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28 Feb 2023

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It’s time, it’s time to get your popcorn ready. It will be political, political, it will be biblical. We must stay vigilant, we must remain watchful. So sit back and put your feet up, because you’re about to learn to discern the truth. Welcome to the watchmen.

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What’s up everybody and welcome back to The Washington podcast. My name is Casey. So good to be back with you guys. Today, today’s Tuesday, February 21. already almost to the end of February, while the years going by fast, lots of happenings going on in the world. I’ve got Jessie back again with you guys today. Before we get started, just a reminder, in the description box below, I’m gonna have all Jessie’s information where you can follow her find her support her as well as our information here at the watchmen podcast, where you can follow support, anything like that, you know, I get a lot of people asking where can we support you, you know, I’m no good at for January 6 things and stuff like that I’m not really good at self promotion, I’m sorry, I’m just about that. I’m just that guy. So. But anything you would like to give or the people that do support, I really greatly appreciate it. And like I said, it’ll be in the description box below. Before we get started, I want to go ahead and let everybody know that yesterday I was on the MEL K show. I don’t think the episodes have been posted yet. But it will be you can find that at the MEL K []( As well as she has a rumble channel. Really kind so grateful for her to have me on. And just to get my story out there. It’s really, you know, I know a lot of you guys that watch this podcast, when when Jessie’s on, you know, I don’t really talk too much about that, and have it for a long time. But you know, it’s time to, because it’s just, it’s unfair, it’s not right, what they’ve done to me and what they’ve done to my family, and to my children really is what really, you know that that’s the bottom line basis of the whole thing. So I really, really, really, really, I’m going to be on the all cast Podcast coming up as well on to 28th, which is next Tuesday with Andy Powell. I know Jessie’s did an episode with him. Not long ago, he’s a really nice guy, you know, he’s been asking me to come on. And I agreed to he really what he wants me to go on there and do is kind of giving my life testimony of how I got to the place where I am now. And so it’ll be a great episode. And I highly suggest you guys listen to that. Because I’ve really always wanted to have a place to be able to go and share my testimony that wasn’t really on my own platform. And I actually have that opportunity. So praise God for that. Another thing I really want to promote before Jessie talks about her course coming up in Tampa is please watch Jessie and George’s Friday night show and I highly recommend and I mean, I highly recommend, go on become a patreon member on George’s Patreon, because they’re after show is actually probably better than the

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beginning. Because it is better, isn’t it?

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Because what happens is all of a sudden, it’s like you know, the gloves come off and all the all the things that you wish that they were saying on on YouTube, which I understand why he doesn’t please those of you that don’t, they’ll they’ll cut his channel. That’s why he’s not doing that. Because then you won’t get a Friday show on YouTube. Because they’ll I mean, they’ll give him strikes and they’ll take him off. That’s what happened to me. Listen, I got D platformed. off Facebook and Instagram, right away. After after I was arrested for January 6 Without any any explanation, any strikes nothing. They just took me down. And only reason I found out about that was because my friends started asking me that I get off social media. And I’m like, No, I didn’t. And so then I’ve signed in. And of course, that is what happened. But really, please go support him what he’s doing. And I really believe that George is a man of God, I believe that he’s doing God’s work just like Jessie is. And it takes time for him to put those shows together. I mean, he’s me. And Jessie touched on a little bit of stuff about unholy and the halftime Superbowl halftime but George he’s in he was in that world. So he’s so good at what he does, and it’s so much better. And you know, I really love the guy and I appreciate it. He’s been on planning. Yeah, and and go back and listen to I had George on and had him share his testimony on my podcast, you know, maybe six months ago or so. And it was really a great show because the thing that I really appreciate about Georgia and you can understand hear his sincerity is i i like most people want to know what kind of magic you were into what you know, you want to really hear but George doesn’t really want to talk about that to people because he he was that guy that he kind of thought well, maybe I’ll just dabble in it a little bit. And then he does but he’s so he doesn’t want others to think that this is good or this is something that you should be doing. So he kind of just stays taboo on that subject. And he doesn’t want to talk about that. He mostly wants to tries to give glory to God and and tell the bad side of the situation. Because he says it’s all deception and that is what it is. And that’s what we see going on in the world today. And I know Jessie can vouch for that as well because she’s she grew up in that situation. And so Jessie, before we get going into what we’re going to talk about today, which is going to be mostly what’s going on in current happenings. I know you’ve had long week this week, I know there’s been a lot of crazy things to tax and all these things. And I know that I just want everybody out there to understand and to know, Jessie is so kind and she was the first one, you know, to just say, don’t say nothing, you know, let let you know, I my mom used to give the greatest advice, which was when something would happen. And you know, I’m the kind of guy that I can’t stand injustice, I don’t like it, I want justice to prevail, because I want the truth to always come out. And my mom used to give me this advice all the time. And it’s the greatest advice, which is, let it play out. Because once it plays out, all the truth end up being revealed, and you don’t have to stick up for yourself. I mean, God’s gonna stick up for the righteous, and God will. The Bible says that every every lie will be revealed to me. There’s nothing secret in the book of Luke, it says there’s nothing secret that’s not going to be manifest made manifest, and either anything hidden that will not be made known to come abroad. So that’s all we have to do folks, just trusting God. And just let him be the one to reveal the truths. Jessie, now that I’m so long winded here, tell us about your course coming up in in March.

Jessie Czebotar  6:03

Yeah, I’m really excited. So I encourage people, you can get tickets, they’re now available on Kingdom living with []( And the tour is called The Rise of the righteous. And it’s really, you know, the Lord’s bringing us to a new place of authority, as we learn to really rule and reign with Him. And in the course I focus on, you know, that topic, what does it mean to rule and reign with him? What do we have the authority over and, you know, in Zachariah three, he says that, if you will walk in my ways, then I will give you charge over my house and over my courts. And we often think of those things as very futuristic, you know, once we get to heaven, but that’s not what the Lord intends, you know, His Word says, His kingdom is here, that it’s now that it’s within us. So, you know, it’s something that we have to take very seriously. And we’ve had the church do us a huge disservice, the majority of us have no idea, you know, how to manage or run or, you know, have authority or charge over God’s house or his courts? You know, so how do we do that? And it’s all in Scripture. So, in this course, I really, you know, take time breaking it down. One of the other things that will really interest people is, you know, we start to really get into the release of the greater than these miracles, which the Lord says will be in our day. So we break down how do we do that God’s word tells us exactly how to release those miracles. So by the time you’re done with this course, you’re gonna know exactly how to enter into that place where we’re starting to see the miracles happen in our lives. So

Casey Cusick  7:52

That’s right. Amen to that. And you’re exactly right, the church has done a lot of us a disservice. And for those of you that don’t understand why the devil always creeps in to the, to the good things, and he tries to pervert it. And I won’t even go into the whole 501 C three thing, but the 501 C three thing was all about, you can no longer speak politics from the pulpit, you can’t promote any politician that’s which doesn’t make sense, you know, for us in the church to stay out of politics. Why do you think the devil is interested in politics? You think he would, that he cares anything about world leaders? You know, so it is it is that way? Jessie, before we get started, I want to let everybody know that they I’ve been praying, I know Jessie’s been praying and know a lot of people have been praying about the release of this video evidence coming out from what really happened on January 6. After a lot of pushback. McCarthy has finally agreed to release them to Tucker Carlson, which in my opinion, okay, that’s a start. But why not let everybody the public see, you know, now we have to go through another filter so that they can filter what they want everybody to see. Because what the truth is, and he says it’ll be a national security. Well, doesn’t anybody understand what’s national? What it will be a net, why it will be a national security threat? Because you’re gonna see the government involved. That’s why and so I just want people to understand this. And I talked a little bit to Jessie about this before we got on is they came to my door at eight o’clock in the morning, okay, with guns drawn, AR fifteens drawn kinda like I explained it to her. It’s kind of like the you see the alien Gonzalez thing when they went into his house? No, they didn’t. It wasn’t as forceful as that. But they did come to my door. At eight o’clock in the morning, eight or nine cars, all of them had guns drawn on me and my children, and it has done a number on my children. And then it got so bad to where every time the door somebody would knock on the door. They would say, Oh, Dad, is that the police again? So they weaponized the government and we hear a lot of weapon the word weaponize happening a lot lately against the American citizens. They are coming after patriots. Listen, don’t think that just because this is all just because of January 6 Day would love to do it to any and all of you. Anytime that if you stand up against them, they want you to understand that we’re you’re going to get, you know, knocked back down. So please keep us in your prayers, I won’t go too much more into it. But if you can watch that episode on MLK show that where we really got in talking about that. And I’m seriously telling you, I mean, I’m not afraid, nothing like that. But I’m telling you that it does give you every time I dog barks, there’s certain things triggers that all of a sudden, it’s just like, Ooh, you know, like, kind of his PTSD. I mean, it really is true.

Jessie Czebotar  10:34

Yeah. Matic for a child, you know, to, to not understand why but to have these big guys with guns at your face. And, you know,

Casey Cusick  10:45

and thankfully, you know, not many know this, either that it literally was the day before afternoon before now I had no idea that they were following me for six months, sitting outside my house for hours at a time wasting all of your taxpaying dollars, and then asking me if I’m a part of a gang, the three percenters the Oathkeepers and the proud boys, which I had never even heard of until this whole thing happened. And I’m like, No, you ought to know because you’ve been following me now for however long but coming to my door, and I had literally the day before installed a ring doorbell. I mean, it was just the most unbelievable thing, because that’s how we were able to get the video evidence and send it to the Gateway Pundit. There’s an article you can even Google my name. And you’ll hear my daughter saying, Mommy, why are they locking daddy’s hands? Because she’s so they made my her and my children get out of our house. It was just so evasive. And the whole thing was, so please keep in your prayers that not only do they release it to, they’ve also said that they’ll release it to any Jan six defendants or their attorneys. But 41,000 hours of at first, it was only supposed to be 14,000. Now it’s 41,000 hours of footage is a lot to go through for one or two people. But imagine if they had we had all the nones out there going through this stuff. I mean, there would be so much evidence found so fast. So I’m just still believing God that that that’s going to be released for everybody. And I’m so grateful and thankful. I just want to say one last thing. I’m so grateful and thankful to President Trump. Because honestly, that mean, a lot of people try to get upset, why’d you go up there for him, he didn’t do any look, he led you guys. He didn’t, he didn’t. And I trust him. And I believe that the truth is going to prevail in this whole thing. And I’m so grateful and thankful. And I posted this on Twitter the other day, and I, one of my first podcast that I did was about Moses on the backside of the desert, and how when he finally came to and that Moses was the one that got the Israelites out of Egypt. And I believe with all my heart that God placed Donald Trump here as our other more than just this. But I mean, one of the characteristics is that he’s our modern day, Moses, and I believe he’s going to lead us out of communism, he exposed that we already were a communist nation. We already were under Nazi regime in many ways. And so now, he’s exposing that and so I’m so grateful to him, and I’m thankful and hopefully one day I’ll get to meet him and tell him in person, you know, thank you so much, sir, for all that you’re doing, not only for me, but really what he’s doing for children and child trafficking. And there’s never been a president has ever done more Jessie continue ever

Jessie Czebotar  13:02

has, I mean, even to the extent where he boldly will, you know, say words or terms that no other president would ever dare say, you know, one of the rallies, he says torture, you know, nother he outright says, you know, they killed by satanic ritual, you know, those are terms that no politician even dares to say. And he has been the only one to stand against the Luciferian brotherhood, you know, so I stand with him also, you know, no one else has fought for me with my testimony harder, you know, than him in the few good men and women standing with him. So that’s right. So with that,

Casey Cusick  13:44

Jessie, let’s go ahead and talk about where we are what’s going on, you know, with Tim home set what he’s been posting, share a little bit about, you know, I wanted to point out first that you know, Tim home set has a video that he posted, Jessie posted it to her twitter page with Isaac Cappy. Now, I said Cathy was one of the first ones that I really would follow when I first started finding out about waking up to the realities of our, the world we live in. And it always made me laugh. And it was always such a kind of guy. He’s one of the guys that I really hope that his he’s not really dead. I mean, I hope he’s not, I don’t know. But the point is, he has a conversation in the middle of one of his periscope videos where he’s talking to Tim homestead. He literally calls him on the phone. So between that and the other video that’s only about a minute and a half with Roseanne, speaking about President Trump doing something about this in the Pentagon pedophile Task Force, which both things are we’ve heard attacks on, there is no such thing as Tim Holmes. And then you’ve also heard there’s no such thing as the Pentagon pedophile Task Force. Jessie, can you give us any info on what’s going on with that and you know, what’s going on with with Ohio?

Jessie Czebotar  14:53

Yeah, definitely. I mean, keep watching and encourage people you know, go to his site, Timothy Charles He’s been putting out bombshells, you know, the past few months, but go back and read because as you go back, you start to realize and see all the pieces being put together, leading up to where we are currently. And nothing is by surprise, like, if you see it, you know, go back, you’re like, oh, wow, you know, it makes perfect sense for everything we see going on right now. And so you got quite a few things that Ohio thing is big. And, you know, we talked about these trafficking hubs and areas where, you know, children are being transported, moved, undocumented, you know, bought, sold, traded for exploitation. And there’s been, you know, so much cover up, not just in the United States, but outside as well. And a lot of it deals with our US government and with our military. And so, you know, I think that’s what we’re seeing unfold in some of these places is that, you know, started where, you know, we see more of the high level politicians, US presidents, world leaders, kind of, you know, in the spotlight, and then now we’re getting down to, you know, mid government, and what we call the local government areas where all of a sudden people are being highlighted. And I think that, you know, it’s important to watch that movement, because, you know, we’re seeing kind of the end, they had to first, you know, to take care of, or deal with those in the highest forms of government, moved to middle government, and now, you know, getting down to the local levels, where they’re cleaning out, you know, we’re told that this is a draining process going on. So I think that, you know, Timothy really is highlighting that draining, and, you know, showing us how, how deep that filth has gone, that it has gone even to our local levels.

Ohio, you know, they want us to focus on, you know, the things that are going on with the chemicals and the railings, with the trains, and, you know, all that’s going on in the environment. And I believe a lot of that was purposeful targeting, because of what’s really happening in Ohio. And what do we have, you know, we know that there are individuals who have relentlessly then, you know, adamant against home, sapphic adamant against me adamant against true whistleblowers, even before I came out, you know, some of these people were going against other high level whistleblowers like Roseanne Cathy O’Brien, and several others, Fiona Barnett, and basically got many of them to the point where they had to be silenced. And then, you know, who were they attacking, they’re attacking home stuff, and the people who are bringing out our troops and our information. And, you know, even to the point where they pulled himself into a case, you know, it’s the same thing that they did in my situation where, you know, they tried to silence and stop my testimony by, you know, pulling it from the military, I’ll just say, you know, it went from the military to the Minnesota Court where it was sealed. And, you know, Droel law firm, put out a public statement, you know, that then when it was published publicly, and that statement was, you know, that it named high level people that I hit named, like, we’ll just say the VP you know, Cheney carry a couple of those individuals, Elon Musk, and then, you know, said that I had, I claimed that they were involved in, you know, the sexual exploitation of children rape, torture, cannibalism, you know, the weaponization of children.

And then, from there, you know, it was published on some creative YouTubers shows, where they began to put all that out publicly. And after that, you know, they not only went from there, they began to call and notify those people, both perpetrators and victims, you know, that of the things that I was saying, and from there, it just continued to escalate. So, you know, there’s been this this habit of those connected to, you know, the swamp to pull whistleblowers, testimonies into family courts and try to get them dismissed that way. And that’s exactly what they did to Holmseth, you know, pulled them into court for suppose it stalking charges, and you know, claimed he was stalking them and stuff like that. And, you know, now I think we’re going to see what’s really behind that. Because, you know, immediately we see this cover up, we see, you know, the governor there DeWine. All of a sudden, like me, you know, like, there’s this reporter that supposedly gets arrested, I’ve brought out how the system does that all the time, they will create a false scenario, where really within that false scenario, they are also sending other messages about other people who are similar, you know, they create a fake arrest of a journalist. And, you know, Dwayne is all making it look like he’s the good guy trying to help protect save this person. Well, you know, in my past, when they would do stuff like that, you know, really, they weren’t protecting what they were doing was sending out death threats, you know, against a real person who was involved, who was involved, you know, in a similar situation. So I, I fully believe that’s exactly what they were doing. And then you have to ask, why is Governor dewine and others in that local government going against home set? You know, why are they supporting the state, you know, bringing him into a legal case, when they know he has not even been in that state? He has not, you know, done anything that they are accusing him of, you know, loading up false charges loading up, false arrest threatening with things like that. You know, it’s the same thing that they do. I mean, I have documents of the created subpoena from California, against me. I mean, you know, they subpoenaed me into a case. And yet in their, you know, in the address bar, they literally have an arrest date and rest numbers for me, couldn’t even send me a real subpoena they sent me first they sent it by email, then they sent it on just a black and white piece of paper to my house. You know, and it’s like, this is a real case. Why are you sending me a fake subpoena that has an arrest state for me, in my address bar, you know, so we know that the judicial system, we know that some of the state’s government, local governments are shoddy. And I think that’s the biggest thing to to watch with that is that they want to keep our eyes off the true stories. And they want to divert our attention to something else.

Casey Cusick  23:11

That’s right, because you know, and I’m sure you’ve maybe you’ve probably seen this by now. But it started circulating on Twitter, after this happened, which was on one of the street signs there. They had the Freemason symbol above. And then underneath it, it says even it says a Palestinian Ohio, and it’s got the Baphomet star with those same and remind me what it’s what it’s called. It’s not the Northern Star, what what’s the star that they have? That’s the Batman. 

Jessie Czebotar  23:39

The Eastern Star is the female group. That’s right. And

Casey Cusick  23:43

it’s directly underneath the Freemason thing, when you first come into town there and Jessie’s mentioned multiple times, you want to see what’s going on in the town that you live in, or that you’re going through? They’ll show you right on their signs. They have

Jessie Czebotar  23:56

Yeah, who has its authority, and they put their authority and jurisdiction straight out in front for everybody to see.

Casey Cusick  24:04

And that one’s not one that you often see, the North Eastern Star is not so often, as you see, most every time it was a Freemason sign there. So look at that, and like she says, you know, now you go on, and you see people like JD Vance, who was, uh, who is in government now, and going down to these creeks, and then they’re touching the water. And the water is bubbling up with these chemicals. And it’s just so interesting, because at first, everybody’s, you know, this is the next Chernobyl and I mean, it may be it really is but the whole thing and you start just keep watching, you keep watching, you keep watching, and all of a sudden that unfolds to the place to where now Oh, my gosh, well, why did they have this train crasher in the first place? Is it because all of a sudden they were under investigation for all these child trafficking things. Now something else about? Tim Tim And one thing I liked, I’ve always liked about him is his little theme song that he puts in those videos that he does that, can you hear me? Can you hear me run it, I love that. And he said a while back, and you can go on his website and see it there, he drew out a little map. And the map goes all the way up to just outside, right on the line of Minnesota comes down into Illinois, the top part, you know, where Chicago and all that is around the water around these lakes into Ohio. He always said, it’s going to start here first, correct, Jessie. He hadn’t even said Ohio is the epicenter. And this was months back before any of this started. So really watch what’s going on here. People like you. He’s giving out information ahead of time. And I believe that he is a real man. And I believe that he is doing something and I believe that he is on the run. And I do believe he does need our support. As well as these. Now we see what that look what they’re willing to do to cover up what they’ve done. They’re willing to take out people’s livestock. I mean, we’re seeing chickens.

Jessie Czebotar  26:08

Yeah, they’re willing to give us the devastation, to cover up their crimes and, and to cause fear, you know, they, and I’m not saying people shouldn’t, but, you know, part of it is the fear mongering that they devastate the land, the livestock and the livelihoods. And, you know, the water, and once, you know, the waters tainted, you know, it drives people out of that area. And what are they really doing with these places of desolation? You know, really, are they desolate? Or are they move in everything above ground? Out of the way so that then the underground is protected?

Casey Cusick  26:52

That’s interesting, as well, as well as the East, the West Coast. I guess it is a Pennsylvania.

Jessie Czebotar  26:57

Correct. Now, in your experience, Jessie,

Casey Cusick  27:02

is this a big area that’s always been trafficked heavily?

Jessie Czebotar  27:08

The Pennsylvania area,

Casey Cusick  27:09

not just the Pennsylvania area, but that whole plate, that whole map that Tim drew there and Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana?

Jessie Czebotar  27:16

Yeah, absolutely. You follow? You know, it lines up to with big military bases as well. You know, where you’ve got the underground DME bases. But definitely, you know, I’ve always named that northern quadrant, which Ohio falls into where you have, you know, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Chicago, all of that areas, that is the, the epicenter for, you know, what, we’ll say, the highest elite, you know, certainly when I was growing up, all the mothers were located in that, you know, northern quadrant, so they have their highest level members there. And then, you know, many of the councilman who were with, you know, within the United States were in those areas as well. So,

Casey Cusick  28:12

you mentioned Jessie, that area, you know, this is another area where people have heard for years and according to our history, this is where the Templars came into. Correct.

Jessie Czebotar  28:22

Correct. Yep. Into that Chicago. northern areas. We’ll just say that. Yeah.

Casey Cusick  28:27

So Jessie, would you say which I know you already know. And I just want people to hear this. Were the Templars a part of this, what? Well, what we know now as the system were they always corrupted. Because, you know, we’re taught the whole league they had the Holy Grail and all this biblical side of it, that they really were Christ believing and that they are good people in your life, Jessie, are these good people? The military orders the Templars? Yeah, let’s

Jessie Czebotar  28:55

give their real name the Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templars. And, you know, originally, as they went out to conquer in the 14th 15th centuries, they had their flags of conquest, which usually had two symbols. Originally, it was the octopus. Later it morphed into the flora ad, let that French symbol which also represented the octopus in a different form, and what was their chant or their sign that went with that it was, you know, in this sign we shall conquer. So really, that term conquer is not about Christ or bringing Christ to people. It’s really about, you know, taking over and taking control and ruling the nations. And, you know, it’s not just about, you know, Templars, it’s not just about the Masons, the Mormons, the Jesuit Catholic, or the Kabbalah, those are just the departments of the system, really, you know who’s above them, you’ve got the Priory of Zion and who’s above them, you have the overall umbrella of this religion, which is the Luciferian brotherhood. So Nazis, everything falls into that, because at those highest levels, it is all interconnected. You know, going back to the your great Scottish roots that many of them come out of. So really, you know, we’re not looking at different things, we’re looking at the same system, and how they’ve split themselves into multiple, multiple small departments so that we all think that they’re separate, and that they’re not interconnected.

Casey Cusick  30:52

So with the Knights of Columbus be connected to the to this?

Jessie Czebotar  30:55

Under the Jesuit Catholic, yes. Wow.

Casey Cusick  30:59

And it’s interesting. You said, you mentioned the Florida League, because people need to really like when you really think about it. Okay, so you’re talking about that that morphed in that. Okay, so you go into even just the NFL, you have the New Orleans Saints? What’s their symbol right on their helmet? What’s that telling you is? There’s many,

Jessie Czebotar  31:16

what does it tell you, it tells you who has authority because member in the system, they’re all recognized by signs and symbols. So who has that symbol is the Priory of Zion? So who owns that football team and oversees them? Members of the Priory of Zion? They’re going to honor you know, they’re, they’re part of the system. So really, it’s just showing you authority and jurisdiction.

Casey Cusick  31:44

Right, as well as New Orleans is a very demonic place as well. I know you guys did a glory to God toward there as well. So you mentioned that, okay, we’re talking back towards what’s going on in this epicenter of this area. So just we have the Great Lakes up there. Right. We know, we know you’ve brought that up before. And I just heard you say a second ago, you were talking about these deep underground military bases. Jessie, or are there deep underground military bases in these great lakes? under the water? Yes. Wow. Many? I know for sure have to. That’s unbelievable. And Jessie, you’ve also mentioned that many times, you as a child witnessed them go out on these yachts on these on these lakes.

Jessie Czebotar  32:30

And or sail boats, boats and stuff. Yeah.

Casey Cusick  32:35

And do satanic rituals, correct? Correct. With children? Yeah. And they would come back and there might be one or two left? Correct?

Jessie Czebotar  32:45

Correct. Yeah, they would go out with several children and come back with only one or two. And tell me that, you know, when I’d asked where they were, the story was always that they were dropping off at other, you know, docks along the way. And parents were picking them up from the stalks. Wow.

Casey Cusick  33:03

It makes me wonder, you know, if you’re going back, so if we travel back in the water that goes on top, kind of through Canada, they’re all the way down into Minnesota and those other areas because they would come through the Atlantic in going back all the way up to Maine. I’ve been to Maine once before, beautiful, gorgeous area. But if you listen, just really think about this people because many, not just celebrities, but politicians live on the water. So you go back up through there and you go out to Maine, there’s Kennebunkport, Maine, one of the most beautiful cities. Well, the bushes had a big place there. Now think about all these people that have these places on these waterways where they’re able to traffic right in. I mean, they’re able to traffic right in. And I know for some people at first, this stuff is hard to understand or to believe. But the more that you begin, you know, I was telling somebody last night, you know, the more that I begin to research, and the more you begin to learn their symbols, like Jessie’s talking about, you almost can’t watch anything or see anything anymore without like, oh my gosh, you know, it’s just like it hits you in the face. Mm hm. And nearly in everything. Oh my gosh,

Jessie Czebotar  34:12

let’s see, that’s what I grew up with. Were seeing it everywhere. You know, and then trying to tell and people would be like, Oh, it’s not even real. You know, like, you’re making stuff up kid and stop lying and you’re like, but don’t you see it? Like I do, you know? So,

Casey Cusick  34:32

and Jessie don’t they put these things in the movies so that people do just what you’re saying. They think oh, that’s just a movie. That’s not real. That’ll never. There’s no, there’s no way

Jessie Czebotar  34:41

we have oh, yeah, I mean, they make outright shows and movies based on real life events just to taunt survivors and to disk you know, to its taunting is probably the best word. You know that they they literally would put up scenarios and it started two purposes. One is to intimidate to, you know, let you know that they’re in control. And that, you know, that you need to keep the silence. And if you tell, you know, there’s going to be severe consequences. So, you know, they do it as a way to taunt as well to, you know, kind of mock you for the abuse that you went through by playing your scene in front of your face. And you know, then that millions of people are seeing it. But you just, you know, it’s just not necessarily with you, per se, but well, for instance,

Casey Cusick  35:37

one of the ones right now, that’s very popular. And I think it’s down to four seasons already. It’s on Netflix, and it’s called Stranger Things. This is exactly what Jessie talks about underground bases, where they weaponize children, where the children are being every day put through this torture and torment in order in order to be able to I mean, I mean, it’s just that that show in particular is very descriptive on everything that Jessie has, that she’s told us. Right. So. So it’s pretty, it’s pretty unbelievable that about this, you know, and from there, Jessie, you know, at the same time, okay, because I know Jessie believes this, too. And, I mean, I do too, God’s greater than all these things. And you know, we are seeing, and I have been a little skeptical, but I’m starting maybe to lose the skepticism over it. A lot of revivals breaking out on college campuses. Correct, Jessie?

Jessie Czebotar  36:33

Yes, I’m excited about that.

Casey Cusick  36:35

Me too. And so what’s so interesting about it, you know, the thing that’s been going on the longest now is the Asbury college one in Kentucky. So stuff I know, personally from other people about some of these, quote, unquote, Christian singers that we all listen to that are right in there with the rest of the evil that goes on in the music industry, start showing up and start going wanting to go there. Well, as well, as Tucker Carlson had the president of the school on his show, I think it was maybe last week at the end of the week. He wanted to go there, and actually requested to go down there. And they actually told him they didn’t want him to because it’s not a place for the news media, it was a place for these college students to be able to really have a good experience with God as well as some of the singers that have gone in. They have actually been turned down and told if you want to come in here, you’re going to wait outside just like the rest of everybody else. And you are not getting up on that stage. I pray God, they keep it that way. Because just like the devil to come right in with his witchcraft, and start trying to maneuver his way and to pull it to convolute and pollute what’s organic from God Almighty. Right. We’re seeing it breakout. Now I’ve seen as of yesterday that Baylor Baylor University now is has a sort of a revival going on there. There’s many others that I can’t think of the name of off the top of my head. But Jessie, what are your thoughts on these revivals breaking out? Yeah, I’ve

Jessie Czebotar  38:02

been watching in, you know, the Lord was telling me that he was about to release a lot of miracle signs and wonders, and, you know, we were fasting and praying with our prayer groups for those things for those releases. And the Lord even, you know, had us it was very specific like for, like, there was a couple of three day fast that we did right in a row. And the Lord told us at the end of that, that we would start seeing things happen. So it’s funny that, you know, immediately we start seeing these breakouts in some of the churches and in the university. So the Lord’s telling us, you know, to tell people to get ready because his part of the his word that he released was out of three verses will say, Isaiah 61, Isaiah 54, in Jeremiah 14, and in there, the Lord talks about the fulfillment of His Word that goes all the way back to the times of Sarah, or I’m sorry, Leah, and like Leah, Rebecca, Sarah, Rachel, so the wives of the forefathers, and he says, you know, more will be the wives of the barren woman. Sorry, more will be the children of the parent, women, then the children of the married woman. And so with that, you know, we’re seeing this release happen, where the Lord is starting to raise up those who have not borne any fruit yet for the kingdom of God. And he told us to you know, tell the barren women get ready start preparing your, your homes, your tents, expand them, you know, get ready because the Lord is going to start giving us what we call spiritual children, though, you know, we are in charge of raising up and he He speaks a lot about. Let me just share what the Lord all said about these, these children, these that are coming through these revivals, because this is an amazing word that he’s released and broke out. So again, you know, the verses are Isaiah 68, or sorry, Isaiah 61, Isaiah 54, and Jeremiah 14. But he says that they will be called the oaks of righteousness, and they shall rebuild the ancient ruins, they shall raise up the former devastations, they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of generations, they, they shall have oversight in his kingdom of the pasture lands, they shall be considered priests unto the Lord, and they shall minister to the Lord, with the full authority given to them to govern and man manage his house, in his courts. And they shall have authority over the wealth of the nations, and permissions to boast in their wealth in the Lord. And instead of shame, they shall have a double portion allotted to them. That double portion is that their full needs, their wants, their desires, in the Lord’s work, so all the Met, and the verses go on to define more that that double four portion also is in the land, and it’s with everlasting joy. That’s my favorite part, they shall have never ending joy. So that’s what the Lord says, is, is coming that, you know, these, these kids that are coming through this revival, you know, that they need those of us who are, who are more mature in the faith to come alongside of them, and to help them learn how to step into that ministry and the good works that God has prepared for them. So and, you know, pretty powerful stuff.

Casey Cusick  42:09

And you watch a lot of these things that are happening, especially at Asbury, and there are many, especially men, and I really have a heart for this because I believe that men have almost been so silenced, especially in the church to where you’re not allowed to talk about your issues or your problems. And it’s like, it’s not good. I mean, and now we see these kids that are young kids that are coming out, you know, confessing their sins and saying, I want to stop, I don’t want to do this anymore. I want I need Jesus. And this is awesome. And one of the most unbelievable things is to Jessie, that I was watching that episode of Tucker Carlson actually wasn’t watching it on actual news, but I had seen the clip where she was on there. And he said, what got this whole thing started? And this really almost, I mean, it brought me to tears, because this is exactly why I started my podcast, and it’s called the watchmen. She said, there was a verse that they all begin to read together. And you know what the verse was, it was Habakkuk. One. And this is why I named my podcast the watchman, and Habakkuk one, verse five, and I want to read it to you that says, look among the nations and watch the horrified, be frightened, speechless, for I am accomplishing a work in your days that you would not believe. Even if you were told, for behold, I’m raising up the Chaldeans and the grim and the impetus people who marched throughout the earth to take possession of dwelling places that are not theirs. I mean, this is why I started the watchman podcast, this was the reason and then I looked at my name. And it’s a I mean, my last name Kusik is Irish. And I looked up, and I’m a big, firm believer on people’s names. And I mean, in the Bible, they named people after whatever they were named, like, Benjamin was Binyamin and Hebrew. And I actually mean son of the right hand. I mean, they were named literally what they, you know, with names met something, right? You look up my name, if you Google my name, it’s a Gaelic name and the actual name, the what my name means is vigilant and watchful. So it’s pretty interesting in which is well how I wrote my intro that I had somebody else. So voiceover, but it was part of intro, we must remain vigilant, we must remain watchful. That’s why That’s why that was there. And so

Jessie Czebotar  44:12

hopefully, you know, it’s so important. And I encourage people, we, I started a series on Kingdom living the past couple of weeks. Because the Lord called for me to fast for 40 days through this time. But the fast that he went to, it’s out of Ezra nine, where it talks about the foreign marriages and how the priests that were serving in God’s house, you know, had had gone against his will and had started to marry with the women in the foreign nations. And so the Lord calls for the priests to separate from those foreign marriages. And so as I’ve been going over that, you know, that chapter the Lord’s been saying that, you know, he’s ready to clean his house and it starts with, you know, us Being willing to, you know, sexually fast and pray against all of the sexual sins in the past, you know, whether that was the Lord specifically gave five altars and we’re talking, you know, a LT a Rs, you know, those are structures that were built up where they would sacrifice on those altars and, and there was a place of worship. So the Lord’s been showing us that in our nation, the enemy has built up these altars of strongholds, and set them literally at places, whether it’s underground, or you know, in sanctuaries in these churches. And what happens there is that, you know, you get big commits sin, whether it’s sexual sins on those altars, or whether it’s, you know, sacrifices that they’re committing, and they’re doing it right in the Lord’s house. And so his desire is that as we’re moving into that place of authority in his kingdom, He wants us to fast and to pray against those things to really seek him and say, Okay, Lord, show me show me where there’s any, you know, prostitution, where there’s any immorality or fornication in my life, where there’s any perverseness, where there’s any unfaithfulness. And without one, you know, even as I prayed over that one, because some of these are like, I’ve never done that don’t need to worry about it. But the Lord started really showing me some of the things behind it that, you know, it can even be your job, that you’re spending all your time, your money, your effort, your energy, at your work, instead of with the Lord, you’re not investing in your relationship with him or in intimacy with Him, like we’re supposed to be. So in God’s eyes, that’s the same as if you were an unfaithful wife, you know, you’re spending all your time with another lover, instead of, you know, spending time in the Lord’s presence, and building that relationship. So I encourage people to go back, you know, it’s the been the past three episodes, both on writing the storms, and on Wednesday nights on rise up. And we talk about those sexual altars we talk about how to take them to the courts of heaven, how to destroy them, how to build up an altar to the Lord in that place. But then we, you know, as we tear down, we also talk about, how do we build up how do we have that right relationship with God and with one another. And I’m excited, because I’ve already been getting, you know, reports back from people that, you know, revival is not just happening in us, Perry, as people are going through this, you know, those episodes like, you know, I’ve gotten so many words back, thank you, like, I took your advice, I’m actually investing in my marriage, I’m investing in this relationship, putting it back into the place of honoring where it should be learning how to delight in the Lord, you know, spending more time with God. So, you know, rebuilding those right relationships is vital. And, you know, if we’re the ones who are called to, you know, race up, and to pave that way, for the good works, that God’s calling these, these kids that he’s, you know, starting to move in, we need to start getting ready. You know, we don’t have time to wait, it’s, you know, now’s the time for us to make sure that our lives are clean before the Lord, and that we are in that right relationship both with him and with others in our life. So

Casey Cusick  48:54

Amen. And you know, what else is really neat about that same scripture, it does say they’re accomplishing the work and your days, you would not believe even if you were told how many people watch Jessie speak and hear what she’s been telling you guys over and over and over again, that is so hard to believe that these things and these atrocities have been going on. And another thing is at the very beginning of the same at the beginning of my intro there it says it’s time and I’ve said this a lot of times, I believe that it is time for these truths to be revealed. And like you’re talking about the sexual stuff, it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere. I mean, I almost almost like don’t even mom sometimes my kids even watch anything but you gotta be can’t be so crazy, but you almost just don’t want to watch anything because it’s an every child’s movie. It’s an every child’s book, you know, there’s innuendos,

Jessie Czebotar  49:42

other innuendos, yeah, and it’s to

Casey Cusick  49:45

desensitize. People say, Oh, it’s innocent. They don’t know it. It’s not the point. The point is they’re trying to desensitize your children. They want your children and they want to be and this is why the whole pedophilia thing now there’s talking about it It’s called a young, not young love or suffer get the word they’re using now to try to cover, you know that being a pedophile is perverted, it’s not normal. It’s a spirit, like I brought out a couple of weeks ago on one of the episodes we’ve done, and I know you have to, but there was a man that was a whistleblower for the fight against Freemasons, when he specifically tells them they’re, you know, he had no desire or any sexual desire for a man or for a child. But the longer he stayed in that those spirits right came upon him, which what the best thing about what he’s saying there, in my opinion, is, he’s telling you, it’s a spirit, you weren’t born with this. It is a spirit. It’s all a spirit. And if you could ever get to the place where you can see, we’re allowed, get deep in the Word. Get deep with God, and He will surely reveal these things to you. Yeah.

Jessie Czebotar  50:49

Which means it can be dealt with it. And it’s easy. All you have to do is rebuke it and cast it out.

Casey Cusick  50:55

That’s right. Yeah. And also Jessie, you know, you mentioned to this stuff been going on throughout time. I mean, this is why go back and read the prophets books in the book of Ezekiel when he got took him through the temple. Do people understand they were doing this stuff in the Holy Temple of God Almighty with children? This is this Baal worship is because that’s exactly what it is. Because what do you get when you do it? Our fame and money. It’s Baal worship. This is what the devil took Jesus up to them to the mountain said, I’ll give you all the kingdoms of the earth, I’ll give you it’s all what you what you gain. But guess what, it’s only here on Earth, that you get that we get this for eternity in heaven. There is nothing better. There’s nothing better than these things. They’re excuse me, their heavens much better than these things that they think that they’re getting here on Earth. But it’s nothing new. This this pedophilia, this child sacrificing, it’s not new. I lived in Israel for three years. And I’ve been to the temple and I know there’s a place on the side of the temple where to this day is bear it don’t know. Grass, nothing grows on the side of this mountain. Because it’s where they were used to sacrifice children and humans to bail. And it was always burning, always. And I even heard a guy do a study one time and I can’t prove it’s true or disapprove. It’s true. But it was interesting that he said, This is where David because David, the city of David is right there outside the temple. That this is where David David walked, and actually was quoting gay though I walk through the valley, because it’s in the valley on the side of the mountain, through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. And when you really think about that’s what David’s thinking or talking about. It becomes a lot more powerful, even to the fact that Jesus one day walked out of the temple, looked at a child and said, for you to mess with one of these you may as well tie a millstone around your neck and jump into the lake because that’s what’s going to be why would he say that? The reason he said it is because it was going on? This is what they were doing. This is Tom, I’m sorry to say it’s folks, I’m not an anti Semite.

Jessie Czebotar  53:00

You’re absolutely right. The the cover ups have to stop. And you know, this week even Timothy Charles Holmseth, announced and put out an important message which he titled, tortured by Hitler’s man. And as we you know, talk about this Jewish temple. You know, it everything ties in this, this worship of Ba’al and Ashtoreth and all the other demonic, you know, spirits and Lucifer and Satan. It’s not something new. I mean, this. This worship has been generational and it’s currently still happening. And some of the biggest individuals behind it who came into our country bringing it in, were those connected with the Nazis. So, you know, Timothy titles this tortured by Hitler’s man, living victim Jessie Marie Czebotar petitions the United States Congress, and the weaponization of the federal government, federal government committee, and it says Jessie has authored and submitted a formal request, submitted by a petition signed by Americans to appear and testify before the United States Congress regarding the weaponization of the federal government. We have reported extensively on Czebotar and her story, which began when she was a small child being groomed and trained to fill a position in a satanic system called the sorry called the Queen Mother of Darkness. So voters story is a personal experience in eyewitness accounts of inhumane, unthinkable, unspeakable sadistic torture Crimes Against Children, crimes against humanity in inhumane military experiments, which involves cannibalism committed by agents of the United States Government In United States military heads of state world leaders and US presidents. The petition begins. Dear Mr. Speaker, this is my petition to come before Congress, and the honorable judicial committee weaponization of the federal government. It is my desire to share my testimony and grievance against the weaponization of the US government and the US military, and their crimes against me and 1000s of children. My desire is to bring to the attention of Congress crimes that are being committed against children and individuals, both in the United States as well as worldwide by the US government and US military. These grid Tech’s grotesque Crimes include sexual exploitation, human trafficking, rape, torture, satanic rituals, cannibalism, and the weaponization of children. Those behind these crimes are an organized system disguising itself as a religion, called the Luciferian brotherhood. The Luciferian Brotherhood has targeted me and those supporting my testimony, and those helping me to bring it forward publicly and in the courts. Their targeting efforts include Timothy Charles Holmseth, and Randy Lynn Erickson. Timothy Charles Holmseth is the journalist who has the rights to publish my affidavits. Randy Lynn Erickson being the one who escrowed my affidavits. And then it continues in 2021. I submitted my testimony of eyewitness accounts of crimes by the US government and US military, politicians and precedents in affidavit form, with evidence sealed through Randy Lynn Erickson to Jake’s at Fort Campbell military base. The affidavits and evidence is now sealed in the District Court of Minnesota. I want to exercise my right to bring my grievance before Congress about the weaponization and the corruption of the media, the judicial system and courts, and an effort to thwart my testimony against individuals in the US government and military. Who in who I experienced and witness committing crimes against children, due process has repeatedly been denied. II. This includes the giving of my testimony about the crimes that I witnessed and experienced by our government and military and the reporting process of such crimes. Part of these crimes were committed by a Nazi named Michael Karkoc, who was the Ukrainian legion of defense leader for Adolf Hitler. microcar Kok had a high position within the Luciferian Brotherhood, which gave him vital connections to the US military in teaching their generals, how to train children in various positions that enabled the Luciferian Brotherhood to survive worldwide in the US government and the US military. Carl Cox connections to the US military gave him and other Nazis access to top US military training programs, where they weaponized children, denial of my rights and the weaponization against me includes, and Timothy leaves us all on a cliffhanger. But it goes back even to Israel that, you know, really these individuals and when we think about it, you know, this Luciferian brotherhood, they all have cover lives. They call many of them call themselves Christians, many of them go to church every week, you know, they enter into the house of God and worship. And then in that same house of God, you know, on those altars before the Lord, they commit sexual sins against children, they commit satanic ritual murders. You know, and so the Lord, he’s done with that. He’s had enough he says, They have heaped up their sin to the fool, and he’s ready to let that sin in wickedness be seen. As it flows out, there’s no more container for it. You know, it’s so much that the Lord’s just gonna let that wickedness you know, it says in the Old Testament that the earth will spew it up, and we’re gonna start seeing that speeding up happening.

Casey Cusick  59:33

Hey, man, I’m ready. I know a lot of us are. And I just want everybody out there to know that as well. When I come on here with Jessie most of the time, I have two or three things and she can tell you, I rarely have you know, this long list and all this stuff. Most everything that we just just happen right now. Was all organic. That was all God that was not planned in any way. I had no idea what Jessie was going to read. She said, This is how God works and this is what I So appreciate about Jessie. And I really believe Jessie as well. Even if going back to them, and you go back and you read the Old Testament through there when they’re all doing this, and this is God, now this is what I don’t understand how to bring people to tears. All he’s telling them is if you’ll repent and turn to me, I’ll forgive you. If you’re new here, Jessie say this all the time, and I’ve heard people get mad and say, Oh, why do you want them to be forgiven? Because that’s, that that’s the true heart of God. And she said many times she wants that they would all come out. And I believe, like Jessie just said, they, whoever hasn’t at this point, they’ve had all the chances and all the time that they could they could. God is a God of mercy and God’s God’s grace. And I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt that, you know, all they would have to do is to repent, and it’s scriptural God was the older land over and over. And we know in that book of Chronicles, where it says, If my people who are called by my name, would call out and pray to God, and he’ll hear him and he’ll answer him. So I believe now here we are, we’re seeing some of this current people crying out, we’re seeing college students and I, I really believe this now. This has been on my heart for for some time now that I really believe this is a prodigal son generation. I believe that there’s a lot a lot of people that grew up in church or grew up in, in the body of Christ and fell away, you know, we you got sidetracked or you got whatever it is. But if you go back and read the story of the prodigal son, and I just love this part, whenever it says when he turned he, he turned his head, and it was like his dad ran after him. You know, this is a parable. Do you understand what Jesus is saying? All you got to do is just turn to Him. And He meets you right where you’re at. And so Jessie with that, I do want to point out to everybody real quick, though, I didn’t use my microphone today, because a lot of people give me comments. I know a lot of them are harassers just looking to aggravate any way they can. But for whatever reason, I’m having problems with the mics. Hopefully today, the sound was better. But Jessie with that with the prodigal son thing I’d like you to I know we were going to touch on another video, but I think it’s better for another time, and kept you long enough today. So just if you would just love let’s go ahead and just close out if you would with us in prayer.

Jessie Czebotar  1:02:09

Absolutely. Heavenly Father, we thank you for this time in this season, where you are just calling each of us to come to you and to return. Whatever the sins are, whatever the things that have been hindering our relationship with You. Lord, we all desire to know you more we desire to hear your voice. We desire to know your purposes, your plans, the good works that you have prepared in advance for us. And, Lord, we’re ready, we’re ready to bring before you our sins and to lay everything down at your feet. And to just repent in humble humility, Lord, we’ve committed so many wrongs against you. Lord, we are like those who continuously run back to our sin, just like a dog does to vomit. Just as your Word says, Lord, so we come before you and we ask your forgiveness, we ask that you would bring us into that time of new life, because you are a God of restoration. You are a God who gives us that new life in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ every day. You’ve secured that by the power of your blood, and by your death and resurrection. And your Word says that if we have died with you, that you have also raised us into that new life with Christ, and that we have the full measure of that new life. And I thank you that we have the authority and the power in your name that you have given us, that we can march through our land, we can break down the chains of wickedness, we can remove the yoke of oppression. And we can raise up a people who are willing to serve you and walk in your ways and it starts with us. It starts with each of us being willing to do that. So my prayer is that each person listening today would would just come would come and confess and repent. And I asked Lord, that You would move in a powerful way, that as each one comes that you would not leave us hanging, that you would not disappoint. That that you would show up in a very real way that you would speak and give directions that you would show us exactly the way you desire us to walk in. And we thank you that you have called us to this generation this time, that your desire is for each of us to bear fruit. So we just say not our will Lord, but yours be done in our life. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Casey Cusick  1:04:57

That was awesome, Jessie. And I just want to say something You know, that came to me while you were sitting there praying. Anybody that’s out there that’s listening to this and you believe, you know, Jessie’s always said, everybody has a puzzle piece. Every nobody has the whole thing. We all have a puzzle piece to play in this whole movement that’s happening. I was scared to start a podcast. And matter of fact, the first couple of times I came on with Jessie, she may or may not even though I was shaking,

Jessie Czebotar  1:05:22

I did not know.

Casey Cusick  1:05:24

But what I’m telling you is, I believe there’s lots of you out there that may not be a podcast, it may be something else that’s been on your heart for for quite some time. I just want to encourage you step out in faith, don’t be afraid, God despise the sphere. It’s not, you know, it’s not a good quality at all. And I know all of us have it, and sometimes, but you can still act, being afraid doesn’t mean that you have to live and live in that. So I just want to encourage anybody out there that you’re thinking about whatever it may be, step out in faith and I believe with all my heart and I pray God, step there because any misstep toward God, he’s gonna step toward you, and step out and do whatever it is that you feel like he’s calling you to do and you’d be stunned. You will be stunned. I promise you how easy it will be for you once you just step out. So with that, Jessie, thank you again for coming on. God bless everybody. The best is yet to come. Have a great day.

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