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I’ve been spending the rainy days lately taking notes on videos. I left the really long GoodDog (GD) videos to last because at the time he was kicked off Youtube and moving platforms to Rumble.com was just about the time that I started to seriously try to digest this material being presented by Jessie Czebotar. One of his videos “Open Lines” seems to have been lost in the move and so I have one more to do to complete the set of 5 total that there are as of this writing. Being as long as those videos are I’ll likely publish my notes on them at some point because being off YouTube there are no transcripts available, and if you were late coming to this information, like I was, these are foundational videos for understanding. Playing catch-up is not easy. At any rate, I was struck by the trafficking and programming symbolism described in GD’s video titled “Grim Fairy Tale“.

You can go to any number of websites and find a myriad of information about pedophilia symbols, they’re pretty abundant. Masonic symbolism is covered well by Tupactip’s YouTube videos. There’s a great series decoding occult symbols on the Open Scroll blog titled The Sodomite Gateway. The owl, the chalice, the crosses, ley lines, quilts, roses, special door knocks–There are so many Luciferian Brotherhood symbols, that it is easy to get lost in them, at least it is for me. I can only take in so much nefariosity at a time. (Yes, I made up that word.) In a future post I’ll write about the ritual walls of Molech, which involve handprints, and I touched on the Monarch programming butterfly symbols in the last post. For now, this post is about the kite, which seems to be an ancient and negative symbol newly associated with child procurement and sale.

A kite is the name of a bird of prey, similar in size and shape to a hawk or vulture. Aesop’s fables feature a story of a kite who has been an offender his entire life, yet asks about deathbed repentance but is told that there isn’t any for lifetime offenders. Another Aesop’s fable titled the Hawk, the Kite and the Pigeons talks of the pigeons terrified of the Kite. Kites are negative and predatory in these examples.

A kite is also a toy to fly in the sky, often symbolized by the quadrilateral shape.

According to the urban dictionary, Flying a Kite is also a euphemism for anal sex, one that many people are not aware of.

So the kite, it seems, is also a modern symbol of child trafficking. It’s a perfect trafficking symbol because it evokes nothing negative to tip off the general public.

Walt Disney and his movies are also heavily-laden with Luciferian Brotherhood symbolism. Mary Poppins (skip the rest of this paragraph and the next if you don’t want me to ruin the film for you) is about a witch, Mary, who comes to heal the Brotherhood Banker’s family. Czebotar notes that the red roses worn by the bankers at the end are a symbol of the Rosicrucians, an occult masonic offshoot organization. In the end, the Banks family takes their repaired kite and flies it in the public park. In the song “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” there are references for tying the kite, paper, and string, flying it high. The flight motif is possibly a reference to drug use, but it could also be a reference to cannibalism.

GoodDog and Czebotar are not the only ones to see a bit of magick in this movie, this blogger notes the kite being lost at the start of the movie, then found and flown at the end as the transformation of Mr. Banks from conventional capitalist to “magickal consciousness” (aka Luciferian Brotherhood globalist communism).

The Banks’ kite is also the only green kite being flown, which Czebotar indicates ‘green’ construction, which is globalist-speak for Luciferian construction, emphasizing concern for the environment over human beings.

If you want the de-Luciferized original version of the story, read the series written by P.L. Travers.

Other references to kites as human trafficking include an article in the Guardian newspaper in 2009 which has a direct quote from a trafficked girl whose handler told her this: “He said I am a kite in his hands. If he wants me to fly higher he will release the string, if he wants me closer he will take the string back.”

There is also a 2014 film titled Kite that is about society having degenerated to the point where people kidnap children and sell them to “flesh cartels”. It’s based on an animé series of the same name.

Luciferian Brotherhood members and organizations have art sales/auctions and fetch high prices for seemingly rather poor quality art. That is a symptom that something is going on other than the pure love of art. Many of them have very eclectic art collections. Some, like Gloria Vanderbilt, even sold her own art on Instagram. According to Czebotar, part of the brotherhood’s fascination with art might be this: parts and pieces of ritually killed children are present in that art, whether it be cremains mixed in to the paints, or perhaps blood mixed-in, or even body parts that are more intact and less processed could be included. Luciferians seem to believe that they can own a piece of someone by a) owning art that the people have created or b) owning art that contains a piece of a ritually sacrificed individual. Satan is focused on collecting souls, and artwork seems to be one vehicle for that. Just look at the limited-number Satanic “art” shoe scandal that broke a week or so ago, where the soles of the shoes contain human blood. Shoe soles literally refer to people’s eternal souls for the Luciferian red shoe club.

The medical system has been very highly infiltrated by the Luciferian brotherhood, and interestingly, 56% of hospitals use their budgets to procure collections of art. What struck me was that I found quite a lot of both butterfly and kite symbols in hospital artwork and displays that include financial donors. There are probably a thousand different kid-friendly symbols out there that could have been used, so to see a concentration of just a few different sorts of symbols raises my eyebrows. Hospitals are known as points of abduction and trafficking by the system. Not all of them, of course, and I am in no way implicating the following institutions. I just find it interesting their choice of symbol. Here are a few examples of kite art, most found at Children’s Hospitals:

Children’s Hospital of Illinois features a donor wall with both kites and…manta rays. If you read the last post you’ll remember that the manta is sometimes used as a symbol of the Mothers of Darkness, and is also called the “butterfly of the sea”, and butterflies are symbols of system programming.

Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma has a kite artwork installation outside its front entrance by Matthew Placzek. Even the apostrophe in the name on the building is a kite. Interestingly, and kind of creepily, he named this art piece “Spirit”.

Children’s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts has a donors mural wall with 6 kites on it. There are also butterflies and dragonflies as well as an incredibly strange occult-like circular motif at the very right. You can see the whole thing here. I’ve cropped it for this post so it doesn’t take forever to load.

Children’s Hospital Sheffield (England) has a stylized kite motif on their walls.

This mural of London in a patient room has a very strange-looking kite flying sideways with its tail askew. Czebotar does a color decode in Supplies and Chains. Pink can represent “code pink”, the capture and holding of children until ritual, while yellow can represent spell-casting. I’m not saying that’s what those colors mean for this mural, but there is something about this kite that strikes me as odd. I don’t know what hospital this is, but here is the reference I found it in.

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