Veronica Swift

Just briefly, who am I?

I’m a former teacher, a former researcher, a fan of family history, and a tremendously flawed Christian.

Does it matter?

I once had a student tell me that he thought I “wasn’t really human” until we had discussed some of the pleasure books I’d been reading in my private life after class. That really stunned me. I don’t think I’d ever thought of any of my teachers as anything but a teacher before. So, this brief introduction might help some of you understand why I am planning on writing more about what I have recently learned.

  • I have seen Christian Churches infiltrated and Christianity distorted, and it disturbs me.
  • I have been driven out of education by Marxists and people who think that merit and facts/reality aren’t necessary in education.
  • I feel like some of this research I’ve done could help someone.
  • I put my thoughts together better when I’m under a bit of pressure, like when someone else might read it.

I hope you find something interesting or valuable for your own life in the blogs to follow.

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