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28 April 2023

George Iceman 0:00
Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the reveal report. This is the q&a, the after show where we get to ask some questions, have a roundtable, maybe get into some discussions, so we appreciate you being here. It’s exclusively right here on Patreon. I’m your host George Iceman, alongside author, Jesse Zolder. Jesse, welcome to it. We have a few people already with their hands up. We’re gonna give them a chance. And I believe the first question comes from Jean Am I hope I’m saying that correct? Jean, is that correct? Is that your name?

John Luke? Yes. John Luke. Okay, because it’s French. Okay, so I have to pronounce it, John. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 0:35
That’s correct, sir.

George Iceman 0:36
Like John Claude Van Damme?

Unknown Speaker 0:38

George Iceman 0:40
John Claude Van Damme. All right, John, how are you? And what’s your question this evening?

Speaker 2 0:43
I wanted to know if Miss Jessie knows the identity of the Antichrist? And does she think he’s looking for the Ark of the Covenant?

Jessie Czebotar 0:53
Well, I’ve already said I can’t answer the first question. However, do I believe he’s looking for the Ark of the Covenant?

I would kind of say, I don’t think he’s looking. But there may be a possibility he already knows or is aware of that.

George Iceman 1:15
Can I add to that, Jesse? Is it possible that even though he knows or is aware, he still might not have the protection that he needs to open it up? Because maybe, maybe God said, No, not even you could touch it as that. Is that a possibility? Maybe I think that’s a high possibility. I’m just saying, Jesse. Just maybe, Shawn, I hope that helped you. And thank you so much for your question. Thank you so much. So he’s definitely alive here today. He’s on Earth today. Yes. Okay. Thank you so much. You’re very welcome. All right. We have a question from one of our infamous ones and from his because he comes he comes with the with the smoke, Jesse’s got the smoke, that It all brings it and up to you last week, he is stumped me after he stopped you. I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. I was like. So everyone, please welcome call into the show. Colin, what’s your question this evening?

Speaker 4 2:14
Hey, sorry, I’m out of town against the no camera today. But the goal isn’t to stump anybody. I’m just genuinely curious to be bizarre question. But my question here is a little more direct. Actually, Jesse, the last we had heard of that you had had direct contact with the white hat team, for lack of a better term appeared to be in the summer of last year around June of last year. Are you able to without revealing any information that you don’t want to? Have you had contact since then? Or at least in 2023? Has there been any updates or, you know, optimistic progress in communications with them?

Jessie Czebotar 2:48
I’ll say that there definitely is a lot of progress that we’re seeing. You know, after, or I’ll say, after we last heard in June, there definitely has been a lot of movement. There’s a lot of things that we’ve seen happening. One of the things, you know, I personally would like to point out again, you know, is it white hat? Is it not? That’s the question. But, you know, after I did the decode on Nina’s show about Madonna, and you know, named the three places where the Grand High Priests were going to be gathering to do ritual testing and things like that. We saw the, you know, just like I said, exact date, there was that huge earthquake in Turkey, which was one of the first places there also was an earthquake in the third place. So I think that things like that, you know, we still see some of the earthquakes, we’re seeing power things, turning on off. The other thing that we’ve been seeing a lot of is tornadoes. So we’ve been seeing all these storms across the United States. I, you know, I don’t believe that any of that is just by coincidence. I will say that I do believe there’s progress, you know, brought out how, you know, my affidavits are sealed in the courts. I also believe that they’re in several different cases right now, in Rico cases and crimes against humanity. You know, there’s been several witnesses who have come forward about their testimonies about things that have been going on. So I certainly do believe that progress is being made. And you know, there’s been a lot of effort going into that so I you know, I think it’s a good thing.

George Iceman 4:38
We’re gonna call it thank you so much. Thank you very much. God

Unknown Speaker 4:40
bless you guys. Log bless.

George Iceman 4:41
Someone put something here. I don’t know if this is intended for you. But I know I’ve been talking about since you sent in the last two shows that the next two months will be turbulent. What did you mean exactly? Well, May and June are going to be very interesting months. We’re looking at a powers structure 100% collapsing 1,000,000% collapsing. And they’re at the point where there’s not much they could do. Now there was money promised just you could vouch, you could probably vouch for this. There is money promised to certain handlers, these are people that, that come visit you and make things very bad and you know, very miserable. And they get things done. There’s certain groups, you guys seen that famous movie John Wick, right? Well, there’s a lot of people like that who live in this real life, however, they need to be paid. And funds and money aren’t going to these particular people that are looking or waiting for it. So things are not looking good. And from my understanding, and what I’m hearing, it’s going to be wild and bumpy, you’re going to see a shift in power, you’re going to see people resigning, people stepping down. And it will be bumpy a little bit. For May and June, especially June, June is really going to get turned up guys, June is going to be a wild month, it’s really going to get turned up. And I tried to confirm this information. And there’s one particular guy, I want to get him on the show, just you may have heard of this guy, I want to give him the show because I get this information. And then this guy is like a biblical decoder. And his name is Volpone. And he’s a biblical decoder. And he tries to assess the exact timeline from 2000 years ago to where it is today and what’s going on. So I said, let me just see, spiritually, if I’m on the right page, just you know, if I’m because we could all be deceived. From information that’s given. So I want to see and he’s on the same tip. Guy is correlating my information. And he says he’s spiritually but who knows? I love Bo. Yes. That may enjoy. I have not heard of him yet. You’ve never heard about Jessie. I’m bringing them on just for you. You’re gonna love this guy. This guy is not a he doesn’t tell the future. He’s not one of those guys. What do you call those people? Whatever they are they they try to tell premonitions? It’s that’s not what he does. Like a psychic No, no, not none of that Jackson Taylor know that. He legitimately legitimately goes into the Bible picks the dates of the Lord. And he tries to figure out where we are in that timeline today. And he’s precisely mentioned certain things that going to happen. And again, he’s he claims it has nothing to do with predictions. I’m not speaking to spirits. I’m just going through the timeline, the biblical code, that it’s in the Bible, so he goes by the Bible, and the dates and the Jewish holidays, and all that stuff. And man, so he says, Yes, May and June is going to be wild and crazy. Again, correlating what I’m saying. So it brings credence and we can already see it, guys. You’re already seeing it. Everything I’ve said, is coming to fruition because I believe I have some good sources out there. And May June. It’s already happening. I mean, look what happened. Monday. We saw three people go down. We saw rice resign from the Biden administration. We saw Tucker Carlson step away. And we saw Don Lemon. Don Limon also was released. So three big superstars in their field. All gone. That was Monday. What do you think is gonna happen this Monday? What’s coming for me? And what’s coming for June? So

Jessie Czebotar 8:53
that also specifically George was my birthday.

George Iceman 8:57
all interesting. Are you saying that was done? Particularly because your birthday or is it on a full moon?

Jessie Czebotar 9:04
This was kind of interesting. Yeah, I’m not sure. Yeah.

George Iceman 9:08
Interesting. Okay. Um, well, I mean, they got fired. They’re gone. All of them. Let’s hope more that continues. There is a faction of good guys guys, there is a faction.

Jessie Czebotar 9:21
I believe that as well. Yes. They.

George Iceman 9:24
I truly from my understanding, there’s people working on our side. I don’t want to talk about you know, presidents and former presidents and all that stuff. I’m just saying there are a group of good people and they’re out there to try and help us and get us back on track. But I’ve even heard and just see, you know, follow up with this. Please. You know that but I’ve even hurt. There are a certain members of the Cabal that are just done. They’ve just so we’re done. We’ve had it we got grandchildren. You know, we just we want this to be finished. We want it to be over. We want to spend one or two weeks,

Jessie Czebotar 9:57
the dark side, a lot of the dark sides gone. Some of them they’ve replaced with, you know, duplicates or people pretending to be them. But then, you know, it’s like, now the light side are the ones that are, you know, that they’re going after. And, you know, they can’t hide from the fact that they covered up things, especially the trafficking of children through the government and the US military, they, they can’t hide that anymore. Ya know, and, you know, when they, you know, when they knew about it, they allowed it to happen, they didn’t do anything to stop it, you know, there’s nothing they can do to change the fact that there will be justice.

George Iceman 10:39
Yeah, there’s going justice, we’re gonna get it. Let’s, let’s be patient, guys, it’s been a lot. It’s been a long time, 1000s of years that these people are going to power and the past couple of years. Now you’re seeing everything in reverse, that we talked about three years ago, when it came down to the pandemic, you know, everything is, it’s worse than falling apart at the seams. You know, it’s a clown world we live in right now. But you need to stay focused, resilient, stay strong, keep pushing forward. That’s what’s working. I truly believe it’s people like yourselves, watching the show that share information on telegram with their friends on their phone, and their emails and their messages that stand up. They go to high schools to be part of the you know, the teachers union that stand up that go to protests that speak up and write their logos, Congressman, you off the power, and God has given you that power. I believe that I believe it’s our turn, to have some peace to have that Golden Jubilee. I pray that we’re going to get that I pray. I mean, maybe we won’t, I don’t know. But I have a gut feeling that I think we’re on a timeline where good things are about to happen. It’s changing in our favor. So let’s stay positive. Let’s give glory to God Almighty and let good things happen. Listen, it’s not us. We’re the small timers folks that we have to worry about. It’s the billionaires, stockbrokers that are gonna lose a lot of money during the crash. Not you, not me. You know, we don’t have $10 million $10 million in the bank that they’re trying to steal. You know, we’re small potatoes convert these people. No fear, zero fear. Raise Your Vibration, laugh, smile, watch a game. I’m watching the hockey game. I’m a big fan. And I hope we win the Stanley Cup. So you know that’s, you know, trying to have fun and enjoy myself as well. So don’t put all your energy into watching this type of stuff. 24/7 drive you nuts. Go in the water. Go for a swim have an ice cream. All right. Enjoy yourself. All right, next question comes from Jamie. Jamie, how are you? What’s your question this evening?

Speaker 5 12:34
Hi, guys. I’m very well and excited for the upcoming Orlando okay. Yes, yeah. So my question today is I just read Ceres colony, Cavalier by Tony Rodriguez. He was taken for the space program, but his position was a slave. And he talks about all these different alien races, one that’s like a praying mantis one that’s like a rat, besides the Pleiadians, and the greys, and then like, the more typical ones, what are your thoughts on all these different races? Do you think? Like all creation, not only on Earth, but in the universe is redeemed through Jesus Christ and the sons of man meaning us, like bear the image of God? Or what are your thoughts on people who participated in that? That government program of being taken for 20 years of service and then time regress back to when they were taken?

Jessie Czebotar 13:35
Thanks. I think that in those programs, there’s, you know, they build in a lot of narrative. And what’s interesting is that, you know, those who you can actually, you know, figure out which basis, which narratives come from, and, you know, they create these, you know, for lack of a better term, kind of, like virtual realities that these individuals experience in their program. You know, there’s some interesting things I’m going to be bringing out this next year, but it’s going to deal with the concept that, you know, did the military. And when we’re saying military, we’re not talking about the good military, we’re talking about the military complex itself. Did they create environments in which they procure experiments and projects, on individuals? You know, is their interface with the spirit world? You know, are there certain scenarios that they put through, in fact, could some of the wars, some of the PTSD caused by soldiers, really just be the that they were in these environments that were created? And, you know, is that where some of their PTSD comes from? So I’m going to be bringing some more of that out. And, you know, I encourage people to really listen to that. Because there is a method to the military’s madness. And you know, that’s part of the abuse, that they’re not just hitting people physically, they’re hitting people spiritually as well. You know, in my experience, I did not, you know, experience anything beyond, you know, that there are angels, there are demons, there are Nephilim. And, you know, did I see those demons able to shape shift take different forms? Yes. In my experience, you know, with the programs, you know, I learned that there are some children that don’t see or hear or feel in the spirit world, as naturally as others. So, you know, what was the military solution for those children that, you know, they couldn’t get to interface with the spirit world they couldn’t get to interface with, with spiritual beings or demonic beings, they had to come up with something tangible, that those children could grasp that would draw them and lure them into making those connections with those demonic spirits. So that’s what I learned the alien program was that really, those aliens were demonic beings. You know, the palladiums, I saw those down in Emerald City. You know, I went through some of the training with some of the Sisters of light, and, you know, experienced those beings teaching those girls about different types of light energy healing, and white forms of white magic. So, you know, to me, they weren’t aliens, they weren’t some other type of being. They were demonic in nature. And with every demon, you have to pay a price to gain access to their knowledge. And usually that includes some sort of blood sacrifice. So you know, those were some of the things that I experienced. So I believe highly that that they’re, you know, angels are demonic. But yet in that we know Scripture defines that God made different types of angels, you know, you have Sarafem you have cherub him. You have others. So I think that sometimes the classification that we see, or the physical manifestation we see those beings could be along the lines of, you know, the class of angel that God created those beings to be. So I hope that helps.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
That was great. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
up to it, you’re muted.

George Iceman 17:50
Sorry about that. Okay. Hey, Elizabeth, give us a moment. We’re going to bring you on. I just want to play a quick clip and get Jesse’s taken maybe everyone else’s take. I’m seeing a trend now Jesse. A lot of arrests for those in human trafficking, and pedophilia. It’s like hotcakes everywhere, especially those in high positions. This is something that’s blowing my mind. I never thought that these these nut jobs are into that type of craziness. But this week, a video was released of a judge about to give sentence to one of these creeps. And I want to share the video with everybody. So let me play it for you. Get your opinion. And you might want to turn up your volume but take a listen guys, here it is this guy is about to get, I don’t know,

Speaker 6 18:44
convicted or pleaded guilty to a sexually oriented child victim offense as such, you will be a tier three registering for your lifetime with in person verification every 90 days. Failure to register failure to verify residence at the specified times or failure to provide notice of a change in Resident address or other required information as described will result in criminal prosecution.

Speaker 6 19:19
This court is so sick and tired of seeing adults ruin and abuse children. These are literally just one step from being babies. They come to a daycare does parents struggle so that when they release their children to someone during the day, they have some semblance that that child is going to be protected and safe. Not let alone to have their children being raped by your own admission, sir, for sexual gratification. You violated a four year old and a six year old I do not know at this time what the total ramifications will be for those two young children. But there isn’t anybody who doesn’t understand now, the developmental phases of children take place from zero to six years old. You can’t even know what damages you’ve done for sexual gratification. This to me is so mind boggling that you used and abused two little children like they’re there. They’re inconsequential beings. Those are human persons with human dignity, the mere fact that they’re small little people that can’t fight off adults. That’s why an adult left them with adults. I’m going to tell you something, Mr. McFadden, there’s no free rapes in my courtroom. On count one, I’m sending you to prison for 11 years on count for I’m sending you to prison for 11 years, they will be consecutive to each other for a total of 22 years. You have 32 days jail credit. At this time, the court finds it necessary to protect the public from future crimes, to punish the offender and find that consecutive sentences are not disproportionate to the seriousness of the offenders conduct and to the danger the offender poses to the public. Folks, if you see it, you smell it. You know, it’s happening, you report it. These are little children that are the future. I hate to sound so cliche, but the children are our future. And if we’re destroying them, we have no future. And this ends in this courtroom. That’d be a whole find some foster way.

George Iceman 21:49
Thoughts on that Jesse?

Jessie Czebotar 21:51
Yeah, powerful. I don’t think you know, I mean, if I was that Judge, I probably would have had a lot more to say. Yeah. But, you know, she brings out the seriousness of it. What was interesting was his reaction that he just very monotone. No, you know, it didn’t look like any guilt or shame, no sorrow, you know, not saying maybe he did another place another time. Maybe he can, you know, truly confessed and had regret for that. But I did not see what looked like regret on his face. And, you know, to me, I don’t think that 22 years this, you know,

George Iceman 22:31
I mean that his age, he’s probably going to die in there anyway. So, yeah, again, I’ve seen a lot of that happen. So stay positive guys, and be in prayer as this escalates, and we try to get as many of these people off the streets. All right, let’s bring our next guest. We’re going to add to the screen here. And this is Elizabeth G. At the pin. Elizabeth, how are you? Welcome to the show. And who’s that little guy there? There’s my little girl girl. Sorry, I apologize. Girl. I didn’t see the long hair. So good. What’s her name? This is Elise. Elise, how are you? Welcome to the show, young lady. I hope you’re behaving in a drive in your mom nuts. And if you’re a good girl, we’re going to make a cookie or some ice cream. She says that’d be great. All right, what’s your question? Hey, Elizabeth,

Jessie Czebotar 23:22
questions on a little lighter note. Like, what are your guys’s thoughts on the Mandela Effect? Is it real? Like the existence of that? Is it just it’s just curious, something that I’ve always been curious about? I, you know, I never experienced, I’ll say different timelines per se. You know, are there multiple dimensions? Yes, I did experience that. You know, I don’t I’m not one that subscribes to there being multiple Earths or, you know, simultaneous timelines going on where we have, you know, basically ourselves and other dimensions or other planets. I think this is what we got. And, you know, it all kind of works universally. I will mention, though, where I believe some of those theories come from is that, you know, there are places military bases where time is multi dimensional. You know, we’re a basis both on the physical Earth as well as spiritually, in some of those places in the spirit world, most of the spirit world, you don’t have time. That’s why they have to keep watches or clocks with them. They have to keep a timekeeper for those that astral project so they can get out. And in those places, you know, when you’re there, there is no aging because there’s no time. So, you know, have they created places where, you know, I’ll just say there is one base where people literally are living in the 50s And, you know, they don’t age they don’t roll. They think they’re there. They think it’s the 50s. And they have not seen outside of that timeline. So, you know, I think that’s where some of those theories come in.

George Iceman 25:13
But there you go. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. We hope that helps. Thank you. Alright, Andy, last question for tonight will be Kathy Kathy, how are you? Welcome to the show. And what’s your question this evening?

Speaker 7 25:26
Thank you. Yes. So I had a question. I’m sorry, Mr. Such show earlier. So hopefully, I’m not asking something already mentioned. But this coming. May 5 is West suck festival that celebrated around the world. And within that 24 hours, King George, I think King Charles gets coronated. So I was wondering if you guys know if there’s any correlation with that.

George Iceman 25:52
But can I just pose a question, Jesse? Sir, do you think you really is going to get coordinate up coordinated? Do you think it’s really going to happen?

Jessie Czebotar 26:03
You know, it’s interesting, George, that there’s so many theories, especially with the Stone of Destiny being there, and Avalon and you’re the theory that King Arthur is really a codename for the Antichrist. But my biggest problem is I just can’t see the Sanhedrin accepting him as their Messiah or elevating Him as their Messiah. So, you know, I, I’ll be surprised if he gets coronated. They’ve done the paperwork, the fancy dancy part, you know, they’re puffing it up.

George Iceman 26:40
Yeah, I wouldn’t put too much. I mean, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. If it happens, I’ll be shocked. But you’re not going to see, you know, like she said, the Sanhedrin or the other big group that I’m aware of as well. And you know, the Habad they don’t mess around. They’re not bowing down to, they might tell him what to do. But yeah, that

Jessie Czebotar 27:02
Charles is not bad level. No, he’s not. He’s not part of. He’s only a Knight of Malta and gainer and maybe

George Iceman 27:11
potato. So in the bigger picture, right, just in the bigger picture of this occult world and all those masters, small potatoes on the

Jessie Czebotar 27:18
side of the triangle under the protector department’s current military protector, you know, he’s under the military. Yeah.

George Iceman 27:27
I’ll be surprised if they don’t want to hang him by his throat that his own people want to hang on and get them in the UK. You don’t want to get like that. And power. Not a good thing. Germany is dropping like flies. So you’re gonna see Macron gone. Then you’ll see. Trudeau goes well, we’re right there, guys. We’re in the timeline. Hold tight. And watch it happen. Chabaud Yes, that’s correct, Rachel, that’s how it spelt. But yes, for me, I don’t think it’s going to make a difference, or it’s even going to happen.

Jessie Czebotar 27:56
Well, the other thing, George, you know, he may pull the sword out of the stone. But the big question is, is can he wield the Ring of Power? No, I don’t think he can.

George Iceman 28:07
No, he’s not even pulling the sword out. That’s a fact. He’s got zero power. And he’s definitely not gonna have any rings. The whole game given him, even though they gave him the reach. They’re not gonna give them the ring towards. He’s not gonna do anything with that ring. I’ll tell you. Maybe beat him

Jessie Czebotar 28:24
there and look pretty, but could he open a door?

George Iceman 28:28
So there you go. Kathy, thank you for your question. I appreciate it. Doing that every

Unknown Speaker 28:33
time. Like not acceptable.

George Iceman 28:36
Okay, guys, that’s it for this week. I appreciate you guys being here it is Friday night. So go watch a movie, laugh, smile, enjoy yourself. And guys, you know, raise your vibration meaning be happy. Play with your pets. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air get that vitamin D It’s so keep but most importantly, give grace praise and glory to God Almighty. Anything you want to add, Jesse?

Jessie Czebotar 28:59
Yep, that was perfect. We’ll see you guys next week.

George Iceman 29:02
See you next week, everybody. God bless. Thanks and good night.

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