Jeannette Archer, Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor from the UK, did a Facebook livestream on 16 April 2023. One of the interesting topics she covered was a job within the Luciferian System called a “cleaner.”

Archer is from a bloodline family, and she was trafficked and programmed and abused by high-level royalty in the UK. She believes that one reason for that is because her grandfather worked on a heavily wooded property owned by the royals. His job was to clean up the bodies of children and adults after rituals and other events.

One common question from skeptics who haven’t experienced Satanic Ritual Abuse is “where do all the bodies go?” There have been different explanations from different individuals, one of which is that they are incinerated, and another is that they are piled in large heaps on the ground in heavily guarded areas where regular people won’t be allowed access. It was also alluded-to in some of Kevin Annett’s writings where police and citizens located and tried to disrupt ritual events in Canada but didn’t get there quite in time that there were individuals left behind taking care of cleaning up the bloody mess.

But Jeanette Archer’s flat out states that this was her grandfather’s job for The System. He took care of the bodies left over from the Royal Family’s rituals. Jeanette said in that video that the bodies of the infants went down a large well-like hole in the ground, to be later retrieved and incinerated. The larger adult bodies were buried in the forest on the property in shallow graves.

Jeanette’s Facebook page is “Supporting SRA Survivors” at

She is currently organizing and planning an SRA survivors conference in the UK for 2023. There are a few facebook videos on the subject of the conference on her channel including and and

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