Carolyn Hamlett

In February 2023, an escapee-turned-whistleblower and former high-ranking member of the Luciferian Brotherhood occult passed away. Her name was Carolyn Hamlett.

Carolyn’s writings and videotaped information about the Luciferian Brotherhood System predated my awareness of an organized witchcraft conglomerate. Most of her information was posted between 2013 and 2018. I didn’t discover The System until late 2020. I’ve been working for a few months now to gather her old videos and old writings and glean what I can from them about what is called by Carolyn and others “The Light Side of the System”. I am sad she is gone, and glad that she is in a better place.

Lucifer is an integral part of the Bible, of biblical history, known for his fall from grace (after which he was mostly called “Satan”). Lucifer/Satan amassed a group of followers and adherents to his perceived status as a God. These adherents were skilled at witchcraft and sorcery and used sacrifice as a tool to steal life force energy from humanity. Lucifer is not a creator-being. He’s a thief by necessity; he thieves life force energy because he has no ability of his own ability to generate any. Only the true God, the Creator God does.

By necessity, Lucifer had his followers hide the secret information that they knew about how to obtain, manipulate, store, and flow energy as needed around earth for their own purposes and for the purposes of Lucifer’s non-corporeal followers, his demons, such as Ba’al, Ashtoreth, Moloch, Azazael, etc. This energy keeps them alive and functioning.

They hid the knowledge of themselves and their spirituality/religion in plain sight, under the guardianship of the bloodline races, those bloodlines that contain non-human genetic information, gifts, and abilities. they hid them in what are today called “Mystery Schools” with names such as Freemasonry, Scottish Rite, Ordo Templi Orientis, and Rosicrucianism. They also hid them in what is termed the “New Age” movement, and deep within Christian churches. This is where Carolyn and her family enter the picture.

Carolyn Hamlett’s family

Carolyn was born into a generational, bloodline Luciferian family. Her mother was a high-level member and operated as an infiltrator of the Christian Churches. Her mother’s grandfather (Carolyn’s great-grandfather) was also involved in the system. All of them were under the impression that Lucifer worked for God, and that what they were doing was part of a plan for good for humanity. In their circles, Lucifer’s agenda was spoken of as “The Plan.” Carolyn speaks of her family and “the plan”, saying:

At that time, I understood quite a lot about the plan. Satan’s plan. Now my mother was talking about Lucifer. That night, we she told me even more than I knew before that time, she told me about the bloodline. She told me about our family, the some of the people that founded the United States, some of them were… some presidents and things. She didn’t mention the Illuminati. She mentioned the “Illumined ones”. And that’s what we called ourselves. There were family names that I know of, and I have the genealogy she’d done the genealogy and another family member’s done that there are other their their fate, some famous people that were instrumental in, in history United States, I was also told that we were we came from Europe, from England, specifically, our bloodline that came it came from England, specifically to set up the United States. And it wasn’t just to get it populated and going, it was for Satan’s plan. Of course, my mother believed Lucifer, she actually believed that Lucifer was she they called it the ‘light of Christ’. It’s all a complete lie. She thought Lucifer was actually serving–there’s different types of Luciferian doctrines. And she, she believed that Lucifer was actually serving God.

(CH 041)

Like other people who had jobs or positions within various facets of Lucifer’s System, Carolyn and her mother had “cover lives.” “Part of our cover was to say that we were Christian,” says Carolyn, and ” for the most part, people thought we were our affiliation with Christian(ity), but we weren’t. My mom was Luciferian. And I was being raised (as a Luciferian.)

One facet of Carolyn’s cover life was that she was publicly shown to be very dim-witted, despite the reality that she was really very highly intelligent. This cover life as an intellectual half-wit was deliberate by The System in order to give plausible deniability to anything she might let loose accidentally about the truth of the System. The Luciferians could then point to the fact that she wasn’t intelligent and dismiss what she said as the ramblings of an unintelligent child. (CH 041)

Part of Carolyn’s mother’s cover life was to pretend she was a Christian, and her job for Lucifer was to infiltrate Christian churches and bring in and spread Luciferian doctrine. (CH 041)

The System Structure

In one video I watched, Carolyn’s friend Loren offered her understanding of the structure of Lucifer’s system in one video, which is that it was like many pyramid schemes within a larger pyramid scheme. The very top-ranking individuals were called the “Illumined ones”. Within the largest group were smaller individual groups. Carolyn calls them “the so-called light side and the so-called dark side,” and then within those two large sub-groups, other sub-groups also operate. Each of the sub-groups may have a human leader, but over that human will always be a demonic entity “taking orders from higher-up.” (CH 041)

Carolyn designed the diagram below to make understanding the larger picture overview of the system easier. It was from her now-defunct website,

The left side represents what Carolyn and others call the “Dark Side” or the “Dark Side of the System” or the “Dark Lodge” and the right side represents what Carolyn and others call the “Light Side” or the “Light Side of the System” or the “White Lodge”

Carolyn says that “only the people in the highest level of each Lodge are aware that both sides are of the same organization, governed by the very same head, which is Lucifer, who is Satan.” (1)

“The Plan”

Satan/Lucifer wants to build his kingdom on earth, and rule it as a God, essentially taking over the job of the creator God (the one many of us think of as the God of Christianity and Judaism). Carolyn calls this kingdom on earth the “New World Order”. So do many others familiar with the Luciferian System. Carolyn also says that the way they intend to bring this about is via a “very intricate system of mapped-out deceptions.” (1)

Carolyn identifies a two-fold plan of action as the main spiritual forces behind the demonic deception behind the New World Order plans. First is the false doctrine, which is made to look good even though it is dark and evil. Second is the false salvation/redemption plan. Carolyn calls out three specific mass deceptions as the main forces behind the lies that the fallen angels (demons) are pushing through these two false belief systems. First is the lie of evolution, second is the lie of reincarnation, and third is the lie of illumination. (1)

As a whole, these are designed to work together to dupe the public and lead them away from the word of god (the bible), the grace of God, and salvation through Jesus Christ. It’s a plan to take humans away from a relationship with God, and promote a relationship with Lucifer’s followers and their agenda. (1)

Ironically, servants of “The Plan” are often good people, because they love God, and those that love God are willing to do many things if they truly believe they are doing it “in His service” says Carolyn. None of them, until they reach the very top of the organization, understand that they are not really serving a good, compassionate God, but rather are serving Lucifer/Satan. It’s a hierarchical and obedience-based organization; “if you’re able to keep a secret, you move on up. If you’re obedient and don’t ask too many questions, you move on up.” (CH 003)

One of the ways that Carolyn was told that she would be serving “The Plan” in the end days was as the courtesan of a fallen angel/demon. She was told that the Gods of Old (Titans) would be returning to earth to take human mates, like in the Biblical stories, and Carolyn was told that she was being considered as a candidate for “baby momma” of the Gods. I’m glad she didn’t experience that, and I wonder who is now a candidate for that position. (CH 003)

Carolyn’s mother loved God, Carolyn loved God, and they were both duped into thinking that they were serving the real god, when in fact they were serving Lucifer. Carolyn and her mother were told that serving “The Plan” sometimes meant they might have to kill someone. Or that they, themselves, might die when “their usefulness is worn out.” Carolyn knew of world leaders’ deaths before they were advertised in the newspapers because she was told that those men’s usefulness for “The Plan” had expired. (CH 003)

Carolyn knew who some of the other members serving “The Plan” were because her mother would tell her that they were “one of us.” “Serving” the plan or “servers” of the plan was also terminology they used regularly. (CH 003)

Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary to the United Nations from 1953 to 1961 was a server of “The Plan,” and was killed in a plane crash. From what Carolyn says, he was one of those that was murdered because his usefulness had expired. Sometimes a plane crash isn’t just a plane crash, apparently.

The global government that the Luciferian system is planning to bring in isn’t considered a religion by The System–Carolyn says that they consider it “Truth”.

That is just about as frightening as the future could possibly get. Imagine that “truth” is what they say it is. Where are we seeing that now? Oh, right–everywhere.

(update 30 April 2023) Hello Dear Readers,

Many of you have contacted me to notify me about Caryolyn’s falling out with Dan Duval. I am aware of what happened, both from her point of view, and also from Dan’s point of view (he has a rebuttal video) well before I published this and other articles about her. I do not, however, think that her assertion to not look at those videos any more holds any merit for my interests here. Her information does not seem to change, whether it is from the Zen Garcia interviews, the Tony Koretz interviews, or the Dan Duval interviews. She shares the same stories and general information. Some, including Dan, believe that it was possible that Carolyn was re-accessed by The Organization and further programmed or instructed to try to take down Dan. That was one of her family’s jobs was to infiltrate and take down Christian Churches. I’m not saying Dan Duval is 100% perfect. I like his prayers. I like his interviews. But I don’t know the totality of his ministry and I’m not interested, really. What I am interested in is the structure, function, and practices of the Luciferian Organization, and I believe that Carolyn’s interviews with Dan are a good source of information for those 3 topics. Blessings to you all, Veronica.


(CH 041) Setting the Record Straight: on being “Former Illuminati”

(CH 003) Carolyn Hamlett and Dan Duval – III of VI – DID Sexual Slavery and Montauk Mind Control.öld

AmyJoGodLuvsU channel recently did a reading and commentary on this blog, and I think it’s well worth checking out what she said about it. She made some political connections that are worth thinking about, namely, is “The Plan” the same as “Trust The Plan”?

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