On my latest episode of Testimony Mountain, Adena Hodges and I discussed the Jesus Strand and oddities that are present in the genealogies of bloodline members of the Luciferian Brotherhood System (as well as some of us non-bloodline, non-members, as well.)


One of the things it appears that a major genealogy site is attempting to do is connect bloodline individuals back to little “g” gods, like the Jesus of the Jesus Strand, Odin, Lilith, or Confucius. If you’re like me, you don’t want to be attached to these spirits against your will.

The power of prayer to detach ourselves from the connections, ties, and bonds created by the Luciferian System is miraculous. We don’t even have to know for certain that we have these bonds to say the prayers and be afforded release from the Kingdom of Darkness.

Following are a collection of prayers that you might use if you feel you want release from any possible genetic or ancestral links you might have to kabbalistic, satanic, or demonic aspects of The System. They come from Amanda Buys, Dan Duval, and William Schnoebelen’s websites.

Additionally, Adena recommends two books of prayers by Jo Getzinger, Prayer Warriors: A Prayer Book for Survivors of Severe Trauma and Those Who Care for Them and Prayer Warrior 2: Prayers for Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control.

Daniel Duval: Bride Ministries International

Dan’s prayers work. Whether you like him or don’t like him or have heard things through the grapevine about him, nobody who has tried his prayers has ever said to me that they didn’t work. They are powerful. He has a series of three books that he compiled these prayers in, Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth, Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth, and Extreme Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth. All of the prayers that he puts in the printed books are also available for free on his website.

From his books/website, I chose three prayers that might be helpful for releasing yourself from the Jesus Strand bloodline attachments, or ancestral genetics from fallen angels, giants, Nephilim etc.


  1. Freedom From Illuminati Bloodlines and Genetics
  2. Freedom from Fallen Angel Bloodlines and Genetics
  3. Freedom from Non-Human Bloodlines and Genetics

Amanda and Roly Buys: Kanaan Ministries

Prayers of Renunciation: Ancient Roots

Jezebel, Cabala, and Lilith are included in this prayer. Lilith and Cabala mythologies are included in many ancient genealogies. I have found them now in multiple ancestries.

Download Link: https://www.kanaanministries.org/download/1120/?tmstv=1716601874

Prayers of Renunciation: Babylon

Download link: https://www.kanaanministries.org/download/1530/?tmstv=1716601993

Prayers of Renunciation: Knights Templar and the Order of the Rose Croix

Download link: https://www.kanaanministries.org/download/551184/?tmstv=1716602001

Of course you aren’t limited to other people’s prayers, although many folks find them to be a helpful first step. You can also create your own prayers, using terms like “removing permissions” from those gods, “removing authority” of them from your life, “divorcing them”.

On Dr. William Schnoebelen’s website I found Dr. Jerry Nash’s divorce decree from principalities, including Ba’al, Leviathan or The Queen of Heaven (aka Lilith) also seems like it might be a good one to explore if you are so inclined.

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