Membership Questions

I got a “Your account has expired.” message trying to access member-only content. Why don’t you automatically renew?

Your membership allows 12 months of membership access. We don’t automatically renew when your membership expires.
To renew your membership, first log in, then follow the link to renew.

It’s asking me to enter payment information when I renew. Don’t you store my payment information?

We don’t store any payment information in our system.

Book Ordering

How do I order your book in bulk?
For printed copy book orders of 5 or more, please send an email to illuminatiprimer AT gmail.com requesting a bulk order quote. Because shipping costs decrease for bulk orders, we can offer a lower overall suggested donation price.

Is your book for sale on Amazon.com?
No. I have chosen to be the sole outlet for my book.

Locals Community

I’ve never heard of Locals. What is it?
Locals is similar to Patreon.com. It is a subscription social media community. We post and discuss topics that are central to the Brotherhood, to SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), etc. many of which are critical to, but not a part of whatever blog posts I post here on my website.

How do I subscribe?
Go to https://veronicaswift.locals.com/ and choose either a one-year, one-time subscription, or a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are automatically renewed by Locals, I do not control how subscriptions work on their platform.

Do I have to have a paid subscription?
No. You can subscribe for free, and a free membership will let you view many posts. It will not let you view subscription only posts, comments on any posts, and you won’t be able to comment or engage with others. Those are paid subscription features of the Locals website.

Will my website subscription allow me to view Locals posts?
No. This website and my Locals community are different. Subscribing to one doesn’t give you access to the other. You can subscribe separately to my website, to Locals, or to both as you choose.