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In Luciferian Brotherhood programming, the human subject of the programming experience is altered by trauma or frequency to create brain compartments. Usually, those compartments hold the memory of some experience that is so painful that if it were to be a part of the regular, everyday consciousness of a person they would not be able to physically or mentally handle it. They might go insane or even die. Compartmentalization keeps the person functioning and alive.

However, compartmentalization can make it difficult to function in the world, especially if those compartments are well-developed and the body works sequentially out of multiple compartments in a day, instead of just one.

Sometimes those compartments are called “alters”. Not as in the altar (two a’s), which is a physical structure that is at the front of a church, for example. Alter with an “e” is short for alternate. And the word alternate is often used in conjunction with the word personality. So, Alternate Personality, or alter for short.

Alters aren’t the only kind of compartments that can be created by fragmenting the brain. Sometimes brain fragments are tiny and not very complex. There could be many fragments of the brain that are not highly developed or well-functioning enough to be called an alternate personality.

Then there are alters that are more well-developed, that are given names, or jobs, or tasks to do. The individual may “live as” that alter for hours, days, months, or even years at a time. These sorts of alters are part of what is more commonly understood as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which indicates someone with extensive compartmentalized life traumas. Those traumas usually occur before the age of 5. After the age of 5, it is much less likely that the person, even with the same kind of trauma, will develop MPD/DID. The compartments function so that the suffering individual doesn’t have all traumas present simultaneously in their consciousness, some traumas are walled-off and held in the unconscious where they don’t cause as much pain.

Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier wrote a series of books together, one of which defined alter as Cisco understood it from her time as a programmer within the system.


Our usage is trying to follow the programmers usage of this word. A dissociated part of the mind which has a seperate identity and is given cue codes by the mind-control programmers to trigger that dissociated part of the mind to come to the front of the mind. The alter’s identity may be a gem, rock, a tape recorder, a poodle, a white kitten, a dove, a horse, or even think of itself as a person or a demon. It all depends on its programming. An alter is different from an alter fragment in that the alter fragment is a dissociated part of the mind which serves only a single purpose.

The Illuminati Brotherhood System attempts to create alters in its hierarchy children and other slaves. They create both simple and more complex kinds of brain fragments. The programming system used to do this is called the Monarch Program. A sub-category of Monarch is called MK Ultra, which is a specific type of programming underneath the Monarch umbrella of programs. Some of the alter types created by Monarch programming include Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Phi, Theta, and Omega alters. Alpha alters contain basic commands, while Epsilon are animal alters, and Omega are internal computers, according to Cisco. Beta alters are generally more highly developed, and Cisco Wheeler writes that beta alters are “specially trained alters skilled in seduction” for the purposes of blackmail and assassination. Delta alters are highly trained assassins. These two alters, Beta and Delta, can work together for blackmail and assassination missions. “The Delta alters’ programming is strictly hate and vengeance,” writes Cisco.

There are also Illuminati coven alters that operate during rituals, and alters designed specifically to be functional during the cover lives of a hierarchy child/adult. If you ask a cover life alter a question about what happens at rituals, they will literally have no access to those memories and will probably consider you crazy for asking. You wouldn’t be crazy; they just have no access to those other memories while functioning inside the brain compartment of their cover life alter.

Why have multiple kinds of skilled alters in the mind of one single human body? Versatility. The Illuminati Brotherhood knows that their system of creating mind-controlled slaves isn’t perfect, and it can break down. Alters can malfunction, and programming breaks down over time even if a slave goes in for regular “tune-ups” of their programming. If one alter malfunctions, then another can take over, in a backup plan designed to keep that valuable human slave from becoming worthless.

Other alter types that Cisco mentions are “Grand Dame” and “Mother of Darkness”. Confusingly, these are also position titles within the Brotherhood. Grand Dames oversee the Beta slaves, which are the sexually trained individuals with Beta alters, sometimes called Beta Kitty alters. Meryl Streep and Madonna have been named by Jessie Czebotar as being Grand Dames within the Illuminati Brotherhood System. There are 5 Mothers of Darkness job positions in the Brotherhood, and to the best of my current knowledge, those positions are still active and are staffed by relatives of Jessie Czebotar and Cisco Wheeler. Jessie and Cisco are not-too-distant relatives, both being descendants of the Collins bloodline. ‘Mothers of Darkness’ in this case is a job title. They were the heads of The Luciferian Brotherhood System up until a few years ago when their job description was changed, at which time The System’s Antichrist took over the job as head of the Luciferian Brotherhood. The Mothers of Darkness’ positions haven’t gone away, but their job description has changed from executives to concubine companions of the System’s Antichrist. The majority of their job now, as I’ve seen it described, is to keep the Antichrist physically happy, although who knows, there may be more to it than just that. Cisco says that they will “rule and reign with the antichrist.”

Grand Dame alters and Mother of Darkness alters are present in many more individuals who are slaves of the Illuminati Brotherhood than just those who have job positions with those same job titles. In fact, the people with those job titles may or may not have Grand Dame or Mother of Darkness alters at all, which can make things seem confusing. Why they didn’t call those alter types another Greek letter name I don’t know; sometimes the Illuminati Brotherhood System is intentionally ambiguous. In the case of Mothers of Darkness Alters this duplicate naming seems to have been for the purpose of obscuring the actual identities of the 5 Mothers of Darkness at the top of the System Hierarchy. In fact, to make things even more confusing, women with the job title of Grand High Priestess were often also called “Mothers.”

Cisco notes that she also had multiple Grand Dame alters inside of her mind, some of whom helped program a man who worked for Manly P. Hall (a former Illuminati member and Satanic Councilman.) Cisco’s father was a programmer for the Brotherhood. He programmed her, and following in the family business Cisco also became a programmer for the Brotherhood System, albeit not completely willingly as she describes in the quote below.

When our deeper Grande Dame alters helped program that young man, they helped make glitches in the programming so that the programming would later be defective. Obviously, they did this very quietly behind the backs of the Programmers. This man was later able to break free of his Monarch Mind Control. We are happy that we played the first step in his journey to freedom.

They Know Not What They Do

Cisco herself had both Grande Dame and Mothers of Darkness alters. Hers tended to stay in the background and did not come out and take over the body much, but they did watch and see what was going on in the world. Inside Cisco’s mind, she actually had many Mothers of Darkness Alters. They were given names of goddesses and taught that they were goddesses. When they did take control of her consciousness they were given all of the “Satanic opulance” that the Luciferian Brotherhood System thought they should have, including castles, china, silver, and gold. The demons attached to those alters were the big, powerful demons that kept those alters deeply hidden and in check. Other features of the Mothers of Darkness alters inside Cisco’s internal mind world included:

  • “They have a throne”
  • “They wear black onyx”
  • “They endured a death, burial, and resurrection ceremony”
  • That ceremony included being electroshocked while in water
  • “They live in our System’s Shangri-La”
  • They are programmed to believe if they leave the internal world for any length of time they will become their “true” age, which involves being a wrinkled old woman who is almost dead. (They have a fear of being wrinkled).
  • To be accessed by a programmer, a specific ring must be worn on a specific finger and turned.
  • Their access code includes the word “Bethel” spelled backward.
  • “Mothers of Darkness alters get a black stone with their assigned Queen goddess names written on them”

To keep track of the many alters inside a single human mind, often the programmers would set up an internal world, with locations for each of the alters to stay. Some get castles, some houses, and some got elaborate locations that are quite extensive. These internal imaginary buildings and areas, along with the entire group of alters one individual has is often termed a “system” (not to be confused with the worldwide planet earth organization of the Brotherhood often called “The System” or “The Organization”). Part of Cisco’s old system was an internal location she calls “Shangri-La”. Robert Oxnam, another individual with MPD/DID described his internal world as a castle. Robert wrote a book called A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder. It’s quite an interesting book if you’re trying to grasp what someone with well-developed alters deals with in the course of their everyday life.

In the Illuminati Brotherhood System, programmers deliberately create alters or mind splits using torture and demon attachment. Healing the painful memories of the torture and detaching the demons can free those mind splits to meld back together. A deliberate multiple created by The System can heal and become whole again. Sometimes this happens with help, but sometimes it can also happen spontaneously. If that happens while the individual is still being used by the system they would be taken back for “re-programming” to work at re-establishing the mind barriers between the alters. Merging the mind splits is often called integration. Cisco also describes how her programmers planned the integration of some of her mind splits/alternate personalities so that she could take on a new role during the Luciferian “end-times” when their AntiChrist would come to power in the world.

The plans were already in place to integrate our Mothers of Darkness alters with the Core and the Silences (which were the first splits from the core) whenever the Anti-Christ began his reign. This would have given our Satanic alters all the energy they needed to have the body full time. The Core was strongly bonded to its father, and the love for Dad was carried by the Silences. The dark princess would integrate with the alters associated with the Core, because ofthe way the Dad issues were set up. To sum it up, they manipulated the child’s natural love for its father to create drives in the early splits that would eventually be used to energize the dark side.

They Know Not What They Do

The integration of a few of Cisco’s alters to serve the AntiChrist would have allowed her Mothers of Darkness alters to be used as a sex slave for the AntiChrist when he took over earth, had that timing come to pass. As it was, she was able to exit the system before she was forced to serve in that capacity. The entire world’s collection of individuals with Mothers of Darkness alters are intended to serve the AntiChrist as a “private harem.” What a job. Apparently, those who have already consummated with the AntiChrist have described the experience as being “badly burned.”

Cisco’s father ruthlessly tortured her when he programmed her as a child, and yet Cisco had a deep and abiding love for him. This isn’t uncommon in torture survivors, it’s a form of trauma bonding to an abuser. Cisco survived his and others’ torture. And she managed to wrestle herself free from even the best programming her father and Mengele could offer. He hated her for it and tried to choke her when she visited him on his deathbed. She writes about her triumph and her father’s failure to create a “masterpiece” out of her:

“How do you have a balanced view of life Dad, when the power of God is stronger than evil? I thought good deeds were to balance evil deeds? It looks like your plans ended in a mess. Your masterpiece failed. It found that there is something better than being an abused mind-controlled slave. You were wrong about something Dad, there are people in the real world who can love us and understand us. But then I’m sure that you’re finding out that hell isn’t so great a place as you said it would be.”

Cisco Wheeler, talking to her father Leo Wheeler, in They Know Not What They Do

People can get free of the Luciferian System.

“Alters within a Monarch slave are conditioned by their servitude to believe that their life is controlled by Satan, who is stronger than God. Where was God when they needed him? And yet many of the Monarch slaves coming in for therapy have had numerous miracles in their lives that have given them the latitude to reach out for health and freedom. If the Monarch alters can not see the positives of what God has done, they will remain trapped in their perception that Satan rules.”

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(SV 16) Svali, 6Chapter Six_ Brain Wave Programming

(CW 15) Springmeier & Wheeler, They Know Not What They Do

(FS 03) Springmeier & Wheeler, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave

There is more information about beginning the process of detaching demons from the minds of system slaves in this article:

And an inspiring story of getting free of the demonic here:

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