21 July 2023

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George Iceman 0:00
Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the reveal report. This is the q&a the After Show. I’m your host, George Iseman, along with my co host, Miss Jessie moto. We’re going to take your questions, have an open round table to ask anything you’d like to get to different topics, including a little bit of the political world. And it’s going to be very, very interesting. I want to begin the show with asking Jesse about an update with her case. We know about her case, we’ve been following it closely. Is there been any movement in her case? What’s going on with that?
Yeah, I mean, there’s there’s some reports going out tonight. Let me click bring it up so I can read this is what went out tonight. Attorney Steven s this to partner with a Minnesota attorney to file frazzled drip Rico. For his client, Randy Lynn Erickson. It says Hillary frazzled drip case to be filed in Minnesota. Yesterday, I announced attorney Stephen s Biss has prepared a RICO complaint. He will be filing in the US court that sets forth details of Jesse Murray’s voters, eyewitness testimony of Hillary Clinton torturing and murdering a little girl. I can confirm this that the complaint will be filed in Minnesota by an attorney that he obtained in Minnesota. I look, I am looking into the name of the Minnesota attorney and will report further. And that’s on Timothy Charles Home.
Wow. So there it is, folks. Now, Lynn, controversial in many circles. And what I mean by that is, he has been under attack, I think it’s him. Who’s the other the general there, Flynn is a lot going on, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on. So we have to use your discernment. But you’re talking about fragile drip of video to be seen. Now. For those who don’t know what this video is, apparently, this video is of a particular politician that ran for president who tortured with help a young girl. Now we could go into a deep dive about this. And but I just want to touch on it, because the video is disturbing. And apparently I don’t know if it’s true. But what is said out of nine out of 10 or 12 contenders there were Yeah 10 or 1210 or 12 police officers, nine of them died. Who seen that video. Apparently they threw up. They were sick to the stomach. It was extreme pain and screaming that went on. It was horrendous.
If you see a link, it is illegal to own it.
Keep that in mind. But it’s a horrifying video. And just if you just want to touch on it, what is the video exactly that they’re talking about?
Well, you’re talking two separate things. The video is a later date case with a child that supposedly was tortured, raped and killed satanic Lee, by Hillary Clinton and others. What we’re talking about is my case which outlines in detail the things that I witnessed her do, which were very similar. In the system, we call it like their preferred signature kill. So I propose that frazzle drip, basically is her preferred way of killing and describe another scenario that was years earlier in the 80s, where she did the exact same thing and, and put in details of what they do. So
I mean, you can’t even fathom that, that that really happens. Yes, it is Hillary. For those that are wondering that we are talking about Hillary? Yeah, we’ll see what happens. The video is horrendous. I seen a somehow I got to see. Some something was no good. I don’t recommend anyone watch it. There’s no need to watch it. I didn’t watch the whole thing. I don’t know if I sell something. And that’s enough. I was on a dark web. I got rid of my laptop. By the way, the one that I seen whatever clip that was that whole laptop was destroyed. Because once you go on a dark web, they have a door and Gateway, into your life into your home into everything. So stay away from the dark web folks. I highly suggest to stay away from that and just be in prayer. give glory to God. I want to begin with some questions. Maybe it’s about this and other things, but we’ll begin with Alex. Alex, welcome to the show. How are you and what is your question this evening?
Speaker 4 4:58
Hi, George. I’m fine. How was yourself? Good, thank you. Oh, I have seen something. It’s very important to me. I just wanted to share with you guys it will take me a couple of minutes to explain. Is that okay? Yes. Okay. Hi, Jesse. So, this Monday, we had a meeting at Dallas, Texas for a work, so I had to travel there. For one hour events for team bonding events, they took us to Dallas Cowboys, Texas football stadium. Um, the minute I walked into the stadium for the for the tour, I got this very overwhelming feeling there. The stadium was built to the perfection, very beautiful, very clean. A game, I started getting bad feelings. I don’t know why. But I thought maybe it’s the heat is 110 degrees later, we started going through the tour. First thing we saw this, there was this big sign up the the Texas Star, huge on the wall, started getting started shaking a little bit, sort of moving forward. And then we ended up our tour guide and took us to a place where we had this M that replica of the star. And he jokingly explained that whoever comes in touches this star, kind of it helps us to get into the Super Bowl. Moving forward, we went to the gym where they were these these guys come in and exercise. The I started feeling worse. And then we start we started walking again to the place where there was a big green with a giant diamond on it. And that diamond was given to the Mr. Jones I guess he’s the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Looking at the ring, I started feeling worse again. Moving moving along and we kept keep walking into the into that stadium and I started feeling bad. And towards the end, I asked a security if I can use a bathroom. They show me an hallway and they direct me to where to go. So me being May, even given the smallest direction I make a mistake. Somehow I got lost into the hallway. And I ended up into into a building into a room opening the door. What I see in front of me, is this this giant store right in front of it. Is that two snakes with a sort of a stick of that evil that that

George Iceman 7:53
like the medical medical sign with you. Okay,
Speaker 4 7:57
exactly same thing. So I kind of went to the bathroom, but I couldn’t, couldn’t get myself put myself together somehow that that they finished and we got into the boss and we’re about a mile away. We are leaving. We are our bosses right behind the traffic lights at red light. What I notice is big giant Children’s Hospital. Guess what’s on the under and under logo, Freemasons, Army symbolism to everywhere? My question is, do they is the abductions or the evil happens in these places where all we pay $120? And we go watch these games? Do they? Do they take advantage of kids? Or people get lost in these places? Sorry for my long explanation.

George Iceman 8:48
No, that’s good. Um, the answer to your question is yes, you do have it that higher levels. You know, many, I would propose that I believe that the majority of those who own the football stadiums are somehow connected into the system, or connected to those at the higher levels of the system. You know, it’s a huge avenue for, you know, running money running drugs, running women and children for sex trafficking. So you know, it is a huge issue, all the things that go on there. You have a lot of the men or the football stars are other sports stars who are being recruited into, you know, different occultic avenues, whether it’s Golden Dawn or Order of the Phoenix. You know, that’s something that’s very big in that world if you want power and fame and fortune. You have to pay into the system and align with those in the system. Now, one of the things you know, when I was down in Texas, doing some tours and stuff showing people DePaul some of the things that I was witnessing in different areas, one of the things I kept noticing is that a lot of the public buildings would literally have the state of Texas on a circular emblem. But as you look closer, I pointed out, I said, Do you not see that they literally have the state of Texas on an altar. So I encourage you to look for that, where you see that circular emblem with Texas, look at right behind there. I mean, literally, they have Texas on an altar. So, you know, I think what you were feeling was a lot of oppression. And, you know, maybe you have a spirit of discernment, you were picking up a lot on spiritual things that were happening there, the best thing that you can do for your work travels or other things, you know, bring some anointing oil with you or anoint your shoes before you leave. You know, anoint your head, anoint your shoes, just give that time to the Lord and say, Okay, Lord, you know, I’m going to walk in your authority, and don’t be afraid to, you know, rebuke what you’re feeling, you know, to say to that oppression, I rebuke you. And I think that that will help you.
Speaker 4 11:16
Just to, you know, if I if I do not have anybody to talk to, but these kind of things, if I say such a thing, people will think I’m paranoid, I’m losing my mind. But believe me, I’m not the type of guy who has that feelings. My body was shaking, the entire time TV left. Yeah, the last hit was that boss standing in front of the Children’s Hospital.

George Iceman 11:38
You can do, you can do the rebuke. preemptively, before you leave your hotel room, or you could even do it from your home, tell room bathroom, do it in a bathroom in the airport, if you can, you know, wherever you can get a quiet moment. Sometimes you I mean, I’m just exploring ideas here. You know, I mean, I’m the type that isn’t going to let the enemy win. So even if I had to stand there looking like I was talking on a phone and saying, you know, Satan, I’m rebuking you right now, I’m rebuking every evil spirit, get out of my way, I’m coming through, you know, I mean, who’s gonna know, or really be listening into your conversation, find a little corner in the air. Get it done and be like, Here I come, you know, get ready, I’m coming through. And, you know, bless the place. And that’s the other thing you know, is when we start blessing the Lord, that that was a very powerful tool used in the Psalms. And you can do that walking through places as well. You know, Lord, I bless your name, Holy is Your Name, you are high and lifted up, you know, the spiritual oppression is going to be lifted, because your presence is with me. And, you know, I know it’s hard when you’re at work, and you’ve got other people around you. But I encourage you find those moments when you have it, you know, time by yourself and do those things. So thank you. Thank you.
Guys, I’m just in chat here talking in regards to our extension. Technically, something’s wrong. I do apologize. We’re supposed to be able to do 500 people. So I’m just talking to my producer, find out because some people are waiting to get in if you’re new. And you’re and you have to wait, I apologize. I’m fixing that as we talk right now. It should be able to let 500 people in. So if you waited, I do apologize. We’re working on it right now as we speak. All right, guys. Interesting about the star and everything and I love the anointing oil, man. Miracles with that thing. So yeah, good answer, guys. You got to watch for the negative energy that they have around us and the locations in the places it can be traumatizing. Warren is next. Welcome to the show. Warren how are you? And what is your question this evening? Oh, thanks. Um, basically I wanted to know is the antichrist a hybrid?
I guess it would depend how you define hybrid. You know, is this the individual who is connected to the military DME base that is out of Israel and Nimrods Hill? Yes. You know, he’s, he’s been secretly guarded by the Sanhedrin for generations. So, you know, I think that you know, the, the kind of the catch in that is that the whole you know, Genesis six project is about, you know, breeding kind of what you would call the super elite. You know, those that they’re trying to get certain traits. Some of those traits may go back to certain Nephilim kings. They’re trying to, you know, get in there. So, that kind of hybrid Yes. As to any animal reptilian type of hybrid, I would have to say no on that, though technically, you know, what they claim as Lucifer seed is considered a dragon seed, or the seed of Cain is considered a dragon seed. Could there be bits of dragon that, you know that’s a plausible? But But I think Scripture is clear, I think you know, it says that the man, it gives away his power to the beast. So we know that the beast is something outside of himself that is going to rise out of water. So that’s why I tend to kind of go back to the basics that, you know, no matter how specially bred he is still the fact is he’s flesh and blood and he’s a man.
Thank you appreciate it. Yeah.
All right, guys. Let’s go to our next question is the very infamous, infamous, but notorious call and welcome to the show. Colin, it has been a while thank you for for joining us, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to ask.
Speaker 5 16:26
Yeah. And first of all, great job Jordan. And Latour last week, that was an awesome, awesome show. Great job. And yeah, I watched it several times. So well done. Thank you. My question today is Satanism. And the occult is very concerned with astrology, and kind of the positions of the stars and great years and things of that nature. But that’s the sky as it looks today. So you know, as we go back to Sumerian practitioners, or Egyptian Magi, and occultist and things like that, they will be dealing with a different astrological sky. And so my question is sort of, does the modern system concern itself only with current astrology? Or are there certain rituals and times of the year where they’re concerning themselves with actually like ancient times, and you know, an astrological ritual that would have begun back then? Does that sort of make sense?

Jessie Czebotar 17:15
I would say that actually have to look at two different things. What the cultists are looking at is what we would consider comparable to the Zodiac pack. You know, why do they look for that it represents the 12 doors or the 12 store houses or the authority, the jurisdiction of the 12 tribes of Israel. So that’s what they have their eyes tuned to. And that’s where, you know, they pull all their power and their connection to the demonic alliances lined up with those stars. So, you know, yes, it may have been a different sky, but even, you know, ages past, that’s what the Magi were really looking at, as they’re discerning because in Genesis one, the Lord, you know, set up that the stars would govern the signs, the seasons and the times. So we know that there is that established pattern that has stayed consistent throughout the years. So that’s probably where we leave that answer. Very, very cool. Thank you. Yeah.

George Iceman 18:32
Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone is calling folks. Go to our next question is Regina, let’s get her in here. Regina, how are you? Welcome to the show. And what’s your question this evening?
I’m good. How you doing? George? Good. Thank you. Hey, Jesse. Is all this going on with like the state nationals and changing your status and all that? What does that have to do? What’s going on with the government and the Antichrist and all that? What does that have to play in that?

Jessie Czebotar 19:11
That has a huge play. I encourage people to you know, as you’re looking into that, they’re going to push a a book that’s very common about the common law by Thomas Hobbes. But not many people know that Thomas Hobbes wrote another book called Leviathan. And that book is about the secondary system that comes in to play after the Babylon system. So the Leviathan system is the system of the beast. If you look at that book, and it was written in the early 1900s, the prelude to that goes into a lot of detail about the agenda. Uh, for the sovereign citizen, even to the fact that, you know, they’re going to target single men and single mothers to, you know, purchase land to become sovereign citizens. And in that they’re going to, you know, build up in establish the sovereign government. So it gets really interesting. You know, there’s a lot more with that the sovereign government is going to connect under the Sanhedrin, and the Cabal. And when you start to get into that, you know, we’ve already we’ve already been making the transition, pretty much, you know, the Vatican went bust. So the Babylon system is done. Now, everything is just being transitioned over. And that’s why we see a lot of, you know, one of the signs of that transition is the wording in God, we trust going up everywhere. That is from the light side of the system, it’s not a Christian thing. And that is the name that the family trust, you know, we’re talking about the Brotherhood, big family trust, they transitioned. The last that remained in that trust into that new name. In God we trust. That’s the actual name of the trust. So every building every car, license plates, your money, everything you see that term going on to means that now that is under the control of the leviathan system. So

George Iceman 21:52
that explains a lot of what’s going on. Thank you.
All right. Next question is what happened there? What happened there? Give me a second here, guys.
Unknown Speaker 22:07
Hello. Yeah, we’re here.

George Iceman 22:12
I disappeared. Oh, we can see you. I can see
how happen.

Jessie Czebotar 22:20
I see you just fine, George.

George Iceman 22:24
I like it better when it’s like on a split screen. It comes up on me as the moderator comes up on a split screen. So okay. Otherwise, I get so confused about who’s on now who’s on next. messes up my whole my whole plan here. So give me a second here as I just
Unknown Speaker 22:40
fix this up here. There we go. Excellent. All right.

George Iceman 22:47
Next one is Abby. Abby. Welcome to the show. What’s your question this evening? Yes, thank
you so much. I was just interested in knowing more about the case with Jessie and Hillary Clinton, if you can share any details with that. I guess I came in late to the party. Jesse?

Jessie Czebotar 23:07
Yeah, I can I can reread that. Yeah. So basically on Timothy Charles Home It was put out today that attorney Steven s this is to partner with a Minnesota attorney to file frazzled drip Rico, for his client, Randy Lynn Erickson. And that includes a filing in the US Court that will set forth details of Jessie Marie’s voters eyewitness testimony of Hillary Clinton torturing and murdering a little girl. So that’s that to take place. And, you know, it details my eyewitness accounts of her raping, torturing, and say technically killing more than one little girl, but
Speaker 3 24:05
was that during your childhood or during a ritual? Or can you elaborate on that?

Jessie Czebotar 24:10
Yeah, that was during my childhood in the 80s. There were several but that affidavit includes one situation in the 80s.

George Iceman 24:23
Wow. And, and I guess I know, there’s a lot of rumors going around. Is Hillary still still on this planet?

Jessie Czebotar 24:32
I have been told no. I was told that she was executed in 2018. Wow. Yeah. Okay. Well, thank

George Iceman 24:42
you so much for all the information they’ve given us. Thank you.
Thank you so much. All right. Next question is Jamie. Jamie. Hi. Welcome to the show. What’s your question?
Speaker 7 24:52
Hi, guys. Um, so tonight my question it’s kind of multi layered, but they’re all about the principalities. So do they see themselves under Lucifer and take orders from him? Or do they just kind of have the same goals and so work well together. And then kind of the second fold are the principalities, and Lucifer allowed to actually meet and have their own children or they have to be like, used as a walk in, like what the king attire. And then you mentioned that ASL is tied to the Euphrates River. How is that? Exactly?

Jessie Czebotar 25:33
We’ll start with this Sal. Yeah, scripture, it says that he’s chained or bound to the Euphrates Rivers until the end times where he’ll be released. You know, it talks about other Fallen ones that when the Lord casts them down, they were chained to the lower realms, they were not allowed to wander to and fro. As far as you know, my own experience within the system. They’re very much as a hierarchy structure, you have Lucifer or Satan, who is at the top. The demonic generals are principalities, you know, do submit to his authority. And, you know, I believe that that authority structure started even before they were cast out of heaven. You know, in Scripture tells us that, in a way he was, Lucifer was the one who headed up the revolt. And the other principalities had a choice, you know, would they submit to the Lord? Or would they follow Lucifer? And, you know, they they all rebelled, and, or it says, a third of them rebelled, and a third of them were cast out of heaven. So all of that is in Scripture. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t see them acting on their own accord. They do have their, you know, jurisdiction over their areas. They will buy, sell and trade their areas, along with the alliances that go with that. And they are territorial. So there is a lot of fighting amongst the demonic generals as I learned them. Lucifer doesn’t really fight with them over things, because he kind of, you know, is seen as the leader having control over everything. So that’s kind of how I learned that stuff. Or perceived it as a child.
Unknown Speaker 27:38
Thank you so much.

Jessie Czebotar 27:39
Yeah, good question.
Unknown Speaker 27:42
All right.

George Iceman 27:44
The next one was that Sue? That was just on? No, not at all there. So there she is. Hi, Sue. How are you? Welcome to the show. What’s your question tonight?
Speaker 3 27:55
Well, this wasn’t my question. But she just
Unknown Speaker 28:00
Hello, yeah. Yeah, go ahead.

George Iceman 28:04
I’m just wondering if, if Hillary was already executed, how can a case I thought, Wait, you’re dead people can’t bring cases against you?

Jessie Czebotar 28:17
That’s a great question. You know, a while back, I gave out a tribunal number. That tribunal number is linked to a case out of the Florida courts that was filed by Christopher E. Hallett. But in that, it basically gives the courts the jurisdiction to try the actors. So in essence, it basically read that the actors playing certain individuals like Hillary or Biden or pants, or others, that they can be tried for the exact same crimes that those individuals are guilty of. So, you know, sad for them all the five, I’m sure there’s more than five, but I’ve counted at least five actors for Hillary. You know, it kind of is really sad that they can be tried. For things in the end, like satanic ritual, or, you know, satanic ritually killing a child or trafficking a child. You know, I think I think it’s going to be a real eye opener. Yeah.
Speaker 3 29:31
And then you mentioned are George mentioned. So the ones you mentioned, I’m assuming then our dad and have actors. Pence more Biden, obviously, but George mentioned, Lynn wood and General Flynn and Sidney Powell, I think is another one that I didn’t quite catch what George you said I’m not sure whether they’re I find myself wrestling with whether they’re good or not. Yeah,

George Iceman 30:04
I’m, I’m in the same boat. There’s a lot of controversy and attacks between Lynn and with Flynn. However, Flynn, I truly believe, is working with a special he’s I don’t know, how do I see this?

Jessie Czebotar 30:23
I don’t, I’m just gonna put it this way, George, you know, I really want Lynn to be a good Yeah. Cuz I really like let me know. But I want that like power to be like, you know, like, I mean, after he got my affidavits he you know, stood up and, and basically gave the greatest speech on, you know, we need to stand against satanic ritual. And so I want him to be good, but we’ll see.

George Iceman 30:50
That’s what I have to say. I hope he’s good. But what I’ve researched and looked into, he’s representing a bad group, and he’s doing some very strange things. So use discernment. I personally, I don’t trust any of them. None of them except our Lord and Savior of the house. So, yeah, thank you.

Jessie Czebotar 31:11
I will say this that, you know, it’s interesting that, you know, all those individuals have seen, and are aware of my affidavits, and my testimony that I’ve been putting out there for over three years now. And not a single one of them have stepped forward. To help me, you know, in my case, or for my voice to be heard. So, you know, I think that’s, that’s telling, not just me, but I mean, the countless survivors, especially those who have testimony, you know, where we were abused and exploited through the US military. It’s interesting that not a single one of those individuals will, you know, help help us and, I mean, the power of our testimony, because we are eyewitnesses. You don’t get much stronger testimony than that. So,
Speaker 3 32:10
yeah, so I’m gonna assume the general you mentioned one other night, maybe wasn’t plan.

Jessie Czebotar 32:18
Yeah, I’ll just say no comment on that. Okay. Thank you.

George Iceman 32:25
Thank you. Joanne, how are you? Welcome to the show. What is your question this evening?
join you there. All right.
I’m gonna move on to the next when you figure it out.

Jessie Czebotar 32:50
Okay. I think she Yeah, she might be trying to unmute her mic, join.
Speaker 8 32:57
Hello, sorry about that. Okay. Um, could I please ask a question of Jesse. It’s on a different vein. I grew up with ritualistic abuse, and I got out of it. And also put people in prison. And I’ve been through the Supreme Court. I’ve been experiences still in my life, where I’ll go for a walk on my property. And I’ve got photos. And when I look at them later, I’ve got orbs that jump into them. I’d like to know exactly what’s happening.

Jessie Czebotar 33:36
With the orbs. Usually, it’s a manifestation of some sort. I’ve seen once or twice where orbs, it, it looked like there were angelic beings with them. But for the most part, I think the majority people who experience orbs, they’re not a good thing. So you know, the solution is simple. You know, you’re going to deal with it the same way you deal with any unwanted spirit. You know, you’re going to anoint, you’re going to remove their authority and their permission over the area. And, you know, you assert yourself as the individual who has authority over that land in that area and your home. And you’re going to rebuke them, you know, a victim from the property. So, okay.
Speaker 8 34:31
Thank you. I do. From your teachings. I’ve learned how to do the anointing oil, and I’ve got my little sprayer, put it into to do that. Good. So thank you so much for everything. Thank you for letting me ask. Thank you.

George Iceman 34:50
All right. Next is Miss en Latour and how are you?
Unknown Speaker 34:55
I’m good. How are you?

Jessie Czebotar 34:57
I’m so sad. I had to miss your So Anne wants it this

George Iceman 35:04
was her debut on the review report. We did it on YouTube and supplication and fasting, and we went into and talked about a bunch of things. It was tremendous was amazing. Really good show good positive feedback. And what’s going on? What is your question this evening?
Speaker 9 35:20
So, I have been diving deep into the we’ll call it the Christian Church, which is also the Catholic Church. And I’m also learning that the Catholic Church can hold tribunals. So I’m curious the tribunals that you mentioned, you mentioned a tribunal. Was that a tribunal in the Catholic Church in the United States? Because different countries in different places can hold the tribunals expecially within the Catholic Church, so I’m curious as to who held the tribunal.

Jessie Czebotar 35:54
I believe that was a military one.
Speaker 9 35:58
Was it headed by the Catholic Church by the Vatican City?

George Iceman 36:02
Not that I am aware of.
Okay, cool. Yeah. Thank you, Anne.
And I want to get on board with those tribunals.
Unknown Speaker 36:13
The Catholic Church was,

Jessie Czebotar 36:14
Oh, yes, I have a church I have a complaint against several lives.
Speaker 9 36:22
To be there. If you if you read the code of canon law, they actually are their own government. So yeah, they’re, they’re gonna win every time.

Jessie Czebotar 36:36
Not so sure on that anymore. But I know they’ve been used to that. But yeah, it’s scary that they can hold tribunals have their own thing, you know, and execute and everything and, and they’re supposed to be church and state. Sorry, go ahead.
Speaker 9 36:55
I was gonna say I was reading it. Like, I encourage everybody if you want to do some deep dive and go read that code of canon law, but yeah, I was reading it. And it’s, it’s like they cover themselves within their law. And but only that for anybody that is Catholic or has been registered Catholic, baptized and Catholic Church confirmed. Any of that you’re still a member until you actually send a letter to them. So of their of the 2.6 billion Christians in the world. There’s 1.345 Catholics that makes 51% of Christians are Catholics. But I bet there’s probably less that have actually left the church. So anyways, Okay, I’ll stop preaching,

Jessie Czebotar 37:38
though. I guess I technically.
Unknown Speaker 37:42
I know, right. I

George Iceman 37:44
probably still there.
Thanks. I appreciate it.

Jessie Czebotar 37:49
Thanks. Maybe we should do a show on that. George how to, you know, extradite yourself from the Catholic Church and like how to write out the letter and you have to pay yourself,

George Iceman 38:01
we have to make a power. We have to make a payment. First, you gotta make a donation to oh, gosh, I’ve made enough man. And then we have to do a confession with the priest who’s going to talk to us about things and we’re gonna have to, you know, do penance to saints, of course. Ridiculous. All right, Vicki. Last, but not least, Miss Vicki, what is your question this evening?
Speaker 10 38:26
I just say Hi, George, I hope you’re doing well. Um, I have a question about the people who participated in the military projects and things. I believe Jesse said that they were able to see their visions of the future and future events through 2024. I was curious, does that include the November 2024? Election? Do they know how that’s gonna work out by chance?

Jessie Czebotar 39:02
Well, yes, that was through the looking glass projects. And you got to remember that there’s a lot of children that are being used in these programs and experiments and you know, they do they detail Whatever comes, it doesn’t necessarily work where you see things chronologically. What happens is it’s almost like, you know, you you’re looking and it’s almost like you have a dream, a dream even though you’re awake. So, you know, there you get a fragment or a piece or a vision of the future. And then what happens is in the biofeedback they begin to lay things out chronologically. You know, I believe that the Simpsons show is, you know, that chronological outlaying of the looking glass part. eject pieces. So, you know if it’s in there than I believe it’s been seen by a child somewhere. So, you know, generally, to answer your question, I would say, Yes, I believe that people have seen that election and know what’s going to transpire. With that, you also get a couple of parallel timelines where, you know, you get one child that always sees the end event, you get another that sees the steps up to that event, and you get another that sees the steps with the consequences that happen. So that means that along the way, that there are choices for some of those things, you know, if everything lines up in there is no choice, you know, then that is considered a permanent event. And they will mark that as a permanent event, knowing that they can’t change or do anything about it. But you know, there are some events that certainly, they try. In fact, there was, you know, one event that actually, the choice was made just about, about a year and a half, two years back, more closer to two years back, because Trump was still in office. But, you know, several of us, we lied about what we saw. And we did that, so that certain choices would be made, and certain things would not happen. And the general who was with us in that, you know, currently was working with Trump never said a thing and the choices that need to be made were made. So everything turned out like it, you know, was the best case scenario. So yeah, so it gets interesting when you look back into those things. But good question.

George Iceman 42:05
Thank you so much. Interesting, a lot of great questions. We thank you so much. I wanted to quickly share with everybody a logo that I want everyone to watch out for. Very interesting logo. So this is the logo when you go to the supermarket, I want you to keep your eye out for all right. This one right here, you guys see that? Look for this logo on your fruits, vegetables and meat. This is the company funded by Bill Gates. That company right there. This is what uses the toxic Monsanto and special things, kind of fake food. So take a look. That logo right there. Check your food labeling at your supermarkets, fruits, meats, if it has that do not buy it unless you want to experiment with what he’s working on. I mean, you couldn’t buy it. That’s totally up to you. I’m just putting out a warning that you might grow third arm I don’t know. I’m just saying

Jessie Czebotar 43:11
I wouldn’t speculate turn into an avocado.

George Iceman 43:15
Yeah. So watch out for that local guys. That is key. And again, it’s important that you guys don’t live off fear. And you follow what doctrine they’re putting out there. They’re going to collapse the economy. They’re going to light places on fire tornadoes are coming the digital currency. All the nonsense in the world is going to end tomorrow. And that’s it. That’s nothing you could do. Yes, there’s something you could do. You could give glory and grace and praise be in prayer. And change that mindset. Don’t live in fear. Be happy, smile, laugh, raise your vibration, meaning be happy. And take your kids out, take your pets out, go for a swim and give praise because we are very blessed and we are very lucky and things are changing to to our end. It’s been three and a half years of hell. But the tide is turning and shifting and a lot of those will follow the word you’re gonna see a lot of beautiful things happen. I truly believe good things are going to happen for us not so much for them. Because the luck is turning and I believe it’s because the Lord has allowed it. So get outside like I always say get that fresh air and get that vitamin D you have no idea you should be doing five to 10,000 I use a vitamin D daily. It helps with your melatonin helps with your serotonin. It helps with your GABA and helps you relax it helps you feel happy it heals you eat some pecans. Pecans are excellent for you kills parasites. Eat really good healthy green food. Do not eat white and red. Spread if you can’t, it’s not good for you guys because they take away all the nutrients. I just want you guys to be happy and feel better. Give glory thanks, embrace Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesse, would you like to add anything?

Jessie Czebotar 45:14
No, I think that’s great. Yeah, go out. Have a great week. Yes, spend some time outside and just enjoy the presence of the Lord.

George Iceman 45:23
Hallelujah. Thank you for watching, guys. We’ll see you next week on Monday going to be a big show. Thanks for watching. God bless and Good night everyone. Thanks

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