A Baraboo Brotherhood Who’s Who?


In downtown Baraboo, WI, two huge murals portray a vast array of local luminaries from the past and present. To the average viewer, these very public artworks look like nothing more than a celebration of the small city’s history and sense of community. But do the murals actually signal a far more nefarious type of status–accomplishments that only the initiated are meant to understand? Thorny Justice does a deep dive on these community murals and builds a strong case that they’re more truly meant to serve as a local Luciferian Brotherhood “who’s who.”

Baraboo’s Celebrity Murals and Portrait 66


Is there something more to the vast murals of local luminaries that the small city of Baraboo, WI, has mounted in its historic downtown district? And why is a 66th celebrity portrait mounted alone, tucked almost out of sight under a portico just two doors down from the celebrated Al Ringling Theatre? Thorny Justice went digging in her hometown. She has a lot of questions and some theories…