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The printed version of “An Illuminati Primer” by author Veronica Swift has arrived in Rotterdam and I hold it in my hands 🥳

I am not here to “force” this topic on anyone. Everyone is free to choose. Take it or leave it. At the same time expect me to share more, not less.

@vswift71 thanks for bundling your findings in a physical book. Kind regards, Christine ❤️
I received your book yesterday at 13:00. I just finished it 5 min ago (09:15). In short, it's fantastic--a triumph. Kudos to you for your perseverance, hours spent, and risks taken.

Thank you for all the references throughout the book so people know exactly which video to look up for more info. Thank you for not trying to be an expert on anything. Thank you for bringing together so many subjects that the whistleblowers talk about in such a nonlinear fashion across thousands of hours of video interviews. Thank you for the courage to put into print things that most people can't conceive. Thank you for your clean writing style. You are fighting a good fight and helping people more than you know, specifically including me.
Ryan M.
This is an important book. It explains this cult and their origins, operations, and goals. Whistle-blower info makes up the bulk of what we know.

Please come educated so we can shut this down. It's very old, very wealthy and truly horrible.
Kristen Joy

If you already have yours and would like to give a review, feel free to comment below.

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