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11 August 2023

George Iceman 0:00
Hello, everybody, welcome to the After Show here on Patreon. I’m your host, George, Iceman, if you missed it, we had a great talk on YouTube. We discussed the alien invasion Project Blue Beam are aliens, demons, angels, extraterrestrial beings, what are they? Well, we’re having a roundtable. We have Jesse here, and we’re going to discuss that and answer some of your questions. I know some of you will have a lot of questions 100%. So we’re going to try and answer those, and give everybody an opportunity to ask what they got to ask. On that note, guys, I just want to remind you, if you don’t want to be seen during the q&a, you can block yourself with the camera and just be audio, if you’d like. We’re going to begin the questions with Sue and Steve are the first ones at the top of the list. So So and Steve, welcome to the show. And what’s your question this evening? Good evening, guys. Thank you. I had a question, kind of from last week, I didn’t get chance to ask. I wanted to see if you could elaborate. I think Jesse mentioned it that the Vatican is broke. I heard a similar thing from other sources. But I’d like to get your details on that. Also, you mentioned the Stargate program last week, and this week, and I want to know more about that. And if it has any correlation or relation to the star gauge television show and movie, because me and my wife are big sci fi fans. So I think you could share. Thank you. But that first of all, that’s excellent questions. Number one, excellent questions. Just you want to start with the Vatican going broke?

Jessie Czebotar 1:33
Yeah, they’re broke, they have no money left, which is why they were putting out requesting the parishes to send the money. It’s because they have none. videos. So yeah, that’s, that is true. They have they they’re out of money.

George Iceman 1:51
They’re they’re all in trouble. And according to some between now and the 15th. This is going to be a it’s going to be very, very hectic between now and the 15th of August. So prepare, that’s the date. That’s the due date. The 15th of August is not good for the Cabal, if they don’t get their financial system in order, and pay off what they need to pay off with. They promised to pay and not even have their digital currency to back them up. Because that was their game plan. Their fallback, Digital’s going to be up. They bribed everybody with extra money more than they were supposed to. And everyone’s waiting with their handout, they are in trouble. And the system is going to collapse. I’m quite sure of it. They’re trying everything they can, but not for the they want it to collapse. Let me let me be specific on my end. They want it to collapse for us, not for them. I’m saying it’s the reverse. It’s going to collapse for them. But not for us. So prepared to see more bookstores, shutting down more networks and trouble, more government jobs being laid off. In fact, I’ll add to that as of today. I don’t know if you’ve heard of TELUS small bile, it’s a huge company out of Canada has just released 6000 people. trouble is brewing on that forefront. So yes, Vatican is in trouble. Just you want to talk about the second half of the question.

Jessie Czebotar 3:20
Yeah, uh, well, I want to finish a little bit more on the first so somebody else asked a great question about, you know, where is all the money at? You know, there’s several different forms. You know, let’s just stick with gold and diamonds. I particularly like to focus on the diamonds. You know, we know that the Vatican had diamonds. We know, the Royals, a lot of elite people had diamonds. We know Epstein island had diamonds and produce their own. What we’ve all of a sudden seen is that, you know, the US military investing in weapons that include diamonds and technology that includes diamonds. So I would propose there was a change of hands there. And that’s where I believe it all is. With the second part of that question. You can look into projects get Nantais as well as, like that was the original name of the Stargate projects. You can also look into the gateway experience, which was kind of a midway segment program that would introduce into those Stargate programs. Eventually, you know, in the time when I was there, it was known as the Star Wars now projects. And there are documents that have been released from the Star Wars now projects that you can get from the FBI vault. The particular one you want to look for is called Star Wars now and it was really it was done April 24 1984. So those are some things you can look at was the star Stargate show based off of those programs? I believe that there’s a lot of stuff pulled both from the Star Wars as well as Stargate and Star Trek series that is connected to those projects and what happened in those projects. So I think there is a connection between the projects, experiments and major filmmakers, and documentarian, so.

George Iceman 5:37
So there you go. Hopefully that answers your question. All right. The next question comes from Debbie, Debbie, or Debbie, how are you? Welcome to the show. What’s your question this evening?

Jessie Czebotar 5:49
Hi, thanks for taking my question. I have wanted an update on Casey. Oh, yeah. I think we the last update we did was on our show, he talked a little bit about his hearing. He asked for prayers out of everybody, him, his dad and others. The other gentleman with them, had the clearest cut case, you know, video footage of the time when they went in the officers, you know, taking him to the restroom and bringing them back out. Yet they were found guilty on all charges. It sounds like the jury was stacked. And I know he has to be pretty careful about what he says. But you can look at our last show, I think it was probably episode 19 or 20 is what I’m thinking. But in there, we do give an update of his hearing. And he talks in great length about it. And then he has the sentencing coming up in October.

George Iceman 6:57
Thank you. The next one is Colin, the infamous. How are you the notorious?

Unknown Speaker 7:04
Hey, I’m done. Great, awesome show today. Did you like it? Thank

Speaker 2 7:07
you. Yeah, everyone loves an alien episode. It was perfect. Okay. My question is for the both of you. It’s about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s saying some things that appear to be good, you know, anti vaccine, saying that the CIA killed his father, you know, Big Pharma is purchasing a lot of, you know, legislators, things of that nature. The mainstream media censoring him. However, Jesse, you’ve said that this family is important. It’s an important bloodline within the Cabal. So should we be wary of RFK? Is this good? What’s happening with him? I just wonder you guys take on RFK Jr. Yeah, I mean, I

Jessie Czebotar 7:38
think the biggest thing is that, you know, we talked about the dark and the light side, and, you know, bloodline, they are, and within the system, you have a group called the Priory of Zion, and that group is connected, you know, I would kind of, they’re kind of in between the satanic Council, which is like the board of directors in the system, and the direct interface, you know, kind of like the CEOs who run major organizations, the universities, the Smithsonian, the libraries, you know, so their job is to guard the knowledge within the system, you know, they’re going to directly be connected to the cathedrals, the, you know, the satanic libraries, they’re going to guard that information. And so in that guarding of information, they guard, you know, the prophecies that the agendas, the things that are supposed to happen in the last days, and some of those prophecies, you know, even in Scripture, we see where it talks about the Great Apostasy, you know, the deception that is going to come on? And what is that deception about? It goes back to the root sin of Israel, that, you know, they rejected God as their king, not once, but twice, you know, even when God came in the flesh to meet their request to have a physical king, they still rejected him and crucified Him. So you know, what is that great apostasy, it’s, it’s that, you know, the Messiah, that they, the man they believe is their Messiah, their God, the one they’re going to proclaim as God. And, you know, there are certain bloodlines that have been bred, you know, saying that they come from this, you know, divine seed of of Christ and Mary Magdalene. So is it possible that that line is one of those that’s in the for running for, you know, being part of this great apostasy that’s to come. I would say that’s highly plausible. So that is, that is where we need to be careful with this. You know, it’s not saying everybody’s bad. You know, I’ve been Reading. I’ve seen some things where he is putting out information about trafficking. I believe I saw something, a video where he did talk about the Luciferian ism, the Satanism, the occult, so I was surprised that I thought I heard him say those terms. But I, you know, I’ve seen some things where at least he is talking about the trafficking and the corruption. So I want to say that he’s trying to get out of the system.

George Iceman 10:33
Yeah, there can be a lifetime thing and sort of, yeah, yeah, you don’t get out of that system. I mean, uh, you need help from God, wait, I got out to all done you got it to the Lord, okay, you got to the Lord, that God you have RFK ProCredit is going to be born again or ease with the Lord. I just I’m very doubtful, because of my background, and my and what I’ve learned, these people are all liars, they’re all scams are all cons. And they, they’ll use the word God to entice you in to support them. And they know nothing about the truth of God Almighty. In fact, it’s it’s a layer of lies in an onion, it’s just a lie after lie, I can’t trust them. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry, I gotta be straight with you. I don’t, I’m happy what he’s doing. He’s using the truth. To gain those. I’ll be realistic Trump supporters, he wants those Trump supporters, he wants to gain them all to follow him. Okay, so he’s gonna use that card. And with that, you know, what they say there has to be some sacrificial lambs. So he’s gonna oust some people, some people are gonna get in trouble. That’s the price of doing business in their world, so that he could take power. However, Democrats are not going to make him I know, they were teasing, the vice president as well, that’s not him, I believe their main plan. And you could say, I’m sure that’s a wild one, I’m gonna go out on a limb, I believe their plan is to push Michelle Obama to the forefront, when the time is right for that lead horse. Take off, they’re gonna convince her or attempt to come out publicly as trans. And then you’ll understand part of this whole agenda of the world embracing trends, so that when she comes out as trans, everyone wants her as the first trans President of the United States. They’ll vote further. I’ll put her in. It’s all a gimmick. It’s all a gimmick. Just my thoughts

Jessie Czebotar 12:45
to put your image of Baphomet in there. Just you know,

George Iceman 12:49
is that plausible? Do you think that’s a possibility?

Unknown Speaker 12:53

Jessie Czebotar 12:54
but I mean, the truth is, you know, ASTRA kind of does the trans thing, the bisexual thing too, you know, so that’s really what’s behind it.

George Iceman 13:02
But I’ll use it. It’s not I it’s always multi layer, just so you understand what’s going to do it for just one thing, there’s three different four different laws that will use their implementation that capitalize for instance, the C 19 pandemic wasn’t just for the pandemic, it was to implement so many different variable things. It’s the cover for many things. So they’ll use this whole transgender, to help install Michelle Obama and maybe conspiracy maybe I’m just thinking too much outside the box. But in today’s day and age, listen, I don’t trust anything these people do. It’s all sneaky and slimy, like the servant. That’s all I’m gonna say, Sue, welcome to the show. It’s Friday. I know you got a question. What is your question this evening?

Speaker 3 13:51
My question is about synchronicity. So, I see a lot of people start seeing talk about all these numbers like 111, and, you know, two elevens together and 444 and whatever. And I’m wondering if you do start seeing that and then apparently, it has to do with synchronicity. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Or is it a, just a nothing?

Jessie Czebotar 14:22
I would put it this way. It’s, it’s used as, as a draw. It’s meant to get your attention. And you know, the best way I can explain it to people is, you know, when we look in Scripture, when God really wanted to get somebody’s attention, he literally sent the angel to talk directly to them. You know, we see Michael we see Gabriel we see you know, the angel of the Lord who would appear and directly talk with them. You know, what I what I see a lot with a cultic things, especially at the lower levels. Is that spirits mediums, psychics, people who are into numerology people who are considered seeker seekers, mystics. They’ll use that really to draw you into communicating in the spirit world with spirit beings. You know? So if you’re seeing that what I encourage you to do is just pray, Lord, if you’re trying to get my attention, I’m listening. Speak, Lord, I’m listening. If it’s not you, Lord, I just I shut that door. I do not want to communicate with any spirits. And I ask that you would set that door, Lord. So that’s what I encourage people to do with that.

George Iceman 15:44
I want to make a statement in regards to a comment in our chat. This is from Jason Rogers. And I think his line is the best line of the night thus far. He goes the filth, pull it off really well. I just thought that was crazy. Because it’s exactly what I could give the filth. There, Phil. He goes the filth. They pull it off really? Well. Hats off to you, Jason. I love it. All right. Next question comes from Jamie. Jamie, how are you? And what’s your question is evening.

Speaker 4 16:15
Hi. I’m doing well. Good to see you guys. Um, so I just watched this week, the testimony of Charlotte keckler, who was a nun under the black veil. Basically, she was tortured and imprisoned, like, in the dungeons under the convents. I wanted to know, like, is that going on everywhere? Is that like, a thing still going on? And then kinda on the same thing? Like, how do the Amish fit in everything? Just questions for tonight?

Unknown Speaker 16:55
Thanks, Jamie. Yeah, I mean,

Jessie Czebotar 16:59
the Amish, I think there, there is a lot of behind the scenes, higher level brotherhood select groups. And I think a lot of their leaders fall into those categories. I see it specifically, you know, you’ve got certain groups within the system where they’re trying to keep purity in genetics. You know, and I think that that’s part of what the Amish are, is part of those breeder programs. And, you know, they let out who they want out, they keep in who they want in and they guard their territory as well. As to the black veil, yes, that’s very real. You know, beyond the, you know, select groups like the Black Veil, you do get a lot of abuse. A lot of the Catholic churches are connected to tunnel systems, they’re connected to breeder programs. You know, a lot of the women are used in those undercover breeder programs, and the infants are, you know, bought sold trade or are ritually sacrificed. And that’s the reality of that world. And, you know, their job is is not necessarily I mean, you have good, good women, good people who go into that, I believe, you know, there are intentions where they really want to serve God. But there’s just so much evil and corruption in the system, that, you know, it’s hard to really live a life for God within that system. That’s probably the best I can answer that.

George Iceman 18:51
Thank you so much. Thank you. We have a few more questions before I take them. I want to play a clip for Jesse, because I’d like to get her take on what’s happening here. I find it very interesting that the mainstream news is now reporting on this. So going to play this clip, I want everyone to just take a listen to it. I think you’ll find it interesting. And I want you to see his take on it. So let me bring it up. Here it is.

Speaker 5 19:27
The solder Pong should read because Donald Trump has hit back at prosecutors just hours before his court appearance on charges of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Speaker 6 19:36
Yes, the former president said the indictment was unprecedented and showed the corruption of the Biden presidency. Well,

Speaker 5 19:43
it’s the third time in four months who’s been charged and just we understand it probably not the last as he campaigns to regain the presidency. Meanwhile, his son, his eldest, Donald Jr, spoke to Nigel Farage last night and he questions the timing of the indictment.

George Iceman 19:59
You No, I don’t believe any of this has anything to do with January 6, if it did, and if January 6 Was everything that they said, Why? Why Nigel? Did they wait two and a half years to charge him? I mean, the people that were there that did those that they were charged that day.

Speaker 5 20:14
Well, let’s talk to Jan Halper Hayes, who’s a US political analyst, and he’s here in the studio. Good to see it, as always good to see you. There’s so many people putting this down as a political conspiracy theory. But actually, there are real questions to be answered here. There are Yeah, of course, there are. Of course, there are,

Speaker 7 20:34
what he’s being accused of. But what part do you think is to answer that the 2020 election is going to be really litigated because of this. They’ve made a huge, huge mistake with this one. Because even though we thought what was going to happen was they were going to go after Him for treason or sedition. But they did criminally charge him, but they didn’t go to that extreme. As a result, he has due process so he can subpoena people and bring things in. Now, let me say something about this 2020 election is that Biden is the legitimate president, but he’s the legitimate president of what is now the bankrupt us Corporation.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
No. Pause.

Jessie Czebotar 21:27
You need to repeat that line. Right.

George Iceman 21:30
So anyone who questions my Intel covered on Monday, we talked about the Vatican, I told you, the country was bankrupt towards governments were bankrupt. And that Democrat even said, bankrupt, they’re in trouble here. The question is now, which they did say, talked about on mainstream is the turning and the investigation of the 2020 election. What are your thoughts on that, Jesse?

Jessie Czebotar 22:00
Well, it’s interesting, because even I believe that even or I guess I’ll just say, I would love to see the front page of this court case, because technically, the United States is bankrupt, it was dismantled. And what we are now called what Biden signed into, you know, whatever it is, you know, the United States is now the White House office. So is the White House Office suing Donald Trump, that’s what I want to know. You know, you don’t have the United States able to sue him and Joe Biden is not the President of the United States. He’s the president of the White House office. So, you know, it gets kind of interesting, everything going on, I am super excited that Trump is able, he has, you know, he’s now free to subpoena that is going to turn out to, you know, bite every Superion in the in the butt, you know, that he can call in and subpoena so many. And I’ll be excited to see, you know, who the special people he subpoenas are and and what can of worms that opens? Because I think, you know, what better place, you know, then to talk about our country, you know, technically under war from within, and, you know, who are we at war with? And really, it’s the Luciferian brotherhood. It’s the Sovereign Military that works for them. Yeah. So it’ll be interesting to see if all of this starts to unfold. You will see it’s to

George Iceman 23:54
tell you from the information I’ve gotten, and even for those who dislike Kim, she says that’s there’s a there’s a there’s something in the works to try and get Trump back in office right now. She’s

Jessie Czebotar 24:09
been in office

George Iceman 24:12
three, publicly publicly, publicly to announce that He overturned the presidency because you need people to go along with this just or there’ll be rioting in the streets. There’ll be stabbings, gunshots, it’s not going to go well, you know, this. So they have to do it in a certain way. So people don’t freak out. The key to that video that I wanted everyone to listen to was the end,

Unknown Speaker 24:36
that it is bankrupt,

George Iceman 24:39
publicly announced by a Democrat. That’s the beginning. And I said to you, by the 15th of August, it’s all going to be crumbling down in every pebble public forum. Stay tuned. Elizabeth, welcome to the broadcast. Your hand is up. What is your question this evening?

Jessie Czebotar 24:53
Hi, George. And Jesse.

Unknown Speaker 24:55
How are you guys doing tonight? Great. Oh, my question is kind of,

Jessie Czebotar 24:59
I don’t know. Ask. kind of relevant to your topic tonight. Um, so my husband likes to watch like the sun activity and and how it affects the earth. And oftentimes when there’s like a big plasma burst from the sun, you see these little things fly crossed around the sun. And it looks like they’re collecting something. And I didn’t know if you guys might know anything about them or what they are what they’re doing. I don’t have any thoughts or opinions on that right now.

George Iceman 25:29
Yeah, mean either right now, the question wants to look into that for you. Okay, thank you. Thanks, Elizabeth. Appreciate it. All right. Next question. Comes from Kathy. How are you, Kathy, welcome to the show. You’re live? What’s your question this evening.

Speaker 3 25:43
All right. Thank ya. So I was wondering if either you were jetski know about a woman named Francis Metcalf. And she was known as part of the ladies of gold in the ministry of the Golden candlestick. And she built a house in Idlewild, California back in the entrance of 40s, or 50s. So had a lot of intercessors. They’re praying daily and decorated according to the Old Testament, and they say it’s like a portal for heaven. And so just wanted to know anything about this person or this plate.

Jessie Czebotar 26:19
I would do a little bit more research and see if that group if there are any connections to Dolores Ashcraft or the priestesses of Gaia. There are select groups within the system, that claim you know, to be morning stars, and with that, they claim a connection that they are descendants to Marian, who was Moses and Aaron’s sister, and they claim rights to the priestess could on those grounds and is a specific order. So I would look into that. I do believe there are connections with that in the Sarah, that group of Sarah fickle priestesses. Are they a good thing? I will say they’re very much a brotherhood thing. Usually light side. But definitely look into that more.

Good question, Kathy. Thank

Speaker 3 27:29
you so much. I did a lot of research and I just hit a dead end. So thank you.

George Iceman 27:34
Thanks, Kathy. That was Kathy, right. Yes, it was. Thanks, Kathy. Next is the notorious one. Mr. Ron Henderson. Ron, how are you? Welcome to the show. What is your interesting question this evening?

Speaker 8 27:49
Hey, thanks for having me. I have two questions. Because a recent comment Jesse made. Are you saying that the the Amish church is part of the system?

Jessie Czebotar 28:01
At the higher levels? Yes. You have a lot of the Puritan movement that is connected to the founding mothers and fathers who really were Luciferian brotherhood part of the Great White Brotherhood.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
Well, wow.

Speaker 8 28:19
Okay. The only question I have is, I have kind of like a spiritual foreboding that something bad is going to happen is that is that something you can have in the, in the spirit like this? Just things come to a head? Is it? Is that just me? Was anybody else? Still on that way?

Jessie Czebotar 28:41
I think that there’s definite, I mean, there is definite stuff happening. I’ve been filling it to the good news. And all that is that, you know, wherever you see the enemy, trying to really cause a wall to fall or a wedge, you know that the Holy Spirit is about ready to break forth, in all his glory, power in mind. And that’s exactly what what is happening. And in fact, I haven’t shared this publicly, but But Ron, be encouraged because the Lord gave a seven day time frame. I expect big things to happen the eighth or the ninth, and it is big. So, you know, just keep your eyes on stuff. And, you know, know that the Lord is working. Sorry, Ron,

George Iceman 29:36
that said, You got to today I gave you two questions. We told that 738

Jessie Czebotar 29:42
days run. There you go. Or sorry, eighth and ninth is what I meant.

George Iceman 29:47
Yeah, Angela, how are you? Welcome to the broadcast. You’re live. What’s your question?

Speaker 9 29:55
Hello. Thank you for having me. George and See, this is such an honor. I just wanted to ask and I wanted to respond to Mr. Ron that just said, for some reason, in my feed, I was given a bunch of Amish stuff, which was interesting about some people that were showing how the Amish are tempted ignorance, even about sexual reproductive production. And that in the most strictest ones, they actually simply don’t teach their children about the swelling of the Belly belly during the growth of the baby, that that demand COVID illness. So yeah, things have gone downhill within Amish. They are not the Puritans or the other strict thing that they they were when they came here. On another note, the, what I wanted to ask was, is, do you think? You’re George and Jesse? Do you think that the posits regarding the lower astral as above and so below, regarding some of the non mainstream and some mainstream are true? Do you think that the lightest one? And are you all about? Of course, you’re all about the light. But uh, do you think ever that sometimes these people will bring you into a false light? And do you have any discernment upon that? And I’ll leave it at that. I know, it’s a broad,

George Iceman 32:04
it’s a broad one. Angela, I just want to clarify, we’re just going to answer one thing is, is having discernment and coming into the false light and the false light that they use to bring you in, I think that’s going to be what we’re going to target. Jesse, you want to touch on that?

Jessie Czebotar 32:20
I think I think we need to be very aware that that false light has already been been going forward. That, you know, part of that is the Great Apostasy. And it’s that form of godliness, but it denies the power of the Holy Spirit. So that’s the false light that has been going forward. And, you know, it’s already here, we see that. So, you know, we need to be very careful that we are contending for faith that we are grounded in the Word of God, that we are having a relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. And, you know, not just that we we read our Bible or that we believe, but there’s much more to the faith, you know, we’re meant to display and demonstrate that power of the Holy Spirit, we have the full authority to do that. So I encourage people to really, you know, read Scripture with that intent. You know, what has God called us to do in these last days? And what does living in that power of the Holy Spirit look like on a day to day basis? But good question.

George Iceman 33:32
Thank you so much. All right. The next question comes from Abby. Abby, how are you? Welcome to the show. You are live and what is your question this evening?

Speaker 10 33:40
Thank you. I just wanted to ask Jesse, if, Jesse, do you have relations with

Unknown Speaker 33:46
President Trump?

Unknown Speaker 33:46
Are you connected with

Unknown Speaker 33:48
him in any way? Or? Um,

Jessie Czebotar 33:51
I will say, I’ll have to answer that very carefully. But yes, I I will say he has my affidavits. Okay.

George Iceman 34:01
I already watched the show.

Unknown Speaker 34:03
Yeah. Thank you, Jessie, for what you’re doing. Thank you.

George Iceman 34:07
And the final question for this evening. I don’t think they caught that. Just you and I said that. They watch I think he watches our show. I think he actually watches the reveal report.

Jessie Czebotar 34:16
I have heard he does GEORGE

George Iceman 34:19
That’s the sim. That’s there’s some military guys that watch it for sure. I know that. I know. It’s a lot of celebrities on

Jessie Czebotar 34:24
that too. Yeah, I think so. George, they like your show. We’re

George Iceman 34:28
we’re nice. Jesse. We’re a little bit niche. Jessie, your next question comes from Jesse. Jesse. Welcome to the show. You’re live with your question this evening.

Speaker 10 34:42
I have my hand up. But I’m Jessica. I don’t know. Jesse before me. No. Okay. Don’t want to kind of like DJT if you’re listening, we love you. I’m so excited about maybe next week, George. I hope that maybe you’ll be there too. I just wanted to know Jesse, your thoughts on Pleiadians cuz I’ve had, I’ve heard you talk about them before.

Jessie Czebotar 35:04
Thank you. Yeah, good question. I’ve just I’ve shared my experience with them. That was when I saw as saref vehicle priestesses, or they’re also, you also have a select group of priestesses within the system called the morning stars. And when they go through their training, they meet up with those beings, I didn’t necessarily know them as Pleadians. You know, you’re taught that they’re a form of Angel. Their job is to teach, especially in song, how to open spiritual gates, how to do healing, magic, things like that through song and sound in touch. So, you know, my experience with them was connected to those a now called the witchy healers, those priestesses who would cover up my wounds and injuries through magical healings that they learned through those beings. So that’s what I know about them. And I have identified that one of the places they like to hang out, is near Emerald City, under the Pentagon. So there are palladiums connected to governmental buildings, military bases. I did also see them in area 51, specifically in Mars, which is underground, and it’s in their ritual temple area where the three pyramids are, where they have a mess of Stargate and some anti ritual events that I attended. So.

George Iceman 36:53
And lastly, you’re welcome. Lastly, Jessie, I’m going to show you a quote from Donald J. Trump. Want to get your take on this everybody, here it is, quote. Donald Trump, if you go after me, I’m going to come after you.

Jessie Czebotar 37:16
Thoughts on that, like that? I like our manly president. I think he has grit and fortitude. He he’s had it since the beginning. And, you know, I like it. One of my most favorite tweets he ever put out, and I can’t remember who that guy was. But he was a politician. That was also a pedo. And he got off scot free, paid his way out of his hearing, or trial or accusation, whatever it was. And he tweeted, beware to the city, where this guy was, you know, lock, Dad’s lock your girls into you know, and, and I love that I, you know, I love the fight that he has done for survivors. Especially, you know, there has been no one who has been willing to go against the Brotherhood system my entire life. So I like his gets his fortitude. And he stands by his word. I mean, they better. There’s not even time for them to step back. It’s already too late. He’s coming after.

George Iceman 38:30
Let’s see what unfolds, I’m hearing times and dates. So I don’t want to, you know, be one of those guys. But I’m usually pretty good with those days, but I’m hearing between now and the 15th. Some big things are about to go down. You said by the eighth or ninth, I’m hearing right up to the 15th. It’s going to be a heavy duty collapse collapse. You heard me say that correctly. Call lapse is about to happen. You are going to see things that are going to blow your mind. I truly believe that it’s coming in the next few days. I think by the 15th we’re really going to see some revved up guys. Incredible things are happening in this world. And by the way, for all of you that supported me on my broadcast Monday, because just the I don’t know if you got to see it, but somebody got angry at me that I came out against the sound of freedom. And they unsubscribe to me a couple others are upset, they unsubscribe, but some of you you know what they did just I’m going to tell you the family that I have here in play what they did some of the family, they took their subscription from $5 and they raised it to 750. Wow, eight and to $10. And they said to me, that’s awesome. Okay, if you lose and George, you’re telling the truth, keep doing what you do. So to all of you that raised your sub level to make up for some of the people that got angry, I appreciate that. I have no gain whatsoever to and fro and just see you can vouch for this. I am right down the middle. I tell you my heart my feeling I’m telling you the truth. I certainly at this movie came across, it was a good idea. However it came across as an OP, there was $100 million made. And where did it go? Not a singer, sexual abuse survivor was invited to the premiere. Not I was not invited to or you invited Jesse, did you?

Jessie Czebotar 40:29
Not? And you know what? Here’s the thing, George, these people are connected to individuals who know my story. And who have seen my affidavits. They seen it.

George Iceman 40:43
And they didn’t ask you to come in, to discuss it, to take your statement to invite you and say we want you to come. Hey, how about we set up a group with Jessie? Maybe, Kathy and a few others. And let’s bring everyone together? None of that happened. And by the way, on Monday, bam, more updates, including the rest of the investor. Boom, another boom for you people. For those that look at me and say, George, that was a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know. But you’re off. You’re off the line. Am I? Here it is again this week. And now again, arrests are being made to everyone involved. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the truth. And the glory comes from God. Thank you. Well, I

Jessie Czebotar 41:27
found out that was part of it. If yes, if they’re referring you know, anything you think about the whole movie, everything you see, these guys set up a pedo Island? Was it possibly Epstein Island? Okay, now we know Epstein Island was producing diamonds, they bring out the trafficking of children. Oh, they rescued the children. Were the diamonds. These people are connected to military, right? They in fact, are connected to military who are in are in fact, on the board of companies that are producing lab grown diamonds. Now I want to know, what are the further connections? Well, I’ll tell you, George, they all they cannot help themselves in their pride. And I’m going to put it that way. I won’t say names but but they got a lot of pride and they proudly wear their symbols their signs there tokens that display who they are, which just so happens, you know to be a special cross that Jerusalem cross connect specifically to the border of Jerusalem. He said that on the first shore Salam that is paid by the Vatican. Where did the Vatican’s diamonds go? Who took the diamonds to the military who bought sold traded these diamonds to the military? Where’s all the money the kids are just and by the way, a cover

George Iceman 42:57
all 100% Let’s add to this now. Here we go. You ready? Who’s got money to buy diamonds now? Get ready, folks. It’s all coming crumbling down. Even the money they had to buy diamonds, there is no more money. If they don’t get that digital currency. They are in so much trouble. It is it is. Time’s up, Jesse. That’s what’s up for them. Time’s up. I like how you’re calling it. I hope your date is better than the one that I got. You’re seeing eighth or ninth, we’re gonna see some big movement. I’m seeing by the 15th. I’m giving you an extra leeway. Because I’m hearing by the 15th. It’s going to be banana time. Fasten your seat belts. This isn’t fear porn. We’re all giving you guys hope. This is happy time. Not bad time. You’re watching this to have hope. Because we stand with the Lord God Almighty. The show is just to tell you the truth. That’s all. So lots of love. Raise Your Vibration, get outside, get some fresh air, smile, laugh, but but there’s a key here. Build your relationship with the Lord Almighty, you must have a relationship with God. So you can have discernment against these people and what’s coming out. Like I said on the show earlier, if you stand with him, who could stand against you, Jesse, anything you want to add?

Jessie Czebotar 44:17
I would like to answer the one question here. Why would they expel is human trafficking if they’re in on it? You know, I would just say because the light side is sick. They want to look good. They, I mean, I had this as a kid all the time, you know where you would have people in your group that were connected to the dark side. Those were the people who would hurt you who would cause wounds and injuries. Then you would have those people who were supposed to be your safe people and they would heal. They would heal those injuries. They would be kind and nice to you. They would heal it. But would they ever allow you to say My family’s in the Luciferian brotherhood and they kill in, you know, children and eat babies. And no, they would cover up. You know, their job was to make sure that you remain silent and that you never revealed any of the family’s dirty laundry. So, you know, that’s the way the system works and you know what better way to hide what’s really happening. And think about that instead of the survivors who have come forward with their testimonies being the heroes the perpetrators make themselves the heroes what a slap in the face to the

George Iceman 45:36
titles Gods you’re you nailed it. Where are the survivors? Please I made a challenge on Monday on my show bring on bring me any survivor that attended one of those movies bring me any survivors part of a group that’s getting any type of money or donations or contributions to help in saving other survivors bring me any survivor that was cancelled Roseanne

Jessie Czebotar 45:57
Come on. They’re not the O’Brien not they’re not there. You their murder, not their justice abode are not there. I mean, I can go on and on on people that I know are authentic survivors. Not a single one there and authors

George Iceman 46:15
who wrote books, they know who you are. They know your information. They know. Your affidavits. You weren’t called in ladies and gentlemen, Natalie in the chat. just said it. They released just a little to make it appear that they are good. 100% Natalie, you got it. What an awesome show tonight. Guys, you guys are amazing. You are part of the family. And I love being here on Friday. It’s a great conversation. It’s a great q&a. A great roundtable you guys are wicked. Jesse, anything else you want to add? No,

Jessie Czebotar 46:48
I appreciate. I appreciate her family here and in love spending every Friday night with you guys.

George Iceman 46:54
Awesome, guys. You’re amazing. Get outside get some fresh air. And Mr. Burns. Enjoy a bag of Doritos tomorrow. Send me a picture. I want to know what flavor you had Ron, go have a cheeseburger fries and gravy drink a cold Coca Cola. Don’t stress, her height and everybody else give glory and praise and thanks and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Good night, everyone.

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