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5 February 2023

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So, at one night is I was, you know, I spent time with him every night, and I was in my bathroom where I do all my prayers and stuff. And I, the Lord showed me this vision. And it started with what I heard. And I heard these curtains flapping in the wind. And at as I look to the Lord said, What do you see? Now, this was something I’ve, I’ve seen in visions before, I’ve seen a table that’s kind of out in the middle of this battlefield, like at the front lines. And the Lord, you know, he calls this table, the place that I’ve prepared for you. And it’s right in front of my enemies. And so I was seeing this. And this time, as I saw it, I saw those curtains around it. And the Lord invited me to come in off the battlefield and to come and sit with him. And so, in the vision, I went into this tent, and the Lord said to me, what do you see. And usually all I ever see is the split table. But as I looked, I begin to notice all these details. And I saw this beautiful lace tablecloth, and I saw that there was a kind of a couch that wrapped and had silver and gold. And I begin to see little things on the table, like a lamp was there, that was really unique. It was almost like it had like, three bowls that were tiered. But I noticed that there was oil that was flowing through them. And then on the corners, there were like these little crystals that hung down. And I was like, wow, that’s really unique. So as that was going on, you know, the Lord led me into this conversation where he started talking about preparing. And it was about, you know, his preparing everything that he’s prepared for us. And it’s, you know, good stuff. And he took me to the passage with Abraham in the trees of memory. And Abraham sat down, and he, you know, built an altar at this place where he would meet with God. And the one day the Lord physically came and sat down with him. And he prepared him a meal meal. And it was in that place that the Lord fulfilled his promise to Abraham, with a timeframe. He said, within a year, your wife, Sarah will have the promise child that you’ve waited. I think at that time, Abraham had been waiting almost over 40 years, to have a son. So the Lord wanted to fulfill that promise. So it was interesting that, you know, the time of this vision, because it really was the start point of a series of events in my life, that lead to the fulfilling of God’s promises in my own life. And as I entered that time with the Lord, I said, Well, Lord, is there anything else? Any last comments that you want to say? And he told me to turn to Esther, chapter one, verse six. And as I turned there, it said, and the curtains were purple, and blue chiffon. And there were silver cords wrapped around that, and silver rings that they were connected to, on four pillars. And the couch was silver, and gold embroidery. And the floor was laid out like a mosaic inlaid with pearl. And I thought, wow, how amazing is God that out of all the verses in the whole wide world, one that I never have picked up before he happened to lead me to that verse in that conversation, to tell me that he cared about the details. And, you know, why did he want me to have that reassurance? Well, it’s because he knew that I was entering into the season of life where, you know, there was a lot of things in my life that were painful things that I didn’t necessarily want to deal with, certainly things that you know, I mean, there were things I wanted to share with the world, or you know, in churches or with my testimony, but there definitely read things I did not want to and the Lord knew that and was preparing my heart saying, You can trust me, I’m gonna walk through this with you. And I care about the details. Now, one of the first details and I’m going to try not to go to graphic with anything but you know, some of the things are really hard topics to talk about. So one of the first things that the Lord when he opened the door for me to begin really sharing my story. The Lord said to me, you know, you’re not the only child that grew up in the occult. You’re not the only child that, you know has grown up in the Luciferian brotherhood. And there are children that the world has no idea ever existed. These were children that were taken from their mothers. Nobody knew they were born, nobody knew that they died. And the Lord said, I want you to be faithful, to share their stories. So one of those stories, is a little girl that I called grace. And she was about eight years old at the time, and I was about six. And the church that I’ll just say, the majority of my occultic abuse happened in churches, also in military bases. Straight out in the community, I grew up during that timeframe, when I was going through my occultic training. We lived in a suburb in Chicago. And, you know, a lot of individuals in that suburb were part of the Luciferian brotherhood. And they, they would do rituals and things right out in the yards. The first murder that I witnessed, there was a little little boy that was trained them with me in the system. The first murders we witnessed were his parents and his eight year old sister. You know, those who were in this occult, literally, you know, cave in the middle of the night dressed in robes, they sat outside chanting for about an hour taunting the family. Then they broke down the door, and they pulled them out. And first they, I’ll just say they committed sexual acts against a little girl. And we had to stand there and watch that. Then they drove everybody to a barn, it was probably about maybe 1520 minutes away. And there we watched as they hung the family and gutted them. And then the next day, you know, the story went around that they had died in a severe car accident, the car that their bodies were found in had been set on fire. And so there was, you know, no way to tell what had happened to them. And my training partner, went through the funeral service, and then they moved to men with his grandfather, who was one of my main abusers, the Nazi microcar COC. And he was the Ukrainian legion of defense leader for Hitler. So with that, you know, that really kicked everything off. And we found ourselves in this group of Luciferian people that I called the northern circle. Some of the individuals that were in that circle were people that you know, were hidden in the community, like my, my family members, there was nothing in their life that would ever you know, stand out where you would say that person worship Satan or you know, or Lucifer all of the women in my family were the highest level in the world called that you could be and they lived, you know, two lives, they had their cultic life where they were raised up and elevated and they had lots of power and then their cover life was literally to live as these you know, sweet little old ladies that you know religiously went to Mass every day at the Catholic Church and you know, helped their husbands work the farm so there was nothing you know that anybody could say you know, wow, this is a high level individual new called and they would hide you know, within the communities. But we also had people in our circle that you know, you guys are going to be very familiar with their names one of my or let me get into just real quick my relative and I will get back to my story sharing about the little girl to this quick

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Stay for one sec. All right. So this Luciferian brotherhood, occult, I like to use a triangle to represent it, because that’s the easiest way to explain it is that instead of a religion, if we think about it as a system, because it really operates in As a system, so at the very top, you had my family members which were the queen, the Queen, mother of darkness. And her sisters, which were the other four mothers of darkness in the system. They are in the top position within the system and their whole job is to meet with Lucifer every night to get his plans his agenda, both, you know, daily, monthly, yearly, long term, and their job is to ensure that the system that everything is operating to fulfill those plans. So, you know, beyond the organization itself, they also are overseeing positions within the system to make sure that it continues to operate. Underneath them, you have what we call the satanic or the druidic Council. Now, there’s, there are 300 seats on that council. But you also have what we call a bunch of sub chambers. And those chambers could be things like the, you know, the Committee of nine or the Council of Nine, the council 21, the council seven, the council of 13. What they oversee it, just imagine, this is the United States. And over here, we’ve got the world. The council’s job is to rule both of these things, by quadrate. And so there is a little bit something here a little bit, but so their job is to be assigned to quadrants and to make sure that everything within that quadrant is working as it’s supposed to. As it breaks down more, you have a group of individuals under the council members who are called the Grand high priests and priestesses. Now, they’ll be assigned just to one quadrant, either internationally or in the US. And usually, there’s about 16 at a time, so for for each quadrant. And, and that’s both Grand High Priests, and then they’ll also be the 16 Grand High Priestess. So in the system mind, the one that they connected me to was a woman named Laurie Cabot. Kevin’s, you can look her up. She’s one of the biggest allegory in witches. She actually has a training school for which is in the Salem, Massachusetts area. She is phenomenal at selling witchcraft paraphernalia. And she’s one of the few individuals who comes from the old school witchcraft where, you know, it’s their honor traditions where they learn, like how to procure everything that’s needed for spells. And they buy, sell and trade those things. So that includes things that you may never think of, you know, audit the things like dragon’s blood. Also things like Adreno, Chrome or other forms of they do organ harvesting for spells and things like that. So she was one of them. And then her counterpart in that quadrant was Gloria Vanderbilt, who you guys may know is Anderson Cooper’s mother, Carter, Hooper’s mother. So these were some of the women that influenced my training in the system. And underneath them you have will be called the high priests and priestesses. Now, their job really is to kind of, you know, they’ll just be focused in one quadrant. But especially like when it comes to the United States, each area begins to break down into regions. So, the high priests and priestesses will only be you know, in charge of one region and their job is to manage the five departments for the system that are running and operating in that region. Excuse me. So the five departments that you have, we have the Masons, we have the Mormons. We have the Jesuit Catholic and we have the satanists and we have the Kabbalah. Now, they want you to believe that all these things are separate. You know, who may except the satanic Council, you’ve got, you know, world leaders, you’ve got people who are in the 13, bloodline families, you have major businessmen, like the Bilderbergs, you’ve got people who sit on the world economy boards, you know, massive financiers, you got bakers, lawyers, all sorts of people even have university professors who sit on there, and they rotate. So it means that they’re only required to attend so many council meetings a year. And so you can have, you know, more than four or five people sitting in one seat, and they rotate. So you, you never know that they’re all part of the same thing. And, you know, they want you they give, you know, each of their departments kind of specialized in their own beliefs. Why is that it’s because they’re all catered to recruit different types of people in the system. You know, their job is to attract to draw people in, and to make people feel like they’re part of something. And the one thing that they all focus on that they’re never going to tell you outright, is brotherhood. And that’s what, you know, really, this umbrella religion of the system of Satan is called, it’s called the Great White Brotherhood. And why do they call it that? Well, you know, once you’re in, they really only have two rules. The first is silence, that you do not air, your brother’s secrets, you don’t air your own secrets, whatever is in the family stays in the family, and you don’t tell. The second secret, or thing that they uphold is that you have to, you know, keep your brother secrets, that if your brother, you know, just so happens to get caught, you know, having sexual relations with a child, and the family is ready to, you know, plamo him, your job is to cover your brother’s secret. And your job is to go to all links. And I’ll emphasize all links to keep your brother’s secret hidden. So this is how they’ve stayed operating for so long is that, you know, they will go after anybody who tries to tell. And so for a long time, this was my biggest problem as a kid. And, you know, we’ll go back now to one of the rituals that I experienced, and then I’ll talk about some of the times that I tried to tell. So when I was about five and a half, at that time, you know, again, we were in the Chicago, Illinois area. And we went to, at the time, the church was called St. Peter’s Catholic Church. And I went there, you know, most of my training was during the daytime there. It was a regular church, they had a school there. So there were things that, you know, I would do sometimes at the school or with other students that were there. But that wasn’t the school that I attended. I attended the public school that was way down the road, every morning, I would get up, I would have to get dressed, I would have to walk to school. And I would be marked present. And then the rest of the day, I wouldn’t be there, they would come and get me and take me to wherever my ritual training was for that day.

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My ritual training went from, you know, started around eight in the morning, usually, and at 830. And then would go until usually about three or four, we would always be home, when my parents got home from work, we would eat dinner together as a family. But my family member who was in the cold would drug my family at dinner. So, you know, at six o’clock after dinner, they were out and they would be put to bed. And so you know, my mother, my father, even though my mother had grown up in this, she didn’t know that it was real and that things were really happening. And she definitely didn’t know that anything was happening to me. So you know, the family would be laid down for the night and then my nighttime training would be killed. Majority of the time that was you know, at the place where we lived with my relative because Um, we would have meetings with Lucifer, he would come and tell us, you know what the plans were and will be needed to do or change. And then you know, that usually would go until about two or three in the morning. And then I would get three hours where I’d be allowed to sleep, and then start the next day over. And you know, every day was different, it just depends on what they wanted me to, to learn. Now, we had people that were in our circle in that northern circle, who didn’t live in our area. So it wasn’t necessarily that, you know, everybody was close by, they would fly in, or they would use other modes of transportation like spiritual gates to come in for the afternoon. And then to be back where they were. So some of those people were individuals like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary was actually the Queen, mother’s of darkness, all of them loved her, because of the extent of the evil in her heart. I witnessed her personally kill over 30 types. And we’ll just say it was not pretty. And so this event, we had several, it was a quarterly event that happens during the Feast of Marian, with the Catholic churches. So they have a lot of people come in, and we had individuals like George Bush, senior George Bush, Jr, we had said, we had ends, we had Sean Terry, we had some of the others that were with them, Dan Quayle, we had the Chinese, or the Chinese owned land near our family cabin. And often our families would get together to do human hunts, particularly in the summer. So these were all people that had come in that day. And, you know, to share some of the extent of the evil and it’s hard for us to imagine that these people that we see in the public eye on a regular basis, could, you know, engage in such depth of evil. But you know, there was a big room in the basement of that church. And they would put it was probably about a 15 foot 20 foot table that they would pull out. And they would line the children, they would bring in. Most of the time when I saw this, it was little boys that they would lay them across the table. So their feet were hanging down, their feet would be chained to two little rings that were in the floor. So the you know, if they, if they’re paralyzed, or drug wore off, then they couldn’t move. But all these children were paralyzed. So you know, they had no chance to fight, no chance to escape. And as the ritual went on, you know, my my family member, she came out in her occultic clothing, which included a massive head dress that she wore, that was made with infant skulls, little premature babies, that she had taken from young girls who gave premature birth. And she anyway, they will just say they proceeded to kill those children, while they knew that they were going to die. And they didn’t give any pain meds or anything. And then because these individuals at the highest level, really, they’re Nazis, they’re evil. It’s not just that they have evil spirits in them. Really, these are people that are wicked, that hate God. And one of the things that they do is cannibalism. So this is one of the stories that was brought forth federally, you know, that no child should have to endure something so evil, no child should have to, you know, die that way. And so, as those things were happening, you know, this group was always trying to get me to participate. And when I refused, that meant that more children would die. So I refuse, and that’s when they brought in eight year old little grapes. And she was naked, and they had her feet tied with ropes in her hands and they were pulling her in, she would fall down and they would make her get up again. And, you know, I’ll cut the story short, but um You know, they horrifically tortured her until she died. And before she died, they threw her at me, you know, blaming me saying, Look at what you’ve done, you could have just participated. And none of this would have happened to her. And you know, her, her death was very graphic. And there was a moment where, you know, I didn’t want to see, I didn’t want to look at this little girl laying in my arms. And the Lord brought a first to my mind. And he said, Don’t turn your eyes away from your own flesh and blood. And so, you know, I looked into her eyes as she took her last breath. And the Lord told me at that time, that I would be able to tell her story. So Grace’s story has now federally been put out in an affidavit and is it currently in Four Courts? Herson other children’s. So, you know, years later, or I’ll go back to that a little bit. So after that, you know, there were so many of us children who who went through those things together during that time. Not only was my abuse occurring in the, in the Jesuit Catholic Church under this brotherhood, but it also was occurring with the US military. microcar. Kaag have come over with Project Paik paperclip and projects aerodynamic, is his job. I mean, pretty much he was the leader, who trained the US military, how to operate the spiritual gates, how to train children up how to do the programming. He and it’s not based on psychology or things like that. Basically, everything within those systems is Solomonic magic. So Michael Carcar, was one of the highest individuals who knew the dark, deepest dark black magic secrets. The two main people that he trained under him, were both high priests in the system. The first was Colonel Michael Aquino. And some of you may have seen him, he ran our Department of Defense, and he died about a year and a half ago. But he has like these big eyebrows that kind of went up and out. He was in charge of all of these programs that contain children in them over the western quadrants. And then John Brennan, who was the head of our CIA was the other individual, and he was in charge of all the programs in the east. Now, as we look at this, basically, what we have is that these, these five departments here, they oversee the system’s assets. And what are their assets, you have two forms. The first is that you have those they call the hierarchy, children, those are children like me, who are born into bloodline families were chosen at a young age to fulfill a certain position within the system. Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to be somewhere up high on that triangle. It could be as simple as your chosen to be the Catholic secretary, or the secretary of the Catholic Church. So you know, in choosing, I’ll let you know what happened with choosing

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what I experienced is that literally, they would invite all these children to a main area, like a museum or like a tourist spot. I witnessed this happen several times at the Frank Lloyd Wright homes that were in the Minnesota Wisconsin areas. And they would bring the kids in for the day with field trips. And you know, the children, we have a teacher and you would see as he went through the museum or through the house, like these rows of children. And then, you know, that teacher would be part of the system. And she would know that a mother of darkness was going to be there that day. And the mother of darkness, you know, would literally walk pass the row of children. And if that child was to be hierarchy child, she would nod her head if not, she would hold up a finger and that meant that that child was the other form of asset, which they call expendable. And, you know, I do not believe that any child is expendable but have, you know, it’s really that simple that they choose who lives who dies, who gets to have a job in the system and who doesn’t. And sometimes, you know, it’s not even based off of your skills, your abilities, it could be that they just like the way you look, they like a distinct characteristic. And they’re going to do something with you find a way to put you in the system. For most of the hierarchy, children, they are looking for a few things. They’re gonna look at your spiritual gifts once they’ve chosen you. And they want to make sure that your spiritual gifts line up with one of their demonic generals or commanders. Because Lucifer has always only had one goal, and that is to usurp the throne of God. In order to do that he has to have children or people that can host his demonic generals, and his his demonic army, because the demons are not allowed access through the spiritual gates back into heaven. The spiritual gates were the same ones that we hear about in the book of Genesis, where it talks about the flood and the in there it says that there was a firmament above and there was a firmament below and then Genesis six what happens at firmament breaks open and it says that the flood gates release their waters. So those spiritual gates are the flood gates that God created above and below. After Miko here quick, after those flood gates lost their water. They’re pretty much made up of, I call it song, but they’re made up of sound, light energy, and the demonic spirits, you know, attempt to use that with human beings because they can they don’t have access for traveling. As crazy as it sounds, this was how I learned the world is that, you know, it’s best described as kind of a five d chessboard with each plane, kind of looking like a chessboard. So you have Earth there in the middle. And how those gates operate is that you know, the major gates, they’re going to operate vertically up and down, giving access to the kingdom of God into heaven, or to these lower realms. Now, this lower realm is where the Lord chained some of the demonic spirits when he cast them out of heaven when Lucifer rebelled. You know, some of those spirits were so evil that the Lord did not permit them to wander troops to and fro, and he chained them to that abyss until the day judgment. So they will attempt to access that the main or the minor in the club, the middle level gates, those all operate horizontally. And pretty much they have, you know, a start and a stop point, but they don’t go, you know, like this gate where they go between different dimensions. So you have all these little gates, and you may know them as another name. And they’re commonly also called ley lines. So energy flow lines that are accessed by high level, which is more logs, and angels and demons in order to move from one place to the other. So these are the gates that, you know, they don’t want the average person to understand how these things work because they want the full control. And these are, you know, the spiritual gates that the Nazis, Hitler, other world leaders who take over, they know how to operate, they know how to how these things function. And Michael Carr Kok, again, was the main individual who began to teach the US military, how to use these gates. And that began, you know, I would say the early 70s 80s, maybe even earlier than that, in the 60s. I’ve been able to track that there were a couple other individuals with him that that we’re using those gates as well in working in conjunction with military bases like NORAD in Colorado NORAD is the largest military base that we have here in the United States. And NORAD, literally, is 80 stories deep. And it was their backup Babylon. So then if the real Babylon that’s in Iraq was compromised, they would have another entire city and world that they could operate off of. Besides NORAD there, you also have other, like in these other dimensions, you have here, what we call water. And then you have the ground floor for the ocean. And you have other submarine bases and things that are built at that subterranean level. So those are all accessed. And you know, we have like if this, let’s just say California is here, and we got Florida over here, there is a sub Terranea and base layer or we’ll just say a tunnel, under the water that runs all the way from California to Florida. And a lot of the trafficking of children happens through that on submarines that they’ve built. We also know that here, that they have a train line that goes all the way from the Disney that’s in California to the Disney that’s in Florida. And a lot of the survivors from the 1970s talk about that bullet train that, you know, that works like magic and took them from California to Florida, in an hour. So there’s a lot of things in our world that are happening that connect with the spirit world that we’re not even aware of. So as we look further, fast forward, or fast forward a bit, it was probably about age six that I began to try to tell. And I would look for anybody that was not in the system, because it didn’t matter where I went there, you know, always there was eyes on I would have people that would walk past me and make comments, you know, or they would walk past me and they would hold up their finger reminding me that I needed to keep the silence. And it’s like, I didn’t even say anything, you can do anything. How do you know I did the system, right.

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And one day, it was Halloween, and my family decided to go to a haunted house that was nearby. And I have some female relatives that were just a few years older than me. They were like five, eight and 10 years older. And so we went with the Queen Mother of darkness to this haunted house. And as we got in there, there was a point where the haunted house split trails. So the Queen Mother of darkness, but one way with two of my little female relatives, and I went the other way. And the relative that I was with, you know, she got scared. And she started to say, Jessie, I know you’re scared, I’ll carry you. And I sit down, I’m not scared. And she said, No, no, it’s okay, I’ll carry you. So she insisted on carrying me through that haunted house. And as we got to the end of it, we see this cage with skeletons in it. And the skeletons were like reaching out grabbing. So as she’s trying to carry me pass, the skeleton reaches out in its arm gets stuck around my ankle, and we couldn’t get it off. And so finally, we ended up having to yell for help. The staff at the haunted house came they couldn’t get it off either. So that we were still standing there, they had to call technicians in to come and try to get that skeleton off my foot. So as they did that the three men that came I noticed that those technicians were not part of any brotherhood circles that I had ever seen. And so, you know, I was like, yes, like, I’m gonna tell these guys and, you know, hopefully they’re gonna help me. And I began to say, you know, my family kills babies. My family’s new called, and the guy was just looking at me like, is this kid part of the exhibit? Like, what is this, you know? And I just kept like, whatever I could blurt out, I was blurting out my aunt was sitting there like Jesse shut up, shut up. Shut up. You’re good. Get everybody killed. And I was just like, I don’t care. I want someone to hear I want someone to know the evil that is happening. And so, you know, as I continued the Queen Mother darkness, walked around the corner and heard what I was saying. And anytime anybody tried to tell the price was pretty severe, but I had been chosen to take her position. So, you know, really that was my grace card is that they, you know, weren’t going to just kill me, because they had invested so much in training. Yeah. So what she did instead was that night, you know, we got home, and I’m getting my suppose with three hours of sleep. And next thing I know, she rips me out of bed, pulls me drags me down the stairs out the front door. And the moment I got out the front door, I hear down the street is a fire. And I can remember turning my head and I see my training partners house of fire. And I just ran. And as I was running, the firemen were already there, everybody in the community was already there. And then I see my training partner upstairs in the window, and he’s banging on the window saying I can’t get out. And so I attempted to run in the house and the fire that caught me in my arms and literally held me in the air. For over it was a couple hours where I was up there, and kicking and screaming and fighting trying to get loose. And finally, there came a point where there was no more sound. There was you know, nobody in the house was trying to get out. And we knew that whoever was in there was gone. And, you know, for me, there was something more that happened. Because up until that point, that little boy and I had been like twins, we had a spiritual connection, we could communicate in the spirit world with each other. We had been through such horrific training together, you know that we knew each other like the back of our hands. And all of a sudden I couldn’t hear His voice. And it was like everything was just immediately cut off. And so I earnestly believed he was dead. And I was so mad at God. And the Lord says, there’s some people out here tonight, that are a little mad at God, that he’s going to work through that with you. In my anger, you know, it wasn’t the type of anger where I wanted to turn away and not serve the Lord. Because that always had been my heart. But in that anger, I wanted the Lord to remember like I wanted him to act and do something I wanted him to get us out. And, you know, I wanted him to fulfill his promise that he would get us out. And so I put a little prayer request out that I knew that God would never answer. And in my heart, I said, Lord, this forever is gonna be between you and me that you didn’t get us out. And so, you know, the request was Lord racin from the dead. So, that was my request. And you know, I continued from that point. You know, they offered me other boys to go through the system with me as my protectors. That was the position he had been chosen for. And I refused. I was like, No, I do not want anybody else. And it was three years later, that the Lord delivered me out of the system with a mighty hand. For the majority of individuals, they don’t get to just walk out. But God is a God of miracles. And I was not the first. The first miracle was actually another mother of darkness. Who in the 70s, the Lord allowed her to walk away. And she was still part of the family. You know, she was one of the sisters of all the relatives, all my female relatives, but the Lord allowed her to come to Christ along with her husband, who was a high level Mason. And as long as they kept the silence, the system allowed them to live in they still would come from family events and everything. But they weren’t active in the system. So the Lord kind of did a similar miracle for me. We had been at a family funeral and after that family member was Very, I simply had walked out, you know, turned around and was walking to the car. And the Lord said to me, I’ve released you from them. And from that moment, it was like a wall, just like when they had no control over me, they couldn’t just, you know, drag me in and make me do something. In fact, you know, before that they had never had to drag me. But after that, they would have to try to drag me just to get me in a car to get me to a ritual, because they drugged me. I, you know, I wouldn’t be active in anything like I would like sleep, but I thought it was having dreams, you know. And so they kept trying to get me to do my role in the system. But really, they had no power to make me, you know, do what they had trained me to do, because the Lord had released me. So, you know, they began to distance themselves, and then the Lord, you know, made it more final because he moved me. And that was the first time in years that, you know, they couldn’t keep my parents in a certain area. And I was far away from them. So, you know, literally, they lost control. And through that, you know, the Lord begin, he put us into a church where he begins to train me up after his heart. And he did it, you know, I didn’t have people that I could go to and talk to and say, Hey, like, I, I was in the local, like, how do I get healing? How do I

Jessie Czebotar 46:46
live a true Christian life? I didn’t have anybody to talk to. And I did try. There were several pastors that I attempted to tell. And, again, I would just get one or two words out, you know, my family kills babies, my family’s in the occult, they literally would look at me and say, Stop lying? Or really, just like, Why do you always have to make applies? It’s not funny, you know, we know Satan’s real. But that’s in third world countries. You know, and they would really put me off. And, you know, now that I think back, it was like, Why did not even one person, say to me, wait a second kid. You’re saying your family kills babies? Are you safe? What’s going on? Tell me more. Let’s see if we can get you some help. You know, it was like, they just really did not. It was a topic that the church did not want to go into. But it wasn’t just the church, it was anybody in the community. You know, I attempted to tell teachers I took to tell my school principal, I attempted to tell, you know, the nursery workers at the church. There were so many people at one point, we even tried to call the police that were outside of our area. And what they told me and my brother was that if you want to live, shut your mouth and never speak at this again. And so it was really difficult, because it seemed like no matter where we were, no matter which community we were in, there was no one who wanted to hear and nobody who wanted to help. And so for many years, you know, as that happened, I just drew into the Lord because I didn’t have anywhere else to go. And the first place the Lord started to bring me comfort, and train me in the ways that I should go was our church library. And I came across a book of a woman named Corrie 10. Boom. And her the first book I read was the hiding place. And as I read that book, here was a woman who had, you know, her family were Dutch clockmakers. They had attempted to hide the Jews during World War Two. And she had been put into a concentration camp. Because of that. Her and her sister do many, many things that at the same time, as they were in doing these great depths of evil, they also were experiencing these miracles. And those were things that I had never shared with anybody. Because I had experienced miracles too, while I was in the system. One of them one of the first ones I experienced. You know, I’ll go back to something here. I went into the system as a Christian. When I was two years old, you might training began in about four and a half. When I was two, our house pipes froze. And we had to move in with my father’s relatives. And that relative was a Christian. And he began to take me and my mom to church. And I can remember my first time in the church, it was this little Mexican woman named Lily. And Lily was not the type to water down the gospel. Just because I was little. She sat me on her lap, she opened up the Bible to book a John. And she began to read the straight from Scripture. And I can remember that my heart leads, because I knew every word was true. And I left that day, you know, saying to everybody that I saw get ready, Jesus is coming. And Lily begin to teach me Bible songs, and she gave me more scripture to put into my pocket. So by the time, you know, I think it was the end of that year at age three was when my mom came to the Lord. And she sat down her lap and said, Would you like to ask Jesus into your heart, too? And I said, Yes. And so we prayed. And so that was the beginnings of my walk with God. Now, fast forward, you know, at age four and a half, was when I found out guess what your families in the Brotherhood system, they serve Satan, and you are chosen for the top position in this system? And it’s like, Are you kidding me? I don’t want to serve Satan. You know, I choose Jesus. But the miracles that, you know, proceeded from that, that first one was they would do summoning circles, to try to connect you with high level demonic spirits. So I was in this summoning circle, and hold on one second here, let me this here. So they put me in a summoning circle. And all around we had these groups of Sisters of light, who were standing in the corners of the room. And they began to chance in some in this spirit. And as they did, the Spirit began to come through the floor. And she was ugly spirit, she looked like a mummy with, you know, flesh hanging off of her. And she crawled really fast and move towards me. And when I saw that, my auto response was to stand up. And I couldn’t get out of that circle. So I just did there. And the only thing that came to my mind was the DI BLE song. And I begin to shout that at her and said, the BI BLE Yes, that’s the book for me. I stand alone and the word of God, that the ideally and I just kept saying it louder and louder. And then I started stomping my foot. And then she started going back through the floor, and I went over and stopped until she was all the way through the floor. And it was like, Nope, I do not want to be connected with any demonic generals. Now who that was, they use this, this symbol, the diamond in this system to represent their demonic generals. There are nine of them. The one that I met that day is the one who is always represented in the middle of that time in which is Astra, and she goes by many other names. You might know her is ISIS or the Queen of Heaven, Fatima, the queen of the dead. Ash, Tora. Jezebel, Lilith, and then they just go on and on. She has a counterpart, if we imagine this as kind of like a clock. estrus main counterpart is right there. And hit is named as fall. Up here, you have added Dawn, who also goes by appalling if you look in the book of Revelations, he’s the demonic spirit that has control of the abyss. That’s down here he has one day he’ll be given the keys to fully open that abyss where the other demonic spirits that are so wicked and not allowed to Romar and they’ll be able to come out during a certain period of time during that tribulation period. Then you have about right here you have more luck, then you have Baphomet you have this one, he operates a little different than the others because his jurisdiction is not bound on land. And that’s Leviathan, he, he has full jurisdiction of all water and all waterways that come in. This one is as as Al. Now, he’s not bound underground, like the others. He’s actually chained to the Euphrates Rivers. So he’s another change one that’s not allowed to roam. But for whatever reason, the Lord change and right there in the Euphrates. And you have TOF, and you have Samael. So those were the demonic generals that I grew up working with in the US military base, primarily Molik and average on that one, sorry, an Astra. So those were the main demonic generals I worked with.

Jessie Czebotar 56:09
And, you know, there was a lot of ritual abuse that that I witnessed, I watched as you know, they began to do programs, where a many, many children would be brought into these programs and would go through periods of testing to see which you know, if they would go farther, the experiments and projects or, you know, if they would be put back into regular life. So the first project that we were involved in was called the looking glass. And in that project, they, they put me with two other children, one being my training partner, and the other being Elon Musk, who was a little older than us. And in that we would interface with the spiritual gate at CERN. So with this one, you have CERN, you also have heart, and you have DARPA. And all of these programs are under Avataan. So he, he oversees all the US military programs. So they would have us interface with this with different spiritual gates. And the purpose was to, you know, foresee the future. So as we would look into the spiritual gates, we would have visions, and it would be a shared vision, all three of us would see, you know, the same kind of the same vision. But we might not all catch the same details. For me, I was someone who particularly would always see the end picture. So I would see whatever was way down the road, I would see it in full. My training partner was somebody who he didn’t see the picture, he would see the steps like what got to the end picture for the end of that little episode or event, and he would see all the consequences. Like if, you know, if that’s what’s happened, then the consequence will unfold. So as he would share that, you know, they would try to decide, well, what events? Do we you know, do we want that to happen? If not weird? Do we need to make a shift? What do we need to change to try to get a different result? Ilan was one that he also saw step by step. And so they would use that as a three way check. They would take notes and say, okay, all three children saw, you know, that in this year, they saw this event happen. And, but that one, he saw the consequence that if that happens, then this is what happens next. And she saw something else that was way at the end. So, you know, if we don’t want that results, what do we need to change, to try to play with the timeline? Now, the interesting thing about these experiments, you know, I’m finding that they occurred from 1957, to about 1981, maybe a little later, but as far as I know, there were not too many children that went through that program after our group went through. And that’s because at that time, I believe they had the fullness of what God was allowing them to see. Nobody could see past 2024 The Lord did not allow it. And why I believe that is because the Lord’s already written. The end of the story. It’s in the Book of Revelations, he tells us what’s happened. And he tells us that he’s gonna allow, you know, a man who’s going to be embodied by Satan, the Antichrist to rise, he tells us that as Christians, we’re gonna go through horrific tribulations. And he tells us, above all things, that the enemy doesn’t get a foot through the spiritual gates, he doesn’t get to bring his demonic hordes or his army through to the gates of heaven, or even to the throne room of God, because the Lord says that he will meet the enemy on the battlefield at Armageddon, and there he will slay them with the breath of his mouth. So I fully believe that that’s why nobody could see past that year is because, you know, they were trying to mess with God’s timeline. And the Lord says, I’ve already got it, this is the way it will be. So the second project, once we got through the looking glass, they moved us up. And these began the Star Wars projects. You can look up they’ve released now in the CIA bolt, the Star Wars now. One of the Star Wars now reports. And that report is very specific. It happened April 24 1984, which happened to be my birthday. I was at that event that happened. And with this project, they take, you know, you’ve already learned to interface with the spiritual gates, but now they’re wanting you to become spiritual warriors. And the US military, they know how to do spiritual war, not only here physically on the earth, but they go into other dimensions, other planes. And they are at war with the angels of heaven, trying to gain ground trying to again, you know, you serve that throne of God. So there were things that they did in that program. There were us generals that were involved. Not all of these people, you know, were people that I witnessed commit acts of will say, commit crimes. Some of the crimes that I witnessed were, you know, definitely the sexual exploitation. They would use children to open and operate the spiritual gates. Scripture tells us that these spiritual gates open with thanksgiving. In the Psalms, King David says, Enter his courts with Thanksgiving in your heart, enter his courts with prayers. So song and Thanksgiving is one of the frequencies that opens these gates. Now, the Luciferians think cannot replicate that frequency of Thanksgiving because they don’t have a relationship with God. But they can get close enough where it does open the gate. And what they do is they use sex magic. And the emotion of ecstasy is almost at that same frequency and will open the gates. So that’s the primary reason they choose children because children can’t control their feelings or emotions, they’re unhindered. And they can get that response that they want to open those gates. I also witnessed, besides the sexual exploitation, you know, rape, torture, I witnessed children being going through MK Ultra programming, so things like electroshock therapy, you know, all forms of different types of torture. And then the last thing, of course, was cannibalism. So on April 24 1984, we had world leaders from all over gathered to the Chicago military base, to watch a weapons display. And that weapons display contain children, that these high level Luciferians had taught to use energy power, you know, to be able to use that as a weapon, and to be able to, you know, go both into the physical world as well as the spiritual world with the different spiritual weapons that we had. And some of the people who were there were individuals like Ronald Reagan. Again, I never directly saw him commit any evil. But why he’s named in my affidavits is because he knew that this Luciferian Brotherhood was using Children in projects and experiments. He knew that these children were being bought, sold and traded among the nations. And he’s did nothing except for participate. We also had Gorbachev and Putin who were in that. We had world leaders from China, Iraq, Pakistan. We had individuals like Qaddafi was there who also was in the inner circle. With those they called the northern,

Jessie Czebotar 1:05:32
the northern tribe, with Hillary Clinton in the Chaney’s and things like that. Qaddafi son siete, was also one of the hierarchy children, who was that sort of rituals with me and other children that come from, I guess, will say, you know, famous world families. So I didn’t experience Justin Trudeau, but I did have experiences with his brother, Michael, before he died. So all these people would gather. And, you know, they had us in the middle of a big warehouse. And our job was to open, not one, not two, but all seven of the major spiritual games that are around the world at the same time. And when you do that, you know, there’s a massive amount of energy that is being operated. Now, you’d think that it was something that was hard or something that like you had to like, really try for, but it wasn’t how those gates open is through song. So simply, we were singing songs and the kids for opening. And as they were doing that, they were trying to get the demonic generals to connect. And that was when I started really not liking this project. You know, I had gone through all this training and, you know, knew how to work in the gates go to different dimensions. But the moment Molix started coming through the floor, I was like, No, I don’t like this, this is not going to happen. And I simply asked the Lord, to close the gate. And literally Moloch got stuck halfway in the floor. And Molik is not a nice demonic spirit. He looks like a big bull. And he begin to throw a temper tantrum. Now, not everything was always dark and grim. I’m the type that you know, things like that. I like to laugh and you know, things like that I find funny. And I began to laugh, as did my trading partner because Molik was throwing a fit in the middle of the floor, and you’re like, you’re a demonic general, like, we’re kids, like, Why are you throwing a fit. And as that happened, there was a massive amount of energy that was released that, you know, we had been holding those gates open in the moment are focused on that energy was put out. And we had over 3000 people on that military base, none who were in the room with us. But people who were in the surrounding rooms, on that base on all levels, died from the fire and the energy that was released. I have put in requests and asked President Donald J Trump, not only to retrieve those pictures, and those experiments, from those projects that I’ve asked for those to fully be made public. So we’ll see if that happens. But as we go on that third step, and that’s really what I was kind of talking about with that project. The third project we were in was called the voice of God project. Now, this is a project that actually currently is operating as we speak. They’ve taken it from, you know, the military bases for the children, they were training up, and they’ve begin to put it into operation among the public. It’s a three phase program, it has nothing to do with the voice of God at all. What they see is the voice of God, they have a name for and it’s a sub project under that and it’s called the I am project. Within the im project, you have two groups. The first group is called alpha. And those are the people who are trained to prepare things and get everything ready to prepare society, the economy, to make sure that everything you know is headed torwards is mass and event. The second group that you have, sorry, is called the Omega group. Now and currently everybody who was in the Omega group is not operational, they’re not active. But there will come a point in time where they will be activated. And they will participate in this end time events. Now, what’s even scarier is that we have some groups of people who started to say wording. There are activation codes for these programs. I experienced that when I went to Patriot conference. And as I was sitting there, one of the gentlemen gets up to speak. And he says, I’m gonna say a phrase, and I want everybody to repeat back a certain thing when I say this phrase, and he said, I’m gonna say, Who’s the patriot. And, you know, everybody’s supposed to respond. I’m a patriot, that he says, I’ll say it, again, who’s a patriot, and people are supposed to respond? I am. So they’re currently activating this program. With that the main person who wrote the basically the program that’s being followed is Colonel Michael Aquino. He wrote it in a series of books called Mind wars, it’s a trilogy, the first book focuses on preparing the mind for the operation. And when he did with that was basically, you know, talked about, you know, in what they consider the old days or the 60s up to the 80s, how they trained, the program’s people was through trauma based programming. So they would, you know, cause harm and trauma, they would cause the mind to slit and segment. And through that, they would create altars within the mind, where, you know, an individual with their mind split could have an innumerable amount of alters, those alters were not aware of each other, they really were, like, you know, multiple people living within one body space. And, you know, as they begin to train people this way, you know, as the years went on, they they realized that around age 30, that a lot of these people had been trauma based program, their their program begin to break down, they begin to try to tell, they began to try to escape, they began to try to find a way out, they would reprogram them, you know, through counselors and people that were in their psychiatric organizations, but the mind could only be reprogrammed so many times that it wasn’t always successful. So the enemy, you know, his thought was, how can they continue to do that? They need individuals that can hold these demonic generals and get them through the gates. But they can’t do that if they have somebody that can’t function or can’t operate. So that’s where in the 80s, Michael Aquino wrote his mind wars. And he said, what if, you know, instead of causing trauma, we begin to,

Jessie Czebotar 1:13:34
you know, we work with the ethics and the will. And we allow, you know, the child to choose, you know, make a choice. And we’re going to encourage that choice. And he called it mind constructs. So we witnessed those, even happening, you know, through COVID. Things like, you know, if you want to be a good citizen, you don’t want your elderly neighbor to get sick. You know, that’s selfish, you want to take care of the people around you, you want to take care of your children, you want to do what’s best for them. So you know, doing what’s best, you know, it’s best, you know, our specialists are professionals. This is what they recommend, and they’re the best. You know, don’t forget that word best. They’re the best professionals. They know what’s right for you. And so they want you to say, Yes, I agree. They’re the specialists. I believe they’re the specialists. They know what’s right for me, I’m gonna go get the shots. I’m gonna, you know, be a good citizen. So now they have just got you to shift your will, according to your ethics and your morals. So that’s what the whole thing is based on that they could control your will through your ethics and your morals. They don’t want you to ask questions. They don’t want you to think for yourself. They don’t want you to believe that you can make a good decision for yourself that you know, what’s best for you and your children, that God knows what’s best for you and your children. In fact, they don’t want you to have that relationship with God at all. You know, they want they’ll do it in a way where they’ll cater to your belief system. But they want to really gear towards that universal religion. Why? Because they know that we are the sons of the living God, we have authority to speak, we have authority to heal the sick to raise the dead, to cleanse the lepers. So they cast out demons, and the last thing the enemy wants is for us to be healing people. And then he has nobody going to his specialist. He doesn’t want us to know the truth of who we are in Christ Jesus. So with that said, there’s more books. The second book in that series series focuses on controlling the soul. Now, if you look, you can look up studies right now we have a huge problem, not only in our military, we also have it with law enforcement. But we have 22 military individuals a day committing suicide. And would you believe that that suicide code is not only being taught to the military, it’s in like, like, Kinos books, that the body doesn’t matter. This is what he says, the physical body doesn’t matter. It’s only the soul that matters, because according to brotherhood, only your soul passes from this life to the next, and gets you into heaven. And that’s what they want you to believe. Because once your soul gets through, then they tell you that you are a God, and you have achieved enlightenment. And now you’re going to find your own space with your spirit, and you’re going to create and you’re going to, you know, have your own planet and be your own God. Sounds like Mormon theology a little bit there, huh. But really, the Mormons just get it from the Brotherhood. You’re in the system. And they want you to believe that you can reach that higher consciousness, that’s another term that God consciousness, the Christ consciousness, they don’t want you to believe that God is a living being, that you can have a relationship with, that you can talk to, you can be held by, you know, a God who loves us so much, that he’s willing to be an intricate part of our lives. They want to leave God out of the equation. And like I said, the last thing that they want you to really understand is something that is really simple math. We have the physical world, plus the spiritual world. And with that, at the end of the day, we still have both, doesn’t matter if we’re on the earth plane. Or when we’re finally just in heaven, we still have both. When Jesus died and rose from the dead, there was a transformation like a caterpillar, when it turns into a butterfly, it’s, it doesn’t leave its entire body behind, it literally changes in this transformed. And that’s what happens to us. And what is it in that? You know, we have life. And here on Earth, we have the physical vessel that will die. But there’s a miracle that happens when we crossover. We always end with living death. We don’t like that word death, but we always end up in a new state transformed to something completely different. That’s not the type of dead that we’re used to have this physical earth. It’s that transformed resurrected power. And the enemy doesn’t want you to live in that resurrected power. Why? Because then you’re out. You’re healing the sick, you’re racing to tech, you’re cleansing the lepers and casting out demons and what is God promise? He says you shall do greater things. To the knees, the greater than these miracles, and the enemy doesn’t want those released. But that’s exactly what the Lord is doing right now he’s beginning to release the greater than these miracles. As I continue to, you know, grow in my relationship with the Lord, the Lord, you know, took me through many seasons took me through chaplains, school, all sorts of things, trained me in counseling, different forms of education, I did a lot of Sunday school teaching worked a lot with kids. You know, so the Lord taught me a lot about spiritual formation and growing my faith. But then he began to move and shift in a way that I didn’t expect. One day, the Lord, I was, I was headed to a shelter that I worked at where I did Trent of that training, but processing classes for the homeless. So I would go twice a week, and we would talk about, you know, how do you get out of your situation? How do you, you know, complete your goals? Step by step? How do you get from point A to point B. So when I would go, I would always like, you know, I like to ride the bus and pick them up and greet them as they came on the bus. And then, you know, I would talk with them until we got to class and I would work on building relationships. So I was on the bus to go and pick people up. And all of a sudden, the Lord says to me, you are going to share your testimony.

Jessie Czebotar 1:21:50
And I knew it was not the watered down version that I had learned to give through all those years, included all of the painful things in my past, I knew that the Lord was telling me that I was going to have to start giving the entire testimony. And that I would be doing it, you know, publicly and in front of people’s faces. And, you know, when he said that, to me, the overwhelming fear. And sheer dread was a hole that I felt. And I was like, Lord, you know, if I tell, they’ve already said, they’re gonna come and kill my whole family, and I have, you know, I had six beautiful children. And I was like, Lord, you know, all the ways I watched children die. I do not want to watch my children die. And I begin to plead and beg. It’s like, Lord, I want to do it. But I kind of just, I want to feel safe. I want to know, at the end of the day, everything’s gonna be okay, I’m gonna get through this. And after all, my cleaning, the Lord said, No, you will do it right before their faces. And I knew in that moment that I had to make a choice. Was I going to trust the Lord and be obedient? Even if it cost me all of my children? Would I obey? And, you know, I had to take my kids off the bargaining table. I had to say, Okay, what if it’s only one if I get out there, and I tell, you know, it’d be worth it to tell if a bunch of children got saved if the wickedness was exposed. And, you know, I knew that the evil was stopping and that this brotherhood was stopped. But what if it’s only for one child to come out? What if the system continues, and, and nothing’s ever taken down? And only one kid gets out? And I lose everything? Am I still willing to do it? And that’s when the Lord brought back the story of grace, and reminded me of little grace. And I said, Lord, even if I lose everything, for one child, I’ll do it. And as I said, that the Lord began to show me what are the issues in our community? We had Satanists coming in. They were setting up programs in our school systems, and and we had teachers and social workers. They all of a sudden had this influx of little girls and boys doing witchcraft right in the classes, and they didn’t know what to do with it. And they were crying out for help. And the Lord said, I want you to write a presentation. And you’re going to talk to them begin to share with them the things that you experienced. So that first one, you know it was still kind of watered down. But I admit, you know, my family member, she was the queen, mother of darkness. And I began to try to talk about, you know, what were the types of witchcraft that I experienced? How could they address it in the classroom? Or, you know, how do you address it when a child is putting curses on you. And as I wrote up that presentation, I didn’t have to do anything. The moment I finished writing it, the Lord literally brought 350 people to me, senators, teachers, principals, social workers, counselors. You know, they opened the door, and they began to have me speak, and they were like, how do we know that a child is in this brotherhood system? And I said, Well, you know, you got a big problem. Because all of these kids are trained in what we call posture, meaning that their postures perfect. Their cover lives are perfect, they aren’t going to tell you that they’re in the system, you’re not going to see an out, let me tell you that they have nightmares or night terrors. But besides that, you know, these are going to be your star athletes, your star cheerleaders, you know, they’re going to be your top science kids in the schools, you know, they’re going to be your best students, who when you say, how are you doing today? Great, everything’s good, because everything’s always good, because that’s what you show the world. You know, they may have just been through a horrific ritual seen 100 children die. And the next, you know, 10 minutes later, they’re gonna be up in their classroom, sitting there focused on their math, and taking a test, and they’re gonna get an A on that, because that’s what they’re trained to do. And so, you know, the Lord began to bring this problem in. And so for a year, the Lord had me doing all of this training in the community, trying to help them manage the things that were happening in the schools. At the end of that year, you know, the satanists group that we had been watching, and we were watching, you know, which schools they were going to, and they were nicely providing all that information on the website for us. But at the end of that year, they decided to make it so that you had to pay a $10 fee to get access to their website. I’m the type of person that I don’t have a problem paying the $10 to be a member of their group, in order to have access to the information. But the Lord said to me, just see, if you do that this little elderly woman marry at your church is gonna have a hard time. And I said, Well, Lord, I really don’t care what Mary thinks, you know, I mean, we need to know this information. This is war here. And the Lord just kept pushing, you know, Mary is going to have a hard time with this. So I said, Lord, what do you want me to do? And he gave me something even harder. He said, I want you to pray for the leaders in those schools were the satanists I made. I was like, Lord, I don’t even know their name. I don’t know their faces. And how am I going to get that information because I don’t have access to the website. Well, when I finally surrendered, within a week and a half, not only did I have every name, I had their a picture of their faces as well. And I knew how to pray for them. And the Lord said, you know, one of them, who is the head guide, the Lord said, that one, I want you praying for him every single day. And when he goes out and does his speaking engagements, I want you to pray for that. And I began interceding for this person, sometimes six to eight hours a day, because he did a lot of public speaking. And as I did, all of a sudden the Lord begin to give me visions again. And the visions kept getting stronger and stronger. And the Lord was showing me exactly how to pray for this individual. And one day, you know, I’m in my bathroom pray. And clearest day, it’s almost as though I’m like, sitting right there in the room with him listening to him speak. And the Lord says to me, I want you to put your hands on his chest. It’s like, Okay, Lord, you know, this is a moment of faith. And so, you know, as I’m praying my bathroom, I just put my hands up, and all of a sudden, I feel these hands, grab mine. And then I see his face in his eyes looking right at me and he says, What the hell are you doing? And I was bored. My vision is talking to me. What do I do with this? Right and The Lord said witness to him pray for him. So I began to witness to him. At the end of that time, all of a sudden, the Lord says to me, did you think I could do it? I was like, do what? What are we talking about your Lord? And the Lord said, Did you think I couldn’t raise him from the dead. And the Lord said, Here’s your training partner. He’s not dead, he’s still alive. And the Lord said, and you’re going to reach out to him, and you’re gonna tell him, my promise to get him out, is really extended. So I did, I reached out, and the Lord begins to work and move. Now I thought that the Lord would get him out immediately. But the Lord did.

Jessie Czebotar 1:30:56
The Lord’s still has him in there, actually, six years later, as we keep praying, but the Lord had a purpose and a reason, because he’s working miracles, and some miracles take longer time. But with all that said, I’m gonna stop there for a few minutes. Because I really want to give you guys some time to ask questions. There’s a lot of aspects of my testimony, you know, we have the spiritual side, we have a side of demons. We have, you know, the side of the deals with federal things. I will tell you that, you know, the Lord after that the Lord opened doors for me to share my testimony, federally, as open source to an initial team who, you know, I fully believe that they got that to Trump. And at that time, the biggest piece of evidence that I had about this system, were we ritual walls, underground, they have tunnel systems, and they have walls under there, where every child that’s born into the system puts their handprint in blood on those walls. And I didn’t know, you know, these were people, I’ll say, my part of the Brotherhood, they did not leave evidence. You know, there were bodies that I could say, well, here’s a body or here’s a picture. You know, all that I had to turn in was that wall with over 200 years worth of handprints. I will let you know that in 2018, the US military and we’ll say there’s a select group of 60,000 troops that have been working to go into those tunnel systems. They have been overcoming the military bases that contain individuals who are not good people who work in the system. And they’ve been rescuing children out. So in 2018, they went to the tunnel systems, where I told them Hillary’s handprint was and they got that handprint. They also have my affidavit testimony about it. I was told that in 2018, after they got that handprint, Hillary was executed. The person that we have now is not her, and I will confirm that it’s not her. John Brennan was also executed, Michael Aquino, the bushes, their senior was executed, as well as McCain. I believe we’re going to be hearing a lot more. Dick And Liz, Cheney, Dick’s wife as well. So we’re going to find out that we have a lot of actors that are playing with the four cases, it’s important that I can give out numbers and a little bit here. I’ve got him in my purse, so you can look at the cases. There’s four major cases right now that we need to be in prayer for all of them contain my affidavits, as well as several other witnesses who have come forward from the 1980s and later, who also experienced abuse from our government in our military. The first case is a tribunal case in the state of Florida. The individual who put that case in the state of Florida was murdered in 2021. One month after my son Josiah was killed. He was killed the day that I turned in the truth about the ninth circle occult system that was in Oregon. And he was killed on the road that I turned into my affidavit. He died in a car accident. So Chris Hallett was the other individual who was murdered a month later after that. That case has been finished. And then our affidavits are sealed in the Minnesota courts. These people don’t want us to have anything there. What they did with those sealed documents, they were sealed first with military Jake’s who investigated. Those military oversaw the 60,000. Troops. They went out they procured evidence. They rescue children. Then after they were done with their work, they submitted the documents in the courts so that we could begin to arrest and prosecute people. But what happened was that a draw law firm came in, they’re out of Texas, and they broke notary and affidavit seal, which only the judge can open. They looked at the affidavits, they took copies of them. They wrote down names. And then they published on the court record a statement and said, you know, there’s this woman, Jessie’s a boater who has fantastical stories about people like, you know, the Chinese and Mike Pence and the Clintons and she’s claiming satanic ritual and child exploitation and cannibalism and rape. And, you know, when they asked for the case to be dismissed, the judge did dismiss without prejudice, which means, you know, if he had just dismissed, it would have been kibosh without prejudice means that we can use it for other things. So that judge is now in hiding and running for his life. And as that happened, immediately after that statement was published, some YouTube creators who worked with these bad guys took the affidavits that they had gotten copies of and began to publish all over the internet, my affidavits and full. I’ve never even got to go to testify against anybody in them. Now, not only did they publish them, they began to call people like Pence was one of the first that they called and they said Mike Pence, are you aware that just the barista burger has named you in her affidavits and says that you are guilty of being involved in satanic ritual and crimes against children? Then they proceeded to call every other person that they could. And not only did they, you know, it didn’t stop there, they begin to call all the victims as well that I needed cousins and family members who had also been harmed by these individuals. So at that point, the affidavits were given to Donald J. Trump and his attorneys. He established a RICO case for racketeering and child abuse. There is a Florida courts. So our affidavits are in there. And, you know, things were nicely going along until you know, that the bad guys decided to read or a logo and take all these documents and things. So the following week, I had to recopy and resign all of my affidavits, and get them back to Trump’s lawyers. After that, we also set up the cases in the Tennessee courts and in the Virginia courts. So we’ll see how things are gonna go with that. But that’s where things are currently. And I’ll go ahead and let you guys ask questions. If you have a question, there we go. I’m gonna be like fell down the stairs.

Speaker 2 1:38:50

So the most important question right now, the position that you’re in, what are you doing for your own fiscal security? God?

Jessie Czebotar 1:39:01
I have, we have appealed four times for orders for protection that has been denied through the courts. I do have active military and politicians who are after us pray their current plan, as if when I left this week, they made know that they’re going to attempt to sue me for they’re going to pull me into family court under stalking charges. And when I don’t show up, they’re going to put on a warrant for my arrest.

Speaker 3 1:39:52
First of all, thank you for your your testimony, everything you do particularly for children and for kids. So I’ve been down I’ve been, like Alison fallen down the rabbit hole for about three years now. And the song. Alright, nice and close. So like I said, I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole for about three years now. And it brought me to Christ, which is great. I was raised with the church, just checking the box when father kind of kind of eased in and whatnot. So I’ve learned a lot in the last two or three years. And I guess my main question is, do you believe that the WTF, and the UN are the main mouthpiece for this global cold? And do you believe that we’ve moved from beta to operations or the New World Order in the great reset? And do you think that that’s commencing and all the consequences that come with it?

Jessie Czebotar 1:40:54
Yeah, you know, it’s a little bit more complicated than that, who the W, E, F, and the UN are all connected to the satanic council. We know them is, you know, besides us, the tenant counselor dreaded Council, they have some other names that you might be familiar with, like the federal Alliance, the Global Alliance, also the Galactic Federation, because their rule is beyond, we’ll say, just the globe. It includes, you know, demonic beings, others. So, what really is happening is that we are entering that time of the system of the beast. Up until this past year, everything that we had was under what they called Babylon, the Babylon system. So the Babylon system was run by the Vatican, and their financial backers, which were the Holy See. So they were the ones seeing everything, their main money source, you know, was, was the assets that they were, you know, buying, selling trading children are using them through sexual exploitation, as well as other things. And they were creating diamonds. So that was where the bulk of the wealth was. What’s happened now is that we’ve moved into what’s called the Leviathan or also known as the system of the beast. The currencies within that system are not physical things. We’re talking about quantum currencies, which I covered on Sunday, so things like fingerprints, energy blood. You know, that’s what the Leviathan system works off of. And that is under the Sanhedrin. So we’ve made a shift. This system, the Babylon system, was primarily run by what we call the dark side of the system. At the top of that you had a man, George Soros, who ran the council, who was part of one of the top three orders in the system, the Order of the Phoenix. You also saw those top three systems, you have the order, the Phoenix, the order, the Golden Dawn, and then you have the fake order of Melchizedek. So they’re all part of that order. Look, here’s the deck. What’s happened is the light side has worked with Christians and Darkside members who wanted out along with the 60,000 in the military and cue to end child trafficking and to take down that whole dark side. And what they’ve done instead now is they’re fighting the Christians, they’ve turned on all of us, and they are attempting to establish their rule. The head of the Council is Barack Obama, who is also order the Phoenix, his job is to raise up to raise up that system of the beast. And what you’re going to see happen is that I just call him the four P’s. So you have these four men that are that work under the Antichrist. And the Phoenix is the individual who, you know, his job is to oversee that transition from the dark side to the light side to make sure everything is still operating like it’s supposed to. He’s going to work with the others. The one the next tee is going to be the Pindar who works with the Masons. He’s the top position in masonry, which is level 100 or degree 100. His job is to oversee the economy, the finances of money, not just in the US, but globally. So he’s going to make that transition. So everything is operating under the new quantum currencies. As of last September 2022, all of the banks have already transitioned into the Starlink system, they all already have the quantum currencies there is just the public has not quite been transitioned into that system. So we’re going to start seeing all these banks and financial things working together to transition us into that system. The next P that we have is a priest. And that is going to be the high priest out of Israel. Keep your eyes on Israel, because a lot is going on there. They already have, it’s not at the dome. They already have the temple in place. They’re just finishing up a few things with the top on the outside. All of the foundation of the temple in Israel was completely finished in 2019. Last year, I believe it was in July, Israel received four red heifers out of Texas, those red heifers are needed. They will, you know, take their ashes and those ashes are needed to consecrate the temple and the priests before they can start sacrificing. Those heifers have to be turned into ashes between the time they’re one in there too. So they were a year old when they arrived last September. So we know between now and September, those heifers are going to be turned into ashes and they’re going to consecrate the priests of the temple and they’re going to start sacrificing again. The last p is a position called the Prophet, that’s going to be a high individual out of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is not separate from this system. They are what we call the 14th. bloodline. That’s the hidden bloodline. They’re the descendants of Abraham’s son, Ishmael. So they’re kept pure, usually not allowed to intermarry with anybody outside of their bloodline, because they want to keep that bloodline of Abraham pure. So we’re gonna see those four people joined together and start working together. And you can look up some things. One of them is the house of one that we have. The Prophet and Israel and the Catholic Church have already joined together, creating these houses of one theme established one in Belgium, and one in California. And they’re making it so there’s a one world religion, which is the religion of the beast. So we’re already seeing some of these things happen.

Speaker 3 1:48:16
One more question. I promised, you mentioned something on Sunday, I know about how we were incorporated when we went bankrupt and everybody. That’s why we also security numbers and whatnot. And you mentioned that recently, we reincorporated as the corporation of the White House, now,

Jessie Czebotar 1:48:33
White House office office.

Speaker 3 1:48:37

So sort of the first one slayed us, I can only imagine what this new rendition is like, can you speak to that a little bit and what you know about it?

Jessie Czebotar 1:48:46
Um, all that I know is that, you know, I believe primarily it has to do with the family trusts that originally were under the Babylonia or the Babylon system. So the biggest piece was that they shifted the overall family trust into that Leviathan system, using that corporation. And now that system is called In God We Trust, which we now see that on our money, we see it in the schools, we see the courthouses, we see it on our license plates. And that means that everything that has that marking belongs to the Leviathan system. So that, for me, that was the biggest piece that I saw with that transition.

Speaker 4 1:49:43
I have a two part question. The first part is a bit clinical. The second part is the spiritual component. So what we know about children that are ritualistic abused, typically, it’s very common, that their personalities will fracture, right? They’ll be they’ll, they will dissociate because it is overwhelming. And most of the time they lose their memories. Correct. And I wonder you haven’t mentioned at all, if anything like that happened to you. Okay. And then secondly, more importantly, that leads to the spiritual component, which is what I think a lot of us wanted to hear, especially because you’re speaking, you know, under the umbrella of the church, even though we’re meeting in a school is how Jesus set you free, which you mentioned the miracle, as if the Lord opened the door and walked you out. And I am a child of physical abuse, not sexual abuse. And I know there’s a serious distinction. And there’s been many things that I’ve had to walk through with just a tiny, tiny little bit of physical abuse compared to ritualistic sexual abuse, right? So or you didn’t mention at all about the demons that obviously must have possessed you.

Jessie Czebotar 1:51:18
You have to remember to save. And as a Christian, the oppression

Speaker 4 1:51:23
theorists have many people that are walking around with mega oppression, right? And you spend a lot of time speaking about the hierarchy of darkness. But that, right, but that really is just a bastardization of the hierarchy of truth and of right. So

Jessie Czebotar 1:51:48
let me I will answer all those questions. I’m gonna recommend you go to My Kingdom living, which I did a little bit more of the spiritual talking about that component on Sunday.

Speaker 4 1:52:00
I listened to Sunday, I did not hear it. I have to be honest with you,

Jessie Czebotar 1:52:05
all your years, but I was saying the spiritual component

Speaker 4 1:52:10
is set you free like the ematic. of free, right, most of us have had to go through deliverance. But while I’m here, I’m investing the time here. I’ve stuck through, I’ve stuck through a lot of really difficult, right, a lot of difficult things that are very hard to swallow. Because I did see the affidavit where you say that you personally witnessed 1000 children killed in front of your face. And if that is the case, which I’m so sorry, that that happened to you, it is hard for the mind to comprehend how that can happen to one human being and how that woman could not speak of more than anything. This is how Jesus set me free. And I think that’s the part that I’m missing. And I’m very disturbed by

Jessie Czebotar 1:53:03
I’m sorry, you’re just start. But yes, I do not leave Jesus out of that. I’m sorry that you didn’t hear Jesus and all of this. But um, you know, there was a lot of oppression when I came out. The Lord is the one who walked me through every step of the way. All that I had, you know, were the missionary books that he led me to and his word. So I begin to, you know, around age 10, I was in that Word of God every single night for hours, reading the Word, memorizing it. You know, even with the memories, memorization was something that I really held on to as a kid, because there was that constant fear that, you know, in the system that they were going to erase memories, or that they were going to, you know, drive me make a forget things or, you know, cause some sort of torture, because I witnessed them do that to people. In my training partner early on, we would test each other every day, multiple times a day, we would just randomly ask questions. And we knew that if that person could not answer a question, the system had gotten to one of us. But thankfully, we never had that happen. We did remember our memories, and we would go over them over and over and over go over every detail so that they could not take away the little bit of evidence that we had through our memories. As they got out. We happen to live literally less than a mile from a witch’s grove. We live just down the road in the trailer park, near circle sanctuary in Wisconsin. And every single night was a battle for me. Those witches with Astro project in They would scratch me up, they would try to throw me against wolves. They would try to, you know, do all sorts of stuff. And again, I always turn to the Lord, I literally slept with my Bible open on my chest, just so that they couldn’t come in harmed me. And as a, you know, really turned to the Lord more, he began to give me more and more teachers that were people, you know, indirectly, who didn’t even know you know, they never heard my story. One of those teachers was Neil T. Anderson, who wrote the bondage breaker. That’s a great book for anybody who’s going through trauma. In there, he gives lists of different you know, he goes through everything witchcraft, sorcery, Weegee boards, games that you would think maybe were innocent, that you can get demonic attachments from whether possession or oppression. So I begin to go through that I would pray through those things. The biggest thing the Lord taught me was to forgive. As hard as it was, at the end of the day I loved, you know, I have loved my family members. And from the beginning, all I asked of the Lord was to get them out. And I’ve continued to witness to those people, to build relationships with them and intend to get them to come out. And, you know, it is a hard struggle. But I’m somebody that, you know, at the end of the day, what got me through, it was God’s power alone. You know, there’s nothing that any man could have done or given me, that could have helped me in my healing journey. It was God himself, who had to comfort who had to bring resolve, who had to work with me through the anger, anger was my biggest issue. You know, just the intense, sheer anger. And I would cry out every day, God take it from me, I don’t want it anymore. And one day, the Lord did, he literally it was like, he just lifted that anchor. And he gave me in place of that his peace. And, you know, it came with, it did come with a lot of work. You know, that was seven years after I got out, I was 17. When the Lord lifted that anger for me, and I, you know, I was somebody, I believe in the complete full work of Christ. You know, who washes my sins away, who cleanses my sins, who cleanses the sense of my bloodline, and my family. Only Jesus can do that. And His word says in Romans six that we’ve died with him, and we’ve been raised to new life. And I believe in that new life, I believe he gave that to me. And so you know, my entire ministry now, as I’ve created awareness, teach people how that system works and operates. You know, now we’re moving to where I’m teaching, how do we live in Christ? So that’s what my website Kingdom living with is all about. It’s to give those tools of how do we live? How do we get through these things, these trials, challenges temptations? How do we have that relationship with God that the church has not taught us how to have, you know, I didn’t have a church that I could turn to. I had people who were there. I had people who were earnest Christians. I had people who taught me well, this is how you pray. This is how you read the word. This is how you fellowship, this is how you worship. But the moment I brought in the reality, that there is spiritual warfare, there’s a whole demonic army out there. There’s, the enemy has an agenda to utterly destroy us. And the pain, you know, how do you tell the world or people who’ve never heard it, the extent of the pain and the suffering? You know, that happens in that system. Only God could open the door. And when he opened the door, it wasn’t for me to go just to one individual, or to one pastor or to one police officer. The Lord said, You’ll tell your testimony, and a lot of my RAW processing of my memories, you can listen to all my shows. Since 2018, I’ve been speaking out on several different YouTube shows and in there, I share my whole journey. Everything that I’ve gone through work through it And you know, many times, those are, you know, the first time I’m ever even bringing those things up, has been online in front of people. So, for me, that’s the journey that the Lord has me go on. And, you know, I encourage anybody, I guess, let me think how to put this better. Part of my abuse came through the clinical side. In the experiments and projects, we had those that were connected to the Nazi breeder programs in the EDS. Literally ISS TD, which is the organization that oversees all of the psychiatric care and mental health programs. Those individuals who founded ISS TD were the same individuals who ran the breeder programs, through the Nazis out of Chicago. When they established ISS, TD, it was just a couple of months after April 24 1984, where I was involved in the events where the nations were buying, selling and trading children as weapons. That’s when they created ISS TD, and their program, their focus, they sometimes bring Christ into it. And it’s a very clinical aspect, but what are they missing? They don’t, you know, they may teach about resurrection, but they don’t really teach people how to live in that resurrected new life that Christ has given us. And people remain bound. They like to give out a lot of labels for your issues or your problems. But what I don’t see for those who have come out of the system, like me is I don’t hear the testimonies in the full healing. I see people still doubt. And my desire is that, you know, God can heal us. He says he will, he says that he is our healer. So I hold on to that. And you know, I’m by no means perfect. But, you know, nobody, no man has gotten the credit. For my story, or for my coming out, the only one who has helped me through it is God. And I hope that as you you know, if you listen to shows or other things, I hope that you hear that and when I speak, you know, because I do believe in Jesus, and he has been the only one who helps me out.

Speaker 5 2:02:43
Can you recount the category catacombs? Story?

Jessie Czebotar 2:02:48
Yeah. So when I was five, I was supposed to participate in a ritual, it was the first time that we would be killing an infant. And it’s so there was another boy there. He was nine at the time, who was doing the ritual with me. And in that ritual, we had to take daggers and cover hand and then put the blood into the chalice. And he did his part. But when he gave me the dagger, I was just mad. And instead of doing what I was supposed to do, I just took that dagger and I threw it at the face of my proctor who was that’s another name for a relative who was the queen, mother of darkness. And they call themselves Proctor’s when they’re training you up into their position. So I threw it at her. And at the same time, I wiped my head swept my hand across an altar, and through all the blood that was already there on the floor. And the main priest of the Chicago, Thomas Brady, picked me up, put me over his shoulder and carried me outside to graze. And he turned me into that grave. It was probably about a 1015 foot drop, because they had catacombs under the church there. And as I sat there next to a wall, I didn’t know if they were going to come back. Or if they really need to die. It was complete dark. You know, I didn’t know my way around all this catacombs in the dark at that point. So as I sat there, all of a sudden, I see this man coming towards me who looks like he’s a fire. And that’s the only way I can explain him. As he got closer. I knew it was Jesus. And he picked me up. And he carried me all the way through to the Catholic Homes, to back to the area where we had been sacrificing and there was a little door in the wall. And before he left me out that door he said to me out Give me what you will. And I said, Lord, I want them all to come out. And then he opened that door. And I entered in the sanctuary kind of from the side. And the priests and everybody, you know, had their backs turned towards me at first. And I just stood there until they saw me. The high priests, Thomas Brady came over and he said, How did you get here? And I said, I came through the door, and Jesus slipped me out that door, and he hit me across the face. He didn’t believe me, he told me to stop lying. And so now telling me where did you really come from? And I said, I came out the door, Jesus, let me out that door. And he was so mad, he had my product or take me home. But the one thing that I did not know, was that my training partner had seen Jesus loved me out that door. So fast forward. All those years later, when the Lord said, Here’s your training partner gonna reach out and contact him. You know, my question was, well, what do I say? And the Lord said to me, he’s gonna know, you know, that. It’s really you because you’re gonna say, The Lord says, He knows you saw him look like you out that door. So that became one of the evidences that I had. As I talked to him.

Jessie Czebotar 2:06:37
Hey, only one day.

Speaker 6 2:06:41
I love you. Thank you. So my, anyway, yeah, they’ll testify. I’ve watched you on YouTube, and I forgive me, but I was looking for the satanic stuff. And all you did was talk about Jesus. So I’ll testify that she definitely witnesses about Jesus. Do you know anything? Well, first of all, how one thing is, how can we help? Do you know anything about the Queen and or Mother Teresa? Good or bad, or whatever I’ve heard. So both are bad. That’s what I’ve heard. But I’ve argued that but they pastors did not know she was a Christian and blah, blah, blah. So since

Jessie Czebotar 2:07:23
part of the Brotherhood and her son is the son of the Nazi, and I believe she was believable to trafficking children,
Unknown Speaker 2:07:33
Mother Teresa as well. That’s why I was talking about the queen,

Jessie Czebotar 2:07:38
the queen, the person we just recently saw as the queen who passed was not the queen. And that was her twin sister little bit that I grew up knowing as Liz Bennett. So both of them were in the system that was that was a fill in for her.

Speaker 6 2:07:57
One more thing, the Bible. It’s complete, right? There’s six books that are keeping from us.

Jessie Czebotar 2:08:05
Well, there is but it’s not. It’s not biblical, or so let me explain it this way. So the 66 books that are canonized in our scripture, were canonized all together, because all of them collectively talk about Jesus Christ. So they have all the prophecies, everything, you know, even the genealogies you know, we think, why are these all the all these long, boring genealogies in Scripture? And it’s because like when you break down the Hebrew of each of those names, literally all those big long list spell the gospel message, they tell about how God will send his son, who will be the sacrifice for the students. Yeah, the stiffnecked people. But it’s also in Chronicles, that all the priests who were first called to serve in the temple, you can break down their names and again, in order, you get the gospel message. So everything leads us to the truth about God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Now, the other books that they talked about, the reason they’re not in those 66 books, is because they don’t talk about Christ. You know, so they’re considered extra biblical books. The majority of them are okay, like they’re, they’re not bad. The Book of Enoch is one that teaches us about the angels, how the fallen angels came to Earth. They married women. They taught those women sorcery, divination, and all sorts of forms of witchcraft. So, you know, there are books, though, that are not good within those and really what you’re dealing with, you know, what we hear about the hidden knowledge, the hidden truth. That’s all part of the system and they’re great Floy to bring in the great apostle to see in the end is the great deception. And what is the deception that they want to bring in? It deals with Mary Magdalene, and Jesus. And they push that, you know, Mary and Jesus for lovers and that they had a child, a female, and that that female then became, you know, the one who carried on the lineage of Christ. Now, Scripture proves itself, I encourage anybody, anybody who has had somebody that they love die, you know, will know that this is true. We know in Scripture that Mary was one of the first ones to run to the to, and to see Jesus Christ after he resurrected from the dead. So, you know, my thought is I look at that, if you had somebody that you loved, that you had a child with, that, you know, meant as much to you as Jesus meant to marry, and you watched him be horrifically crucified, and then all of a sudden, he’s risen from the dead. The first words out of your mouth would not be a teacher. That’s exactly how she addresses Jesus, my teacher. Why, because that was the deepest, most endearing term. She had it for him. And that’s all that he was, he was the one who saved her. He was the one who raised her up and, and taught her how to live for Christ. And the Greek Orthodox Church. They contain the the most amount of records about Mary’s name, Dylan’s life, after the resurrection of Jesus. And they talk about how she was working right alongside of the apostles. She was highly involved in the widows ministries, she had an amazing ministry and was a very powerful woman of God. The Catholic Church does her a disservice. They want you to believe that, you know, that she was so scarred for life that she, you know, ended up going off to this little island and isolating herself and, you know, really kind of live in in the pits of despair after that. And why did they want you to believe that because they want you to believe their lie about the Great Apostasy. And they are attempting to bring that in with some of those theories. You’ll see that, you know, they tried to say, well, the Kennedys. They they come from that bloodline. They might be the seed of Christ. You know, guess what, if JFK Jr. Comes back, he’s got to be the Christ that Israel has been waiting for all these years, because they rejected Jesus. You know? So Scripture tells us that apostasy is coming. So we have to be wise, we have to be firm in our faith. And we have to stand in the truth. You know, and I don’t think it’s wrong to read any of those extra books. I encourage people to do so. But you know, just, you know, what you need to live? Is those 66 books? That’s all that we need. You know?

Speaker 6 2:13:24
Yeah, I believe that just that hurt, that they this law was keeping things from us.

Jessie Czebotar 2:13:30
They do. Yeah, the Vatican underground, their library was probably the third largest in the world. Of uncle occultic books. It’s not, you know, only high level members in the system are allowed to access that usually. Thank you. Anybody else? Do you start getting that we’ll start getting out of that piece? How do you get out of the Beast system? System? Well, I don’t think that we can fully get out because scripture says that this is, you know, that as the system of the Beast is happening, we also have the kingdom of God being ushered in. So I you know, I wouldn’t say that there’s, I guess, maybe I just wouldn’t put it in those terms. But getting out. I think what just needs to happen is we need to start living in the kingdom of God, as we live in the kingdom of God going to the courts of heaven, governing his house, you know, that system can’t operate or live in that system. And if we’re bringing a string in the kingdom of God here on Earth, that system is just going to dissipate part of you know, my courses on Kingdom living the first course you know, I break down for people who are we what is our identity in Christ? We’re the bride. We’re priests, and we’re the heirs, the sons of the living God. What is the enemy’s kingdom? How does it work and operate within our communities? You know, you can drive into any city, you’ll see the welcoming side, you’ll see little symbols on that side. It tell you not only the principalities, the demonic, you know, went over that triangle, the demonic principalities that are operating in that area, you’re also going to see who the Brotherhood system, which orders are working in that area. So in my courses, I teach you how to break down how to know who’s in your area that gives you, you know, the ability to intercede for those people. And once you understand how the system works, then you’re able to go in and really begin to make a difference. One of the things that I talked about in that course, is, I’m just going to kind of draw sideways here for a minute that you mentioned, the menorah, which represents the seven fold Holy Spirit, this is God’s original design, everything in creation, there’s God’s design, it is Holy Spirit, the seven fold spirit, like when you break it down, it begins to, you know, look like the individual body. And it also lines up, you know, they would show it a little bit different where you’ve got things here, but it lines up with your spiritual armor. And that whole layout became the layout as they were making churches and the Masons came through. They laid off the churches in cities, that way, representing the Holy Spirit. And you had the head church here, which would be the head water. You have churches here, which represent faith in the sort of the Spirit, you have righteousness, the belts of truth, and you have the gospel going out. What happens is they focus on this headwater right here. And they make sure that the Holy Spirit is not flowing in that church, where the Holy Spirit’s not flowing in the headwater church, then it’s not flowing out the rest of the body either, and you end up with dead works. But once you restore, so this is something that we do once you know, people have gone through the course. And they want to, you know, they say, I want to make a difference in my community. How do I start? We start with the waterway case, we literally, you know, have put together a case that you take before the courts of heaven, and you take the authority as the Church of Christ over the headwater springs. And you ask the Lord to forgive your area in the church for the sins. And as we take that authority back, we’re seeing miracles happen. One of the churches was down in Alabama, as we prayed and took that area back. Two weeks later, the pastor said, we have to build a well. We thought that the result was only going to be spiritual. We thought, as we took back that headwater spring church, we thought that we would see this mass amount of salvation start to happen in the area. And instead, literally, water started coming up from the ground. We’re now they have to build a well to patrolling. We had a second church in the Noca. County, Minnesota, which just so happens to be in the area with the courthouse where my affidavits are and where the seal was broken. As they took back that church, we were in prayer that they were doing it and the Lord gave me a vision of this mountain. And the Lord said, how do you want this mountain to move? And I said, Lord, you just showed me a verse in Isaiah, where it says that you’ve given us threshing sledges and their double edge. And I said, I want to just take a threshing sledge and I want to like just scoop up underneath that mountain, all that dirt and mud and wickedness and sin. go both ways. I just want it all exposed. Or you can look it up September 2022, and Noca. County, Minnesota, it actually rained mud that day. So God is moving in physical ways. So that’s the first thing that we do and we step by step. Through the different courses my second course will be filled It’s in March. And in that I begin to show people how to go into the courts of heaven. How do you build cases, whether it’s petitions, orders, claims? The Lord has shown me that there are four Kingdom currencies. We have store houses, he says there are pasture lands in heaven. And he said, sometimes prayers don’t get answered. And many times people feel like, Well, God didn’t give a yes or no. So it must mean I have to wait. And the Lord says, I hate when people wait. And you said, you know, look at the almond tree. And so I started looking into the almond tree. And the Lord said, if you wait for the seed to fall, by that time, the fruit is going to be rotten. He said, the almond tree has to be shaken to get the fruit. And in fact, you have to do several shakings because I found out that the fruit at the top that’s closer to the Sun ripens first. So if you wait till everything’s ready, you’re gonna miss a fruit that’s at the top. And so, the other currencies are the kings wealth and the hidden treasures. And the Lord wants us to go into the courtroom, he wants us to ask for these things. And not for ourselves. You know, in His Kingdom, things work differently. He wants us to live so that others have wealth, and he wants there to be no want in his body. So, you know, when we start to learn these different principles and concepts, you know, we’re really starting to live the kingdom mindset instead of in that battle on mindset.

Speaker 7 2:21:50
A couple of months ago, we were talking here about different symbolisms. And one of the lesser known ones came up was an owl. And it made me think of, I couldn’t think of the name at the time, but it was Bohemian Grove. What? I’m sure I know the answer. Do you know anything about that?

Jessie Czebotar 2:22:10
I do. Yeah. Bohemian Grove is one of their ritual groups, wherever you as president would go, to be basically initiate an ID or to go through their initial rituals. I have several shows that I have talked about that on. I believe it was my show that I do with David Sue Blick, which is on dark outpost that I’ve also talked about it on right on radio. So you might be able to pull up the Bohemian Grove episodes. So I break down like some of the things that were witnessed, there’s I did go through some of the rituals and saw some of the ritual ground under that statue of Molik, which is the owl. They, they have under their tunnels, and they have trees that are on the side with roots that go down into that system. And they always have to sacrifices the top area is what they call a sacrifice so that anybody coming in, they would see that and they will say oh, it was just a play. It was a script. Nobody really died. But the real sacrifice happens underground. So they always do this mocks Somerset melon off who’s the Queen’s cousin owns Bohemian Grove. And up until 2021. You know, they worked at Bohemian Grove communications were funneled through the Cathedral of Luxembourg, which is the Cathedral of Notre dam in France. So you have to ask why is the Catholic Church receiving phone calls for Bohemian Grove? And that ended because I made that known and was sharing some of their secret communications and the individual that received those communications that I witnessed was actually a member of our government that are going against and that is Calista Gingrich. The ambassador for the Holy sea
Unknown Speaker 2:24:25

So yeah. You know anything about Charlie or

Jessie Czebotar 2:24:34
not much about him? I know that the Ford family is in is one of the bloodline families, but I don’t have any direct information on him

Speaker 8 2:24:51
how long? How old were you when you said that? They were sacrificing and you were supposed to use the dagger Did you say you are five

Jessie Czebotar 2:24:59
I was about Five there.

Speaker 8 2:25:02
That’s just mind blowing. I mean, all I remember about being five is eating graham crackers and drinking milk. So, like, just what was your mom aware of all of this?

Jessie Czebotar 2:25:15
No, not until later. She was aware when I was 10. After the Lord had released me one day, one of my younger brothers and I were discussing, actually asked in church in Wisconsin, where the ritual wall is, and we were talking about the ritual wall. And my mom happened to walk by the hallway, and stopped and said, Was I talking in my sleep? Because she felt we were sharing like one of her nightmares. And I said, No, mom. And she said, she said, Well, why are you talking about the handprints on the wall? And I said, Well, it’s a real place. And she said, it is she’s like, you know where it is? We said, yeah, they told her the location. So that was the first time it was after that. That was the first time we tried to contact police. It turned

Speaker 8 2:26:09
out without her knowledge and stuff to train you.

Jessie Czebotar 2:26:14
Will she be at work every day, so and then at nighttime was when they would drag her and stuff. But they have they it’s a very synchronized, it’s a very synchronized system. Yeah, so the school always had the marked present, even though I wasn’t there. You know, if anybody, they would have neighbors who would watch who would signal if something wasn’t right, there were times like one time she’d come home early from work, because she didn’t feel good. And the neighbor lady was like, Oh, honey, let me come take care of you and escorted her to her house and made her soup and detain her all day. And, you know, till Finally it was time, and we were home. So they have watchers and different people in the system, who like helped to make sure that things are not discovered or found.

Speaker 5 2:27:08

So speaking of initiations, one thing that we’ve seen is the black guy club. Right? So what does that ritual represent? Like nobody, we shouldn’t have that many politicians bowing down, not using their hands to break the fall, and all

Jessie Czebotar 2:27:23
black be it can be two hours, it can be three things. The first thing is that they will get black eyes, sometimes they will, when they use the second, the psychosis amount of Adrenochrome, which makes them go crazy. And rituals, it is common for them to inject it under the eye. They also, if their mind controlled some of those programs, they literally will remove the eye, put a chip or some device back there, and then return the eyes. So at that time, they would have a black guy. But the most common reason we see it is because there is a specific Masonic ritual, you know, they will be in their normal ritual circle. And they’ll have the easel setup with the great book and the compass on it. They literally put their eye on the book, and they swear a vow that if they break secrets, or if they tell it will come at the cost of their left eye. So that’s why we see a lot of times it’s a remembrance, and sometimes they will mere which AI it’s in, but everybody who sees it knows that it it’s that reminder, you need to keep the silence.

Speaker 6 2:28:46
How do you see the What’s your view on the N times? Like are you sort of dispensationalist sort of idea or do you think you think right now we’re heading into a better time are we heading toward tribulation as the as Revelation, it gets worse,

Jessie Czebotar 2:29:04
I believe we are heading towards tribulation. But I also believe, you know, Scripture talks about in Micah four and other places that there will be a period of time before the Antichrist fully steps out. Where, you know, we’re gonna see the captives come out, we’re gonna see this influx of the Holy Spirit’s power, and, you know, the body of Christ walking into demonstration, the horse Spirits power. So I believe that that’s happening right now. You know, from things that I see on the timeline. You know, I’ve always kind of seen the Tribulation is kind of, you know, not quite three, three year periods. But I see it as kind of, you know, close to that we’ve got these sections of three year periods before the final one at the end. I am not somebody who believes in the pre rapture from what I I’ve seen in Scripture I see more of a support for post Rapture. But I fully believe we can pray. Because if God wants to come early, I’m all for that. But I think we shouldn’t keep that our book on that. I think we need to be prepared. Because if we have to go through the Tribulation, we need to be ready because we are the body of Christ who are governing his house in his courts. Okay, I’ve been
Unknown Speaker 2:30:31
here because it was right up to your

Speaker 9 2:30:34
I understand all of everything that you’ve said, I’ve kind of, we’ve kind of studied this and have heard all of this in the past three years. And I can’t sit here any longer and think, how is it going to stop? I mean, how are we going to stop killing babies? And stop allowing this to happen? What I mean, how involved is President Trump? I mean, I’ve heard so many different things that he’s been working in all of these things when he first came into office in 2018. And he did the tour of the world. And he went and presented all this information to all these different leaders, and had all this information on them. Because this is the biggest business in the entire world. Now is coming out. I mean, everybody’s starting to learn about it. Well, when the heck is it going to stop? Who how is this ever going to stop?

Jessie Czebotar 2:31:28
You know, from what I’m hearing? I believe military will be the only way. I’ve we’ve heard that. Right. And I understand that I was Harry’s involved. So how I you know, I watch a lot of the movement. I know, you know, we’ve seen especially in the past few weeks, again, there’s been a lot more takes coming in more military planes, things are being put in a position. You know, when I I look back, and Trump is really one of the few people along with those military people who heard my voice and took action. You know, when I told them where things were, how things were operating, they started to go in and take action. You know, I’m not somebody who believes, you know, he’s the savior. I believe he’s, he’s a simple man, even, you know, that’s what we see. He claims that, you know, he proclaims Jesus Christ. He’s done that a couple of times publicly. I see that walk with God, because he has not turned, you know, through the hardest parts of this fight. You know, with the light side turned on everybody. Many people had to make choices. He could have turned away and said, Hey, kid, this is you know, where we stop, you know, thank you for helping the country. Thank you for all you’ve done. He did. What did he do? He put by affidavits and other people’s affidavits into a RICO case, under his name to safeguard us. You know, he literally put his life on the line to do that. When Mar Lago was raided. What did he give up? Did he pull things out of the court? No, he’s get your affidavits in, you know, we’re still marching forward. So he’s been there lockstep the whole way. You know, which I appreciate. Because in this fight, no, not many people have done that for me. You know, so, I mean, go back, look at all that he’s done. You know, while he was in office, he set up an MSc, the committee he sent over all the embassies, is run by a woman, Bella, I can never say her last name is like hen Anakee, who is a survivor, she was trafficked. And he purposely put women in this committee to oversee the embassies because they knew what survivors go through. They know what to look for. They know how to talk to survivors. And it ensures that then anybody being trafficked internationally, has a safe place to go with to tell their story with people who are going to believe that and who are going to know what to do to help get them out. So you know, that’s just one of the things that you did you listen to his last rallies, he began to put words out there. No president has ever spoken. No, no president ever talks about torture. He has specifically said in a rally, satanic ritual. No president has ever said that. So you know, that’s what we’re pushing. We’re pushing to get things because see, the system is considered a religion, which the courts can’t move on, because it’s one of our inalienable rights. So they literally walk away scot free. But it’s this thing’s that’s what I’m trying to prove. I mean, I try to prove this as a system and a bit isness and they’re committing crimes against children and humanity.

Speaker 9 2:35:06
But wouldn’t you say, and I, I understand what you just said, but just as like, maybe didn’t seem as loving of Jesus, as one person said, or you’re waiting for your partner. And he’s been doing this, you’ve been talking to him for about six years, but he’s still on the other side. This is an example of, it’s not our timeline. It’s God’s we have to do. What, hopefully, we’ve awakened. And the thing is, is more and more people are awakening. But you know, God didn’t find you your love of your life. And in 30 seconds, not, you know, we hear the songs about, you know, thankful for unanswered prayers and stuff like that. And sometimes we just have to keep trusting like, I remember a teacher, I went to Catholic school, or my eighth grade teacher saying, you know, someone came in here and had a gun on my child and said, Do you believe in price? Shoot, and she actually said, I don’t know if I could say that. Now, I don’t have any children. I’m 50, I’m a child, I would trust that my mom would say I believe in Christ, because if that is what needed to be done, that’s how I was raised. And I would be in God’s glory. So it’s okay. And my mom would believe that I was in God’s glory. And it was okay. Because how many times that doesn’t actually happen when someone’s strong enough to say no, but sometimes, you know, and like I was, I turned that around, and, and I realized, we all want this to be over. It’s like, okay, it’s gonna happen. Now it’s gonna happen. Now, the thing is, this thing is so much bigger than all of us can even imagine. And things are coming together. And the more and more stuff gets thrown at the wall, they’re getting even crazier out there. I mean, people are tattooing their vaccine garden, on their arms. And you’re wondering how the Holocaust happened. And like, people are intentionally doing what they’re a large group of people want them to do. And trust me, I know all about wanting to be impatient. And like, it’s got to happen now. But we just have to keep just trusting that it’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen. And he’s hopeful and praying that even though he gave us all free will, then we’ll have more on our sites that were worth saving. Otherwise, we’re still going to have the glory of God in the end. If the other takes over, as long as we have given to him when he’s asked us. So because this is already happening, this is it. This is this is inhabit as much as wonderful and things we have here. That’s so much grander than we can imagine. That isn’t a test, we would like, we would like it to happen now. And whatever. But in the end, we’re still getting the best gift. And,

Jessie Czebotar 2:38:09
and this word says in Revelations that they overcome the evil one, and the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. That’s all each of us has to give is, you know, are we going to receive that blood? That was the payment, you know, for sins against the wrath of God? And are we going to then move to the next phase where we give our testimonies? And that’s how we get to that place of overcoming. Oh, very good. Go ahead.

Speaker 10 2:38:41
Okay. So what do you think about Elon Musk and the AI that he has created? Like there’s so much artificial intelligence that he’s created? Such as like, Chad GPT? I don’t know if you’ve heard of it’s a search engine. That’s like 10 times crazier than Google can answer any question. There’s just so many different things. He literally said that it’s so scary good. It’s like he’s literally saying is dangerously evil. And he’s created.

Jessie Czebotar 2:39:07
What I will rephrase, he has not created it. Nothing is new under the sun. You even like the neuro link, the neuro link. It’s just gotten a new name. But it was a device created by Josef Mengele that was put in children and survivors in their, I’d say probably from the 60s to the 80s where they were doing gross testes experiments with that. It also included animals, and it was for the purpose of controlling the mind. In fact, I know a survivor who has that in her and they they no surgeon will touch her, they will not remove it. So nothing’s new, you know, Elans family member he had a Nazi family member he was in the projects and experiments with me. What I can tell you is that Elon has seen my affidavits, he has confirmed the rituals where I talk about that I witnessed him personally experiencing, I encourage you to go to Timothy Charles And he did a series called What did Elon know. And he talks about some of the things that I testified to that Elon experienced. Last month, Ilan was called to testify in the Tennessee court. In the case home, Seth versus Levi page, about his satanic ritual experiences, I have been told that he has come to the Lord, and that he is working to bring forward his testimony about his childhood satanic ritual abuse that you experienced. I believe that the Twitter files, that that is all part of the good military, helping those of us children who have come forward about the system to begin to bring forward evidences about the crimes that have been committed. So that’s what I can say that.

Speaker 10 2:41:14
Okay, and then the only last one I had was just about the celebrities like Jay Z, Kanye West, how they always say, they’re a part of the Illuminati. I’ve even seen the video about Jim Carrey, where he was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live, he literally started exposing the Illuminati and all the signs and all that. And Jamie was just acting like it’s nothing. So I was just wondering, what’s your take on that? And if they’re truly a part of it, if you know anything about

Jessie Czebotar 2:41:38
they are a part of it. Yeah. And the Illuminati is just one of the other sub needs for the safe system we’re talking about. Yes, Kanye. While all of them Jay Z and his wife are high priests and priestesses, Kanye is a High Priest as well as Kim Kardashian. With him, I am not fully confirmed, or I do not fully believe he’s trying to get out of the system. I see him more struggling and being pulled back in as a false prophet and possibly a false Christ. He turned his name to Ye, which is a sub derivative of yah. He was actively involved in energy, magic and rituals with Justin dever and Manson, even though they’re singing a song about Jesus, you know, they’re facing inward in the middle of a circle and rubber boots. Why are they in the rubber boots because they have to ground themselves because they’re moving, Basma energy. You know, he did it me that ritual where he set himself on fire. And that declared him that’s a ritual the high priests will go through. In the high Masonic system, when they are saying that they’re kind of moving to that next stage of higher enlightenment. It’s a way that they declare themselves gods, Gods of fire. And so he’s declared himself a god in the Masonic world. And this was after he did the whole Jesus Sunday tour. Which to me when I watched that to where, you know, there, were getting people moving, you got that energy, that rhythm, which is exactly the same as the witchy energy healers I experienced in the system. And irony of all ironies, the last song on that tour is named sunshine, which was my ritual name. And it is a summons to come and to finish the entire ritual stuff. So go back, listen to that song. And take it as a summons and you’ll be like, Oh, wow, he’s not talking about Jesus. So

Speaker 10 2:44:12
very last one, I’m giving the mic away afterwards, Kyrie Irving. Is

Jessie Czebotar 2:44:17
you have you ever not sure on that one?

Speaker 3 2:44:19
Okay. Yeah. Thank you. Really quick. So you were naming obviously artists, singers and other people along with Kanye, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian. Are there any athletes that you’re able to name that you’re aware of? Or have?

Jessie Czebotar 2:44:33
Yes, Thomas Brady was the honorarium for the high priests that I knew and died during the last Super Bowl when they honor Tom Brady. And that Super Bowl is the year that matches the Masonic number or degree that my Thomas Brady was. So that whole thing was an honorarium to the high priests. So out of the Chicago, Illinois church when you die. So a lot of our sports people will be named after real high priests or priestesses who are hidden in the system, and will carry their name. And they it’s like they’re honoring the one eye honoree the other. Wow.

Speaker 5 2:45:23
That’s crazy. So we’re going to finish up. But yeah, I did want to comment on that too. Because if you know what you’re looking for, like, I think one of the rules in Freemasonry is method of Revelation. So we can’t say we were coerced. Right? Right. So that the tell us what they’re doing. And you’ll see across any musical genre, country, rap, hip hop, heavy metal, album covers, all of them will cover one eye, right? It’s

Jessie Czebotar 2:45:49
more like the one you see in sports all the time is this, they have to give assigned a symbol or a token, this is the order of the monitor, or the order of the scarlet cord. And why they have that, you know, arrow is, as their symbol is because then, like they all focus on Bible stories to that tell them how, or what is the approved way of living in that brotherhood, right it within their circle. So for order, if the monitor order the scarlet cord, which a lot of sports stars are. They, you know, their focus is on the relationship that King David had with Jonathan. And the arrow represents, you know, when David had to flee from Saul, because Saul was pursuing him. And they take it a step farther. Because it’s not just that, you know, David and Jonathan were brothers who loved each other, they have to define the love. And that definition is through sodomy. So everything yet it gets really interesting, I do a lot of breakdown, you know, several different shows each week, if you go to Kingdom living, which, you can find out the shows that I speak on weekly. So a lot of your questions and the different topics. I’ve spent the past, you know, three years, really breaking down trying to cover all the details. You know, to give people the best understanding of how this system works, who’s in it? You know, what methods are they using? How are they operating in your community? And what can you do? You know, what do you start doing? How do you make that shift, to literally drive the wickedness out? And really live in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Speaker 5 2:47:46
Yeah, one other quick one is this, you trace the circle, eternal, my fingers that 666?

Jessie Czebotar 2:47:53
You see some of that? And even Christian? Yeah, well, let me break down for you a little further. So all the magazine covers, they put out publicly, particularly Vogue and the ones that you’re going to find in your grocery store. That symbol, you’ll notice changes, where it’s not always like this, when it is like this, with the fingers straight up and down. They’re communicating to each other that rituals are in the north. You see that weird one, which I can’t do, you know, they’re going opposite ways. That means that rituals are going to be held in the north and in the south. When you see the hand going this way, it represents that rituals are going to be in the East. And when their fingers are back a little bit, they’re telling each other the main rituals are going to be in the West. So they are communicating to each other all the time, right in front of our faces, just even through the grocery lines, telling each other where the high priests and priestesses are together for sacrifices.

Speaker 5 2:48:55
All right, yeah, we’re gonna have to wrap here, because I want to pray and just close it out. But I know a lot of this. Some of you guys are hearing this for the first time, and it does kind of hit hard. And it does drum up a little fear. But no weapon, fashion against us formed against us shall prosper. And I think it’s, you know, when you said, One, the rule number one is silence. And I think Jesus said, If no one spoke, even the very rots would cry out. You can’t do can’t suffer God, you can’t trick them. You can’t do anything. He’s. So we wake up the shine every day. And the reason why we have to be aware that Jesus said, Stay close to me, and have your eyes wide open, have ears to hear. So it’s not to be afraid. It’s because we’re walking in power and authority. We don’t have to be afraid of this stuff. We walk and we just tell it to go. So leave eviction notice if you’re gone. So it’s not to be afraid it’s to be aware so that we’re not duped because He said there’s going to be many false prophets, false Christ, there’s there’s going to be tons of stuff to try to pull us away. And that’s Jesus said 78 times, he gets many warnings that stay close to me that word in the Greek real quick, I’m not going to preach. It means like a child, holding on to their parents and Greeks, you know, when they’re in a big crowd, that stay close that word means to grab your parents like belt loop, so that you can’t be separated for them. That’s what Jesus says, I want you to do that with me grab on to my belt loop. And no matter how big and crazy the crowd gets, and you stay close to me, you say to Barry, so

Jessie Czebotar 2:50:39
we took we broke down a lot of authority that we have in Christ and focus more on that on Sunday. So I really encourage you guys to go back and watch that video from Sunday.

Speaker 5 2:50:51
And the website, it’s got a ton of stuff. Yeah, I mean, we should come for a week, and probably just keep scratching the surface. There’s a lot of stuff so All right, let’s do this. If everybody can just stretch forth your hand towards Jessie, I’m gonna pray for her. Because it this is kind of like a Paul call. She’s got in her life. You know, it’s it’s never easy. It’s the shipwreck snakebite looks like it’s all at every turn. There’s a problem. But keep going. So Father would just lift up, Jesse to you and we just thank you for saving her. So reaching into the darkest pit on Earth and pulling her out.

Speaker 5 2:51:38
How awesome are you God? The Father, we just pray she continues to move forward as she continues to be like the woman and locating and pesters the court system for justice. God, would you give her justice? Would you make a way for these affidavits to get through? Would you make a way for her even to get in front of Congress and speak about these things? You call this to be salt in light and that’s what we’re asking for here Lord is still walk in the promise of being light. Even when it looks impossible, you can make away you already have in you will never stop doing that. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen. So there’s a box back there if you want to support Jesse with a check, just put a little note in the memo if you want to get through of his house, go through the app or the website and just put a little note there for the memo mark. Jesse, I’ll make sure it gets to her

Speaker 6 2:52:42
horseflesh I don’t think was answered How can we help her or and or the whole thing? What can we do to be part of the health? Can we bless our part?

Jessie Czebotar 2:52:56
Mostly prayer, right. So and continuing to push the information. There’s such an effort to literally stop you know what, when I was speaking online, I have you know, the people like I said they pre published my affidavits. Literally they’re trying to shut down every website every show. They go on and they valid stop harass my show hosts the past few weeks. They have been non stop writing the platforms that host my shows and making complaints trying to literally get my stuff taken off. So helping to share you know, get it out there, share it with your friends,
Unknown Speaker 2:53:44

Share the video, share the videos,

Jessie Czebotar 2:53:46
that’s the biggest

Speaker 6 2:53:48
it’s okay for you to be seen on these videos like

Speaker 5 2:53:53
yeah, she also has a book table back there if you guys want to support that way too.

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