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19 July 2023

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It’s time. It’s time to get your popcorn ready. It will be political, political, it will be biblical. We must stay vigilant, we must remain watchful. So sit back and put your feet up, because you’re about to learn to discern the truth. Welcome to a watchman.

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What’s up everybody, and welcome back to the watchman podcast. My name is Casey. So good to be back with you guys. Today. Today is June 19 2023. Got Jesse back here. We’re gonna have a really good show today i We had a great conversation already. And I believe we’re going to bring out some really interesting stuff for people to understand the things that are going on in this world. Jesse even said, we should title this episode walking through the fire. So we’re titling this episode walking through the fire. It’s 18th time I’ve had Jesse on here. Just a reminder, though, before we get started, where to find me, it’s gonna be in the description box below, as well as all Jesse’s information, offer her websites, as well as her books, as well as her upcoming courses that she’s got. And I’m gonna let her talk about that, as well. But without further ado, Jessie, I say, let’s just get right into this. Let’s take down the devil, it’s time, we’ve been waiting too long for these people to be held accountable for some of the things they’ve been doing. So Jesse, if you don’t, if you don’t mind, let’s start off with you know, just go ahead and give everybody the info, I know, you got a couple of more courses coming out, as well as the one coming out online, the beautifully adorned that I went to with you and

Jessie Czebotar 1:31
Austin. Yeah, so we’re going to have coming up, we’re going to have a couple of beautifully adorned workshops. And the difference between that and the course is the course kind of gives you the whole outline of how to work through the deliverance, and how to work through your healing process. The workshops are more focused on giving you that time in a group setting to work through that healing. So, you know, we take a lot of the tools and the different things that were given in the course. And really, you know, just focus on time applying those things and working through that healing process. So I’ll be in Maine, August 10, through 12, those tickets are now available on my website Kingdom living with, I encourage everybody to come because it really is quite, it’s a different experience working through it on your own, versus, you know, in a group setting kind of gives you a very unique experience you’re not working on and alone, you’re helping others work through their things as well. And, you know, from what I saw and experienced in that it just was really encouraging and people felt supported, they felt like they were kind of making that break through working through their stuff in in a group setting. So I really encourage that. And, you know, I Casey, I mean, you’ve been the title for our episode is it’s just so appropriate, because really, you know, you’ve been walking through that fire and there is a whole process to that and everything that the trauma, the, you know, the challenges, the pressure, that we feel just working through the things that we need healing over, and the things that we’ve experienced. And you know, you’re not just doing it for yourself, but for your family as well.

Casey Cusick 3:29
Yeah, that’s exactly right. And I highly recommend the course and Jesse’s right that way she goes step by step through through each of those things. It because you know, it can be overwhelming, you’re like, I don’t even know where to start and that she does such a wonderful job, you know, going step by step through each and every single one of the, you know, steps on how to make your court case and take it to God. And you know, the part just, you know, you did with the feet washing, I just can’t say enough to how how, you know, humbling that is to have your feet washed, if you’ve never had them washed before, because, I mean, it’s one of those. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. For some people, I

Jessie Czebotar 4:00
think what was so powerful the Lord kept telling me and that that people have not heard those words are really like taking the time to receive and feel, feel it. But the whole thing behind the foot washing is that the Lord says, If I’ve washed your feet, your whole body is clean, you are clean. And so many times as we’re going through, you know our trauma, our junk, our guilt or shame, whatever it may be. We’ve never heard those words you know, you are clean and come to that place where we can receive it.

Casey Cusick 4:37
That’s right. And the group setting is fantastic and I can’t say enough how many people you’re going to meet that use that’ll blow your mind you know, with the different things that people are going through and maybe not the same as you but it’s so it’s it’s so awesome to be able to sit there together and talk about those things and have no judgment on you whatsoever. And honestly have nothing but

Jessie Czebotar 5:00
Like, you’re all there, you’re like, hey, we all got crap, we’re all right. And it’s different because there’s not like that feeling of like, really, it just feels like that guilt, that shame that carry the, the wanting to silence and not like, be exposed or not let other people see your junk, that those feelings just kind of go away and you realize, like, hey, I can share it with people, I don’t need to hide it, I can bring it out in the open and I can receive healing for this. And that’s quite a different experience than I think what most people are used to it, especially in a church setting, you know, where you have that critical, that religious spirit that, you know, really continues to condemn even after you have confessed your sins. That’s

Casey Cusick 5:54
right. That’s exactly right. And I want to start out with, here’s something that I do want to bring out that I haven’t even ever talked about, really with anybody. And Jesse doesn’t even really know about this. It’s nothing bad or anything. But men get out and go to these events, there needs to be more of us that stand up. I mean, with what we see in society today, that they are so trying to feminize our society, they’re trying to make men, if you want to look like a man, if you have hair on your face, or hair on your legs, or arms or any of these things, they want you to shave it all off. They want to feminize it, this is the demonic side of this and no Holy Spirit gave me something and I haven’t done anything with it yet. So I’m just gonna talk about here for a second. Because maybe there’s somebody out there that knows where what steps I could take, if you do the Washington podcast Let me know. Because I mean, there’s something the Holy Spirit put on my heart a while back and it was about Gideon and I talked about this a little bit last time about Gideons army. But the thing is, I mean, I just heard this, you know, Project giddy we hear about all these different projects that the government does. So I project Gideon and what would project Gideon in tow. For me, it’s men, there are so many men out there that are hiding in a hole because of the shame that they’ve the things that they’ve done, they made me think that they can never do anything for God because they’re so you know, downtrodden, or they’ve done to have committed the ultimate sin, whether it be pornography, whether it be you know, sex outside of marriage, I mean, men should be able to come forward in the church, and it’s not happening right now. And I really feel like this is what something that got me in the prodigal son, I really believes is the prodigal son generation. And I really believe that they’re, that men need to stand up. And don’t be afraid and don’t let the media or anybody else tell you, you can’t stand up because you’re a white male, or you can’t stand up because you’re a man and you know, you’re bullying women, you’re all these things that they lie and try to get us. So I just want to read this one little scripture here. And it’s in Judges, and it’s about getting in and it’s in Judges 612. And it says in the angel Lord appeared to him and said to Him, the Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor. I really believe there’s people out there, and I’m telling you get men need to wake up and get up. I mean, how many Jesse can tell you this? I went to the reveal weekend, the week before we did the Austen retreat, but there will be men in there. And the funny thing is, the men were the ones that would have their minds blown so much, because they’re like, how can this even be because the men don’t want to admit they’re wrong, we have the pride, it just is the way it is. And we don’t want to, you know, some woman’s going to tell us this. And these are all lies of the enemy. So that is just something if you’re out there pray about that. You know, if you know any way that that I can, you can help me get that started. I would love that because I

Jessie Czebotar 8:25
absolutely do. Casey, let’s talk after this and connections to Awesome, awesome. Because project Gideon isn’t gonna get it going. So men get ready. I know, if you’re interested, maybe we should put it this way. We’re gonna get something started for the men. Email, Casey, if you want to in and we’re gonna start, we’re gonna start calling the men forward. So you know, it’s not going to be easy. We want those who are committed to the Lord who are willing to make those changes and work through their stuff. But let’s

Casey Cusick 8:58
and so something that was also really cool story that you don’t know that I was going to tell you too, is at the reveal. Weekend, you know, George had me come up at the end. And he prayed he was he was going to do some prayer. And the first thing he did was pull me up wanted to pray over me for the trial in DC and just the things I’ve been going through. And so there was a few men that I never met. I don’t know any of them. I mean, I knew Colin was there. I knew him just based on seeing him on the on the after show, but, but there was a couple other men, older men that were there. And one of them came up to me at the end that night afterwards. And he said, Hey, man, I just want to let you know, I’m praying for you. I appreciate you. And I’m trying not to get choked up because it was so some really cool but he told me he said, I told God, give him all my angels, Lord, help this help to send to help him and it was like, you know, I don’t even know this guy. And he’s like, I’m serious brother. You know, I’m praying for you. I understand what you’ve been going through. And it’s something that really touched my heart. And another in another report from that too, was that at the Austin weekend I had a man by the name of Peter and Colin was also there and they came over we were at a time of prayer. And they like, man, we just want to lay hands on you and pray for you. Is that okay? And I was like, absolutely. And I was like, again, try not to get choked up because, I mean, it just was so awesome. So men, please stand up and take your place. I mean, we have a place in the kingdom of God. It is the way that it is. So anyways, the sappy stuff aside,

Jessie Czebotar 10:18
Gideon authority. That’s it, and then the authority

Casey Cusick 10:21
and the power of Jesus Christ. I mean, these people don’t have authority over us. I don’t care how high level the Satanist are, they don’t have authority over Jesus. So anyways, Jesse, great to talk about that. But it was something really cool man, it really touched my heart when the guy’s like, I just told God give him all my angels. To him. I was like, Wow, man, that was really powerful. And so anyways, Jesse, we got news to chat about. First thing let’s talk about is, you know, we talked about walking through the fire. So I’ve been walking through the fire, you know, I’ve had to deal with a lot of these things. You know, ever since January 6, I’ve struggled to have consistent work. And if it was, it wasn’t the greatest in the world, you know, I got a family, I’ve got a wife and three kids, it’s not been the easiest thing in the world. Currently, right now, you know, I’m living off of donations from this podcast, and, you know, some donations from others, which I am grateful and thankful beyond anything you could imagine, it’s hard for me I know, it’s, I know, it’s pride to even accept it. Because it’s like, you know, I’m a guy, I’m a man I’m supposed to be providing. And see they’ve done everything they can to make it to where I can’t provide, and to make it to where I can’t. And so I was talking to Jesse about this a little bit before, and I was unsure if I want to talk about it. But But I decided, let’s, let’s go ahead and do this. And I want to let you know that I want you to understand so even not in my case, but it could be in my case when we get there. But in some of these Jan’s six jury pools, I just want you to be aware of this. I’ve said it once before, but I’m gonna say it again and again and again. They actually have prosecuting attorneys from the federal government in the jury pool. I mean, if you don’t understand how crooked and corrupt this whole thing and perverted this whole thing is what they’re trying to do. I mean, how fair is it that we have a prosecuting attorney in the jury against against you as a as a as just a regular citizen? I mean, the whole thing. And so that was one thing. And the other thing that I was telling her was, is that, you know, that since I moved, you know, I have to a different state. Now, I have, you know, different pretrial service, and we’re under pretrial conditions, and, you know, lady was just really hard time on me about getting a job, what’s your job? What’s your job? What’s your job when I first moved? And I’m like, Why is she doing this to me, you know, what is the whole thing with this? You know, like, I’m just don’t want to do anything. And so finally, I said, Well, you send me a, my pretrial conditions. And it may not have been her. I’m not accusing her because I know they have people they have to answer to and things. And so she sent me my pretrial conditions. And so I saw the ones that were checked of what requirements were for me to do? Well, maintaining having and maintaining a job was not one of them. So I sent her back, I said, Hey, look, I don’t know why that this has been such a big deal. I’ve never had to deal with this. When I was in Florida at all, then I never even had this discussion. But why are you telling me this when this isn’t even one of my conditions. And so she brought back out? Okay, let me check in I’ll see why I’m not sure why. I saw there was a note in here. So went through it came back sent me a whole email, which were she was telling DC that I was non compliant with what I was doing. And they came back and told her well, that’s not one of his conditions. So we weren’t working him noncompliant up here. And she goes, Oh, my gosh, I’m sorry. So she calls me back says, Hey, sir, you were right about that. I apologize. My apologies. Have a great day. So I had to push back. You know, I don’t like to be that guy, to be honest, in some ways. I mean, if it’s got to do with my kids, or my wife or something my family, that’s one thing, but I don’t want to just I don’t want to just bulldoze people. I’m not that God. So anyway, so that that stop that then I got switched over to another lady, it was the same type of thing started up again, well, then come to find out, she mentioned. Well, the reason I’m asking you this is how much you’re making is because we get funding based on how much money that you bring in, which is in my opinion, and Jessie could confirm this, that this is exploitation

Jessie Czebotar 14:01
exploitation that there. It’s like, why are they making money off of January 6 People

Casey Cusick 14:07
are any crook to be honest. And I’m not a crook. But anybody that’s been convicted of anything, they are getting money based on how much money they make in the real world. This is this has got the stop. This is not. I mean, this is some really corrupt stuff that’s

Jessie Czebotar 14:20
behind. I mean, the sad thing is, they’re getting money off of those people, but we know like, if you look into let’s just say it’s a regular person who’s been tried and is in prison and stuff like that. I mean, those people literally make nothing. Like they have to live off of nothing. Yes, some things are provided. But even beyond that, you know, it’s like if they work there, maybe getting like $1 an hour. I mean, it’s ridiculous how little it is and you know, my numbers, not perfect on that, but look into it. And to think that, you know, then they get out they, you know, they keep pushing them to get better and better job clubs, you know, and it’s not to better that person or to make their lives better. It’s because they get more funding in their follow up with you. And, and the whole thing behind that is our, our government, our prison systems, our state’s should not be making any money off people, even if they’ve committed crimes and come out, like once you come out once you’ve served your time, you should have your rights restored. That’s right, you know, you, I could feel like it may be extreme situations, there might be some limitations, but there’s no reason for a person’s personal rights to never be restored. And when we see the corruption, we’re seeing that, you know, many people are being pulled into that system, unlawfully, you know, maybe they were a kid, a teenager, they stole one side of a store. And now their whole life is affected because of that. You know, so there’s a lot of changes that needs to be made. Absolutely. exploitation is really what what is happening they’re exploiting,

Casey Cusick 16:19
in both situations. That’s right. And in both situations, when I brought up the fact that these were my pre release conditions, and and, you know, they said, Yes, you know, your rights are. And so I don’t know that it was the lower level people that are over watching over me, but at the same time, it isn’t right. And anyway, and so I already have enough pressure. And I know, I mean, believe me, I know all the pressures of being a dad and all the pressures of being a husband. And at the same time, going through all these things, it’s not the easiest thing in the world. So please keep me in your prayers. I know you have. And I know Jesse does. And she’s been such a great help. And she’s come alongside and really been one of my biggest supporters. And I’m just so grateful for, for her and for that and for her ministry. So with that, Jesse, let’s talk about what’s going on in the world. Right now. We’ve got military everywhere in our country. I think it’s up to 30 something states now we’re seeing had some weather out here, that was pretty crazy. Some with power outages in different places that aren’t normal, you know, ATMs closed, gas stations closed, you can’t get in the people are buying up all the gas, Jesse, what is going on out there with what you got with what you’re hearing?

Jessie Czebotar 17:26
Well, with what I’m here, I believe it’s, I believe it’s good stuff, I think you got a combination. You know, we’ve talked previously about good military, bad military. You know, we know that as things have been transpiring the past couple of years, you know, it’s my belief that the good military has really been, you know, surfacing the corruption that has been taking place. First, you know, the legislative, the executive branches, and now we have the last, you know, the judicial and the congressional branches. And, you know, with that you also have the military complex, which is not good. And I think that what we see happening is, you know, this combination of all these things, I encourage people to keep, you know, following Timothy Charles Home,, keep watching, reading his articles and the videos he puts out, because really, it’s it’s telling the new story. You know, what is the news? It’s, it’s that, you know, we have a president, not, not the foe president. We have a president who is fighting for the people, the children, he’s fighting against the human trafficking, and he is showing the corruption that is happening, even within our own government and military. And, you know, we’re seeing the truth about the swamp and how the swamp has been operating come to the surface. And I think that, you know, as he’s been draining that swamp, what we’re seeing now is, you know, first the swamp got drained at that governmental level. And then we started seeing, you know, things that were happening at the state levels, you know, how many state government people have all of a sudden resigned or retired, right? I mean, it’s been astronomical numbers. And now, I believe that we have to see it at the community level. So I think that that’s why we’re seeing military show up in all these communities, I believe, you know, I can’t prove it, but it is my belief that some of these odd weather phenomena things that we are experiencing, definitely are coordinated and are orchestrated, whether it’s against the movement of good military or for the movement of good military. But I mean, I see the movement in military where we’re seeing weather stuff go on. So I think that it is, you know, purposeful. I think the good news and all that is that we do have, you know, a president that is in control, not a full president, I think we have a precedent in good military men and women who are in control, who are draining that swamp. And, you know, I think we’re gonna see some big shifts over this next few months. And I think they’re going to come quickly. And with that, I think we’re going to see, you know, a bunch of not just survivors, but those who have been wrongfully attacked by our government and our military. And, you know, really, our government and military have been weaponized against we the people. And I think we’re gonna see the stories, the testimonies of, you know, of the regular people coming forward, about how things have been weaponized against them. And Casey, I sure hope, you know, I mean, I hope there’s that day where you can stand up and share the fullness of, of how our government and judicial system had been weaponized against you and your family.

Casey Cusick 21:18
Mom, I agree. And it’s not only just about me, it’s about all of us, you know, the the judicial systems, I’m sorry to say sucks in every way. And the whole thing is, it’s all set up for corruption, you know, so it’s, it’s really sad. I mean, we, and I think I’m so thankful to President Trump, because he brought to light we were living in communism, and we didn’t even realize it, we just didn’t even realize that we were so mind controlled by the news media. And you know, they wouldn’t show us truths. They have an agenda. We all know it. And he brought all that forward. I mean, think about it, it wasn’t it didn’t exist, it did in some areas, you know, you’d have a whistleblower here or there, but it wasn’t on this mass scale, the way that it is. Now,

Jessie Czebotar 21:55
being I love that you use that specific, specific wording to I think people really need to hear that, that we we were living in communism, I didn’t even realize that

Casey Cusick 22:07
it was false. It was a false, we had false freedom, the way that they think, Oh, well let you do this, and this and this, but, you know, and so, you know, in the end to

Jessie Czebotar 22:17
be compliant. You know, God forbid, you decide not to be compliance in any matter, you know, and I mean, even down to the fact where, you know, they put little stickers on the floor, just to make you feel good, because every person loves stickers, right? They put little stickers on the floor that tell you exactly where you have to stand. And God forbid you go the wrong direction, or don’t stand on your property to sticker six feet away from the next person, you know,

Casey Cusick 22:47
and I had people that got mad at me for going up the wrong aisle before the grocery store during all that time. They’re like, you’re supposed to be going the opposite way. And it’s like,

Jessie Czebotar 22:55
you’re gonna cause a natural disaster, and people are gonna die as you walked in the wrong direction. And it’s

Casey Cusick 23:02
crazy. It is something you know, you said about Biden, because it is something interesting about him is that what if you go back and look and you know, Tim brought this out on one of his videos that he wrote right handed originally, and all of a sudden, since he’s been supposedly the president. He’s writing left handed now. So the guy can’t put a sentence together. But he’s now a dexterous, and he can write both right handed and left handed. It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Jessie Czebotar 23:28
Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, there’s some other things that could imply, you know, like the left handed the left hand path, and

Casey Cusick 23:36
you’re thinking about that? Yeah. It’s interesting.

Jessie Czebotar 23:39
I’ve written more maybe that he’s really trying to show support to Israel, because a lot of Israelites are left handed. You know, I mean, there could be a lot of things for that.

Casey Cusick 23:49
The lineage of Saul, I believe that it was

Jessie Czebotar 23:51
maybe it’s saying really, he works for and is paid for by the Sanhedrin. When that be a twist,

Casey Cusick 23:59
that’s your would think that are that the leaders of our country aren’t even running our country, and that someone else is actually running our country into the ground, mind you into the ground. And believe me, that is their goal. So with that, Jesse, that you brought up a great point. Let’s talk about this for a second. We’re, let’s talk about the Great Awakening versus the great reset, let’s talk about the light side of the system versus the dark side. You know, we got into a little bit of this before we started and I guess I just want to ask you, you know, and I guess before I ask you, I want to say I’ve just done my own research following you listen to others. Whistleblowers talk about these things, you kind of come to the reality of it’s almost just like what we’ve been lied to. I mean, and this is why I want people to understand and wake up to it’s no different than the political system that we’ve been. We’ve been exposed to for the last however many years in our government where they gave you a Republican and they gave you a Democrat and sometimes they would give you an independent, sometimes they would give you a Green Party candidate. All these different, you know, saw Heads, when in reality, we’re all on the same side. So when we talk about greater

Jessie Czebotar 25:05
the same system, it’s just a choose to specialize in different magic groups, you know, different circles.

Casey Cusick 25:12
So going into the light side of the system versus the or excuse me, the Great Awakening versus the great reset, I came to the reality. And this is just my own personal belief. And it’s to me, it seems obvious, they’re both the same thing. They’re both the same thing. And we’ve heard, we’ve heard on the reveal report from George talking about the occult side of things, and Jesse on there, too. And then Jesse also talking about political things from stuff that she experienced and knows that they, when they gave you a gift, if you accept it, then you’re at that point of accepting, so they’re throwing this false reality out here of the evil, the dark, you know, you’re going to own nothing, and you’ll be happy from Klaus Schwab. And then you got the other side of it is in the Surah, Surah, you’re going to have all the money in the world, you won’t have to have anything you can have. You’re going to get med beds, you’re going to get healing, you’re going to get all these wonderful, special things. And of course, everybody’s going to say I choose that side, I choose that. So I can see they’re telling you there’s only two sides. They don’t give you the kingdom of God side, they don’t give you the biblical side, they have some false bib. They use the Bible to manipulate Christians, which we as Christians should really be upset and offended because I really get offended by that, for the fact that don’t tell me I don’t need. I don’t need generals and I don’t need people that aren’t even Biblically sound telling me how to live as a Christian. I’m sorry, I don’t I can look at the Bible. I can read the Bible myself. And I can, you know, discern things. And we do have I mean, the Bible does say he puts pastors, preachers, teachers, apostles, prophets, therefore the perfecting of the saints, right, biblical. So we know that they’re okay. But at the same time, they do have an agenda. And their agenda is to deceive you, the Bible says that Satan, Lucifer, whatever you want to call them is the Great Deceiver. What does that mean, this new system that they’re bringing in is complete deception in every single way?

Jessie Czebotar 27:04
Well, I mean, even before that, I mean, how many angles do they work it, you know, they take, they take the biblical truth that, you know, we are to, you know, respect, honor, or pastors or teachers or shepherds or elders, that were to have that, you know, God’s hierarchy structure for how he wants us to be held accountable and the authority that we’re to abide by, or or be under. But in that, you know, what did they do they stack the church churches, you know, they put their high level masons in there as pastors, who then interpret Scripture for you, which is thus giving you a narrative. And if you fall out of that narrative, then you’re going to have condemnation, guilt, shame put on you, and they’re going to threaten your salvation, then, you know, cause salvation insecurity. And so they’ve stacked the deck so that, you know, that everywhere you turn, you feel like you’re not in, you know, that, that you’re walking outside of God’s will, if you even question or rear your head against what they’ve established as the narrative. So the first thing that we need to do is not be afraid to step into the truth and into our authority. You know, what is scripture say? It says that, you know, when we are in that personal relationship with the Lord, it says that He has given us the fullness of Christ, that we have the full measure and the full authority of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It says in Revelations that by his blood, he purchased us to be a kingdom of priests. Each of us are a priest in God’s kingdom. And Zachariah three, what is it say about the priests, the Lord gives a commission or a charge to Joshua, who was the high priest at that time, and he says, if you will walk in my ways, then you shall have charge of my house in charge of my courts. Right? So we are meant to have that fullness of authority that is beyond just this physical Earth, we’re meant to have a seat in God’s house and God’s courts and to rule with justice, righteousness, and the authority that he has placed upon us. And, you know, what is that authority that we have, it’s to literally, you know, tear down to, you know, remove the chains of wickedness and the bondage of oppression that’s over the people. We have the authority to remove that. So why are we subjecting ourselves to, you know, underneath the headship of a system or anybody that is trying to hold us into bondage, underneath that headship of wickedness and oppression. You know, so there needs to be a shift made there. You know, and and really the you’re right that they absolutely they hand us a coin, that coin has two sides, you know, either it’s going to be this way where the dark side is ruling and you know you’ve got the rape, torture, cannibalise. You know, every graphic horrible thing that you’re subjected under, or, or we got the light side, which is so much better you’re gonna have prosperity and peace and goodness and med beds and you know, energy beds and honey, no, there’s going to be this goodness there really. But really, what are you looking at, they’re giving you the same coin, which really is who’s the headship of that coin. It’s not Jesus Christ, it’s still the enemy system. It’s still Satan, Lucifer, at the end of the day, who were they serving Satan, Lucifer, and, you know, spirit of pride. You know, raising us up believing, you know, they want us to believe through that good side, that we are our own gods, that we create our own destiny, that we have sovereignty, and that sovereignty is not preached under the headship of Jesus Christ. They don’t want Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior. They don’t want you to surrender everything under Jesus’s headship, which is where God has placed everything is under Jesus’s feet, not our feet. They want to push sovereignty, so that you will elevate yourself up as your own God. And, you know, it’s the same agenda just being presented a different way. You know, who’s going to raise himself up as God. Lucifer is not going to raise you up as God. At the end of the day, he’s not going to say, look at all you did, for my kingdom, or for me to get here. He’s raising himself up as God. That’s always been his agenda. Everything that happens on either side of that coin is to prosper Satan’s agenda for himself. And you are not included in that it doesn’t matter how loyal you have been. I have known people who have been loyal to him well over 50 years. At the end of the day, they pass from this world into the next with diddly squat. That’s right, gives them nothing, they get to take nothing with them. And they give up everything, you know, like Esau, who sold his entire Harringtons. For a bowl of lentil stew. The enemy has put us into positions where people are selling their entire inheritance in the kingdom of God which transposes into this physical earth. We are giving up everything or the enemy’s lentil stew. He makes it look good, he makes it palatable tells us how much we need it to survive. You know, what did he saw say, I can’t live another moment, I will die unless I eat this right? And that’s what the enemy tells us. He gives us that lentil stew and says, You’re gonna eat it, you’re gonna like it you choose. Do you know? Anyone who lentil stew or you want things the way they were saying, forget it. I don’t want the lentil stew. I’m going to step into my authority, and I’m going to have access to the kingdom, Kingdom currencies. And I’m gonna do what God called me to do. I’m gonna walk in that authority. I’m gonna heal the sick, I’m gonna raise the dead. I’m gonna cleanse the lepers. I’m going to cast out the demons and the principalities. I’m going to take authority over the land where God said, every place your foot treads shall be yours. And I’m going to remove the wickedness, tear down the wickedness and remove the enemy strongholds. And what is the Lord say that when we do that, in Deuteronomy, he says, when you tear down the strongholds, I will drive the enemy from the land. So get ready, because God’s getting in his chariot. And that fiery chariot, he’s going to drive the principalities and the enemies out of this land, and it’s gonna be quick.

Casey Cusick 34:32
And if you think about it to the way that the Bible says, The just shall live by faith multiple times, Paul wrote about that. And if you look at what the the Nosara is, and if you look at what med beds are, so what they would be saying is that you have all the money, you don’t need any money and you don’t need to worry about health because you could get healed instantly. What reason would we have because most people trust God and you go turn to God mostly in times of trouble, not so much in times of good and plenty. And so if that’s the case, Wouldn’t that make sense that Satan is the one giving it to you, because he’s trying to tell you, you don’t have to even trust God, look here, you can have all this. And you can have all this, which is why Jesus, I believe said, it’s easier for us, it’s harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God than it is for a camel to go into the eye of needle, which we know was in the temple, you know, getting down going to the temple. But the point of the matter is, it’s hard to he’s making it so you don’t need to worry about trusting God. And why would God do that, because then we wouldn’t have to walk by faith or live by faith. And then that’s the whole way we retain salvation in the first place is by grace through faith.

Jessie Czebotar 35:31
And that’s such a powerful imagery of that, you know, it says, For the eye of the needle, literally for that, what had to happen to get through that gate. That’s right. They had to kneel down and had to go through that gate on their knees with humbleness. And, you know, the truth is, is that many want that immediate healing, they want that immediate touch from God, but they’re not willing to get on their knees and ask for it. They’re, you know, they’re not willing to go before the Lord and say, Okay, Lord, am I going through the suffering because of some sin in my life? Is there something that I need to correct? Right? You know, why am I going through this time of suffering? And, you know, the enemy is stripping us of our armor, keeping us from humbly coming before the Lord. And in that, you know, what do we do when we have our armor stripped, and our weapons are taken away, you know, the sort of the Spirit? What happens? The enemy has full control, and we indeed are captives. You know, when, in reality, what are we we are sons and daughters of the living God, the Sovereign King of kings, and the Lord of lords, who has given us the full authority over his kingdom through Jesus Christ. That’s right. Amen.

Casey Cusick 37:01
And, you know, talking, going into talking about what you had mentioned before about the fake president, or whatever you want to call them

Jessie Czebotar 37:10
fell? Yeah, the

Casey Cusick 37:11
phone president. Yeah. So what? What can you tell us? And maybe you did on another podcast that I just didn’t see. But what can you tell us about when he said, he said, mentioned the other day, somebody, they’re telling me a storm is coming? God save the Queen, and then he walks off the stage?

Jessie Czebotar 37:29
That was great. I mean, just the, you know, like, you’re like, Okay, wait, what was that about? I think, really, it’s comps, I think that, you know, we’re going to my big question, you know, kind of all along has been is, is what we’re seeing is indeed a movie. Are these actors in that position? Are they really, you know, on the bad side? Are they working with a good military? You know, I can tell you that I don’t think just anybody’s going to be saying, you know, we have a storm coming and God Save the Queen, unless they’re sending that out as a specific communication, meaning something specifically, but we all knew that queen is is gone. You know, the British Queen is gone. So unless he’s talking about somebody who stepped into that place, you know, or was he talking about a queen over the system? I don’t know. So it’s interesting.

Casey Cusick 38:43
Definitely. Something interesting. And it was laughable because he just walked off the stage after he said it as if he, it’s no big

Jessie Czebotar 38:51
deal. The storm is upon us. Save the Queen.

Casey Cusick 38:58
And you know, and I don’t say because I’m not one of those people that believes that we shouldn’t do anything or stand up for right things because, you know, the the system, that side of the system is bad, or because I believe you should stand up for righteousness, no matter what I mean, the reason that I registered as a Republican in the first place, I mean, it’s the same thing that Donald Trump said. But I mean, it’s I didn’t say it because of him. It’s been my whole life. You know, I grew up realizing I’m not for abortion, I’m for for freedom of religion and for freedom of speech. I’m for you know, all the things that that seems to line up on that side. That’s that’s the whole reason why it’s that simple. And you know, why? Because their biblical beliefs. I mean, our country was supposed to be founded on Judeo Christian principle, period, nothing, not all these other things that they’ve changed and skewed, I guess is the word from from what it was supposed to be. So just a another question, Jesse is, Can you touch on? Maybe a little bit if I knew I had sent you the article and we had posted it to Twitter about the fairytale castle that we saw, which was Castle new, Schwann Stein. There was oh my gosh, there was a All of a sudden, and if you guys notice, look, look in the media, there’s been multiple things out. And I mean, there’s trafficking things in the news media almost every single day now. I mean, it’s just there every day was this was not the way that it was. And so you see that this somebody was supposedly two women were raped, tortured, and then thrown from this huge bridge, I don’t know how they lived for what that

Jessie Czebotar 40:21
was right after I brought out, you know, made public the decode on the flag that was, you know, at the White House, and really, that that was a declaration of war by women in the system. You know, we went, all of that’s included Timothy, as that episode, and then also the material that I show from the system, about the ribbons and what those mean, you know, so it’s not just, you know, we’re showing you where it’s coming from, right. And, you know, who are the highest women in that system? It’s the mothers of darkness, and their castle is nurse Feinstein. So, you know, you have to ask, why were two women murdered there immediately after that was put out? You know, that’s not just an accident. It’s not just random tourism. Why were they murdered, you know, near that area near that bridge? That’s a very specific statement. You know, that’s it’s a threat. And, you know, they’re trying to silence people. And, you know, I think that we need to watch for that stuff. That’s right. You know,

Casey Cusick 41:40
yep, that’s exactly right. And I wanted to recap, because, you know, we talked about this so long ago, and it happened quite a while ago, but was George HW Bush’s funeral member when they all got the envelopes? Right? They were all they all had received. I mean, going back to that,

Jessie Czebotar 41:59
bakes, basically said that, they have it all.

Casey Cusick 42:03
So if we saw, I’m just recapping that because I want everybody to remember, you know, it’s so easy to forget the good that’s come from all these things that have happened thus far. Because, I mean, please turn the news media off, you know, you want to look at it for references, but don’t take a steady dive into that, because they’ll just keep you constantly in turmoil. And they’ll get you. You know, it’s so easy to forget the good that’s happened when we when we look to these things. And so remember all the good stuff that’s common all this time. And we look how far we’ve come and what I mean, I just saw yesterday, or the day before, it was like the anniversary of President Trump coming down the escalator to announce he’s going to run for president. That’s already been eight years ago. I mean, that is so hard to believe that was 2015. We’re in 2023 now. And so I believe with all my heart, I really do that. I mean, Satan is the god of this world. But I do believe that God’s gonna have the last word in this whole thing. I really don’t believe that. We’re just going to be pushed around and pushed into a corner and made to be pools of mean the truth has to come out. The Bible says mean, go read the scriptures, what do they say there’s nothing secret that shall not be made manifest either anything hid that shall not be made known to come abroad. And that’s just one that’s in multiple places throughout the Bible, the truth will come out. Look at what President Trump’s social media company is called Truth. Think about that, in itself truth every time he does something, it’s called you truth. And you can go in there and read truth. What’s the truth that he’s brought? So stay stay from your faith. Um, another thing is just, you know, I saw that you had posted and Veronica Swift is so wonderful, you know, I’ve messaged back and forth. There’s so many times I have a book that I’ve that I’ve read through, that is great. And I highly recommend that you get that book and it’s pretty much he just put together testimony from multiple survivors, Jesse’s one of them. But you had posted on there, this picture that she had, that she had brought out and it was this, and it talked about this, and I want people to understand what this really is because even though Freemasonry is different than being a Satanist, but why Jesse, so Satanists have to go through Freemasonry to teach so they can teach them ancient symbols. Can you explain a

Jessie Czebotar 44:14
little bit about that? Yeah, I mean, you know, I think that that’s the core we’ve talked about the different departments that are in charge of the systems assets. And the assets being you know, either your hierarchy child born bloodline, you know, your you’re born to take a position within the system, whether it’s a high position or even just a low general position. Your your life is meant to revolve around making sure that the system continues. The other children are the expendable assets, which are, you know, what they’re going to to the fullest extent make money off of those children. That’s right. And we talked about how you know, within that system, there’s five departments and you know, those are the Masons, the Mormons, the Jesuit Catholic, the satanists, and the Kabbalah. And, you know, in that each of those departments are in charge of a program or training, you know, their job is to train up those, whether you’re expendable, they’re going to train you to do your job, or whether you’re an asset, you know, where your hierarchy, they’re going to train you to do your job and the position within the system. And so, you know, in that, you know, the first three levels of that are degrees, you know, from basin, to Master Mason, you’re learning just the generalities that’s meant for recruiting, they want to get you into those specialties beyond you know, so that’s really where people start off. And, you know, there’s so much Christianity at that focus they want, you know, they want to focus on the, your Christian beliefs, your faith, your spirituality, your morals, your ethics. You know, they want you to pick humanitarian efforts, which then it gets into the charity for humankind. And, you know, they want everybody to be in that operational part, you know, where they’re getting money off of that recruiting, they’re getting you to invest in humanitarian efforts. They’re getting you to work so that you have money to provide in into the system for those humanitarian efforts. So that’s kind of the base of that. Yeah.

Casey Cusick 46:47
And that’s what I just want you to touch on just because I just want people to go back and remember, don’t forget, you know, we’re on the winning side, don’t don’t let these these things and that we’re seeing every single day get you discouraged. It’s easy. Believe me, I can get discouraged pretty easily myself when I look at that stuff. But um, another thing I wanted to talk about, which I forgot to at the beginning, but when Jesse and I were talking beforehand, I don’t understand why when all this stuff’s going on, why is there not someone in Congress beeping a horn every single day non stop until this stuff stops? I mean, if these people are truly on our side, why is there not someone up in DC every day saying, Let the Jan Sixers free? Let the Gen six years free stop child trafficking, stop child trafficking. I mean, just on and on and on, we could go stop the corruption with the IRS stop the, you know, all this, all these evil things. He’s what’s going on in these underground military bases with the weaponization of children and things like that. And so I just wanted to say, if there’s any way if there’s anybody out there that knows how that I can run for Congress, I would be loved to be that guy to go to Congress and tell them, you know, I told Jesse a story. And I know some of you that watch the podcast with my dad, we had a time where we you know, we lobbied in the Capitol and we were sitting before a guy who was from Louisiana forgive the last thing once it was Richardson. But anyway, and he asked me, he says you have anything to say I was 10 years old, you know, what do I know? I don’t really, but I remember doing it. And so then he said, you know, Casey, one day you could be up here doing the same thing that I’m doing? Well, I would love to because believe me, I wouldn’t shut up until they did something about it. They would either have to do something to me or do something about it. Because I mean, this is just if we don’t stand for what’s righteous, I don’t know what’s left. At that point. What do we have left? I

Jessie Czebotar 48:26
think that can be the most powerful thing about, you know, the this group of men, the Gideons that God is going to raise up right. I believe that there’s more than you know, we need good men are standing up in our Congress and we need good men fighting for what the real issues are. And you know, if you’re interested and or want to support Casey in that, I think we need to get groups together and get going on that. Email Casey, and we’ll get it going here. So

Casey Cusick 49:02
that’s right. And one last thing I want to say is a shout out to and she’s been on with George and Jesse that this past week because their shows tonight, I guess and stay tuned for that the reveal report tonight at eight right Jessie special learning

Jessie Czebotar 49:13
aids and after show at night, yeah.

Casey Cusick 49:17
Roseanne has been dropping bombs, people, you know, everybody’s looking for information of somebody that was actually in Hollywood, somebody that was actually witnessed things, you know, was pretty much to shut down to nothing had to flee. I give her a shout out. I mean, Roseanne is really dropping great and interesting things. I mean, she’s telling you, she went into talking about, you know, personality disorder. She’s talked about MK MK Ultra, she now started her own podcast, you know, talking about these things. So pay attention to what these people are saying that don’t let it be so hard to believe. I mean, it is. I understand it’s hard to understand or to fathom that that could even be real, but it is real. And Jesse is another whistleblower and you know, one of the interesting things that she says again and again is she just loves Jesse and she said She’s one of the only ones out there that’s bringing forth all these truths. And of course, President Trump is another one that she that she absolutely follows and loves as well. Correct, Jesse?

Jessie Czebotar 50:09
Yeah. I mean, you know, we’ve been standing together and stuff and all of that. And, you know, really, Trump has been one of the few individuals along with the good, you know, the good military, those men and women have been faithful to stand with, you know, those of us that I don’t even want to call us survivors, but overcomers, who have run, you know, literally, gut wrenchingly fighting this system. And, you know, Trump in the good military have stood with a shoulder to shoulder till the end, and you know, we will see it through, you know, we’re at that, that brink, where, you know, the enemy has nothing to stand on, because the Lord has given us the breakthrough. And that’s been Second Samuel 520 Amen. Where King David proclaims, you know, he is the Lord of the breakthrough. And you know, who’s the enemy who stands at that point of breakthrough? You know, in that verse, it talks about, the place being called ballplayer is in here is in meaning breakthrough. And who is that last principality who stands there trying to hinder us from having that breakthrough? It’s ball. But the Lord has already told him he does not get the breakthrough, because the sons of the living God are taking it. And, you know, what does scripture say about these days, this time, this period that we’re in it says, you know, all of creation, that’s right weights and hopeful expectation for the revealing of the sons of God. And that’s, we’re stepping forward. And, you know, it’s an exciting time, and we give us the victory.

Casey Cusick 51:50
Amen. And I love it. You know, for such a time as this, we were all created for such a time that God chose us to be here at this point in time. That’s a that is a special calling. You know, it could have been any time in history, but it’s not it’s at this time. And just to go back what you’re talking about when you’re talking about ball? What did Gideon take down? What was the first thing he did when he

Jessie Czebotar 52:09
held the ball? That’s right. Yeah.

Casey Cusick 52:13
Amen to that. So with that Jehovah’s

Jessie Czebotar 52:14
man you want to take on, you know, let’s do it. We’re meeting ball at that point of breakthrough. And he’s not. You know, it’s interesting, because in that the Lord gave us another passage, Psalm 78, where, you know, he’s been showing me all about, you know, the different weapons of warfare that are not of this world, and the kingdom currencies. So in that passage, it talks about the, the Caraway and the cumin harvest. And it’s like, Okay, Lord, like, you know, you’re teaching me spiritual truths through these different harvests and things like that. So I looked up, like, how do you harvest, you know, caraway, and cumin. And literally, you would gather all the stocks, that you take a stick, and you you beat it until the grains come loose? So what’s interesting is that is thinking about that, what is ball do, he basically is stealing the wheat, the harvest, and he’s holding on to those stocks. And so in that, you know, we’re able to, we are able to strike down, to strike him down. And as we do, that, it breaks loose that we that he’s been holding on to, is the fruit. And so, you know, sometimes we gotta get violent, you know, in a spiritual man or violent faith, to get that fruit to break loose.

Casey Cusick 53:47
And, you know, it’s interesting, too, I believe we’re in the time of the wheat and the tares. I mean, look at the beginning of this whole thing, if everybody would have gone and said, Oh, my gosh, we got to take all these people out, and we would have done something right at the beginning. Well, here we are a couple years later, and there’s a lot of tears that everybody thought when were weak right at the beginning. So it’s all going to happen on the Lord’s timing. I really believe that it is I say it every time I believe the best is yet to come. And God’s got something great for our nation. I believe God’s got some great for the body of Christ. And I believe we’re gonna get through this thing. So with that, Jesse, would you just do a short prayer for us and I will close to the

Jessie Czebotar 54:23
Heavenly Father, we praise you, we thank you because you alone are the God of the breakthrough. Lord, we thank You that Your word says that you will deliver enemies into our hands and we come against them. Not with sword not with spear not with Javelin Lord, but we come against them in your name Jesus and, Lord, we thank you that there is no name in heaven or earth that has more authority that there is no name that is higher than your name Yeshua. We thank you for that. We praise you. And we ask that we We’d go forward and live our lives the way that you have designed us to live. Let us live out the good works that you have prepared in advance for us to do in these days. We thank you and praise you in Jesus powerful name. Amen. Amen.

Casey Cusick 55:20

Jessie that was a great episode. I think that was one of our best ones that we’ve ever done so I can tell you I came under this when I first got on with Jesse I was felt heavy from some things but praise God, I believe they lifted and I think like I said, the best is yet to come, everybody so you guys have a great day and we’ll catch you next time.

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