11 September 2022

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Yo, what up? It’s DoeNut and you tune in into all yo Illuminati news. We got a special guest today with us two special guests. Fritz spring Meyer, author of bloodlines of the Illuminati, and Joshua Abraham. What’s going on everybody?

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we are live on YouTube right now. Yeah. So, Fritz, when the 2008 collapse happen, my parents lost everything. And I was really like, sort of a rich kid growing up, and they lost everything. And it was really an awakening moment for myself. And the only thing I could afford to do was go to the bookstore and get a cup of coffee, that cost like two bucks, because the refills were 25 cents. And I always saw your book bloodlines of the Illuminati right in the front, when I walked in, so it’s an honor just to have you here. Thank you so much. And thank you, Josh, Joshua, for putting this together.

Fritz Springmeier  1:10

All the honors on my side, because in 1990, I started exposing the Illuminati. And I had no idea where it would go, what would happen, how long I would live. And it’s so exciting to see another generation. You It’s like my generation, Jordan, Maxwell, myself and some others. Eustice Mullins, we have been able to, in a sense, pass the baton to your generation. And that’s great. That’s really satisfying to see. Right?

Alex of Doenut Factory  1:47

That is wild, because in the 90s, I was just a little kid, you know. So it wasn’t until really big events started happening, that I started questioning reality. I heard a lot of stuff in the music on Illuminati, from like Wu Tang and Tupac. They always hinted at this word. So it’s Yeah, that’s really Yeah, that must be interesting seeing the generations wake up. So what’s your thoughts on the generation today?

Fritz Springmeier  2:25

I went back to college in 2015 and 2016. And so at that point, I was around like 20 year old. And they would tell, in general, they would say we’re the first generation to get it right. Because they’re in favor the LGBT agenda, that they’re in favor of all of this weird stuff. And they look down on all the preceding generations. So from that standpoint, from my perspective, I consider them pretty well lost, because they’re there they were really arrogant and thinking that all the other generations had gotten things wrong. And they get and their generation couldn’t even do basic, basic math. One one of the guys told me when he was in high school, he taught himself Kersey. And he turned in an essay to the teacher using his cursive. And the teacher said, gave it back to him and said, Don’t you ever do this again. She said, I can’t read cursive. Don’t ever write cursive. So the, you know, when I stood in line at the post office with these people, and they were totally dumbfounded where you put a stamp or their return address goes.

3:55 I mean, these people can work wonders on computers, that you get them outside of their little niche and get them away from playing a video game. They seem to be lost. I don’t know that from that perspective. It’s, it’s a little scary. They’ve been the name of the game for the elite is mind control. And a lot of these people are have swallowed the mind controller if we go back to Jim Jones, you know, swallowed the Kool Aid and are walking zombies. They really aren’t. They don’t even know that they’re under mind control. And I went to school with these people. And it was a little shocking. It was also a little shocking because we had a professor, a physics professor. And you think physics professors are 3D. You know, physics is pretty 3D subject or it used to be he strode into the classroom one day, and this is had nothing to do with the lesson. So I was like surprised that he went off on this tangent. He says, There is no truth says you have your truth. I have my truth. Everybody has their own truth. There is no truth. And I looked around the classroom, at my peers are not my peers, actually, this generation 20 year old, and they’re all shaking their head. Yes, I was the only person that believed in truth. So I know you love truth I Alex, but this generation that I was went to college with, back in 2015 2016, didn’t even believe in truth. And, you know, this is post modernism. You know, they’re lost and they don’t even know it.

Alex of Doenut Factory  5:45

But I’ve heard a lot of people say that there’s no evil, that’s just the concept. And I’m like, Why don’t they know you? They’re evil. I’ve seen it in his brought up Jim Jones mind control. Because when that event went down, it went went down November 18, that three to two day, the year, the day the founder of the Illuminati died. So the whole mind control? Can you tell me a little—I know, You’ve written books on mind control? And I’ve studied it a little bit. But can you tell us a little bit about a little, I guess, like a little tutorial of this Mind Control going on? Where does it come from? How long were they doing now? Like we hear about MK Ultra, and all these topics? I would like to hear it from you. What’s your thoughts on that and like the different levels of mind control?

Fritz Springmeier  6:44

Well, as far as the written records, the written records of this trauma based mind control, go back to ancient Egypt. And the pharaohs had a need to make sure that their next generations were following what they wanted. And there was a lot of knowledge accumulated in ancient Egypt. And so they had dream temples, which is what we call hypnosis. They use the electric eels to do electric shock, like we use cattle prods. And they knew all about trauma. And so those are the three major elements of the of the Illuminati’s mind control is trauma. It’s called trauma based mind control. But really, I began to realize it’s more fear based mind control the, the poor victim of the program, fears the programmer, you’re going to do what it’s like, when we were children.

7:55 We came up behind somebody and twisted their arm behind their back and said, Say uncle, you know, well, that’s, that’s a very mild form of, of trauma based mind control. But the poor victim, I came to realize, there, they’re following the program or out of fear, as much as as all the rest of it. But the ancient Egyptians were carrying—the pharaohs were carrying out along with the priests class there at work. They carried out trauma based mind control on their own families and the Nazis who were trying to scientisthesize They were trying to put the mind control on a scientific basis. They went back they sent Italian and German archaeologists back to the into Egypt to try to study the hieroglyphics as to find out what they could from it. The Germans experimented. Josef Mengele, who was a grandmaster in the Illuminati. He, he had lots of victims, he also had a lot of twins. And he had a lot of human material to do research on. And, and so he researched trauma on the human body, in the concentration camp, and at the end of the war in January of 45, the illuminati smuggled him to the new world.

9:35 And then he continued, being a programmer, major programmer, so some of the people I was bringing out of the Illuminati. Their major programmer had been Josef Mengele, and they could describe him, his physical features, his penis, and so forth. So, yeah, he continued to do his dirty work with the Illuminati over here. Are you have to, even if you look at what’s open to the public about Josef Mengele, you see him traveling all around to Europe and whatnot. This guy is a major war criminal. And so why is he able just to go to Europe and fly around? I mean, you and I could never do that. It’s totally amazing how you can really see that he had the what’s the word, he had the blessings of the system. And he could just travel around so freely and not get arrested. (Alex: Right.) Yeah, go ahead.

Alex of Doenut Factory  10:40

So you’ve actually encountered and helped out some of these victims of trauma based mind control from the Nazis?

Fritz Springmeier  10:50

Oh, yeah. Wow. Yeah. So my big breakthrough came in 1991. Before that, I had been doing thousands hours of research into the Illuminati, as an outsider looking in. And then a friend of mine, who’s a real people person, he was walking by a group of ladies, and he overheard them say the word Illuminati. He turned around, and he said, if you’re interested in the Illuminati, you gotta meet my friend, Fritz Springmeier. So we arranged a meeting. Well, it turned out that these four women were, they had been teamed in the Illuminati, and they all were trying to get out until they were a support team to get out of Illuminati. And by by them coming into my life, I, I got to see the Illuminati from the inside out. And they told me two things that were important. They told me the importance of the bloodlines. And they told me the importance of the trauma based mind control. And that’s ended up to be what I wrote about. Before they had come into my life, I had written a book, Be Wise as Serpents, where I was trying to show the extent of how our system of systems of control are created by this.

12:25 And this is all if you scratch below the surface, you’re going to start seeing I mean, you’ve seen in your life, you know, you don’t have to get inside information to start seeing how things are can control, you can see that only a few entities control the media, you can see how the Rockefellers controlled medical system, you can see these things without getting inside information. And I was able to accumulate a lot of information from looking on the inside out. But then once I had these people in my life, that were actual members of the Illuminati, I got a whole different view. And that’s why I wrote three massive works on the trauma based mind control. The formula book, its its total title was Illuminati Formula used to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave. I put together the bloodlines of the Illuminati. And I wrote a sequel to the formula book deeper insight. And then yet another book on the on the programming they know not what they do. So anyway, wow, that’s it in a nutshell.

Alex of Doenut Factory  13:38

Wow. Josh told me last night, and I was blown away. That McDonald’s right, we got the McDonald’s everywhere. And now I’m gonna pull up a slide of the Golden the golden arches, that McDonald’s is part of the Illuminati and and when he when he said, I was like, Whoa, you know, and I was looking at the logo, and you got the 13 bloodline book. But even the McDonald’s logo, if you turn that sideways, it’s a 13. It’s a one, the red is the one and the yellow is a three. And we see that Bill Gates, Bill Gates, right, Billy Billy Gates is the farmland owner for McDonald’s. And this whole food disruption going on the Economist magazine telling the world that there’s going to be food cataclysm. What’s this connection to McDonald’s and the Illuminati?

Fritz Springmeier  14:36

Ah, well, there’s a number of connections. The CIA was created by the Illuminati and the CIA uses McDonald’s worldwide as a cover for espionage. So you’ll notice that the US government gives millions of dollars to McDonald’s to create foreign outlets, like so like when they set up a McDonald’s in Moscow that was heavily subsidized by US tax dollars. And so you might ask yourself, why? Why in a pure capitalist environment would the government be paying so much money so that McDonald’s could open up McDonald’s in Moscow? Well, it’s because there, it goes back to their running their spy network, or behind all of this, behind McDonald’s. Another aspect of it is, and this is something I wanted to bring out, I guess I could bring it out right now. Because you know, Alex, everybody’s looking at what’s coming down the pike, though, we’ve got agenda 2030, where they’re going to where they say that they’re going to take control of the economy, or they’re going to take care of control of the food, they’re going to take control of a lot of things.

16:18 As you know, this relates to what you just said, there was a food chain reaction game, run by John Podesta for these people, where they were looking at what’s going to happen when there’s a food crisis. And then they’re going to be able to take control, and monitor every item of food that’s being produced and chipped in everything. They want total control over food, which is really scary. You know, that they, they totally want to control whatever we can put in our mouth. Well, this goes back to McDonald’s. Because, well, people are concerned about what’s coming down the road. And, you know, there’s an economic meltdown, they’ll talk about we’ve got an extended war in Ukraine, we’ve got different things that I can talk about coming down the pike. But what concerns me is, is that people don’t realize that right next to him, right there in their life in the Illuminati are destroying their life. And one of the ways they’re doing that is with junk food. But when you go to the American supermarket, and people love American supermarkets, because they’re beautiful, and all this beautiful, produce all this beautiful food packaged and everything. But there’s practically nothing in a store in a grocery store that isn’t tainted, and designed.

18:05 Because they’re controlling everything to make you sick and kill you. So for instance, I don’t know if you were aware of this Alec, but they have genetically modified wheat, but we call wheat today is nothing like what we used to be at least 95% of the wheat Brown is a gore for a semi dwarf variety. And it has, it’s been genetically modified in so many 1000s of ways. It’s nothing like what was in ancient times. And there’s a amylopectin a carbohydrate that you its glycemic value is worse than sugar. So Alex, and Joshua, you would not get a a plate and pour just pure sugar on it. And then take a spoon and eat pure sugar. However, when you eat wheat, especially what the the the end, they’re promoting all these false narratives. So this false narrative is, is it’s very easy and very healthy to eat whole wheat bread, the whole wheat breads even worse than the white bread, white Wonder Bread as far as its glycemic value. It’s got a worse glycemic value than pure sugar.

19:38 So eating that piece of bread is worse than than eating a scoop of sugar. And what’s that doing is that we’re getting a false narrative of what’s causing weight gain in America. People. People work hard. They they try to eat well, and yet they still put on weight. They can’t understand it. The reason why is is they’re eating white dairy, wheat products. And if you think about what’s going on in the grocery store, you got the bakery section, you got the bread aisle, you got the pasta section, you got the cracker section, you got the cereal section, the whole store is full of wheat, you know, processed food, all this is destroying the health. And so when I interacted with these Illuminati kingpins, they laughed at how stupid the sheeple were, as we were destroying our health, you know, and we were getting diabetes. And because, and they would say, well, we’ve got to bail out all these stupid people.

20:48 You know, we’re the ones that are genetically modifying stuff so that insulin can produce for all of these diabetics, because they’re overeating, their fat slobs. Well, no, they create the problem, and then they laugh. And so don’t McDonald’s is all part of this process of destroying our health, because they’re trying to do genocide. That’s the underlying thing here, Alex, is population reduction genocide, people need to understand that we are like ants to the Illuminati. These elite kingpins, they, their mindset is so far different than ours. And people make the mistake of thinking that they think like we do, they don’t. We mean nothing to them. If they, if they kill 1000 of us, they think nothing of it as if they as if you were I stepped on some ants when we walked on the sidewalk, and that’s and McDonald’s fits into this whole thing of just, it’s just another way to kill us, weakn us.

Alex of Doenut Factory  22:02

Well, then, even like, if you look at their first picture, it has the five one in there the day the Illuminati was founded. I always find that little interesting too.

Fritz Springmeier  22:15

There are so many connections when you read the bloodlines of Illuminati book. It’s just mind boggling. All of the millions of connections between things. And yeah, go ahead.

Alex of Doenut Factory  22:32

Oh, I know that Josh got some awesome questions to ask you. Um,

Joshua Abraham  22:37

yeah, I’ve been taking notes this whole time. Like while Fritz has been going I’ve been just like taking notes of like, what I want to ask him All right, number one, we started off on Josef Mengele. Is it true Mr. Springmeier, that Josef Mengele in the Nazis perfected sex change surgery in this in the Nazi slave camps? Is that true?

Fritz Springmeier  23:03

That I can’t verify

Joshua Abraham  23:07

that this whole transgender movement and all this sex change operation stuff and all these these testosterone and estrogen like these hormones, like all this sex change, operation, like procedure came from the Nazis like sex change surgery is straight up Nazi science from the Auschwitz camp. That’s what I’ve heard.

Fritz Springmeier  23:32

They were they were certainly doing these kinds of weird experiments. 

Joshua Abraham  23:39

Yeah, I’ve heard that.  And when we talk about the, like McDonald’s in the food, now, Eustace Mullins claimed this he claimed that big pharma owned by the AMA, which is owned by the Rockefeller Foundation, pretty much bought up everything in pretty much bought the whole food industry they bought man, Monsanto, pretty much the AMA absorbed the whole food industry. And that’s why we have the GMOs and now we got cricket based flour. Like they’re trying to sneak all these bugs into like the baseline of all these grains and like you were saying earlier, like half the grocery store is filled with grain and like, like flour and stuff like that. And now they’re putting Cricket Flour trying to get us all into like eating bugs and stuff because you right? They do think of us like ants and to be honest, look around this bitch like you really can’t deny like the stupidity of people. It really that’s the thing that research doesn’t really get your mind wrapped around, you know, Mr. Springmeier.

You’ve been my mentor now for like over 10 years and I gotta tell you, like all the books that I’ve read, and with my infiltration to Freemasonry, Like, what really didn’t prepare me was how stupid people are willing to be like, they don’t care. And that’s what really trips me up. And that’s what really shatters my soul, like people want to be slaves. That’s what we’re like you bring all this stuff into everybody’s face that cannot be denied all these facts, and they’re just like, oh, yeah, you know, what are we going to do about it? You know, and that’s what really trips me up. And back to the McDonald’s thing. I liked this interview by Rabbi Finkelstein, how he said that within the satanic community, they are actually selling the bodies of their ritual sacrifice to McDonald’s. And people actually challenge this and they went to the slaughterhouses where the meat is produced, they found around 14% of the hamburger meat and the sausage meat is human meat. Like they actually challenge that theory. And they found that 14% of all McDonald’s meat is actually human based to me. It is just It blows my mind like this. 

his guy, Rabbi Finkelstein, he got interviewed, and he just went off like how people today they just, they don’t care. Then there was actually a guy who wrote about this McDonald’s, human meat conspiracy, and nobody bought the book. And he kept saying over and over, he’s like, Well, you know, if you don’t accept the truth, that’s your problem. You know, we’re doing it and we’re not going to stop doing it. And you know, if you don’t stop us who’s to say we can’t keep doing it? And it’s just, it blows my mind. And I was loved. I love how you wrote in your book. I got your book right here. Mr. Spring Meyer, bloodlines of the Illuminati this thing I read over 10 years ago. This is amazing. You say in the McDonald bloodline, how the McDonald’s owner Ray Kroc used to give tides to the Church of Satan ever since the Church of Satan was created in 1966. That’s incredible. So here we have a fast food Corporation actually funding the church of Satanism and giving a little piece of the profits to the whole issue of the problem. It’s just, it’s just wacky. It’s just so mind blowing, and it just blows me away. How if people read this book bloodlines of the Illuminati because DNA doesn’t lie. Like the blood never lies. And we can actually see how these 12 families that were blessed by the satanic covenants to mock the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples of Christ, these 12 families, the Reynolds, the Russell’s the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the du Pont’s, the Astor’s and a few others, how these families were actually blessed to like, control the world. And it’s just blows my mind when I was living in Los Angeles, I was on a Freemason meeting, and during one of our dinners, when a really high ranking, which was the lady who owned the catering company that was serving the dinners before the ritual, and she was telling me and I was like, hey, you know, like, Would you like to do a little tarot card reading on me? I’m like, kind of see, you know, I was kind of like seeing what she would know about me and her little occult accents. And she asked me a very plain question. She goes, Are you a part of the bloodlines? I’m like, which bloodline? She goes, you know, the Holy 12. I’m like, No, I’m not. She goes, Well, I don’t, I only do readings on those who are a part of the bloodline. And this is coming from a lady in Los Angeles, just catering, one of the free Masonic dinners and it’s just like, wow, like, This just blows me away how these bloodlines are so held, like to a very young, kind of a royalty. Like, who cares about the Queen of England who just passed away? That’s for the public, like the Queen of England who just passed away. That’s for the sheeple. That’s for the public, the subjects like just the regular people, but people like us, you know, who really know the hardcore truth. Like, these are the people that own the royal family. The 12 bloodline, you think the royal family is rich? Ah, yeah, right. Like it it just blows me away too. It’s so funny how it Oh, yeah, you know, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. How can they even claim that it’s pretty much what they just want you to know. I mean, go God forbid you find out about the 12 bloodlines who have been billionaire since the late 1800s and early 1900s. I mean, these guys have had interest just growing and these guys are like the war, burbs, like in the Rothschilds like, these are the guys who run the money system and just print it out of thin air. And they tell you that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are the richest people in the world. That is, like, so laughable. It’s just, but that’s where we are. That’s how they throw that at us. And think no one how bullshit that is. And people just eat it up with the spoon. And it’s just, it blows my mind how just

Alex of Doenut Factory  30:48

so Fritz that is there, like, we’re going back to the McDonald’s thing that Joshua was saying. I’m an add on to whatever he was just saying. But that was interesting about the satanic connection. Because I know the Satanists played a huge role in politics, and all that, um

Fritz Springmeier  31:15

what I would add here is I got a National Geographic book, a recent one. And it has predictions for the future. And it has a page where they have predictions. And they say that, in the future, humans are going to use eat human excrement. Well, you know that saying, eat Shit and die. That’s kind of what the Illuminati elite are, are saying to us is eat Shit and die. And when I saw that in the National Geographic magazine, I wondered if that could be possible. But there is a Japanese company that’s already developed the technology to take human excrement and make it into edible protein. So and so they’re, they’re hiding, like he said, the cricket protein, they have a like a factory up in Canada, Ontario, where they’re producing cricket, protein, and they’re, they’re hiding into different products, trying to make it sound like, Oh, you’ve got extra protein in this food. It’s extra healthy for you. So they want us to eat bugs, and excrement. And that’s what this National Geographic was saying that people would eat in the future.

Alex of Doenut Factory  32:54

Right. And there’s this predictive programming like Soylent Green, that says people It took place in the year 2020, to where we’re at right now. And we’re hearing all this zombie and human me. And yeah, that’s wild. So talking about also the whole sacrifice is the sacrificial stuff is very comes up a lot when you start looking into Illuminati stuff. And what I found out is that astrology plays a big role in the equinoxes. And all this, and we’re coming up on a Harvest Moon, and this morning, or tomorrow morning, I believe will be a full moon. And do they do stuff in the sacrifices on full moons and certain days of the year? Because, I mean, we’re coming up on an anniversary, and wow, we just got we just hit 1000 People in the live chat. So make sure you hit that like button, it gets us into the algorithm. So this will go all over the world. So yeah, but can you tell us a little bit about the sacrifice stuff that always pops up when researching this topic?

Fritz Springmeier  34:17

Yeah, I have a couple of books where I go into Illuminati ritual dates. And astrology does play a big role in a lot that they do. And, and the what the moon and the sun are doing, like a roll like the solstices. For instance, at the Spring Solstice. I exposed years ago, many years ago, because I you know, like I say I had insiders telling me and there’s a replica of Stonehenge in on the Columbia River. And in the spring equinox, they would do ceremonies there. Below that in a cemetery. Some of these places that I’ve exposed the ritual site, they have actually had to back off from doing the rituals there. Which is interesting that I actually did make a little bit of a difference. Because human sacrifice plays a role in this. Human sacrifice, it connects to mind control. And it connects to astrology connects to a lot of things. The adrenohrome, I had the privilege of first exposing Adrenochrome, back in 1991. And now everybody knows about it. That big industry, things that were admin secret for thousands of years got uncovered. And now, and most people don’t even know where a lot of these things, they don’t even realize I was the person that started exposing them, which is fine, because now they’re just, it’s public knowledge, general knowledge.

36:27 So one of the things is they harvest the adrenal chrome during sacrifices. Another thing is the drinking of the blood. Another thing is, is if you think of a young person in LA, in a neighborhood and a hood, and The Hook gang, what they’ll do is, is they’ll tell a young 13-year-old, you want to join our gang. Okay, here’s a gun handgun, go shoot that grandmother over there. And so this young little punk will take his handgun, and he’ll just walk up and shoot that grandmother. And it will be a crime that No one can solve, because there’s, there’s no rhyme or reason to it. It just so that the person can be initiated. Well, likewise, for Illuminati members, they want to taint people, they want you to be involved in murder, and ritual murder, because there’s no statute of limitations on murder. So when you’re like, maybe four years old, and you’re in the Illuminati, and you’re given an an athema, and you’re asked to go kill another child, they’re criminalizing you. They’re making you part of a criminal organization. So there’s many different ways to look at the Illuminati. You can look at them as elite bloodlines. Or you could look at them as like an elite mafia criminal of psychopaths.

Alex of Doenut Factory  38:08

Right, right. Yeah, that seems like it’s a lot like gang stuff. And like even they show the symbols like a gang. And one of the things I’m always looking out for is the number five, one or one five and reverse, as we saw what’s in the 1.5 trillion federal spending bill, and then just now, four days ago, Europe power firm needs 1.5 trillion euros and margin. I haven’t really read it, but this number pops up. And I look at it like yeah, this is just the gang sign of the Illuminati. The Illuminati eyeball and all this.

Fritz Springmeier  38:50

Yeah, the all seeing eye that they put everywhere.

Alex of Doenut Factory  38:53

It’s everywhere. All the artists do it. Now, Josh won before we went on live. You had a great question for Fritz about Denmark, which just blew my my mind there. And I would like to hear that. About about that question.

Joshua Abraham  39:12

Yes, I would like to turn everyone’s attention to the introduction of bloodlines of the Illuminati. And Mr. Spring Meyer writes, how the tribe of Dan, one of the 12 tribes of Israel, which is represented by the serpent, which was prophesized in the Old Testament, as being the tribe that would institute the Antichrist in the end times, and this is how the Antichrist would deceive the world and be accepted by the Israeli community as being because they won’t accept the antichrist without them without the Antichrist being a part of the Israeli bloodline. That’s a big thing about the Antichrist. He has to be accepted by the nation of Israel to say up his temple right there on Temple Mount in the End Times. And Mr. Spring Meyer writes how the tribe of Dan was used as kind of like the Judas Iscariot time, to the bloodlines, the Illuminati, how the tribe of Dan went up into Europe, and pretty much um, became the 13th. Illuminati bloodline of the Merovingian. You have your 12 Illuminati families, but then you have the 13th, the ruling class of the Merovingian dynasties, which is Queen Elizabeth who just died like the kings of Sweden, and they all descend back also to vlad the Impaler vlad the second of Romania, the original Dracula, and how these tribes actually came from the travel of the tribe of Dan. And I also found it interesting when I was reading the Dead Sea Scrolls. How in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 29th chapter of the book of Acts, there’s only 28th in the King James, but there’s 29 in the Dead Sea Scrolls, how Paul actually sailed up to Rome and asked the Emperor, you know, like, have you heard about this place in this island to the north called Pertania? And he’s like, Yeah, you know, there’s a Drew, there’s a there’s a tribe up there that claims to be from the tribe of Dan. And these, this is what the druids came from, so he sailed up there. And he asked him, you know, we’re from whence, you know, where do you come us now. And they were like, We come from the traffic data. And they showed him the rituals and stuff. And he realized that this was actually legit. And he gave him the kiss goodbye. He kind of kissed him off in the Dead Sea Scrolls, because it was just they just went way to the wicked side. And I just want to ask, first, Mr. Springmeier like, because Eustace Mullins writes in his books, how the tribe of Dan went up into Europe, and it used to be Danmark. But now we call it Denmark. And then they went up into England and became the druids like this this tribe of Dan, really, you know, like you write in your book, and Eustace Mullins backs enough to like, as far as you know, about this tribe of Dan, is this like THE sinister tribe that like relates to the Khazarians and like to all the Illuminati mafia that you are talking about?

Fritz Springmeier  42:29

That’s a big question. So what we have happening in history is, if you go back and look at when the 10 tribes were taken into captivity by the Assyrians, that’s the last we see of the tribe of Dan in Palestine. And the Assyrians moved the 10 tribes up on their border to act as a buffer against the barbarians that would raid the Assyrian Empire. And then we have a Syrian cuneiform records as to what happened to those tribes. They’re just—historically, the narrative we’re told is, is that these the last 10 tribes, but there’s actually historical narratives there. And as far as researching all the history of these groups, I have a lot more where there is a lot more research to do. But the tribe of Dan was very mobile. And so the tribe of Dan did go into what became Caesaria, but they also went into Greece. And they became the rulers of the different Greek states. And they also went to Rome, became leaders later of the Roman Empire. And then they also went to the British Isles. But they also as they traveled through Europe, it said, and, of course, I can’t confirm these things. It said that they left their record of you look at the Danube and a number of other rivers are, it’s claimed are named after the tribe of Dan as they moved through. But they did move to into Europe.

44:33 So one of the things is, is there’s been a lot of movement of people is not just the tribe of Dan, but other of these 10. northern tribes have also done a lot of movement into Europe. And so there’s some people that feel like net pally, which was very much into shipbuilding. went to the Netherlands. And that’s why they continue shipbuilding in the Netherlands. There’s a whole large area of research that beyond the life, I mean, you could have several researchers researching that for their lifetime to try to figure out all the exact details of all this movement of people. There’s been a lot of movement of people over quite a few years. So, uh, you know, we’re looking at thousands of years of movement. And we’re looking at a lot of interbreeding. So one of the things, one of the hallmarks of the Illuminati Bloodlines is what they’re doing is, is stay watch, because they’re interbreeding they will watch, and if they see a bloodline that’s has power. For instance, the Collins family was a druidic family that had a lot of witchcraft, magical power. So they brought them in, so that they could integrate their power into their bloodline.

46:26 I was very surprised that I started seeing some inbreeding between Illuminati Bloodlines and Native Americans. And you might ask, well why would these elite European bloodlines want to integrate with native bloodline? Well, the reason why is, is because to to explain this, let me sidetrack myself for a minute. If you’re a leopard, or a lion, let’s say in India, you have to have a sixth sense as to where you’re preying, because you’ve got to roam over like a 20 mile radius to try to get your food, you know, and there is a sixth sense that these these predators have. And the Europeans, European bloodlines, had lost some of that sixth sense. And the American Indians, the natives still retain that. And so to gain that intuitive Sixth Sense, you see the Illuminati marrying into some of these native bloodlines, they brought in a lot of Indian chiefs into Freemasonry. Now, while they excluded the blacks, and they set up a Prince Hall LOD system for the black, now I hear that that’s changed, blacks are being brought in to the regular lodge system, but for for a long time, blacks were excluded from the regular lodge system but Native Americans weren’t. And so why would why was there this infatuation?

48:27 It’s because they were pulling in some of the into intuity in sixth sense intuition. So to gain extra mental power. So they have been interbreeding when they see something worth interbreeding with a will do it. So, like the head of the Illuminati, now, he has Merovingian blood, but he also is interbred with Adam Weishaupts,= bloodline. And to give you an example of something that we have been talking about Pierre Samuel du Pont. He was a Frenchman. And precedent Thomas Jefferson, when this Frenchman came over, I mean, this is this is a Frenchman. He hasn’t been living in the United States. And the first thing is is, is Jefferson said, Well, you set up a national school system for us. Why? Why would would DuPont be tapped to set up an American school system? Why wouldn’t there be an American that could do that? And who was Du Pont? You know, I mean, my bloodlines of the Illuminati book brings that out. Uh, you look at how the DuPont were favored by the US government. So they were given a munitions contract right from the start. And they became very rich. The du Pont’s get filthy rich every war we have. So insiders like this. All of these insiders that get rich, they get rich because of who they are, not what they are. I meet a lot of people that are like, wanting to get rich. And they’re like thinking, yeah, it’s a free system. If I work hard, I’m going to be rich. People that are getting rich, are getting rich because of who they are

Joshua Abraham  50:37

think that myself, I used to think, oh, it’s all about hard work. It’s all about dedication, then you realize it’s not about you know how much you want it. It’s all about who you are, you know who your daddy is. And you know, who’s your family. And I love how you wrote in your Bloodlines of the Illuminati about the DuPont family how they are so involved with the arms sales, and pretty much like even like to this day, with a lot of UFO technology, how the DuPont family is behind like Northman, and Raytheon and all these huge weapon manufacturing companies, and how it basically started with the DuPont family. And I love that you wrote about that in your book. And basically without the DuPont family. You know, anyone who watches NASCAR sees the big old DuPont on the hood of the car, you know that basically that family basically owns that sport. And I just love it how like, how you also wrote in your bloodlines book, how the DuPont family absorbed General Motors, and a lot of these car manufacturers and like pretty much all these weapons that anything that has to do with war, whether it be weapons, and like motors and automobiles and like the DuPont are really involved in that. And

Alex of Doenut Factory  52:01

yeah, and it’s that’s very interesting about the cars and the UFOs. And the connection there. And building is like me, I I’m all about building a business, you know, I want to make money, I don’t want to be a victim, I want to go out and figure out how to take care and provide for family and whatever. But what the system that we’re living under right now, if people think we’re free, and we got 1200 People make sure you hit that like button and get us in the algorithm. We got Fritz Springmeier here with as a legend and Joshua Abraham. We’re like under serfdom, in a sense. Oh, yeah. No matter how much money I make a man here’s a study right here, Americans spent more on taxes in 2021 than on food, clothing and health care combined. It’s like, when you do make money, you’re gonna spend half of that or more in paying taxes, you know, and there’s so much weird stuff going on. Like with the Pope, instructing all the Vatican entities to be moved by September 30. We got the Queen’s death, everyone’s distracted with that. And all these celebrities do the Illuminati. I bet they’re all canceling their tours right now. What’s your thoughts on what’s coming ahead in these months? Because it seems like Something’s fishy. What what I’m looking at is right before the world was locked down, which woke up a lot of people, but also it showed me how tyranny can just be accepted. Oh, go ahead. Here comes the tyranny. No, let’s do it.

Joshua Abraham  53:49

It’s for a good night overnight. And you were talking about serfdom. Malik’s about all these taxes. Everyone needs to know, the income tax law does not exist, okay. For you in American in the private sector of business, the law that says you have to pay an income tax does not exist. And if you do anyway, that’s like the ultimate form of serfdom to pay a tax that doesn’t exist. And under Article 62 09, my dad proved this in open court, by the way, my dad legally dodge taxes for 30 years and he didn’t need to pay it because he proved in open court that under Article 62 09. The IRS is a British monarch collection agency and not even an agency of the United States government and that there is no law for an American in the private sector business that has to pay an income tax. So if you want to talk about serfdom, that if you’re paying this income tax, and you don’t work for the government, just know that you might as well just go back you know, just give a little give little sheep sound when you do it, you know, because that’s just the ultimate like form of serfdom to pay a tax it doesn’t even exist. And that’s so crazy that they say it was legally ratified in 1913. And it wasn’t it wasn’t ratified by enough states and enough senators to make it law, but then they just, you know, they just threw it in there with the forming of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Anyways, there’s there’s your number again, 13. And yeah, the French was talking about the Collins bloodline earlier, because, you know, you really don’t hear about, like the colons that much, but if you do your research, the colons wow, like this family, like basically, I love how you said in your book, Mr. Spring Meyer, how the Collins family, when all these European families were going over to America back in the day, how the Collins family, basically, were the boat, the family with the boats that brought over like the hardcore witchcraft and Luciferianism over here in America. And basically, the Collins bloodline, basically set up the entire network of Satanism here in the in the North American region.

Alex of Doenut Factory  56:18

So yeah, so like, Fritz, what’s? Well, we’re coming up on the hour mark. And, you know, I want to respect your time. What do you see coming ahead?

Fritz Springmeier  56:34

So one thing that’s, that’s here, we’re a few months away from is the European banks defaulting. What we have going on in Europe is an energy crisis, you could make a simple formula. Sometimes I come up with the simple formulas. Inexpensive, abundant energy equals a good economy, no energy, or very, very expensive, rare energy equals a debt economy. It’s a real simple equation. So, you know, Europe is lost a lot of their energy because of the Ukrainian war. So we’re going to start seeing banks default. And this is what I expect, I expect that there will be a meltdown of the European economy, their euro will become—will lose its value. And that’s going to affect America because the world is interconnected. 

Joshua Abraham  57:53

Wow, that’s just like the Dead Sea Scrolls prophesied. Like, they say, the Dead Sea Scrolls, like the time of the Antichrist. And we talked about this in a previous interview, Alex, how in the Dead Sea Scrolls, like, first of all, it hits with a global pandemic. Then comes the economic fallout and the global famine, then the great world war, and then the false alien invasion, what the Dead Sea Scrolls calls the attack of the ship Diem and this should Diem is a very ancient Hebrew word for demons. And I want to ask Fritz, this, okay. Before we stopped this interview, I got to get this out. Recently, I went to a Masonic book study, and we talked about, you know, the time of the Antichrist and how they are, they told all the high degree Masons that the Third Temple, which is the whole purpose of the Masonic Lodge, is to have it built and completed by 2030. Now, anyone who knows that timeline knows that three and a half years before that, that’s when the Antichrist is Institute’s is like his beginning of His power, the seven year tribulation, then three and a half years after that, after the temple is complete, as when, you know, Jesus returns and judges him. And we were talking about how the Antichrist is going to pull this off, and what the Masons, like are really talking about what like, it’s kind of like common knowledge among the 32s and the 33 degrees is that this false alien invasion called Operation majority is going to happen. And globally, this is what’s going to institute the power of the Antichrist and now this is how he’s gonna deceive the whole world like this

Joshua 59:45 like kind of like how Fauci got control the whole world through COVID Like the Antichrist is going to get control the whole world and under his control, because he’s going to be kind of like the mediator for this false alien invasion. People give it like Don’t worry, we got a guy for this just like Dr. Fauci. And what I want to ask you, Mr. Springmeier, is that with these events going with the with the pandemic, and in the coming economic crash, and EU how they’re already talking about digital currency, how the EU will be the first, you know, intercontinental digital currency. Do you see this false alien invasion with the Antichrist happening within the next like 10 years like this is what the Masons claimed that Jesus returns in 2033, to judge Antichrist with his fleet of the Melchizedek in his mother ship, the New Jerusalem coming down and their ships that are like right in front of Venus right now. And that’s why he called himself the morning star. The Masons claim that Jesus is coming with his fleet, the new the order, the Melchizedek, and his mother ship, the New Jerusalem that come down judge Antichrist in 2033. Now, what I want to ask you, like, do you see this false alien invasion that you know, is coming with the Antichrist being installed? Like, do you see this like coming within a few years?

Fritz Springmeier  1:01:16

Okay, here’s what I can say, to address that issue. So when I got out of prison, very strange thing happened, the leadership of the Illuminati, attempted to recruit me to write a history of the Illuminati. In the end, it didn’t pan out, because I’m who I am, and I won’t change who I am. If I was more malleable, and I could just follow directions, I probably could have written their book for them and gotten a Pulitzer Prize.

Joshua Abraham  1:01:52

So basically, they destroyed your life and threw you in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, they offered you to bring you in, rebuild your life and bring you in as one of them is that what I’m getting at?

Fritz Springmeier  1:02:04

Well, not one of them, but as a as an outside historian of the Illuminati. They were impressed that I didn’t blink my eyes from all the persecution that had happened. And they, they were going to recruit me. Well, during this whole process of about two years, we interacted. And during those two years of interacting, we had conversations. And they told me in very general terms, what was coming down the pipe, they told me that there would be pandemics, they told me that there would be famines, they told me that there would be a world war. But the end result of what they were going to do is they were going to turn this globe, this planet over to the aliens. Now back in 1992, and 1993, I was really researching. It’s not something that people know a lot about. But I was putting a lot of effort into interviewing people that had been abducted, and flying saucers in area 51. And, you know, I went down and saw Dulce, back then, I was actually quietly researching all of this, but nobody saw it.

1:03:30 Because the one book I wrote about reptilians, I put on the shelf and I never published. But I came to the conclusion that these aliens were what the Bible called demons. (Joshua: Absolutely.) And so, it’s very interesting that the head of the Illuminati, regularly visits with aliens, and that his intention is to turn this planet over to them. So that’s what we’ve got here, people, we’ve got an elite, elite leadership in this world in this globe, we’ve got a lot of hidden infrastructure, a lot of inventions. A military industrial complex, we’ve got so much that that we really don’t even see and their inventions are way off the hook, way out of sight. What they are able to do is way beyond us, but their there in goal is not to help humanity, but to turn this planet over to the elite. So we’re looking at, if nothing else, I mean, you could call the elite Satanists fine, but worse than that, they’re traitors to the human race. They are going to sell us they’re going to sell us down the tubes. And like the aliens do with us, with these demons do with us. Who knows? But it’s not going to be pretty.

Joshua Abraham  1:05:02

Yeah, and that’s exactly what I was. I heard from the Masons how they say, in the Masonic Lodge how when World War three heads, and after a couple bombs dropped a couple nukes, that’s the time when the aliens will show up into like, hey, you know, you guys are destroying yourself, we’re here to hell. And, you know, people need to understand, like the New World Order, and the alien takeover is one in the same, it is the exact same thing we’re you know, is demons, those are aliens. And people need to really come to grips with that when you read the Space Force disclosure that went on the CIA blackvault website in 2017. They say in black and white, that by the year 2029, they need to have two thirds of the world’s population just wiped off the face of the map in the military has known about this for over 70 years. That’s what all this is about. All these alien movies, all these, you know, this, this, what they call soft disclosures about humans warmed up to this idea that aliens are coming.

Alex of Doenut Factory  1:06:22

There’s something up with the whole alien thing with the they have the and I’m gonna we’re gonna end the show here in a second. I just want to get some Fritz’s last words as we are over the hour mark. But yeah, just how they had the storm area 51 And the month after that a whole world was locked down. Can I get some final thoughts, Fritz? Before we wrap up the show?

Fritz Springmeier  1:06:48

Yeah, one last final thought on what we’re talking about. The History Channel said that the aliens showed up. Now this is totally bogus. But the History Channel said the aliens showed up because we detonated the nuclear bombs over there in Japan. So this backs up what Joshua was saying, Joshua, thank you very much for everything. And I’m gonna have to say goodbye to all your listeners. It’s been fun. I hope that it’s been educational. And I also thank you, Alex for allowing me to come on and, and share and it’s been great. Thank you.

Alex of Doenut Factory  1:07:38

All thank thank you so much for it’s you’re a legend in the game and thank you, Joshua. Joshua, set this whole thing up. So thank you so much. And yeah, you know, hit that like button hit that subscribe button and you should check all of our content now. I’ll have all the links down below. Much love and God bless you

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