that, that perhaps any of this missing $2.3 trillion, at that time, might have been going to fund programs such as the ones you’re talking about with these kids?

Jessie Czebotar 18:16

I think it’s highly plausible. And you know, even the fact that, you know, during 911, you know, there was a daycare or several daycares in those buildings. And there were children, there was a mass amount of children that went missing, you know, they never found or recovered the bodies of those kids, as far as I know. So you have to ask first, you know, what happened to the children? Did they use that as a means to put those children into some of these programs? And, you know, did they create stories that then enabled them to, you know, fund those programs and continue, you know, the work that they were doing with children? I think that’s valid, those are valid questions to ask.

David Zublick 19:05

Yeah. And, you know, we talked about and, you know, the debt ceiling, that we just, you know, the, you know, we reach an agreement on between the Biden administration and the Republicans and, and that sort of thing, and it just seems to go higher and higher and higher every year. And, you know, we always want to be aware of some of this money going okay, some of its going to fund the war in Ukraine, allegedly, to help help the Ukrainian military and help the Ukrainian government fight off the alleged attacks by Putin. Then, then you have some of it going to fund the bio weapons labs that are releasing some of these toxic weapons. I understand now they’re gonna have we’re getting ready, according to some sources that I’ve talked to the release of a combination anthrax COVID weapon, so it’s going to be part anthrax and part COVID. which would make it almost impossible to to use a proper antibiotic or even a vaccine for. So some of this money goes there, but I bet you some of this, trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars, it just go disappearing. And everybody wonders, where’s this money going to? Why do we have the debt? Where’s it going to even my wife the other day was asking me, Well, who do we owe this money to? I said this to the American taxpayer, because we’re funding programs that we don’t even know about. And yeah, something has to be going toward what’s happening to these kids. And it’s a good speculation, at least to consider, right?

Jessie Czebotar 20:35
Absolutely. I mean, you know, and I, I wonder, you know, it seems like we’re never really going to get accountability on that, or answers in that, you know, which we should be getting answers, we should have full disclosure of, you know, every penny that’s spent and where it’s spent, for our money and where it’s going. And we don’t.

David Zublick 21:00
I also want to ask you about a number of different stories that are in the news and see if you have any takes, insights, opinions on them. This was obviously one of them, because we did cover what was going on in the Archdiocese of Chicago, but not to the extent that you provided the very valuable intel that you did about the specific churches in the underground military bases. and I were very appreciative of that, because we didn’t have that story until you came on today. But also, your take on what’s going on with companies like Target. And Anheuser Busch, and this, putting all of this, this stuff out there clothing line for babies, we came across some intel today indicating that back as far as 2007, Barack Obama, who as we know, as you pointed out, is highly involved in all of this was actually helping to promote organizations like GLSEN, this gay, lesbian organization, to put to push for sex education to be taught in in the schools is as young as kindergarten. And to that end, there’s a website, this GLSEN website, that, that anyone can access, including children, that actually provides a quick way of escaping the website, if you go to the website, the first thing that pops up, it says if you need to escape this website quickly, in other words, it will say a kid’s looking at it. And they’re concerned that their parents buy kits on this website, all they have to do is hit the Escape key three, three times quickly. And that takes them to some I don’t know Disney pay

Jessie Czebotar 22:53
random cartoon Disneyland page.

David Zublick 22:59
But they’re trying to put, you know, highly sexually explicit books into the libraries in school and teach everything from oral and anal sex and masturbation and all this kind of stuff. And Barack Obama was behind a lot of this back in 2007. And it continues to this day. And now Target we find out in addition to putting all these clothing out there and everything else that they’re they’re putting the aimed at kids as young as toddlers, is also a big contributor to this GLSEN Organization. Your thoughts on what’s going on with target and Anheuser Busch. I

Jessie Czebotar 23:39
mean, there’s some there’s some interesting things, I think that some of it is easily explained spiritually. First, you got the whole symbol for target, which is that circle with a.in the middle that is the alchemy sign for fire. And we know who one of the, you know, lowercase g gods is for fire. That would be Baphomet and Molek. And, you know, you got Ba’al too, they’re all associated with demanding sacrifices by fire. And, you know, what do we have this being sacrificed? It is our children. And, you know, the enemy is at a point where he doesn’t care if, you know, I mean, he’s gonna demand the blood. But if he can’t get the blood, then he he’s more than happy to take other desecrating sacrifices, which that includes, you know, the sexual sexuality of our children. And what is he really going for in that, you know, he’s gaining so much authority in that that we need to not continue to give him those grounds because you’re the first authority is that you’ve got you know, the D will say D manly hooding men, um, You know, where, you know what happens when you have no men standing up, no future generation of men who are going to stand to protect the women and the children and, and stand up in those places of headship and authority. You know, he, he’s making a pretty good deal out of this gender neutralizing, because without men in their proper places, you know, there is nobody fighting the enemy for his legal rights on the land. And who did God give the land to? He gave it to men, you know, men and women together. And so if you don’t have the men fighting for the land, the enemy gets to set up all the strongholds he wants, and nobody’s doing anything about it.

25:44 In fact, in the book of Isaiah, there’s a pretty scary verse. And, you know, the, the king that, that kind of is depicted in here to kind of share personalities with with Satan is King Sennacherib, and in his pride King Sennacherib have made a very strong decree. And he’s, you know, basically said, and I’m paraphrasing, you know, I go into any nation I choose, I stick my hand in the nest, and I take the eggs, and nobody even gives a peep. And that’s really what we have happening is that our enemy is doing that he’s, you know, stealing the chicks before they even hatch, before they’re even able to fly. And there’s no one even making a peep about it. So you know, that’s the first thing with target, you know, is that you’ve got all the occultic connections, you’ve got the main principalities, Baphomet, Moloch, and ball who are kind of overseeing that. And, you know, the solution is simple, in that if we want to make a difference in our community, you know, we need to start rebuking, we need to start tearing down those strongholds, and uprooting that wickedness, whether that’s through, you know, petitions, whether that’s saying, Hey, we don’t want to see this kind of clothing in our, in your store, you know, fighting our school systems, we need good Christian people who are going to step up and stand in those boards of directors that are allowing this stuff in, you know, we need to start standing against the board of directors at school, if they’re not doing the job we want them to do we need to fire them, get them out of there. You know, don’t even give them an option, that, let’s be honest, those type of books, that type of material that they’re wanting to put in our schools, it’s pornography. It’s illegal to offer that to children, it’s illegal to sexualize our children. Why are we allowing it in our school? You know, give them an option resign, or we’re going to press charges for them bringing pornography in the schools, you know, so we really need to step up to this stuff.

David Zublick 28:05

I agree. Now, a lot of people have wondered, okay, why? And this was a question that was posed today. Why didn’t for example, target and or Anheuser Busch, if they wanted to promote this stuff, put a display, you know, that they have a Gay Pride Month display in their store, they’re going to sell this stuff, and then advertise instead of instead of promoting it store wide, and through all of their advertising and publicity that they did, which amounted, in you know, it backfired, but I’m going to get to that in a moment too, why didn’t they just publish this sort of stuff or promoted or advertise it? Or market it if you will, in the gay community or in the trans gender community? In other words, there are newspapers and magazines and other forms of of publications online and otherwise, that are geared and tart visa were targeted toward the gay community so that so target could have put taken out an ad in a gay publication and said, Hey, we have a line of gay clothing here. For even for kids, and then put it in the back of the store somewhere. We’re only the gay community who knew that they were advertising would know about it, where to find it, they could know that no one would have said a thing. Same thing with Anheuser Busch. They could have gotten Dylan Mulvaney to be a spokesperson on there’s gay networks on cable and all this sort of stuff they could decoded but instead, they shoved it in everybody’s faces. And they’ve taken allegedly and I’ll give you my theory on it in a minute, but I want to get your take too the summon a backlash allegedly target his loss. Now it’s upwards of $11 billion. Anheuser Busch is having to buy back their own Bud Light, or give coupons away equivalent to giving away the beer for free. Because of this, why do you think they shoved it in everybody’s faces as opposed to just getting the community they’re trying to reach?

Jessie Czebotar 30:24
Yeah, it’s because they’re just, it’s the truth is they’re not trying to reach a community. You know, they’re not trying to cater to just one community, they’re trying to make a very strong statement. And, you know, comparably, it really is like Sodom and Gomorrah, they want to be able to openly and freely display their sin. Not only do they want to display sin, but they’re committing one of the four things that the scripture says, Because of this, the wrath of God will come. And really, that’s applauding the wicked. You know, that’s exactly what happened with Sodom and Gomorrah, that they applauded, the wicked, those who acted engaged in wickedness. We know for you know, Sodom and Gomorrah what happened? You know, it was so bad that the Lord sent angels into literally pull Lot out because he was the only righteous man. And the night that those angels came to pull him out. All of the men in the city gathered around his house and start beating on the door, even after the angel struck them with blindness, you know, I mean, if I all of a sudden got stuck with blindness, I would pause and be like, What the heck is happening? Lord, did I make you angry? I’m sorry. Like, I mean, I definitely would pause. But they don’t. Like they were so intent in engaging in their sin, that they were going to beat down the door just to have sex with those angels. And, you know, this is what we’ve got, you know, they’re not in it to just cater to communities. Let’s be honest, what do they want, you’ve got men and women at the top of this organization that want sex with your children, they don’t care if they’re boy or girl, they don’t care what their sexual preferences are. They’re already targeting them at a young age, and they are wanting to encourage other people to be like them, and to you know, I mean, very intentional, very strategic, very, you know, what do you call it when predators are plotting and creating avenues and scenarios, things that are grooming, and, you know, leading so that they can, in fact, fulfill their desires? With your children. That’s where that’s going.

David Zublick 33:01
Now, it is my contention, that what happened with in this is just a speculation, I have no nothing to back this up. But let’s say some, like Target, you know, puts us out there and they say, okay, when we do this, we are going to alienate a certain section of our demographic. And we’re going to get a backlash from this and we’re going to lose some money. How do we know that there aren’t organizations or deep state operatives, who are not reimbursing target for that nine to $11 billion that they lost? They say, you know, what, put it out there. Any losses you suffer? will cover it?

Jessie Czebotar 33:46
I think Yeah. I think you’re absolutely right, in that. I, you know, I mean, when you think about any reasonable business person who’s calculating the cost, the risk of the loss that they’re going to suffer, you know, they wouldn’t choose to take such a risk. Yet we see these people taking a risk with the loss, and, you know, not seeming to be concerned about that. So I think you’ve hit it on the head, I think that there probably is some connection where somehow they’re getting paid, they’re getting promotions, they’re getting a kickback. For that

David Zublick 34:29

you’re part of the budget and the even the military budget was going toward reimbursing retailers for for putting this out there because I think it’s more important to the deep state and those involved in these satanic organizations to convert to get this out there than it is, you know, to, to to have to pay target money back to they’re gonna lose for doing it. They need target another store So do this with this right. But you put it out there?

Jessie Czebotar 35:03

Well, there’s a theory, David. I mean, it would be interesting if somebody did a study and research, all of the government’s missing money, and then all the loss that these companies have made, that I’ve made these packs and see, you know, it’d be interesting to see if it actually lined up. You might be right, the military might be paying these governments to put out this stuff.

David Zublick 35:30
Anyway, I’ve changed the name of the store to Targay a target to target. I have to Well, I heavy on the program today, because over the course of the last few days, and you I know, you’re well aware of this, we’re not this we’re not blindsiding you by any stretch of the imagination, or this is not an ambush. But there’s been there was a video posted regarding field McConnell, I don’t know if you’re aware of it. And it mentions yourself, it mentions Timothy Holmes, and that sort of thing. I’d like to play five minutes in the video, and then have you just this, you know, taken apart? Because I know that you have an you’ll be able to explain well, actually,

Jessie Czebotar 36:16
can we we can add a little bit first, before you play that. I’d be you know, what date was it? Anyway? I have been highly concerned about Field McConnell, and, you know, he’s an individual that, you know, I fully believe he’s a whistleblower, particularly for 911. And then the flights, mh 370, and MH, three, seven, or 317? Yeah. And, you know, with that, you know, there’s been a lot of concerning things over the years that have been coming forward about him. And to the point where, you know, I was so concerned that, you know, in some of the stuff that was coming forward, that and let me, I’ll pull it up here and read it before we absolutely. Before we go, but on May 7, I, I reached out to , the Pierce County, Wisconsin, Sheriff Kuranda. And, you know, I, I sent him stuff that I have been receiving, I believe it’s because, you know, I’m somebody who has promoted prayers promoted people to listen to Field, McConnell. I’ve never had direct contact with him. But, you know, I believe he was in a situation after his fake arrest into the Wisconsin jails that, you know, in that fake arrest time, you know, there definitely were abuses that were occurring to field that I reported, that included to both, you know, local individuals like, ombudsmans, who work in the prison systems there, as well as as far as to the DOJ requesting a Federal Audit of that prison. They’re in Pierce County, for elder abuse, the things that were happening to Field, one of them was that he was not receiving mail, including, you know, mail that legally he should have been able to get out of jail with. All he had to do was sign it and what did the jail do instead, they and this was unlawful, they began to scan all his mail and allow him to view it, but not physically receive it, which is illegal.

39:01 And in that process, you know, they kept him in prison longer. I believe it was longer than 134 days, I could have that number slightly off. But basically, they held an elderly person for 134 days around there. And they had him in solitude more than once for a longer period of time than it is allowed by law and wish that you know, they withheld things from him. So all of these things are particularly concerning, especially if you have an elderly individual. Now, I also wrote things and had put up tweets at that time, that without without proper paperwork and documentation without proper proof that field as an elderly individual deserve to be in that prison. And without proper trials and procedures in everything The State of Wisconsin owes field McConnell $1.4 million for each day they unlawfully held him. Right. So all of that has been, you know, reported and is of high concern. When he got out, I’ve been receiving threats from a web of harassers, which includes people who are part of foreign military and foreign intelligence. I have turned this in to the FBI. I’ve made reports other places as well, that, you know, I’ve, I have a petition to Congress that went both to Jim Jordan as well as to the weaponization committee, where I have reported that, you know, these individuals connected to foreign military and foreign intelligence, have been stalking Daxing, harassing, threatening, including sending me death threats.

41:15 Now, I am also getting death threats on behalf of field McConnell. So you know, they’re including me in those as well. So I wrote on April 7, dear Sheriff Kuranda, I would like to share some direct threats I’m getting as I share my concerns surrounding Field McConnell, the same individuals I am concerned about who are surrounding field McConnell, have been involved in directly threatened me. They are working with US military and foreign intelligence. I’ve included a copy of my petition to Congress against these individuals. So you can understand the severity of my concerns for this elderly man who is in your jurisdiction. So I sent him everything. On May 14, I received more death threats. And so I wrote to Sheriff Kuranda again, on April 7 2023, I reported concerns that an elderly man in your jurisdiction Field McConnell was being tortured by a group of individuals connected to foreign military and intelligence. Today, I’m reporting escalated death threats towards field McConnell and myself, please see the threats below that I have received via social media. I have also included a copy of my initial report to you. Now the threats, show pictures of individuals that are standing around a grave hole with roses. This one says you are next. And it says which one of you are next. Sorry about that. The next one shows, you know, interesting, horrible face and it says Let the game begin.

David Zublick 43:11
looks almost like a satanic face.

Jessie Czebotar 43:14
Then they sent pictures of fields and say Rest in peace, which is name is Field McConnell. Alright? And it goes on and on from there. Over, I showed on tweets, I had to make over 21 reports just that day of death threats that I received towards myself and field McConnell, I reported each one on Twitter. So then, you know, because I’m highly concerned, because I’m getting all of these death threats on his behalf. Not only did I email Sheriff Kuranda, but I called the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. I reported to the woman who took my call, that I had concerns about an elderly man in that jurisdiction. And, you know, she seemed to know who it was, and asked me my information. I, you know, they had my number because I had called on that. I did not give them my physical address. But, you know, I gave them information. And, you know, she asked if, you know, because of the stuff that I had showed, if it was my belief, that Field, the, you know, he had just recently been in the hospital and had reported on his shows that he had broken ribs and other things that were wrong with him. And she asked if I, you know, believed that that was due to torture, and I said, Yes, I do. I do believe that. Now, interestingly enough is that I have never heard back from Sheriff Kuranda. 10 minutes after that call. And I did have other people with me who heard the voice on of the individual who returned my call, I got called from somebody who just simply said, I’m calling, you know, on behalf of your report that you made to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. I am a good friend of Fields. And I just want to assure you, you know, everything’s okay. He’s fine. Now, the interesting thing was that that voice of that individual was, in fact, one of the main harassers that I’ve reported in this situation, who I believe is connected to foreign military and intelligence. (Paula C Blades) So I wanted to know, why is that person returning my call? You know, why did I not if they intercepted the police phones, you know, I still would have gotten a call from the sheriff’s office, but I did not. So I am proposing that, you know, we have foreign military and intelligence who are operating out of the Pierce County Sheriff’s office right now.

David Zublick 46:21
That is incredible. That is incredible. Well, here, let’s, let’s play the the

Jessie Czebotar 46:26
that was after this was after that call. This is the next day what they made Field to get on and do.

David Zublick 46:36
Yeah, this is allegedly a call that was made and part of an interview on either Saturday, May the 13th, or Sunday, May the 14th, which was Mother’s Day, I’ll play it. And then on the backside of it will give you more opportunity to comment, just

Unknown Speaker 46:51
explain what happened again today.

Speaker 3 46:56

Morning, I got a phone call from the Pierce County Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office. And it was a female sheriff’s deputy who drives a patrol route. And she asked me how I was doing. I said, Fine, I’m doing fine. I just got out of the hospital yesterday. And she said, the reason I’m asking how you’re doing is we at the sheriff’s office got a call from some woman named Jesse Czebotar, who said that you are in jeopardy of being harmed and that we should check on you. And I told the sheriff’s deputy that nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not in jeopardy of being harmed by anyone. I’m in very good shape. I don’t I think there’s people that would like to harm me, but they’re all in a very small camp. And they’re not making any progress getting into my camp, or getting the sheriff to come here and check on me. And it was my great fortune that the woman police officer that called me was quite familiar with me. Because she had stopped me a traffic violation probably 10 years ago, and she remembers up very well. Because I was so accommodating. And I didn’t make up anything. I just said no, you’re right. I was going 72 in a 55. And so we talked for a bit and she checked the car out. And then she said well have a good day. And I said, Aren’t you gonna give me some paperwork? And she says what kind of paperwork and I said the kind you pass out when you stop cars. And she says I could if you want but I don’t feel it’s necessary in this case. And I said, Well, okay, I volunteered. And then she thanked me and went off. But fortunately for me, this was not exactly a cold call because she knew who she was calling. And she had a favorable opinion of me. And so she’s not going to put any she she’s not going to believe anything that comes out of that group down there, wherever they live. And I you know, I rattled off the names to her. So she would know who I’m talking about. But she she felt very comfortable that I was in good hands. And and I feel even more comfortable that I’m in good hands. You know if somebody came here and tried to harm me They might eat some lead.

Speaker 4 50:04
Okay, so this is kind of a repeat of two days prior to your probation hearing with a Canadian woman, Alex Kukunakis, that called and said that somebody was in your house trying to kill you correct?

Speaker 3 50:23
Well, they very important. They’re very important of killing because there was nobody in my house but even if there was I didn’t get killed. So these people are lying to the police officers. And I think that constitutes filing a felonious or dishonest police report.

Speaker 4 50:46
I agree. I believe that these are swatting attempts field, because these people are afraid of your truth, the truth coming out?

Speaker 3 50:59
Well, it’s not so much my truth. It’s their truth, they did it not me.

Speaker 4 51:05
Yeah, exactly. But they’re all home staff associates. They’re all in bed with Timothy home, Seth and Randy Lynn Erickson. And there’s a lot of lies coming out of that camp. And I’m really glad that you told me about this today. And I just wanted to get this on recording so that I could put this out to your listeners, so they understand the depth of what is happening.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
Okay, well, that’s fine. I’m glad you did.

Speaker 4 51:34
Okay, so today is Mother’s Day 2023.

David Zublick 51:43
All right, that’s enough. Anyway. Reaction Response to anything?

Jessie Czebotar 51:48
Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, I’ve shown I actually showed you guys some of the pictures from some of the threats that I received on behalf of myself and Field McConnell. You know, I guess the main thing is, is to, you know, think about this, that when we really see stuff, you know, these I guess I’m going to start right here. The woman who’s doing the interview with field McConnell, is the woman who called me back from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. (Paula C Blades) (Zublick: Okay.) So that’s the first thing.

David Zublick 52:30
So they didn’t even make that clear in the scenario because I listened to the, the the video that was posted, they didn’t say who this woman was, otherwise, I would have had her name at the beginning of this. Interesting.

Jessie Czebotar 52:42

Yes. So that is the person who called me back, claiming to be a different name, but she has a very distinguished voice, others in the vehicle with me, you know, we know who it was. But with that said, you know, you have to ask, why are they downplaying threats that are going out to field? You know, it’s not like, I’m just calling just to be annoying, or to report things that I have no proof or receipts for? You know, so I’m highly concerned for him. And, you know, I know what these individuals have done to me. And, you know, I feel he’s in a similar situation, where, you know, there’s harassing there’s doxxing, they’re stalking. You know, there’s a lot more to his story. And if people really, really listen, and you know, I’ll just say it Fields listening, I hear you feel that I hear what you’re saying. And, you know, he said quite a lot. The first thing you know, he talked about in that situation is that, you know, a woman from the police department, which I didn’t even call the police department, but maybe he’s just randomly mixing up the term sheriff and police that she contacted him about this incident. And she remembered him and had been favorable towards him because she had pulled him over once 10 years prior for a trafficking situation. And in that, you know, he starts to like, remember some of the details of that situation like he was going, what does he say like 75 in a 55 and stuff? Yeah, math and Gematria are really important in that situation to get the full story and spectrum of what field is saying, but I hear what field is saying and I hope other people can hear that too. And, you know, don’t be deceived by intelligence officers that can make things look good. Make things you know, sometimes there’s the things where people are in situations where they have to say certain things. You know, I know I definitely was not calling for a swatting a fields house, I don’t work with anybody who does swatting. You know, I’ve had the FBI come to my own doors. So, you know, and why did they come? They came, because I made a report about foreign military and intelligence. So, you know, I think that it’s important to understand the full spectrum of the story. And we really need to pray for field and we need to pray for his situation.

David Zublick 55:40
And they’re still attacking Timothy Charles Holmseth, he’s recently posted that someone is impersonating him. Do you have any comment on Oh, yeah, I

Jessie Czebotar 55:48
guess I got pulled into that, too. In that account. I was trying to see if I had the let me quick look that up, because that’s a good one, too. I want to kind of show people do you have that one?

David Zublick 56:02
I don’t have the I, I can just go to his website.

Jessie Czebotar 56:09
Yeah, pull that up. So people can actually see what what they were posting. So you know, it’s not just him that they’re these same individuals have been doing the same stuff, to me making false accounts. And some of these accounts are just nasty. But they’ve gone into, like, they’ve gone on to my shows, they’ve gone on to social media, posing as members of my family, people that I’ve turned in names in my affidavits on and then they, you know, begin like talking as though they’re those people. And, you know, so this has been a pretty prevalent issue, where, you know, they’re literally creating accounts in false names. And they’re even authenticating those accounts, like on Twitter. They’re getting them with the blue checkmark. So people think that it is the real person. I’ve had one account like that. Where? Yeah, if you can, like, get bigger on that one down there that tweet? Yeah, well, I

David Zublick 57:24
they deliberately have it blurred. So I don’t know that I can have it

Jessie Czebotar 57:29
on my Twitter and see if I can pull it up here quick. But yeah, I mean, you know, one of the people is someone that I knew, and all, you know, I knew this person does not have a Twitter account. And all of a sudden, you know, it was showing up with their name. And they started following a whole bunch of people that I follow. So I had people that, you know, contact me and were like, Hey, so-and-so all of a sudden start following me. And I was like, well, that’s odd. And then, you know, then it started with people who are part of, you know, that I’m closer with, they’re on Twitter, and they start saying, hey, so And so sort of following me. And so finally, I reached out and was like, Hey, did you make a Twitter account? Is this you? And they were like, Nope, it’s not me. But it’s got the blue check. So they were you know, literally impersonating but here they have, like, I’ll read it, but just so everybody can see. You know, it’s Timothy Charles Holmseth. And then you know, this was the original picture he posted.

David Zublick 58:40
It’s very easy to do this by the way to

Jessie Czebotar 58:44
says hello, everyone. I will be doing interviews. late this summer, the PPTF the Pentagon pedophile Task Force has stolen from me by Jessie Czebotar so therefore implying that I am part of or connected to the Pentagon pedophile Task Force. It says in she has been using it to steal money from my old I think it’s, I can’t quite read that word, because there’s a big E through it. But basically from my old account or something like that, I will soon start another website. And notice how they’re directing you to a new website. Why

Unknown Speaker 59:31
don’t you get there?

Jessie Czebotar 59:34
Yeah, I will soon start another website explaining how they stole everything from me and then it tells you where to go. So, you know, I’ll just make the public statement. Timothy already did already brought out I had posted when it came out too that it was fake. One, you know, like they’re claiming that I work on the PPTF. I’ve brought out things about the Fake Pentagon pedophile Task Force, and the individuals, which is a long list of names, including some local government, people who claim to be working with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, you know, and claim to be rescuing children, but really, we’re gaining survivor stories, and they’re really connected to that foreign and military and intelligent groups. You know, I’m not doing any interviews with Timothy, have not set up anything like that. Just so people know. And you know, what’s important than that, I think is, you know, Timothy has stated that, you know, the site where he puts out his stuff, his information, and that is Timothy Charles timothycharlesholmseth.com. If there’s anything else out there that’s trying to draw your attention, claiming that it’s him don’t believe it. You know, that’s his site, the . Mine are the illuminate the darkness.com. And not, there’s a fake one out there that these people created the dot, I think it’s dot online.net. Something, if it’s not the illuminate the darkness.com even if it has the same name, it’s not me. So there’s a fake one out there. You know, mine’s the.com. I have Kingdom living with jessie.com. And, you know, my only social media right now is that at @CzebotarJessie on Twitter. And besides that, the shows that I put out information on weekly, you know, you can find those on my patreon.com. But pretty much, you know, it’s the reveal report, Kingdom living you, David here and then Aquarius, rising South Africa and solutions with Chantal. And then I do have Casey Cusick and testimony mountain. I do a few random shows on other places, so I’ll put that but if you’re not seeing my face, you know, don’t, don’t fall for it. So, and the only places all my Intel is always free. You know, we do a good job about making sure stuff. You might not get it right away. But you do get it eventually, on rumble or other places. We all tried to do a good job about keeping that information public. You know,

David Zublick 1:02:41
very good. I quickly. People want to contribute once again to the causes that you support and the Veterans they give that address out again, please.

Jessie Czebotar 1:02:51
Yeah, so that is illuminate the darkness PO Box 10443 Fargo, North Dakota 58106. And let me just quick add this to if you see fake things or things that are harassing doxxing or other type things, please You know, if you’re on social media report it that helps us out a lot.

David Zublick 1:03:17
Absolutely. Absolutely. Very important. We don’t want any anything fake out there at all. Jesse, we will talk to you again real soon. And thank you for enlightening us both on what’s happening in Chicago and setting the clearing the air on this, this video. You know, I wanted to make sure that you had an opportunity to respond to it. And you have done so and cleared everything up as far as I’m concerned. So we’ll talk to you again next week.

Jessie Czebotar 1:03:45
All right. See you later. Thank you, David.

David Zublick 1:03:47
Thank you, God bless Jesse’s a boulder illuminate the darkness.com and kingdom living with jessie.com Those are the only and suborder Jesse on Twitter. If you’re not using those, they’re fake. Okay, and don’t and if you see anything that’s fake, please, please report it. That’s gonna do it for this edition of The Dark outpost. I’m David Zublick. Thank you for watching and thank you for listening. We’ll do it again. Zoom out

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