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4 Apr 2023

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it’s time it’s time to get your popcorn ready. It will be political, political, it will be biblical. We must stay vigilant, we must remain watchful. So sit back and put your feet up, because you’re about to learn to discern the truth. Welcome to a watchman.

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What’s up, everybody, and welcome back to the watchman podcast. My name is Casey. So good to be back with you guys. Today. Today is April 4 2023. Have a great guest back with me again. Believe it or not, Jessie, this is your 13th time. So for all the conspiracy theorists out there.

Jessie Czebotar  0:39

This is a Casey, this is a big show.

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That’s right. So anyway, before we get into what we’re going to discuss today, I just want to remind everybody that in the description box below, you can find out where you can find me, you can find out where you can find Jesse where you can donate to her donate to her ministry, you can see what shows she’s on what shows she’s on, past present, and I guess not future just past and present. As well as please like and subscribe to this missus on my ramble channel, and share it with as many people as you can. I usually post stuff about it on Twitter. So that’s where you can find out more of that. I have exactly what most of your people that you’re on most of your shows, I guess you should say now people are taking clips from the show. I mean, if you search my name, now I’m on all kinds of things. And it’s kind of annoying in a way because they get the more views sometimes I do. But I like what George always says at least give credit to the show. Whenever you do that. Yeah, give credit and

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put in the whole full link. That’s right. Yeah. link available so people can like, share and subscribe.

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Exactly. And to be honest, as long as the message is getting out, getting out there. That’s all that matters anyways. So let’s just get right into it, Jesse. Yeah, one last thing I want to do is I do want to update people on people, most people have you know, that I had this the first time Jesse’s been on again, since it happened that I had an accident a couple of weeks ago, I’m doing a lot better, you know, I still am a little sore, my elbow and my right arm. I’ve been going to the chiropractor. So to be honest, I’m probably more sore than I was after the accident, just going to the chiropractor all the time. But it’s it’s really helping. I’m getting better every day, you know, I don’t have any brain problems or anything like that. I mean, my wife might beg to differ. But other than that, I’m totally healed and fine and thankful for most of you guys. And any of you that were praying for me. I know there was a lot of you that were praying for me and I even talked to a couple that were praying for me. And actually Jesse reached out to me that morning and had mentioned you know, you were on my heart today. Just want to let you know, I’m praying for you even before that even happened. So you see where God is, you know, ahead of time. And again, thank you so much for that. And I appreciate it. And I feel your prayers, and I’m grateful and thankful for that. So with that, Jesse, I know you just got done in Tampa. What last weekend. Was it already? Yeah, almost two weekends ago now about 10 days ago. Just let us know how that tie your Tampa event went and I know you got an upcoming tour with George and Gary Wayne coming up in Orlando, which I will be attending which is wonderful. Glad to be there. And also you have one coming up in Austin. So Jesse, take it away.

Jessie Czebotar  3:21

Yeah, absolutely. We filmed the rise of the righteous in Tampa, which is my second course. That complements the foundation’s a kingdom living course that’s up right now on my website. But I really encourage people to check all that out. I always have lots of free material on the website. Hold on, I got a tickle in my throat. So pause for one second. That’s okay. But anyway, yeah, so we’ve got Mark or Mays going to be pretty jam packed with shows. First, we have the weekend of the 12th and the 13th. I’ll be with Georgia and Gary Wayne there in Orlando. And as you know, those live shows are always awesome. So fun. You know, usually we have a good discussion show Friday nights and then we go into you know, our shows which are which entail things that we really can’t say on, you know, on YouTube or other places without getting kibosh or silence. So, the Saturday shows usually are really jam packed with a lot of information and discussion about current events and things. So we’re excited for that. And then may 18, through the 20th. I’ll be in Austin area. And that is going to be very unique and new. The Lord has been putting on my heart, you know to do what I’m going to call Healing Retreats. This one’s going to be called beautifully adorned. And really, it’s a time, you know, if you’re struggling with personal things in your life, whether it’s, you know, memories from trauma, whether it’s, you know, relationship issues, things that you’ve gone through, you know, whenever the challenge or the trial really this, you know, retreat is meant to be a time for you and the Lord. And it’s a time for healing. You know, the Lord has said that he’s bringing about those healings that people have been crying out for. So the whole retreat is geared towards walking through that healing journey, no matter what the trial or the tribulation or the challenges in your life right now. So

Casey Cusick  5:44

that’s awesome. And just a plug as well. Jesse was on Aquarius rising I think it was last Wednesday, whatever. Yeah. Yep, one of the best shows that I’ve ever heard. Not that all the shows aren’t good. But man, we’re waiting with the information that she gives out in there, I messaged her and I said, Jesse, he made me cry today, because I went to Bible College. And I’m telling you, nothing against them. But I’m just saying that the information that she gives is so incredible. And it’s not something that you’re going to get in anywhere else. So I highly recommend, and she mentioned that it was a little preview of the course that she’s got coming up. I think it’s an Austin that you just mentioned. So I’m extremely excited about that. Because that is that is incredible. And I and it’s on Aquarius rising, I think it’s two or whatever.

Jessie Czebotar  6:29

I think that yeah, Aquarius Rising Africa II

Casey Cusick  6:32

Africa to That’s right. And so go on there, please and listen to it. And it’s one of those my opinion needs to you need to listen to multiple times, because it’s just so rich with information.

Jessie Czebotar  6:42

It’s training, I think it’s called titled training in the military.

Casey Cusick  6:46

That’s right. That is exactly right. And boy, I mean, when you talked about in there about the how you they know that your body or your the frequency, they figured out the frequency that you resonate on, and how I mean, when you went into the stuff about the musical, and I mean, the music notes, and I was like, Man, I mean, that’s just incredible that how they can do that. Based on you know, what your likes and dislikes are based on your reactions. I mean, that’s, that’s heavy duty stuff, in my opinion. So I definitely recommend that everybody go out and listen to that. So Jessie, with that. Let’s get right into what we’re going to talk about today. I know you have been mentioning. Oh, goodness, it’s been a couple of weeks since I guess you’ve been on. So we’re, where are we at with what’s going on in regards to Tim Holmseth and some of the reporting that he’s been doing? I know, there’s a lot going on even I just seen you had posted something that he had posted earlier that there was a possible hit out on Donald Trump’s life in regards to what’s going on in New York, but before we get to the indictment, where are we, with all that information with Tim?

Jessie Czebotar  7:50

Yeah, I encourage people, you know, go to his website, Timothy Charles You know, he’s a journalist. He’s, he’s reporting the Real News. You know, he’s putting the real stuff up there. And I encourage you to follow. It seems like the past few weeks, you know, he’s been putting out a lot of information about the individuals who are attacking the truth and attract, you know, attacking not only my affidavits, but other whistleblowers, who have been coming forward. So he’s been bringing out a lot about that. There’s been stuff, you know, he’s been reporting about Field McConnell. You know, for those who don’t know, he’s retired Air Force, but much, much more. You know, he’s, he’s really the true whistleblower behind 9/11. And some of the airplanes that were down like, mh 370 and mh 17. So I encourage people to follow those stories, because, you know, these are whistleblowers that were coming out, you know, before, before I fully did, you know, we’ve got a whole generation of people Cathy O’Brien, Roseanne Barr, Fiona Barnett. So, you know, these are whistleblowers that I stand behind, and, you know, really encourage everybody to be familiar with their stories. As you know, Timothy was posting stuff about field. I did a puzzle.

Jessie Czebotar  9:27

Yeah, I did a puzzle about that. And there’s just there’s a lot of behind the scenes interconnecting pieces that I really want people to look into. One of those things starts with, you know, the Pentagon pedophile Task Force. And, you know, I will state that I believe that this is a real task force. You know, and that there are people who really are serving on this that are serving for, you know, the good of survivors, the good of children. You know, I believe that there are connected with those I call the good military. That, you know, at the beginning, I think there was kind of like a, we’ll say a mixed group, you, you know, within that good military working with, alongside of Trump working alongside of the task force, you had individuals that, you know, were dark side of the system, you had individuals who were light side of the system, and you had good Christian people, all working together for the same goal to end human trafficking and crimes being committed against children. I believe that, you know, all these people together were influential in stuff that we witnessed happening with, you know, the DUMB bases. And, you know, I believe all that’s connected with the rescue of children, out of those Yeah, I did a bases. However, you know, it seemed like, you know, all of those, even those that were connected to the dark side, you know, that they were done with what the dark side really was doing.

11:08 They were all working together to bring that down. But then as, you know, we begin to many of us survivors begin to bring out truths about the light side of the system members, and those who, you know, in our generation, as children were fully aware, that stuff was happening to children, but instead of, you know, fighting for us, instead of fighting to stop the crimes that were being committed, or things that we were having to go through, particularly with the US military. These people were, you know, privy to stuff going on and yet, what did they do? They covered up, they hid it. I’ve brought out in my affidavit that some of those individuals, you know, even were lights, light side white magic, witchy healers, you know, who have good intentions towards children. Yet. You know, they never committed direct crimes against children. However, you know, I had experiences where, in my training with the Nazi Michael Karkoc, you know, he beat the hell out of me and my training partner and other kids. And instead of removing us from that situation, are fighting to help us get out. What did those witchy healers do, they use their white magic to heal, and it covered up it made it so that I couldn’t go and tell my parents or a teacher or somebody outside of the system, you know, they covered up the crimes. So as things begin to shift, and you know, those names begin to come forward.

12:50 That’s really where we start seeing a lot of division in within the groups that were working together. So I really want to pull that out. Because, you know, what, what I’m finding out is that you know, with it with this task force there actually was a mirrored Pentagon Pedophile Task Force that was not who they said they were, they really were not connected in every way. And in fact, you know, we’re posers. So I want to, you know, bring attention to that and have people really start looking into that. Some of the stuff that I, you know, brought out, I just put, rumor had it Field was supposed to do a video with those who previously made claims to be part of the PPTF. He did do the video. I encourage people to watch it. It did come out 24 hours later, like they said, but I put the fake PPTF posers said they wanted to connect me to Field. And this was, you know, back in 20—I’ll say I think 2018-2019 probably closer to 2019. They made arrangements for a phone call online. Then the cyber warfare begin. How many hours did I wait as they attempted to connect me to Field? It was all optics. You know, here’s what happened. I spent, you know, several hours. As they kept saying there was computer issues, things were going wrong. They couldn’t get us to connect them and I literally sat there on the computer with this little picture of field that was going around and around waiting to connect right?

14:47 Hours Casey the very next day. I was like, you know, man, I really got to watch his shows. Like I got to see what’s going on with this guy.  I go to tune into his show. The first thing I’m hearing is, you know, this is field McConnell, you know, he starts talking about his harassers. And he’s like, if you want to connect with me, here’s how, here’s my email, Here’s my address, here’s my phone number. He gives it out plainly online. And I’m like, Well, why did we have to go through all these secure connections, if he’s given it out publicly? So, I reached out, I directly, you know, attempted to contact him. So, you know, they, they take people on a run around in order to try to control the situation. So then I just put psyops surrounding field are orchestrated by foreign intelligence. And that’s an important key word, foreign intelligence, who claim to secure Field that are really controlling him the same foreign intelligence, or the same individuals who claimed to be part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Now, what’s important about that, it and if you’re a survivor, who you know who these same people are, they’ve been active in your life trying to discredit, trying to kibosh your testimony, tried to, you know, make it so that you you can’t survive, you know, reach out, email me because we all have to come forward together about this, you know, this group of people needs to be stopped. You know, and really, that’s what’s behind it is that, you know, they are foreign intelligence. Here’s some of the key  connecting pieces.

17:00 So, you know, as we begin to map out these individuals, and, you know, make the map, put their names out there. But the same foreign intelligence who claimed to be working with boots on the ground with US military, who were rescuing children, working with Donald J. Trump and working directly with General Michael Flynn, and General Mark Milley, and Juan O’Savin. And members of queue. So those are things that they claim that they, they claim they were directly working with those people and groups, the same foreign intelligent members who hold positions, some of them hold positions in local government, and we’re saying local US government, and they claim to work against human trafficking and against crimes against children. So, you know, this is, I really want to emphasize that point, like, do you hear what I’m saying? The same foreign intelligence has members working within our military and our government. Don’t be afraid to put their names out there. You know, now you will see them come forward as field spreads supporters and as his teen write down their names called the Wisconsin Sheriff Chad Kuranda, and report elder abuse. The same foreign intelligence coordinated an assassin who showed up at my house, but when discovered he left his bag and items, including a dildo that were intended to be used against me. And I put up pictures of the items that came out of his bag. And I put, you know, at real Donald Trump at Timothy Holmes Seth at Jim Jordan. You know, these people, the Foreign Intelligence coordinated a torture plot by foreign intelligence and US military against Jessie Marie Czebotar.

19:24 You know, they even I have pictures of the vehicle that was in front of my house that morning. You know, that they, they literally showed up, we’re sitting in front of my house taking pictures, monitoring. The scary thing is that in that, you know, in those pictures, you’ll see. Let me just, you know, list off some of the items here. One there was a game controller, which I believe was for a drone. There was a drill with drill bits. There was pliers, there was a thumb drive, there was a bottle of sanitizer, there were two bottles with liquid one was labeled a bottle of rosemary. The other was a bottle of Cologne. What was really in there was liquid REM, which is liquid radiation. Wow. I, you know, had to when I had individuals pick that up, you know, I informed them that that was most likely liquid rim and that they needed to dispose of it properly and not leave it in our area because it has a 10 mile radius that it can affect just by B just by sitting on a table or something 10 mile radius, it can impact people. It had, you know, razor blades, it had condoms. It had a ring it had, you know, lighters you know, all this stuff was in the bags that were left and it was placed right behind, you know, the window where I slept. So you know, which meant somebody literally that morning was standing out there right at the window where I slept.

Casey Cusick  21:22

Wow. And you know what,

Jessie Czebotar  21:24

I saw that I saw the individual military guy about, you know, 6’2” kinda little bit stockier gray hair. So I know, you know, I saw the individual as he walked away. Not a homeless individual.

Casey Cusick  21:45

And also to those those things that look like well, I guess, because I’m looking at the picture too, but it’s what you said was pliers, those are actually vise grips. So that’s something that you clamp with pull teeth, and you could pull a lot of things because those are his finger nails. Yeah, they lock in hold things in place and stuff like that. I mean, those things are pretty powerful. And the other thing is an oscillating saw that DeWalt tool there that you can see. And that’s unbelievable. And so this is the kind of this is this, this is where they these people take these things. And so in regards to Field (McConnell) what do you know? I mean, I know what is in the report. So will you explain a little bit more about the he is now out of what he was in? What was it where he went in the hospital? What would I guess what is it called that he where he went?

Jessie Czebotar  22:36

He was I think he was under house arrest house arrest. Okay. But I mean, you know, I think there’s just so many concerns some of this stuff that let me pull it up because this was actually a really good one. I love the way that that Timothy worded it here. Let me see

Casey Cusick  22:58

If Field’s been 2histleblowing uh, you’re right, 9/11. But it’s been on a lot. Quite a few

Jessie Czebotar  23:04

things. Yeah. And so these are the concerns. So, you know, this article is on Timothy Charles It’s Jeffrey Epstein operatives and FBI connected to field McConnell, extortion, and possible murder plot in Plum city, Wisconsin. So that’s the article name. He wrote it April 3 2023. This information published is a preliminary report regarding a journalistic events investigation into racketeering influenced, corrupt organization operating in internationally as well as in Pierce County, Wisconsin. On February ninth 2017, President Donald J. Trump issued Executive Order 13773, which was about enforcing federal law with respect to transnational criminal organizations, and preventing international trafficking. On that same day, February 9 2017, the federal government placed a lien on the property effect of field McConnell in Plum city, Wisconsin. facts and evidence exists that show I’ll just say that individuals who are being looked at and fed Field McConnell, Wisconsin, and our agents and associated connected to those individuals are in violation of federal criminal statutes, including the Federal statute set forth regarding the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Act, which is the RICO act. So in this you know, Timothy really goes through some of the things that you know, some of the questions you know, the people that are all of a sudden surrounding field Uh, you know, make their own admission that they’re dangerous (Paula C Blades).

25:03 They announce, you know that they are his voice, you know, they’re the ones speaking on his behalf through some of this time when he’s supposed to have a gag order on him. And, you know, they announce a roll-out online of this radio program. You know, he lost his show that was court ordered down before you know he was arrested, or in that time of his initial arrest, all his initial material was ordered down. So you have to ask, like, why all of a sudden now, are these people announcing a rollout where, you know, he’s kind of going to be the main speaker on it. You know, I encourage people to listen to that first one that went out, I would propose that he is not willingly doing that it doesn’t sound as exciting-like you and I are excited about our shows Casey, you know, we’ve got a lot to say that we want to say to our audience, that this did not sound like that type of situation to me. So I’m asking questions, you know, Field isn’t considered an elderly individual. You know, I already have stuff from the past where I can confirm that his rights, you know, were being violated, it started back in the state of Wisconsin, Wisconsin violated many of his rights through his fake arrest.

26:45 You know, so I think that there’s a continuance of a violation of rights here. Timothy brings out you know, Is there potential blackmail, or, or an extortion operation against Field McConnell? I think that there’s evidence torwards that I think that’s a very good question to pose. You know, Field had been forbidden by the Florida courts to talk to Timothy Charles Home set, you know, when he brings out that he really didn’t even know that guy, like they met a couple times. So why are they putting stipulations against particularly Timothy Charles Holmseth up any connections between the two of them? You know, so there’s a lot of questions to be posed there. That article does a great job, Timothy lays it all out. You know, looks at the relationships, looks at the connections to some of the different countries, looks at some of the people you know, who are involved in this situation? And, you know, it gives a start, I think that these are individuals we need to really look into.

Casey Cusick  28:11

You mentioned as well, Jesse, Paula, Paula Blades, what her role in this is.

Jessie Czebotar  28:18

Yep. And I’m purposely not saying the name. Yeah, that’s why I encourage people to read the article. Look into these people. I think that there’s more. You know, I’ve gotten direct attacks from individuals who are named, I’ve been on their targeting, or the receiving end of their targeting. I think that they’re all working together. And, you know, one has to ask, Why? Why, you know, really what’s behind it? And, you know, yeah, and, you know.

Casey Cusick  28:59

I even listened to the one of the videos you’re talking about with Field McConnell, and I think it was an older video for maybe 2021. And it kind of goes in between, it has cut cuts from different shows that he was on. But I highly recommend people listen to that, because it kind of it kind of gives Fields background of who he is and who he was even before, met his own words. And one of the interesting things was that I heard that he mentioned in there what he mentions multiple people. And he mentioned A military official, who was one of the ones that he was trying to get this information to that he because he believed they were good men, and they were willing to help stop it mainly is sex trafficking is one of the main things I mean, other than the 9/11 whistleblowing and other things that have gone on. But you know, it’s always connected back to sex trafficking, it always goes there. And he even mentions his own sister’s involved in this stuff, and has been ever since. I mean, he ever whenever he found out and I mean, it’s some pretty I mean, this man has gone through some pretty horrible things and I just encourage you Everyone had to keep him in your prayers along with Tim.  And we know, 

Jessie Czebotar  30:04

Well it all goes back to the bigger group, you know, really who the trafficking is going through which, you know, the whole case with his sister dealt with the Clinton Foundation. That’s right. So, you know, this is big.

Casey Cusick  30:16

It is it is big. And like I said, keep them in your prayers, because they are doing what I always say is God’s work. Because this stuff is way bigger than politics. This is way bigger than mean, this is actual child abuse at the highest level. It’s infanticide, it’s cannibalism, it’s all these things and in their whistleblowing on it, you know, as well as Jessie. And so this is not they’re they’re going to have attacks from the highest level, it’s not just regular regular attacks. I mean, these are these are high level spirits that are after after them.

Jessie Czebotar  30:51

And we’re not just talking, you know, whistleblowing about, you know, the, the children that the system uses as their assets. You know, which would be children coming across at the border, or, you know, the children being trafficked through the tunnels or the military bases. But we’re also talking, you know, that they’re standing up for those children that, like myself, were born into the system, you know, those who are chosen for future positions, and they’re fighting for them, you know, to end that trafficking even within our own family units.

Casey Cusick  31:29

That’s right. That is exactly right. And for what it’s worth to, you know, there’s a lot of this going around that Tim will never show his face. So he’s not a real person that we’re that Jesse and Tim are the same person which they obviously are not Jesse, right, you’re not gonna be like on Scooby Doo and pull your your head off and say, Oh, you’re Oh, it’s so innocent. You’re really Timothy Charles Holmseth. There’s a lot of nonsense going on out there, guys. And I just encourage you to like pay attention to the fact that it’s nonstop, and it’s always the same stuff. Yeah. And so you know, when when somebody keeps attacking somebody long enough, they must be telling the truth, because they wouldn’t keep bothering if Jesse’s false and she’s making up all this stuff. What does it even matter at that point? So keep keep your prayers, please keep your prayers. I mean, I know most of you already realize that. Keep them all in your prayers. One thing else, Jessie, that you had posted about? So it was a part two you had as well, in regards to the field McConnell. And I think he just put it out yesterday. And there was only two little snippets there. But if you can say anything in regards to that, I mean, the first one, the field puzzle was B 1one and then you said the fake PPFT, or PPTF is made up of foreign military and intelligence who claim to work with field the military generals? *O*h, man, no, that’s probably kind of repetitive of what you already said. But the second one was the interesting one, because you said remember programming connections based on four Egyptian gods, oh, Ma, Ra and set. And it says, name them, and you have a code for four main programming bases? Can you mention anything other than do your research?

Jessie Czebotar  32:59

Yeah, I bring out some of that, in that video with Aquarius Rising Africa (ARA 215? Military Bases?)where I begin to. So if you go back to that video, I begin to talk about how they did that connection. You know, through those main four military bases, you know, it, it’s big. I’ve mentioned some of these bases before, several of them are what we consider, like, you know, like kind of your, not your mainstream basis. But you know, what I want people to start to pick up is that the code names that, you know, these, these bases are connected to specific groups. You know, so as you begin to look at the Egyptian things, you know, next look at who are founders who are people researching who are people, you know, connected with groups like the Smithsonian, or you know, the aviary societies, all those pieces in our Connect. And, you know, when you when you look at that there’s information going out, that’s giving some of those names and talking about those names. And I’m trying to indirectly tell people that those individuals are directly connected to some of these military base programs. So that’s what that comes down to in that, and, you know, that should provide a lot of insight for people doing this puzzle. So

Casey Cusick  34:48

and you know, it kind of reminds me of the movie The Mummy, did you ever see the movie with a mummy with Brendan Fraser?

Jessie Czebotar  34:54

I did, Yes, I like that series.

Casey Cusick  34:57

So it’s very similar. I mean, it almost I seem to somebody said Add on there sounds almost like a chant. And it really does sound like a chant. Because if you watch that movie, they chant very similar things there in regards to that. So, aside from that, so please keep them in your prayers and all that they’re doing. Let’s get on to the next thing here, Jesse, which is the Trump indictment. So we’ve seen now in the last week or so, you know, there was, Trump kind of jumped the gun on him and told him told everybody that they were, he thought they were planning to indict him. And we saw it and a lot of people thought it was gonna happen on 3/22 Because it Skull and Bones, and on and on and on. And so now here we are for for almost two weeks, exactly to the day that he mentioned it. Now, here they are, and they’ve charged him I think now with 34, felonies, and he’s any minute now supposed to leave Trump Tower and go to the courthouse to be officially indicted. Jesse, what information do you have? Or what opinion do you have on what’s going on

Jessie Czebotar  36:02

Well I think it’s kind of interesting, you know, I look, I pick up on patterns and look at things across the board. And, you know, it’s interesting that, you know, right before the Lord, you know, really kind of put me in a place where I could start federally giving my information. There was some things that happened. First, we had, I’ll just say a group of counselors, psychiatrists that they talk about all the time. You know, back in 2016, they all of a sudden, we’re back in the Chicago area. And it had been, you know, 34 years, since they were first there. And that was the very first time they came out and did it conference was there in Chicago, back in 1984. And that just so happened to be right after April 24 1984, where there was a weapons display. So this group of individuals that, you know, oversee and monitor survivors and people who have been MK Ultra, in provide supposed healing for them. They do these conferences, and, you know, back then, it was interesting that it was exactly 34 years. Now, when you look at that in the system, you know, everything has meaning, when you break down those numbers, gematria-wise. Three, and Four gives you seven, which means completion. You know, what was interesting about the situation in Chicago was that, you know, technically you get two sets of numbers you get, you know, it’s been 30-40 years sense.

38:00 They were there in Chicago, but then it also was there, because you don’t count that, you know, that conference that’s current. So it technically was actually their 35th Conference, which is the number for the new world order. So, you know, it’s interesting that there just so happens to be a very significant number in the system applied to the number of charges to this individual that directly connects, I believe, with things that’s going on in the information world with affidavits with, you know, with the system fighting against those who are fighting against them. And I think that, you know, there’s message with that, you know, that they’re trying to slyly get by, with say, you know, is it retaliation? Is it for information given on certain things? And did they just sign a code to it, thus telling who’s really behind some of that, which is going to be, you know, people connected to that certain group who also are connected to Nazis who also are connected to Tavistock. Who also are connected to MIT Stanford Research Institute and the Aspen foundation. So if you ask me, who I think is kind of behind those direct charges, and which groups, the people bringing those charges against Trump are connected to, I believe I’ve just told you, so. We’ll go there with that answer for today.

Casey Cusick  39:50

Okay, and do you believe they’ll be able to stop him from getting back in office?

Jessie Czebotar  39:55

Do I believe that no, 

Casey Cusick  40:00

Me either because it’s so obvious, you know, with, you know, I just did a podcast the other day and I read part of the story. And there’s so much in the book of Esther, but I read part of the story about Haman and Mordecai. And in that story, we have to, throughout almost the whole, the whole book you’re listening to, you know, once Esther gets in with a king, and then Heyman was his right hand, and he, you know, had Him above all the other princes, and then you have to go through where Haman, Haman goes to his wife and his wife, because he hates Mordecai so much, of course, he hated the Jews. So he wanted to him to Bill and his wife says, We’ll build a gallows for him that you can hang him on in front of everybody and make a mockery of. So there’s a time. And I believe that this time that we’re having right now, where everybody’s frustrated, and they keep saying, How come it’s taken so long, you know, it’s like, God gives the devil a lot of some some rope to in essence, get him to the place to where he can finally hang him on his own self.

Because if you read the book of Esther, you get to the end of of that, when you all of a sudden realize the thing that Haman built to hang Mordecai, on, which I’ve read and heard it, it actually wasn’t an something that you would be hanging by your neck, it’s actually like a giant spear almost, that they pull you down over top of and it goes up through your body, which isn’t something very pleasant at all. But this is, in my opinion, what is going to happen with this whole thing that they keep thinking that they’re gonna take down all of the US conservative Christians, and forget, I shouldn’t even have said the word conservative, because it really isn’t about politics. It’s really about who’s God is God. It’s that simple, right? They believe their God, we believe the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God that is the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Jesus is his son, we believe that this is the WHO THE GOD is, this is the people that they’re truly afraid of. And these are the people that they really want to shut down and shut up, which is why they’ve infiltrated the church. And anyway, on and on, I could go, but I just believe that this is opening the door for them to hang themselves. Or have as you say, they push the stone up the hill and the stone rolls back on him. Would you agree with that? Jessie?

Jessie Czebotar  41:59

I would. Yeah. You know, at the end of the day, the Lord God is self sovereign. That’s right. You know, they can’t, they can’t usurp that sovereignty. They’re not gods. And you know what happens when people walk in pride, the Lord humbles that pride.

Casey Cusick  42:18

That’s right. That’s why it’s always important to stay in humility. And again, and again and again and again and again, every single day. And somebody showed me one time that they put all this stuff, even in the society that we’ve grown up in this narcissistic society where they always have even a hero in the movie. And it’s a setup for any of us to believe that we’re going to be this hero, because then at that point, it becomes about us. And so it is really, it’s really humbling, you know, yeah. But last thing I want to go to here is, and I mentioned this to you a little bit ago, was about the Veronica Swift, and the, it’s called an Illuminati Primer. I think it’s actually a book now, but she has taken excerpts from your shows, and your testimony, as well as a few others, and put it into a book. And I stumbled upon it just a couple days ago, a friend of mine posted it, and I went on there, and I was like, Oh, my gosh, you know, this is so awesome. Like, this is perfect

Jessie Czebotar  43:15

does a really nice job, I have read it. So I encourage people, she offers it for free. But if you want the hard physical copy, that’s available to purchase as well. I encourage people to get it, you know, not only stuff that’s taken from videos that I’ve done, but she has many other survivors, stories that she’s really put together to help you get a full understanding of the system. And, you know, I think it’s a great resource, it’s a great tool, especially if you’re new to the fight, or if you’re trying to help, you know, people who are new to understanding everything going on, she really breaks it down nicely in there.

Casey Cusick  43:58

She does. And it’s actually a free online, you can get it as a PDF form. But like you said, if you want a copy, you can request that. One thing that I would like you to talk about, just before we go here is that and I know you’ve mentioned this on many of them, but I don’t know why lately, I’ve just really been dwelling on it thinking about it is the five realms. And you’ve talked about how there’s a there’s a first round second round, which is the godly realm, and then we abide on the third realm here on Earth, Middle Earth, and then there’s a fourth round and then there’s a fifth realm.

Jessie Czebotar  44:31

Yeah, how I kind of talked about I, you know, I’ve kind of split it into five, that’s the easiest way to understand. Are there more there are, but, you know, it’s easiest to understand, like a five d chessboard, where you have the third realm is Middle Earth, you know where we’re at. And then you have two heavenly realms above. One is, you know, kind of like the heavens above the earth and then you’ve got where God’s throne room his toward, you know, his kingdom is and then you also have the lower to lower realms you know, with the lowest being the one where the fallen angels that are too evil to wander the earth were chained. So that’s how I’ve understood it. You know, from my experiences in connecting in those realms as a child through the US military.

Casey Cusick  45:26

So even like the fifth, fourth and fifth realm, like you’re talking about this is that is not those aren’t spiritual realms, is that correct? No, they are spiritual. They are spiritual realm. So it’s not a physical thing that we could that you could enter physically speaking, you can

Jessie Czebotar  45:39


Casey Cusick  45:40

physically, okay, but this isn’t how the fifth round? No,

Jessie Czebotar  45:46

no, not hell. Okay. Yeah, they’re all I mean, they’re, it’s all darkness down there. But in that lowest realm, but when I when I experienced it, you know, I was brought into a hallway, when you enter in that hallway is all fire. I don’t know how else to describe it, it is all fire. But as you walk through, then you get into the thick darkness. You know that? It’s kind of hard to explain, because even though you can’t physically see, you can see in those realms, but you know, it’s just, it’s dark. I don’t know how else to describe it as a heaviness so thick. It’s like being in a thick fog. Yet, there’s things that you can see in there. Wow.

Casey Cusick  46:39

And so in regards to that there’s a movie that just came out. I think it was this past weekend, and it was called Dungeons and Dragons. Is it similar to the this? Maybe you didn’t see the movie or nothing like that? I’m just saying, though, that there are. So for instance, the in the in the, just in the previews, it shows there in these lava everywhere type stuff. Is this, like what you’ve experienced? And any of that are now

Jessie Czebotar  47:07

there are, you know, I brought out how the military has actual obstacle courses that they built, as some of those are in those other realms. So yeah, there are places like that where you’ve got, you know, wood bridges, you gotta walk across, you know, pits of different stuff. You know, there’s canyons, there’s lava, there’s everything you could imagine. So this there

Casey Cusick  47:39

are some of those in those underground military bases are these are in the actual separate

Jessie Czebotar  47:43

realm. Some of the military bases, the best way to describe it is that, you know, you’ve got a long building, and part of that building is in the physical realm. Well, part of it exists in the spiritual realm. Wow. Yeah. So yes, some of its underground, some of its underwater underground, you know, because you’ve got the whole subterranean Earth, it’s under the ocean and under the seas, as well. So some of those bases are built under that land, you know, connecting to the wellsprings at the book of Job talks about the flood gates that are on the bottom of the ocean. So some of it connects down there.

Casey Cusick  48:31

Wow. I’m sure I just opened for 1000s of questions that people are watching this are gonna just touched on this and yeah, how about this? Are there such thing as red wizards?

Jessie Czebotar  48:45

There are a lot of wizards. There’s white, there’s crazy. There’s black. There are red, green, and gold. Wow. So yeah,

Casey Cusick  48:55

I highly recommend she doesn’t really go into that. But um, but there are a lot of what we just talked about those questions stemmed off of the video that I watched on Aquarius rising because Jesse goes into some of the military, how they program the, how they not necessarily how they program you, but how they figure out how they can use you to better them basically, was that would that be a good way of saying it?

Jessie Czebotar  49:19

Yeah, that is and you know, for the you got to remember that everything is about coordination, orchestration control. So, you know, who are the wizards? You know, a good definition of one is to watch the Wizard of Oz. I think that that, you know, displays that position. Well, you have those who are coordinating communication between two realms, physical realm as well as one that’s considered, you know, non physical yet it can be physical. You know, and are those wizards jobs? kind of to oversee, to coordinate who accesses those areas and who cannot. So, you know, the wizards get interesting, you know, think of Gandalf to what did he do you know, and Lord of the Rings, The Wizards, you know, we’re station regionally over an area. Their job was to lead people through to oversee, you know, the land and creation and kind of the harmony, the environment of that area. So, do we have wizards? We do? Are there wizards in the US military there are. And you know, I directly worked with several of those wizards in the experiments and projects I was in.

Casey Cusick  50:48

And I really just want people to realize, and this is just something to that I’ve had to work on for some time, because I, like I said, I paid attention to politics my dad was involved in, not he wasn’t a politician or anything, but we were always just paid attention, because we felt like it’s important as a Christian to vote for the right person, and against the, but when you really cut finally get to the place to where you realize there’s somebody that’s controlling both sides, and they get you to get mad at them, and they get them to get mad at you. And we just bicker about the dumbest, foolish things. Yeah. And in the reality of it is step back and take a look back and realize that’s all nonsense. And it really is.

Jessie Czebotar  51:26

I mean, it’s like they get us arguing about elections and race, you know, when they’re already rigged, like, we really have no say in it at all. And what does it do, it keeps our mind off what really is going on, which is the trafficking the drug, you know, the mass amount of money that they’re, you know, exploiting off of us, that cursing that they’re doing on us, you know,

Casey Cusick  51:53

it’s like a pickpocket. He’s getting your attention over here at the same time, and you’re all looking over here. And at the same time as other hands, oh, you’re getting getting your wallet or whatever it is,

Jessie Czebotar  52:01

right there. Like they’re like, look over here, let us distract you for a moment. So we can get all this done. Right, you know, with your consent and blessing because you voted on the guy. Right? You know, they give you two options. But both options are bad, usually. Right? That’s right, you know, you’re voting on the lesser of the two evils half the time.

Casey Cusick  52:25

That’s, that’s exactly what most people say that say, I don’t care about politics, but I’m gonna vote for him because he’s the lesser of evil or her, whichever it may be. Okay, so with that, Jesse, we’ll go ahead and close today. And would you mind closing with a prayer for us?

Jessie Czebotar  52:40

Yeah, absolutely. Heavenly Father, we just thank you so much for this day. Lord, we know that You alone are sovereign in all things. And we just give you that sovereign control over our lives. We love you, Lord, and we don’t want to just live our life generally according to the rules that you’ve laid out in Scripture. Lord, we’re asking to hear your voice. We’re asking to know exactly what your will is for our lives. We are asking you to show us the good works that you have prepared in advance for us to do and we ask that we may walk in them, that we may be pleasing in your sight, and that we may bring joy to your heart. Lord, we want that relationship with you. And I just pray that even though this time is challenging, I ask that you would continue to make your presence known as we’ve learned to navigate a journey through these days. We ask this in your powerful name Jesus, amen. Amen. And

Casey Cusick  53:46

Jesse, thank you again for coming on. Always appreciate it when you come on and remember everybody the best is yet to come. God bless you guys. Have a great day.

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