A friend of this blog sent me this prayer after reading my Year 3 in Review post. It comes from Diane Hawkins’ Restoration in Christ Ministries www.rcm-usa.org, which is also listed in the Survivor Resources section of this blog.

I have used many of her prayers successfully in the past, but I had completely overlooked this particular one because it was labeled “For Ministry Leaders, Staff, and Volunteers.” Instead of reading through it to see if it applied or not, I must have skipped it, which wasn’t good because it does apply to this blog and what I’m doing here.

I’m told that it has improved things for both individuals and organizations that pray it on a daily basis. If you are connected to this blog in any way, as a subscriber or reader, volunteer, or in another capacity, you might want to consider adding this prayer to your daily routine. Even if you aren’t, it still might help you in your life; you can easily adapt the section about the name of the ministry in paragraph 1 to suit your personal situation.

Ancient of Days, I come before You as Your child, redeemed and cleansed by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and called into service in Your kingdom. I ask You to be my divine Protector as I carry out Your will. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You to put a firewall of protection completely around me, my family, and the entire scope and outreach of ___________ (name of ministry); including all of our staff, our volunteers, our board, our donors, our intercessors, our interns, our clients and all with whom we interact, as well as our entire constituency, according to Your will. Please protect every aspect of our lives, including our health, strength, sleep, time, resources and livelihoods; our friends, relatives, and other relationships; our pets, vehicles, properties, homes, and offices and all that is in them; including our computers, printers, copiers, server, internet, and all other electronic equipment and electrical appliances; our plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems; and all water, phone, and power lines and wireless communication of every kind flowing through our homes and properties; so that no evil spiritual being; ungodly or hybrid entity; human spirit of whatever type, rank of elevation, combination, or complexity; artificial entity, structure, device, or mechanism of any kind; or usurped power, force, energy, light, light force, mist, wind, slime, or crystal; or anything else from the realm of darkness can penetrate our properties or wherever we are to attack or harass us directly or indirectly through these means or any other means. Please cleanse our homes, ministry centers, and properties of all of these things, including all surveillance and attack entities and devices of any kind; and completely block all access to us by any of them, including from above, below, the North, the South, the East, and the West.

I ask boldly in the name of Jesus Christ that You put all of us under the protection of Your heavenly host and that Your holy angels fight on our behalf to dispel all evil, ungodly, hybrid, human, and artificial emissaries sent against us from any source for any purpose. I also ask You to nullify with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ all curses sent against us and to block or neutralize every form of witchcraft and every kind of power, energy, beam, ray, or other spiritual or energetic weapon or download sent against us to affect us in any way, including all magick, hexes, spells, enchantments, incantations, and ungodly uses of the forces of the air, water, earth, or fire.

I also ask You to take authority over and completely restrain, contain, disempower, or inactivate every evil, ungodly, hybrid, and artificial entity as well as every artificial structure; device; transport, surveillance, and/or attack mechanism; or other kind of evil spiritual or energetic weapon, including every attachment and attachment to an attachment, connected to any person and/or human spirit of whatever type, rank of elevation, combination, or complexity that would be involved in any plot of evil or harm against us, including those connected to our generational lines or to any demigod, counterfeit savior, and/or cult-aligned or artificial part of every cult survivor, cult member, Illuminati member that knows about us. Please also scramble all plans made against us in the physical realm and dispatch Your divine bodyguards as needed.

I also ask You to protect our website, all of our data and published materials, and all of our training and ministry that goes out over the internet or in any recorded fashion from the eyes and ears of those who would do us harm.

Ancient of Days, I further ask You in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to declare that all assignments, pre-emptive strikes, retributions, and retaliations sent against us from any realm are canceled and that by Your grace You would instead pour out Your blessings, anointing, provision, protection, wisdom, guidance, health, and strength so that we lack nothing to be able to fulfill Your calling on our lives.

I also declare before You and to the entire spiritual realm that I will not shrink from death because of my faith in You, the one True God.1

Lord Jesus Christ, as my Savior and Advocate, I ask You to intercede on our behalf for complete protection in whatever other ways we need it.

With much gratitude, I ask this all in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

1 According to Revelation 12:11, this is necessary to overcome the highest levels of evil spiritual beings, including Satan/Lucifer.

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