A selection of quotes from a variety of references.

Anton LaVey in “The Satanic Bible” says that “The Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year.”

“Birthdays in the Illuminati are always tied to horrific rituals, abuse, and ceremonies. To this day, even though most other holidays have lost their grip on me as I have worked through the memories, I choose to not celebrate my own birthday because of the immense pain attached to it. Instead, I choose to do something nice for myself, and celebrate the fact that I am now a new creation in Christ. For me, my true birthday is the day I received Christ.”
-Svali, Ritual Abuse, the Under-recognized Problem

“Sexual abuse is regularly inflicted on a child within the satanic ritual context for more powerful, dramatic effect. For instance, the child rapist’s semen ejaculation is the “black magick” that seals the deal, the climactic ending of that programming session. Another ritualistic aspect is timing the trauma on a child’s birthday so that each and every year thereafter reliving the programmed trauma becomes regularly reinforced. In short, every kind of twisted, sick, sadistic shit imaginable and unimaginable goes into this methodic torture and trauma done to extremely vulnerable young children.”
-Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia and Empire

Myth: Ritual abuse survivors are overly concerned about holidays and special dates, and these do not really matter. These dates matter most to survivors of abuse by ritualistic, usually satanic, cults. That is because these groups expect their victims to attend rituals on these dates, which include the victim’s own and family members’ birthdays as well as major Christian and pagan holidays. Sometimes, a survivor is actually safe, but even then he or she is likely to have flashbacks and nightmares of the abuse that happened on these dates. More often, the survivor is still in touch with family members and is expected to attend the rituals.
-Wendy Hoffman and Alison Miller, From the Trenches

“The pagans set aside the 25th of December as the birthday of the Solar Man. They rejoiced, feasted, gathered in processions, and made offerings in the temples. The darkness of winter was over and the glorious son of light was returning to the Northern Hemisphere. With his last effort, the old Sun God had torn down the house of the Philistines (the Spirits of Darkness) and had cleared the way for the new sun who was born that day from the depths of the earth amidst the symbolic beasts of the lower world.”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Of the many teachings of Masonry, one of the most valuable is, that we should not depreciate this life. It does not hold, that when we reflect on the destiny that awaits man on earth, we ought to bedew his cradle with our tears; but, like the Hebrews, it hails the birth of a child with joy, and holds that his birthday should be a festival.
-Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma

During the ensuing decade since Epstein’s conviction, the seedy truth has continued slowly trickling out, exposing the dark, twisted, perverse sex slave trafficking operation that Epstein and his bevy of co-conspirators recruited child victims as sex slaves from poor neighborhoods in Florida, New York, South America, Europe and Russia, including three 12-year old girls from France as a birthday gift. Incredibly, his procuring pimp co-conspirators and scores of powerful pedo patrons were all granted immunity.
-Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia and Empire

“Halloween has come to us from the Druids. Halloween is Satan’s birthday, and the Jack-o-lanterns are for his birthday. The Jack-o-lanterns are in the picture because they represent Satan’s birthday.”
-Cisco Wheeler, They Know Not What They Do

“Farmers’ almanacs, books of hours, tapestries, church carvings, and many other sources equated the signs of the zodiac with the seasons of the year and the Labors of the Months. For example: Aquarius presided over felling of trees; Pisces over grafting of fruit trees; Aries over pruning of vines; Taurus over training of vines and planting of flowers; Gemini over scything grass; Cancer over haymaking; Leo over cutting and threshing grain; Virgo over harvesting; Libra over treading the grapes; Scorpio over casking the wine; Sagittarius over gathering wood and picking olives; Capricorn over baking and butchery of pigs. The custom of celebrating birthdays was zodiacal magic in effect, even though in some areas the church succeeded in converting birthdays into “saints days,” insisting that children be named after the saints on whose days their births occurred. Sometimes the saint’s days were reduced to ”name days,” when worship of the saint was largely forgotten. Modern birthday cakes descended from the Greek custom of honoring the monthly birthday of Artemis the Moon with lighted full-moon cakes.”
-Barbara G. Walker, The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

“After about 2 weeks at my new job, I went out with Hennington (who was driving) for my 35th birthday. I remember hardly anything about that night, but I woke the next morning with an absolutely EXCRUCIATING headache (something I normally almost never had). I also had received a disfiguring, permanent scar on my face with no accurate memory of how it got there. I have since learned that a person’s birthday is extremely significant to satanists, and I believe that I received this scar at a ritual, then was drugged and electroshocked heavily to “wipe” my memory of the event. My primary handler was absolutely OBSESSED with this new scar, rubbing it and commenting on it several times per day at work.”
-HarbingerJ My Story, Part 2

“For example, the 25th of December, ascribed to the birth of Jesus, is the birthday of the Sun and, therefore, the most obvious date for Tammuz, the reincarnation of the Sun God. Tammuz was a Babylonian and Sumerian god, and the tenth month of the Hebrew Calendar is named for him. Yule, the Winter Solstice on the 21st December, was moved by the Roman Catholic Church to the 25th of December, which was also the Roman Saturnalia festival, a time for drinking and feasting. Druids at this period saw the mistletoe as representing sexuality, and mistletoe, as with other ancient “props” was absorbed also.”
-Orit Epstein, Schwartz and Schwartz, Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

“Hitler also had considerable occult support from the adepts of Ostara; a society which practiced the principles of Tibetan magic, as adapted to Aryan racial theories. The cult centered around Ostara, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, to whom Oster month, or April, was dedicated. Hitler’s birthday was April 20, which may explain why he was chosen to head this movement. During the Nazi period, it was a day of great celebration throughout Germany. On April 20, 1935, Hitler was presented with forty-one airplanes by the S.A., with the following address: “My Fuhrer! The S.A. beg their leader, in celebration of his birthday, on the 20th of Easter Month [the pagan Ostermond-Ed.] 1935, to accept their contribution to the rearmament of the German people-the S.A. fighter squadron.”
-Eustice Mullins, The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology of History

“When I was trafficked to Colorado from Southern California right on the beach to Kimball Castle in Colorado it’s now called Cherokee Castle and open to the public but back then it was a probably multi-millionaire or billionaire’s castle and of course like all these wonderful castles it has a dungeon basement level and it’s everything you would think a dungeon would be with all the implements and I was trafficked there with this load of kids for a ritual celebrating George H.W. Bush senior I don’t know if it was his birthday or what exactly the event was to be celebrating him but it was in honor of him.
-Cheryl Beck, SE01E02 (Part 2): MK Ultra and The Cheryl Beck Story

I was going to leave the area I was in I had a plan so what happened when I was 18 I had my legal papers ready I was going to change my name, get free. I get ganged up upon at the courthouse both my arms my family members I end up at my house that night and there was limos in the front of the house. Two guys were on the side of me in the back of the limo and they did something to my brain that’s called Heinz 57 and in this type of mind-wiping technology that they used it makes your brain feel like it’s bleeding on the inside.
So for my 18th birthday, my present was to become brain wiped and become a ward of the state and to get set back many years of my life and try to figure it all out again and retrace my steps all over again, so. And well after this time too this is kind of funny again I don’t remember any doctor’s visits whatsoever my dentist programmed me he was a Knight’s Templar.
-Jerusha, 5th Generation Supersoldier explains the Time Bureau and MIBs Jerusha P2

“The KKK and Neo-Nazis have their special days, too. For instance, it is a given that Hitler’s birthday will be celebrated by Neo-nazis. If you are dealing with a satanic group which admires Hitler, they may also celebrate his birthday.
-Springmeier, Ezekial 6:3

“But perhaps the most startling examples of the teachings of this new religion came from the pen of Barbara Marx Hubbard, one of their most articulate writers. [And] she wrote in her book, entitled Happy Birthday Planet Earth: ‘The choice is: do you wish to become a natural Christ, a universal human, or do you wish to die? People will either change or die. That is the choice.’
“So the people of the world will be given a choice: they will choose to accept the new world religion, or they will choose to die! The battle lines are drawn! Choices will have to be made. [William Cooper: I have made my choice. What is yours?]
–William Cooper, Mystery Babylon Series Transcriptions

“I think (Joshua Norman) Haldeman faked his death, and then him and Light (Haldeman’s daughter Maye Musk) went over to Father Crespi’s, who’s Hitler in hiding, and got those treasures from him…. I’m dressed as I Dream of Jeannie at the Hooker’s Ball in 1977 on Halloween…which according to them (the Illuminati) is my birthday because their birthdays are at conception and I was conceived on Halloween in an SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse event)… It’s just so weird. And Maye Musk went up and names me Rosemary and my mom gave me a weird story about that and then later on she told me another story she said she was too embarrassed to tell me the real story it was so freaking weird.”
-Rosemary aka Shalom Girl, Here’s What We’ve Learned, 6 May 2022

“And by the way, the one who taught that whole agenda is the CIA front, the false memory syndrome, which is a front for the CIA. That whole framework comes from that (inaudible), laid out by a bunch of pedophiles, right? You know, Peter Freyd and what’s her name? Pamela and Peter Freyd. By the way, their daughter Jennifer Freyd went and got her PhD. And she described what it was like growing up the home. Her father gave her a phallic object as a gift or a birthday. At 10.”
-Doug Riggs, The Hot Seat Interview 7 December 2021

As the weeks went by and the initiation day came closer, I became more nervous. In earnest I prayed to God to show me a way to get out of attending the Marriage of the Beast initiation ritual. The initiation ritual was to take place around the time of my sixteenth birthday. Bob had said that the initiation always took place on the same day every year. So I realized that if I was in the hospital on initiation day, they couldn’t initiate me for another year. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it would buy me time. What happened was this. Before I could change my mind I kicked my foot underneath the lawnmower. I was badly injured and in the hospital on the day of the initiation.
-Kerth Barker, Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers

Birthdays are also dates when the individual is expected to return and there may be programming surrounding this. Birthday, holiday, or we miss you cards, or letters, may be sent with trigger codes embedded in them.
-Svali, Chapter 12: Preventing Reaccessing of the Survivor

“One of my ritualized birthdays was watching animals get tortured at a Ringling Bros. Circus, where Aunt Kathy’s favorite part were the vendors dressed up like weiners selling PEOPLE in buns. Symbolic ritualistic torture and trafficking of animals and kids.”
Kristine Nicole Speer, survivor, https://twitter.com/Kns13942998Kns/status/1620578395116691457

“My father was supposed to return us to the circle by his 64th birthday. And he didn’t do that. So they took him out on his 64th birthday. So that’s what he got for a lifetime of serving for the money and Satan.”
-Cheryl Beck, Cheryl Hersha Lived the Real Life Pedogate

“A birthday party will be given for the victim. The birthday cake will contain a bean somewhere. It is announced that whoever gets the bean will get a surprise. When someone gets the bean, the mind-control victim finds out that the surprise is that they must take the life of the child who has found the bean. This programming trauma is part of a series of traumas designed to make deeper alters afraid of accepting any gifts from outsiders.”
-Springmeier and Wheeler, Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula

“I had some problems on May 1, and guess what, that’s the Illuminati’s birthday. Just last year, wow. They, ah, my Facebook account got hacked. And strangely, it happened on May 1. And I had over 13,000 followers and over 2000 Facebook friends, and I was doing hard hitting articles every other day. And now I have no public audience. So, they removed my voice to the world, so to speak, because I had people from all over the world that were following my articles.”
-Fritz Springmeier, Fritz Springmeier – Killah Priest LIVE Podcraft 12 October 2022

“The programmed people I have worked with seem to have an obsession with their own birthdays. Once in recovery, unless the suicide programs are disconnected, the desire to kill themselves as they remember their past is overwhelming, especially around the time of their birthday, and this has proven true with each individual I see.”
-Brice Taylor, Thanks for the Memories

“On my sixth birthday, I was dressed in a new red, long dress and my hair was gathered in a part ponytail tied with a red ribbon. My uncle drove Nana to collect me from my home at the end of Virginia Street, Padstow, and took me to national park land situated on the coast, between the Sutherland Shire and Kiama. I recall subtropical-looking trees and foliage, and a picnic table laden with sweets and coloured cordial. A group of blonde children were gathered around the table. The cordial was laced with drugs. It was daylight when I drank the cordial. It was dark when I awoke naked, strapped to the picnic table. Men and women dressed in black robes took turns at creeping up to me and whispering chants and the names of demonic entities into my ear.”
-Fiona Barnett, Eyes Wide Open

This video talks about what the occult does to SRA victims, and healing from it.

I took this picture in California, but wiki (Wikipedia) says that Elon Musk didn’t come to America or even Canada or anywhere until he was like 12 or 17. That’s a lie. It says that they were poor and she was a struggling mother on welfare. That’s a lie. They’re rich. They’re the elite. They do whatever they want. The street was laid (paved) on her (Maye Musk’s) birthday.
-Rosemary aka Shalom Girl, I Took This Pic Of Elyon & Light 24 June 2022

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