Paula C. Blades has chosen to impersonate me on Twitter. Using a photograph of Jessie Czebotar.

That screenshot above is not my Twitter page, I am no longer on Twitter because Paula C. Blades made it her mission in January 2023 to get me thrown off.

You’ll note that the Twitter handle in the screenshot above is @PCBlades. My former Twitter account handle was and still is @Veronicaswift71

Below is a screenshot of what Paula’s account looked like yesterday, with the handle @PCBlades.

Paula’s former Twitter handle was @August 00017.

She changed her handle from @August00017 to @PCBlades either Monday February 27 or Tuesday February 28, 2023.

Now it appears she’s changed the @PCBlades handle to a brand new account, decked it out with fake information about me, and she’s taken her personal account to a 3rd Twitter handle, below. @PCBlades001

Is it against Twitter’s terms of service to create multiple accounts? Not to mention to create one and use other people’s information and photographs to do so?

At the beginning of February 2023, Paula reported her success in getting me suspended from Twitter and bragged about it publicly on both Twitter and Telegram. Not surprisingly, I noticed her brags.

Paula is now attempting to make it look like her old Twitter handle is mine?

Paula publicly claims to hate me, hate my blog, and not want anything to do with me or my ‘make believe’ blog.

So why is she now using her old Twitter handle to create a fake account she decks out to look like me?

Perhaps she’s not pleased that she got my attention by bragging about getting me kicked off Twitter?

But she did get my attention by doing that.

When I tried to figure out who she was, because I didn’t know of her before that, I discovered she’s been creating her own private stash of my blog, and tweeting out links to that private stash. And yet she convinced Twitter to throw me off, because of those very blogs that she herself has also stashed and then tweeted.


And now impersonation.

Whatever might be next?

I wonder if I pointed out her hypocrisy and her impersonation of me to Twitter what Twitter would do? And no, I’m not suggesting or asking or recommending anybody contact Twitter on my behalf. I will do it myself.

Here is the link to today’s version of Paula’s Twitter page in case you want to go see it yourself:

But my guess is that as soon as she sees this post, she will change that account–again. Why Paula? Don’t you Tweet publicly because you want people to see what you’ve Tweeted? Don’t you want everybody to see the mean lies you’ve spread about me, publicly?

I want to be very clear about that link to her Twitter profile, because Paula has already tacitly accused me of sending people to message her directly. I am not sending anybody, nor have I ever sent anybody, nor will I ever send anybody to message her. I actually don’t recommend ever contacting Paula, especially since if you independently make a decision to speak your mind to her, it seems like her first response will be to immediately blame it on me.

The only thing I have recommended and still recommend is that you go see her words for yourself. Don’t take my word for it, form your own opinion. Naturally, this will only be possible if and when Paula stops changing her Twitter handle, and if Twitter lets her stay on after setting up a deliberately fake fabricated account using her old Twitter handle to impersonate me with.

I also seem to need to add this disclaimer to my blogs.

I am an independent blogger who has in the past blogged on subjects personally interesting to me. Nobody tells me what to write; I think up the topics on my own.

I am not Cathy Fox
I do not work for Cathy Fox
I am not Jessie Czebotar
I do not work for Jessie Czebotar
I am not an alter personality of either of the above (and yes, I was accused of that recently).

Because I have been harassed so much for what I am interested in writing, I put some of my posts behind password protection over a year ago.

I put the rest of my posts under password protection this past weekend as a specific and deliberate response to learning that Paula C. Blades has been stealing and making her own cache of my work in coordination with others. Given what I have learned about her character recently, I cannot assume anything but that she has an evil intent in doing so.

I use the Locals Community platform. This is a subscription-based site that anybody can join without ever paying for, or they can upgrade to subscriber status if they choose.

It has been suggested repeatedly that people who choose to subscribe or donate to that platform are victims of my ‘grift’ and their monies have been stolen.

Anybody who wants a refund can ask for one. If you’re a subscriber, you can cancel your membership should you wish to do so.

If you have a history of not liking what I write, don’t come to the blog, and don’t read it. Don’t follow me on social media. Don’t join Locals. It’s that simple.

If you choose to attack me, I will probably notice and point it out. If you don’t like that I notice and point it out, don’t attack me. It’s that simple.

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