“Pulling the wool over someone’s eyes” is a common phrase used to express that someone is being fooled, lied to, or deceived.

I feel like a subset of the entire world population has been deceived for a very long time.

In common political parlance, one is either red-pilled or blue-pilled. Blue-pilled means being blissfully unaware of the deep truths; red-pilled means being awake to and often discouraged by what is actually going on. Neither of these terms successfully describes what I am interested in exploring here.

There is a point that comes when you are not only red-pilled but have gone a bit beyond that. Starseeds, astral travel, lizard overlords, aliens, and time travel have been in that “woo woo” beyond-being-worth-exploring category for me for a while. None of these categories explain to me why the world works the way it does. I’d like to explore the information here that made the world around me make sense, finally.

What I want to delve into involves why there is a takeover of the school system, why people can’t seem to think for themselves any more, why common sense is no longer common, why people are violent and mean, why folks are addicted and sick, why the medical system seems to rule the world, why politicians are nearly all corrupt and why nobody seems to care about everyday human beings, and if you do, why you are marginalized, why gender confusion is rampant, why Christianity is being demonized.

And the thing that makes this all make sense to me is not what you would expect. At all.

If you want to know what I have discovered, continue reading. And welcome to my blog.

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