The Watchmen Podcast –

30 May 2023

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it’s time it’s time to get your popcorn ready. It will be political, political, it will be biblical. We must stay vigilant, we must remain watchful. So sit back and put your feet up, because you’re about to learn to discern the truth. Welcome to a watchman.

Casey Cusick  0:24

What’s up everybody, and welcome back to the watchman podcast. My name is Casey. So good to be back with you guys. Today, today is Tuesday, May 30, 2023. I’ve got Jessie on again today. So good to have her back. Before we get into what we’re going to talk about today, though, I just want to remind everybody to like and subscribe and share the page so we can get the information out there for Jessie’s information. And as far as where you can find me, it’ll be in the description box below. As well as where you can find Jessie and support her and her ministry will also be in the description box below. And other than that I want to get right into so the last few weeks, it’s been a while since Jessie’s been on she’s been traveling a lot. And I guess I have too almost for a whole month between Florida and then go into Texas. So without further ado, Jessie, how are you doing this morning?

Jessie Czebotar  1:16

Great doing amazing. Yeah, it’s been a busy month for many people.

Casey Cusick  1:21

It is it is and I wanted to get you to talk a little bit about how it was for you in Florida and what you experienced there. And then we’ll get into how it was in Austin as well.

Jessie Czebotar  1:32

Yeah, Florida was amazing, as always, you know, such a huge fan of Gary Wayne, and he was just even more spectacular in person. You know, very humorous, I think that’s the side of him that we don’t always see like on the shows, because he always seems kind of serious and a lot of information. But he really does have that good little bit of side humor. So it ended up just being an amazing show. And then we did the anointing land tour, we went to Casa, which is like, you know, has, you know, like the medium kind of compound. And we walked that and it was interesting for those who like kind of stuck around with me or Gary or George. I think they got quite a bit of more information as we begin to break down things, you know, from our, our realm and sphere of knowledge about how things work and operate. And, you know, so there was just some very interesting things that kind of unfolded as we did that tour. And we get a little bit of weather witchery going on.

Casey Cusick  2:47

I laughed at one of the stories that I heard was on Georgia’s after show he had Anne Latour on, and she spoke a little bit about how, you know, her experience there. But what was funny was George was going around with his little device, I forget what they call the

Jessie Czebotar  3:02

device that he has, but the electro magnetic detector. 

Casey Cusick  3:05

Yeah, yeah. And so he was coming in, he’s like, Oh, my Nana was going crazy a minute ago. And someone finally said, does it matter that that an already anointed this area? And he’s like, what? You gotta be kidding.

Jessie Czebotar  3:15

Oh, yeah. Cuz every place we went because we had separated and didn’t even think about that, you know, we’re just walking around anointing things. It didn’t work at all, like, he went down. He’s like, all mad, like, you know.

Casey Cusick  3:32

That means that people understand that, that the anointing part does work, because that was so so for me, it was awesome as well, you know, one of the coolest things, you know, it was the last night, I guess, when we had a little bit of a little touched on, you know, deliverance. And everybody got to kind of get into prayer circle. And we prayed and, you know, different people, you know, kind of just prayed out what, what God was revealed to them in their spirit. Yeah, and one of the neatest things and why I keep telling everybody that they need to go and experience it on their own, is because you just meet so many people from so many different areas. But I was telling Jessie, before we started here, you know, it’s so crazy to see how many people are broken in certain ways that you would never know. And just seeing them and talking to them, and you don’t really realize and then all of a sudden, you know, you get under the anointing and the Spirit of God starts moving and I’ll just never forget this and I don’t want I don’t want to say his name. But there was this guy that stepped out and he was just like, you know, I have an on on surmounted amount of anxiety. I can’t even believe that I’m talking to you guys and telling you this, but I really want to get rid of it. He’s actually a teacher. And he said, You know, I really want God to heal me of this. And I mean, I was about to I was grabbed my wife, I’m like, bye bye. I’m about to start crying with this guy. Because it was I mean, he was really stepping out. And it was so cool to see him. Seemingly, he said he felt a lot better, you know, to kind of heal somewhat forgotten to heal some of those wounds and things but it was really it was really cool. And George kind of got in the middle at the end because he was in the side that I was on and it was just really, really neat to see God move and touching and touch people’s lives and because that’s really what it’s all about. Anyway, even above all the information and all the stuff, but you’re right, it was neat to see Gary Wayne, you know laugh and he is a jokester. He’s pretty funny.

Jessie Czebotar  5:18

I was so surprised. He is such a jokester. (Casey: was a good time.) He’s, he’s so humble. You know, it’s like, I see so many people kind of, like I would put him in that class of kind of, like the scholarly or, you know, like him in, in seminary, you get so many individuals that are, you know, knowledge heavy. And usually there’s kind of this stodginess with but he’s such a humble just laid back, you know, really nice personality. And I know so many people, you know, really enjoyed just talking to him, you know, he wasn’t like focused on himself. It was like the moment you came to have a little bit of a conversation with him, you know, his full attention there and he’s engaging and you know, just so personable so that was neat to see and you know, he fit it fit really well with what Giorgio and I do with those tours that you know, because we’re both a lot like that as well. So it was a good good to her.

Casey Cusick  6:22

It wasn’t you know, most people always listen to Gary based on just on the gin Genesis six conspiracy that he wrote in the book. 

Jessie Czebotar  6:29

Oh, he’s got so much more. Oh, I

Casey Cusick  6:31

know. He’s so he’s such a wealth of knowledge from the Bible. I mean, the guys was talking about taking you know, scripture for five years reading only the healing Scriptures, right. And all those damn them, right. And all the love scriptures and all the and on and on and on. So he it really was good. It was it really awesome. You that was also awesome that Jessie got to introduce you to my wife. She met you there.

Jessie Czebotar  6:53

Yeah. So I loved her. Yes, that was also a great time to. I enjoyed our night together that we all had, and it was awesome.

Casey Cusick  7:04

And so then from there, just encourage everybody to remind everybody had Jessie had her own event the next following weekend after that, which was called beautifully adorned, that’ll be available for on her website coming up. I think I heard you say not long ago, sometime in the later summer. Was that correct?

Jessie Czebotar  7:21

Yeah, probably June, July. We’re still getting the videos back for that and stuff, but

Casey Cusick  7:27

and so I highly recommend as well go on Jessie’s website and get a hold of that information. Because it’s so good. And I highly recommend starting from the first one, which was the one that you did, I think in Miami, which was Kingdom living with Jessie or no, it was Kingdom living. What was it called something Foundations of Kingdom living? That was the first one, right? Yes, the

Jessie Czebotar  7:47

series that builds like, King foundations of kingdom living rise of the righteous, and then getting into beautifully adorned,

Casey Cusick  7:55

and it was so wonderful to be around, and the atmosphere was just so cool, the setting was so cool. You know, there was so many people from all over. And it was so neat to see how many people need a touch of healing in their life. And it may not only be physical and most, for the most part, honestly, it really wasn’t physical for most, for most people, you know, it’s emotional, which can lead to physical pain as well.

Jessie Czebotar  8:15

Emotional and Spiritual. And it’s interesting to see, like, you know, the majority of things that people are dealing with are things that they’ve carried for a long time, you know, not something recent, like it’s something that they’ve held on to for a long time. And, you know, as we went through the deliverance, as we went through the different cleansing and the strategies that you can work through first to identify those things. Second, you know, how do you deal with it once you’ve identified it? And then how do you really, you know, get rid of it, let it go. And just walking through that process in a group. You know, I saw a lot of people where, you know, I guess when I went, when I’ve gone through some of those things in the past, sometimes you just feel so heavy, you’re like, how am I going to get through this? But as you open up that group setting where you’re kind of looking at your things as a whole, but then you’ve got other people helping you like, Okay, what’s the first step? What’s the second, what’s the third and then you’re like, Hey, I got this, I can do this. And people begin to start taking that, you know, that authority stepping into that. And that’s really neat to see. You know,

Casey Cusick  9:29

and to learn at that we you learn to how to write your petitions to God and go before go into the throne or the courtroom. Talk about that a little bit.

Jessie Czebotar  9:39

Yeah, so, you know, like the Lord’s has always told me to be really tangible. So I’m teaching people you know exactly what I do when I go before the Lord in prayer. And we do use some great resources like Dr. Francis Myles’ book, dangerous prayer. destroying evil altars in the courts of heaven. So we talk about, you know how the enemy will set up idols in our lives that then, you know, he builds strongholds and attachments to. And a lot of those things are built or revolve around specific traumas or injuries or wounds that we’ve had. Or it could even be as simple as like an offense in a relationship, or the enemy sets up a stronghold there. And then, you know, those attachments with the oppression that the spirits will then put into your life, it just bogs you down. So, you know, what the Lord has taught me, especially through Dr. Francis Myles is that you know, about the altars that the enemy builds. And those are the sacred places where, you know, kind of that interface between the spirit world and the physical. And those can only be destroyed by taking them to the courts of heaven. So that’s been what we’ve been teaching and how we’ve been showing people how to do it. I know, you know, I’ve had several people who have gone through that process with me and stuff, as they’ve worked on alters in their life and destroying them.

11:19 And I mean, we’re talking in phenomenal changes that happen as people are, are destroying those alters. You know, some of the ones specific that we’ve done are Leviathans altars for the waterways. We’ve had huge breakthrough with that, where the Lord starting to show the head, the headwater churches and get the Holy Spirit moving in certain areas, again, that have been, you know, high areas of occult and witchcraft and areas of wickedness. And since we’ve been starting to restore those lands, you know, we’re seeing a lot of break through and that even connects with the, you know, the coaching that I do on the side, which I encourage people to sign up for on my website, Kingdom Living with Jessie. But in that we teach, how do you then, you know, take these petitions, how do you go about getting authority over the land and removing the authority of the principalities and the powers that are there, so that you can see those changes happening in your areas. And those

Casey Cusick  12:29

teachings are excellent, and they’re free, and I highly recommend them for everybody, especially the first two coaching classes. Because every time now I go into a city and I see a city seal start, I start piecing things together, and I’m like, oh, there’s that. And there’s that and their stars on their wall there. But that means it’s very, very, very, very, very relevant. And it’s something that we, I mean, that it’s literally something they do right in front of our face, and no one pays much attention to it. And when you really start to have your eyes open to it, it’ll, it’s very eye opening, I can just tell you that. Yeah.

Jessie Czebotar  13:05

So I wanted to hear if you could just quick talk for a moment because, you know, like, one of the things I was trying to be sensitive to with the beautifully adorned retreat, and that, you know, I’m gonna this next year, I’ll be focusing going on several different areas around the country with that. I know like this fall, I’ll probably be in Maine. And then I’ll also probably be heading back to Austin area. And then, you know, I’ve got a couple things in the works for next year, for people who are interested, but what was that like? Because, you know, we, I was surprised, we did have a pretty good turnout of men. And I guess I would like to just have you share kind of what that was like for you as a man working on those type of things.

Casey Cusick  13:59

Well, for what it’s worth, it’s a lot easier for a man to do it around a lot of women than

Jessie Czebotar  14:04

other men. No, don’t make that at all, men’s tour

Casey Cusick  14:07

No, no, no, no, I highly, you know, it’s so funny because I had a lady come up to me who I didn’t know, but she’s listened to the podcast quite often, especially when you’re on and she thanked me and she said, I said, Oh, you’re welcome. And she said, You know, I just want you to under know that, um, you know, you’re we would like to see more men stepping out and, and, you know, getting into this stuff. And I highly agree. I mean, I was thrilled to see there was probably you’re right, there was a handful of guys. And, you know, just for me personally going in there and being able to you know, for me, it doesn’t matter if it’s male men and women but I do 100% agree that I would love to see more men step out and the thing is, you know, even grown up with my parents in ministry, obviously, women are always more spiritual women seem to be the ones that you know, don’t mind to be to do things that are uncomfortable for them. whereas men, you know, nobody wants to do anything that’s uncomfortable. But for me what was so neat was when you the way that you went through it, and you know, there was a point, I think that I got up and you were asking people to tell their experiences of things that triggered their trauma that they had in their life. And I just used the Jan 6, because it was so generic for me, but yeah, it is it but at the same time, it is so prevalent. And, and it is true that I do have, you know, things from that trauma from that.

15:30 But when you just going into how, you know, you talked about how we learn to recognize the trauma that we have, and then you learn to recognize the things that trigger you. And then you learn to recognize how to deal with the things that trigger you. So just like the placement and the way things go, in relation to the way the course went. And it was so neat, how you how you introduced it at the beginning, and then how it just like slowly gets into it. And the part also that really touched my heart was being able to make your own anointing oil was awesome. And there was a point in time where we had broken up into groups, and just hearing, man, I mean, I think in our group, I was the only guy, the other guys were in the other group. But just hearing people, when you were talking about healing here, and there’s people that can’t even say, Hi, my name is whatever it is, and without starting to cry, because it’s just like they have so much built up internal trauma. And seeing them get through it in an in a group setting. I mean, in you know, that it is they did receive something, because they, they would tell you, you know, that was so helpful for them to be able to step out. And then by the end, you know, there was a couple that, you know, they didn’t want to say a word and the next thing you know that you can’t get them stopped talking. So, I

Jessie Czebotar  16:43

But I think that’s part of it. Yeah, that I mean, that’s part of the breaking, you know, that freedom is they begin to realize, because so many times our trauma just binds us in that, that, you know, emotional and social silence, where, you know, there’s so much fear, even just, you know, activating your voice. So that’s one of the things that, you know, we do is, is teach that hey, like, you know, you can you can speak out, you can begin to share with others, and we give helpful ways to do that, that are very, you know, non invasive, it leaves it up to them kind of which pieces they they begin to share. But even in that they’re learning that, you know, taking those first steps that hey, I can share, people do want to hear what I have to say. And what was neat is as they did that, you know, as I walked around to the different groups, you know, one of our activities we have where you share, and then others, like, say back, you know, this is what I hear you saying. And for that there was so much validating so much encouragement so much, you know, exhortation that was happening, that that was part of the healing too, because as a survivor, or even through, you know, severe trauma, you have to feel like you’re believed you have to feel like you know that others are acknowledging, like that pain, that suffering. And so, you know, all of that is kind of added into that, which is part of that healing process.

Casey Cusick  18:23

Yep. And on top of that, you know, one thing that was really neat is that was Jessie and her, you know, that’s her calling. And it was so neat to see you and what God’s called you to do. Because so often, people want to hear you and listen to you on shows more, show more. So for just the I guess you could say we’re for the Intel rather than for for the godly stuff, but that’s the most, everybody would always say, Well, this is what Jessie would rather talk about. And I’m like, Yeah, I mean, it’s, I understand that because I mean, that’s when you’re called into something like that. I mean, that’s, that was her, her, her thing and really, it was just so powerful. And then the last part I want to say is the part for the when you had everybody kind of go into groups and then we did the feet washing that was also something that was really powerful. Because anytime someone ever had that done before I have Yes, but I will say that that’s one of the most powerful things that you can go through that experience because the humbling part of somebody else washing your feet, I mean, it’s almost hard not to cry with just them saying nothing other than just washing your feet. But when they really start getting prayed over at the same time, I mean, it’s just an experience that it is it is a cleansing and that was why that you did it was you know to show that this is a way that we you can be cleansed and stuff but it was just really a powerful great weekend. I really enjoyed the fellowship and shout out to Jessie staff because they do an excellent job I don’t want to say amazing all their names one by one but I mean they is really something and it’s something that she has and man I mean they’re they just really do an outstanding job and I can’t say enough arm for them. So with that, Jessie, let’s get into it today. Do you have any updates on anything? I know we talked a little bit earlier about some things going on in regards with you had left some messages up in Wisconsin from some things there. So Intel coming out from Wisconsin.

Jessie Czebotar  20:20

Yeah. So there was just some interesting things, you know, that were going on there. And we’re not speculating or anything, but I think it’s just something in light of, you know, the past few months, you know, kind of strange phenomena we’ve had going on to kind of take note of. But basically, there was an article put out that I was looking at it was on channel 3000, is where I saw it from. But it’s titled, “No injuries reported after a trained derailment near Devil’s Lake State Park”, which is near Baraboo, Wisconsin. And it’s by Aaron. Hello, boy. dated May 28 23. So what’s interesting about that, again, you got the area got Baraboo, which is highly, you know, a cultic area connected to that northern circle that I came out of the system with, you know, as a child, I know, I experienced a lot of different occultic activity in that area. You know, it’s interesting that it happens at Devil’s Lake State Park. For one. I was just like, boy, you know, and we know that we’ve had so many train derailments. You know, there was the big one in Ohio, which had to, you know, which I believe had to do with, you know, it’s some stuff that was happening there with child trafficking. So the question is, you know, is, is, there’s something more to this story that could possibly include, you know, child trafficking this weekend, but it says the sock County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center says no one was hurt when multiple train cars derailed Sunday evening, inside Devil’s Lake State Park, it happened at the rail crossing of South Lake Road, near the parking lot. The park rangers tell news three, that now two cars, or that two cars derailed, but they were not carrying hazardous material. Now we know the Ohio ones, some of the others, the Michigan one. We know that those supposedly had hazardous material on them. But it looks like there was no hazardous material on this one. So yeah, I felt that was at least worth a mention. And keep your eyes on that. Okay, so in regards to that,

Casey Cusick  23:07

in regards to where, where are we at? As well as in regards to you speaking before Congress, Has anything happened in your favor?

Jessie Czebotar  23:16

When did Jim Jordan or somebody to open that door or, you know, I petitioned him, and so he received a copy as well as the weaponization committee. You know, so we need somebody on that committee, or Jim Jordan to take that step. And they’ve got my number. And, you know, I’m positive that I have far more than they require, you know, names connected to my petition of people who, who have said they want to hear me speak. So, you know, really, there should be no reason why they’re not giving me a call and reaching out.

Casey Cusick  23:54

Right? That’s exactly right. There is no reason. Well, I guess there could be because they’re all you know, I So in regards to that. Well, let’s just go a little bit into that. You know, and I want to talk a little bit about the Q anon mom video that was posted by Tim and I think he retweeted it on Twitter. And I highly recommend people to go listen to that video. It’s only about six minutes long. But it is something in it seems like all of a sudden, there is so much talk and there is so many shows there are so much going on in regards to child trafficking and it’s going deeper not just trafficking children, it’s going into satanic rituals. We’re hearing those words more and more and more in TV shows and movies. So the question is, are they desensitizing us to it coming out or are they show it telling us this so that when it does come out everybody’s not going to be so blown away by it but talk taught let’s talk a little bit about that Neely Blanchard video, where she’s interviewing a lady who was formerly in an occult

Jessie Czebotar  24:58

Yeah, I mean, that’s that’s powerful. Not so much in that interview resonates with my own story. You know, that woman talks about, you know, houses that they would meet in their community. She talks about, you know, underground tunnels that would connect those homes or houses, you know, those are all things that I’ve brought out, you know, even about how so many of those things in areas or communities are all within a 15 mile radius. And, you know, she gets into how, how they were moving kids, you know, the woman that she’s interviewing, you know, that was part of her story, part of her job, what, you know, some of the back things that I think are important for people to hear, you know, as we’re trying to show that, hey, this is not, this is not just a religion, you know, this brotherhood system. Luciferian brotherhood system is not just a religion. And I think that that’s why, for so many years, people who are involved in the high level crimes within the Luciferian Brotherhood are let off, because, one, you know, everybody in the, everybody’s involved, you know, they, they’ve got their brothers everywhere, who are going to cover up their sins. But the second thing is that, you know, they’re claiming that it’s part of their religion, and according to, you know, the Constitution and the amendments, those are like part of the protected rights.

26:35 So it’s important that as we’re hearing survivor stories, that we’re connecting, that we’re, you know, looking at, what are the methods? What are the operations? What are the webs that are interconnecting all these pieces? And as we put that, together, we see that really, you know, we are dealing with a system. And, you know, so in that woman’s story, the things that she brought out were that, you know, she was, you know, it sounds like she was born into a family and her, her family had certain things that they were involved in, you know, with the movement of the children from point A to point B, she talks about how she had to keep certain kids quiet, how, you know, at first it started off, were kind of she’s just monitoring kind of babysitting, then it, you know, got further where then it’s more of kind of a recruiter, type handler type position. You know, and why was she in that position? It’s because she’s trained to do that from a young age, you know, and it shows that process of training, that they put her through, in order to, you know, keep her bound in silence. And so, you know, that part really resonated with me, because, you know, as children as we’re growing, you know, especially the hierarchy kids, we are, you know, victims, like we experience or have to watch, the abuse that’s perpetrated to children. But then we’re put into positions, and that training, those positions are meant to bind us in our own silence, like make it so that we can’t tell we can’t, you know, we can’t bring forward the abuse that’s happened to us, because if we do, we’re just as guilty, you know, now as as those that are, were our abusers. So that’s part of the way that the system operates.

Casey Cusick  28:44

Wow. And you know, it’s almost like, I mean, I know it is also this too, it’s like they’re desensitizing her to, they couldn’t start her at the very top, which was where she gets to the place to where she says, it’s a level 12, 13,14 They start killing kids. And that’s where they start the organ harvesting. And she said, that’s where I just couldn’t do it anymore. But it’s crazy how they conditioned her from being around little babies. And she talks about the different levels. I found that so mind blowing, I mean, it was this. Was she talking about a specific state? I mean, was she talking about the state of Florida? Or would that interview just took place there? You know, that?

Jessie Czebotar  29:21

Yeah, I’m not I’m not sure exactly which state she was specifically speaking about. But, you know, I can’t confirm the level of thing too, because that was how I understood things to operate that, you know, like, I knew people’s positions as levels. And you know, that they, you would just, you know, I mean, I had to keep getting corrected because see, on the Masons side, they call their specialties in the things that they’re trained for degrees. But as a kid, you know, the term I learned was levels that you You know, like I associated them with the level where they were at. So it was interesting to hear another individual who described things based on that level system, you know?

Casey Cusick  30:14

Yep. And it is just so it’s just so mind boggling and so hard to fathom that that’s even a real thing. And you know, I found another video very similar. And that’s why I’m saying that it’s so crazy how this all seems to be coming out all at once of a guy that I think he actually just got poisoned or something. But he was a whistleblower. And from what I’ve read, he was the whistleblower that Lin Wood used in regards to things going on with Justice Roberts and Mike Pence. And as guy was up in Baltimore, and he was in charge of some kind of a place where these guys come and they get these little tickets online. And I mean, just the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes, and you know, and you can confirm this, or maybe it’s too far, but I just wonder, you know, how many people don’t understand that all this stuff that’s coming on TV, like right now we’re dealing with every single day with the boycotts. Now, you know, this company’s promoting the trans agenda. This company is promoting, we’re seeing now we’re coming to 2024. I pray God, we don’t have to wait until then. But if we do, we’re getting ready to go through the next year of this whole election process. You can see this divide already coming back from, you know, the black white thing is they’re trying to bring that back up again.

What of what do we have to expect, you know, here coming up this next month, because we’re coming into Pride Month, and we know that they’re going to start every company, major Company Incorporation out there. The reason that I’m saying this is because I really believe that the reason that they’re doing this, all this division is just to keep us constantly, you know, combating each other when in reality, if you really want to boycott and there’s nothing wrong, you do what you want, but I’m just my personal opinion is if you’d have to boycott everything, because literally every company, am I wrong is is involved in this in some way, shape, and form. And it’s like we couldn’t we can’t boycott everything we wouldn’t be able to eat, you wouldn’t be able to have any clothes, you wouldn’t be able to do anything. But remember that they’re doing all this stuff. It’s to distract us and to keep us divided over foolish things, when in reality, it’s all about these children being trafficked. And, you know, I saw that you had posted this a little bit ago on Twitter, and it’s an older video, but it’s finally supposedly going to come out in theaters July 4, this new movie sound of freedom. And this is a big deal, because this is something that they’ve tried to keep out of the theater. Was it strategically placed for this particular point in time? I don’t know. I mean, I would think yes, because

Jessie Czebotar  32:40

I think so too. Yeah. Yeah. But I think, you know, I think the bigger the bigger thing behind it is, is to remember that, you know, our battle, as it says in Ephesians 6 is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the authorities and rulers and spiritual forces in the heavenly places. So when we look at the whole, you know, movement that is going on, in regards to sexuality, which principalities are really behind that? We know all the way back in Scripture, it tells us, you know, the big ones are Ba’al Ashtoreth and Baphomet. Baphomet is the, you know, the one that you know, really where everything is neutral there, there’s no distinct male, there’s no distinct female, there’s a blending of sexuality as well as sexual perversions. You know, where anything is, is fair game, including bestiality. You know, so what really is, is the push there, you know, there’s really this the stronghold, that the enemy is flaunting his strongholds, he’s trying to keep that position of power and authority in our communities. And that’s how he’s doing it. So you know, what, I encourage people in the land assignments that you know, we talked about this when, when George and I were down in Louisiana, you know, one of the big churches down there we were, we were gonna go inside and you know, anoint, pray. But as we were headed towards the door, literally, these priests came out the side door, walked straight in front of us, you know, cutting us off, they went into the church, and then they have their security like literally locked the gates in front of us, so that we could not go in there. Well, then we hear him singing. And, and I was like, George, like, they’re facing that back of the church, and they’re, they’re sending energy somewhere. 

34:50 So you know, you talked about his little electromagnetic detector, you know, Georgia goes back there. And sure enough, you know, nothing, nothing, nothing and all of a sudden, like, you know, straight out of that sanctuary out of the back and straight through With Jesus statue, you know that electromagnetic detectors going off? And we’re like, where’s that stream of energy going? Where are they sending it? So we followed it. We followed it right down the street. And it you know, where it went straight to the Voodoo shop. Wow. And Giorgio and are like no way, what’s in there, right? So we went in the Voodoo shop. And what’s smack dab was right in the middle of that voodoo shop. It was a statue of Baphomet. That’s where all that energy was going, you know, is they’re they’re summoning they’re making those alliances with those spirits. You know, so it’s a good thing the Lord gives us not that a defense, you know, not a defensive weapon, the Lord gives us an offensive weapon (Casey: amen.) He says, All authority in heaven and earth has been given to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And then it says that we have the full measure of Christ. So guess what, we have the full authority to go into our community and to say, Baphomet, we don’t want you here, we’re serving you an eviction notice, you need to evacuate immediately. Anybody who doesn’t want to separate from you, they need to evacuate to because we’re not going to allow this wickedness in our community anymore.

36:31 And Isaiah 58, it says, this is the type of fast that the Lord desires that we would break the chains of wickedness and the yoke of oppression. Now, we learned in the courses I teach, how do we begin to break those things? You know, some of it, you gotta shake loose in prayer and intercession. But, you know, we’re not helpless in this situation. You know. And I think that, I hope that’s what people hear is that, you know, really, this is our wake up call, you know, we know stuffs gonna happen in June, we know it’s a month where they’re gonna rise up, and they’re trying to, you know, take that battle. And, you know, even I’m gonna go just a few more minutes here, because the Lord showed me something this week, in Scripture. It’s 2 Samuel 5:20. And in there, it says that, you know, King David went into the land of Ba’al Perazim. And, you know, then David proclaims, the Lord has given me victory in the breakthrough. What’s interesting about that, is that he proclaims the Lord, the Lord of the break through. But what I caught in that verse was the place was called Ba’al Perazim, which Perazim is the word that means breakthrough. And it’s got Ba’als name there in front of it, right? Why does it have Ba’als name in front of it, because that versus telling us about his position? Where does Ba’al attack us, you know, when we’re when we’re on those front lines, when we’re just about to get that spiritual breakthrough, that’s when Ba’al comes out, and tries to steal that breakthrough from us. So, you know, the encouraging part in that is that he doesn’t have all authority, he doesn’t have all power, you know, Jesus Christ does. And in the name of Christ, we can come against him. And we can take that break through, you know, we don’t have to wield to his power his authority to Ba’als, you know, we can usurp that. Take that authority, because we are the sons of the living God, and we can secure that victory. So that’s the good news. So I think, you know, many of us just need to pray and say, Okay, Lord, we know this is what’s coming. We know this is the attack that’s coming in June. How do we secure those breakthroughs and those victories in our area?

Casey Cusick  39:14

Amen. And that’s another thing that I forgot to say about your course that was so incredible was learning how to recognize which demonic entity is in different areas or even within you know, different emotions are triggered and caused. So that was something else that was that was really awesome too, because then you understand who directly to pray against. In so many times Christians have a problem that we don’t we think that we’re going up battling against the generals, and for the most part, he’s battle there can only be at one place at one time. They’re not like God, so they’re not worried about us. It’s their undercut understudy, it goes all the way down. So it’s just these penny ante demons that we’re dealing with and we don’t realize our authority. And if we did, I mean, it would be nothing.

Jessie Czebotar  39:56

Yeah, it’s like when you understand who’s behind those little guys That’s, like just go after the principality to take care of that sever those permissions and those authorities. And then everything underneath that has to has to leave.

Casey Cusick  40:14

Amen. And I do have a theory. And I just want to see what you think about it. But one of the things is as far as this whole trans thing, I mean, we’re seeing it now, pretty much as much as we’ve ever seen it before. In your opinion, is this have anything to do with the fact that they might try to pull out? Or are they trying to normalize transgenderism? So they can pull out somebody like Michelle Obama, to run for president and maybe reveal some things about him or her forever? I mean, it was just a thought,

Jessie Czebotar  40:43

you know, I mean, it’s possible that they would use it that way.

Casey Cusick  40:48

Because even going back to and I seen somebody posted this the other day, but which was, everybody’s getting upset about all these things, the homosexual things that are being taught in schools and stuff. And it really all as far as in the United States, at least publicly started with Barack Obama, whenever they passed the gay marriage lighting up the White House and the rainbow colors, and so on and so forth. So, which we all know who he is and why he did what he did. So it just some pretty interesting things that were just something that I found that was interesting, but another thing I was gonna ask you about as well, I saw that somebody had posted the diamond, we you know, even talked a lot about diamonds. And I saw somebody posted the Aberdeen Proving Ground, which was for one of the military bases I know that you had brought out there’s two I think different parts that you did and I want to say it was with Aquarius rising which are awesome. I highly recommend people to go check those out. But my question simply is, is I remember one time you were on with you had when you were on with gosh, I can’t think of the guy’s name with the goatee on right on radio. Jeff, you had a show on there, where he brought out St. Germain and all that how the guy was able to make he was able to make gyms are all gyms, not just diamonds, but amethyst, all these other gems emeralds? Are they all made from human remains? Are these actual gems?

Jessie Czebotar  42:16

No, I mean, Scripture talks about, you know, that there are gemstones and you know, the the real ones are found in rock. But could some of those come through compressed or pressurized? You know, remains, you know, I think some can, but we know that, you know, Revelations in particular, and then some of the Old Testament talks about, you know, scenes in heaven, where, you know, you see those gems, or literally that, you know, the entire throne room, or walkways or things like that are made out of those types of stones and gems. So, you know, I think that there is a difference, you know, between the stone and gems, that are natural that God created, that, you know, are created substance versus those that are man made. And, you know, I had somebody ask if you know, rubies or emeralds are those could also be human remains. That is plausible, because, you know, one of the things whenever they advertise, you know, especially funeral diamonds, you know, where you’re taking your loved one sashes and making them into a diamond. They will always put the disclaimer, whether it’s in their paperwork or on their website, that they can’t guarantee what color it comes out. So, and there’s a wide variety of colors that could, you know, easily be interpreted as other types of stones. So I would say it’s plausible just because of that, you know.

Casey Cusick  44:06

And also to in regard tonight, I know this guy was on, he was a white hat hacker. He’s an ethical hacker, which means he supposedly doesn’t do the Blackhat hacking, which tears up people’s computers all this stuff. So it’s this young kid who’s 29 years old, he was on the Sean Ryan Show was big it was on a lot of people’s different everybody would have been talking about it. But recently he did another little video with Project Veritas which he began to talk about before which is where he had a friend show him a website that was a child website that was in a terrible and she said can you do anything about this? He did so anyways long story short he goes in he hacks all these people he gets all these usernames come to find out the sites run by a former congressman it’s got Congressman and former congressman all over the site. They even on Project Veritas went to the guy’s front door. Ask him Was this his email ask him and you could tell The guy was all scared. And then he began to talk about it and talk about how he was certain that he was so addicted, that he couldn’t even brush his teeth. That’s how he couldn’t like he could not even get away from the computer. It’s this addict. And so one of the things and I just want to encourage people to listen to what you just said, which was we got to be in prayer, because he can be really infuriating was that they turned all that information over to the FBI, they turned it over to the police department in New York, this guy’s talked about how he’s turned this information over to conservative outlets, news media, and guess what, no one’s doing anything about it. So people need to understand and realize the depths and how deep this goes, Why would they do nothing about it, if they’re not all in on it, it’s obvious, that’s why they don’t do anything about it. So we need to really be in prayer about and I really believe that this has to be a time when this is something is going to be done. Because this has not been talked about ever before. Like it’s being talked about right now and being presented to us.

Jessie Czebotar  45:58

Well, I know people behind the scenes who are doing stuff, so let’s say email me, you know,, I’ll get that information. passed on. But you know, I think, you know, just in that, you know, really what I’m hearing too, is, you know, as we’re had been talking about the conference and stuff, you know, it’s, it’s so sad, the bondage that people are in, especially, you know, in regards to that sexual bondage, and that’s something that we really addressed and beautifully adorned, is, you know, tearing down those sexual altars in your life. And I did a great series on Kingdom living called the fast from foreign marriages, as well, that, you know, really addresses some of those things. But we definitely get much deeper into it and beautifully adorned. But, you know, I really want to put a call out there to all men, you know, this is one of the biggest areas affecting our world. And, you know, it’s time for it to get broken. And it’s time to walk away and, and turn away from this sin and turn back to the Lord. And, you know, I want to see more men stepping out. You know, I definitely have put tools out there that will help you, you know, walk through those sins in those addictions. I want to hear the stories I want to hear the guys that are, who are going through that I want to see you guys getting together and, you know, encouraging one another saying no, you know, we don’t have to turn back to those things.

Casey Cusick  47:41

That’s exactly right. And you know, that’s something that’s really been on my heart ever since I ever even started this podcast. And just in general was like, We need men to not be this way. Our society has been so feminized, and we’ve been so demonized, just because you’re a man. And it’s like, you know, we got to not allow this to continue. And we can’t not allow that to be the way it is. And you know, just like what you’re saying about as far as addictions and things like that people, I believe that it started in the church, you know, to where people were afraid to come out and say they had any kind of problem because you’re so demonized at that point, too. Like you’re some kind of unclean freak. And so it has to be, it has to be, you know, that it can’t be that way. Because I agree with you men do need to come out and I just one thing I like about Donald Trump is he really kind of puts that back into our country. Right? Like, and we’re not, but I really I appreciate that about him that he’s not afraid to stand up, you know, and he doesn’t kowtow to these people that push him in that way. Right. And I was gonna say something else, but I forgot what, but while I’m thinking about this as well. The poppies, you know, like a poppy flower. Yeah, yeah. Is this used? Or is that used in the MK mind control? And what because I know there was a thing that I was reading about from the Wizard of Oz, you know, there’s a part in there.

Jessie Czebotar  49:05

Yeah, that’s I was gonna say, yeah, it’s used in the Wizard of Oz programming.

Casey Cusick  49:09

So it is used. Wow. Yeah. That’s hard to. It’s hard to, I guess it’s not hard to believe, but it’s just pretty crazy. And also, another thing I was going to ask you too, as I seen something that Kathy Fox tweeted about 32nd degree and above that they worship, Lucifer, but do you believe that the 32nd degree and below are 31? And below do they honestly have no idea of that stuff?

Jessie Czebotar  49:36

Well, there’s a progression. You know, usually once you get past the third degree, which is still the first the third degrees are kind of the recruitment stages. When you get past that third degree, the first you know, spirit that you’re going to make a connection to is Hometh horhash. And so like as as they take their rituals, For the next few degrees, you know, that’s going to be the name of God that, you know is whispered in their ear. Next, it’s going to be thoth, it’s T H, O T H. And then after that, like, once you get past that 32nd degree, that’s where you know the name that’s going to be whispered to you as Lucifer. You know, if you want to see more about that progression, you know, it’s, it’s a safe book to read, cuz it’s just, it’s one of their reflection books, for the higher level Brotherhood members, but you can read initiates of the flame. And in there, you know, I think it is, if all the books are numbered the same, it’s actually page 69, where it says, you know, literally, God, the Almighty God, that all kind of scene, you know, who is that? You know, and it says Lucifer, so, you know, it shows you that they worship Lucifer in a very book. So would,

Casey Cusick  51:04

would you say that there is a lot of 33rd and above Freemasons? Or would you say, there’s not that many hundreds?

Jessie Czebotar  51:13

There are? Yeah, there are no, there are hundreds, even 1000s. At that level, once you get past, like, when you get to the last few levels, you get fewer and fewer, based on how many they allow for each quadrant. So you know, when you get up to like the 90 degree, you’re going to only have a few that are in each quadrant. And so you’re getting down to the minimal up. So even

Casey Cusick  51:47

within that, like you’re saying the 90 degree and things like that. So would there still within that be dark side and light side within that higher? quadratics? Yep.

Jessie Czebotar  51:56

Yeah. And they start to define, like, once you get past that 32nd degree, they start to define things based on a rotation instead of necessarily, you know, I mean, they’re not going to say, Oh, I’m like degree, you know, 57, 58, even though that technically may be what they are, but when they’re talking to each other, there’s going to be a rotation. So, you know, then they get to I’m 50, you know, 50 degrees illuminated, I’m 45 degrees illuminated on 30 degrees illuminated, you know, all the way to you get to the 90, the 180 the 360. So 360 degrees of illumination is full. You know, they’re they’re pretty high level at that point.

Casey Cusick  52:51

So there are so you’re saying there are some right now that are out there that are 360 degree

Jessie Czebotar  52:55

It’s a little different, they’re gonna still have their actual, they would be within up to number 100. You know, somewhere between 32 and 100 is their technical degree, and then they start going by degrees of illumination. Meaning how, how skilled are they in their Solomonic magic? And, you know, what is their dimensional access? Wow. So that’s how that kind of breaks down.

Casey Cusick  53:30

So what you’re saying is there are grown men out there that we would never know that are that could use Solomonic magic to do all kinds of things that would probably blow our minds. (Jessie Absolutely, yeah.) Wow. That’s hard to believe. And I remember what I was gonna say to in regards to the men, I believe there is a lot of Gideons out there. That’s what I was gonna say. Amen. Because really, I mean, Gideon was a woman, God called him a mighty man of valor when he thought I can’t do anything and and this is why and and I’ve been praying about this for a long time. This is exactly think about what Gideon did. When he came when he finally stepped into his calling. And he did what God told him to do. He went and immediately took down what the altars of Ba’al he destroyed him.

Jessie Czebotar  54:13

Destroyed the altars of Ba’al. Yeah, so I’m in five to tell the tale.

Casey Cusick  54:19

That’s right. And I do believe this is a prodigal son generation that I believe there’s a lot of people that fell away from the Lord for whatever reason, that I believe they’re going to be coming back and coming home and I believe there’s a lot of Gideons out there that all you got to do is just take a step because you need to step towards God, he’s gonna step towards Judah, and there’s people out there, especially men with gifts that you don’t think, are of any value that are of great value. And there’s a lot of people out there that are waiting on you to step up and step into whatever it is that God’s called you to do. And be and don’t be afraid.

Jessie Czebotar  54:53

Takes this one, you know, I mean, that’s true. It takes us one two step forward. And I’ve seen it I mean, the Lord showed me the visions that as those those one step forward, and the men start coming by the hundreds and 1000s. Awesome.

Casey Cusick  55:08

Yeah, that is that is awesome. So lastly, just before I let you go, I would like to get into just one little thing here, which is, we talked a little bit about this, I saw someone who had retweeted it, about an episode that we talked about DeSantis. And who was behind him, I want to just get your take on what you thought about His coming out of basically announcing that he was gonna run for president, even though we all knew on Twitter and how it kind of got botched in the whole thing fell apart, and Twitter went down whenever he was on there with an Elon interview, and what’s your take on that? And where do you believe that we are politically and with in regards to what’s going on? I mean, I know there’s a lot going on right now. But yeah, 

Jessie Czebotar  55:50

Yeah, I mean, it gets interesting, as you look at all the characters stepping forward. And, you know, I’m gonna try not to, you know, I guess I’m not saying anything bad, I’m not saying anything direct, but these are just kind of some of the observations or thoughts or opinions that go through my head. You know, especially with regards to the trafficking, you know, where it seems like you’ve got, in some ways DeSantis, being pretty protective about some certain areas, you it looked like, he kind of went in and was, you know, kind of tackling Disney, which we know, you know, is a huge area of operation and training center, there in Florida. You know, with that, there were things that, you know, I saw that tell us that good military are going through, they’re one of those things, you know, I believe deals with the flooding, where, you know, we saw in some of the other areas, like the Chicago area, after they had been through those submarine lines that were underground, under the city, all of a sudden, you would see mass amounts of water shooting up through manholes and, you know, flooding in areas where you usually don’t get it. I think that was because they were after they had got kids out, they were flooding those out, to flood out anybody who might be trying to bunker or, you know, hang out or hide down there.

57:24 You know, so we see that happening there too, in that area. However, you know, it’s, I guess I don’t see him as much in this fight. As I would like to see him to believe that he really is a white hat. You know, there’s, there’s some pretty shady stuff I see. One of them being, you know, the, his kind of over focus on things that affect elderly. That is one of the other hidden biggest areas of trafficking. In the system that I’ve turned in, that you get, you know, like, I’ve talked about memories of, you know, airplane hangars with, you know, lots of air, airlines seating just in the hangar, and we’re there, you know, using that to harvest blood from elderly people. So, you know, I guess for me, that’s a huge red flag. You know, was there possibly some of that production going on there in Disney? Was there more than just the kids being affected? You know, was there a harvesting market there? And did that involve the elderly? You know, because taking away certain rights that they have, or health care things, you know, all of that affects those end of life. You know, things that a person is going to go through, like, where do they go for housing, if they need full term care? How did they get into that if they, you know, don’t have insurance that will cover it, you know, so all those things can affect where a person ends up. And, you know, the way my mind thinks, because the system is always preparatory and everything that they do, you know, you have to think that far in advance, you know, what laws are making it so that things have to be moved in a certain direction with elderly or children.

59:43 You know, so, I, you know, and I personally, I trust, you know, DJT’s opinions. He likes to give certain names to people. If he’s calling him D Sanctimonious, you know, look at the Latin for that term? It’s pretty specific. And, you know, if this is what he’s pointing out, you know, at this point, I would take it at face value and, you know, pray on it, but I would take it at face value, I think there’s a lot more to, you know, DeSantis than meets the eye. The position of president is a very protected one. You know, you gotta ask, why are the certain individuals that are trying to run for that office? Why are they trying to run for that office? Is it so that they can hide and cover up things and make themselves look good? Is it so that they can secure executive orders that are going to safeguard, you know, operations that they’re trying to keep under the table? You know, you just have to, we’re at a point where we have to ask those questions. You know, and, you know, the only one, the only one who has made, you know, ending trafficking, the only one who has ever even mentioned the word “satanic ritual” publicly, or “torture”, publicly, you know, is DJT, you know, he had made, he’s made that his sole effort and has done everything within his means powers and abilities to end, you know, trafficking within the US, and I believe worldwide. You know, none of these others are going in there with that as their endeavor. So, you know, this is a huge problem. And you got to ask, are the other ones going in there? If they’re not going in there to prevent it? If that’s not their main focus? Then what are they trying to hide or cover up in that position?

Casey Cusick  1:02:03

And I believe you’re exactly right. Because I mean, how could you not ask the question of people like Asa Hutchinson out of our former Arkansas Governor, he’s gonna run for president now Chris Christie, all of a sudden, he’s gonna get back in for the 400th. Time. And DeSantis yet, they have to know they have literally no, true if it’s fair chance against Trump, there is just no, there is no way but like you said, we got to ask the question, why would they even bother to step in the race in the first place? (Jessie: Yeah, exactly.) So So So one, one last thing that I forgot to touch to is, and it’s pretty interesting, that goes along with the kids stuff coming out more and more, but it’s two things one, and it was in a was in a recent movie, the guard new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, that both of these things were in there. And it wasn’t just experiments that they were doing on children, and having children in cages and all that, which was, it’s animals, and what they’ve been doing with animals as well, in the torture that they’ve, they do the surgeries on animals, and that they put all these they try all these different, you know, experiments on them, as well as kids, but all but also on animals without any kind of it is so horrific, and it’s in and now you have the show called 

“Sweet Tooth,” which is out there where these kids are hybrids, where they’re half human with seemingly half human half animal. And I know Jessie, you’ve mentioned this quite often on from going back as far as I can ever remember you on any show talking about the things that Michael Aquino has done, and they’re able to do within the womb of a mother while they’re babies. 

Jessie Czebotar  1:03:38

Yeah. John Brennan actually was the one with that

Casey Cusick  1:03:41

that John Brennan Okay, so but it’s just crazy, that they’re able to go in and do these surgeries while the child in the womb and put these animal parts on them. And then they’re, they’re born and then they’re told that, you know, your mom is this and so they really start to believe these things that they are not fully human. You have anything to add to that?

Jessie Czebotar  1:04:02

Yeah, you know, I mean, it really is to, you know, that’s part of the the torture in the system is that, you know, everything that they do is to break a person down, physically, spiritually, you know, some of the things that I witnessed were, you know, a surgery where they implanted parts and then when that child was born, you know, the mother was told that it was a demonic child. She had in that process as well through the system been raped by demonic spirits. And, you know, so she fully believed when that child was born, that it was not a human child. And therefore, you know, the rejection. You know, I witnessed things like where, you know, they would do the same thing to animals, particularly gorillas. Gorillas are very effective. In it, and you know, they would take the or implant, you know, or I’ll just say, you know, the gorilla had a human child or was given a human child after they would kill, you know, that gorillas baby. And so the the mother gorilla would be very endearing and accepting of that human child, but then, you know, the male gorilla would get very aggressive because he knew it wasn’t their child, and would kill it and stuff. So those were some of the, you know, the horrific things that I witnessed as a kid that they would do. But much, much worse. I mean, it, you know, much, much worse. And, you know, there’s places connected to certain military bases, you know, where they create those types of environments or scenarios, where you have, you know, people in those environments that, you know, have been born as experiments that are, you know, human and animal. And many of them, you know, do not have many human instincts, because they grew up believing that they are an animal.

Casey Cusick  1:06:23

Wow. It’s just so hard to fathom. And the thing about it is that see the experiment part, what they do on kids, animals, that’s just one side, then there’s trafficking part, then there’s the part about making diamonds. So it’s like, everything seemingly revolves around this stuff.

Jessie Czebotar  1:06:37

Yeah, everything is that access point and asset to the system, you know, a way that they utilize to make money.

Casey Cusick  1:06:48

Wow. Okay, Jessie. So with that, I ask that you would give us a prayer. Absolutely. For us as we close today.

Jessie Czebotar  1:06:57

Heavenly Father, we just thank you that that you are good, and that everything that you have created is for our good, Lord, we know that we are surrounded by so much evil, so much wickedness. At times, the more we hear that heavier it is. And Lord, we just ask that you would bring us up from underneath it, that you would bring us to that place where we realize how much authority you’ve given us, Lord, let us not be afraid by these things. But let us show us show us what to do with that knowledge, show us how to combat it, how to overcome it, how to uproot it. We ask that these places that have been desert places, places of devastation, that now your spirit would spring up in those areas, and that you would work salvation. For from your own hand, Lord God, that we would stand in awe because of you that we would see the miracles that you are able to do through all of this. And we ask for freedom. We ask for salvation for those who have been held captive, we ask for love and that we would be able to raise up those that you are calling out of the darkness that that we would see their future in their hope that you designed for them, and that we would come alongside of to support them and see them. Finish this race with eternal glory that you have intended for them. We ask this in your powerful name Jesus, amen.

Casey Cusick  1:08:39

Amen. Well, Jessie, thanks again for being on. Yeah. So good to have you back on and we’ll see you again sometime soon. And don’t forget everybody that the best is yet to come. And God bless you guys and have a great day.

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