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  • Pamela Olson founded Save Our Children CA (Save Our Children is not the same as Save The Children.  Save The Children works in 3rd world countries, Save Our Children works in the USA.)
  • Save Our Children helps reunite children taken from parents by local agencies commonly referred to as Child Protective Services (CPS), but which might not be termed that in your area.  “In the same state, there can be a different acronym in each county.”  Paperwork can even be different county-to-county.
  • Former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer (likely murdered along with her husband for letting this information out) released information that showed that CPS is handsomely compensated for taking children from homes and putting them in foster care.
  • If a child is taken from a mother in the hospital because a social worker has deemed that mother unsuitable, the hospital gets paid, the country gets paid and the state gets paid—all from the federal social security budget, which they are robbing, and which according to Pam will likely go broke by 2026 because of this theft.
  • The minute CPS takes a child from a home it’s $5,000 to that county.  The State charges the federal government $10,000, and the Federal Government winds up shelling out $15,000.
  • “you got your potholes fixed in your neighborhood, you got that off the back of a child.  You got a new library, you got that off the backs of several children.”
  • The Child Welfare Bureau is run from within the DHHS, Department of Health and Human Services, currently under Xavier Becerra.
  • “CPS caseworkers have been given marching orders under COVID to go grab any child that refuses to wear a mask or who won’t take a shot or the parent is against it.”
  • 88% of children are harmed in foster care.
  • 82% of children are sexually abused or trafficked in their foster care placement.  These are FBI stats.
  • At any given moment, 450,000+ children are in foster care or group home placement in the USA.  Another 425,000 are in kinship care with family or another direct relative.
  • CPS is a system designed to steal children.
  • CPS will tell you, “Children are resilient”, but they’re really not anymore (post covid).  There are 1.2-year delays in babies speaking, and more, (because of masks) and social fear-mongering.
  • Sylvia Beachy, a CPS whistleblower, who worked for a company that helped place children in foster homes, reported that they would have meetings to discuss quotas (of children to be removed from homes that month.)
  • CPS is NOT an investigative group.  They have no authority, which is why they go through the District Attorney in each County.
  • If CPS is at your door, you do not have to let them in.  Call the county Sheriff, have him come in and certify that there is no problem in your home and report that to the CPS people.
  • FEN, Free Eagle Network, and American Digital Network on Telegram are great resources for law data.
  • CPS  and hospitals have gone stasi 

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