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14 April 2023

George Iceman 0:00
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the After Show our q&a here on Patreon. I’m your host, George Iceman, alongside Miss Jessie’s older as we take a few questions have a roundtable discussion. It is a shorter one this evening because I’m on the road, but nevertheless are nevertheless I should say the show must go on. So I thank you all for being here. All right, we begin with our first question for Jesse. I believe this is the notorious one who usually puts a lot of work and effort into questions. And that is Mr. Colin. Colin, Hi. Welcome to the show. And what’s your how are you? Good.

Unknown Speaker 0:36
I’m on the road to so hopefully my connections coming through here.

George Iceman 0:39
Yes, we can hear you.

Speaker 2 0:41
Good deal. My question is about the third book of Enoch, which references Metatron. So Jesse, you’ve spoken about the entity Metatron, the first book of Enoch, you’ve said that you believe in and that includes details about Genesis and the Nephilim, and things of that nature. The third book of Enoch is very different. It claims that Metatron is Enoch incarnate, that is literally Enoch posts his transformation by the fire, it gives him powers almost to the level of Yahweh. And that was kind of why people said that it was heretical, was that a Metatron? Is kind of like a mini Yawei. In that book, when you refer to Metatron. Are you giving credence to the third book of Enoch? Should we take it more seriously?

Jessie Czebotar 1:19
Um, I’ll say that I have some major theological differences with that book, I do not believe that Enoch was possessed. Scripture tells us that, you know, he walked with God and was no more. So, you know, in that fact, even he has not technically died. So I would not, you know, I would not push that book, particularly because I, you know, is it used by a cultist? Yes? Is it considered in the occult world? You know, a knowledge book where you learn about the demonic spirits? Yes, especially Metatron. So, I am talking about that, that same spirit, but I would not be giving credence to that book as to, you know, tying it in with anything with Enoch. So,

Speaker 2 2:07
Okay, gotcha. So you do not believe that Metatron is Enoch post transformation, but just some separate, powerful demon.

Jessie Czebotar 2:14
He is one of the demonic generals under media and under prime. So, think about that you’ve got primetime TV, you’ve got, you know, you’ve got all those spirits interacting together. So,

Unknown Speaker 2:28
very, very interesting. Thank you for the info. Thanks, you guys.

George Iceman 2:30
You’re welcome. Thanks, calling. Everyone. Thank you. Thanks, you too. All right. Next one is Dad, Dad, how are you? Welcome to the show. Hope you’re having a great, great Friday night. And what is your question this evening? Yes, thank you so much for a great show tonight. Thank you.

Jessie Czebotar 2:47
My question is on the Trinity. Do either of you have a good resource book, etc, for explaining that? You know, I mean, I use scripture for that. I, you know, I even go back to the book of Genesis, one of the biggest debates is, you know, how to Genesis one, you know, in the first verses there were he uses the term Elohim, which is plural. You know, and I think that that, you know, some debate, some scholars sail, but you know, it was God in the plural is, you know, the angelic hosts. But I would propose that, you know, even in the book of Genesis, we see the threefold Spirit of God working, you’ve got the Holy Spirit hovering over the surface of the deep. You know, it says that God spoke later, when you bring in the book of John, what is it? You know, John one, what is the say the word was God, the Word was with God. So, I think that just using scripture between Genesis and John, you can show the working of the Holy, or the Trinity together. And, you know, bring that in that, you know, Elohim is considered a, it’s considered a singular being, yet it’s a plural word, word. So what other explanation is there? Other than that Scripture is correct that God is one and yet you know, he’s multifaceted, I guess, would be the only way to really put it.

George Iceman 4:27
Hope that helps them. Thank you so much. All right. Next is a good question. Yeah, very good. I’m going to add is Elizabeth, how are you? Welcome to the show, Elizabeth. And what is your question this evening?

Speaker 4 4:38
Hey, guys, so great to be on with you. What a great show tonight. Thank you. My question this evening is as a mom of kids, five kids Exactly. But I My question is about literature for you or for Jessie. Growing up my mom, like read all the children’s literature to me like the fairy tales, and theater fandoms us and such. Like, you know, and Jessie, in the past has mentioned, specific books that, you know, that could that they used for programming and other things. And my question is, are those books? What, are they just fine, and they use them for evil? Or there’s there’s or something, you know, in them that is, could be dangerous?

Jessie Czebotar 5:20
I, you know, I think that a lot of the classic literature itself, you know, is God moving in creativity upon people? You know, I read it to my children, I wouldn’t say that it’s, you know, let me think how to put it. classic literature is not what the occultist would consider living books, meaning books that, you know, actively will put spells on people or, you know, cause damage destruction or certain mindsets. Yet, why do they use it? It’s because, you know, children will remember the stories. And as they do, that, they link things that are happening in that child’s training or programming, to those stories, so that they have a cover, that if the child ever starts to talk about the things that they’re experiencing in their training, you know, it sounds ridiculous, it sounds story like, and nobody will believe them or take them at their word. So, you know, I think the stories themselves are fine for the majority of them. You know, again, we’re talking classic literature, I wouldn’t, you know, condone Harry Potter, that series is definitely created to, you know, even though Rowling says it’s not, she’s a high priestess, and, you know, is heavily involved in witchcraft. And when I, you know, read through that, the series, watch the movies, they’re definitely teaching children how to participate in witchcraft in different forms of it. So I wouldn’t encourage things like that. But the majority of classic literature I feel is good. You know, even fairy tales, interesting, good discussion with your kids. And maybe that’s the way that you begin to open up the doorway to talk about some you know, some of these things in our world like witches and other things and talk to your kids about that and how they work how they operate. Hope that helps.

Unknown Speaker 7:22
Great answer. Thank you. All right.

George Iceman 7:26
Next question comes from Jamie. Welcome, Jamie. Hope you’re well, and hey, what your question is evening.

Speaker 5 7:31
Hi, guys. I loved your the show. It was very good. Um, my question is about the water kingdom. I watched um, there was a multi part series with Amanda Baez. And this girl Priscilla, who was a queen mermaid. And she said, basically, she was raised by Nephilim. And they were told that they were Satan’s creation. So is Cena allowed to have offspring, like the other angels did creating the Nephilim? And then how does the Kate like water Kingdom fit into the whole satanic hierarchy? Since now you open that can of worms.

Jessie Czebotar 8:19
Yeah, you’ve got you know, everything is a reflection. So everything that you see above ground is also reflected below ground in the water, I guess we’ll say. So, you know, like you’ve got the five major cities above ground, you also have the five major water cities below ground. So everything’s going to be a replica. You still have hierarchy structures, as I have explained them where, you know, you’ve got the mothers of darkness, you’ve got the satanic druidic Council. You know, the, the water Kingdom does have Grand High Priests and high priests and priestesses, you know, they are going to have some different titles in those areas as well, especially when you start to break down regionally. Because you’re looking at, you know, two different, or I guess we’ll say, different departments, even though you know, they still have departments just like we do. But they’re going to have different regional ruler names. So that’s where you’re going to start to see some of the differences. But you know, if you think about it as a reflection, everything that I’ve shared transposes into those water kingdoms as well. You still have the majority of the training for those kingdoms are still going to go through some of the military bases. So you’re going to have interactions between, you know, the above ground and the below ground in those areas. So that’s how I would explain that. I’m working with some people to see if we can bring out some more information on some of that stuff, but like does take me a while to get back to it.

George Iceman 10:03
Hope that helps. Thank you so much for your question. Next comes from Lisa. And I believe that’s the name Lisa, how are you? Welcome to the show. What’s your question is zooming
give her a second there. She manages to you just have to unmute at least

Unknown Speaker 10:22
this and I believe we see you there. All right,

George Iceman 10:28
we’re gonna move on to the next. And when you get a chance, Lisa will bring you back. David, welcome to the show. How are you? What’s your question this evening?

Speaker 6 10:36
Hey, guys, great show tonight. We’ve learned so much in the last several years about kind of the movings of, you know, the demonic side and the evil and opening portals and stuff. So my question is more around like Hollywood and the entertainment industry, you know, entertainment, meaning enter in how dangerous is, you know, even going to see I understand, like the Harry Potter movies, they’re actually using real spells and some of those things. So I get that, but like, you know, like you had suggested the Pope’s exorcist. How dangerous is that? To go on to see that kind of a movie with possibly carrying something home from that? If you know what I mean?
George Iceman 11:32
Yeah, yeah, let me read question. Yeah. Let

Jessie Czebotar 11:34
me start with this, George. And then I’ll let you finish I actually had in my early 20s, I had the Lord give me a special assignment, and had me gather a group of people and the Lord told us that witches and warlocks, were going to be recruiting at the movie theaters in Rochester, where we were, you know, with the release of the movie that craft. So the Lord told us to pray and to actually go to the movie. Now, this was the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this. But as we went to the movie, literally witches and warlocks were in there with all these teenage girls. And as the movie started, they were chanting right out loud. And these girls were totally, you know, deaf to it. And so the Lord had us praying that entire time, over those girls over that protection, as soon as the movie was done, those witches and warlocks started targeting and recruiting those girls, you know, saying things like, what did you think about this movie? And could it be real? And we’ll show you it’s real, why don’t you come to our special event? Now we were right alongside of them witnessing to those girls saying, you know, hey, witchcraft is bad, and you’re going to get, you know, demonic spirits, you’re gonna get attacked. So it was really interesting. We ended up, you know, there was a group of Christian girls that had got there. And we were like, What are you doing? You know, you don’t want this witchcraft stuff. So I’ve seen, you know, occultists, use these movies? To do exactly what you’re asking, are they doing it to put things into our home? You know, the best thing you can do is pray. First, ask the Lord, if he wants you to even see the movie. If not, you know, don’t worry about it. But if he does, ask him, Why ask him how you can use that as a tool, how you can use it as a witness and a testimony to other people. Maybe it will be a conversation starter for you. You know, again, just with all things pray, as you know, ask the Lord to keep all evil spirits from coming into your home that just because you’re viewing it doesn’t mean that you’re willingly giving permission for them to enter it. So

George Iceman 13:52
I mean, I wanted to add to it, but you kind of wrapped it up. So you’ve just told the funder Jesse said exactly what I would have said, so I got nothing else to say, David, I hope that helps. I’m gonna watch it. I’m going to pray over it because I think there’s going to be some disclosure in some way, shape or form.

Jessie Czebotar 14:06
I think this one’s really going to disclose quite a lot to get ready.

Speaker 6 14:11
And I’ve, you know, I have done that. And there’s movies like The Doctor Strange movie that yes, I stayed away from the Holy Spirit said, you know, you probably want to watch that. But then, you know, there’s other movies that don’t seem quite as bad, but I’m leery about bringing anything into my home or anybody else bringing anything into my home for that matter. So

George Iceman 14:37
pray over it. That’s all just pray over my brother. Thank you, David. Thank you blessings. All right, next. The hand is up. It’s his iPad three, but there’s no name. So Miss no name because I don’t see a name or a picture. iPad three. What’s your question?

Speaker 7 15:00
Yes, my son’s got a job as a truck driver delivering trash and emptying trash. And ever since then he’s had deja vu. In other words, everywhere, everything that happens, he could be eating a food, he’d be going to a restaurant, the cleaning anything. He says he remembers that? What could be going on?

George Iceman 15:33
Say, hmm, I don’t know.

Jessie Czebotar 15:37
It, you know, it depends. It could be many different things, I would encourage you to ask the Lord first. Sorry, but what comes to mind actually, is that if he by chance, has the spiritual gift of discernment. He may be having, you know, like some of the cult, I guess, would call it premonitions where sometimes the Lord will show you things ahead of time. And whether it’s in a dream, and then you, you know, you wake up, you consciously don’t remember it. Then when you experience the vet event, you’re like, Hey, I’ve, I’ve been here before. So it may be that gift of discernment kicking in. Excuse me there. So pray and ask the Lord, to show you what it is.

Speaker 7 16:33
Yes. Because he told me that he was told years ago that God was going to be using him. And he was asking me, could this possibly be connected with that?

Jessie Czebotar 16:45
It’s very possible. Okay, thank you. Yeah.

George Iceman 16:50
Thank you so much. All right, Lisa, and we’re still trying to get you if you could hear, but if not, you can type in all right, you could type in and then we’ll we’ll we’ll figure out your question. We’ll take one or two more, guys. Jacqueline, how are you? Welcome to the show. It’s been a while. Hope you’re well, what’s your question this evening?

Speaker 8 17:11
Okay, Georgia. My mom Grimm and I just got back from Florida.

George Iceman 17:15
Oh, did you enjoy Florida? I did. It was nice. It was very nice. It’s a great weather. Guys. I don’t know if you notice, I’m sorry. I gotta say, I’m kind of losing my tan. I used to have a nice little bronze, but I’m losing it. I’m I’m on the road. I haven’t been in the sun. And I already missed the beach. But anyways, Jacqueline, I digress. What’s your question?

Speaker 8 17:37
My question is continuation from last week show up good. didn’t watch this week’s show yet. So what about wearing crosses? Like this? Jesus was asking about like, what, like the shape of the cross was more like a pike. And then Justin said that it was worn. This is really suffered on that, like on the cross when you call it the, and you call it the cross? So is it actually stopped the shape of a cross? Like should you wear it, even though? It’s,

George Iceman 18:11
I mean, it’s an interesting question. And there’s there’s there’s two sides to that. Let me see. How do I award this? For me? Before I had a relationship with the Lord, I thought getting across what helped me bring me closer to the Lord. That’s true. I’m gonna get across, it’ll bring me closer. That’s not That’s That’s not true. You don’t need a cross or anything to bring you closer to the Lord. But I got one. And I use it during prayer. Many times, it was in bed with me when I went to sleep for protection. And so I have it with me if you’d like to see it. It’s actually pretty big. So that’s my, oh, can you see that? A little bit. Give me one second. Can you see that? Yes, yeah. Okay. It’s quite big, actually. But anyway, so that cross comes with me everywhere I go anywhere around the world. I don’t wear a rosary. I don’t wear a cross. I have one. I would use it sometimes for prayers during the supernatural the perineal before I went in, but I use it, you know, it was for my intention for me, you know, as a reminder and so forth. What God fights demons with Yes. But I guess for me, you don’t need a cross to prove your loyalty to Jesus Christ. That’s what I mean. I hope that helps, but just didn’t want to add to that.

Jessie Czebotar 19:42
I agree. You know, the truth is, is that we are to be so filled with the Holy Spirit with a demonstration of His power. That you know, when we walk in a room people know, you know, this evil spirits in that room, they know the people who need it. Healing Touch the people who need things, you know, that have been dead in their life raise to life, feel it, they know that the power of God is with you. So, you know, how do we get that it’s not by anything that we wear or, you know, markings that we would put on our body. It’s by having that relationship and, you know, being in the presence of the Lord. So, you know, was saying that it doesn’t mean that you know, wearing jewelry or wearing across is wrong. You know, so, again, I would pray, I would ask the Lord, if, you know, he says it’s fine. You know, feel like that’s a good thing and enjoy it. You know, I’ve got crosses that friends have made for me or given me that I wear from time to time and you know,

George Iceman 20:49
but you don’t need it to prove that you’re a Christian or so forth. You know what I mean? I have it with me, because it was one of the first things I got for protection that I because I’m still new, and I’m still learning now I’ve come to learn, you don’t need anything. It’s the word of Christ, the blood of Jesus, that you can bless people with, bless yourself and pray, however, I’ve had it with me, it’s part of me, I take it everywhere with me, I don’t go on the road on a plane. I don’t travel anywhere without it. Because it’s my, I guess it’s become close to me. It’s my mechanism. I need it. And if I do any type of deliverance, Jesse, I’m bringing it with me. I’m telling you right now, there’s a connection with

Jessie Czebotar 21:26
there’s something there about having the tangible, you know, connection there that you brought that up? Because, you know, the truth is, is that we don’t we honestly don’t need it. You know, Scripture says that we have the authority in Jesus name alone. So don’t be afraid to stand firm in that authority. Yet, at the same time, you know, there’s times that we want that to be tangible, we want to not just speak about it, we want the spirits to see, you know, see, look at the cross, look at Christ who was crucified. You know, that’s what Scripture says that they will look upon, you know, the men and women will look upon Christ, who they have crucified, and they will mourn because of him. So, you know, I guess I would make sure that you’re not using it as a vise or a crutch, you know, where you feel that you don’t have that protection unless you have it on. You know, but if you’re just wearing it for because you enjoy it, because you like it, or because you want to make a statement. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that, but make sure it doesn’t become a crutch, or a vise, a point of weakness for you.

George Iceman 22:36
Thank you, Jacqueline. Have a great weekend.

Unknown Speaker 22:38
Thank you, George. Thank

George Iceman 22:39
you. Yes. All right. Lisa, typed in Lisa and did type it in she goes, I was going to ask if there was a book that you can recommend that as the whole collection of the prophecies and the Messiah, and also maybe the Antichrist in imitation or something about the Antichrist. So basically, the prophecies or maybe something about the Antichrist, what can you do there a

Jessie Czebotar 23:00
book, I can recommend that? I can’t have that? Absolutely. It’s called the Holy Bible. Read, they give exact same thing.
George Iceman 23:10
You can’t get any better. Especially the New Testament, it’s gonna give you all the power and the goods. And I thought I had always a respect for Jesus and His power. But until I really and I mean, really put my mind to the chapters in the New Testament. I really came to realize and this sounds really foolish, maybe because I never added it up. How intelligent and advanced in conversation Jesus really was. If you listen to his parables, and what he says, you can tell he’s not a normal, normal person. He’s just had all the right answers. So he was special. But anyways, I recommend the Bible Jesse, what do you recommend?

Jessie Czebotar 23:51
You know, I recommend the Bible that is my top spiritual warfare manual. greatest
George Iceman 23:58
war manual ever made. All right. And last, but not least tonight, because we aren’t getting into the bid short. I’m on the road. So I appreciate all the love and support everybody is Mr. Ron. Ron, how are you? Welcome to the show. I’m gonna add you hear cuz I know. You know, we want to see your your pretty face there. What’s your question this evening, sir.

Speaker 9 24:18
Well, thank you very much. I was listening to Jesse. I was listening to you on Aquarius rising.
George Iceman 24:26
That’s it. We’re cutting the show. We’re not talking about any other. I’m joking.

Speaker 9 24:31
Okay. And I was wondering, I mean, you have a fascinating statement. You said they, they they taught us how to breathe underwater. Is that actually true? Can you actually do that?

Jessie Czebotar 24:46
Yes, you can. So it’s a it’s a different I wouldn’t say it’s like, it’s hard to describe it’s it’s just all disciplines of mind and body. But they teach you that if you’re, you know, you’re basically breathing so deeply, so slowly. But what it does physically is that it changes your whole movements and how you do things. So I was one that I didn’t do well, with that, I would start to panic because I would feel like I wasn’t getting enough air. And then when you do that, you’ll all of a sudden, like gas. And that’s when you’ll take in water with it. So they teach you like you, you have your mouth very, like, barely open, and you’re just breathing the whole time, very slow in and out. But you have to, you know, get your heart rate all that under control. So, you know, those are all things that they teach in upper level witchcraft, where, you know, people even learn how to control their heart beat. Some people can slow their heart so much that, you know, others will think that they’re, they’ve died or they’re dead. So you know, and then they can, it looks like they come back to life, but really, they’ve never died. So you just different things they can do with magic. And with the body physically, as they, you know, they’re also teaching you how to go in and out of the different states, physical state versus spiritual state. So when you learn those transformations, those are some of the different things. So

Speaker 9 26:23
this is not totally a physical thing. It’s partly spiritual to correct. The I had a friend of mine from India, he would come over to for our work, and he was working on formulations. And he come in one day all bandaged up and his arm was broken, his ribs are broken. I said, What happened to you? He said, Well, I’ve done yoga all my life. And he said, I come in, I get this state of ultra rest, and I slow my heartbeat down, and I can really restore myself. And he said, the other day, I fell off the chairs and broke. So unbelievable. So this is part of it, too.

Jessie Czebotar 27:06
Yeah, yep. So
George Iceman 27:09
thank you, Ron. Sorry, I’m going to cut it short. Because that’s a shorter show. I’m on the road. But I hope that helps you. Yeah. And I’m going to share one final thing before we leave. It’s a clip. It’s important. It’s been put on me because I want to show it to everybody. This is a clip, I want to share. I’m not going to tell you the context of the clip yet. I’m just going to play the clip. And your imagination is going to run and I’m curious to see what everyone’s going to say before. Before I read the context of itself. I’m going to play the clip. And then all of you are going to take a look at it before I explain what happened. So here’s the clip. Take a look. Take a listen. Alright guys, there you go.
All right. So what does anyone think?

Jessie Czebotar 28:19
Drinking George?
George Iceman 28:21
All right. So I’m, I played it for reason. Because we are in a very, I can’t hear oh, you know, it doesn’t matter what the sound it’s okay, because it was just him. Like he was dying, which I think he did. But anyway, there he is. He’s on the floor. He’s dying. What do you think the context of that video was? What are your thoughts? Jesse? What do you think happened there?

Jessie Czebotar 28:45
You know, it’s hard to tell the body definitely the arms were kind of in a very weird formation. I wondered if at one point if they were even real if it maybe wasn’t a trick, but I was like, Huh.
George Iceman 29:00

So the context of that clip, according to witnesses, this gentleman was one of the organizers of the seizure of the church. You went to sees the church. During the conflict. This individual snatched the cross from the priest, and he threw it on the ground. After that incident, he suddenly suffered a stroke, and he died on the spot. You get what’s happening here. God will not be marked. He’s had it. He’s done. The gentleman went to the church to try and stop it to seize it. Grab the cross, threw it to the floor. And within seconds, he had a stroke and he died. All right. So the moral of that story is, don’t mess with God. And I think we all should keep our eyes open. There’s a lot of that that’s going to be revealed and watched and seen miracles, God is going to show his power like you’ve never seen, I truly believe he is going to open up his glory and those that are not on the right side are going to suffer as you could see in media, politics, corporations. It’s all crumbling down. So you know, I’d be very careful thoughts on that. Jesse. What do you think? Coincidence? Maybe just a coincidence.

Jessie Czebotar 30:40
I don’t I don’t think it it was coincidence.

George Iceman 30:43
I mean, God just throw my cross around spit on those people. No problem. I’m perfectly okay with that. It’s a good day do it. Yeah, I

Jessie Czebotar 30:50
you know, I’ve heard I’ve heard several different stories about situations like that, where people you know, go to contend with somebody or you know, and the Lord literally will stop, stop them in their tracks. So, yeah,

George Iceman 31:05
on that note, guys, I want to thank you all for watching lots of love going out to everybody. We appreciate if you just joined us. This will be uploaded and shared with everybody tomorrow. I’m on the road. Thank you all for tuning in. God bless you. Get outside, get some fresh air, get some vitamin D but most importantly, give glory and grace and praise to our Lord and Father Jesus Christ. Thank you for watching, God bless and good night.

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