There is a system of control in place that operates outside of, and yet within, current systems of government around the world. It also operates within and to the side of culture, education, churches, fraternal brotherhoods, banking, government jobs, and just about any other aspect of society we can think of.

What’s it called, then, and why haven’t I ever heard of it? You might ask. I sure did.

I can’t answer any of this specifically, but I can summarize what I’ve heard from others who know it more intimately than I do.

  • The Brotherhood
  • The System
  • The Illuminati
  • Luciferianism
  • The Cabal
  • The Shadow Government

These above are all names for a secret, very, very secret, group of individuals who are bound together by a) worship of Satan and b) violence. Violence is what makes the secrecy “stick”. It makes it powerful and terrifying and of the three “F”‘s–fight, flight or freeze–it makes most freeze.

Virtually nobody talks, or they would get killed. Or someone else would get killed. Or many others would get injured, maimed, tortured or dogged for the rest of their life, hunted by demons or reminded that they are never safe.

One analogy: it’s difficult to find anybody who was in the Nazi concentration camps who will speak openly and candidly about what happened to them there. Words don’t come, because they are frozen in their throat or their hearts. The same is true for the individuals caught in this sheer hell.

They also don’t talk because they can’t remember. If your memory has been “wiped” or hidden from you, you simply don’t remember. Date rape drugs work like this, where you have only the evidence present after you “wake up” to piece together what happened while you were under the influence. It is difficult to prove in a court of law that you were violated if you have absolutely no memory of what happened. You cannot point to your perpetrator and say with confidence that they did what you suspect they did. There’s no memory evidence. You couldn’t pick them out of a lineup, or detail any events. “The System” doesn’t use date rape drugs to my knowledge, but they do use other memory-altering techniques.

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