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In a recent post, I related my discovery of two large-scale public murals in Baraboo, Wisconsin’s historic downtown district. Combined, the two murals portray a totally of 65 prominent Baraboo citizen-leaders, past and present. An additional, single portrait panel, mounted at a third downtown location, brings the total number of individuals depicted to 66.

In a subsequent post, I thus began to explore in greater depth a working theory that the murals function among the initiated as a local Brotherhood who’s who. New discoveries now allow me to push the “who’s who” theory further than I ever imagined possible.

NOTE: With a few exceptions, this post provides faces but not names. For anyone interested, the names can be easily sought here.

Extracting the Secrets of a Baraboo Dentist

Sometimes one makes discoveries because you’re pursuing them intentionally. At other times, though, one discovers things accidentally–stumble onto them–the way I did with the “Fabric of Our Community” (FOOC) murals in Baraboo. It was perhaps a combination of these methods that led me to a jaw-dropping finding directly related to those murals.

A section of the first “Fabric of Our Community” mural at 4th Avenue and Oak Street in Baraboo, WI; the mural actually faces Oak Street

A few weeks ago, in trying to determine what links might exist between seemingly unrelated folks on the FOOC murals, I started looking into the family ancestries of the 66 total individuals portrayed. While I couldn’t find a lineage for everyone, there were more than enough available to start investigating. Aside from plainly depicted relationships–fathers and sons, husbands and wives–I wasn’t having much luck. The closest I came…? Nailing down that two individuals with the same last name definitely had an uncle-nephew relationship.

In the midst of this largely unsuccessful effort, however, I’d started to notice something curious. The family trees of many of the FOOC luminaries pushed back quite a long ways–from what I was seeing at that point, into the sixteenth, fifteenth, and even fourteenth centuries. So, one night, plagued with insomnia and with nothing more interesting to do, I decided I’d run an experiment and just see how far back I could get one of the FOOC family ancestries to go. I somewhat randomly selected Baraboo dentist Robert “Bob” Dewel, who passed away in 2016, well into his 96th year.

Dewel wasn’t just a dentist. He remains somewhat of a legend in Baraboo for the prolific amount of local history he compiled and conveyed. For decades, he provided columns for Baraboo-area newspapers, and he published multiple volumes of his collected work. I also knew from the nomination that landed Bob on the first FOOC mural, as well as from a published obituary, that Bob was a dedicated Kiwanis and proud Freemason. History and record-keeping are a big deal in the Luciferian Brotherhood, and considering his activities and affiliations, never mind his presence on the first mural, it struck me that Bob was very likely in the Brotherhood “club.”

At about 4 a.m., after clicking through various branches of Dewel’s family tree–with very little backtracking, I might add–I ran into an ancestral “relationship” so stunning it made my jaw drop. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I took the time to screenshot what I’d found and box it out in red. I share it with you below:

That’s right. Bob’s family tree indicates that he descends from Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

I definitely stopped clicking any further through the ancestry at that point. I needed some time to absorb what I was seeing on my computer screen. (I’ve since made additional staggering finds, not only in Dewel’s ancestry but also in the family lines of many other FOOC depictees–finds that, frankly, beggar the imagination. More on that in a bit. For the moment, let’s stick to the dumbfounding connection to Jesus and Mary M., a connection I will hereafter refer to as J&M)

Observing Some Important Details

Observe in the screenshot above that Bob Dewel “descends” from J&M through a son named Yeshuah-Joseph, aka Josephes. To understand the signficance of this aspect of Dewel’s lineage, I strongly recommend reading Veronica’s recent article on the Jesus Strand narrative/psyop. To summarize key points for immediate purposes…

Because there are different versions of the Jesus Strand, digging into this narrative–or, more accurately, series of narratives–can get quite messy and convoluted. To keep things as simple as possible, Veronica’s post focuses on Jesus Strand research conducted by Gary Wayne, author of the The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.

The cover of Gary Wayne’s book, The Genesis 6 Conspiracy; I do not know Mr. Wayne and make no money from recommending his work but have found this volume to be a well-documented and helpful source

According to Wayne’s book, Jesus and Mary Magdalene had two, possibly three boys (Jesus II, Josephes, and maybe James). They also possibly had one girl, Sarah Tamar. Of these children, Jesus II reportedly went to England under the protection of Joseph of Arimethea to be initiated into “the mysteries.”

Having a family tree run through Josephes is apparently rather a big deal. But a connection to Sarah Tamar isn’t exactly small potatoes.

Sitting there staring dumbfounded at Bob Dewel’s tree in the wee hours of that morning, I had my first evidence that anyone on the FOOC murals–and, frankly, anyone who likely belonged to or held importance within Baraboo’s local Brotherhood–had an ostensible genealogical tie to the J&M narrative/s.

Exploring Another Family Tree

The fact that I finally managed to drop off to sleep after making the discovery in Bob’s tree had to have been some sort of minor miracle, because my thoughts were literally racing. A few hours later, with a few precious hours of rest behind me, I started to lay out a research path forward.

Having theorized from the beginning that the murals were a local Brotherhood who’s who, I’d already discovered that many of these individuals depicted had a host of connections to secret societies and other Brotherhood-controlled “benevolent” organizations. Those finds had added heft to my theory early on. The more of those connections I had discovered, the more inclined I’d become to think that the individuals depicted were probably Brotherhood elite, even if that status amounted to being big fish in a small local pond. But now I was determined to figure out whether the Jesus Strand had something to do with how some or all of these people had ended up on these murals. Were these people and their families bigger or more exotic fish than I’d first realized? And was Baraboo perhaps a far more rarified pond than I’d originally understood?

A welcome sign in downtown Baraboo, Wisconsin, bearing symbols important to the Luciferian Brotherhood, including but not limited to wavy water lines, a wheel of bondage masquerading as a wagon wheel, and a cloaked Oddfellows symbol formed by the two linked o’s overlapped with the wheel

My first step? To thoroughly document an additional FOOC-related tree. In addition to seeking another J&M connection, I just wanted to see what other surprises I might find. I’d already been looking closely at the family histories of a father-son pair, the Deppes, who bookend the original mural, so examining their family tree seemed like a logical choice.

It took me several days and a lot of pages in a notebook to trace down every single branch of this second ancestry, making notes about where things went, how different branches terminated, interesting people groups and personages found, etc. Time well spent. Not only did I ultimately find connections to J&M in the Deppe family tree–thereby adding two more people to my Jesus Strand list–I found plenty of other unexpected connections as well. Tons of biblical figures, as one might expect if someone connects to “Jesus”–David and Bathsheba, Ruth and Boaz, Rebekah and Isaac, Abraham and Sarah, Noah and his sons, several prophets. Heck, it turns out the Deppe tree traces all the way back to Adam, Eve, and separate entries for Elohim, and “god.” That’s somethin’ mind-blowing to discover when you’re poking around in ancestries, I’ll tell ya’!

But that wasn’t all…!

I found Egyptian lines, Chaldeans, Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Scandinavians, Goths, Saxons, you name it. I ran into Nebuchadnezzar I, Sargon II, Sennecharib, Phillip II of Macedonia and Alexander the Great, the Gallic king and chieftain Vercingetórix. Heck…I apparently even found Venus herself in the Deppe family tree.

Talk about an illustrious heritage! I mean, I was having to pick my jaw up off the floor with some regularity, considering the astonishing finds I kept uncovering. I make no claims as to the truth of what I found…only that I found and documented the family lines and the claimed connections within them.

The additional benefit of going through the Deppe tree with a fine-tooth comb…? I started to become extremely familiar with particular ancestral surnames, noble houses, and the types of pathways that would likely or inevitably lead to the J&M connection. That insight ended up helping me not just in exploring the Deppe tree, but many others.

Speed-reading More FOOC Family Trees

The deep dive into the Deppe family wasn’t just enlightening, it was an incredibly wild ride, an adventure. While there was repetition in the work, nearly every click held the promise of revealing some new, crazy, gobsmacking discovery. I now knew I needed to explore as many of the FOOC-related family trees as possible to see if I could find similar connections; and at least initially, the J&M connection specifically. However, the amount of time a careful exploration of the Deppe tree had consumed suggested to me that if I wanted to get a relatively quick count of just how many Jesus Stranders the FOOC murals included, I’d have to take a different approach. I opted to switch to what I’d call genealogical speed-reading.

My new approach? Simply follow the lines of each person’s family tree in a systematic way until I either found a J&M connection or had exhausted all available branches trying. If I could connect someone to J&M, I would jot their name on a list, then efficiently move on to the next family tree, saving deeper analysis for later. Again, while I didn’t have existing or adequate trees for everyone, I had enough to get me pretty far down the road.

Hitting Paydirt…Again and Again and Again

Even having adopted a faster approach, it has taken me close to three weeks to complete the initial work on the FOOC family trees currently at my disposal. That said, the payoff has been grand. To date, I’ve found the following…

FOOC Fathers and Sons

Wilbur and Dave Deppe are not the only father son pair on the FOOC murals. An additional four father-son pairs are displayed, including the SaLoutoses, the Kieffers, the Jenks, and the Arndts. I’ve identified all five father-son pairs in the image below, for reference. I started with the remaining father-son pairs, reasoning that if I traced the fathers and found a J&M connection, I could immediately add the son to my list as well; two for the price of one. What did I discover…? All of the remaining four fathers connected to J&M. With Bob Dewel and the Deppes, that brought my tally of J&M “descendants” to 11.

FOOC Couples

Next, I decided to focus on the eight married couples portrayed in the FOOC murals, all shown in the image below.

I made three interesting finds looking into these couples…

First, W.R. Sauey does have a strong family tree, with lines that go back a very long way. However, from what I can currently determine, W.R.’s lines seem to become more firmly Scandinavian the further back they go. I may be missing something and will do a closer look in the future, but for now, W.R. seems to trace back to something/someone other than J&M. My guess? There’s been an effort to establish relationship to Norse gods and demigods–what we could call Scandinavian Nephilim/Rephaim. Interestingly, the business conglomerate Mr. Sauey established clearly tips the hat to his ancestry. I will not name it here, because living relatives still conduct that business, but it’s easily discovered for those who want to know.

Second, W.R. Sauey’s wife, Floy, who also has an extensive family tree, does ultimately connect to J&M. Floy brought my tally of Jesus Stranders to 12.

Third, the only other person from the married couples above for whom I had an adequate family ancestry was Tom Osborne. Tom also traces back to J&M, bringing my Jesus Strand tally to 13.

Additional FOOC Individuals

Among the remainder of FOOC personalities on the wall, adequate ancestries enabled me to find an additional 11 individuals for whom I could document a J&M connection. All of those folks are shown in the image below. Together, these folks brought my Jesus Strand tally to 24.

Peeling Back the Layers of a Brotherhood “Who’s Who”

In many senses, my investigation into the FOOC family lines has only just begun. And yet, it’s already yielded stunning insights and revelations. It turns out that the small city of Baraboo has, for at least a century, served as a home and/or a primary place of business for a confluence of numerous Jesus Strand individuals and families. Moreover, of the total 66 individuals boldly represented on the FOOC murals, a whopping 24 can now be solidly tied to the Jesus Strand narrative. That’s 36 percent of the people depicted–way, way, way beyond statistically significant. And again, as I’m able to unearth additional, adequate family trees, I strongly suspect that already high percentage will climb.

These discoveries now allow me to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the FOOC murals are indeed a Brotherhood Who’s Who.

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