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1 Sept 2023

George Iceman 0:00
Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the After Show. I’m your host, George, Iceman. Thanks for joining us for this exclusive right here on Patreon. We appreciate all the love and support, it’s been two weeks, and I’m back, and I’m happy to be back recharged and ready to go. And we’re gonna get into it today with some special updates. We have Casey from the watchman podcast with us. And he’s gonna give us an update on January 6, Jessie, of course, is with us as well, giving us a little update what’s going on in the world of politics, she’s doing some posts, you know what I mean? And we want to know exactly what she means by some of this cryptic stuff that’s going out there. Because, you know, they’re telling us what they’re not telling us indirectly, right. So let assumptions. So hopefully, she’ll shine a little light, open up those doors, and give us a reveal. And again, we’ll do a little bit of a q&a. So thank you all for being here. Welcome to the show. Jesse. You’re here. And Casey’s here. Maybe we’ll start off with Casey. It’s been a while since he’s been on the show. Casey, can you hear us? I can hear you. Excellent. Please search Share with us your experience where we’re at. Jesse told me that you did speak to your lawyer. And he has allowed you to tell the truth or at least share what transpired. So talk to us and give us an update. The floor is yours.

Casey Cusick 1:14
Okay. Well, it’s good to see everybody even though I’m on my phone. So I really can’t see everybody except George. George. I love your hair. Dude. Looks good. Thank you missed you, man. Don’t ever take a two week break like that again. And I don’t know what we’re gonna do if you do something like that. Thank you. Right. It’s good. It’s good to be back. This is the thing that I always love about your Fridays, man is this is such a great group. It’s a great community to get together. Just to be able to encourage each other. Yeah, but yeah, it’s the truth. You know, I, I had to repent because I was so disgusted with what happened in trial. I was so disgusted and discouraged. And I’m gonna be real honest, it took me down for a couple of weeks. And Jesse can vouch for this, because we did a show together not long after it, and I just wasn’t myself. And I even told Jesse, Jesse, I’m gonna be honest about myself. I don’t even know what to say, I’m so disgusting with our country, you know, on and on. And on. All that aside, what happened to me was this morning I had for about a day ago, I had an experience where, you know, I was driving my car, and I was just, all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit just fell on me. And I mean, it was one of those times that’s ever happened to any of you, you know, it’s the Holy Spirit, he dropped on me. And I just all of a sudden, begin to really just like cry. And I, all of a sudden, just had this little experience where I saw and kind of like a little vision. And I saw this, my judge, and I saw the judge, you know, reaching out to me, and he spoke something to me. And anyhow, long story short, I realized, oh, my gosh, I was so angry. I was so hurt. I was so upset. And I have not and I was so mad at the prosecutors because they accused me of so many things that weren’t true. I mean, just thing after thing after thing. I’m a writer. I’m a insurrectionist. Just thing after thing, and I had to sit there and listen to that for three days. And I want to tell everybody, everybody always wonders what you can pray for Jan Sixers, in this whole Jan six thing. I am convinced now more than ever before. There is a Jezebel spirit over this whole presiding over this whole thing. I don’t know what that means that it was a woman that came up with it. Or if it’s just a spell they cast on it. I just know that based on one thing, the story of Elijah whenever, whenever Elijah was whenever Jezebel said, you know, go tell Elijah, I’m gonna kill him tomorrow. And Elijah after he just slew 450 prophets of Baal took off running over just a just him, you know, saying anything. And so then after that, we go back to the time I start seeing this happening in Jan Sixers. In fact, what really got too worked up was yesterday, a 22 year old boy committed suicide, because he was arrested by the FBI for misdemeanors just like I was, he took his life because he was too scared. And this is happening and he’s not the first to take his life. There’s been some that have taken their lives after they’ve been sentenced. Chris Warrell right now out of Florida is on the run in Tampa, because he’s afraid of his sentencing. Why? He’s got stage four cancer. He has stage four cancer and the government wants to put him in jail for 14 years. These people are being mistreated. There’s another gentleman 20 years old, was just thrown in jail because he broke pretrial sentencing. He grew up in the system. He was abused. He was abused so badly in the system as a foster child, molested, forced vaccinated as a child, not just the COVID vaccine. I’m talking about just regular vaccines abused. He’s an arm split. I met him in person. They took him back to jail. He was harassed by the FBI. They call they’re calling people’s places of work until they fire you. They’re throwing people in jail for literally no reason. I talked to my attorney tonight I said John, listen, how much longer until I can say some because there was a lot of people giving me advice of don’t say anything until sentencing because they could. I’m facing up to three years in jail. I After sentencing when sentencing comes, and, you know, there’s people that are getting pulled back in because they’re saying this and that, and the judge is trying to tell him, you know, you said this, so we’re gonna give you the harsher on you. Well, you know what I serve a God that is so great and mighty, and I have nothing to fear and no weapon formed against my life is going to prosper. But believe me it’s formed, but it will not prosper. And I won’t let it and I just got to the place where I said, How much longer do I have to put up with still I can tell we were listening to Twitter space, there was a big group of people. These are some of these people I’ll give you an example of one of the ones in the room was I don’t know if any of you’ve heard of the documentary 2000 meals by Dinesh D’Souza about the election front. So the gentleman that was the military guy with the beard and his wife were in there, there were multiple, big named people in there. Boy, they let me become a speaker and I just unleashed and I said, Listen, they’re worried about our country. They’re worried about going to the polls and becoming pollsters, and that we’re wasting time on that they have no idea. These people want to throw every one of us in jail. And I know Georgia and Canada, it’s the same for you. And if we don’t speak up about it, and I’m a Jan sixer. And I believe me, I know all the things and all the reasons why people are afraid of this. We cannot fear these people. This is what they want. They want to sitting down and being quiet. You know, something we can’t get, but we’re not going to get violent. But we can take this country back and I believe the best is yet to come with our country. And so I just told him, I said, Listen, we need a full wash out. Everyone, every politician up there, Congress Senate, none good. No, not one. There’s none of them. None of them stand with the President. There’s only he’s the only one. President Trump is the only one that’s gone into office said he was going to do all these things. He did it. We got there all in there support. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt gates, Lauren bover. Gosh, I can’t remember the numbers, but they’re all in there. And they’re continually telling us, you know, oh, well, they’re there. They lied to us. They told us if McCarthy gets in power. Yeah. And we agree to give them the speakership. That means if he doesn’t release the videos, that we’re going to come back, and we’re going to have another conference and we’re going to vote him out. They didn’t they lie, the videos aren’t out, guess what else? They are supporting, putting me in jail, because the GOP is simply funding the Gen six prosecution. It’s simply that they are supporting it. They know exactly what they’re doing. The ones that pretend that they’re pulling for Trump that they’re on Trump’s side, and not even just Trump’s side that they’re on the side of our God are lying. They’re forced in there. I was forced to tell them just to be proud. I said, Listen, most of these people, if not all of them, are Satan worshippers. Do you understand that these are Satan worshippers, they don’t care anything about any of us. They’d love to see nothing more than for every single one of us to be put behind you. But I say all that to tell everybody this one thing. God is on the throne, he will not allow for these things to go on forever. But it does take us to stand up. It takes us not to fear. It takes us not to be afraid to push back and to speak out what’s truth. I sat in a courtroom. And I want everybody to understand this and listen to this very carefully. I sit in a courtroom where I genuinely believe people are praying for me. There’s hope for me when I get into this courtroom, you know, God’s on my side. I get into the courtroom. I listened to not 170 jurors, there’s there isn’t there. We didn’t get through all of them. But we got through more than most people do. Because of the bias is so bad towards just because you’re a Trump supporter. They hate you. Jan six, many of them said was the worst day in American history. They forgot. This past summer. Their city was freaking burnt to the ground. It was burnt to the nearly nearly burnt and wasn’t burned. But the city was on fire. That guy should get the Joe Joe Biggs, I want to say is His name is proud boy, you know, I’m not a proud boy. I don’t care anything about that. I’m not interested in that. He was sentenced to 17 years of breaking a window. Those same looters and rioters in that summer before broke every nearly every window in DC looted rioted. They did everything they could and they were worshipped by our government. They were worshipped. They weren’t even prosecuted these people and their prosecute. I listened to the captain of the Capitol Police, one of the captains say, did our attorney asked did these people here’s the charges, violent entry into the Capitol violent entry into the Capitol building? Were they violent entered? No, they didn’t because she watched the whole video. Did they disruptive? Were they disruptive or disorderly in any way? They were not? Did they pick it or parade? They did not. But because it’s January 6, just them being there. added. So now we’re no longer being charged for a crime. We’re being charged for being at a place that a crime was committed and just being at a place and so so. It is so crazy. So then you get the jury they come up and the jurors, each one of them asked, Do you have any political bias towards President Trump? Yes. Do you have any political bias towards the end? Anywhere he’s six, yes. Do you have any political bias towards the election being stolen, the election wasn’t stolen. And now three or four had to be crossed off because they were Department of Justice employees, just so people understand this is what’s in their jury pool. Three or four had to be crossed off because their Department of Justice, the Department of Justice brought the charges on me, and then they’re gonna put their own jurors in the in the jury pool. Secondly, then on top of that, I mean, this is just unheard of George. Then after that, then there was multiple ones that were so bias. They said, if anybody that believes Donald Trump’s a good man deserves to be in prison, you know, some people say what they want to say, because they don’t want to be a juror in the first place. I get that. But we still heard it. Then the ones that were selected, were each asked these questions. Could you put your political bias aside and judge these gentlemen right here, based on what they did that day? No, sir. I don’t think I could do that. Your honor. You don’t think you could do that? No, sir. I don’t think I could do that. It would be very tough for me, Your Honor. will judge me ask you this? Do you think you could at least Could you at least try. Could you at least try to do it?

I could. Okay, I could try. I could try. You sure you could try? Yeah, I can try. Okay, you’re right there. There’s your first year. And now that has happened to every single juror. This is unfair. This is not right. This is this is so wrong, that the Trump crimes against Trump, I don’t see how that they can go through. If they do, we’re all doomed. Because if they’re allowed to just start throwing charges at people and throwing them in prison, I mean, at that point, this is totalitarianism. Everything they’ve accused President Trump of, they’re doing it. And now they’re doing it to us. There are people now facing election fraud in Michigan, 75 year old men and women that were went improved the election was that they didn’t vote for Biden, because they said there was election fraud. They’re now in jailed. And they and I just was listening on this podcast, that some of them, it’s going to cost them they guesstimate to a million dollars to defend themselves as a 75 year old. This is unbelievable. The stuff is unheard of. So I just want to say with that. Pray for me, because that’s only the first time that I ever spoke out about what happened on jury. I haven’t even begun to do talk about what the judge said and did. And things that we were accused of by the prosecution, by the way, listening to my podcast, which is great. I’m sure they listen to all my podcasts with Jesse as well, because they quoted me on a couple that I did not with her. But I don’t care. I don’t care. Because if everybody begins to speak out and speak up more people realize what is going on. George, I appreciate you. I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that I I will win. Because God’s on my side. I know the best is yet to come. I believe with all my heart. All things work together for good. To me that loves God. And that’s because I’m called according to His purpose. And I promise everybody in this room, whoever has Allah I know a lot of you have given to me for because you know that I’m suffering financially on account of this. I appreciate it. And I promise you, if I get a chance, and I don’t know how it will happen. I would glad if we could ever get Congress in the Senate than just running for office to where it’s normal. And you actually can do that legally and don’t have to become part of a club to get in. I would do it. And I will run my mouth every day for every single one of you guys, because this is what our country needs. We need to be able to live freely, fairly. We none of us want to even have these conversations. I mean, I know all these Gen Sixers now do you think they want to go through this do you think you want to you think I enjoy every day. I mean, I suffer sometimes from lack of sleep at night, I can’t sleep and I’ll refuse to turn to sleeping pills or these other things. I have to turn to worship music I have to turn to one day I adjusted can tell you about a week ago or so I found out a guy that had the exact same charges that I have. Now I don’t know physically what he did. I know he was nothing violent. Or George Washington costume with a flag when I talked to a couple cops. The government wanted a year 13 months in jail. They want to three years probation plus they wanted him to pay a fine of $46,000 Give me $16,000.04 100 And something on it was an exact number why he started his sister started to give some go for him to be able to pay for his attorney fees. So the fact that they did that the government says he owes that money to us because he’s not allowed to raise money on his crimes that he committed against our country. Our country stacked against the wall right now but I just encourage everybody we’re gonna win. I mean, you gotta know we’re gonna win with the devils this mad we are going to win and I am so excited for it. I’m thrilled that I was even given the go ahead to do it because I’ve had it and you know, my hands are in God. I’m in God’s hands. And I’m grateful to you for giving me that time. I’m George and I genuinely I just appreciate you so much. And I’m praying for you as well, brother, best is yet to come into your life as well. And,

George Iceman 15:08
and listen, Casey, like, we know you’re going through a lot, we’re here for you. I think we have an amazing platform. And we have the best people in the world. It’s a situation where if they could get you that could get us right. And we can’t allow that to happen. So we support you spiritually. We support you, financially, we’re there with you. We may not be in Washington, or in the court, because of our lives and what we do and what we got to do. But we’re there with you. And you have a lot of people that wants you to do well. We always have to take away one thing I’ve learned coming to God. And it’s interesting. I used to look at the glass. And this sounds foolish, but hear me out. I used to look at the glass is half empty, and negative in all things, all aspects. Bad, bad, bad. But when you come to Christ, you start to look at things in a different way. And things are presented to you. Do you think maybe I’m just putting this out there? And maybe I’m talking crazy, guys, but do you think maybe this is an opportunity for you? And for the Lord, to work through you to do something bigger than you ever expected? Or that you anticipated for your life? You think that’s a possibility?

Casey Cusick 16:25
100% I don’t think it’s a possibility. I guarantee you that’s what this is all about. Yeah. Give me a while to swallow that pill, though. Because it’s not an easy.

George Iceman 16:35
Listen, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m there with you. And we don’t know exactly the Lord’s plan, you have to pray on it. And you are chestpiece on this big, this big table, you’re a piece of the puzzle. And you will come into play and how the Lord will do it is totally up to him. He doesn’t, you know, release his cards to us, obviously. But you just have to have

Casey Cusick 17:03
faith if we did, yeah, you gotta

George Iceman 17:07
you got to trust him. Who knows, maybe we’ll run for politics. And that’s his plan. Whatever the plan is, you have to have faith in the plan. And we’re here for your brother, we’ll pray for you. We want updates. What do you know what your next case is?

Casey Cusick 17:22
I go to sentencing on October 12. So about a month or two weeks. I’ll be back in.

George Iceman 17:28
That’s unfortunate for them. I, I have some news I’m going to release on Monday. If the government is going to be operational by October 15, or 12. They’re in trouble financially beyond they’re talking about I don’t know, was it 25 billion for Ukraine, that’s not going to happen in any way, shape, or form. No money’s going there. They got no money to do that. It’s done. You saw the moon that happened to their day. They’re doing their rituals and ceremonies because they thought the power is going to be injected back to them. Listen, my friend, nothing is going on according to their plan. And every time they think they have a question. Or every time they think they have an answer. The Lord changes the question. So they’re in for a big surprise. Nothing is going their way. Stay strong. We will pray for you. If you need some support, let us know. And we’ll put a link in our description me and Jesse that we could send you a little something to cover some groceries cover some bills, I’ll pay for your legal fee. What listen, if all of us put in five bucks, you know, it makes a huge difference. So we’ll do what we can to help you. And in return, if you ever run for office, you do what you got to do to watch over us. Help us and guide us in the right direction. But Pac Man stick around.

Casey Cusick 18:47
It’s simple, George all they have to do is it’s a hands off approach get out of our lives. We don’t need you telling us how to live. We don’t need to know what to eat. We don’t need to know where what we need to watch what we don’t watch. We don’t need to know when to shower. We’re we’re adults, we can handle it ourselves. We’ve had

George Iceman 19:02
you have a VMO account or anything like how do people

Casey Cusick 19:07
have a Venmo? My Venmo is Casey my first name CAS EY dash last name cu sick Kusik dash five vindman. All right. C dash. It’s a dash or a hyphen.

Jessie Czebotar 19:23
KC with your last name?

Casey Cusick 19:26
Yeah, here. Let me try to tap.

Jessie Czebotar 19:27
Let me see. Yeah, take it in for us. That’d be

George Iceman 19:30
post the link in the chat. So everyone has it. And then we’ll also follow up with it when we post it on the replay. But don’t go anywhere. Stick with us, Casey, if you can. I’m going to just give us an update and then we’re going to go into some prayer for you. Jesse should talk to us. Where are we at what’s going on what’s happening?

Jessie Czebotar 19:48
Absolutely. And I’m glad Casey said when he said definitely we know the Lord is moving. And you know the last two weeks I would say have been monumental Oh, it’s almost like you know in the book of Isaiah

George Iceman 20:02
freeboard really bad today.

Jessie Czebotar 20:04
Oh, my back now. Anyway, the Lord says that he’s given us a threshing sledge and you know threshing sledge was used in the harvest. It had a forward swing Sorry,

George Iceman 20:18
just Yeah, your it was.

Jessie Czebotar 20:21
Yeah. All right, how am I now? Thumbs up? Burns you got me or no? Okay, so the threshing sledge the Lord’s given us a threshing sledge, it’s gotta forward again. Next we’re not going to talk about the backs wig.

George Iceman 20:44
No, you’re going to talk about it’s fine. You’re good to go on. All right, it’s good. I’ll

Jessie Czebotar 20:48
try not to move too much and pray real hard. But anyway, yeah, the enemy is getting hit so hard right now, a lot of truths coming forward. Casey talked about how, you know, the judicial system as well, as you know, it goes beyond that the prisons, we get a whole bunch of individuals in government who are profiting off of our abuse, and the crimes that they are committing against us. And so I’ve brought out a whole bunch of that, you know, including the US military as well as our government, they are profiting off of children, and, you know, brought out exactly how they’re profiting off of children and the crimes that they’ve committed against them. But it’s much bigger than, you know, we could imagine because, you know, in these programs and the experiments and the different things that they’re doing, whether it’s, you know, biochemical warfare, other ways that they’re, you know, they’re tainting our food, they’re tainting our water, they’re making us sick. But then, you know, what did they do they state fund hospitals, they, you know, supply them with state funded money as well as grants, they’re doing the same thing in the school system. They’re doing it in the, you know, mental health programs. You know, in fact, so many of the DHS programs and CPS are private, funded by lawyers. They’re also realtors, who, you know, are buying selling property of the people that they bring in and put into prison or, you know, take they remove their properties from them. So the system is profiting in a massive way against us. You know, I brought up this week how even you know, militaries and different bases are being funded by historical societies and other foundations as sponsors, donors, that are part of the Brotherhood system. Why the heck is this, you know, a foreign entity owning our military buildings and the property that it sits on? You know, and who funded who, who got the gain off of that sale, you know, other brotherhood who are connected to the military. So this is massive. One of the other biggest reveals that I did that just came out today was I talk about, you know, really all these different symbols and what they represent our FBI, who is it owned by who’s who’s financially backing it and getting the profit? You know, that symbol with the crest in the middle? You know, what is it? It really is a replica of the Temple of ball. That’s exactly who it goes to? And who’s getting the money for it, the Sanhedrin Israel? Why is the Sanhedrin owning our FBI, who then are part of the trafficking program, who are experiencing with our children? You know, why is this? Why are we allowing it to continue? You know, that’s not an agency that’s working for us. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of other three letter agencies. So those are all things coming out. I talked about the original contract in the waterways between Leviathan and the mothers of darkness and the quadrant leaders within the system and how that worked, where it stemmed from, how it goes all the way back to the land contract that Jezebel made with Leviathan, when she purchased the field of Navy Beth so all of that, you know, what, what was the field of Neva? Really, that was just just real. That is connected to Armageddon. So it gets really interesting when you have all the missing pieces and all The interconnections you know, that land is connected to several of our military bases on, you know, through spiritual gates. So the enemy’s getting hit hard right now a lot of survivors are going full force. You know, we’re not stopping so I encourage you, you know, support the survivors who are stepping out Roseanne Tom Althouse. You know, all of those who are bringing their voices forward. You know, we’ve even seen Megan Walsh stepping up, you know, pass, put our stuff out there. Because, you know, we’re all given our best effort here in this in this fight. And we’re not gonna go down quiet. So.

George Iceman 25:50
So just let me ask you, you mentioned Tom, what’s going on with Tom? He’s still in the fight. He’s still doing his thing.

Jessie Czebotar 26:00
Absolutely, yeah. He’s been doing a lot of shows on Aquarius, rising Africa, and many others. I think he had three tonight that he said he was doing. But he’s been posting all the proofs, the evidence, you know, he’s going after those who have stolen his his work. You know, so we need to stand with people because they’re, they’re bringing out the truth of how this brotherhood system works. And that’s really who our fight is against, you know, who is the foreign entity that we’re at war with? It’s the Luciferian brotherhood. We got alliances with Trump, there is a lot going on. So, you know, I encourage people, and what’s the update on him? Yeah, go back and listen, all of the, you know, you can go back and read my affidavit excerpts that have been posted by Timothy Charles Home As you go back and listen to the little excerpts that Trump has put out, you will see he uses key words that are out of those affidavits or key phrases. Those are things that you can search, and you can find articles on Timothy Charles, that go along with those that reveal the truth. So I encourage you to look into that. And, you know, as we get into that, you know, Why is Trump going through what he’s going through? I think it all it really does all have to do with the fact that he has the truth, and you know, has been putting that truth out. And they’re trying to threaten him with silence and not allow him to go forward with that truth. We know Trump has, you know, in Florida, he has two cases. The one is the RICO case, for you know, the trafficking that’s happening, and he has the crime against humanity case. How come we’re not hearing about any of that all we’re hearing about are these four indictments. You know, I think the indictments are because, you know, they’re trying to suppress that truth about those cases in the court of Florida. So

George Iceman 28:30
it’s gonna win wind, folks, it’s gonna get really bad in the next month and a half. So just fasten your seat belts, we’re about to see it get really crazy and wild, nothing is going according to their plans. And their now the big thing is, they’re so broke, and they are broke making, they’re not trying to raise money for for, you know, the starving or the children or Ukraine. And now you have Oprah Winfrey standing with the rock, a billionaire and a millionaire, begging people to send money. And all that money is for the elites because they’re broke. They spend all their money on this big gamble of the digital, and the lock downs and this whole new Schwab style lifestyle that’s not coming to fruition. People are not going along with it and it’s falling apart. It’s going to get worse for them. We just have to stay strong, and push back. Not saying the violent I’m against violence, but push back stand up. Last time you allow them to lock you down. Not a lot of you did speak up, you wore the mask. Now you’re gonna give a reason not to do it if they try to push that. They are satanists. This is a spiritual battle. And they think by doing it, they’re going to bring back the power they once had and Lucifer will will appear and give them everything they want. No, that’s not the case. They’re not there. This would have been done a long time ago. Guys. Jesse, you you understand this quite well. If this was supposed to be it would have been It’s not the time, it’s on God’s time when he wants that when they want. And because of that they will fail. So be strong, everybody, you’re gonna see a lot of weird things, a lot of truth coming out, man. Some of you’re gonna be blown away with what’s about to come out, but it is coming out. And the only thing we need to watch out for is the collapse of the governments. Because I believe that governments are going to begin to collapse. And that’s a fact. They’re in trouble. And I’ve said this. It’s happening now they’re in trouble. They don’t have much more time, you will begin to see the collapse. What comes after that? We’ll see. I do want to give everybody an opportunity to ask a few questions. And then I think we’re gonna go into a prayer. But we’ll start with Kathy. Kathy, welcome to the show. Thank you for being here. And what’s your question this evening?

Speaker 4 30:58
Um, actually, yeah, that question is for Casey. And I was just wondering if he’s had any opportunity to work with common law lawyers. Um, I was in a class in the beginning of this week, and another one starts at seven, with Ron Gibson, who’s been doing 50 years of common law. And he talked a lot about everybody needing to know like, if you own your property, getting the original land patent, so he said all the public property that we think the government owns, they do not. So it makes me wonder where the capital is. If case if you found where the if you found the land patent, because the question would be what, you know, you have a right to be on that property, and you didn’t do any harm. So I’m just trying to find another angle to help you. And I can ask Ron, tonight, when we have our q&a, if there’s some way he can help the people for January 6. Perfect.

George Iceman 32:09
Hey, see?

Casey Cusick 32:11
I think sorry, I’m so sorry. I got kicked off for a second. Okay, I’m back in regards to that. I do know about common law. And a lot of people have asked me about that. But I’m just gonna be real honest. In court. That’s a big just in this is just an honest, they just shoot you, right, a middle finger. They don’t care anything about that. They don’t follow any rules. I understand about that. And I got cut off for a second, if you could just re ask what you asked, because there was a second part and I had a great answer for the second part.

Speaker 4 32:41
So it was just that if, if this is public land, you know, how could they?

Casey Cusick 32:51
Remember, I remember so here’s a here’s an honest truth. There were permits pulled that day for protests on Capitol grounds. It’s proven the courts know it. And matter of fact, the side that we went on was the west side, exactly where the permit was pulled. I had no idea about that at the time. But they have proven that that that’s a fact the court just shoots it aside, and it means nothing to them. I’ll tell you another thing. Tarik Johnson that most of you are, if you’ve any paid attention to her go on Twitter. He’s supposed to be a capitol, police whistleblower. My attorney tried to pull him in as a witness. In another case, guess what the government said, We have no idea who this guy is. The guy worked for the Capitol Police. But the government all of a sudden doesn’t recognize him as even a human being. So I appreciate that. And I just haven’t had no luck at all, or know how hope for anything like that. Because they don’t they don’t follow rules to begin with.

Speaker 4 33:49
So just one little side note real quick. I’ll talk to Ron tonight because he has won so many cases for big corporations even. And they they get afraid to him. I mean, he knows his business. So I will check because I feel like God brought him here to our church tonight. He’s a mover and shaker. And so I will ask because you deserve it. You and everybody else.

Casey Cusick 34:14
Yeah. Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

George Iceman 34:22
Jacqueline, how are you? Welcome to the show. What’s your question this evening?

Speaker 5 34:24
Thanks, George. I’m good. Hi, Jesse. How are you? Oh, good. Um, I have a theory. I was thinking about this. So we were talking about the light side system and dark side system. I think that the dark side of the light side systems actually darker because the dark side system you know what they’re doing, they’re saying who they worship. And the light side system. You can’t sometimes tell that they’re enlightened system because they’re trying to convince like, Christians convince people like this is a Biblical This is Christianity or, or some are theory perhaps. Or they’re trying to mislead people. So it’s like, only given half truths. And it seems to me like a, like Satan wants Christians to fall. So he wants the light side system to kind of pull them in. Like, would you see it that way? Because of being darker? Or do you think it’s about the same?

Jessie Czebotar 35:28
I think, you know, in reality, I think that they’re, they’re about the same. You just have different sins. The main sin of the light side is pride. And, you know, what are we really seeing? They display a form of godliness, but they did they deny the power of the Holy Spirit. So you know, everything on the outside, you see this perfectionistic Christianity, but really, what is it based on its works, and that’s what they take pride in. You know, they don’t see that they have any sin. You know, they see themselves as perfect, and they’re elevating themselves, really dictating their own lives, procuring their own way. You know, they really don’t have a relationship with God, or intimacy with God. So you know, when you really, you know, how do you weed that out? You have to look at that person’s life. Are they really spending time in the Word of God? Is God really speaking to them? You know, or is it just a show? Is it made to look good? Where they show up when they’re supposed to and, you know, look like they have this perfect life, but really, they don’t?

Unknown Speaker 36:54
Well, thank you so much for sharing that Jesse.

Jessie Czebotar 36:56
Yeah, thank you. Good question. Bless you

George Iceman 37:00
both. Thanks. Check. London have a great long weekend here, because it’s it. I don’t know what’s in the US. But Canada. It’s the Labor Day weekend, right?

Jessie Czebotar 37:07
Yeah, us too. Yeah.

George Iceman 37:10
Okay. Okay. Great. Thanks. All right. We’ll do one more question out there, guys. We’ll do one more question. And then we’re gonna go into prayer. And we’re gonna pray for Casey and everyone out there as we saddle up, so to speak, fasten our seatbelts and get ready. It’s going to be a crazy month and a half. A lot of fireworks lot is going to change. Got a lot going on. I’m Stephanie Alvarez. How are you? Welcome to the show. And what is your question today? Oh, you’re muted? You have to unmute yourself.

Speaker 5 37:47
Thank you. So would you say that the phrase where we go one where we go all? Is that from the light side?

Jessie Czebotar 37:58
Well, we know that’s from the Q movement and to, you know, kind of explain that a little further. Initially, you know, what was queue, it’s a group of individuals working with the military, the good military that are made up of Dark Side members, lightside members of the system, as well as good Christian people, they all came together with one goal in you know, at heart, and that was to, you know, go after or combat, you know, the system. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. So you kind of have a mix with that, you know, they’ve got a lot of phrases, a lot of things that they’ve put out. You know, you can’t necessarily say it’s bad, but at the same time, we have to be leery because, you know, the final outcome if, if lead to have the fullness of what they want, that is not good, either. So, you know, it’s just exchanging one side of the system for the other. So we have to be discerning and wise and all things and not just hand over the glory that belongs to God to the light side of the system.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
Thank you. Yep.

George Iceman 39:21
Thank you so much. Guys. It is a interesting time. Long Weekend. Is everyone have a long weekend in the US on Monday as well as your long weekend? It is okay. I’ll tell you what, guys, I’m going to tell you now. So don’t get upset because it’s long weekend and Sunday, we’re gonna be your friends or family or barbecuing. Why don’t I just do the show Tuesday, if it’s the long weekend, Monday and people have the day off? You know, I don’t want to you know, I don’t want to be there doing it and there’s gonna be like 16 people that really should be like 200 So I’ll tell you what, guys, I’m let everybody know. I will do the show on Tuesday so we can get everybody watching in a hole and give Everybody an update. And Jesse, if you have a little update, then you want to join in and drop some news with us, please do so on Tuesday. So for those that miss it on Tuesday, I will upload it after it’s edited. So you won’t miss it live. I just think there’ll be a lot more people on Tuesday, then there will be Monday during the holiday. And I rather have you know, I like when I could get to talk to you guys before the show. And after the show. It’s kind of fun. So, the show for Patreon, its patrons only. I’m not doing Monday. I’m doing Tuesday. So the Monday Intel shows moved to Tuesday, because it’s the long weekend. I hope that’s clear. All right, I see. You’re great. You’re gonna be good. You’re gonna come through this with flying colors. And then everyone’s you’re gonna prove to everybody that God is good. As always, so Amen to that. I’m gonna let you start with the prayer, Casey because I know you have a few things you want to get off your chest and speak to the Lord while we’re here. And then and then we’ll pray for you, buddy.

Casey Cusick 40:59
All right, Dear Heavenly Father, I just thank you right now for the brain for the Jan Sixers, every one of them Father God, I just lift every single one of them up guilty or not guilty. In fact, Father, I lift up every judge, every juror, every single prosecuting attorney that are falsely accusing these people Father God, I just ask you right? I pray that your perfect will be done and that your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Father, I asked you to bless the judges God I asked you to give them exceedingly abundantly above all they could ever ask her thing. Father, I forgive them. And I just forgive them on behalf of the other Jan Sixers for what they’re doing for the false accusations and for the false pretenses and for the all the false and harsh criminal activity that they’re performing in the courts. Because Father, we know that you are a just got and you are the true judge and that you will always judge us righteously. And you will always always be truthful Father, Jesus name I just asked you right now in the name of Jesus to bless every single one of them. And Father, I lift up the chant, Sixers, those that are struggling, those that are thinking about suicide father, those that are lost their home that they’ve lost their jobs that have nothing left father because they’ve just been ravaged by our government. Father, God, I just asked you right now to send somebody across their path. Lord, I asked you right now and Jesus didn’t get them, somebody to encourage them, that they know that they can beat this and that we together can stand when we stand with. And with and for you, Father, because that’s what our country was meant to be. It was a country that was meant to be based on Judeo Christian principle, and righteousness, and not this kangaroo court, false lies that are being thrown at every single person that comes against anything that’s demonic father. In fact, we know now that there’s Catholics that are being punished for just being believing in Jesus. So Father, I just asked you for that. And I thank you for it in Jesus name. Amen.

George Iceman 42:55
Jesse, you want to add to that?

Jessie Czebotar 42:56
Yeah, absolutely. And Father, we do not bow the knee to the enemy, nor do we acknowledge his court system Father, we are not under the law of the water, nor the law of the beasts, nor the rule of the beasts we are under your rule, you are our King, and we proclaim that Jesus Christ that you are our King. Lord, we ask that on your behalf Jesus that you will rise up now upon your throne, that you will stand in the gap, and mediate on behalf of Casey and everybody in these January 6 trials, we ask that your voice would be heard. And your Word says, In Hosea that you will shake the heavens in the earth. We ask now, Father, that you that as they go into those courthouses that you will step across that threshold, Lord, and that you will shake those thresholds that those courts stand on. Father, we ask that all immorality, all injustice, all oppression that these courts have put upon your people would now be broken asunder. In Jesus mighty name, we ask Father that You will raise up and lift up their heads. And that the songs that you have intended for these last days would go forth, that they would lift up their eyes and their voices to you and that they would sing and rejoice and be glad, because of the works that you are doing. We thank you and we just proclaim this in your mighty name.

George Iceman 44:32
Already, God, thank you so much, guys. Thank you, guys for being here. Thank you, Jesse. Hope you guys have a great long weekend. Let’s pray for Casey this weekend. I pray for all of you. Let’s have some, some good energy this week. And don’t be negative guys. Get out there with your family, your friends, your pets, your neighbor’s smile, trying to something kind tomorrow. We have to put this positive energy out there into the universe. I don’t know what it is man. Maybe you’re at the supermarket. You’re at the store. You see somebody they look sad calling a smile. Something small say they look great. Hey, that’s a nice shirt you got on one little compliment, we’ll put a light on those people’s lives. Oh, because people love compliments, hey, you have great shoes, whatever it is, I don’t know. But try and do something positive so that we could turn this negative energy. They’re trying to shift towards us push it back and bring positive energy into this world. It’s so key guys, and you guys are all positive. All you. I mean, the messages you send me are amazing. So keep that same George. Yeah, say Say that again. George, thank you. Listen,

Casey Cusick 45:38
it’s pay forward slash George, Iceman. Thank

George Iceman 45:41
you so much. The people here are the most incredible. This is not a group. This is a family I always refer to as the reveal family. We know. You know, not everybody, but we see a lot of their faces. We see him in the chat on Friday. We see him on Monday. It’s amazing group. It’s a family. We share experiences with each other, we try and lift each other up. We try to bring each other information that’s different than the narrative that they’re pushing through alt media, because the same narrative, it’s the same narrative on every other show that everyone’s doing. So guys, Be positive, be strong, good things are gonna happen. I know. You’re wondering when it’s gonna happen. God bless you guys. All right, get outside, get that fresh air, get that vitamin D. It’s so key. Help Casey, anything you could do $1 $2 $5 It will help pay for his family’s got beautiful children, beautiful wife, beautiful family. It’s got a place and anything goes one way to pay for those groceries to pay for that roof. And most importantly, give that lawyer a little bit of money to do that fight. However, the most important thing that you could do out of all that is be in prayer and petition to the Lord in the throne room on his behalf, because I’ll tell you, what happens in the supernatural is manifested into the physical, and in that courtroom, they are demons, and they are working overtime to bring down the Christians. And I don’t even want to say Christians anymore, because it doesn’t matter whether Christian Catholic Baptist and all that jazz the believers. We are the believers in the faith of Christ who died on the cross for us. Thank you so much, guys. God bless and good night.

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