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Mark Attwood interviews Jeanette Archer, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Survivor

  • This Luciferian cult has infiltrated every single institution
    • BBC is satanic
    • All banks are satanic
    • Car company Saturn symbol is satanic—Saturn is symbol for Lucifer/Satan
    • London underground symbol is satanic
  • Most PM’s of Britain are/were in satanic families
  • Jimmy Saville procured children for the British Royals
  • ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ is one of the key tenets of Masonry
  • June 21 is a big ritual date, and they will be preparing to sacrifice children on that date
  • 3-5 days before the ritual children are held in captivity
  • The ‘jab’ is a mass genocide to get rid of the weak people

21:22 and the way they get away with it is
21:23 because they’re all involved
21:25 so they have satanists in every um
21:28 institution
21:30 for example the police children’s
21:32 services our judiciary
21:34 you know system there’s satanists in all
21:37 of them so
21:38 that’s how they get away with it

23:34 and masonism is a satanic organization
23:37 by the way yes it is a shop front for so
23:39 say doesn’t mean that the low-level
23:42 masons don’t necessarily know that
23:43 because they they
23:44 this is my opinion they recruit through
23:47 rituals the psychopaths up
23:49 the ladder and the higher up the 33rd
23:52 degree
23:52 is where you will actually do an actual
23:56 sacrifice okay so from the 35 degree
23:59 really is where you
24:00 are full on satanist let’s say but the
24:03 levels below that
24:05 um they’re not completely blind to
24:07 what’s going on because the rituals they
24:09 do
24:10 ceremonies whatever they call them they
24:12 are still satanic
24:14 but they’re not being doing you know the
24:17 heavy stuff
24:18 so there’ll be an idea but the lower
24:20 lower levels the beginning levels
24:22 probably don’t know anything but um

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