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22 April 2023

Illuminati Training Intel

Secret Military Child Exploitation

SRA Affidavit Hunt At Mar-a-Lago

Border Invasion & Human Trafficking

Elon Musk In-Depth

QFS & The Future Of Money

Israeli Antichrist Preparations

Standing Up For Innocence

AI From A Biblic…

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Patriot out Hello everyone and welcome to Patriot underground today. is April 21 2023, thank you so much for joining me folks to Discover the Truth beneath the surface. As always, I really do appreciate everybody out there taking the time to listen. So tonight, I have the pleasure of welcoming back Jesse’s a boater to the show. I do believe this is our fourth conversation. And we’ve had some really interesting ones, haven’t we, Jesse, and there have been a lot of new developments. Since the last time we spoke, I think we could also agree on that. So I’m anxious to get your perspective on a wide variety of issues. And she’s going to talk a little bit more about her background once we get into the interview here. But Jesse has had a very unique perspective on everything that’s unfolding, in this whole great awakening journey, having been born into the system, and having extricated herself from this web of unspeakable evil. So she’s able to provide us with insights that very few other people can or have the courage to. So Jess, welcome back to the show. It’s great to have you back. Tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to. I know that you’re a very busy woman, you’re all over the place, I imagine that you’ve probably got some events coming up with the nicer weather rolling in. So tell us what you’ve been up to? And then we’ll get it rolling.

Jessie Czebotar  6:11

Yeah, definitely, I have a couple of events coming up. The first one is May 12, through 13th, in Orlando, Florida. And that’s with my co host, George with the reveal report. And I encourage people, you know, connect to the reveal report, you can purchase the tickets on there, we’re going to have a special guests with us this year. And that’s Gary Wayne, who is the author of the Genesis six conspiracy. So that’s going to be a great event. I think we’re all we’re sold out a VIP tickets, but encourage people to look into that. Get on the list, because that’s going to be a great time of, you know, getting to talk to Gary and myself and George. So that’s the first event. The second event is called beautifully adorned. And that’s a retreat focused on healing. And, you know, really, it’s meant to give you resources tools, doesn’t matter if you’re a survivor, if you’re someone who’s been programmed, or if you’re someone who’s just had trauma challenges in life, or a caregiver, you know, this event is meant to really just put tools in people’s hands, that helps you learn how to navigate the healing process through many different avenues. So I encourage people to attend those. The second one is in Austin, Texas, and you can get those tickets on Kingdom living with [](

Patriot Underground  7:37

Awesome. Sounds like you got a very busy month coming up. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. All right, well, that’s great. I mean, I wish I could get to Orlando or Austin for either one of those. Unfortunately, my schedule won’t allow it. But I’m sure there are probably a lot of people out there who would love the opportunity to attend these events to get an opportunity to talk to you and some of the great folks that you work with. Now, before we hit the record button. Tonight, I you had reminded me about a very important link for Timothy Charles homestead, who was a very close colleague of yours. So I just wanted to direct everybody’s attention. I’m going to put the link in the description, but I’m going to have you just speak for a moment about where this funding is going to be going. I think probably a lot of folks out there. Most have heard of Timothy’s work. But if you could just sort of speak briefly about that, just to give folks an idea of what that’s all about.

Jessie Czebotar  8:27

Yeah, definitely. Timothy is, you know, the journalist who has the sole rights to publish my affidavits and put my information out there. So you know, I encourage people to follow him because his, the news that he puts out is right on. You know, he’s got so much that’s out there, beyond my stuff, where he’s putting tons of puzzle pieces together for people so that they can see the facts as they are. And, you know, you’re getting the real news on there. You know, he’s going to put out the questions, he’s going to put out the research, he’s going to put out his investigations on things. And, you know, I enjoy following him. As all people like myself, you know, he’s a whistleblower, is somebody that has really gone to all lengths to keep the focus on the truth, what are the true issues that we’re facing? One of the biggest ones is, you know, the truth about satanic ritual and child trafficking and child sexual exploitation. So, you know, a lot of it deals with stuff in that regards. So I encourage people to follow Him and to help support him. So the link is there and, you know, like myself, he’s somebody who’s been hit hard with harassers, with intimidation with death threats, with people, you know, even trying to pull him into the courts to silence him and shut him down. So, you know, I think he calls his GoFundMe is live to tell. And you know, there couldn’t be a truer statement, This man has put his life on the line to bring forward the truth. So, you know, we can all gather together and whatever you can give, it helps. And, you know, just remember, these are ongoing needs for individuals that, you know, can’t always be in the limelight, they can’t always get regular jobs or, you know, work regularly because of the harassment and threats and things like that. So, definitely support is needed.

Patriot Underground  10:35

Absolutely. He’s an absolute warrior. And I’ll tell you, I mean, I have been following his work for quite some time. And some of the some of the videos that he’s put out are just I mean, it really, it brings you right back to it, as you put it, you know, what’s the most important issue or the most important issues that really we’re all fighting for, at the core of what we’re fighting for. And we’re going to be talking about a lot of different aspects of this war tonight. But in my view, and I think Jesse would agree with me that there’s nothing more important than putting the spotlight on the issues that you just mentioned, having to do with the exploitation to satanic ritual abuse, the production of Adrenochrome, that the really deep dark secrets of the Illuminati of the Cabal, the system, as you call it, or the brotherhood that we’re going to talk about tonight that, I mean, you’ve actually witnessed up close and personal and you’ve talked about Yeah,

Jessie Czebotar  11:23

that’s right. I mean, yeah, I mean, you know, it’s like election interference is, is vitally important. You know, the way that our society handles, you know, presidents the information that they take, after they leave office, all these things are important. But really, you know, I feel like a lot of that stuff is being used to cover up the the true issues, you know, the news is not putting out things about, you know, the satanic ritual or the sexual exploitation of children. You know, and how serious it really is, you know, that’s really what our border issue is all about. You know, it’s about that exploitation of children and about human trafficking.

Patriot Underground  12:09

Absolutely, it is. All right. Well, I, I’ll tell you, I would love I know that he doesn’t do a lot of interviews, but I would love to get him on he and you together on the show. That would be truly amazing. I don’t know if you’re, I know you’re in contact with him. But you know, if he if he watches this, or you want to mention that to him? I don’t know if that’s a possibility. But wow,

Jessie Czebotar  12:27

I think he’s he’s posted. He’s pretty posted this shows that you’ve done in the past. So maybe he’ll hear he’ll hear your request.

Patriot Underground  12:35

Hopefully, yeah. Well, Timothy, if you’re listening, I’d love to get you on with Jess, I think that would be a podcast for the ages, to be honest with you to really, you know, get into these issues in the way that only the two of you really can. Alright. Well, that being said, I think that’s actually a nice sort of preamble to what we’re going to get into tonight. And like I say, you know, we’re gonna be talking about, you know, issues on the surface, we’re going to be talking about things beneath the surface. But I think it’s very important that we that we lead off with that, and this kind of ties into my first question to you. And it’s sort of, I guess, less of a question, but more of a request. Now, I mean, there are many different aspects to your story, many of which you’ve already shared during our previous conversations. But there are new people coming on every single day. I mean, every week, I get, you know, 100 Odd new subscribers, to my show. And I know that there are more and more people who are tuning in. So some people might not be aware of who you are, and you know, what you’ve done. And these folks who are relatively new to the truth movement, I think could really benefit from hearing you explain a little bit about your background. And maybe you could talk a little bit about some of the training that you were forced into by the Brotherhood, just kind of to provide a backdrop and I know that you could probably talk about, I mean, we could talk about this single subject for the entire show, but maybe just to kind of condense what you view as some of the most key aspects of your experiences that folks who haven’t been introduced to your work should know, as a sort of background to everything they’re about to hear you talk about.

Jessie Czebotar  14:09

Yeah, definitely. And again, I encourage people, a really great place to start to get a little bit more of that background information would be to watch our previous show, but also, kind of in a nutshell, I lay it out in my petition to Congress, which you can find on Timothy Charles Home []( and just search, you know, Jesse’s voters petition to Congress. In there I talk about, you know, how the US government, the US military has been weaponized against individuals. These are people like me, who were, you know, simply just born into a family that is part of this Luciferian brotherhood. And it’s important to put those two terms together because really, you know, this brotherhood system is So Ferien in nature. And so I was born into that system, both sides of my mother’s side were involved in that, and very high positions, I was being trained to take the top position within the system, which was the queen, mother of darkness. And my training began at age four and a half. You know, it was very intense it was every day, you know, for a period of the time I was seven, and, or sorry, four until I was 10. And it was at age 10, when I got out. But, you know, this is very organized system. And I’ve worked really hard in a lot of the videos that I do to show, you know, how they operated, how they function, how they train children, how they program people, things like that, that I was privy to a lot of my training beyond, you know, just being Satanic in nature, and, you know, experiencing rituals, mass murders, you know, things like that. A lot of my training was also with the US military and a few select projects, which included the looking glass. In that one, we were introduced to what are called spiritual gates. And in that we would interface with the Spiritual World, I was somebody that had visions. So I would see, you know, in those interfaces, I would see visions of the future events. As with the other children that were with me, one of those boys in that project with me, was my training partner. The other one was Elon Musk, who many are familiar with. So after we were finished with that project, you know, we would move to the next stage, which was the start the Stargate projects, which ours was called Star Wars now. And people can look this up, you know, the FBI has released out of their vault, the Star Wars now project from April 24 1984. You’ll see in that when you get it, it’s the redacted version, which means that they hid the fact that children were involved in that weapons display project. They hide the children with the word potential. So wherever you see that word potential substituted for child, and you’ll get a whole different view of what that project was really about. It was about moving energy about opening spiritual gates. And, you know, just very interesting things. The big thing I bring out against that, that I want to bring before Congress is that, you know, our US government and military weaponize children to, you know, teaching children how to use their spiritual gifts, how to access energy. You know, basically, we were weaponized and then bought, sold and traded to nations and that particular report, there were many nations that were there to witness that display. And they were buying and selling and trading children in that event. The next project that we were part of, is the voice of God Project. And that is the end time based project as well. With that, you’ve got two sets of children involved. The first set are the ones that they call elfa. And those children are trained to prepare for endtime events and scenarios and to get things ready. So that, you know, everything leads to those events and scenarios happening. The second group of children are called omega, and that most of those who have been chosen for that particular project are what we would consider sleeper cells right now, where they won’t be triggered until the event begins to unfold. And then their job is to make sure that event is fulfilled. And, you know, to see it through so very interesting things with with the government, the military, at the head of those programs, I bring up my testimony that basically the individual who was heading those up and training the individuals who were in charge of those programs, was a Nazi by the name of Michael Carr Kok, who was the Ukrainian legion of defense leader or Adolf Hitler. And you know, the truth about that then is that you know, World War Two did not end the way we thought it did. Many of those Nazi leaders came into our country, and began to work with our government and our military, and began to, you know, create projects and different experiments that included children. So those are important things that we need to be aware of, as we interpret everything that’s happening in our world right now and currently.

Patriot Underground  20:26

Absolutely, I agree. And you raised a whole bunch of topics that I could ask you about. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna ask you a couple of follow up questions based on what you just laid out there. And I think that, you know, we’ve covered a lot of this in our previous conversations, and certainly in other interviews, you’ve talked about these at length. But, you know, it just kind of struck me that you’re able to very calmly say that you experienced mass murderers. I know. And that’s something that is just beyond the scope of even the ability to perceive for most people. I mean, just just witnessing one of these horrific crimes would be enough, I think, to break an average person. And that’s why one of the reasons why I have so much respect for you, but just for those people out there who haven’t heard, could you mention, because you’ve, you’ve seen these horrific events happen, and we don’t want to get into, you know, we don’t need to get into graphic detail necessarily. But can you mention some of the household names that you’ve seen personally commit these types of atrocities? For those who haven’t heard?

Jessie Czebotar  21:31

Yeah, some of that was released publicly by droll law firm, after they unlawfully unsealed by affidavits out of the district of Minnesota courts. But some of the people that, you know, I’ve mentioned are named with include, you know, Vice President Pence, John Kerry, you also have the Cheney’s you know, many of the politicians that were familiar with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, the bushes. You know, I’ve named presidents such as Ronald Reagan as well, who were involved in Ronald Reagan was president there at that day, with the Star Wars now project on April 20/24 1984. So a lot of big names, both with our government, US military, as well as our intelligence community.

Patriot Underground  22:30

That’s incredible. So a lot of people think that Reagan was a good guy, and then he was trying to do the best he could for the country. And, you know, that’s kind of the narrative that you hear a lot about him. Now, you saw him what you said, you said he was president at the Star Wars now.

Jessie Czebotar  22:44

Correct. So what I what I bring forward is that, you know, he, he was very aware that the US military was using children in projects, and, you know, was supporting was involved in the buying, selling and trading of children as weapons to, you know, among the countries.

Patriot Underground  23:06

Okay, wow. Yeah, that’s absolutely amazing. So I mean, to hear that our own military, I know, for my audience, this is not shocking, but I think for most people to hear not only that, our military, and we could kind of have a discussion about this, but I was gonna say that our military can’t be fully trusted. But also the fact that they have been directly involved and really heading up these operations that have weaponized children. And of course, that’s just, I mean, it’s unspeakable. And this is something that I do believe needs to come out. And it really does raise the question, because so much of my show is, you know, and many others out there based upon, you know, the Q movement and the Q drops and the concept, in essence, that we have a white hat military alliance that’s fighting these evil forces behind the scenes, underground, primarily. And of course, this is, you know, coming out, bursting onto the surface more and more, but the fundamental question in a lot of people’s minds is to what extent can we really trust the military given all of this horrific behavior and given their involvement in all these things? So I’m sure you have a unique perspective on that. So what what do you say?

Jessie Czebotar  24:17

There is? Yeah, I mean, I think there is a good, you know, there’s a good military that isn’t behind the scenes working, bringing these truths forward. You know, they’ve been listening, they’ve been going in, they’ve been, you know, going through the tunnels. They’ve been, you know, rescuing children, they’ve been destroying some of those places so they can’t be used again. So I do believe that they’re, you know, that there are a few good men and women out there as hard as it is. But at the same time, we we have a military complex that, you know, really is has been behind the scenes, those individuals are connected to not only Nazism, but you know, part of that history with the Nazis connects right back to that Luciferian brotherhood at the very top, you know, they’re York Scottish Rite masons, they are Nazis, they were, you know, the swastika on their robes. You know, they, they worship Lucifer. And, you know, they go by many names I’ve brought out in some of my work, you know, that, how they try to confuse people, you know, they do that by going by so many different names, but that brotherhood umbrella is over everything, you know, so sometimes they call themselves that cut balls, sometimes, you know, it would be Kabbalah, Mason, Mormon, Satanists, Jesuit Catholic, so they fit into, you know, one of those departments, or sometimes they go beyond that, where they can, you know, they get into the skull and bones, they have all these different order names that they have. So bring a lot of that out, particularly the top three orders, which are going to be the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Order of the Phoenix and the highest order, which is the order of Melchizedek. And that order, you know, it’s not the real priesthood of Melchizedek that we read about in Scripture, that we’re told that we are a part of, if we’re a Christian, you know, they twist, they, they believe, in essence, that they themselves can be enlightened and become God themselves, you know, that they’ll, they’ll be gods. So these are the individuals that we’re dealing with. And for people interested in finding out more about that, you know, I encourage you to read some of their own reflection books. One of those is called initiated the flames as a reflection book, you know, it’s, it’s nothing dangerous, you’re not going to be opening up something to demonic spirits coming into your home. You know, it’s just simply a reflection book. And it’s got a lot of information in there about what they believe and how, you know, the Brotherhood system breaks down into some of those orders that I’ve talked about. In there, they talk about who they believe God is, you know, I think it’s around chapter six to eight, where literally, they say Lucifer is, is God, in their terms, and yet, what do they call him in public? You know, they call him, God, almighty, God, the owl clench Steen? God who blows the wind into the heart of men. And when you just hear those terms, here’s somebody using God Almighty, you know, you think of God, the Creator, the father, you know, that we all all Christians worship, but that’s not who they connect that to, you know, and in that book is where it comes out that, you know, when they use that term, they’re referring specifically to Lucifer. So

Patriot Underground  28:13

Wow, that’s incredible. So when when we see these people get out there, and you know, they, let’s just say former presidents, for example, and they go to the church, and they’re, you know, they go through the motions, they create the pantomime. But what they’re really doing is they’re worshipping Satan in plain sight.

Jessie Czebotar  28:30

Yeah, they’re performing a ritual. And, you know, that book even talks about, you know, that when individuals in that order are in public, they’re supposed to wear certain colors to represent their identity in that order. So how many times have we seen, you know, at those inauguration or important, you know, Presidential Affairs or events, and we see the women wearing purple with with white pearls? Well, believe it or not, but that’s the dress code that’s mesh mentioned and initiates of the flame. So when you see those women dressed in purple with pearls, you know, now that it represents that they’re part of that order of Melchizedek.

Patriot Underground  29:14

Wow, that’s incredible. All right. Well, I have so many other questions that I could ask you. But I think one that still actually a couple that I still have to touch upon before we move on, because I think they’re really important. You mentioned the Looking Glass project. And the process of opening up spiritual gates, which I think a lot of people in a different context would refer to them as portals. I think we’ve kind of talked about this in the past. And you were chosen for this because you had the ability to have these visions right where you were able to project into the future. So can you tell us Do you still, I mean, certainly, it’s been many years since you’ve extricated yourself from the Brotherhood. But I would imagine that you still Have those same kind of psychic abilities? Can you talk a little bit about that? Do you still have them? Do you still exercise those abilities? And how does it kind of manifest in your life today? Now that you’re, while you’ve always really been on the good side, you were born into this evil system, your heart has always been with God. So I don’t want to say since you switch sides, but you know, you know what I mean, now that you’re confronting Satan. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah.

Jessie Czebotar  30:24

I mean, it’s important to distinguish, you know, I wouldn’t, I would not use the word psychic, because, you know, these are God given spiritual gifts and abilities. Even scripture talks about people in the Bible like Joseph, Daniel, John, who were able to see, hear, feel in the spirit world. And, you know, what is that ability, you know, Scripture calls it visions, that that’s, that’s part of a prophetic gift, it’s part of this spiritual discernment, and understanding and knowledge that we can have. It’s not limited to just certain people who have a gift, you know, it’s something that all believers have authority, you know, to interact with the spirit world, and to see what’s happening in the Lord’s kingdom, and in the spiritual kingdom. So, you know, that’s where I would classify that is that, you know, it’s visions that we have, which are vision is kind of like a dream. Only you’re awake. And, for me, you know, when it when I experienced that, you know, I could just be going around doing my normal daily thing, I could be at the grocery store. And all of a sudden, I’m very aware of what’s happening in the spirit, spirit world. And, you know, it’s kind of like, I’ll see two things at one time, so I’ll see the physical world. And yet I see very clearly what’s happening in the spirit world as well, at the same time. So that that was, you know, similar to my experience as a kid. Others who, you know, were not believers would be trained by those in the system where their spirit would leave their body. And they would, you know, experience the spirit world through astral projection. You know, I have never asked her projected, I, you know, I don’t think I even tried, because I just had such strong visions. That that was what they classified me under. And you know, so then people always, you know, are curious, have I ever been in the spirit world? Yes. And I would propose that yes, you can physically be in the spirit world. You know, so that was my experience. But um,

Patriot Underground  32:48

yeah, well, I’m curious. Yeah, no, it definitely answered my question. I’m curious, because every time you say something that I have other questions, because I find it so fascinating. But is it? Is it similar to I’m almost picturing, like, the way that Hollywood and you know, the media entertainment industry kind of depicts the spirit world almost like it’s an overlay with our perception of reality. You see that on a lot of different Hollywood movies and TV shows and such where, almost like they present the spirit world, as being overlaid with our reality. Sometimes it’s projected as like, you know, an a reversal, or like an underground world that can interact or can come into our dimension. It’s kind of like an interdimensional. So when you say that you see and can experience both is that is it somewhat like that for people out there like myself who are trying to visualize, you know, what

Jessie Czebotar  33:42

I would use? I would use the world, the word overlay, that would be a good way to describe it. You know, because you’re, we have to remember that we are physical and spiritual beings. And there’s times that we do you know, both worlds are engaging at one time. And, you know, there’s times that our physical senses may not be picking up things in the spirit world, but our spiritual senses are, you know, so we have both we have both physical and spiritual senses.

Patriot Underground  34:18

That’s fascinating. All right. And my final question before I move on to, you know, some of the more I guess, recent current event topics that I want to get your take on. One of the things you mentioned in terms of the voice of God Project, which is n Timespace. As you said, there were the alphas and the omegas. And I think that you had said the omegas were the sleepers. And I’ve heard I think I’ve mentioned this before, you know, I’ve had conversations with Jean decode about the MK Ultra sleepers that they’ve that the enemy has essentially put in every city, every major population area. He talked about how when he was in the military many years ago, and it was introduced to this whole attack that bear that he was told that at that point in time, they had a sleeper in every city on every city block, you know, all throughout the country in these major populated areas. And that was many years ago. So you can only imagine and it’s gone up exponentially. And certainly we’ve seen quite a bit of what could potentially be these sleepers being activated with the shootings, sort of random events, random acts of violence, and so forth. And I imagine this is probably something as we get closer and closer to the real climactic moment of this war, that we’re going to see more and more of that. Now. Is that the same basic principle? Are we talking about? Are we talking apples to apples here with the MK Ultra sleepers that I’m talking about at the these omega? Children? Are those two separate entities?

Jessie Czebotar  35:48

I, you know, it’s possible that, I would say they’re probably the majority, it’s the same. You do have some other projects or programs where they also did sleepers as well that are not will say program for specific and time events. So, you know, they could be programmed for thing, you know, whatever they’re plotting or planning that it may not specifically be in time events, or to trigger something that would lead to an end time event.

Patriot Underground  36:23

Okay, all right. That makes a lot of sense. All right. Well, thank you for that. That was quite an introduction. And certainly I know, it’s not an easy task, providing sort of a brief overview of everything that you’ve experienced and all of your knowledge, but you do a really great job, I’m sure you get a lot of practice with that as well, thank you in the fact that you have so much information that you probably have to kind of dole it out a little bit at a time for folks. So now that we’ve covered all that, I thought that we could begin our analysis of some of the issues that are going on in the world right now. And kind of approach the discussion, at least in the beginning, from sort of a 40,000 foot view perspective of how you see this war progressing, and I’m just going to lay out some of the topics that are being discussed within the community, you can feel free to comment on any one or, or not. But I just I’m curious, just to kind of get your take, obviously, we’ve seen the Trump indictment that has come to pass it was predicted by several folks in the community. And that’s a really important topic, I think, to discuss, although I think we could probably remind everyone again, that is not the most important, we have to make sure we always keep our mind on, you know, the children and what we’re really fighting for. But certainly, it’s a very compelling chess move. I think that’s been made by by the enemy. So we could kind of talk about that you talked about Elon Musk a little bit. I mean, this guy is just everywhere nowadays. I mean, it seems like you can’t get through a day without hearing major news. Coming from Elon Musk, we had, you know, the SpaceX craft explode, we had him come out and announce that he’s going to counter truth, what is it chat GTP with truth GTP. So now he’s kind of getting into the AI realm of things. And so that’s, you know, that’s going on, we’ve also got Robert Kennedy announcing that he’s throwing his hat in the ring to be president in 2024. And I have some serious questions about whether or not we’re going to make it to that election without seeing some military intervention. And perhaps you could talk about that we’ve got the Biden investigations. Obviously, we’ve got the war going on. Over in Ukraine, we’ve got China and Taiwan heating up. There’s so many topics, right. And I so I figured I would just sort of lay the table there. But in essence, you know, my, my overall question is just to kind of hear your assessment of where you think we are, right now. And the overall trajectory of this war. I mean, a lot of us characterize this, you know, primarily as a military sting operation that’s going on in the background. And I know that you certainly would add a whole different layer of context of that by pointing out that this is biblical. And I think my audience, a majority would agree. So you know, what do you think about you know, just everything that’s going on right now, what is it point to in terms of the trajectory of this war?

Jessie Czebotar  39:09

It’s definitely I think, you know, I think we’ve turned that corner. I believe that, you know, what we’re seeing is kind of the final pieces being put into place. You know, think back to the beginning of Donald J. Trump’s, you know, his coming into the presidency, and, you know, what was his big focus really was human trafficking that, you know, he made a statement that he was going to end it as much as he could. And everything that we see happening with the military behind the scenes and what’s happened to Trump, I believe deals with that issue. You know, what are some of the things that I see happening? First, you know, we’ve seen the military going in and taking over big He says, you mentioned the end code. He’s been one of the individuals who’s confirmed a lot of that. There were also signs that those bases were taken over. Some of the things that we saw were places that there should not be these things happening. But we saw, you know, water shooting through a lot of manholes, we’ve seen odd flooding happening in places Florida, you know, have reset, which select areas that normally don’t get that much flooding or that much water were flooded. And, you know, we know that there’s bases under those areas, we know that there’s submarine lines that run Chicago was another area. You know, I was well aware of the submarine base that runs under that area and connects to Indianapolis. And, you know, that was where after they went through those areas. We saw the water coming up through the manholes and why is that? It’s because they’re flooding him out. So that nobody can use those again. We’ve seen the weird earthquakes that aren’t earthquakes, you know, we all know they’re not. And, you know, why was the military doing that? Again, you know, they’re blowing up the tunnels after they go through, are blowing up some of the labs, some of those areas so that they can never be used for trafficking or, you know, Child Exploitation again. So, you know, those are some of the signs that we’ve seen happening is we see everything progressing. You know, it was after my affidavits went out, that then we began to see more with Trump. And, you know, we’ve talked about how I, I felt that part of Mara logo dealt with, you know, my testimony and other witnesses, testimonies that Trump had permission to have, and, you know, what else did he have that was there? I think that these people were trying to shut down anything that he could bring forward against, or against their highest level members. So, you know, after that, we provided him with more affidavits. You know, all along the way. Things have been, you know, these people have been attacking him relentlessly. After that, what did they do? They, you know, indicted arrested. It’s because they’re afraid, you know, they know what information he has, they know that it’s beyond just trafficking, that it even goes to the weaponization of children. So, you know, I encourage people following Timothy Charles Home stuff, look at that timeline, that he lays out the stuff about witnesses about testimonies, lined it up with the stuff that’s happening to Trump, you know, usually it’s a day or so after something big comes out that then he’s targeted relentlessly. So that’s a great way to understand what’s really, really going on behind the scenes. He has been one of the few individuals behind the scenes who has been fighting for those who are bringing forward their testimonies, especially in regard to, you know, those engaged in the Luciferian brotherhood who, you know, are torturing, raping, cannibalizing. weaponizing children, and, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re going after him for it.

Patriot Underground  43:36

Absolutely, well, let you know, you brought up Mar a Lago, and I was actually going to ask you about that as well. So since we’re on the topic, you know, one of the things that has me kind of scratching my head, is, Do they really think that Trump is that stupid, that he’s going to actually, I mean, you know, you go back and you reexamine the timeline of events, right that Trump was contacted by the FBI. he cooperated with them, he invited them into his home, they said, Okay, well, you have to have more secure locks that they provided. Obviously, they have, I mean, they didn’t even have to defeat these locks when they when they raided him to think that Trump would be that stupid that he would trust them. And put this type of sensitive information to call it sensitive is like the understatement of the century. Right. To me, it makes perfect sense that all of that documentation, your affidavits, whether it’s that I mean, I happen to believe they were probably after anything that they could find. I think that probably most of the theories that people put out there are accurate. They were they were on a fishing expedition. Right. Well, their

Jessie Czebotar  44:41

affidavit was very specific. So what was interesting about it, is that you know, it said exactly what they were looking for, you know, said they were looking for sealed documents. And what was the other term they brought out was national security that there was a breach in national All security because of these documents. So when you put that together, you know, really the only seal documents that have been talked about at all, within the past few years. Were specifically in regards to, you know, the affidavit testimony of certain witnesses. So I think it, it definitely had to do with those sealed documents. You know, also with that documentation, is it a matter of national security? Well, that poses them as, you know, are weaponized children a matter of national security? You know, so those things, I think it’s important to look at that, that it wasn’t just, you know, they weren’t, they didn’t put the term in there. They they weren’t looking for classified, you know, or documents at all. Like, it’s specific that they were looking for sealed documents, that were a matter of national security.

Patriot Underground  46:03

Okay, well, I guess I guess that really, you know, it’s, it kind of still aligns with my question, which is, do you really think that they, I mean, that’s the part of this that I’ve had a difficult time wrapping my brain around, because part of me thinks that what we’re watching is a pantomime, that so much of this is kind of scripted out by the White House in order to wake people up. But then there’s the other part of me that still recognizes that it still appears as if that we have this nefarious force, the deep state that we’re battling against. And do they really think that Trump would be that stupid to take your information, your affidavits, or anything else that would be highly valuable to them, let’s just say or a national security issue for them, for their for their ability to stay in power and to keep and by the way, you know, another really important point that I think is worth making is the one thing that you really don’t hear that much about, are these documents, unless you’re talking to Jesse directly, are you hearing Timothy Charles himself most of the other analysis about Mar a Lago has to do with the nuclear codes, you know, it has to do with, you know, other different evidence that, you know, they were trying to use against Trump, but you don’t really hear that much of a conversation about the real deep, dark issues, you know, the real satanic ritual abuse, the stuff that you’re talking about, almost never gets discussed. And I think for a lot of people that should kind of set off alarm bells in terms of the truth of what you’re saying here. And not only that, you’re pointing out the fact that the affidavit or the was at the warrant, or whatever it was that they used to go in there, specifically stated what they were looking for, which perfectly aligns with what you’re saying, which is this

Jessie Czebotar  47:39

terminology and determined the fact that they had to bring in a special counsel person, you know, to see who had authority and jurisdiction to even look at those documents. You know, why was it? I think that there was more there. I think that, you know, is it possible that, you know, that there was evidence of, you know, our government and military using children and projects and experiments? And, you know, were they trying to keep that from going public?

Patriot Underground  48:15

Absolutely, absolutely. Well, I just have a really difficult time, like I said, not to beat a dead horse. But the think that the deep state would actually believe that Trump would take this material and put it in his personal residence with locks that they provided, to me is just absolutely crazy to think about. But, I mean, obviously, this is the real information that they are trying to keep hidden. And I think it’s very interesting that you, you very rarely hear that much about it. And I think that there’s probably a lot of truth behind. Well, I mean, I think that there’s truth to what you’re saying, because as you pointed out, I mean, the the terminology completely matches up. And it makes perfect sense that this is I mean, this is probably the one issue that you don’t hear about that much even in the Patriot community even a lot of the time and you know, this, people know that this is going on, but not necessarily attaching it to big events like the MAR Lago rate. In other words, like, you know, I think most people in the awakened community have come to terms of the satanic ritual abuse, the human trafficking, the child sexual exploitation. It’s not that they’re arguing that that doesn’t exist. But it’s also something that’s very rarely tied to these events that are that keep on happening, and the analysis of them. Have you noticed that as well.

Jessie Czebotar  49:44

I have Yes.

Patriot Underground  49:47

Absolutely. Okay. Well, I think that there’s probably something there. So that’s interesting food for thought. I’ll leave let folks ponder that a little bit. Let’s talk a little bit about Elon because I kind of mentioned him a little you mentioned him as well. And I mean, you’ve actually had personal experience with Elon Musk at a very different point in your life. But, you know, he, ever since he took over Twitter, he has been like, you know, just a central part of the decoding process for all the Patriots and Anons. Out there, it’s like, we’re constantly talking about Elon Musk. And, you know, I also think that the general consensus is that the individual that we’re seeing on TV is not the real Elon Musk. And, to me, it happens to be very evident, when you could see his mask lie, you know, right around his neck line. I mean, every time I see Elon Musk, I can see the same, I can see the same neckline of his mask. And then of course, we have, I mean, for anybody out there who’s still doubting this, I mean, go watch the most recent video of Joe Biden scratching the back of his neck, right, you’ve probably seen that. And as you know, is neck gets exposed yet again. But you know, Elon is a very interesting guy, he’s a very interesting topic to discuss. Now, the last time that we spoke, you mentioned that he was someone that you were acquainted with in your past or in your childhood years inside the system. And it would appear to me that this individual is being the one that we’re seeing on TV right now. And on social media, with Twitter, and all that is being controlled by the White House. And yet, there are many prominent voices in our community that are urging people to exercise caution in terms of trusting Elon Musk. So yet again, we have another area where there’s a lot of fog of war, but there’s no doubt that he is up ended the social media paradigm, as well as the ongoing conversation, as I alluded to a little bit earlier about the role of AI in terms of humanity’s future. I mean, this guy seems to be everywhere. He’s got the SpaceX rockets going up. And, you know, so I think maybe we could have a bit of a discussion about Ilan, because, you know, you and I have talked about him a little bit before, but maybe convey to the audience, you know, what do they need to know about this individuals past? I mean, they’ve already been given some information tonight, and what the white hats have done to, in order to kind of use his persona and his vast resources to, to flip him or to, you know, to have this double, I’m curious to hear your perspective on who is this person we’re seeing on TV and tell us about the real,

Jessie Czebotar  52:15

I think the, I think the sole fact that, you know, we’re seeing so much revelation come from him, that reveals a lot, because, you know, growing up in that brotherhood system, the biggest thing that you’re trained to do is to keep their code of silence, you know, even top level individuals, you know, like myself, my family, we were not allowed, you know, you’re not allowed to have any display, any connection to the Luciferianism. You know, your job is to live that in that perfect posture, that perfect Christian cover life. You know, where everybody who looks at you says, Yeah, you know, that person’s just a nice, sweet, good old Christian, you know. And so we see so many things with him, that, you know, you see that posture broken. One of them was for Halloween, you know, where he’s wearing a huge Halloween outfit with the upside down cross the, you know, ball on it. That’s right, you know, and you would not do that, as somebody who’s within the system, they’re not going to display what they really believe. You know, the fact that he’s outing so many people, even indirectly, just by, you know, releasing the Twitter files, releasing the crimes that these individuals have committed. When you’re within that system, you’re in, you’re put into circle groups. So, you know, he was part of one of my circle groups as a child, through the projects and experiments. So that meant that we were privy to each other’s secrets. It was our job to keep each other’s secrets, and, you know, our job to cover up things for one another. But, you know, so what we see happening is that, you know, how many people is he revealing stuff about? Well, you know, that’s not a good thing if he’s still in the system, because it means that, you know, he’s stirring the pot. You know, they’re not going to allow that to happen. They’re not going to allow such exposure and less, you know, he’s really out and they no longer have control, which means that he’s, you know, either working with the good guys or for whatever reason, he is no longer afraid of those in the system. And he’s just put the revelations out there. Even the fact with the you know, I watched one of his recent videos about the AI stuff. And, you know, he talks about the dangers of that and he And alludes to that we’re not dealing with technology, we’re not dealing with, you know, let’s just say an AI system that can in essence, you know, be begin to mentally operate on its own and gain in wisdom. He alludes to the fact that really what’s behind that AI system is demonic. And that there needs to be safeguards put up for people, that, you know, the collective consciousness is not a good thing. And we need to really look at what’s happening with that. So, you know, he’s showing us that he’s not aligning with all these things that he was trained to bring out, bring forward, you know, he’s actually doing the opposite. He’s making people question, he’s bringing out the issues, and he’s fighting for those issues to be heard. So, you know, it’s interesting to see that dynamic, because in the system, you would not see that, from a young age, individuals are trained to perfectly perform their position without making any errors. You know, it just wouldn’t happen. So, you know, these are huge signs to me that he definitely is working with the good guys, and that he has every intent on helping to bring the system down.

Patriot Underground  56:29

I have to agree, because, you know, I hear the different analysis on Ilan, you know, some folks are kind of aligned with where I’m at, which is what I said that I think he’s working with the White House, whether or not he was flipped whether or not he was replaced, and they have an actor with a mask on who’s playing him. Some people have said that, regardless, I have a really difficult time with the angle that Elon is actually deep state, because when you look at what he’s doing, it seems to be entirely contradictory to all of their interests, and keeping a lid on all of this information. And what he seems to be doing, I mean, is up ending their entire system in various different ways. Right. And so if he’s working for the deep state, he’s not doing a very good job. But unless there’s some sort of other place, and that seems to be the contention of some folks out there, but I have to be honest, I really just don’t see an angle where that makes sense. And, I mean, he’s just done incredible, incredible amount of disclosure. And from what I hear, he’s only just getting started, he’s gonna get into exposing the whole agenda with the, I mean, this is one of my big, I guess, red flags with Elon was his whole neuro link company, you know, the brain chips. And he was talking not too long ago, a couple of years ago, about opening up kiosks at the mall, where people could literally go and get brain chips. And so you know, I was thinking to myself, Well, that can’t be good, I can’t see an angle where that’s a good thing. But I’ve also heard that down the road, he’s planning on actually exposing what the real agenda was, and kind of like what he’s doing with AI, he’s going to introduce the conversation to the masses, and start getting people to understand what it really is, and why we need safeguards. Because, I mean, I happen to believe that. And so I think that, you know, Elon might be setting up another reversal with that, as well, that, you know, on the topic of AI, you know, I happen to believe that it’s not something we can necessarily get rid of, but it is something that we can perhaps change or alter the trajectory of is interesting, I was having a conversation with Kerry Cassidy about this topic. And she’s very knowledgeable about AI based upon the whistleblowers that she’s had on her show. And she talked about and one of the things that she said, I’m interesting, too interested to get your perspective, because she put it in this is something not typical for Carrie, because she’s not very religious. But she put it into sort of a religious context with which was that her understanding is that the origins of AI go all the way back to Lucifer to Satan. And then, in essence, his love of selves. His projection of His ego was sort of the beginning or the genesis of the whole AI concept, which is to kind of have this external consciousness that is entirely focused on service of self as opposed to service of God, you know, the exact opposite of everything that God teaches and promotes and commands that we obey. That that was sort of the beginning of the AI, that, you know, it’s kind of evolved to this point, but that, ultimately, this is something it’s a technology that’s not going to go anywhere in terms of its existence, but it is something that I think is an existential threat that Elon Musk is very clearly pointing, you know, the spotlight on and I think obviously, the information that they’re presenting to us that they’re presenting to the public is light years away from where they actually are with all the research you write, you know that they dole things out to us, like little children. So, but this is an important, really important issue. Do you have any comments on that? You know?

Jessie Czebotar  1:00:12

Absolutely. Yeah, I would agree with you. And I agree, you know, that it goes all the way back to the, you know, beginning of the scriptures back to Genesis, particularly back to, you know, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So what is that AI? Is that AI possibly, you know, that knowledge of good and evil, that awareness. But what we have happening with that is that, you know, no longer is it just a knowing. And I want to take a few minutes to get into the biblical concept here, because it’s vitally important to understand as believers, that, you know, when God told Adam and Eve not to eat from that tree of knowledge of good and evil, it wasn’t just because it gave them a mind or, you know, a mental understanding of good and evil, that word, no, or knowledge there represents an intimacy that they would at a quantum level at a spiritual level, they were entangling themselves intimately with something that was not God. And what is that called? You know, later in Scripture, it’s called witchcraft. You know, they were intimately entangling, with the knowledge of good and evil and leaving God out of that process. So, you know, when we understand that, you know, what is this AI, that, you know, they’re promoting, it’s that knowledge, it’s the same knowledge, the same tree that Lucifer, God, Adam and Eve to eat from. And we’re, when we understand that we understand, you know, the challenge that we’re up against that it’s the same temptation that Adam and Eve faced, and where does that temptation lead, it leads to death and destruction, because you’re leaving God out of everything, versus the Tree of Life, which gives abundant life. So, you know, we also know in that, that, you know, what’s happening is idol worship, that we’re worshiping something that’s created, not a creator, does that tree of knowledge, have an ability to all of a sudden become living, and be life giving? No. elevating it is just simply like making a golden calf and bowing down and worshiping it, it’s not alive, it’s not our God, it can’t speak to us. So then we have to ask, well, who is speaking to us through AI? You know, who’s speaking through those airwaves? Me and my colleague on the reveal report, George Iseman, we’ve brought out the fact that you know, everything that we see the black screens on the cell phones that computers, the TVs, those are like black mirrors, which is used those to communicate with evil spirits. When we look at things like a Lexus, or Alexa, Alexa, you know, it’s like a magic APR, you ask it questions, you expect an answer. But who are you really communicating with? It’s not this, you know, artificial intelligence, you’re basically communicating with a demonic spirit. And Scripture tells us very clearly how to deal with those demonic spirits that we are to rebuke were to cast them out. So, you know, that’s something to remember that we’re not powerless, that we don’t have this AI system that’s trying to, you know, or that has the ability to become God and destroy us. You know, we are children of God, we have the authority of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we have the authority to rebuke those spirits, and, you know, to cast them out. So, you know, instead of being fearful of something that we don’t understand, we need to understand it, and with that, walk in the authority that God has given us, we are the witnesses that he’s God. You know, that’s part of our testimony is that we’re to testify that he is God. So, I encourage people to do that to really look at this issue. You know, test it, put it to the test, you know, review the AI let’s see what how rapids?

Patriot Underground  1:05:02

Absolutely. Well, I mean, it’s definitely a topic that’s taken center stage. And I think that a lot of people out there are just getting introduced to what AI really is, as opposed to, you know what it’s, they always kind of cloak the truth in the infection when they when they put information out there, and movies and so forth. But this whole concept of machine learning, and really just Artificial Consciousness is something that I think a lot of people are really just beginning to wrap their brains around. And but you know, we can clearly see the threat. I mean, when you see these videos of these robot dogs that have been deployed, you know, and the it’s like, Have you ever seen the Terminator? Have you ever seen these movies? I mean, they told us exactly what the agenda is here. And, you know, I think that there’s an interesting conversation that can be had about you know, whether or not this technology can eventually be wielded, I suppose you could say, for the betterment of humanity, if we could kind of keep a lid on it, in a sense, so that it doesn’t ultimately get driven in the direction that it seems to be going, continuing down that dark satanic path, or whether or not if humanity’s consciousness collectively changes as the result of this great awakening, we can only hope that the AI could then perhaps mirror our own consciousness, like if we shift our abilities to believe in the best about each other, and to help each other and to love one another. And we create an entirely different society. I think there’s an interesting conversation to be had on that topic. But one thing is for sure, I mean, this is we’ve kind of arrived at that crossroads where this really is an existential threat, like I pointed out, and I think Elon is doing well, once again, you know, tying it back to him, you know, he’s been tasked for, you know, however they put him to work where they’ve, they’ve given him, he’s got quite a bit on his plate, because he’s bringing all of this stuff right up to the forefront. And I think that you’re, I love the fact that we can tie this in to the understanding of Scripture as well, because I think that really helps. I think a big portion of my audience is right there with you in terms of their perspective on that issue. So let’s talk a little bit about some of the other things that are going on. Now, obviously, there’s a massive issue at the border. And this is nothing new, of course, when Trump came in, despite all of the roadblocks, that they put up all of their attempts to stop the wall and everything that, you know, we the people voted for and everything, he was still able to massively improve the situation at the border. And then of course, fast forward to now we’ve got a scenario where it’s worse than it’s ever been. And people who are down in that general area, I mean, you know, Rodriguez talks about this quite a bit, you know, he’s right down and in that can’t remember where in Texas he is, but you know, right on the border there. And he can see people just jumping over all the time. And we’re hearing more and more about these massive, yet, even bigger caravans than what we’ve seen. And one of the fears is that of course, we right now, we’re still in 2023. But we’ve already sort of begun the next election cycle in terms of campaigning and everything else. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the Deep State has some, they’re cooking up some sort of a plan to steal it. And with all of the eyes that are on the Dominion machines and the ballot drop boxes, there’s kind of an argument that they’re going to go in a different direction, and that they’re going to flood the border with the illegals. And then we’re going to have fake Biden turn around and say, You know what, we’re gonna give everybody citizenship, we’re going to give you the right to vote, and steal the election that way, and ultimately bring this country because I think that, and I don’t know if you agree with this, but to me, it’s pretty clear that that’s their agenda is they want us fighting one another. I think that the deep state would like nothing more than for all of us in this country where we own millions and millions of guns, they would like nothing more than for us to go load up our guns and go out in the streets and start, you know, just chaos. You know. And I think that there’s probably a pretty legitimate argument to that whole strategy. If they’re trying to bring us to the precipice of Civil War to try to get us involved in a hot war with each other. It aligns perfectly with their divide and conquer strategy. So I wanted to get your take on what’s going on with the border. And you know, what you think of that possibility? What do you think that they’re cooking up? And how might the the white hats counter that strategy?

Jessie Czebotar  1:09:43

Well, I think there’s even more issues than the one that you’ve brought up. But, you know, I definitely would agree with that. I think that that’s part of the agenda is to bring in, you know, a mass amount of people to, you know, say that it’s them voting by giving them citizenship. Yeah, but more than that, you know, my concern is with the documentation. I don’t believe documentation is really happening. So let’s say that, you know, they’re claiming that they have given citizenship to all these individuals. And, you know, supposedly, these individuals have voted then and thrown the votes. The question is really what is happening to these individuals. We know that, you know, Trump in the good military has done things to shut down some of their assets. And when I say their assets, I’m talking about the system. We know that the system does things like adrenal chrome production, human harvesting, and sexual exploitation, we’ve seen evidence of the destruction of things, you know, there’s been a mass amount of food companies that all of a sudden have been on fire have exploded. You know, we’ve seen a lot of things closing down. So we know that, you know, they’re not getting their production like they should. Yet they’re still, you know, they’re trying to bring in children, humans and other way. So I guess my concern is really, you know, after the fact that they say, you know, they’ve given these people citizenship, really what’s happening to them? Where are they? Are they ending up in, you know, excuse my language, but a meat grinder somewhere, you know, what’s really going on with the mass amount of people coming in at the border? You know, there is no documentation of them. There’s nobody getting names or getting the exact number counts. You know, they’ve been bringing in children, mass amounts of children, keeping them in camps. Nobody’s documenting that, you know, who’s who’s claiming to those numbers? What are the states doing? You know, that’s even scarier the states that are, you know, supposed to be working with, you know, the Department of Human Resources. You know, Homeland Security. Where’s the documentation? What’s happening to these people after what, what’s the follow up? You know, I would propose that they don’t have it, because they’re not doing it. But not only are they not doing it, I think they’re doing the various things. And I have to ask, what’s happened to all these people? Where are they? You know, we don’t hear a lot of people coming forward and city saying, Oh, my gosh, we just had 1000 More people move in. You see some, you know, reporting activity at the FEMA camps and stuff, but not for the amount of number of people that we have coming in.

Patriot Underground  1:12:55

Absolutely. Well, I mean, you I knew you were going to tie in the human trafficking element. That’s why I kind of left it open ended for you. Because obviously, that is, it’s where we began our discussion. And I think it’s something that it’s very much connected to what’s going on at the border. And as you pointed out, I mean, there’s they’re not documenting. I mean, if they are documenting this, it’s certainly not being presented to the public. It’s not being kept in public record. And I think that there’s a good reason for that. And I think also it raises I mean, this is one of the questions. I think that a lot of folks out there and, you know, just sort of ask on behalf of my audience, because I get this kind of question a lot, is, you know, why are the white hats continuing to allow, because as you pointed out, they’ve massively reduced a lot of their I don’t know if you use that word massively, but you said that they reduced their capacity for Adrenochrome production, there are organ harvesting facilities and so forth. And we’ve heard these types of reports, but you know, presumably, this battle is still ongoing. So they’ve interrupted it. But we’re talking about a vast network of vast infrastructure that’s been in place now for for 1000s of years. I mean, certainly, in the case of this country, hundreds of years. And it takes quite a bit of time. So when people ask me that question about the white hats, that’s generally my response. But what would be yours, you know, to talk about, you know, why is this continuing to happen? At the border? Why have the white hats not taken more overt action? And this problem?

Jessie Czebotar  1:14:25

Yeah, I think we’ve seen it happening in what I would call tears. First, you had, you know, overall federally, where, you know, we saw the huge influx of things happening with the big dumb bases, you know, the things underground, I think that they had to go through the tunnel systems gain control that way, you know, block off access points. And, you know, we’ve seen a lot of stuff happening, you know, I’ll just say on the bigger mass bodies of water. So that was first you know, kind of At the federal level overall, they have to get things managed and under control. And now we see things tightening down where, you know, next, it had to be at that state level where they got control. So, you know, I think we’re still kind of at the end of that we see a lot happening now, with local governments, we’re starting to see more of those, you know, those positions where we’re seeing arrests, we’re seeing people held accountable, especially if they were engaged, you know, in pornography or child sexual exploitation. And now, next, you know, what are they going to do? We’re going to see things at a community level, where they get even finer. You know, I think there was no other way that they could do it, because it is such a mass endeavor, where it’s really infiltrated every part of our society.

Patriot Underground  1:15:53

And so mass, yeah, absolutely. It’s a mass endeavor that they have to do with surgical precision, in order to get it right. And that’s, that’s a really tough recipe, right? I mean, we’re not talking about one network of child exploitation, let’s just put it that way we’re talking about, and I think the audience is well aware of this. But I think we need to be reminded, and to have this conversation and to bring this up regularly, because time goes by. And you know, from the perspective of us up here on the surface, you know, we’ve been sitting here, and we’ve been learning about all of these things now for the past few years. And I think sometimes we can lose sight of the fact that it is an ongoing battle. And as you pointed out, it goes into yours, it starts at the federal level, the top levels, then it moves down to sort of a mid level. And then it gets really down to, you know, the the individuals right in your community who are involved in this type of and I think as time goes on, we’re and as you pointed out, we’re already starting to get more evidence that this is exactly what’s happening. But I think it’s important to, to point this out to everyone that this is an ongoing war. And that as much as as much as I’d love to, you know, to embrace the idea, and I have in the past people have listened to me for a while know that at one point, I was pretty much convinced that the white hats were just in complete control, and that all of this was a pantomime. And boy, my views evolved over, you know, this past couple of years on my journey. Now, I do believe that we’re winning this war, I need to be very clear about that. I do believe that we are going to win this war, as I always state but nevertheless, I think we have to keep in mind that this is very much an ongoing battle. But when you look at everything that’s happening, this is part of you know why we’re bringing all this up is to give folks an idea of what actually is occurring behind the scenes, it’s actually starting to come into the mainstream to point that point in the right direction. Right?

Jessie Czebotar  1:17:45

Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Okay, great.

Patriot Underground  1:17:48

All right. So let’s talk a little bit. And this is sort of connected to the topic of the border invasion, because, you know, let’s just say that these theories are correct. And we see over the next, I don’t know, several months, we see a massive caravan of millions and millions of illegals just flood over the border, you know, military aged men. And this actually, is the strategy that they go for that to just cause chaos, divide and conquer, and create a scenario where people feel like they have no other option, but to take matters into their own hands, which I don’t recommend, by the way, you hear me talk about this all the time, because that’s exactly what the Deep State wants. I have also talked about certain red lines that we the people, you know, we reserve the right, obviously, to protect ourselves and defend our liberty, obviously. But let’s just say this does happen, right? Then the question becomes, okay, well, if the white hats really do exist, and we agree that they do, there has to be some sort of a remedy for this. And I’ve always seen that in terms of finances, in terms of the economy, because, you know, obviously, these people who are getting exploited they come from, and you could probably speak to this, but in many cases, I mean, they come from poverty stricken communities, they don’t have the, they don’t have money, they don’t have the ability to to fight back really in any way. And this is part of the reason why the Cabal engineers, this world where there’s so much poverty, so that they can have easy victims. So I’ve always seen the remedy of this, you know, whole illegal immigration problem in terms of economics. And that raises the question then about, well, where do we go from here in terms of the future of our money? And you know, it raises the question of NESARA and just Zara and a que ifs and I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about those topics. I’m curious to hear your perspective on to what degree you see the economic system changing and the white hats moving us in a direction where evil can’t be used in terms of money can’t be used to finance evil is sort of the term that we we hear over and over about one of the main goals of the white hats and rolling out this new economic system. And so my view would be that, you know, once all this wealth is repatriated, presumably the all the gold that’s been found underground and all the precious resources and art and just tremendous amounts of wealth is repatriated, all the nations of the world will become whole again, in a sense, and be able to, you know, to run their own affairs, so therefore, you wouldn’t have these types of problems. And then, of course, there’s also the separate issue of, well, it’s not really separate issue, but the issue of human trafficking that we’ve been discussing, so that’s part of it as well, you have to eliminate that evil, but to prevent people from wanting to leave their countries for a better life anyway. And to get people to go back to their home countries, it would certainly seem to me like a pretty winning formula. So what are your thoughts on the qf s and the economic system? Do you think that things are going to change and in what way,

Jessie Czebotar  1:20:51

I do think that they’re going to change. And I think, you know, really, what we see stepping into place beyond that, is that we’re moving into a quantum based system, which is based off of our quantum identifiers, which are going to be things like our fingerprints, our blood, our social security numbers, or footprints, those are things that are unique to us, to each individual. And, you know, long term, you know, it’s a blessing, and it’s a curse, you know, the blessing is that you, you know, have access to what you need, everybody will be able to access that, you know, with simple methods, just simply by using your quantum identifier, you know, whether that’s scanning a hand, whether it’s, you know, scanning your eyes, you know, I don’t know, quite, I’ve seen a lot of different ways that system is going to look. Yet at the same time, you know, the curse is that, you know, that’s used to track it’s used to monitor, the good thing in that is that, you know, there isn’t going to be a body selling or trading, without you personally identifying yourself. So it’s very easy to, you know, end trafficking that way, especially exploitation of children, because there would be no other way to do it, other than to identify, you put your identity out there. You know, but I think that that’s more, you know, long term, I think we’ll be seeing things pushed for that, you know, it’s suddenly being pushed with the AI stuff, you know, when you go into a store, now, they’ve got monitors that are, you know, not just looking at you, not just looking at your image, you know, it’s looking at everything, facial identification, your bone structure, everything like that. So we’re seeing things moving more in that direction.

Patriot Underground  1:22:55

Absolutely. And I think that whole biometrics element scares a lot of people for that exact reason. Because, you know, this is another example of how this technology short in good hands, it could do great things for us. I mean, it could certainly put a stop to an awful lot of this evil. But then the question becomes, what happens if it is either not in the hands we think it is, right now, or if down the road, circumstances change? And I happen to think that you probably are of that opinion, that eventually, this is going to lead to mark of the beast? This is basically saying,

Jessie Czebotar  1:23:32

it’s gonna be weaponized against us scripture. Scripture speaks to that, and exactly what you’re saying, you know, will be used as part of that mark of the beast.

Patriot Underground  1:23:44

Yeah, so it leaves us in a quite a predicament, right? It’s like we want we certainly know that we need a better system. Personally, I, the system that I’d like to see is would be less focused on, you know, biometrics, and so forth, but rather the, you know, the quantum signature of the precious metals themselves of the notes themselves, rather than making it about us as individuals and having the personal identifier. I think that’s a, I mean, it should set off alarm bells in folks out there who are awaken, and who understand the capacity to be able to use this technology for exactly the ends that the enemy wants, which is the rollout eventually, of course, it probably be like anything else. They it just like the beginning of TV, it was wholesome, it was really great family programming, there was nothing objectionable, there was nothing bad on and that’s how they roped everybody in and got everybody to trust that system. And you know, then you look at how TV has evolved, or devolved, I should say, since the 50s. And you think to yourself, my goodness, what an ingenious way to roll out a weapon system and I think a lot of folks are suspicious that what some of the things that we’re hearing about the quantum financial system are kind of similar in nature, and they’re really sort of disturbing in that way. But I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the fiat system is going by by, I mean, certainly we see the BRICS countries, they’re all embracing gold backed currencies, all of their nations seem to be doing thriving economically, especially compared to the to the west. And we, I mean, it’s like 80 plus percent of the world’s GDP now, is comprised in the BRICS nations, and it’s only looking like it’s going to accelerate in that direction. So we certainly need to see our currency backed by some real tangible asset. But I think the concern, and this is my view on it. And I think you kind of would agree based upon some of the things that you’ve said is the concern has to be that we have to be on guard to not accept a system that could then very easily be wielded against us. And I think that’s something that if the Great Awakening means anything at all, it should be teaching humanity to pay attention to what those in power, in positions of authority are rolling out to society, and be able to really use discernment and know whether or not a trap is getting set to be sprung on us. I think that’s a really important point. Yeah, absolutely. Well, we’ve had a great conversation. I can’t leave you, though, until I ask you about Israel, because this is a really important topic, in my view. So maybe we can I can give you this question, a couple of questions about Israel. And then we can kind of wind things up a little bit. So good. Israel is a country that is a particular subject of interest for you and myself as well, because I’m a believer, but you certainly have a very biblical perspective on this war, which you’ve shared with us tonight. And, you know, in essence, this war is spiritual at its core. And we know, at least we believe that Israel is being saved for last. We’ve heard that many times for that reason. But recently, there have been a lot of events in Israel that I think are very important to analyze and discuss. First of all, we had Benjamin Netanyahu attempted this old judicial reform, in order to basically avoid facing criminal charges of his own. And when he dismissed the defense minister there, I can’t remember his name. But it sparked a national upheaval of the people, which has kind of resulted in the backfiring. What it appears anyway on the surface is that this has really backfired against the Zionists to maintain their stranglehold of power in the Holy Land. And so my understanding at this point, and you can share your views on this as well. But my understanding is that the country is basically like under a de facto military government at this point, the defense minister has been reinstated. I don’t know if optically they’ve said that. If the mainstream media has reported on that, probably not for obvious reasons. But it would appear that the real Jews inside of Israel are now rising up against this Zionist cult. And, of course, this ties into some of the events that we discussed, regarding Israel during our previous conversations, specifically the rebuilding of the temple. You talked about the red heifers that were shipped to Israel, and other things as well in preparation for ushering in the Antichrist. So what is your assessment of the political unraveling that seems to be going on in Israel? And how does it contribute to this spiritual war against evil? How do you view this as Yeah, you know, time events,

Jessie Czebotar  1:28:26

again, we got to, we got to keep in line with Scripture. And, you know, it helps to remember kind of what the main premise of everything going on with Israel is and what it revolves around. You know, the big thing in scripture that we learn is that, you know, Israel cried out for a king, you know, they weren’t happy with the Lord leading them as a cloud by day and fire by night. They they wanted a tangible, physical king who would go before them, you know, and help them conquer the other nations. And in that pursuit, they denied God, they rejected him. You know, they said, Lord, don’t speak to us face to face or speak to us from the mountain. It’s too great for us to bear, you know, speak only to us through Your servant Moses. And when God spoke to them through Moses, they said, we didn’t we don’t want to listen to Moses, we want a king speak to us through a king, you know. So all along we see that rejection of God, and you know, all the way up through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. God gave them a tangible, physical King, the long awaited Messiah, someone who fulfilled every single prophecy that the Lord had given, you know, where he said, I’m sending you, my son by Messiah, they still rejected Him as their King and they crucified him, you know, and and they did not even after he rose from the dead and walked in the city for 40 days, 40 Nights, you know, teaching The apostles that eating drinking with them doing miracle signs wonders, they still refuse to believe that he was the Messiah. So in that, you know, who do we keep our eyes on in the midst of this war? We keep our eyes on the Pharisees the Sadducees. You know, and when I’m saying that I’m not saying, you know, don’t keep your eyes, nose, Lord, I’m just talking, you know, when we’re looking at tangible Israel, what do we focus on? You know, keep your eyes on those Pharisees the Sadducees, because what we’re seeing happening is that, you know, there’s a lot of players shifting on the field. And what we’re going to see is that they’re going to be elevating individuals, putting people into place, you know, they’re getting ready for that system of the beast. And we see, you know, so many things shifting in that, you know, growing up, they had two parts to the system, I’ve talked about the light side, the dark side with that they have two financial backings. One was the old system Babylon, which everything was under, which meant that all the finances, everything came through the Vatican. You know, now we’re seeing this shift into the system of the beasts and who backs that it’s the Sanhedrin. That’s, you know, there Judah, that the other side was under Rome, but now we’re transitioning into that system under Judah, which is the Sanhedrin. So, you know, keep your eyes on it. And we’re going to see a lot happen. I think this next year. With that, I think that we’re going to see them starting to sacrifice again, you know, it’s going to start with the Asher’s, or sorry, the ashes of bat, those red heifers being consecrating, and you know, they, they have to sprinkle those on the priests as well as on the temple before they can start sacrificing. But as I’ve said, Before, everything is in place. You know, all the things that the Lord commanded, are in place where they’ve got all the utensils of gold, they have the priests already ready to serve. They have the spring that’s used to clean those utensils already is, is fully coming up out of the ground, that water is flowing. So they have everything that they need to, you know, just step into that and start proceeding forward. I think that it will be shortly after that, that, you know, we’re going to see them declare, starting to declare people of interest that, you know, they’re going to make comments about those individuals being close to their messiahs. At the same time, we’re going to see a lot of false Christs arise. You know, this system is based on confusion. It’s based on setting up a great apostasy. So in that, you know, we’re going to see a lot of the Priory teachings that have been going forward for years, getting ready to set up for that great apostasy and what is the Great Apostasy, it’s to turn us away from our belief in God, that, you know, there is a spiritual being that is called God who is living and active and breathing and, you know, alive and that this individual God is the One who created us, but they don’t want us to believe that they want us to believe that we are our own gods. You know, so the Great Apostasy is set on making us believe that someone other than God is God. You know, I think we’re gonna see that a little bit with the coronation. You know, they’re even pulling the Stone of Destiny, you know, with King Arthur and Avalon in there, you know, and what’s gonna happen when King Charles pulls out that sword, you know, are they going to declare him a god? How easy it would be for people to believe then, that maybe he’s the Antichrist. But look beyond that, because what a Scripture tells us about the Antichrist. You know, we know this is an individual who’s going to usher in peace, this among the nations this is going to be an individual that the sand hedron that the Pharisees and Sadducees of Israel declare as their Messiah. So that’s key, you know, as we hear all these false reports going out about who possibly the Messiah could be, keep your ears on Israel because they have to declare him as their Messiah. You know, if they don’t Only if they’re not on board with that individual, well, then you know, that that’s not the Messiah, you know, the fake Messiah. That’s not the Antichrist. So that’s what I encourage people to keep their eyes on. And I think it’s, it’s gonna get interesting, that’s for sure.

Patriot Underground  1:35:18

Oh, yeah, it’s already interesting. But wow, if if these things come to pass, it’s gonna get really, really interesting. So I think I’ve asked you this before just be Jesse, just to kind of close things out, because I think it’s important for to give folks sort of like a context of what are we going to see in our lifetime. Now, I think I’ve asked you this. But I think you’re of the of the opinion that we’re going to see these events, these endtime events come to pass in our lifetime. And that your perspective is that we are going to experience the Great Awakening, we are going to have a period of peace around the world that we’re going to have a new economic system that we’re going to put a lot of this dark, hopefully all of this dark wickedness behind us in terms of the exploitation and abuse of children. And the I mean, we could just go on and on about the things that we want to see improve in this world, but in essence, that we’re going to see a better world, but that it’s going to then lead to the ushering in of the Antichrist, that it’s kind of cover that the system is using. Because we didn’t really get into too much of this tonight, I don’t want to open up a whole new discussion. But you know, in the past, we’ve talked about how there’s two different sides to the system, the light side and the dark side that are essentially at war with one another and that the light side is going to usher in this new era of peace, but then ultimately, are tasked with paving the way for the Antichrist to fulfill prophecy. It’s kind of a very short, you know, encapsulation, I think of some of the things that we’ve talked about. So you

Jessie Czebotar  1:36:53

know, we have to the greatest sin that they’re pushing is pride. You know, that, how easy is it if everything is good, and in peace, you know, for us to quickly forget about God and our relationship with Him. So, you know, that’s really where the system is going is that, you know, I encourage people to read the book of Thessalonians, where it talks about the lawless generation, that their lovers of self pleasure and money more than they love God. And that’s what we’re seeing, you know, is, what, what if we had everything? What if you had every need financially taken care of, you know, would you still pray? Would you still seek the Lord? Or, you know, or would you forget about God, and you’re just gonna go about your day, you’re going to plan things out for yourself, you have no reason to pray, because everything in your life seems perfect and right. So that’s part of the danger of that great apostasy is that it? It’s really meant to give us that false sense of security, that there’s peace, when really there isn’t peace, there’s a war for our souls, a war for our relationship with God.

Patriot Underground  1:38:07

Wow, that’s beautifully put. And yeah, wouldn’t that be the perfect way to introduce the Antichrist by instead of the world that we’ve always known, full of war and poverty, and, you know, all of these issues and problems if all of a sudden, we were introduced to a utopia in comparison, wouldn’t that be the perfect cover the perfect vehicle, the perfect Trojan horse, to usher in this new system? While you know, we’re all dancing in the streets, and we’re all happy, and for good reason, we’re going to have a lot to celebrate in this victory. But at that point, do our defenses go down, as Jesse pointed out, and you know, one of the things you said that really struck me is, you know, if, if things are really going well in our lives, and we’re prosperous, and we don’t have the same health issues, and you know, the society gets better, the food gets cleaner, the water gets cleaner, the air gets cleaner, and all of these things, are we going to praise God for those things? Or are we going to praise ourselves? Are we going to praise our worldly leaders? And is that isn’t that the perfect cover to be able to slip this in this trojan horse system? So this is that’s a very, very powerful point to make. And regardless of what your perspective is, on how all of this is going to shake out, that’s undeniable. Undeniably, I think a a perfect way for them. If this is their true intention to usher in the Antichrist, to to get people’s defenses to go down, so that they’re not going on oh, and they’re all suspicious of it. I think that’s a really, really hit my microphone, that’s a really powerful point to think about. So maybe we can end it with that, as I typically do. I just want to give you an opportunity just to leave us with, you know, you’ve left us with a lot tonight, but maybe some final thoughts about, you know, what you think folks should be left with and what they should be thinking about as we move forward because I think both of us would agree that We’re gonna enter into a period in the not too distant future, I happen to think that once we get to the fall, it’s just going to be totally insane. Now, I don’t like to get into predictions of timelines, but based upon what I’ve been researching and the information that I’ve heard, and the things that are coming down the pike, and certainly knowing that we’re getting closer to an election year, you can bet that things are about to get even more interesting than they already are. So any final thoughts? And then we can wrap this up and hopefully plan our next one soon?

Jessie Czebotar  1:40:31

Yeah, absolutely. You know, I think I think it all just goes back to our relationship and our experience of the Lord. You know, we need to hold that in highest regards. And, you know, the, putting that relationship into practice, which means that, you know, we continue to pray, we continue to worship, we continue to give thanks to the Lord and to talk with him to seek out those experiences where we are face to face with Him. Because that’s really what the enemy is after is that relationship with God. And when we stop seeking the Lord and having experiences with him, you know, then the wonders, the signs, the miracles, the things that we are, that we have the full ability to witness and testify about are lost. And when we lose our testimony, you know, we lose our ability to overcome the evil one, because scripture says that we overcome him by the word of our testimony, and by the blood of the Lamb. So in all things, you know, we have to not lose. You know, that, that relationship. And I encourage people, you know, memorize scripture, spend time in it every day, because, you know, that’s the first way the enemy’s gonna attack. Scripture says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So if we don’t have the word of God actively in our lives every day, we’re not building our faith, we are losing our faith. And, you know, it’s so easy to get when you, you know, to get your mind and be distracted and other things to be drawn away. And to not make time for the Lord. You know, when we don’t make time we forget that God is a real, you know, real being that wants to have a relationship with us. So, you know, I just encourage people, you know, now is the time, you know, seek it even more when things are good, seek it, you know, look back to the story of the 10 lepers. After they were healed, they all went away, but a couple of them went back to the Lord and thanked him, you know, they they saw that relationship over, going out and displaying that they were healed. You know, they weren’t. They weren’t interested in just going back to regular life. They, they remembered the Lord. So we need to in all things, remember him and not forget him. So that would be my encouragement. And our end point for today is just may we all remember the Lord every day, every moment of the day, because we don’t get through this without him.

Patriot Underground  1:43:29

Absolutely, amen. And, you know, it’s so true. I mean, I can speak to this in my life, I certainly know that you can as well, when we’re going through really dark periods in our own life, or going through our own struggles and difficulties, they tend to bring us closer to God. And it’s really interesting to think about, you know, given your last point about what the enemy’s plans are, to have the inverse be true. You know, it’s, I think we have to keep our eyes on what got us to this point. And certainly, when we finally do arrive at victory, to remember where that victory came from, because that’s something that is, I think, is Jesse’s central point, because it’s the, it’s the difficult times in life that that bring us closer to God. And yet, so often when things are going well in our lives, when we’re, you know, relatively smooth sailing, you hear it over and over and over, people kind of lose that connection. Not everybody, but a lot of people spend their time, significant amount of time every day praising the Lord and thanking God. But when things are going well, we have more and more of a tendency to kind of drift away from that into worldly things. And I think it’s very important to end on that note, so that was very well explained and broken down. So you’ve been great, Jesse. Like I say, you’re always welcome on my show. Hopefully, we can do it again soon. And I imagine that we’ll have a lot to talk about during our next conversation. So just want to remind everybody to check out the links in the description. Remember, we talked about Timothy Charles Home sets, GoFundMe, Jesse mentioned her upcoming events. And by the way, if For those who want to purchase tickets or look into that, they go to your website to do that the events in Orlando, they

Jessie Czebotar  1:45:05

can go to Kingdom living with []( You can also go to the reveal report. I think there was links on our Twitter and other pages for that. So, but you can get both links on Kingdom living with [](

Patriot Underground  1:45:23

Beautiful. All right, folks, we’ll go check out those events. If you can make it to Orlando if you make it to Austin, during May I know Jessie is going to be very busy, but she’d love to have some FaceTime with each of you to meet you and really just expand our community. This has been a great conversation. I’m really grateful. Thank you everybody out there for listening. I’ll be back soon with another report. And until then, God bless and Godspeed Patriot out

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