An Illuminati Primer Audiobook

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*Background: This audiobook reading is a production of Rodney Martinez. He asked me if it would be ok with me if he undertook the project, and I told him I had no objections. He chose the distribution venues, he chose the version of the book (several versions were released over the course of 2022/2023) and it is his project in every aspect. I say this because it’s fair to him to get credit where credit is due, and also because nefarious operators seem to enjoy making absurd claims about me without ever asking me what the real truth is, so in case they start doing that, I’d like the truth to be known & published before they start generating their endless lies. (I can’t fathom at the moment what absurdities they might come up with, so if they start spewing nonsense I will update this.)

Thank you Rodney for your work in making this book available to audio-loving individuals!!