Well, things just keep getting….. more interesting.

This screenshot seems to be from my cyberbullier/cyberstalker Paula C. Blades, I picked it off a Gab post from April of 2022.

She seems to be messaging Randi (Erickson?) on the left panel, Randi is named in the 2nd to the last line. I have no idea who she’s messaging on the right panel. It could be someone else.

I find her choice of words in the right panel EXTREMELY interesting.

As a Canadian, why is Paula one bit concerned with General Flynn? Aren’t there Canadian generals to worry about?

“This is from my military peep”, writes Paula. She has her own military peep??

Paula also writes, “She sent correct decode”. (‘She’ who, I have no idea, maybe her military peep.) “Correct DECODE” (emphasis mine). Decode? Why is Paula C. Blades relaying messages that are CODED? And from Military Personnel?? Doesn’t the military frown on that kind of communication to civilians?

Also, “Disclosed Field’s MISSION to me”? (emphasis mine, again) Paula fancies herself Field’s friend, she doesn’t ever seem to miss a beat in spreading that around. If Paula is such a great friend of Field, why does she need someone OTHER than Field to tell her what Field is up to? Why would Field withhold information from a ‘friend’ of his? Is Paula REALLY Field’s friend? Or was she being groomed to be part of a team that’s handling him? Again, I have no idea, I just know that ordinary people don’t talk coded messages and have military sources disclosing people’s ‘missions’ to them. Ordinary people don’t write stuff like this.

I had been under the impression that Field McConnell was one of the good guys. Now I’ve got some doubts. Or, maybe he is but he’s forced to hang out with Paula?

The left panel clearly looks like a case of an employer doing whatever they possibly could including breaking the law just to get her off their employment roster. Having experienced Paula, I can sympathize.

Blades has been on Gab since January 2020. She follows the individual that posted this screenshot in April of 2022. She didn’t reply to the post that included this screenshot, she didn’t repost the post, and she didn’t comment on the post. There’s no record of her on Gab saying this screenshot is not hers.

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