7 July 2023

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Hey, guys, thank you so much for supporting and watching tonight. Fantastic show. Thanks, Georgia Mr. Burns a thank you very much cm. Appreciate that that was a really great show. We touched on a few things. Guardian angels the story in the Bible and the different the different Legion, let’s just say of angels nine by the way we didn’t get to the Jeroboam or the or the other ones, just the the ones that are the messengers, the one that the Lord has sent to communicate with us were basically the ones that we were dealing with. So interesting stuff, guys, again, we thank you for joining us. Me and Mr. Burns are here today. And we’re going to be doing a q&a open roundtable. Anything you want to ask anything you want to say? Anything at all? Plus, I’m going to go over a little bit of the news on touch a little bit of the news because it’s Friday means there’s some news, Jimmy love the show. Thank you, Jenny, you are amazing. Appreciate that. Thank you, Georgia. Mr. Burns for the details. Thank you shells. I appreciate that. I don’t know how he does it. But I love hearing. Mr. Burns, talk about the Bible. I know everyone loves hearing Mr. Burns, talk about the Bible. Thankfully, Georgia, Mr. Burns. I’m making you a celebrity now, Mr. Burns. That said, I think you need a celebrity. Oh, boy. What chips are you eating today?

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Actually, I’m on m&ms I I didn’t pull the chips out. Just you kind of caught me off guard. So I really didn’t have time to get the chips. There you go. Well, oh, my goodness.

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Guys, if you have some questions, we’re gonna ask you to put up your hand. And we’re gonna get to you. If you want your face, not on camera, that’s fine, too. Just let us know. Or you can mute it. And that’s fine. But again, open, hands up. If you want to ask any question whatsoever. We can talk about angels. We talk about news. We can talk about anything biblical you’d like it is free range. Thank you, Lisa. I appreciate them. And I am also going to share some news stories and stuff that I thought were interesting. Give me a second here. Let me bring up one of them that we could get into.

Yes, okay, here. Here’s one. Again, this is this is in the news. And here’s a gentleman I’m going to share. This gentleman was talking about what they were teaching in class, want you to listen to him? He’s not a politician. He’s a concerned adult with the teachings of what’s happening in school. He’s very astute, well spoken. And anyone that hears this guy talk has to listen. The question is, will that counsel that he was speaking to hear what he has to say? Well, I’m going to play a video of this gentleman speaking at a school council. I believe it was a school council. Listen carefully with as to say, it’s about two minutes long. But then I want your take Mr. Burns, and if anyone wants to chime in, please do some credible stuff. And we need more patriots just like this, to speak up and talk about the facts. So give me a second.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
All right, guys, turn up your volume.

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And here it is.

Speaker 3 3:54
Several weeks ago, in a vote to allow trans students to use whatever bathroom they wish. You assured us that these policies were perfectly safe, as neither yourself nor law enforcement could provide a single example of any trans student assaulting any girl in any bathroom, in any school in any state anywhere in all effect. But not to worry since you couldn’t locate them. I took the trouble to see Loudoun County, Virginia, where last year under district policy, a trans student was allowed into the women’s bathroom where he assaulted a girl to cover it up. They moved him to another school where he did it again. See Irvine, California last month, where a trans student entered the women’s locker room and flashed the girls there. When they confronted him he mercilessly beat them. This happened again in Gwinnett County, Georgia. This happened again in Oklahoma City. This happened again in Ohio, where a trans man was allowed to use the locker room where he was arrested for flashing little girls. The judge dropped the charges after he ruled that this man was too fat for them to See anything last month in this city, a man using they them pronouns in a scene straight out of Silence of the Lambs hunted down and killed a female jogger because he, quote, wanted to look just like her. And before you say that these are anecdotal evidence, just note that in a survey of trans inmates in federal prisons, half were convicted of sexual assault, and 90% were convicted of violent crimes well above the general prison population. Now, it should also be noted that in each of these cases, each of these perpetrators had either changed their pronouns had undergone transition, or had received gender affirming therapy, and accommodations thereof. Why is this important to note, probably for the same reason we recognize as a society that you do not affirm that people with anorexia can be healthy in any way, you do not affirm that somebody with schizophrenia is hearing voices, and you do not affirm that somebody in a manic episode is having great ideas. Because when you leave somebody to languish in their false mental state, ie men who think they are women, they will inevitably lash out and harm themselves and those around them hurt people hurt other people.

George Iceman 6:22
Interesting. What are your thoughts on that, Mr. Burns?

Mr. Burns 6:26

Well, after spending most of my adult life working in prisons, adult corrections, juvenile corrections and detention facilities, what he says is very true. And the problem is, is in the, in the area that they talked about the pronouns in this snap 20 years ago, that was a mental disorder, that was not considered the norm. That was considered a aberrant behavior and a mental disorder. So he’s exactly right, when he talks about people hearing voices, when they’re manic when they’re this winner that he is absolutely on point. There is a lot more violence in that community, per se, than you’ll find in most other communities, because they are abused, they have been abused, and they will abuse and that that’s just the way it is. That’s, that’s the best thing I can say about it. And it’s sad. It is sad. Well, ladies and gentlemen, have faith. I think this gentleman is working to protect your children and others, and just a regular person like yourselves. So anyone truly is powerful and makes a difference, especially under God. Remember to put up that armor, and you could do great things. So God bless him. May God and His angels protect him as he continues on his path to

George Iceman 8:03
protecting those in the society and the community. He does great works. Anyone could do it. All right. We have a question from Rachel. Rachel, how are you? Welcome to the show. And what’s your question this evening?
Rachel, you there.
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We’re gonna for Rachel comes in George, I want to mention another thing about the angelic. You know, you can ask the Lord for more angels. And he will give you more angels, especially those who need protection. So if you feel like you need more angels because you’re suffering a great deal of warfare. Ask him, ask him for more angels. If you need help with finances, ask him for the financial angels. If you need help with music, ask him the angels. Believe it or not the really Anointed Songs that come from heaven are normally brought to these people who write them down by angels. So it’s very interesting. But don’t hesitate to pray and ask the Lord for angels. Because the Lord said, If I asked my father, he will give me how many angels? How many legions angels? The word talks about? What 12 legions of angels? So we need to ask him when we’re in need of protection and help. Okay. Just thrown it out there. Or we got some more questions.

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All right, Sheila, how are you? Welcome to the show. What is your question this evening?
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She’ll you there.

Speaker 4 11:12
I am here. Can you hear me now? Loud and clear. Hi. Thank you. My question, actually, George, you are Mr. Burns are really anybody can answer this question. I got, I was in a prayer group at work. And I was, in the course of my prayers, I was asking God to send angels to minister to somebody that was needing it. And I was later confronted by one of the board members of the church to say that we can’t do that. That’s not scriptural. And I’ve still all this time is probably been well over a year, I’m still struggling with, if we can ask God to send angels to minister to us. Why can we not ask God to send angels to minister to others?

Speaker 2 12:05
Well, you surely can. And the thing is, is the majority of the church today does not understand the role of the angelic, nor did they understand the spiritual realm, nor did they understand the workings. Okay. Yes, you can ask the Lord to send angels to minister because that’s part of their job. Okay. That is not, that is not an unusual request. I kind of do it all the time. So if I think a believer is having issues, I’ll ask the Father, please send warrior angels to that believer because they’re getting severely attacked. And I’ll ask the Holy Spirit. How many warrior angels should should we send and the Holy Spirit gives me a number and I say, okay, father, I asked for this amount of where your angels to be sent to that person. And so we can send them for protection, we can also send them to help them with their salvation. Absolutely. In fact, the angels watched over Israel, if you wouldn’t read the Old Testament. They watched over Israel all the time. So we need to use that as areas of righteousness. We need to use that more than what we do. Okay. Simple answer.

George Iceman 13:32
So hopefully that helps you, Sheila. Thank you. All right. Next question is from via via how are you? Welcome to the show. What’s your question is good.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
How are you?

George Iceman 13:43
Can you hear me? Yeah, loud and clear. Very good. Thanks so much. Okay.

Speaker 5 13:47
Love your show. Thank you so much. So my question is, my question is about orbs. When my son was five, I walked into his bedroom, and he was sitting straight up his back was straight up sitting in his bed and he was staring. And right beside his bed, were three little orbs like light. I’ve never seen anything like that at that time. And I just wondered if what that is I did have at one time happened probably about a year. within the same year, I saw three orbs again myself at when I was spending the night at somebody else’s house. Like the dog started barking and everything like I saw like, like like was like somebody’s I was in a bedroom and there were stairs outside the door. And it was as if somebody had a flashlight coming up the stairs and their dog was barking barking barking and then all of a sudden in the doorway, were three orbs. And at that time, I kind of went on a search for you know what are orbs and is that the I don’t even know what they were called. I just called them you know, they look like little Well, Tinker Bells are balls of light. And then I learned what they were. What is that?

George Iceman 15:08
I started the supernatural the paranormal for 13 years, you know. And usually a orb is a spiritual presence. Dogs, cats, they understand the supernatural realm, because they are aware, and they could see it. Sometimes in the middle of the night, you’ll hear him barking and there’s nothing there. They’re letting you know there’s something here, whether it be nefarious or not the some type of spiritual energy that is present. We don’t to this day. I mean, there’s lots of theories and Ghost Hunters are going to tell you there are a lot of theories, because it’s just theory. But it’s different when you’re implementing your faith, like myself. So when you implement your faith, and it’s even more questionable, is it nefarious? Are they they’re wanting to be helpful to to help you but are they really demonic and evil energy trying to get into your life. So you need to be very, very careful to not give them your energy, pay attention to them, talk to them, communicate with them, you want to cast them out to the name of Jesus Christ. That’s what I would suggest to you to purify sanctifier space, it’s not good. I have had a case where a woman said she was communicating with a spirit in her house. And I went to her house to do an investigation of the first case ever did. And I said, you have any tapes of this back and forth with this spirit that you still claim that you’re communicating with, right? Because some people think it’s not nefarious, I can tell you that the voice that I heard a real voice with the tape was so scary, I stopped playing the tape. It was a gras like. Now, if an orb is a positive form of energy, why am I hearing growls of energy, my warning to her was to pray to the Lord to bless and cleanse, to not get permission to do things to never take or communicate with the spirits. And to not give it energy. What I mean by that is don’t pay attention to them. Take authority of your household in the name of the Lord. All right, protect yourself in the name of the Lord and be gone with these things. We shouldn’t entertain them. Because when you do you open up doorways. I hope that helps you be

Speaker 5 17:30
Yes, I see that. And I I have never seen them anymore. And I prayed about it and everything. I thought it was interesting. The only other thing though, that’s unusual is I see them in certain photographs. About one time I had set up some Christmas trees in my living room. I just had gotten them and whatever. And I’d taken some pictures of it. And when I looked at the photograph, there were three orbs and and they were placed at each seat like seats at the table on the table was very unusual. But I mean, I didn’t see them when I was taking the picture. I saw them in the photograph. And I have the photograph from a long time ago. And then I have add others were in that same room and is out and my husband Bill so nobody was in here before us. And like when my daughter, we had a dinner party for homecoming. And when the pictures came back there was this giant blue orb over her head. It was just funny. But that’s I appreciate that I yeah, thank you. No, it’s unusual, I guess was curious.

George Iceman 18:43
Of course, it’s 100% Spiritual energy that’s present. But this could be the beta, busy, good or bad? Well, let me put let me yeah, let me put it this way. Let me put it this way. You’re better off not to communicate with it, then give it energy if it’s negative, right? If it’s positive, then let it be. If it’s an angel or a messenger sent by God to protect you, then it’s there. That’s it. You don’t need to communicate with it. Your petition or your praise, and thanks as always to the Lord. But I wouldn’t give us I wouldn’t give it credence I wouldn’t give it your energy and say, Hey, what is this? What’s going on? Because then they know you notice them. So now that you’ve noticed that present, you’ve opened up that door, you’ve given permission. You rebuke I will move on. So it can be positive. I’m not saying it’s not it could be you know, the Lord could possibly send angels there to help you watch over something, which is true. And if that’s the case, they’ll never bother you but you shouldn’t intercede with them anyway, right? Yes, Lord is who you intercede.

Speaker 5 19:47
I can see that. Yeah, right. Is there a thing with color

George Iceman 19:52
if there are different Yes, sometimes it depends on the energy Oh, look into it, but I wouldn’t look into it because yeah, we get into you know, so A serie right and different types of ancestral connections and meanings. Again, you’re going way back. It’s very occultic. So I wouldn’t give it too much. You’re aware it’s there, guys. Something positive happens. That’s a good thing because the Lord, yes. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much. All right. Next question is from Kathy. Kathy, welcome to the show. What’s your question this evening? Yeah, for

Speaker 6 20:28
either you or Mr. Burns? Where’s the earliest mention of ethnic cleansing in the Bible?

George Iceman 20:36
That’s a good question.

Speaker 2 20:38
Ethnic cleansing. Well, when Cain killed Abel, hmm, he, he went to God because he knew they would slay him for killing Abel. So God put a mark on him, so that no man would slay him. If that’s what you call ethnic cleansing, but as far as ethnic cleansing, there are places in the Old Testament where God told the Israelites kill every man, woman, children, animal, everything, totally wipe it out. And one of the reasons why was because it was so evil to take anything back would create a big problem. Now, if you remember where salt had an issue, or no, no, it was it saw, I believe, so he brought back spoils of war that he wasn’t supposed to bring back. And that got him in trouble. So in warfare, sometimes God would tell the Israelites wipe everything out. Okay, so in the flood, God, God had to wipe everything out, he had to wipe the whole slate clean because of the sin that had entered the world. He’d only he could only trust Noah and his three sons and the wives, right. So everything else was cleansed. So God does cleanse some times, but it’s generally for sin. Not because it’s a particular religion or color or skin tone, or wherever you come from, it’s generally due to sin. Does that make sense?

Speaker 6 22:34
Yeah. That’s kind of what I was saying. If somebody had asked me like, before, we knew the word Holocaust, and association, you know, with Nazi Germany. What was the word before a holocaust and low cost also is like an ethnic cleansing. So I was just thinking further back to the Bible in the Old Testament. Like even was there the part where they’re in the wilderness for 40 years, like they, he couldn’t, they couldn’t get to the promised land, land till they had enough generations cleansed of the Egyptians and all the evil from

Unknown Speaker 23:13
that had come out of the land and in disbelief,

Speaker 6 23:15
right. So in a sense of that, like a cleansing, like, in a way cleansing?

George Iceman 23:21
Yeah, yeah,

Speaker 2 23:22
I would say that Mr. Burns, no way. Yes. But But what if occation? What What is God doing is purifying the Israelites? Yes. He wants to take wholly into the promised land. Yes. So when he purifies, and he makes holy or righteous, then he can do so much more with the holy and righteous and that’s why he He cleanses. Okay, does that make sense? And usually, usually, the cleansing is done through fire or water. Yeah. It’s It’s typical. You’ll, you’ll hear the fire the Holy Spirit, tongues of fire descending upon them. That’s a that’s a cleansing. Also through baptism. That’s through water. Okay. So yeah. But as far as purposely man is terrible, on God is just and he is righteous. And he only does it when He absolutely has to, when we were talking about the angels going to Sodom and Gomorrah, I mean, Abraham was was arguing with God, about, well, what if there’s this many, three times any righteous? Yes. What if there’s this many righteous? What if What if there’s this many righteous And God’s like, I won’t destroy it if there’s that many righteous. So it it again, it has to do with righteousness and holiness, and how we as believers be the carry yourself in righteousness and holiness. And I hope that helps you out.

Speaker 6 25:06
Yeah, thank you. I really appreciated the detail. Next

Speaker 2 25:11
week there was another question in the in the text about, alright, let me let me run this by your buddy. First John four, one through seven, eight round there. It says you were to test all spirits now understand the word I’m going to underline the word spirits if they confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and in other places John will say, if they confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, all right, that they are of God. So if you hear a voice, the first thing you say to the voice is, do you confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh? And I tend to attend to and on? And is the Son of God? You confess that out of your mouth? If that, if that thing says yes, then you listen to it him who was around or doesn’t give me an answer. It says, No, you tell it to get the hints. I’m not gonna listen to you get out of my presence. If Jesus if you think Jesus appeared before you, the first thing out of your mouth should be do you believe? Or do you confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh? And normally his answer will be yes, I came in the flesh to say do your sins, you must test these spirits. If you do not cast you will be deceived. Okay. And listen, if Satan can appear as an angel of light, your you can be deceived. So you have to test now, over time of hearing the Lord’s voice. My sheep know my voice. It’s like when you get like, when George calls me, I immediately know it’s George. Okay. I know his voice. I’ve talked to him enough. I know his voice. It’s the same way. But if I’m not sure, I’m going to test now that works with spirits. Only. Not humans, humans can lie to you. Yes, spirits. Only I got to drive that home. Okay. But if you’ll do that, it will keep you safe from being misled. All right. Make sense? And it’s, you know, go to First John for one through seven. Read it, read it through. It says because many have common there’s been many antichrist and, and there’s, there’s a Jesus here and there’s a Jesus of none, you got to test. Okay. And also to the people who have dreams and visions, right? You have to line those up with the word. You also, usually God will give you other people that are around you that can interpret those dreams. tell you? I don’t know if that’s from the Lord or not. I gotta pray about it. Yeah, um, let me test that out. So whether it’s a word, a dream, a vision, whatever it is, it has to be tested. Okay? Just don’t go running with it. Oh, the Lord told me this Lord told me that. No, you got to test everything. That’s what keeps you safe.

George Iceman 28:42
I’m going to hit that home and agree, and push that as well. A lot of people, especially in our community, what exactly what Mr. Burns says we’ll take something and run with it without questioning and asking for confirmation. They just this is what’s gonna happen. Very bad. It messes up our community as a whole. It gives us a bad name, you begin to get the fanatics and it’s not good. And it’s either their way or the wrong way. There is no in between. And that’s a problem because they think they’re getting advice. And they could be being misled. All right, by the Spirit. This is horrible. And we hate to be very careful. So I’m going to hit that all the way home with confirmation. On that note, I want to answer a question that was in the chat. Lisa asked me, George, I have a newborn and do you believe with what I’m reading war that we are going to go nuclear? I can tell you from what my sources have told me, and it’s yes, they’d like to start a war. But I don’t believe that’s what’s going to happen because that’s what I’m being told they are preventing it. There are people working on our behalf to prevent it, but much higher than human beings. Why is the Lord God Almighty, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the ultimate word, the final decision, the final maker he tells you when we’re going to have war, when we’re not going to have for a human will not decide the faith of humanity, but God Himself and only God, and to my understanding from my sources and what I believe, from the Lord God Almighty, we will not have nuclear war. But they will use that as fear mongering, fear porn, to make you go into anxiety, stress to lower your vibration and allow the spiritual attacks. Don’t fall for it be strong, in the face of fire, in the face of vengeance in the face of anger and hatred, the strong in the faith of fear and demonic temptation. give glory to God. That is your shield. That is your chestplate we will overcome we will be strong, there will not be a war. God bless. Jacqueline, how are you? Welcome to the show. What’s your question this evening? Hi, George. Hi, Mr.

Speaker 7 31:04
Burns. On georgas say that your prayer is so beautiful. Please pray more often. It’s part of your ministry and we love hearing you pray.

George Iceman 31:13
Thank you. I appreciate that. God bless you, Jacqueline. Thank you so much. Rachel more welcome to the show. Rachel, what’s your question this evening?

Speaker 8 31:23
I can actually speak to you now. Sorry. Okay. I’m George. I have well, okay, I have a question. Two questions, if possible, but it or not, that’s okay. One, I’ve heard that people in politics are like a level three. They’re in a third level of witchcraft is that is that true?

George Iceman 31:47
There are different levels, and different religious religion, what I shouldn’t say there’s different styles of a cultic practices. Some will commit themselves to worshiping ISIS, Ishtar, others will be somebody else, you can tell by the sigils they represent the colors they wear, it’ll give it away, not only ritualistically. But what it represents. For instance, if they’re wearing a blue dress on a certain day, rest assure something bad’s gonna happen that represents a particular principality. This was deep and I just want to give you the simplified version. So there are different principalities that they worship. So maybe one might be one or two levels. In the end, does it really matter? They’re all worshipping Lucifer, so it doesn’t matter what level they are. It’s all evil anyway. Yes. Yes,

Speaker 8 32:47
yes, it is already going on. I just wanted to make sure that I was understanding that correctly. Correct. Second thing some people may know about this, some people may not and it’s kind of goes with what you were talking about in our community. I have a hard time with being empathetic. I have a hard time seeing. And I also have a hard time sometimes I figure it out. And this is I know this is a bad word. And I’m not meaning it in the the witchcraft, way. Channeling being an open channel and not realizing it.

George Iceman 33:25
Be more specific. If you don’t, what do you mean by channeling?

Speaker 8 33:28
I’ll give you a very specific example. One time I was doing either like moderation and stuff like that on a on a YouTube show. And my tag is RLM 033. But I see another RLM 033 in the chat. Somehow I was channeling another RLM 033. And automatically I rebuked that, but how do you how do you stop doing that? When you don’t even know you’re doing it?

Speaker 2 34:02
Rachel, that’s that’s part of programming. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of the folks that have been used and abused and mistreated. They’ve also been programmed with MKL Trump. So a part of you, generally, is what’s actually putting that in without your core knowledge of it. So you have a part that is, it’s part of you, it’s part of your part of yourself, but it is acting as a it takes over types, whatever. And it makes its own comments. And a lot of times that’s due to programming, okay. And there’s a lot of times where you did you Last time, a lot of programming people will lose time. Because they absolutely don’t know what they did yesterday, or maybe two hours, what happened to two hours? Well, some of these people that are programmed, their parts take over, and the party is doing something that the core is not necessarily attuned to. So the core has no knowledge, what the party is doing. And that’s the way the programming operates. Does that make sense?

Speaker 8 35:35
Yes, okay. Well, since my family is in the Randolph, Randolph Air Force bases, one of the core bases.

Speaker 2 35:43
So what you want to do is wear a watch, ice Apple Watch with date and time on it, and put cameras in your car and stuff like that. So if you go somewhere, you don’t know where you went, you pull the memory card in, and you may get a good idea where you went, that does not necessarily mean that the part may not pull the cord in turn camera, just saying

Speaker 8 36:10
to say, and I don’t find myself doing that really much. I’m going to be honest. You know, and I have somebody who watches me a lot of the time. So yeah, you know, I mean, I don’t have a problem doing any of those things. I do need to go through go over with you those things because we are paperboard got stolen. But anyway, for anybody else that may have those problems. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
On what you figured out,

Unknown Speaker 36:47
bless you. God bless you.

George Iceman 36:50
Before thing couple more questions got another video I want to share with everybody something interesting. We’re going to get the assigned yet Hold on. And I want to share this quick video with everybody get Mr. Burns, take on this very interesting online. Did Tesla talk to demons? Demons, interesting tech. Let’s listen to this blogger. She has to say I want to get your take on it. And let’s see what he has to say take a listen is playing

Speaker 9 37:19
in the room around your head right now. Every radio station in your local area is playing at the same time around you right now you just can’t hear it because it’s playing in the frequencies just outside of the human audible listening range. And a radio is simply a human audible listening conversion frequency device, it takes the frequencies that are outside of the human audible listening range and converts them into the human out of the listening right. So that you can hear said sound. Now Nikola Tesla was one of the first developers of the radio technology. He wanted to build the world’s biggest radio and he died doing that in New York, and never completed the project. When he first developed the radio. There was no other radio devices in existence at the time. He first developed the radio. It says in his notes, I am hearing human voices speaking in a language that I do not understand what voices was a hearing and what language was hearing. Kind of weird Ray, the radio he developed was called the crystal radio and tried to pick up ambient sound in the room and then adjusted the frequency to pick up certain sounds. And he heard voices. Thomas Edison responded to Nikola Tesla’s crystal radio by developing the spirit phone. Thomas Edison claimed not only could he hear the voices, but he would allow you to

George Iceman 38:47
did you now I made reference to this in the past because it’s a cultic information that the television was created in the beginning to communicate with the dead and the other side. Also, the telephone is what we’re talking about this with the spiritual beings are the entities Are they aliens? Are they angels? That’s a question that people will pose. I don’t believe because of my faith. You need the telephone that communicate with angels, because you have a connection through God Almighty will send as messengers or as the Bible will say, you know, you’ll get it in your dreams, you know, give you a sign or a vision. They’re called visions. So that eliminates that. So obviously, it’s some type of alien or demonic presence of some sort some spiritual presence, but some say that aliens are actual demons. Demons are aliens one or the other. Regardless, so you’re aware from the history. Telephones were first created to communicate with the spirits wrong thoughts on that? Mr. Burns?

Speaker 2 40:02
Yes. The wave links, everything runs on wavelengths. And crystals are a natural source of being able to harness these wavelengths, and actually be able to tune in frequencies. So for years and years and years, we used crystal radios or crystal sets with actually crystals in them to be able to tune in to signals. Could he hear something in the spiritual realm? Hey, who knows? Possibly. We know that the angels speak in a different tongue than man does. If I speak in tongues of angels, you know, but have not loved. So we know in First Corinthians 13, it mentions it. All right. But the thing is, is did was he able to tune in the spiritual realm? Hey, you know, no, but the thing is, is he didn’t understand the language he was hearing. So that tells me that it wasn’t directly pointed at him. He was just happened to be eavesdropping on something. He didn’t know what it was. Okay. Now, can you get in trouble with this? Yes. Yes. Is it is, is the television and radios and things like that? Used for Good and Evil? Yes, absolutely. We know that they can be used for either or it’s a communication form, regardless of what kind of communication you’re you’re, you’re dealing with. When the first radio stations came out, they had the wattage turned up so high, that people that had certain kind of silver and golden or teeth could actually hear the radio in their head. So it, it’s what conducts the wave or the electronic signal? That depends on whether you can hear it or not. Okay. So the Holy Spirit allows us to be part of or tune into the spiritual realm. That’s how we hear God’s voice, okay? It’s part of it. In even to hear angels speaking in their tongues, if I you know, in tongues angels, if I understood tongues, angels, I’m not well, so what you’re discussing here is the ability to hear in the spiritual realm, as well as the physical realm. Now, you have to understand something, we have a spiritual body and a physical body. If your ears are tuned in to your spiritual ears, you can hear what’s going on in the Spirit, if you’re in this in vice versa, it goes from one to the other. Okay? I didn’t lose anybody on that. But you have a spiritual body and a physical body. And if they’re connected correctly, you can see in the spirit in the flesh, because your bodies are connected problems. Same way you can hear in the spirit. It’s not witchcraft, it’s just it’s just the difference between your spiritual and your physical body. Okay, if that makes sense. So, people ask me, Well, how do you hear in the Spirit? You have to allow the Holy Spirit to tune your ears so that your physical ears can hear through your spiritual ears? How do I speak in tongues? My spiritual man speaks through my physical mouth, okay? And he makes utterances that I don’t necessarily understand, because he’s speaking directly to God. So that’s how that’s what we’re talking about here. So it wouldn’t surprise me tuned in and listen to the angels. You probably didn’t know what it was. But hey, you know, you never know. The thing about it is neither is good or evil. It’s how it’s used.

George Iceman 44:21
Excellent. Thank you, Mr. Burns. We’re gonna do two more quick before we sign off, Sanjay, we didn’t forget you. How are you? Welcome to the show. What’s your question this evening?

Speaker 10 44:30
I have a Christian and might be a little bit off topic. We even though I thought it was with topic because of the angels. And I just heard today that a little baby died in the car because the parents left it there. And it just died. And so immediately my thoughts go to work. That lady that got saved and her family got saved. And then how how This baby does not get saved. I mean, I’ve been asked that as the believer, I get asked that a lot. And I never have really a good, you know, a good explanation how, okay, one family dies horribly in a car crash and the next one gets saved. So that’s my question.

Speaker 2 45:22
That’s the problem with trying to figure that out. Now, as far as babies go, um, a baby or a child will go to heaven up till the age of accountability. The age of accountability is like 1213, where they can make a decision, they understand good from evil, they understand they have a conscience, and they can make those decisions. When they get to that age of accountability, then, that’s when their choice comes in, in their free will comes in to make a decision. Am I going to choose God or not? Now, it doesn’t mean you have to choose the devil it could be. I don’t choose anybody. Atheists. I don’t. I choose science. I choose money. I choose whatever, whatever you choose, is not it. It’s Who are you going to serve? Choose this day who you’re going to serve be. As for me in my house, I will serve the Lord. So at the age of accountability, the child is has free free will and they can choose, okay, up to that point, the child goes to heaven, there’s no, there’s no purgatory, there’s no, you know, Limbo, none of that exists, the child goes directly to heaven. Okay. Now, why do good things happen? Why do bad things happen to good people, because we are in a war, and the warring IN the spirit and in the flesh goes on. And Satan will do everything he can if he thinks you’re a threat, to take you out, even before you get saved. So if you’re an if you have an anointing from God given to you by birth, you’re a threat to the devil, the devil is going to do his best to get rid of saved or unsaved. But he will go after you, especially when you get saved because you become a bigger threat. And keep that war in mind, we’re in a war going on right now in spiritual. And the higher that the higher your giftings and anointings that are given to you by God, the more dangerous you become as you learn and grow in God in the spiritual realm and spiritual warfare and so on and so forth. Does that make sense?

Speaker 10 48:07
Yes, I just, I just felt like, you know, one family gets saved. And then was the the angel for the other family busy or worrying or the other angel had time at the time? Or how does that work? Or how do you explain that to other people? I believe it but

Speaker 2 48:27
it’s free will. Okay, it’s you. You chose to get saved? Correct? Right. Okay, now, I can choose God gives us free will, he will not interfere with it. The family is always free to choose to serve God. That’s their free will. If they choose not to, then that puts him in a dangerous position. Because if they choose not to, then they endanger themselves. Because if they die, and they hadn’t chosen to serve the Lord, then guess what happens? They go down they do not collect collect $200 that go directly to hell, right. It’s, it all has to do with free will. And God will not interfere with our free will. Everybody says well, what is this better? Good happen? It’s free will it’s free. Well chose. Okay.

George Iceman 49:29
I agree with Mr. Burns on that. It’s very key. We told the story on the show if you watched it, of many miracles, and the woman who gave her testimony, a believer in the faith who turn to the Lord and look for the Lord and angels protected her I know it sounds bad, but it’s like he says I will agree with that you have a free will of free choice. And he usually usually those who choose the Lord, the Lord, you know, and you’re in petitioning prayer and you’re trying to live, you know in the Word. There’s some type of aid A A chestplate that you wear, the Lord sends His messengers, the angels to watch over and protect you because you have work still to do. So have faith. There isn’t a concrete answer because you know, we’re not the Lord. It’s It’s Mr. Burns giving his theory and his his ideology of what he studied and learn to me with experience and what I pick up on what I think my gut is telling me. Either way, I You still have to be in the herd and give glory to God. That’s the lesson here, I think.

Unknown Speaker 50:34
Okay. Yeah.

George Iceman 50:36
Thank you so much, Sonya. Appreciate that. All right, you. Amazing, great questions. Thank you so much. I want to leave off on a very interesting video, a positive video, something that I came across online. And it was quite nice. So I wanted to share with everybody to lift your spirits. This lovely lady is working out. Right? There’s a story behind her working out. Take a listen. I came to the gym to show God my gratitude. Six months ago, the doctor found a band of abnormal cells in my cervix, I cannot choose between an aggressive procedure, or waiting six months and seeing if I had a redemption, I decided to wait. Today I got the new results. I no longer have bad cells, and everything looks healthy. This happens when you have a healthy lifestyle. And the power of praying in desperate situations. Don’t forget to move your body daily, and talk

Speaker 2 51:42
to God. The men beautiful story. And beautiful girl

George Iceman 51:49
had faith worked out I believe I was given a sign again from the Lord messengers, to go to the gym, to change my lifestyle, and to get in shape. And I’m still doing that on a daily basis. It’s part of my routine. And I give glory to God because only he could give me that message. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I thank you. And I praise him every single moment. What a wonderful show. Mr. Burns, if you’d like to close with a prayer, that’d be wonderful.

Speaker 2 52:23
Father in heaven, thank you very, very much for the time we’ve had this evening. We thank you for George and his gifting that you’ve given him to be able to put this show on and the support you’ve given him to continue it. And Father, we just lift the show up that it may glorify You, and not George or myself or Jesse, but glorify You in everything that you’re wanting to do, to heal, to anoint, to deliver. And to basically bring your word into the context that we can all understand. And Father, we thank you for all that you do for us. And if we do not know you, Father, we ask that you would make yourself real to us through Jesus Christ, your Son and the Holy Spirit. And Father, we just want to praise you and thank you for all the blessings and anointings and the protection that you’ve given us. And Father, we just lift up your angels and we ask that you will bless them so they can help us with our walk. And they can protect us in the warfare that we walk in. And we thank you for the angels and we thank you and praise you for all that you do for us Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.

George Iceman 53:53
Thank you Mr. Burns, and thank every single one of you for your support. Without you I would not be here Glory to you and your families. May God watch over all you protect you teach you heal you bless you and show you the way glory to God Almighty Jesus Christ. Have a beautiful weekend. God bless and Good night everyone.

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