I first heard the phrases “The Gateway Process” and “Gateway Experience” from Fiona Barnett in a video from 2016 where she was interviewed by Nathan Stolpman. Time Stamp 21:48



“Anyway, so I was abused. Yes, I was abused at Pine Gap, Lucas Heights Nuclear reactor research facility underground, and the CIA Research Center at Holsworthy. And that included horrendous typical and chaotic techniques of dissociation, trauma, trauma-based dissociation techniques, they picked me based on my right hemispheric learning preference. So when hierarchy kids perform cognitive tasks, both hemispheres light up during those tasks, as opposed to people with sort of average IQ, which is around 100, you know, they’re the only the left hemisphere tends to line up. And so we have a more synchronized brain, which is what they saw for their dissociation techniques. And if you look up the CIA release document from 2010. It’s called the gateway process, look on the CIA site Gateway Process with Gateway Experience. That is the process they put me through. And they chose me because of my, my natural ability to synchronize my hemispheres. And then that led to, that’s what they needed my ability to visualize, etc, for the dissociation required for their abuse. And so they basically were turning us into little super soldiers. And they were taking genetic material from the kids that they chose to into a horrendous program that they’ve got. And the end result is what you see the seven or eight-foot people you see on YouTube beheading Coptic Christians in Egypt, working with the ISIS soldiers, and as the UN representative from Syria, stated on UN television, you know, these are genetically modified people, oh, whatever, and they belong to the UN, they’ve been supplied by the USA. That’s what the ISIS soldiers are. So that’s the program that I witnessed, you know, developing decades and decades ago, and they were abusing children using us as lab rats to create that end result which you can now see on TV.”

From what she’s said it’s obviously a Brotherhood Illuminati/CIA project, and she links in their genetics and breeding programs, along with a super soldier aspect. Hierarchy children with high IQ tend to have both hemispheres of their brains working simultaneously, she says, which works better for their requirement that their subjects dissociate during abuse.

In Fiona’s Book Eyes Wide Open she also goes into a more extensive summary of this Gateway process. She prefaces it by saying that John Gittinger’s Personality Assessment System (which is still used by the CIA) was a precursor/testing system to profile people for funneling them into CIA projects, identifying ways to blackmail politicians, select for international police, identify suitable child prostitute and child soldier candidates, and select for candidates for remote viewing military/CIA projects such as the Gateway Process. Keep in mind when she says CIA, she’s essentially saying “Brotherhood”, because they run it at the top, and all the black ops are also run by the Brotherhood using their values and goals for the Brotherhood, not for the USA or the people of the USA.


During the 1950s, the CIA funded Robert Monroe’s development of what is called the Gateway Experience or Hemispheric Synchronization. You might know it as Astral Projection. Newspapers and Army documents record that the US Army sent soldiers to Robert Monroe for training in the Gateway Process. I was told by a retired military consultant that 25 years ago standard British Army Military Police training incorporated Remote Viewing which enabled MPs to patrol UK bases located in foreign territories.

The Gateway Process is a method for inducing altered states of consciousness. It is the basis of remote viewing, astral projection, and the weaponization of psychic energy. John Gittinger’s PAS was the main screening instrument for selection into the Gateway Process. The military selected creative and intelligent servicemen as Remote Viewing candidates. This is because high IQ creative people are natural bilateral processors with a strong right hemispheric and visual-spatial learning preference. They are also naturally intuitive with a hypersensitive nervous system that facilitates learning of the Gateway Process.

The Fort Meade document provides a detailed explanation of the physics behind the Gateway Process and its various applications. It begins with explaining how transcendental meditation, hypnosis, and biofeedback work, and how these three methods relate to hemispheric synchronization:

1. Hypnosis suppresses the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere screens, sorts and assigns meaning to stimuli before it lets information enter the right brain. Hypnosis disengages this left-brain function and allows direct access to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is disrupted via drowsiness, which is why the hypnotherapist initially suggests the client is ‘feeling sleepy.’ Then stimuli (including verbal suggestion) are immediately accepted and acted on by the right brain which processes and stores this information unconsciously. For example, suggesting the hypnotized person’s legs are numb generates an electrical reaction that induces a numb feeling. Or, suggesting the person has improved memory causes unused information storage capacity to become available. Hypnosis is used to speed up the early stages of the Gateway Process.

2. Transcendental Meditation ignores the left hemisphere. The person concentrates on drawing electromagnetic energy up the spinal cord. This creates acoustical standing waves in the cerebral ventricles which are then conducted to the grey matter in the cerebral cortex in the right hemisphere. These waves stimulate and eventually polarize the cortex.

3. Biofeedback teaches the left hemisphere to recognize the sensations which indicate the targeted right hemisphere areas are being accessed. Eventually, the left brain can consciously access areas in the right brain. This method is used to block pain, for example. Biofeedback is used to rapidly reach deep meditative states.

Hemispheric Synchronization is a state of consciousness where the left and right brain hemispheres work together as a whole. The left hemisphere relaxes, which places the body in a virtual sleep state. The EEG patterns of both hemispheres are simultaneously equal in amplitude and frequency.

Binaural Beats are used to induce hemispheric synchronization. Binaural beats are two sounds of slightly different frequencies. Each sound is delivered to a different ear and the right brain perceives the difference between the two frequencies. Various sound waves may be played, depending on the desired brain wave activity to be produced.

Altered States of Consciousness (aka, Trance States) are dissociative states of mind produced by the following esoteric practises:
– Kundalini Yoga
– Zen Budhism
– Shamanism
– Hallucinogenic psychedelic drugs
– Transcendental Meditation
– Medium
– Biofeedback
– Ritual dancing
– Ritual drumbeats
– Binaural beats
– Sensory deprivation.

Altered states of consciousness change brain function. They disengage the body from external stimuli, activate internal focus, and reconfigure connectivity between brain areas. The above methods produce the following brain changes:

–  Shift hemispheric dominance from Left to the Right brain. Simultaneously activate the right hemisphere and deactivate the left.
–  Increased Alpha wave activity associated with relaxed wakefulness, creativity and free association.
–  Increased Right brain Theta wave activity, as associated with visual imagery and not drowsiness.
–  Bilateral increase in Gamma activity.
–  Synchronized EEG activity between Left and Right frontal lobes. (Deeper trance deactivates the frontal lobes.)
–  Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, opioid release and pain decrease.
–  Increased Delta activity in Right hemisphere.
–  Bilateral increase in low Beta activity.


The Gateway Process combines Transcendental Meditation techniques and hypnotic suggestion with listening to binaural beats. Different sound frequencies were employed depending on the desired state of consciousness, be it sleep, mental concentration or intuition and creativity. Training was delivered in the following sequence:

-Engage in visualisation.
-Engage in mantra chanting to create resonance.
-Listen to Binaural Beats.
-Relax to white noise sounds to suppress the Left brain and stimulate the Right.
-Manipulate electromagnetic energy travelling through the body. (This is also purported to protect against ‘entities’ encountered during astral projection.)

Astral Projection is practised by many pagan cultures and called by different names:

–  Buddhist light body
–  Dream body
–  Egyptian Ka
–  Energy body
– Hindu body of bliss
– Tantric subtle body
– Taoist diamond body

Leaving the physical body for astral travel requires three conditions:

-Induction of Left-brain quietness and deep physical relaxation via REM frequencies.
-Synchronization of brain hemisphere wave patterns.
-Stimulation of Right hemisphere to gain heightened alertness. This does interfere with hemispheric synchronisation, but not before the high frequency range necessary for attaining out-of-body status is established.

When both brain hemispheres electrically fire at the same rate, this creates a chain reaction which results in the body oscillating at 7.5 hertz – the same rate the electromagnetic field in our external environment resonates at. This state of vibratory harmony transforms the world and beyond into an extension of the human body. The person’s consciousness or soul, which is normally restricted within the confines of the physical body’s regular rate of oscillation, may then transcend the body and move freely outside the physical body, including inter-dimensionally. This process is what esoteric cults term becoming ‘one with the universe.’ The space-time continuum can be transcended according to the same principle, so that the individual can travel inter-dimensionally.


We possess two minds: the explicit (conscious) and implicit (non-conscious). The implicit mind is a separate and distinct entity linked to the Right hemisphere; hence the Right brain side is targeted for stimulation and dominance during the Gateway Process. With training, the implicit mind may accomplish the following esoteric skills:

–  Move objects without physical contact (aka telekinesis)
–  Communicate and receive intelligence via intuition (telepathy or problem-solving)
–  Gain information about distant places or people (clairvoyance or remote viewing)
–  Read minds or control them from afar (telepathy)
–  Predict the future (precognition).

The Gateway Process is behind the weaponization of occultic practises including levitation, walking through objects, and psychic warfare. It enables subjects to physically choke and throw opponents using their will, and to cause mass destruction to our physical surrounds. Lt. Col. McDonnell alludes to this in his description of ‘Colour Breathing.’


Problem-Solving is where the individual consults interdimensional entities to find solutions to certain problems such as math and physics questions. The answers may strike the individual during the following days. Incidentally, this is what the Nazis, Tesla and Einstein engaged in to find their advanced technologies. Some genius scientists receive their solutions during dreams via this method.

Remote Viewing involves the Right hemisphere’s implicit processing capability coupled with the use of a ‘magic wand’ which the military document compares to the ‘sceptre’ carried by ‘monarchs’ for the same purpose of remote viewing. Remote Viewing is a minor skill featured in the Gateway Process, yet it has been used as a smoke screen for the Stargate Project’s end goal.

Colour Breathing involves focussing on certain colours to activate the body’s own energies. The body’s electromagnetic field draws energy from the earth’s electrostatic field for its own use. Visualisation of colours cue set frequencies and amplitudes because colour is the result of different light wavelengths. Focussing on blue, for example, instantly reduces swelling in the subject’s body, while red has the opposite effect. Note that red is close to the magenta colour of the lotus flower. The military do not state such but the colour breathing tool was weaponized and used to create the bomb blast in Central America when I was 14 years old.

Fiona Barnett, “Eyes Wide Open”



Child Weapons

and the Human Brain as the passageway between dimsions, depending upon what frequencies it exhibits in the left and right hemispheres.

That’s really quite a lot to digest. Here’s a summary from a different source that states essentially the same thing, that the Gateway Process is about frequency, and brain waves, and consciousness-altering.

Fundamentally, the Gateway Experience is a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space. The participant then gains access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge which the universe offers.


In other words if your brain waves change in certain ways, it will catapult your consciousness outside of your body into other dimensions. The Gateway Process is a way to travel inter-dimensionally via separating consciousness (could also be called your spirit or your soul) from the physical body. Sometimes this is also called remote viewing.

Jessie Czebotar also did a 7 part series on the Gateway Process/Gateway Experience in mid-2023.

1st in series, 24 May 2022:



2nd in series, 31 May 2023:

ARA 226 LIVE with Jessie Czebotar Protocols and Procedures Of The Gateway Experience 


3rd in series, 31 May 2023:

ARA 227 LIVE with Jessie Czebotar The Gateway Experience Decode


4th in series 7 June 2023:

ARA 228 LIVE with Jessie Czebotar THE GATEWAY EXPERIENCE – DECODE Part 2 7 June 2023


5th in series, 14 June 2023:

ARA 231 LIVE with Jessie Czebotar: THE GATEWAY EXPERIENCE – DECODE Part 3


6th in series, 5 July 2023:

ARA 235 LIVE with Jessie Czebotar: THE GATEWAY EXPERIENCE – DECODE Part 4 Where do extraterrestrials come from?


(ARA 235) LIVE with Jessie Czebotar: THE GATEWAY EXPERIENCE – DECODE Part 4 Where do extraterrestrials come from?

7th in series, 5 July 2023:



This is an abbreviated article; the full article is available here with a subscription. Subscriptions can be obtained here.


(1) Meadows, Devon. Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process. https://medium.com/accessible-foia/analysis-assesment-gateway-process-army-cia-foia-1983-human-consciousness-d7fa332ef404

Barnettt, Fiona. Eyes Wide Open. Download .pdf

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